Daughter’s Torment

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victims are young. The story is so much sadder.

Sharon Turner is the victim of immoral people. A young teenager, Sharon finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another at the hands of some brutal men, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

DAUGHTER’S TORMENT — the shocking story of an innocent woman learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson far our uncaring society.


Pretty Sharon Turner trembled with fear as the huge, powerful man dropped his pants and exposed his enormous cock.

“Suck it off,” he commanded. Sharon quivered.

Her big blue eyes were riveted to the man’s gigantic prick and a shiver of fear mixed with unwonted excitement shot through her body. His cock looked more like an instrument of torture than an organ meant for pleasure.

Compared to the nice young pricks she’d become accustomed to, this swollen, wet club of a cock looked dangerous. His prick was very long, terribly thick, and throbbed like giant wet heart. The man attached to the cock was not a nice man, that was clear to Sharon.

The man named Clint stepped up to her. There was an evil grin on his face, as if he knew he was frightening her — and loving it! Sharon recoiled in terror because close up his cock looked terrifyingly large. She didn’t want to have anything to do with a huge prick like his.

“Take it in your mouth!” the man ordered.

Sharon lifted her fearful eyes and looked at him pleadingly. Her ripe young lips moved quiveringly, but no words came from her mouth. Only her eyes begged to be left alone.

The man didn’t give a damn about her look of fear and trepidation. He stepped out of his fallen pants and moved up to her. His lips drew back from his big, white teeth. His powerful hand reached down and grasped his enormous, throbbing cock. Slowly, evilly, he pumped his huge fist up and down on his juicy prick, smearing his pre-cum all over the skin of his cock-shaft. He chuckled with satisfaction at the look of horror in Sharon’s eyes as she watched him pump. He wanted to shock and terrify her. It added to his erotic pleasure to see such a young girl trembling before his amazing cock. He wanted to hurt her. He wanted to hear this pretty little chick whimper and scream and beg for mercy.

As he loomed over her shivering young body, he could hear her panting breath and see her ripe, jutting tits rising and falling nervously. He smiled lewdly at her and his free hand slipped behind her head. He took a handful of her soft blonde hair and gave it a slight twist.

A startled sound escaped Sharon’s throat. Her soft pouting lips fell open. She gasped.

Grinning all the while, the man lifted her by her hair to her feet, forcing her to rise before him.

“Put your hand on my cock,” he said evenly.

Sharon quivered. “P-please, no…”

“Do it!” Clint shouted.

She cried as he twisted her hair harder. Her small hand shot forward and her fingers curled around the immense thickness of his raging prick.

“Jerk my cock nice,” Clint ordered. “Run your soft hand up and down my prick.”

Sharon’s eyes filled with tears. A whimper escaped her ups, but her fist started moving up and down the full length of his mighty cock.

“That’s it, baby,” the man chuckled, urging his cock at her. “You like that, don’t you? You ever seen such a big prick before? Bet not. Well, it’s all yours, honey, just what you need. That’s it, pump it good. Get a liking for it — because you’re going to suck it for a long time.”

“Ohhh, noooo,” Sharon whimpered. “Please, I… I… don’t want to do that I’ll jerk it for you. I will, I will. But, please, don’t make me do that.”

“You’re going to do everything I tell you to do,” the man said roughly. “That’s what you’re here for. You’ve been looking fork, now you’ve got it.”

His other hand touched the naked flesh of her hip and he slowly stroked upward with the flat of his hand. Sharon felt the thrill travel up her body. She couldn’t fight back against the unwanted pleasure.

Then Clint grinned, watching her shiver as her hand worked on his cock, and he stroked her lovely young tits. He tickled and tweaked her pink nipples until they stood up and tingled. Sharon started sniffling and trembling. The man seemed to know that her tits were her weak spot. It had always been hard for her to remain a nice girl when boys played with her tits.

Not wanting to be naughty with this huge man, she cried and begged him to stop touching her. That made Clint burst into erotic laughter and he mauled her tits. Her whimpers became contaminated with soft moans as his big hand stroked her tits.

Chuckling obscenely, he shifted his paws to her quivery shoulders and forced her down onto her knees. Sharon struggled to stay on her feet, but that only aroused the man further. He laughed and knocked her to the cold floor.

He dropped down beside her and Sharon gasped to see his big, powerful, hairy arms, one to each side of her like huge temple columns. He lowered his face to her defenseless naked tits and licked his big tongue up and down on them, taking time to titillate each of her spiking pink nipples.

“Ohhhh, don’t do that,” Sharon pleaded. She tried to twist her luscious tits away from the man’s lapping tongue, but that only made them more exciting and lickable. Her nipples stood up, rubbery and sweet. She moaned as his wet tongue licked them.

Her reluctance and fear got all mixed up with powerful feelings of erotic pleasure. Unwillingly, her pretty tits jutted almost hornily. She whimpered helplessly and writhed with both a desire to escape, the man’s huge tongue, and an unwanted desire to have her sexy tits sucked.

She remembered that before she got to this house on the outskirts of town, before she realized what she was letting herself in for, she had flirted with this big hairy man. He had been in a flashy car with his partner, Jim, and Sharon had responded to their playful teasing about how delicious she looked on the street in her shorts and halter. Then she had foolishly let them give her a ride, actually thinking they would drive her home. She soon discovered that these men weren’t like her father or her uncles or even her next door neighbors. These men were dangerous to a young girl.

She recalled how naive she had been, wedged between them — on the front seat of the car, letting them peek over at her half-naked tits, believing she had the situation under control. How sexy it had all seemed for the first few minutes.

She shivered to think she had thought the men were sexy. These men weren’t sexy. They were downright horny! Beastly! Animal! Vicious! Lewd! Obscene!

Still, horrifying as this all was, Sharon felt tremors of arousal in the of her tummy. Deep in her belly, she felt her secret fuck-urge waking up, just as if he were a nice boyfriend licking her tits. But he wasn’t a nice boy. He was a big, powerful brute of a man, nibbling and munching her tits as if he’d never seen a girl’s tits before!

She had been forced out of her shorts and halter and the two ogling men had made her stroll around the room stark naked while they got hard-ons by looking her over head to toe. It had been very embarrassing! Just a few moments in their presence made her forget how nice sex was with boys. These two men were so violent, so obviously hungry for her — too hungry!

She didn’t mind showing off her sexy young body. It wasn’t that so much. In fact, ever since she was a little girl with pretty little tits, she’d known boys liked to see everything they could. She was used to being admired and it had always been very exciting to watch boys’ pricks get hard for her when she undressed to let them look at her and play with her. But this was different!

She didn’t mind fucking, either. She’d gotten her first stiff prick up her little cunt when she was a young teenager, and from that moment on, she knew she liked to fuck. So she fucked a lot in school, in drive-in movies, in the back seats of cars, and while babysitting. Fucking was pure pleasure for her. Actually, the boys she liked the most were the ones with balls enough to rub her cunt and turn her on. She loved to fuck them. Sex was so much fun!

But there was something terrifying about these two grown men who had trapped her in this house. There was something overpowering and threatening about Clint’s hot eyes, powerful hands, and vicious erotic nature. Not only that his cock was absolutely enormous, the size of four boys’ pricks put together! And now he wanted her to suck his cock.

She feared the man right now. He was humiliating her by making her feel these deep thrills in her pussy. And that wasn’t all he was doing to her.

Sharon shivered when she felt the thick, wet head of his prick press against the soft flesh of her hip. She glanced down to see that he was lewdly gripping his cock and deliberately dragging his swollen cock-head along her tender flesh.

“Stop, stop,” she whimpered, writhing against his prick. She didn’t want to feel good, but she couldn’t help what the feel of his cock did to her. He was pressing the cummy cock against her tits now.

He straddled her and wiped the end of his prick over her erect little nipples. The sensation was alarming and Sharon gasped. Why did her nipples get so tingly when he did that? He was a horrible man. A beast! A bastard! Why did her tits get so sexy?

Clint seemed to know what the young girl was suffering. He understood sexy little chicks like Sharon. She was youthful, full of life, just learning how good it was to fuck. She needed a grown man’s guidance now, some horny stud to show her what sex was really all about. And he was the man for the job.

He dragged his cock between her tight young tits and trailed a line of pre-cum up to her throat, up under her soft chin. His big, hot cock-head touched her lower up.

“No, nooo,” Sharon whined, twisting her face away.

The man chuckled and chased her lips with his prick, jabbing his cock-head at her mouth.

“Suck it,” he commanded. “Quit playing little-girl games with me, God damn-it! Open your fucking mouth and suck my cock!”

Sharon wanted to escape this ordeal, wished she could run and hide somewhere. But the man’s enormous cock kept teasing her lips. No one had ever done that to her before and it was somehow erotic. The only pricks she’d ever sucked were the ones she’d wanted to suck. Now here was this giant cock, throbbing wetly at her lips, and there was no escaping.

Trembling, she turned her face, and the man’s horny cock slipped onto her soft lips. She closed her eyes to keep from seeing his monstrous prick. Her lips quivered a moment, then parted. The man’s rigid cock-pole slipped into her mouth, more and more, then started sliding in and out as if he were fucking her.

Sharon moaned as her small mouth stretched into a big O on his huge prick. She whimpered as his wet cockhead slipped back and forth over her sensitive tongue. Actually, she liked to suck a stiff prick. What made her reluctant and nervous now was simply the immense size of the prick in her soft mouth. And the man pushing the cock in! How horny he was. He scared her.

The monstrous cock fucking in and out of her mouth was startling to such a young, inexperienced girl, and it took her breath away. His prick was heavy and thick, and Sharon wondered how he carried his cock around all day. She wondered what these men wanted to do to her. Was it going to be like in those dirty books she and her girlfriends shared in secret? Was she going to be thoroughly seduced, raped, turned on, and made to death sorts of say things? What was going to happen to her? These thoughts made Sharon feel extra erotic. After all, she and her girlfriends often got very horny front reading those naughty books. Sometimes they giggled together and pretended they were the captive females in the stories, and they’d get tick cookies just imagining what it would be like to be raped by big, strange men. Now it was actually happening to her!

She had to admit that the big man wasn’t hurting her in any way. He was just powerfully horny for a young girl. He was just sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Suddenly her pink tongue took a lick at the man’s hot cock-head in her mouth. She heard him groan, and a naughty thrill of excitement coursed through her body. It dawned on her suddenly that she could make this man as weak as she’d made boys. Her feminine insight told her that though she was his captive, right now he was hers. Apparently, men went wild when a girl sucked their pricks. How wicked, she thought.

Her hands lifted to his thick cock-shaft and she caressed his hard-on like she would a boy’s. She loosened her throat muscles and took more of his thick cock into her sucking young mouth. Her hands ran up and down the length of his prick. Her tongue licked his cockhead, caressed and tickled his prick. She started sucking him off in earnest, moaning a little and making soft feminine sounds.

“That’s it, baby,” the man groaned hornily, pushing his stony hard-on deep into her mouth. “Suck it! Lick it! That’s it, suck my cock, honey, and I’ll give you a giant load of hot cum!”

Sharon gasped around his prick and her eyes shot open. Suddenly she struggled against his mouth-fucking hard-on. She whimpered and pushed at him, but he only laughed and fucked her soft mouth faster.

Sharon was aghast. She’d forgotten about the cum! She’d always stopped licking a boy’s prick in time to jerk him off and let his jism shoot wherever it went — but not in her mouth! Now this man was going to shoot his whole load of jism down her throat.

“M-mm-mmmmm!” she protested, fighting against the event. She wanted to stop him, to beg him to stop, to plead with him to release her from this part of a mouth-fuck.

But even as she whimpered and cried, she knew there was no stopping this animal. The man was chuckling, loving every moment of this. His enormous hard-on slipped easily in and out of her tight young mouth, all wet with her saliva. Sharon could feel his cock growing larger and thicker and hotter.

Something came over her at that moment. She didn’t understand what was happening to her, but all of a sudden, she wanted him to shoot his cum. The immense size of the horny man’s cock sliding in and put of her hot young mouth somehow turned her on. It was as if her deep, feminine feelings were in tune with the man’s mounting climax, as if her mouth wanted to be filled with his thick, creamy cum.

Her eyes fluttered shut. Her fingers trembled around his enormous cock-shaft. She pulled his prick deeper into her sucking mouth. Her head started turning and twisting as her mouth moved deliciously on his hard-on. Wet, gurgling sounds came from her throat. She was sucking the man’s cock with a passion. If she could have seen herself, she would have died from embarrassment.

But she didn’t know this man, didn’t know his sexual nature. Secretly, he had no intentions of letting her suck his cum up out of his big hairy balls. Not right now. To Clint, this sexy teenaged chick sex slave, something to enjoy thoroughly, a delicious young piece to be tortured with the pain of erotic arousal.

He reached down and worked Sharon’s clinging fists from his throbbing cock and slowly eased his soaked prick out of her mouth. Sharon’s eyes opened slowly, lazily. Her ripe lips moved, but she couldn’t speak. What was going on? Why had he taken his raging cock out of her mouth just when he was ready to get what he wanted?

Confusion darkened her eyes and her brow wrinkled. Clint stood up and laughed, his enormous boner bobbing above her, all wet and stiff and horny looking. Sharon’s pink tongue flashed across her lips and for one crazy, helpless moment she actually wanted to attack his Goddamned cock and suck the cum out.

But she lay there, bewildered, feeling exposed and vulnerable and puzzled. She became aware that the other man, Jim, was also stark naked and coming up to her. Her blue eyes danced from stiff cock to stiff cock. Both men were grinning lewdly at her, as if they were enjoying her condition of advanced lust. She felt so naked before their hot eyes, so helpless and defenseless. Worst of all, the tickle in her cunt was getting out of hand. She was shocked. How could she feel this way with such evil men?

She didn’t like the way Clint and Jim looked at one another in silent agreement. She gazed up at them, her young mind whirling, wondering what they wanted of her. Why didn’t the man shoot his load into her mouth?

She soon found out Clint reached down and mauled her aching young tits. Jim reached down and started rubbing her cunt. Sharon gasped and caught her breath as both her nipples and her clit tingled with strange new excitement. She whimpered when the men lifted her to her feet and guided her to bed. “No, nooo, please,” she sniffled, seeing the big bed.

Her knees trembled as the men pulled her across the room. They stretched her out on the mattress. Clint tied her wrists to the head of the bed and Sharon stared up in alarm and amazement.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she whined. A new sense of fear mingled with her confused erotic feelings and had a hell of a effect on her pussy. She couldn’t understand what they wanted of her. According to the sex books she’d read with her girlfriends, men wanted to rape a young girl right away. They wanted to push their wet cocks in all her fuck-holes and shoot lots of cum into her. Why were these men standing over her with huge hard-ons?

“Please,” she begged as the two men ran their hot eyes up and down her lovely naked body. “I-I don’t understand. What are you going to do to me?” A shiver ran through her and made her twitch on the bed. “What are you trying to do to me?”

Clint chuckled and said, “Exactly what we are doing, baby. What’s the matter? You feeling horny or something? Do our big cocks get you all hot?”

“No, no,” Sharon lied.

The men laughed and their hands returned to her supple curves. Jim stroked her cunt soothingly, in a way that made Sharon moan against her will. Why was he being so gentle with her pussy? He was obviously in a condition to ravish her brutally.

Her thoughts became doubly confused when Clint knelt beside her and licked her tits tenderly, laying her stiff nipples with the tip of his tongue. Sharp thrills shot through her tits and cunt as the men teased and pleased her.

Jim lowered his face to her curly tuft of pussy-hair. He extended his tongue and touched the tip of it to the very end of Sharon’s stiff, quivery little clit.

“Oh!” she gasped, and her ass jerked on the bed.

Clint licked his tongue round and round her pink nipples, then took one into his mouth softly and gently sucked. Jim closed his lips around her extended clit and gave her clit a lick and a suck.

“Oh, God!” Sharon shrieked.

Her head whipped back on the bed. Her hands twisted wildly against the rope around her wrists. Her tits thrust upward. Her pussy squirmed. The mouths on her nipple and clit drove her crazy on the bed. In just a few moments, her whole body was alive with fuck feelings. Strange desires overwhelmed her mind and she twisted, moaning and whimpering.

“I think she’s ripe,” she heard Jim say thickly.

“I think you’re right,” Clint chuckled evilly.

Sharon forced her heavy eyes open and gazed at the men as they stood up, their cocks throbbing wetly before her. The way they were looking at her now made her shiver from head to toe.


It all began when Sharon was asked by her mother to run to the bank for her. Sharon was a typical teenager, not much for doing favors for her parents. So it was a quite a shock for Mrs. Turner when Sharon readily agreed to run the errand. What the woman didn’t know was that pretty Sharon had an ulterior motive. She’d just bought a new halter and she was dying to show it off on the street.

Ever since she had been a teenager, Sharon had always tried out her new clothes on the streets. It was the reactions of boys and men that told her if a sweater was tight enough on her cute tits or if a little skirt was exciting enough on her tight young ass. So she took the envelope her mother handed her and pranced out of her house.

She’d seen the halter in a shop window and it had looked so sexy on the window, dummy that the just had to own it. She saved up babysitting money and finally bought it. Her bedroom mirror told her that it was very sexy on her. The two small triangles showed off just the right amount of her creamy tits. But the final test would be on the street.

Sure enough, as she strolled down the street, the heads of boys and men turned. She received lots of smiles and hellos and quite a few naughty looks. She felt ten feet tall and luxuriously beautiful by the time she reached the bank.

Inside the bank she grew anxious. Waiting in line gave her time to think of other things, like boys. As she stepped up to the teller she thought about cock teasing, about turning some boys on. She even thought it would be super nice to meet someone special, like Dan Fuller or Rich Blakely, or even that scrumptious football hero, Chet Phillips! Her last thought of the tall, muscular high school senior made her pussy wiggle.

Her mother told her to come right home after the errand, but when Sharon stepped out of the bank, she decided to be naughty again and not go right home. With her lovely tits poking sharply in her new halter and her cute ass wiggling as she walked, she set out to find some boys whose glances and intentions would make her feel special. How horny they got when she was looking sexy! She loved it.

She walked a long time before it dawned on her that none of the guys seemed to be around. She tried a few drug stores, the bowling alley, and the pool hall. No boys. Then she met Sally Baird, a school friend.

Sally was with her mother in a department stare, shopping. She spotted Sharon through the window and excused herself to her mother.

“Sharon!” she called, leaping out of the store.

Sharon turned and smiled. “Oh, hi, Sally. Watcha up to?”

“Shopping with my mother,” she said, moving up to her friend. Her eyes roamed over Sharon’s half-naked tits and she whispered, “Mmmm, nice halter, Sharon. Wish my mom would let me wear a thing like that.”

To male passersby, Sharon and Sally looked like two cute teens chatting about nothing important. They were discussing Sharon’s luscious young tits.

“Does it show them off right?” Sharon asked under her breath.

“Perfect,” Sally assured her. “It looks like it’s a size too small for you.”

“It is,” Sharon giggled.

Sally sighed and said, “Well, you’re gonna drive the guys wild today in that little thing.”

“Yeah,” Sharon murmured. “If I can find any. Where is everybody?”

“Oh, that’s right!” Sally blurted. “Football practice.”

“Oh, darn,” Sharon said sadly, and her shoulders slumped.

“Be careful,” her friend laughed. “When you drop your shoulders, your nipples peek out!”

Sally’s mother came out and called her daughter, pausing to say hello to Sharon. Sharon walked on alone, thinking a mile a minute. Sally’s remark about football practice triggered conflicting emotions in her. For one thing, it saddened her that none of the guys were available. For another thing, it triggered one of her naughtiest erotic fantasies. She often wondered what would happen if she showed up at football practice looking good enough to fuck. What would it be like to get fucked by ten guys, or twelve, or fifteen!

The sad news put Sharon in a quandary. Her conscience told her she’d better get her little ass home before her mother had a fit. But her thrusting young tits and hot little cunt wanted to guide her feet across town to the old lot where the boys practiced football.

She didn’t know it but her dilemma made her look even prettier. Her eyes kept flashing as she walked along thinking deeply, and her ass swayed sexily. Man after man eyed her luscious young body and walked on with a hard-on.

Sharon was lost in thought when the car pulled to the curb. She wasn’t aware of it, but the two men in the car had been following her and watching her for some time. Their cocks were rigid and their lust was burning like a forest fire. Sharon was exactly the girl they were looking for.

Clint Donner and Jim Smith were cunt hounds from way back. Clint had tried marriage twice and after twenty years decided that he was no husband or father. He liked pussy too much, and neither of his wives had been much fun in the fucking department just baby-making machines. He met Jim at a singles bar one night and they hit it off. They both were ripe for some action.

“This fucking life ain’t worth shit without hot pussy,” Clint had said.

“You’re fucking A,” Jim agreed.

The two men got to know each other better and found that they had a lot in common. They’d both been burned by broads who didn’t know their cunt from a hole in the ground. They both wanted more sex in this life, and they both were ready to do something rash about it. They started getting what they wanted.

Sharon was their latest prey. Earlier, in Jim’s apartment, the two had talked themselves into prowling the streets for some fresh young cunt.

“Let’s go find us a teenaged pussy,” Jim suggested.

“Good fucking idea!” Clint blurted.

Jim was fantasizing about an innocent chick he could shock the hell out of with his enormous stiff cock. He was horny for a new thrill. He had a passion for sweet young cunt from time to time, he liked to see a youngster go all wide-eyed and breathless over his monstrous cock. He wasn’t a savage man. He just appeared that way to young girls who hadn’t yet experienced his type of lust and power. He loved the way they squirmed and whimpered as he turned them on and fucked the shit out of them.

Jim was a big, hairy man, built like a gorilla. He loved to drive his gigantic prick into a crying girl’s pussy and watch her fear turn to passion. All he ever thought about was fucking cunt, the fresher the better, new stuff, new thrills, new gushes of thick cum up a tight new pussy.

Jim saw the fire in his partner’s eyes and he got to his feet, eager to go. He enjoyed pussy hunting with Clint because the big man didn’t take no for an answer.

Clint was a huge, powerful man, as an ape, and twice as horny. He loved to fuck his monstrous cock into a young, furry cunt and watch the girl writhe in agony. He often lusted for teenaged pussy and his big prick ached to fuck.

“Good fucking idea,” Clint said again to his pal. “My cock gets stiff just thinking of sweet pussy.”

They left the apartment and took Jim’s car, a big, flashy Cadillac. They often took the Caddy when prowling for cunt just in case the girl they snatched had to be raped right away. The back seat was ideal for instances like that, a real cushy bed for fucking a twisting, struggling pussy.

Jim did the driving and the two laughed a lot as they cruised the streets, sizing up the women. When they drove around the block where the high school was, Clint started thinking about the chick they would fuck. She had to be young, real young, and she had to look sweet and unfucked, even if she was fucking her cute little ass off. He wanted a nice fresh babe this time, something to get his cock big and hard for hot fucking. If she gave him a hard time, he’d fuck her right in the back seat. Otherwise, they’d make it to their little hideaway.

Jim saw Sharon first, a delicious young blonde girl in tight white shorts that accented the curves of her cute ass and a brief halter that showed off plenty of her luscious tits.

“Look at that!” he blurted, elbowing his partner.

Clint turned his head and his eyes went wild on Sharon’s lovely young body. Jim slowed the car down and they followed Sharon as she walked from the bank.

“God damn if she doesn’t look hot to trot,” Jim murmured, watching Sharon’s ass wiggle.

“Yeah,” Clint agreed, ogling the girl. “Wonder what she’s thinking about so hard?”

“Mmmm, she’s a tasty one, all right. Look at those tits, will you?”

“Delicious,” Jim muttered.

“Let’s get ‘er,” Clint said, through clenched teeth. His prick was already rising stiffly.

Jim eased the car to the curb so Clint could do his thing. Clint leaned out the window and gave Sharon a handsome smile as well as a disturbing look.

“Hey, baby, where you hurrying to?” he said.

Sharon stopped and looked, puzzled. “Are you talking to me?”

“You’re darned right, good looking,” Clint said, and he laughed. His laugh did something to Sharon. It sounded so lewd.

That was the first thing that struck her about the big, hairy man. Not only was he handsome, he had a disturbing laugh, very masculine. Sharon smiled spontaneously.

She saw right away what he was looking at and her nipples stood up in her tight little halter. His naughty look only fanned the flames of her own erotic thoughts about fucking boys on the football field.

“What did you say?” she asked, trying to remember his words.

Clint laughed again, but said, “My buddy and I were wondering if you’d like a ride.”

Sharon’s pretty smile widened and she took a step toward the car. Leaning over just a little, she cooed, “Oh, I couldn’t do that.”

“Why not?” Clint kidded her. “You’re much too pretty to be walking. That’s a luscious halter you’re wearing.”

Sharon actually blushed. She knew the two men wanted to see her tits, but she didn’t expect him to make a direct reference to them.

Clint noticed her discomfort and quickly added, “Is it new?”

The simple trick worked as it would on almost any vain young girl. Sharon peered down at her half-naked tits and cooed, “Yes, it is.”

Jim nudged his partner, signaling him to hurry up. The chick was obviously not afraid to talk to strange men. He wanted Clint to strike while the iron was hot.

Clint got the message. He grinned at Sharon who almost creamed in her shorts, and he opened the car door.

“Come on, hop in,” he said, getting out of the car.

Sharon lost her breath when she saw him towering over her. She licked her lips nervously and said, “Gee, I don’t know really shouldn’t I gotta get home before my mother has a fit.”

Jim leaned across the seat and smiled. “No problem, little lady have you there in a jiffy.”

Sharon hesitated only a second. “Well, okay,” she laughed and, surprising even herself, she slid her cute ass onto the front seat.

Clint sat next to her and wedged her between himself and Jim before she had a change of heart. Jim stepped on the gas. Sharon looked from man to man and felt like a bug under a microscope. Both men kept looking at her like she was a delicious ice cream cone.

The next few minutes were terribly exciting for Sharon. How the men eyed her. How her pussy rose and fell beneath their naughty glances! How her pussy was acting in her tight shorts!

Oh, wait till I tell the girls about this, she thought.

The girls loved to swap tales about how fathers and uncles and neighborhood men got all horny and excited over their young bodies. Now Sharon felt she had a juicy story to tell. Two grown men had picked her up and literally drooled over her.

Her excitement turned to puzzlement when. Jim drove right by her street. She twisted her head and watched her street go by.

“You passed it,” she said. “That was my street. Mister? You passed my street.”

Clint set a big, powerful hand on her naked thigh and gave it a gentle but firm squeeze. “Just relax, baby, this won’t take long.”

“What?” Sharon gasped. “What do you mean? What won’t take long?”

No sooner were the words out of her mouth than the truth hit her like a ton of bricks. She had cock teased the wrong men this time.

Clint’s large hand burned against her flesh. Jim’s glance at her tits was out-and-out horny. Sharon gasped.

“Please,” she panted, trying to get Clint’s hand off her thigh. “Let me go. What are you doing? Where are you taking me? Please, I’m sorry if I seemed teasing. I didn’t mean it. Honest. Please, stop this car and let me out. My mother is waiting for me.”

Clint chuckled and squeezed her thigh tighter. “That’s all right, honey,” he said. “We’ve been waiting for you a lot longer.”

“Just relax, kitten,” Jim said, rubbing her other leg. “I think we’ve got exactly what you’ve been looking for, too.”

“No, nooo,” Sharon whined. Her puzzlement turned into fear and tears welled in her eyes. All she’d wanted was a little fun cockteasing the men. Now she was trapped. And judging from the fire in their eyes, she was in deep trouble. These men weren’t fooling around. They weren’t playing the game other men seemed to play, pretending horniness but not really accosting a girl. These men were playing for keeps!

“Ohh, God, let me go!” she cried in sudden panic.

Clint didn’t like hysteria in his chicks. He put pressure on her thigh and put his face close to hers.

“Calm down, baby,” he said evenly.

Sharon shut up immediately. There was something about his eyes, something about the way he squeezed her thigh that told her she’d better quiet down.

“Thats better,” Clint said. “Nothing to get upset about. We ain’t gonna do anything to you that you ain’t had done already. You like sex, don’t you?”

Sharon caught her breath and she couldn’t answer such a question. But then, she couldn’t have answered if she’d wanted, to. Clint’s mouth suddenly covered hers and before she realized it, her lips were pried apart by his big, thick tongue and strange new thrills shot all through her body as he kissed her hotly.

“Mmmphhhh!” She gasped through the horny kiss. She pushed at the huge man’s chest.

Then she pounded at his shoulders with, her small fists. None of it did any good.

His huge tongue was licking around inside her mouth and both his hands were stroking her thighs. Sharon went all weak and helpless. She moaned a little, then stopped crying as she felt her pussy helplessly getting hot.

Wild, crazy thoughts holed her young mind. This wasn’t at all what she’d wanted. She’d just wanted to cocktease a little, as usual. She’d just wanted to feel sexy and feminine.

The car stopped and Clint freed her soft, young mouth. Sharon gasped for a cool breath as theun forced her out of the car and into a strange, old house. She didn’t even know where she was.

The minute they had her safely in the house, they locked the door. Both men cornered her and, as she whimpered and sniffled and protested weakly, they stripped her naked.

“Ohhh, don’t, please,” Sharon begged as Clint stripped her shorts all the way down her pretty legs.

The men chuckled and drew her down onto the floor. Then they stood over ha and ogled her luscious, nude body. Jim, Sharon noticed, sort of backed away and left her to Clint.

He peered down at her furry little cunt and longed to suck her pussy, ached to shove his horny cock up into her eimt. But it wasn’t time yet. Any asshole could rape a chick and get his rocks off. But it was an art to turn an unwilling girl on, to make her moan for stiff cock. That’s what Clint wanted to do.

“Spread those pretty legs, honey,” he said to her.

When she didn’t obey, he stuck a foot out and moved one of her legs aside. “Open ’em, I said,” he ordered. “I wanna see this cute cunt of yours.”

Sharon gasped as the wicked man towered over her and looked at her exposed pussy. His gaze was horrifying but disturbing, too.

She knew he was going to fuck her. At least that’s what she believed was on his mind as he stared at her nervous pussy. Her dread was precisely what Clint wanted from her at the moment, and he touched her pussy with the tip of his shoe. Sharon gasped and tried to wriggle away. That made her pussy very cute and attractive. Clint kept teasing her to make her writhe away, and Sharon felt like she would die of embarrassment. The only thing worse than her sense of shame was the fact that the man’s shoe felt good against her cunt and clit!

Sharon couldn’t help crying. This was so dizzying, so incredible, so shocking. She felt sorry for herself now. All she’d done was look pretty and sexy. These men shouldn’t be doing this to her. She wanted to scream at them, wanted to threaten them, wanted to escape from this place.

But all she could do was moan as the big man rubbed her pussy with the toe of his shoe.


Sharon looked absolutely luscious, naked on the bed with her slim wrists tied above her head. Her perfect young tits stood up hard and her cute pink nipples pointed stiffly at the ceiling. Her ankles weren’t tied so she was able to press her creamy thighs close together. Not that they stayed together. In her condition, with her mind whirling and her blood rushing hot in her veins, her legs kept writhing and opening from time to time. Her delicious cunt kept peeking out at the horny men.

To Clint and Jim, she looked good enough to eat, to suck, to fuck! Sharon didn’t know that. To her, this was hellish. How hot these big men had made her! How could she be feeling this way in front of strangers? Why did their cocks, once so frightening, now look so appealing? Why did her legs want to be open?

“She’s ripe, all right,” she heard one of the men say hornily. She didn’t know which man said it because her eyes felt so darned heavy. Her eyelids were closed, her nipples were tingling, and her pussy kept writhing against her will. How she must look to the men!

She forced her eyes open and once again saw the big, leering men with their enormous hardons. How could a prick get so huge?

“Wh-what are you going to do to me?” she panted fearfully. It was mind-boggling to her that both men weren’t simply fucking the hell out of her. They apparently wanted to. Why did they keep teasing her?

Her big blue eyes, innocent but glassy, moved from man to man, from cock to cock. Her breath was painfully short. Her tits felt like they would burst any minute. And deep in her nervous cunt her fuck-urge was driving her pussy crazy!

She wrenched her wrists against the rope. Her ptetty face twisted with obvious confusion and deep inner turmoil. The men’s huge cocks throbbed wetly befoie her aching eyes. She couldn’t stand another minute.

“What are you doing?” she shrieked hysterically. Her whole body whipped on the bed, as if she were being beaten.

“I know what you want to do to me!” she cried, tears welling in her eyes. “Why don’t you do it!” Her body twisted the other way on the bed.

“You’re torturing me!” she screamed, and her back arched. Her luscious tits strained in the air, her cunt thrust upward.

“Hit me!” she squealed. Her eyes burned into the big leather belt around Clint’s massive waist. “Is that what you’re gonna do to me? Beat me? Go ahead! I don’t care! Hit me, whip me, beat me anything but please, please, stop torturing me!”

Jim’s eyes ran over her delicious young body hornily and his prick jolted solidly in the air. Clint chuckled lewdly and stared into Sharon’s pained eyes.

“Nobody’s gonna beat you,” he said slowly, teasingly.

Sharon’s lovely lips moved. She panted hotly and her body turned this way and that. Finally words came out of her constricted throat.

“Then… then what? Ohhh, please, what are you doing to me?” She stared at Clint’s enormous wet cock and gasped, “I know what you want! Why don’t you take it?”

Suddenly, wildly, she whimpered and pushed her cute little ass up off the bed. She thrust her juicy young cunt upward and opened her legs.

“Take it! Ohhh, take it!” she sniffled, twisting her pussy round and round.

Clint laughed. “You wanna fuck?”

Sharon didn’t have to think. She couldn’t think. Not now when her tits and ass and pussy were so fucking hot!

“Yes! Yes!” she shrieked and humped her cunt before the eyes of the horny men.

To her amazement, they still didn’t attack her young body the way she thought they would. In the fuck-books she and her girlfriends read, the men always raped the living hell out of a girl’s defenseless cunt. What kind of men, were these?

Sharon just knew they were going to drive her crazy. At least, that’s what she felt. She felt like she was teetering on the edge of a cliff.

She thought she’d cam all over the, bed soon, whether, the men touched her or not.

This was precisely what Clint and Jim wanted. There was notting like a naked teenaged girl aching for cock. With that desire in mind, they started teasing her body again.

Jim leaned over and licked her thrusting, quivering tits. Clint knelt down and wiggled just the tip of his tongue against Sharon’s fully exposed stiff clit.

Sharon shrieked. Her body strained and trembled and quivered beneath the men’s tickling tongues. Her pussy was raw with passion and she was sure she was going to cum like crazy if this torture continued.

Clint licked her quivery clit some more, feeling his cock aching to burst. He really wanted to fuck the life out of her delicious little pussy. He ached to shove all of his enormous cock up into her tight young cunt and gush huge loads of hot jism into her belly. But first things first.

He touched the tip of his tongue to the end of her twisty little clit and gave it soft licks. She was very horny now and he thought the silky juice around her pussy lips enhanced her horniness.

Jim licked her spiking pink nipples with the tip of his tongue and began to understand why his pal Clint treated young girls this way. He wanted to create as much sex pain for Sharon as possible. His buddy was right a chick looked so fucking beautiful when she was in this condition on a bed.

Putting his heart into the erotic torture, he swirled the tip of his tongue around one of Sharon’s nipples as Clint licked her exposed clit. Sharon screamed loudly and her lovely body jerked in the air.

“I’m cumming!” she squealed. Then her whole body whipped and twisted hornily. Clint and Jim quickly removed their tongues from her tits and clit and stood by ogling while the girl went wild on the bed with no help from them.

Sharon shrieked as her burning cum-juice flowed through her cunt-channel to soak her pussy-lips. Her head jerked back and she bit her lower lip to keep from screaming any more. Her hot little ass bounced on the mattress. Her legs spread real wide and her hot young pussy twisted hornily before the men’s eyes. They watched her cream, watched her pussy get all wet. What a glorious sight!

“Ohhhh, nooooo,” Sharon moaned, humping her cumming cunt hotly. “Ohhh, mama! Oh, ohh, ohhhhh, what are you doing to me? Oh, God!”

One last jerk of her pussy told the men that she’d just experienced a delightful thrill. A small trickle of silky liquid seeped from between her cute cunt-lips and slipped down into the tight crack of her lovely ass. Sharon moaned.

The strange and wild cum left Sharon breathless and senseless. She slumped on the bed, panting for breath. She was only semiconscious, dizzy with unheard of fuckpleasure, sniffling and gasping, tears, running down her face like cum was running down her cunt. The men were in their glory and their solid cocks showed it. Their pricks were as drippy wet as Sharon’s cunt.

Clint was enjoying the girl’s condition thoroughly and he wanted to torture her some more. He loved to see a teenager cum so wetly. He wanted to make her turn like she’d never cum in her life.

Hotly, but with self-control, he moved up to the whimpering girl and turned her over onto her aching tits. Sharon moaned when she felt the bed against her sensitive nipples and hot pussy. Her smooth white ass quivered and Jim’s mouth watered. Her cute ass lacked delightful, all naked and pink, and he wanted to attack her ass. But Clint was in charge of this operation. He knew what he was doing.

Clint bent down and touched his tongue to a firm cheek of Sharon’s exposed ass. Sharon gasped.

“No, no, don’t do that!” she groaned. The feel of a tongue moving over her ass-flesh was as devastating as it had been on her tits and cunt. Her shrieks and whimpers filled the room as Clint worked his magic. Again and again he lashed her ass with his huge, wet tongue.

He tickled every last inch of her ass-flesh until Sharon was whimpering helplessly and begging for him to stop. In response to her pleas, he licked the tip of hk hot tongue into the crack of her ass and drew it down the full length. Sharon moaned and gasped and wiggled.

“No!” she squealed. “Don’t do that!”

Clint chuckled and wedged his tongue into her tight little asshole. He licked into her until Sharon couldn’t help but open her thighs. She cried and squealed and shrieked and pleaded with him to stop this evil act, but Clint slickened her asshole with his hot saliva and tongued her ass hornily until Sharon didn’t know which end was up.

She moaned loudly and her ass began to writhe. She pushed her tits and face into the mattress and muffled her moans as the wicked man sucked her asshole. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She had heard and read about men licking a girl’s asshole, but no one had ever done such a thing to her. What was even more alarming for her was that the man’s big tongue fucking into her asshole made her cunt feel so good. How could that be?

“Mmmm, mmmmmmm,” she moaned into the bed. Clint’s thick tongue lodged in her squirmy asshole and she couldn’t help pushing back, as if she wanted his tongue up her ass.

Clint chuckled again and licked his soaked tongue downward from her twisty asshole to her churning young cunt. He speared his tongue up into her pussy-hole. Sharon screamed.

Her pretty face turned this way and that as her pussy creamed immediately on the fucking tongue. Her cum streamed wetly. She twisted her face to one side and slammed her cheek into the bed, gasping as she came.

“Ohhh stop, stop!” she panted, cumming and cumming.

Jim squatted near her face and whispered, “You don’t really want him to stop, do you?” Sharon’s heavy eyes fluttered open and she saw the man close to her. Her sensuous, pouting lips moved and she panted, “I mean… stop teasing me. Please, please, don’t tease me anymore. I… I… Ohhhh, do something to me!”

Clint heard her anguished outcry. He drew his tongue out of her squirming cunt-hole and glanced at Jim. His buddy winked, letting him know that Sharon was more than ripe for a good solid fucking.

The men knew they were sure ready to fuck. Their cocks were in a terrible state of rigidity, all thick and throbbing wetly, aching to fuck any hole they could.

Clint got to his feet and looked as strained as Jim. It wasn’t easy turning on a beautiful teenager like Sharon without cumming all over her. Now they had to cum. The pain in their balls was unbearable.

“If we’re gonna get her really hot, we’ve gotta get rid of our loads,” Clint said tensely.

Jim stood up and peered down at his rockhard prick. “You’re fucking A!” he agreed?

“Okay,” Clint murmured. “Let’s shoot some cum so we can really have fun with her.”

Sharon heard these words only vaguely. Her head was spinning. Her tits were aching. And her pussy was horny as hell. Not to mention her virginal ass.

“Wh-what are you saying?” she panted, trying to understand the men. “What did you say? What are you going to do to me?”

She soon found out. Her little girl fears got all mixed up with womanly desires for cock. Clint gripped her lithe young hips between his powerful hands and gently raised her ass up. The big, wet end of his stony prick pressed against the mouth of her juicy cunt.

“No! No!” Sharon shrieked, afraid. But her pussy-lips, all wet and slick, parted for the man’s huge cock-head and his prick-tip wedged in her pussy-mouth. Clint gave a push.

“Oh!” Sharon squealed, horny. “Yes! Yes!”

Clint chuckled at her confusion and, loved the feel of her tight little pussy around his horny cock-head. Getting a good grip on her slender hips, he eased more and more of his enormous hard-on up into her cunt.

Sharon went completely out of her mind. Her eyes fluttered and closed. Her sexy mouth opened and she panted hotly as the big man worked his powerful prick up into her cunt. In her youthful conditionof lust, Sharon thought his cock was yards long. How much more of his prick was there? When would, his cock end?

Clint gave a quick lurch, just for the fun of it and Sharon let out a sharp squeal. She felt like his cock-head had punched her heart! How long his prick was! How big! How hot!

“Ohhhh, my God,” she moaned as Clint’s endless cock eased up info her sensitive fuckhole.

There was a method to Clint’s madness. He slipped his cock into her slowly on purpose. He inched his prick forward until he could feel his big, hot balls press against her cunt-lips. Then he was ready to drive the poor girl up the wall.

With his monstrous cock solidly buried in her tight, tensed cunt, he grit his teeth and gave a fuck-push. His enormous cock-head lunged into her pussy. Sharon screamed and almost fainted.

Chuckling, Clint grasped her hips tightly and started screwing his hot cock around up her cunt. The immediate sensations made Sharon shriek and hump. Her senses reeled. Her pretty mouth drooled. Her tits pressed more tightly against the mattress. And her pretty cunt started twisting on the man’s fucking cock.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” she moaned, and her eyes rolled in her head as Clint followed through with his cunt-teasing plans. In just seconds, he had the teenage girl humping her hot ass like a whore in heat.

Sharon didn’t know what was happening to her. She’d had a boy’s prick up her pussy before. Fucking was so nice with a boy. But this was something different. A boy fucked a little while and shot his load. But this man behind her was doing something else. He was fucking her really fucking hot! Her cunt was creaming already and he was still nudging her belly with his big prick. An unwonted laugh escaped her throat. Jim heard her. He gazed down at her lovely face and his cock jerked. How beautiful she looked with her eyes closed and her lips parted. Such pouting, sensuous lips!

Instinctively, hornily, Jim stepped up to the bed, his cock throbbing and dripping pre-cum. Clint nodded in agreement, knowing what his pal was going to do to the girl. To help Jim along, Clint gripped Sharon’s hips more tightly and started fucking all of his cock in and out of her fucking little cunt.

Sharon went wild then, feeling the full length of the man’s prick fucking into her juicy fuck-hole. Thrills she’d never experienced before made her fuck all the harder. As she twisted her ass and fucked her cunt hornily, her pink tongue kept licking at her lips as she panted for breath.

Jim lowered his heavy prick to the mattress and pulled her face toward his cock-head. Sharon didn’t know what was going on. Her eyes were too heavy to open. But she felt something hot and wet and sexy touch her lips. She moaned and licked at the thing.

Helpless with horniness, getting her hot cunt fucked so expertly, out of her mind with sex-thrills, she automatically let the big prick enter her mouth. A second later she was moaning passionately. A giant cock was fucking in and out of her creaming pussy and another one was slipping hotly in and out of her sexy mouth.

Strange new sensations boggled her mind. All she’d heard and read about sex was happening to her! It was unbelievable, incredible, astounding and — she had to admit it to herself — marvelous, wonderful, and exciting!

Crazily, almost against her will, she couldn’t help but wonder what her girlfriends would say if they knew what was happening to her at this very moment. It suddenly seemed awfully childish for a girl to read a fuck-book and get herself off on her fingers. Compared to how it felt actually to fuck.

Jim glanced at his buddy and they smiled at one another, sharing their enjoyment of this turned-on, helpless young girl. What a fucking thrill to be doing this to her.

Grunting with pleasure, the men took great pleasure in using Sharon’s wet little fuckholes. Clint planted his feet firmly on the carpet and fucked the shit out of her cunt. Jim strained and trembled as he fucked his mighty cock in and out of Sharon’s softly sucking mouth.

Sharon knew nothing of the men’s pleasure. In fact, she couldn’t even think of them now, not when two huge cocks were sliding into her body. All she knew was that her whole body felt fucked, turned-on, sensitized. All she knew was that this giant cock fucking in and out of her mouth made her want to suck. All she knew was that her hot pussy wanted to screw on this drilling, ramming prick.

Her mind whirled. Her body twisted and turned. Her cunt humped hotly. Her mouth sucked hornily. She came, and came, and came, moaning and groaning frequently. Somehow this was a dream come true. Had she dreamed of this? Had she wanted this to happen to her at some time in the past? Somehow this seemed quite natural. At least her body wanted it.

There was no denying her body’s needs now. Her mouth wanted to suck cock and her pussy wanted to be fucked. Simple.

Her pussy jerked, thrust, quivered suddenly. She pulled more of Jim’s raging prick into her mouth and lashed his cock with her wild little tongue. She moaned hornily as her cum built up in her heaving cunt. Her pussy choked Clint’s fucking wet cock and held onto his prick for dear, life. She gasped on Jim’s cock and sucked faster. It was happening!

Clint fucked all of his stony prick up into her tight sucking cunt and busted his balls. Huge wads of thick jism torpedoed out of his aching balls and fired hotly through his distended cock-pipe. The cum-blasts crashed into Sharon’s creamy cunt and made her go senseless with new pleasure.

At the same time, Jim’s big prick exploded in her mouth, driving her put of her mind. She was cuming on Clint’s shooting cock and sucking the jism up out of Jim’s hairy balls. Incredible things happened to her as the two giant cocks filled her with cum. The jism was expected. If a girl fucks a cock and sucks a cock, she expects it to shoot that thick stuff. What Sharon didn’t expect, but got anyway, was pure, sheer joy.

The two spitting cocks, one in her sucking mouth and the other in her fucking cunt, literally blew her mind. She fainted.

The last thing she remembered was the strange, heady pleasure of having two huge dicks shooting so much jism into her sensuous, cuminy body. Just like in the fuck-books she’d read!


Sharon came to on her back, wrists still bound. It took her a few moments to get her senses back. She lifted her head and peered around. The first thing she saw was her own lovely tits, all hard and spiking with stiff pink nipples. Then she felt something in her pussy. Amazingly good feelings!

Then her blue eyes saw the two men. They were on the other side of the room, stark naked. They were sitting with a small table between them, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Her breath quickened as her eyes gravitated to their cocks. Both pricks were limp, glistening wetly and dangling. But their cocks were so thick!

Sharon’s tongue came out to lick at her dry lips as her eyes danced from cock to cock. Was it all a dream? Or had those monstrous pricks been in her pussy and mouth?

She didn’t mean to, but she moaned softly. Both men looked at her and she gasped as they quickly got to their feet. The sight of the two big men coming toward her was enough to take her breath away. Especially when their cocks were so big and naked, right in front of her.

She had seen her dad’s prick once. She had gone through a great deal of trouble to get a good look at his cock. One day she got lucky and was able to peek through the keyhole of the bathroom door and watch him take a piss. How trembly she’d gotten to see that big hunk of cock-meat in her father’s hand! One look and she’d dashed into her bedroom where she got herself off a half dozen times by fucking her slender finger in and out of her sensitive little pussy.

Sharon remembered that incident as Clint and Jim approached from opposite sides of the bed she was on. She swallowed nervously when their fat pricks got close to her.

“Hi, kitten,” Clint chuckled, eyeing her perfect tits. “You’ve been out for ten minutes.”

“Was it that good?” Jim laughed, ogling her furry young cunt.

An unexpected anger welled up in Sharon and she blurted, “It wasn’t good…”

The two men burst into laughter and Sharon couldn’t understand why her burst of anger didn’t make them self-conscious or something. Actually, their bold laughter made her feel weak and helpless all over again. They were so sure of themselves and she was so afraid.

“Please,” she whimpered then, “untie me now.”

She wished with all her heart that she could stop her tits from rising and falling so cutely. The men kept watching them and they obviously liked to see her tits get excited. She closed her legs to hide her cunt but got a shock. When she squeezed her thighs together, her pussy-lips pressed together and squeezed her stiff little clit. That was electric, and Sharon gasped.

“Feeling good, huh?” Jim chuckled.

“No!” Sharon spat. But she let her thighs part just a little to relieve the dangerous pressure on her cummy clit flow did he know it felt good?

Clint jerked his head at his partner and said: “Go ahead and fix the burgers, Jim. I’ll entertain our young friend till you get back.”

A deep frown creased Sharon’s forehead and great puzzlement crossed her pretty face. “Wh-what do you mean?” she gasped. Even as she spoke, the truth dawned on her. “Why is he fixing food?”

Clint sat on the edge of the bed near her hip and smiled wickedly. “I think you know,” he said, resting a big hand on one of her thrusting tits.

“Ohhh, don’t,” Sharon whined, peering down at what his fingers were doing to her pink nipple. “Please, untie me. Let me go. Why is he fixing food? I can’t stay here! I’ve gotta get home! Ohhhh, stop that! Why are you doing this to me?”

Clint smiled handsomely but wickedly. “Because you look so fucking beautiful when you’re horny.”

“Don’t talk like that to me!” Sharon cried, gasping. Her tits lifted hard. “What do you want from me? You’ve already done everything to me! God, what things you did! Please, let me go. Let me go home. Please, please!”

“We’ve only scratched the surface, baby,” Clint chuckled. His hand smoothed over her lovely flesh globe, then traveled down the length of her luscious body to her soft blonde pussy hair. His fingertips reached and touched her clit.

“Oh, don’t!” Sharon gasped. Her cunt jerked. Her clit pressed against Clint’s rough fingers and wiggled. “Please,” she panted, “don’t touch me there. Ohhh, God, what do you want from me?”

“Everything,” Clint said slowly. His fingers gently tubbed her stiff little clit and it erected wetly. Sharon sobbed as her pussy got wet against her will. Why did this man’s fingers feel so good on her cunt?

Following this thought, she panted, “I… I don’t understand. What are you doing to me? Why do I feel this way? Ohhh, stop that. Please! Ohhhh, don’t rub it like that!”

Clint chuckled evilly and gently massaged her quivery little clit until Sharon was moaning on the bed. Her pretty eyes glazed over and her cunt started to hump slowly against his teasing fingertips.

Her eyes softened on Clint then and her voice grew almost sexy with weakness. “Don’t make me feel this way,” she pleaded softly.

Her tits heaved and her nipples spiked and her pussy squirmed as the man continued to arouse her reluctant cunt.

Her breath came in short gasps as she felt an unwanted but inevitable cum building up in her hot belly. This terrible man seemed to be able to arouse her fuck-urge with no trouble at all. She didn’t want to cum, not lying there all naked with her pussy twisting like this in front of a complete stranger! But how could she stop her pussy from creaming? She’d never even wanted to before!

Luck was on her side as Jim entered the room with a loaded tray, his thick cock dangling between his massive thighs. “Hungry?” Clint asked.

“Yes, yes,” Sharon said quickly, eager to get his hand away from her pussy. Then she thought that when they untied her hands so she could eat, she would try like hell to get away from these horny men.

Her heart fell when Jim and Clint started feeding her burgers, chocolate milk and coffee. The two men took turns pushing stuff into her sexy mouth and making comments about how she sucked cock. It was all very embarrassing for Sharon and she had a hard time swallowing her food. The men kept making naughty remarks about her mouth.

Even so, she tried to make the meal last and last. But the men were wise to that, too. They took away the food when they thought she’d had enough to give her strength.

“Please,” Sharon cooed. “Couldn’t I have just a little more coffee?”

Jim laughed and said, “Don’t worry, honey, I’m gonna give you plenty to quench your thirst.”

“Yeah,” Clint added lewdly, “and I’m gonna fill your belly.”

Sharon felt surrounded again, almost suffocated. She suddenly realized that the men were thinking of nothing but her body. The room was permeated by the smell of lust. She could almost taste it as their eyes began to roam up and down her fully exposed young body.

It was like the two men could think of nothing but sex and rape, and there were moments when she was sure they were thinking of devastating her completely. Things got worse when Jim started playing with her tits and Clint started rubbing her sensitive clit.

God, how horny they are, she thought hotly as their hands aroused her. They’re gonna drive me crazy. They won’t leave me alone. They’re gonna keep me prisoner here until I go completely out of my mind. Ohhhh, God, don’t let me cum so much!

Her blue eyes flashed from one man to the other as she panted for breath. She wasn’t used to sex like this, and she’d never been with men like these, men who were so… so erotic! That the big men were naked bothered Sharon even more. She could plainly see their huge, meaty pricks, right out in the open. Worst of all, their cocks kept getting bigger and bigger as they played with her tits and pussy!

How big it is, she thought breathlessly when she saw Clint’s prick raise to an incredible height. And it was in me! God, how could he get all that up to me?

She peered down through her long lashes at Jim’s mouth, now very busy around her spiking pink nipples. Her tits felt so darned horny! And below, Clint was sticking a big finger into her juicy little cunt!

Qhhhh, mama, she thought frantically, feeling her fuck-urge coming alive in her belly. It’s gonna happen again! Ohhh, noooo, they’re gonna make me cum!

“Please, stop, stop,” she panted, writhing her cute little ass on the bed. “No more, please! You’ve done enough to me! Ohhh, don’t make me feel this way. Ohhhhhh, stop, stop, stop!”

Jim pulled her rubbery little nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Clint chuckled and fucked his big finger in and out of her cummy young fuck-hole. Sharon thought she would die of passion!

She wanted to hate this sex. She wanted to think of it as ugly, depraved, wicked. Men liked to get a girl hot, she supposed, but they would at least pick an older woman! She was just a kid!

She tried to wiggle away from Jim’s hot mouth and Clint’s stabbing finger, but more and more she discovered that her will to escape was seeping away like the cum-juice seeping in her cunt-channel. She didn’t want her tits and pussy to respond to these terrible men, but she didn’t seem to have any choke in the matter. Her whole body was tingling!

The men knew it, of course. It was what they were teasing her for. And when they accomplished their end, they released her writhing body and drew back to gaze at her.

Sharon’s senses felt both dulled and heightened at the same time. Her body was alive with sexual feelings and she was helpless to stop them.

Jim looked down at the luscious young girl tied to the bed and his enormous hard-on bobbed wetly in the air before Sharon’s shocked eyes. She knew how she must look to these lewd men. Her thighs were spread in a big V and her tits were rising and failing with her labored breathing. How they stared at her tits and cunt!

She pulled her legs together and tried to twist her body in a hopeless effort to conceal her luscious cunt and tits from their lustful eyes. But no matter how she turned or squirmed, she looked heavenly to Jim and Clint, completely at their disposal.

Clint’s eyes burned into her and he rasped, “I love to see you hot like this, baby. You get hornier than you want to, don’t you? Your lips say no, but your furry little cunt says yes. And those luscious tits of yours!”

“Yeah,” Jim chimed in, eyeing her tits. “Like two mounds of whipped cream topped with cherries.”

A dull ache spread through his hot balls as he watched Sharon’s tits rise and fall beautifully. He let his eyes travel slowly across her flat tummy and onward to her pretty thighs. Her cunt-hair looked so soft and curly.

Both men ogled the quivering lips of her pussy. “You’ve got a hungry little cunt,” Jim murmured hotly.

“And we’re gonna fuck it good,” Clint said.

His fist went down and grasped his huge, throbbing cock. He stroked his hard-on up and down as his eyes burned into Sharon’s defenseless young body.

Sharon looked on with dread and alarm. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her, couldn’t believe she’d become a sex-slave to these men simply because she was pretty and sexy.

This can’t be happening, she thought feverishly. This isn’t a sex story! I’m a real girl. These are real men. Oh, God, how could this happen to me? My pussy’s so hot!

Her startled and beautifully shining eyes were riveted on Clint’s enormous hard-on. The end of his cock was all slickened with clear, cummy liquid. She couldn’t take her eyes away. After the nice young boys pricks she’d fucked, Clint’s cock-shaft looked like a powerful forearm, and his cock-head like a giant fist. His prick was monstrous and she was frightened by the sight.

“Please,” she pleaded, knowing Clint was thinking of fucking her with that whopping hard-on of his.

Clint chuckled lewdly. The deep look of fuck-hunger in his dark eyes told Sharon that he was going to f’uck her no matter what she said or did. She felt weak and helpless, especially since her tits and pussy were acting so sexy. Every time she twisted her body to escape the hot looks of the men, the rope cut into her wrists. She never felt so captured in her life!

She saw Clint wink at his partner and her heart skipped a beat. They were up to something again!

Jim took over as Clint got out of the way. He reached out and Sharon thought he was going to fingerfuck her pussy. She twisted on the bed and evaded his hand. But Jim wasn’t after her cunt. He chuckled and spread his big hand under her, right against her quivery little ass.

“Don’t!” she shrieked, wiggling. “Don’t touch me there!”

“I’m gonna do more than touch you, honey,” Jim chuckled. “I’m gonna, turn you on like you’ve never been turned on.”

He trailed his hand up over her crotch, across her belly and up to her rib cage. He slowly advanced to her delightful young tits and felt them all over. He felt her quiver beneath his mauling hand and that made his cock throb even harder.

“You resist,” he said, obscenely, “but by the time I’m finished with you, you’ll beg for my cock.”

He squeezed her left tit and massaged her stiff nipple between two fingers. Sharon moaned and felt her tits harden as if they liked the rough hand.

Jim grinned and drew his other hand up to tease her other tit. He caught her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and played with her nipple until it was taut and erect. He chuckled as her tits responded to his erotic manipulations.

Loving her moans and wiggles, he dropped his face to her thrusting young tits and licked his tongue all over them.

“Ohhh, no, don’t, don’t!” Sharon gasped. Jim laughed and licked her spiking nipples, then gave them powerful little sucks. He heard his pretty victim moan louder and he peered upward to see how he was doing.

Sharon’s young face was frozen in an expression of exquisite pain. She was biting her lower lip and thrashing her head back and forth as he assaulted her luscious tits.

He felt her body arch up and he heard her gasp as he chewed a stiff nipple and mauled her other tit. He knew she’d be begging for prick any time now. He aimed to get the young girl so fucking hot that she’d go out of her mind with her passion for cock.

Preparing her for the big moment, he drew his horny tongue down from her jutting tits and trailed it hotly down her straining young body to the cushion of her pussy-hair. Getting himself into position, he pressed his nose against the upper part of her cunt-slit and watched her pretty face as he nudged her quivery clit.

“No, nooo,” Sharon whimpered helplessly. “Not that again. Please, don’t lick me there!”

There was no stopping a man like Jim. The ache in his horny balls began to drive him crazy with lust for this girl’s youthful body. He pressed his soaked cock-head against her leg, and he kissed her sweet pussy. Sharon gasped.

He brought his hands to her twisting pussy and used his thumbs to pry apart her fleshy cunt-lips. The scent of her hot pussy made his prick jolt against her leg and his horny eyes feasted on the juicy pink flesh of her inner cunt.

“Jesus, what a sweet cunt!” he rasped hotly.

Sharon’s pussy looked so unspoiled, so innocent, so deliciously fuckable.

He dragged the end of his tongue around the edges of Sharon’s pussy-lips. Her cunt was wet now, but he knew his tongue would get her pussy even more soaking before long. He’d sucked a thousand cunts like this since he met Clint, the sweet pussies of girls who hated him. With their thoughts but loved him with their cunts.

He licked his tongue up along Sharon’s wiggly cunt-slit and tasted salt. He sucked into her then, the aroma of her pussy thrilling him and intensifying the fuck-ache in his balls.

Sharon shrieked when the man’s big tongue shot into her exposed little fuck-hole. Her wrists tugged at the rope. She tried to kick but Jim was wedged between her spread thighs. It didn’t seem right to her that a strange man was sucking on her pussy. Of course she liked her cunt kissed and licked. What girl doesn’t? She and her girlfriends often whispered about cunt-sucking and pussy-eating. And she’d often wished she could get her cunt licked a lot. But not by a man like this.

Worst of all was the fact that she could feel tiny little electric shocks whipping through her crazed little cunt. Her fuck-urge was rampaging in her belly, driving her wild. How could her pussy act like this? Her cunt always got nice and hot with a boyfriend, but how could it get so sexy with a strange, wicked man?

Jim teased her with soft licking kisses around the pink meat of her cunt, but now he started lashing her quivery clit. Sharon’s whole body lurched on the bed, and she didn’t like what the man was doing to her. She gazed down over her thrusting tits at him. His nose was buried in her pussy-hair, his tongue was stuffed up her cunt-hole, fucking her!

“Don’t, don’t,” she begged, humping her hot pussy on his fucking tongue. “Please! Ohhh, don’t make me horny. I don’t wanna fuck you! I don’t, I don’t!”

Jim stopped sucking her cunt and grinned at her. “You will,” he promised, “you will.”


Sharon was not ready for what happened next. She thought the man would simply go on eating her cunt until she same all aver his mouth. So it took her by surprise when he suddenly flipped her over onto her belly.

“Oh!” she gasped, hitting the bed hard.

Jim chuckled and smoothed his hand over all the beautiful curves of her naked young ass. He ran his fingers up and down her ass-crack, then her pussy, then her ass again.

“Stop, stop,” Sharon whimpered, trying to writhe her ass away from his disturbing hand.

“You’ve got an adorable ass, honey,” Jim said hornily, feeling her ass all over. “You know that? Huh? Do you? Do you know your little ass turns a guy on?”

Sharon thought he wouldn’t stop teasing her ass unless she replied. “Yes! Yes!” she cried in hopes that he would be satisfied. But the man seemed to be getting at something.

“Do you let the boys play with your ass like this?” he asked.

“No!” Sharon gasped. Her ass-flesh was tingling. So was her cunt.

“You mean boys don’t run their hands all over your cute little ass this way?” Jim teased, stroking her firm curvy ass-flesh. “Then I guess you’ve never had your pretty ass kissed either.”

“What!” Sharon gasped, stiffening from head to toe. She twisted her head around and peered over her shoulder at the man. He was grinning, bending down, approaching her ass.

“No!” she cried. “Don’t do that!”

Jim’s thumbs pried open the cheeks of her delightful young ass and he tongued her defenseless asshole.

“Oh! No! Don’t!” Sharon gasped, wiggling anxiously.

Jim chuckled lewdly and teased her sweet little hole. Sharon shivered and tried to twist her ass away from him. Jim followed with his tongue and licked into her asshole.

“Ohhhh, my God, stop!” she whimpered. “Don’t do that! That’s dirty! Ohhh, stop, stop, please!”

Jim pulled her curvy asscheeks wide apart and stiffened his tongue like a prick. He inserted the tip of his tongue into her asshole and started a slow, wet fucking motion. Sharon shrieked. Her whole body quivered.

Never in her life had she ever felt such wicked, mind-boggling sensations as at that moment.

“Oh, dear God, stop that,” she panted. Her head fell onto the mattress and she gasped for breath as the man’s exciting tongue licked and lapped all over her tiny assbole.

Strange feelings attacked Sharon and her eyes fluttered closed. Her breath came in short spurts. She moaned and writhed as the tongue fucking continued. Helpless with new sensations of erotic pleasure, she absentmindedly crushed her aching tits against the mattress and twisted them there, moaning constantly. Little did she know that she was giving Clint a damned juicy show.

Clint’s cock was as rigid as a pole now as he stood by watching what his buddy was doing to the helpless young girl. The delicious blonde was squirming on the bed, her lovely ass wiggling in an exciting manner. He could plainly see that Jim had turned her on against her will. Whether Sharon liked it or not, she was one hot little girl, twisting and humping on the bed, moaning passionately and rubbing her excited tits on the mattress.

Clint tapped Jim on the shoulder to let him know that it was working the chick was horny. Jim took the cue and licked the tip of his tongue downward to the upper portion of Sharon’s gyrating cunt.

“Oh!” she gasped, when she felt his tongue touch her pussy-lips. Hardly aware of what she was doing, she raised her pretty ass up a few inches. Jim chuckled and drove his big tongue into her soaked cunt-hole. Sharon bowled as his tongue shafted into her cunt.

Her blood felt like it had turned into fire in her veins and she thought she’d cum in quarts on the man’s probing tongue. She felt his mouth moving up and down and from side to side, now against her pussy, now at her asshole, then at her cunt again. It was devastating.

She felt his warm face rubbing between her quivering thighs as his tongue raised hell with her cunt and ass. New feelings rushed through her body, rendering her weak and helpless. Then something else began to happen.

All Sharon knew was that a man’s tongue up her asshole or cunt-hole was enough to drive her out of her mind with unwonted pleasure and passion. She didn’t know that Jim’s cunt and ass sucking was turning her into a wild little animal.

Before she realized it, she had her cute ass high in the air. She turned and twisted and gyrated and squirmed her ass as the man’s big tongue licked wildly from her asshole to her cunt and back again.

“Oh, mama!” she gasped, wiggling her ass round and round. “What am I doing. Oh, ohhh, what are you doing to me? Oh, God, I feel so funny!”

Funny wasn’t the word. Fucking hot would better fit the way she was behaving now as Jim sucked her cunt, her clit and her cute asshole.

Inspired by the girl’s surrender to female lust, Jim lowered his wet mouth and caught her stiff clit between his teeth. He chewed gently and sucked on hard.

“Ohhhhh!” Sharon squealed, jerking violently on the bed.

Jim shifted his horny mouth to her ass again and drilled most of his thick tongue up into her squirmy, cum-soaked asshole. Sharon screamed and creamed at the same time, her pussy flowing juicily with silky fuck fluids.

Jim knew what was happening to her. Because of the way her body kept quivering. And humping and shaking. He dived into her cunt then, caught lots of her cum on his tongue and dragged it up to her horny asshole. He soaked her asshole thoroughly with her own juicy cum.

The added lubricant made it easier for him to slide his big tongue in and out of ber tight little asshole. The more he fucked his tongue into her ass the hotter Sharon got.

At the proper psychological moment, Jim pulled his tongue out of her ass and drew back. For the next few moments, he watched her curvy young ass and cunt writhe, just as Clint was doing. It was a beautiful sight for the two horny men.

“Like that?” he asked.

Sharon gasped, realizing he’d stopped sucking her pussy and asshole. “No!” she cried. But she didn’t lower her ass. She remained up on her knees, her lovely ass entirely exposed to the men’s gazes.

“Then I guess I won’t do any more,” Jim said simply.

Sharon gasped again, but this time for a different reason. “I mean… I… oh, you bastard!”

“Such naughty language from such a young girl,” he teased. “Did you hear that, Clint? Why, her mbther would put soap in her mouth for that.”

Clint chuckled and said, “I think she wants you to suck her some more, Jim. Come on, give the kid a break. Get her off a good one. Stick that tongue of yours back into her asshole and cunt.”

Jim blew his breath on Sharon’s writhing ass and murmured, “Is that what you want me to do? Huh? Would you like me to suck you to a nice juicy cum?”

“Ohhh. No, no, noooooo,” Sharon whimpered, quivering nervously. “Ohhh, why did you make me this way? I’ve never done this before. It’s… it’s disgusting! You’re dirty. Evil. Wicked. I… I… ohhhh, no, noooo, I don’t want any more!”

“Are you sure?” Jim teased.

“Yes!” Sharon gasped.

Jim lowered his face to her twisty little ass and licked the tip of his tongue from her cunt up to her asshole. Sharon’s ass writhed and her cunt humped, and Jim knew she was ripe for more of this dirty sex.

“Positive?” he taunted.

“Oh, God, help me,” Sharon moaned, twisting her ass before the man’s hot eyes. “All right! All right! Ohhh, do it!”

“Do what?” Jim laughed.

Sharon’s whole body went lax and she almost collapsed as she moaned helplessly. She was at the man’s mercy now and she knew it. How could she act like an innocent child now? How could she ask him to stop licking her the way he had been doing? How could she possibly resist such exquisite pleasure? She’d have to be crazy!

“Ohhh, you know what!” she panted, spreading her knees further apart. “You got me like this! Ohhh, do it, do it! Kiss me! Lick me! Bite me! Ohhh, please, don’t tease me any more! I… I… ohhhh, eat me!”

Jim laughed erotically. She was horny as hell now, dying for him to suck her cunt and asshole — anything so long as she got her cookies. Eager to please, anxious to help a damsel in distress, he buried his face in her crotch.

He brought a hand up between her shivering thighs to her pussy and flattened his four fingers against her straining belly. Then he pushed his thick thumb into her juicy cunthole and fucked his thumb in and out while he sucked her asshole.

Sharon squealed at first. Then she moaned hornily and humped her cunt wildly on his fucking, digging thumb. Her tiny asshole choked his tongue.

“Ohhh, my God, it feels so good!” she gasped, feeling a good cum building up in her fiery belly. “I’ve never had this. Your tongue… your tongue… it feels so so… ohhhh, sooooo goooood!”

That’s what Jim wanted to hear. He pulled away from her hot ass again and left her whimpering and wiggling helplessly.

“Don’t stop!” Sharon cried, humping her ass hotly. “Please! What are you doing? Ohhh, more, more! Please!”

“I want to fuck you now,” Jim said hornily. “Want me to fuck you?”

Sharon bit her lower lip to keep herself from saying yes. Instead she whimpered, “Why are you asking me? I’m your slave! I don’t care what you do. I can’t stop you!”

“But do you want me to fuck you?” Jim persisted.

“Oh, you bastard!” she gasped. “Yes! Yes!”

“Then say it,” Jim urged.

Sharon shivered but blurted, “Fuck me!”

“No, not like that,” Jim said. “Say it nice. Say it sexy. You know what a guy likes to hear.”

Sharon was too hot right now to feel humiliation. Helplessly, hornily, she begged, “Please fuck me. Give it to me. Fuck me hard. Please, ohhh, please.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she spoke the naughty words. She never dreamed she’d ever say such things to a man, much less a strange man. But her body was on fire. Her tits felt like they would burst any minute. Her cunt felt so horny. And her asshole was tingling as never before. She couldn’t help herself.

Jim chuckled and winked at Clint. Then he knelt between Sharon’s spread legs and guided his massive cock to her assehecks and pressed his soaked cock against her asshole.

Sharon caught her breath as she realized what he was about to do. She was horny and she needed a stiff cock but the fuck-pole pressing at her asshole was monstrous — and in the wrong place!

“Wait! Wait!” she shrieked, frightened. “Not there! No, no, don’t push it in me! I thought you meant my pussy. Please, wait! No, don’t, don’t!”

Jim ignored her. He gripped her lithe young hips and held her tightly as he urged his powerful cock into her asshole. Her asshole was so tight that it gripped his prick like a fist as he inched forward.

Loving the feel of her asshole around his big, wet cock-head, he braced himself on his knees and, without warning, plunged every solid inch of his prick up into her ass.

Sharon screamed as his cock tore into her ass. She went breathless when his powerful cock-head rammed deep into her body. His big, hairy balls crashed wetly against her pussy and she felt her clit quiver as his cock throbbed mightily up her ass.

Her screams bounced off the walls as Jim lost all self-control. Turning her on was fun, but this was his turn. He wanted to fuck the life out of her and he seemed to be doing that as he fucked his thick cock in and out of her sucking little asshole.

He held her ass high and fucked his cock into her, gasping and groaning as her asshole sucked him off. Sharon’s screams meant nothing to him and no matter how much she gasped and quivered and shook, he took his pleasure with her, fucking like crazy up her ass.

He doubled his thrusts and sank his cock hard into her unwilling, but juicy ass. All her cum juice that he’d transferred to her asshole now paid off. His big prick slid nicely in and out of her ass, giving him tremendous pleasure and causing a helpless Sharon to cum and cum and cum.

A soft sound came out of the girl and Jim realized she was cumming. He leaned over her body then, and thrust his hand under her. His fingers attacked her drenched young cunt and mauled her cunt. One finger rammed up into her pussy as his cock continued to rape her asshole. Sharon went wild.

She almost fainted again as she became accustomed to the hugeness of the man’s cock sliding into her ass. But she didn’t faint this time. Something else happened to her. Just when she thought the pain of the man’s prick was too much for her, her ass-muscles reined of their own accord. Suddenly, the man was groaning, on her, fingerfucking her cunt and fucking his prick into her asshole with a passion. And Sharon liked it!

“Oh, my God, my God!” she squealed, screwing her ass around on Jim’s plunging prick. “I like it, I like it! Ohhh, I didn’t know it would be like this! It’s… it’s… ohhh, I’m cumming so much!”

Out of her head with new and strange sex pleasure, she writhed her hot ass on the giant cock. The pain gradually subsided and fantastic thrills shot through her cunt and ass. She gasped to discover that her ass-channel was tingling the way her pussy tingled when she fingerfucked her cunt. She could feel her bowels blowing the man’s stiff cock.

“Cum in me!” she shrieked, fucking her ass and pussy hotly. “I feel it! You’re gonna shoot! Ohhhhh, give it to me!”

Sharon heard her own voice after she’d uttered the erotic words and she couldn’t believe it was her voice. What was she saying? Why wasn’t she fighting against this horror? Why wasn’t she cursing this evil man? And why was her pussy and asshole so happy about this? How could she take such a huge cock in her little ass and like it? Why was she begging the man to shoot his load into her?

“Give it to me,” she panted in spite of herself. “Ohhh, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, do anything, but make me cum! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee!”

“Oh, we’re gonna fuck you, all right, honey,” Jim rasped into her hot little rear. “And I ain’t cumming yet. Not yet. We’ve got a nice surprise for you.”

He held his stiff prick buried up her ass and panted hotly against her ear. He controlled his anxious cock and kept from giving her what she demanded.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Sharon gasped, trying to fuck on his prick. “Please. Don’t torture me any more. I’m being nice. I’m giving in to you. Ohhh, please, don’t stop now!”

“Just leave it to us, cutie,” Jim chuckled. “We know what’s good for you, and we’re gonna see that you get it. No kid stuff here, honey. When we get through with you, you’ll know you’ve been fucked. You want to be fucked, don’t you?”

Sharon didn’t know what she was saying. “Yes, yes, yessssss,” she hissed, writhing her hot ass. “Do it to me. Give it to me. Fuck me, fuck me. Ohhh, yes, fuck me!”

Her senses reeled and she started drooling from the mouth the way her cunt was drooling. Her whole body ached for fucking now. Fucking was all she could think of, all she could want, all she needed.

“Please, please,” she whimpered, trying to open her eyes. “I’m so dizzy now. I feel so strange. I wanna fuck. Fuck me, mister, please.”

Both Jim and Clint gave her what she needed.


Sharon suffered a second kind of anguish. If she’d thought it was terrible when the men stripped her naked and teased her pussy, tits, and ass, that was nothing compared to what she was feeling now. The most terrible thing she could think of at the moment was that the men would stop.

“Please, please,” she pleaded. But not as she had done earlier when she had pleaded with them to leave her alone. Now she begged, “Please, please, do something to me! Ohhh, fuck me!”

She was in a state of female lust never before experienced by her. At her sweet age, she had certainly enjoyed sexual bouts with the boys. But those playful episodes were minor compared to this long, erotic, mind-boggling fucksession with grown men who were horny out of their minds for her luscious young body.

Her young mind was filled with erotic pleasure, like her body, with her wrists tied and her whole body tingling with sexy, juicy feelings, she had no more little-girl thoughts of mommy and daddy, young boys and stiff little pricks. Her whole fucking body was finely tuned to real sex with men. Her eyes were closed in rapture. Her tits ached to be felt, tickled, mauled and sucked. Her pussy was drenched with unheard of amounts of silky cum juice. Even her cute little ass was horny, a feeling Sharon was unfamiliar with.

She shuddered and moaned and pushed her ass back at the man holding her from behind.

She would feel every solid inch of his powerful cock stuffed up her asshole, and the sensation was dazzling. As far as she was concerned, she’d never been fucked before today.

So it was quite natural for her to whimper and screw her hot ass on Jim’s mighty cock. And it was normal for her to sob with passion and gasp loudly, “Please, please, fuck me!”

Jim rolled with her, onto his side. His big hands shot up to her luscious tits and grasped them tightly. Sharon moaned and her pretty mouth went slack.

She felt the bed move, then felt something else as Clint lay on his side facing her body. Sharon caught her breath as she realized what was happening.

Clint gripped his throbbing wet cock and rubbed the end of his prick up and down along her horny cunt-slit. Her stiff little clit tickled his cock-head and she moaned passionately. Clint lowered his head and plastered his mouth on hers and shoved his big tongue inside. His cock-head lodged in her pussy-mouth.

“Mmmm!” Sharon gasped through the wet kiss. Her senses whirled as the realization of the scene entered her fogged mind. A huge, stiff cock was wedged up her tight little ass and another was inching up into her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she choked as Clint’s enormous hard-on entered the hot wetness of her horny pussy. She gasped and twisted her wrists frantically as Clint’s huge prick forced her cunt open the way Jim’s was prying her asshole open. And that’s how Sharon felt at that incredible moment absolutely, totally open. Even her mouth opened for Clint’s fucking tongue.

If it wasn’t for Clint’s hot tongue filling her mouth, she would have shrieked when both men started fucking her holes. Jim chuckled in her ear and began a dizzying see-saw motion with his cock up her tight ass. Then Clint tongued her tonsils and fucked his hard-on in and out of her twisting, sucking cunt.

Sharon went to pieces between the two big men. Her tits hardened and jutted hornily in Jim’s playful hands. Her clit felt like it could shoot cum. Her ass was on fire and her pussy wanted to suck the jism right out of Clint’s hot balls.

She was dazed by what she was doing with these men. She was fucking! She pulled her body back each time Clint’s monstrous hardon slid down her pussy. This made her asshole push onto Jim’s fucking cock. When she pulled her ass as Jim withdrew his prick, her hot cunt slipped right onto Clint’s spearing prick. Back and forth, back and forth. A marvelous, erotic, mind-shattering motion started in her. In just a few moments she was fucking hotly on two giant cocks. Moaning hotly and sucking the hell out of Clint’s tongue as if it were a dick in her wet mouth.

Her asshole channel contracted and released with rhythmic beauty as Jim’s big cock locked in and out of her squirmy asshole. Her Clint tightened hornily on Clint’s ramming, reaching cock. The two amazing pricks filled her asshole and cunt beautifully and she couldn’t help loving the stiff hard-ons in her fuck-holes.

The men felt her young body go lax, felt her soften and surrender to the double fucking.

Jim licked the tip of his tongue into her ear and gave her encouragement.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered hotly as he fucked her tight little asshole. “Let yourself go. Mmmmmm, nice, honey. Doesn’t it feel good? That’s it, fuck all you want to. Screw your hot little cunt on Clint’s big prick. Fuck my cock up your ass. Mmmm, your tits are so hard and hot.”

Under any other circumstance, Sharon would have been horrified at such language from a man. Under these mind-boggling circumstances, she agreed with him. With two huge hard-ons fucking her asshole and pussy, she couldn’t possibly think of not fucking them. She had to fuck them!

She drew a long, hot breath through her nose and suddenly twisted her mouth away from Clint’s and gasped loudly.

“Ohhh, I feel so cummy!” she squealed.

Her head wrenched back and she panted for breath. Her tits thrust wildly in Jim’s mauling hands. Her pussy fucked harder on Clint’s big prick and her asshole clenched like a fist on Jim’s cock.

“I’m cumming so much,” she whimpered with eyes closed and mouth slack. “Ohhh, what you’re doing to me! Ohh, mama! Ewww, my pussy’s on fire! I’m gonna cumn again! Oh!”

Her body jerked violently then, and the men helped her along by fucking their cocks faster up her twisty little fuck-holes. Sharon went out of her mind with a tremendous orgasm that left her shivering and shaking between the fucking men. She gasped and moaned loudly and couldn’t stop fucking her ass and pussy on the giant cocks.

Her cummy groans turned to erotic squeals of pleasure as the men fucked her relentlessly. Jim’s cock, once feeling too big for her little asshole, now felt divine as he fucked into her in rhythm with Clint’s fucking. She choked in agony and joy every time the two cocks knocked together inside her hot body.

Clint and Jim knew from experience just what to do to a young girl at their mercy. Grinning at one another, they began fucking their cocks harder and faster into Sharon’s fuckholes. Their cocks rubbed together, meeting in her twisting, heaving belly, driving her crazy with female lust for more and more of this joy. Sharon had never before known such sheer, pure, unadulterated pleasure. She went wild and came constantly.

“Oh, God!” Sharon shrieked, cumming wetly. “Oh, mama! Oh, golly! Oh-oh-obhh!”

Her head rocked back and forth crazily as her cunt and asshole tightened up and sucked hornily on two of the biggest pricks she’d ever fucked.

“Ohhh, I can’t believe it,” she moaned hotly.

Her eyes rolled in her head and her little pink tongue lashing wildly at her lips as she fucked and fucked. The huge cocks fucked in and out faster, driving her out of her mind with delicious fuck-feelings. As their giant hard-ons ravished her fuck-holes, she lost all sense of having two fuck-holes. As her juicy cum flowed wetly she could have sworn she had only one gash down there a horny, cummy cunt with one gigantic prick fucking into her.

“Ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me,” she gasped, screwing her ass and cunt viciously now. “I… I… It’s cumming again! Qhhhh, my God, my pussy’s cumming so much! Uh-uhhh, give it to me! Ohhh, I feel it! You’re gonna cum in me! Ohhh, do it, do it! Give me your cum! Ohhhh, I’m cummmiiinnnnggg!”

Sharon’s excited, wild gasps and moans were practically drowned out by the groans coming from Jim and Clint. They couldn’t foal around with their little sex-slave now. Their cocks were raging, huge things, fucking violently into the girl’s twisting fuck-holes.

Neither man could now think of Sharon’s welfare or of each other’s. It was each man for himself. Under those circumstances, both Jim and Clint fucked with a vengeance. Jim’s big hot balls slammed against Sharon’s ass. Clint’s crashed into her soaked cunt. Their rigid cockpoles fucked deeply into her shivering, fucking body.

Bulging cock-heads clashed within her belly. Both men buried their pricks all the way up in her and fucked her so deep that she almost passed out. Grunting and groaning like two hurt animals, the viciously fucking men shot their loads. Both cock-heads seemed to burst apart inside Sharon, then all hell broke loose as torrents of vicious jism pounded into her.

“Ohhh!” Sharon squealed. The enormous cocks gushed rapidly, wildly, making her cum some more. The more their pricks spurted into her, the hornier her ass and pussy got, until she was a mass of writhing female flesh between them. She came and came on their drilling, plunging, spitting pricks.

“Oh, mama!” she gasped, shuddering violently with yet another juicy orgasm.

Clint grit his teeth and fucked all of his stony cock up into her soaked pussy and shot his load. Jim fucked his prick hard into her twisting asshole and pumped a mightly load of jism. Sharon squealed and moaned and gasped and fucked harder.

The men’s grunts and groans slowly subsided. They held their stiff pricks in the girl’s humping fuck-holes and got off the remainder of their hot cum, making her shudder and twitch and jerk hornily between them.

Slowly, so as not to send her into shock, they eased their limp, wet cocks out of her asshole and pussy. They let her whimper and moan hotly and fuck their pricks for as long as she could. The tightness of her asshole and cunt made their pricks throb. Sharon uttered a long, mournful moan as her lovely fuck-slits closed around nothing at all.

Jim and Clint struggled to their feet and kept a close eye on the writhing, twisting girl. This moment was crucial. Some young chicks went sort of nuts after a fucking like that. Some passed out. Some started screaming and had to be dealt with.

To their complete surprise, Sharon did none of these things. She rolled onto her back. Her blue eyes, all glazed with sex, opened slowly and peered at the men, then their spent pricks. Her tits rose and fell beautifully. She opened her thighs and made small sensuous circles with her pussy. Her pink tongue slipped across her swollen, sexy lips.

“Ohhhh,” she purred, curving her luscious body, “I didn’t know fucking could be like that.”

Clint looked at Jim. Jim looked at Clint. Both men were amazed. The teenage girl was complimenting them while twisting on the bed in a state of obvious pleasure. There was a faint smile lifting her sexy lips.

“Christ, she liked it,” Jim murmured, staring at Sharon’s luscious tits.

“I think we’ve created a nymph,” Clint said.

Sharon made an “mmmmmm” sound and writhed her naked wet cunt before them. Her long lashes lowered sensuously and she gazed at Clint’s cock through them.

“Didn’t you want me to like it?” she asked softly, smiling sexily. “I thought that’s what you two were trying to do to me, get me to like it. I’ve never known sex like this before. I didn’t know fucking could be so much fun. I feel so… so… sexy. It didn’t hurt, like I thought it would, not even up my ass. I mean, it hurt at first and it was scary, but later, after you fucked me a little while… well… it got awfully nice. I’m glad you got my asshole all wet with my cum first. That helped, didn’t it? I mean, your cock came right up inside me.”

“Jesus!” Jim groaned. “Is this the same chick we brought here?”

That made Sharon giggle. “I’m not,” she cooed. “I’m not the same girl. Ohhh, if you only knew! I’ve been dreaming about something like this for a long time. Don’t you know girls think about getting fucked like this? All the fuck-books tell about it, you know!”

Jim frowned at his partner. “What did you think, Clint?” he asked.

“I think she’s on the level.”

Then it was Sharon’s turn to frown. “What do you mean?”

Jim and Clint sat on opposite sides of, her. Jim stroked her purring pussy and Clint fondled died her ripe, jutting tits.

“It’s just that we’re not used to a girl saying things like you are after we’re through with her,” Jim explained.

Her eyes shot open and she gasped, “Through with me? Ohhh, you’re not through with me, are you?”

Clint chucked and squeezed one of her fine tits. “Haven’t you had enough?”

“But we’ve only just started!” she cried. “I mean, in the fucker-books, men do lots and lots of things to the girls. Don’t you want to do other things with me?”

“Like what?” Clint asked, grinning.

Sharon thought only a moment, her pretty eyes flashing. “Untie my hands now,” she purred.

“Why?” Jim asked.

“So I can feel your cocks, silly. I wanna told those big things now that you’ve fucked me with them. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to play with a man’s big prick. Please, untie my hands.”

“God damn!” Jim groaned, and his prick started rising.

Clint rubbed his chin thoughtfully, eyeing Sharon with some suspicion. “I thought you were in a hurry to get home. Me and Jim here were planning to fuck you and get you home.”

Sharon wrinkled her cute nose at him. “Heck, my mom is mad as hell already. It doesn’t matter now if I don’t get right home. I’ll get the same spanking no matter what time I get home. So let’s have some more fun while I’m here. Okay?”

“Are you serious?” Clint asked.

“Of course,” Sharon smiled. “Golly, don’t you trust me? After all, it was you who got me all horny and sexy. Don’t you want me to be horny and sexy? I thought that’s what you wanted. You sure did it, I’ll tell you that! I thought I got horny from diddling my pussy, but that’s nothing like. I feel right now. Ohhhh, if my girlfriends could only see me now, tied to a bed, fucking two giant pricks!”

“Untie her,” Clint said quickly. His cock rose up to full length at just the thought of this young girl fondling his balls and cock.

Jim’s fingers shook a little as he quickly freed Sharon’s wrists. She pulled them down and rubbed them slowly as she continued to smile at the men.

“Thank you,” she cooed. “That’s much better. Now I can do what I’ve wanted to do for a longtime.”

She reached put both hands, one to her left, one to her right. Jim and Clint sat wide eyed as her softhands wrapped around their hard-ons.

“Oh, golly,” she said, slowly jacking their pricks up and down. “Arlene, my girlfriend, would never believe this! We were talking about it just the other day. She said she’d love to hold two cocks at once. Of course, she was talking about boys’ cocks, not men’s. God, she’d be green with envy if she could see me jerking your pricks! Golly how big they get!”

The men sat in silence, dumbfounded. What could they say? The luciuos little kid had turned into a sex kitten. Nothing to do but let her go at it.

Sharon raised her eyes to Clint’s. “Can I do something?”

He smiled like a generous father. “You can do anything you want to do.”

“Oh, goodie,” she laughed, sitting up.

“Will you and Jim lay down here, side by side, real close to one another?”

“What for?” Jim wanted to know.

“You’ll see!” Sharon squealed, piling off the bed.

The men went along with her add lay down, hip to hip, their rigid cocks pointing skyward, oozing wetness. Sharon’s gaze danced all over their pricks and balls.

With her eyes riveted to their throbbing hard ons, she crawled between their legs on all fours. As the men watched fascinated, she grasped both their pricks and brought their wet cock-heads toward her. With a small sexy laugh, Sharon pressed her face to their pricks and licked her tongue across both of them.

“Jesus!” Clint gasped.

Sharon smiled up at them and cood, “I saw this in a fuck-magazine. It was about a girl about my age too. I couldn’t believe she was licking two big cocks at once. I mean, it was hard to believe that it was hard to believe then. Now it isn’t. Now I know why she looked so happy.”

She lowered her mouth to the men’s pulsing, juicing pricks and lashed their cock-heads with her tongue, licking up their silky liquids. Jim and Clint stared hotly as the teenager got hotter and hotter with their pricks, licking and sucking them as if it were second nature to her.

It was a special treat when she started moaning and rubbing her naked tits against their legs as she licked their cock.

More treats were in store for them. Sharon gripped their cock-shafts tensely and pumped them up and down as she took turns licking first one cock-head then the other.

Then she took Jim’s prick-pole into her mouth and sucked on it till he was groaning. When he shuddered, she shifted her sexy mouth to Clint’s rigid cock and sucked that one for a while. Her hands never stopped moving up and down on their hot cock-shafts.

Clint groaned loudly and Sharon slipped her softly sucking mouth off his cock.

“Don’t stop!” he barked. “Suck me off!”

“What?” Sharon queried. “Oh. No. I’m not trying to suck you off.”

Clint looked dumbfounded, but Jim still had some sense left. “What are you trying to do?” he asked.

“Like in the fuck-magazine,” Sharon cooed, which was no explanation at all. But the men soon found out what the playful little bitch was up to. Even as all this banter took place, her sexy young fists continued pumping their cocks. Both men were on the verge of shooting loads.

“Are you gonna shoot now?” Sharon wanted to know.

“Christ, yes!” Jim blurted, shoving his cock upward.

“Ohhh, good, good,” Sharon panted. Her eyes danced from prick to prick as her fists jerked and jacked and whacked and pumped rapidly. The men both groaned. Their cocks jolted in her hands. She laughed sensuously, then moaned as their pricks started to spurt white jism.

To the men’s amazement and pleasure, the horny young chick aimed their pricks at herself. She pointed Jim’s spitting cock at her tits and rotated it round and round so his shots of jism would splash all over her thrusting tits.

“Mm-mmm-mmmm,” she moaned, letting Clint’s spurting jism hit her cheeks and mouth. She closed her eyes and parted her lips. Her tongue came out and licked it some cum, taking the tasty jizz into her mouth to swallow it.

She lowered her tense tits to Jim’s spitting prick and wiped his bursting cock-head up and down over them, creaming her tits with his jism.

Her mouth pressed against Clint’s blasting cock and she sucked up some of his juicy cum. She moaned all through her little game, rubbing both cocks against her body, licking each in turn.

When they stopped shooting jism, she moaned softly and sucked them both dry. Then she pulled their cock-heads to her tits and rubbed them all over her creamy flesh.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, writhing with pleasure, “just like in the magazine!”


Sharon moaned and apparently wanted the bed to herself. Clint and Jim rolled from it and stood up. Sharon spread herself on the bed beautifully.

Clint smiled lewdly. “What else have you seen in the fuck-mags?” he wanted to know.

Sharon giggled sexily. “This,” she cooed. She scooped up wads of thick cum from her smooth white tits and brought her fingers to her mouth. Jim and Clint stared hotly as she slowly and sensuously licked their jism into her pretty mouth.

“Ummm, I’ve wanted to do ihis for a long time.” She wiped some more cum from her tits and licked her fingers clean. Her flashing blue eyes took in both men and she cooed, “I’ve been doing lots of things I’ve always wanted to do. Thanks to you. I never dreamed I’d be able to do them. I thought I’d have to wait till I got married or something. Mmmmm, I feel so sexy with you.”

“You are sexy!” Jim blurted, carried away by the sight of the young girl eating own like it was candy.

When most of the hot jism was down her throat, she lewdly smoothed her hands through the remainder and rubbed it into her tits and belly like it was body oil.

“Jesus,” Clint groaned. “You learned all this from fuck-magazines?”

“Oh, no,” Sharon laughed. “The girls at school always talk about things like this. And I have an older sister who’s very horny. She’s nineteen and she tells me lots of secrets about sex. But she’s kind of square. She thinks a girl should wait till she’s married before she starts fucking.”

“Is she married and fucking?” Jim queried.

“No,” Sharon cooed. “She’s just married. Bill — that’s her husband — he isn’t too good in the fuck department. No, Jill is just horny, that’s all, and she talks about sex a lot. Actually, I don’t want to be like her at all. I wanna have all the sex I can. I mean, I do now.”

Her eyes softened on Clint. They shifted to Jim. She ran her hands down to her twat and cuped it softly. “I’m not afraid anymore,” she said. “Do you want to fuck me?”

Jim’s adams apple bobbed in his throat. His cock erected and Sharon gazed at it. Her middle finger disappeared into her open, wet cunt-hole and started sliding in and out. “You like fucking me, don’t you?”

Jim didn’t answer her. He stared at his buddy and rasped, “I can’t believe this!”

Clint’s prick was stiffer than his partners. “Out of my way,” he said hoarsely.

He gave Jim a playful shove and climbed into the bed, his cock big and juicy.

“Ohhh,” Sharon moaned, staring at his cock as he lowered his prick to her furry little cunt. Clint leaned over her and pushed his bulging cock-head up into her pussy.

“Oh!” she gasped. “Oh, oh, ohhhh, Clint! Clint! Give it to me!”

As horney as a deprived housewife, she thrust her pretty pussy up in the air as Clint’s massive cock sliced up into her cunt. She caught her breath as the full length of his prick invaded her pussy.

Panting, humping, she grasped her own asscheeks in her small hands to hold her cunt up, and she twisted it on Clint’s big cock as he fucked her, as Jim’s shaft fucked her mouth the way Clint fucked her pussy.

Sharon’s muffled whinipers turned to moans of pure pleasure as the double fucking went on and on. Clint’s huge prick up her cunt felt wonderful now. So did Jim’s in her softly sucking mouth.

“Mmmm!” she moaned hotly, and sucked strongly on Jim’s cock. That drove Jim wilder and he suddenly grasped her head and fucked his prick in and out of her wet mouth. Sharon went out af her head with new pleasure as the monstrous cocks fucked her cunt and mouth.

Both pricks were fucking her in rhythm, spinning her into a spiral of sexy, lewd joy. Never in her wildest fantasies or sexy whispers with the girls did she expect the reafthing to be anything like this. She moaned passionately and sucked faster on Jim’s prick as she screwed her tight pussy on Clint’s.

She grew wilder and wilder. Her fist pumped furiously on Jim’s raging cock as she lashed his prick with her hot tongue. Her cute hips pistoned up and down as Clint’s magnificent hard-on plunged relentlessly into her horny fuck-hole.

Her mouth tightened around Jim’s prick and her pussy-mouth wrapped hungrily around Clint’s. Clint fucked his cock into her juicy cunt. His cock-head rammed her pussy. Sharon gasped around Jim’s prick. Clint stabbed into her pussy again and again, grunting into her.

Sharon squealed as his huge cock-head raped her tight young pussy. Her slender arms flew around his neck and her fingernails dug into his back. Her lovely legs curled around his hips and, just like in a photo she’d seen, she kicked at his naked ass to make his cock ram like crazy into her pussy.

The result was instantaneous and devastating to her. Her whole body shook and jerked under the man as his enormous hard-on fucked her horny little pussy. Sharon’s mind reeled and her cunt humped violently on the man’s giant prick.

The pleasure bathed her in a glow that made even her tits feel fucked. Her pretty head rocked from side to side as she panted and moaned. Her eyes fluttered open.

She saw Jim standing by, waiting his turn at her sweet cunt, his prick very large now. “Jim,” she gasped, fucking faster on Clint’s raging cock. “Jim… Jim, come here. Ohhh, put your prick in my mouth!”

Jim staggered hotly to her face. Sharon grabbed his enormous cock-pole and pulled at his prick hornily. “Give it to me,” she whimpered, screwing wildly. “Ohhhh, let me suck you off while Clint fucks me!”

Jim shoved his prick at her and Sharon quickly pulled his cock into her soft mouth. Her lips were stretched around his thickness in a beautiful O. She quickly jacked his cock-shaft as Jim fucked her mouth the way Clint fucked her pussy.

Sharon’s muffled whimpers turned to moans of pure pleasure as the double fucking went on and on. Clint’s huge prick up her cunt felt wonderful now. So did Jim’s in her softly sucking mouth.

“Mmmm!” she moaned hotly, and sucked strongly on Jim’s cock. That drove Jim wilder and he suddenly grasped her head and fucked his prick in and out of her wet mouth. Sharon went out of her head with new pleasure as the monstrous cocks fucked her cunt and mouth.

Both pricks were fucking her in rhythm, spinning her into a spiral of sexy, lewd joy. Never in her wildest fantasies or sexy whispers with the girls did she expect the real thing to be anything like this. She moaned passionately and sucked faster on Jim’s prick as she screwed her tight pussy on Clint’s.

She grew wilder and wilder. Her fist pumped furiously on Jim’s raging cock as she lashed his prick with her hot tongue. Her cute hips pistoned up and down as Clint’s magnificent hard-on plunged relentlessly into her horny fuck-hole.

Her mouth tightened around Jim’s prick and her pussy-mouth wrapped hungrily around Clint’s. Clint fucked his cock into her juicy cunt. His cock-head rammed her pussy. Sharon gasped around Jim’s prick. Clint stabbed into her pussy again and again, grunting.

Then he buried his entire prick up her twisting cunt and fired a salvo of thick, hot jism.

His extreme orgasm got Sharon off right then and there. She howled on Jim’s mouthfucking cock and came like crazy. The fantastic cum sent her mind spinning. Her lips trembled and her cheeks collapsed around Jim’s prick. She pulled on his cock, shivering with orgasm, and took his huge cock-head into her convulsing throat. Her fingers clutched at Mr. Big Hot Balls and manipulated them as he fucked her mouth.

The added sensation of her tight throat did the trick for Jim. He let out a howl of his own and pwnpcd his fiery load of thick cum down her throat. Sharon moaned hotly, fucked her cunt hornily, and gulped down all of Jim’s jism. Both cocks seemed to fill her with cum and she loved both. Her pussy and her mouth were tuned to fucking right now and pleased both men at once.

When the spent cocks pulled out of her fuck-holes, she lay gasping for breath, playing with her tits and cunt.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhh,” she moaned sexily. “That was so good. Mmnammmm, more, more. Please. Change places. Clint. Ohhh, let me suck you off. Jim. Fuck me!”

“Christ,” Jim groaned. “I don’t think I can give her any more.”

“Not only that,” Clint said. “It’s getting late. We’Ve got to get her out of here.”

Sharon’s eyes shot open and her finger stopped fucking into her pussy. “I don’t want to go,” she whimpered. “I want you to fuck me. Can’t you see I’m horny now? Look how hard my tits are. Look at my pussy. It’s so hot!”

Clint sat beside her and stroked her pretty tits. “I know how you feel, baby,” he said kindly, “but look at the time. We’ve got to get you home before some asshole reports you missing or something.”

Sharon looked hurt and whined, “But my mother will kill me!”

“Oh, come now,” Jim scoffed.

“She will!” Sharon cried. “You don’t know her. God, she gets mad when I come in late, I’m already late. What difference does it make now? Please, let’s fuck some more. My pussy likes your cocks.”

“Sorry, kitten,” Jim said, rubbing her pussy. “Enough’s enough. Now, we know about these things. Trust us. It’s time you got home.”

“Oh, how can you do this to me?” Sharon whimpered, looking pained; “My mom is such a bitch. She’s frustrated because my dad doesn’t give her enough cock. She takes it put on me.”

Clint smiled and tweaked her pink nipple. “Your daddy must like you a lot. Won’t he protect you?”

“Sure,” Sharon said. “But he works nights. When I get home my mother will take a strap to me.”

“Hmmm,” Clint hummed thoughtfully. He rubbed his chin a moment, then asked, “Is your mother good looking?”

“Well, yes,” Sharon replied. “Why?”

“Just wondering. Is there anyone else at home beside you and your mother?”

“No. Why are you asking all these questions? I wanna fuck.”

“So do we,” Clint chuckled. “So do we. And I have a plan. If your father works nights and your mother is frustrated like you say, then she’s horny. I think we can help you, kitten.”

“I don’t understand,” Sharon said, frowning. “How?”

“You’ll see. Come on, get dressed. I’ll explain on the way.”

Now it was Jim who looked puzzled. “What’s up, Clint?”

Clint got to his feet and grinned at his buddy. “Remember the night we broke into that house on Elm Street?”

Jim’s eyes brightened as he recalled the incident. “Oh, yeah! Now I get it. Great idea!”

Sharon was completely in the dark and curious as hell, but she obediently dressed in her shorts and halter and let the men guide her out to the car.

She sat between them in the front seat — gladly! Clint drove this time, but he thrust his hand into her shorts and finger-fucked her pussy while Jim played with her ripe young tits. On the way, Clint filled her in on the big plan.

Once she heard it, Sharon burst into excited laughter. “Why, that’s marvelous! Oh, Clint! Jim! Oh, you men are so nice! That’s fantastic! Ohhh, I love your idea! Golly, I can’t wait!”

She didn’t have to wait long. Clint parked a few feet from her house and Jim climbed out of the car. Sharon slid across the seat, got her tits back into her little halter, and stepped onto the sidewalk.

She glanced at her house and saw the living room light still on. She looked fearfully at Clint. “Are you sure this will work?”

“Just leave it to us, kitten,” he said. “Go on now. Get your hot little ass inside. We’ll take care of the rest.”

Assured once again, Sharon pranced up the walk and stepped into the house. Her mother was on the sofa watching TV. She bolted from the sofa the minute she saw her daughter.

The brunette was striking but furious. Sandra Turner’s anger detracted from her natural beauty as she raged in front of her frightened daughter.

“Where in hell have you teen, you little slut?” her mother screamed at her. “How dare you come in this late? Where were you? Who were you with?”

The woman’s dark eyes ran up and down Sharon’s lithe young body. “Cockteasing again, huh? Were you with boys? Speak to me, you little bitch! What have you been up to? How many boys fucked you?”

Sharon’s lower lip quivered and tears welled in her eyes. “Mom, I…”

“Don’t say another fucking word, you cheap little liar!” her mother bellowed. “Just get your ass into your bedroom, strip naked, and lay on the bed on your belly!”

“Mom! No!” Sharon cried. “Please. I don’t want you to whip me again! Please, Mom!”

“Do as I say, Sharon!” her mother yelled. “Right now! I’ll teach you td stay out this late with fucking boys!”

Just as her mother moved to shove her into the bedroom, the front door burst open and two big men pushed inside.

Sharon’s mother whirled. Her brown eyes widened. Her mouth fell open.

“Wh-what… what…” she gasped.

“Just keep quiet, beautiful,” Clint said. “No screaming and you and your daughter will be all right.”

“But… but what do you want?” the woman panted as Jim shut and locked the door.

Clint’s eyes ran up and down the length of the brunette’s voluptuous body. He grinned obscenely and slurred, “What do you think?”

“Ohhhhh, no!” the woman gasped. “Oh, yes,” Jim laughed. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her hard against him. His mouth covered hers and his tongue invaded her mouth.

Clint took Sharon by the wrist and said, “You take care of that one. I’m going to take this cute little bitch to a bed somewhere.”

He dragged Sharon across the room and into a bedroom, where he closed the door and kissed her. Sharon stood on tiptoes and pushed all her goodies against him.

After the hot kiss, she squirmed, her cunt on Clint’s hard-on and whispered, “Why did you bring me in here? I thought we were all going to fuck together.”

“No, no,” Clint said, dry-humping her crotch. “For one thing, you like it too much. She’d never believe you were getting raped. For another thing, it’ll give her a chance to get her cookies without worrying about her little girl seeing her go at it.”

Sharon giggled. “It sounds to me like you’ve done this sort of thing before.”

“You could say that,” Clint chuckled.

“Listen,” Sharon said, putting a finger to her lips. I just heard my mother moan.

“Want to watch her for while?” Clint asked.

Sharon just laughed and took him by the hand. Together they stood by the door and peered into the living room.

Jim had Sharon’s mother bent over his arm. He obviously had his hard-on crushing again her cunt. She was gasping for breath, struggling with him.

“Please, not my little girl,” she panted. “I’ll do anything you say, but don’t hurt my daughter.”

Clint slipped his hand inside Sharon’s shorts and rubbed her pussy for her. “Sounds to me like she cares about you.”

Sharon peeked out again and squeezed Clint’s thick cock through his pants. “It sounds that way, but I don’t believe it. You know what I think? I think she’s turning Jim on. She just wants both of you to fuck her instead of me.”

“You don’t say,” Clint muttered. He looked again and saw Jim forcing the woman down on the sofa.

“I’ll do anything, anything,” the woman panted. “Just don’t fuck my little girl. Please, please, let her alone. I can see you two guys are horny for pussy. I’ll take care of both of you, I promise. Please, just let Sharon go and I’ll fuck you both nice.”

Sharon giggled. “See?” she cooed. “My mother never talks that way! Jim’s got her hot to trot!”

“And how about you, kitten?” Clint said, digging a big finger up her cunt-hole. “Are you ready for a good fucking?”

“Mmmmmm, yessss,” Sharon whispered.

She really liked Clint’s plan. Her mother would never even think of beating her after she got fucked by Jim and Clint.

Sharon was so thankful that she blew Clint’s cock before she gave him her hot pussy. Then he fucked her silly.

After he pumped his load of hot cum into her sucking cunt, he exchanged places with Jim. Then Jim fucked Sharon’s mouth, cunt and asshole while Clint had a field day with the suddenly horny brunette. Sharon’s mother, he discovered, not only had a ravishing body, but a healthy fuck-urge. She fucked like a mink.

Later, as a parting gesture, both Jim and Clint gave their cocks to the woman, while Sharon remained in her room, supposedly raped out of her mind. Clint fucked his big cock up the woman’s ass and Jim made her suck his prick and swallow his jism. They left her in a heap on the floor, having fucked her right off the sofa.

Sandra stared glassy-eyed as the two men left the house as calmly as they’d arrived. She moaned when they were gone. She hadn’t been fucked like that in years!


Sharon writhed on her bed with her eyes closed and her pink tongue licking sensuously at her ripe lips. Her hands smoothed erotically over her jutting tits. Her legs were splayed wide open and her pussy kept squirming.

Her mother found her that way when she came into the room. For a moment, Sandra Turner thought her little girl had been driven completely out of her mind. Sharon looked so helpless and small on the bed, wiggling and writhing that way. Her sweet little cunt looked all red and abused, dripping an awful lot of silky, glistening cum.

“Oh, Sharon, Sharon!” her mother cried, running to her.

To Sharon’s amazement, her mother lay on the bed with her and gathered her body into her arms.

“My poor baby, poor baby,” Sandra crooned into Sharon’s ear, hugging her close to her own naked body.

After the initial shock of having her mother show such affection, Sharon’s next feeling was erotic. Her mother’s firm white thigh accidentally pressed between hers, right up against her buzzing, leaking pussy. And Sandra’s lush tits crushed against Sharon’s. Sharon’s pink nipples stood up.

“Ohhmmmm,” Sharon moaned, feeling furry and sexy.

Her mother thought it was a moan of pain and humiliation. “Oh, darling, darling,” she whimpered, hugging her daughter even more tightly, “it’s all right now. They’re gone. They’re gone, Sharon. Oh, please stop trembling. It’s all right now. Mommy’s here. Qh, those bastards! How could they do this to you? I can understand them wanting to rape me, but how could they mistreat a mere child?”

“I’m… I’m okay, Mom,” Sharon breathed into her mother’s soft hair.

Sandra didn’t pay any attention. She smoothed a hand down Sharon’s naked, little back and whispered, “Don’t worry now, baby. They’re gone. God, how could they? Beasts! Did they hurt you, darling? It makes me shudder just to think of their big things pushing into you. Did it hurt a lot, darling? Are you sure you’re all right? Maybe I’d better call Doctor Ames.”

“No!” Sharon squealed. “I mean, no, Mom. I’m fine. Really. I don’t need a doctor.”

Sandra’s hand stroked her daughter’s round, firm ass. “Are you sure? We should call somebody. We can’t just let them get away with this. My poor baby. I’ll call the police.”

“Why?” Sharon asked.

Her mother raised her head up and stared wide eyed at her little girl. “Why? How can you ask that? You’ve been raped! Two strange men used and abused us!”

“Oh, Mother,” Sharon sighed. “Calm down. Sure they raped us, but it isn’t like we didn’t enjoy it.”

“Sharon! Oh, my God, what’s come over you! Enjoyed it? Why it was… it was, well, horrible! They should be made to pay for this! Enjoyed it?”

Sharon couldn’t help giggling. “I heard you out there. Ohhh, Mom, relax, will you? What’s all the fuss about? So some men fucked you and you liked it. I think you needed it, what with daddy working so late at night. It was nice, wasn’t it? I mean, they didn’t hurt us, did they?”

Sandra’s mouth moved but it took some time for words to come out. “I… I don’t understand you, Sharon. How can you be so calm about it? Weren’t you frightened? Oh, I was so afraid for you. I kept waiting to hear you scream and I — come to think of it, you never did scream!”

Her brow wrinkled and her eyes probed her daughter’s. “Why didn’t you scream, Sharon? Didn’t those men… I mean… well, did they stick their… I mean…”

Sharon laughed. “Oh, Mother, you’re such a prude. Yes, they fucked me! They both fucked me! They fucked their big cocks right up my pussy!”

Her mother looked like she was about to faint. Her face paled, her eyes widened, and her mouth fell open. The wheels in her head turned rapidly then. Suddenly she twisted on the bed and peered between her little girl’s thighs.

“No blood,” she muttered in disbelief. “There’s no blood on the bed. Sharon, how why… oh, my God, you aren’t even a virgin.”

Sharon burst into laughter and her laughter animated her curvy young body. Sandra stared amazed at her daughter’s luscious tits and furry little cunt as they heaved and jiggled.

As if the truth were still unbelievable, Sandra pushed a hand between Sharon’s legs and touched her cunt with her fingertips. Unable to resist, she slipped a slender finger up into Sharon’s pussy-hole. Sharon moaned and tightened her cunt-muscles on the nice finger.

“God, it’s true,” her mother rasped. “You’ve been having sex! With who? Sharon, who have you been screwing? That Daniels boy? Billy? Jim? That newspaperboy I saw you flirting with? Just what have you been up to, young lady?”

Sharon giggled and said, “Oh, you sound just like a mother. After all we’ve been through tonight, can’t you just be my friend?”

Sandra was confused now. “Your friend? What do you mean?”

Sharon gave her soaked pussy a slight twist and murmured, “That feels awfully good after those giant cocks.”

“Oh, God!” Sandra cried. She pulled her wet finger out of her daughter’s pussy and leapt off the bed. She looked horrified.

“I don’t want to hear another word!” she said sternly. She was obviously afraid of her own feelings. “I don’t want to hear another word about those men, about rape or about sex. Do you understand? And don’t you ever look at me like that when I’m touching you! I’m your mother!”

She whirled and started for the door in a huff. Sharon watched her beautiful naked ass sway.

“Okay, I won’t,” she said. “But I want you… to know one thing.”

Sandra turned at the door and found her daughter looking at her with great love. “When I get older,” Sharon said softly, “I hope I’m as beautiful and horny as you.”

Tears welled in Sandra’s eyes and she ran from the room, from her little girl, and from the truth. Even as she hurried into the bath room to wash away the filth of those evil men, she couldn’t help feeling some dynamite thrills up her cunt and in her tits.

Sharon writhed on her bed some more and got herself off a few times on her fingers, rubbing her stiff, wet clit and fingerfucking her juicy cunt-hole.

Both females reacted differently to their mini gang-bang. Sharon had loved every minute of it and she twisted on the bed for a long time just thinking about Jim’s and Clint’s and Jim’s cocks up her pussy.

Sandra actually loved the rape, too. She just couldn’t admit it to her teenaged girl. So she closeted herself in the privacy of the bathroom and handled the truth in her own way.

She didn’t wash off any filth. She stood naked in front of the long mirror and ran her hands up and down her sensuous flesh. She threw her head back and breathed heavily through her mouth as her fingers squeezed ripe, pink nipples and teased her stiff, wet cunt.

She moaned as both hands met at her wide open pussy and wicked fingers clawed into her cunt-hole. Her cum was juicy, violent, newly free.

“Ohhhmmmm,” she moaned, licking her lips hotly. She gazed through her lashes at the gorgeous naked woman in the mirror and she felt downright horny and sexy.

“God, I haven’t gotten fucked that good in a long time,” she admitted to herself; “Those pricks were so big and hot!”

She leaned against the wall and stroked herself slowly as she recalled every erotic detail of the evening. She cupped a lush tit and slipped a finger up into her drenched cunt-slit. Thoughts of Sharon returned — pretty, sexy, naked Sharon, her own daughter, writhing on the bed and enjoying the afterglow of a double-fuck.

Why wasn’t I honest with her? she wondered. She wanted to talk to me. She wanted to share with me. But she’s my little girl. I’m her mother! Oh, God, I’m so confused. How sexy she is. How sweet, too. God, I’ve been such a bitch as a mother. Maybe that’s what’s been wrong. Maybe I’ve been trying to keep her a child. Maybe I should be her friend.

But hot can I speak of sex with her! God, I’d be so embarrassed! Especially the way she wants to talk about it! As if it was delicious!

A naughty smile lifted the corners of her sexy mouth and she thought, Of course, sex is delicious. Tonight sure was! God, what a fuck!

Thoughts of her daughter fled from her busy mind. Her tits were aching now and her pussy was hot from her playful fingers. Her mind filled with memories of huge, stiff pricks wagging above her, then fucking into her pussy.

“Oh, stop it, Sandra!” she rebuked herself in the mirror. “What’s come over you?”

She flushed slightly, feeling that she should know better than to dwell on such an ordeal as if it were pure pleasure. That kind of thing was unheard of in a good woman, a faithful wife and a perfect mother.

She climbed into the tub and threw on the shower, hoping to wash away the memory of the vicious fucking and her writhing daughter. All of this simply had to be put into the past.

But each time she tried, her mind filled with erotic recollections, she went weak and lax and little shudders of delight rippled through her body. She couldn’t control her erotic nature now that it had been awakened by fucking strange men.

She did her best to put her mind-boggling sexual experience out of her thoughts, but her best wasn’t good enough. Her body wouldn’t let her forget those enormous hard-ons, those lusty males; those chills and thrills in her tits and cunt. The memory of Clint’s monstrous prick fucking her mouth, her asshole and her pussy made her body tingle all over and a fire started in the pit of her stomach.

The violent stream of water from the shower head didn’t make things any easier for per. Her nipples rose up like ripe cherries beneath the powerful blast. Sandra caught her breath when she rubbed the soaped washcloth across her tits. Never had her tits felt so erotic.

“Ohhh, God,” she panted, rubbing harder with the cloth against her lifting tits. The scrumptious feelings in her tits intensified as she washed her stiff, erecting nipples. Moving sensations started deep in her pussy and they were getting lovelier by the second.

Her ripe nipples stood up and pushed out hard against the washcloth. She dragged the cloth away from her crazy nipples to head off any further arousal.

What’s happening to me? she wondered hotly. I’m getting excited from a shower!

The needle-like force of the water made her tits harden erotically. The water, like hundreds of pins and needles, pricked her stiff nipples till she thought her tits would burst with pleasure.

“Ohh, wow,” she murmured. She suddenly exposed her naked tits to the rushing water spray. The sharp jets stung her tits and nipples and her whole body started to writhe as the shower became an intensely erotic experience.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, moving the washcloth down, her flat belly. The rough material brushed over her pussy-mound onto her juicy cunt. She gasped as her fuck-urge erupted deep in her belly. A smoldering flame in her pussy roared into a wildfire.

Oh, my God, she thought, licking her lips nervously. I must be crazy. I feel like a teenager doing this to myself in a shower! Ohhh, is this why Sharon looked like that oh her bed? God, what did those guys do to us? I feel so fucking horny!

Giving in to the truth of her nature, she set one foot up on the edge of the tub to spread her creamy thighs wide. Her fingers trembled as she pried apart her pussy-lips. She let the washcloth fall into the tub and arched her back in a beautiful bow. Stretching her cunt open, she thrust her hot pussy under the needles of water.

“Oh!” she squealed.

Her deep fuck-urge went crazy in her belly. Her pussy-channel contracted and worked like a hungry mouth. Her cunt erected and quivered under the impact of the spray. And she came like crazy.

“Oh — ohh — ohhhhh,” she whimpered, humping her hot ass and wiggling her pussy frantically beneath the water. She did it as long as she could stand it, which wasn’t long. Then she was finished trying to fool herself. She faced the truth — she was one hot fucking bitch, hungry for more prick!

She knew what she needed now — something hard and thick up her cunt. Something that at least left like a prick. Gasping for breath, she drilled a slim finger into her spasming cunthole.

Ohhh! She cried again, shivering from head to toe. She thrust her body forward and let the powerful jets of water stab her tits and clit as her horney finger ram-rodded her fuck hole.

Sandra quivered helplessly as her mind filled with lewd thoughts of the men’s huge cocks and how lustily they had her. The memory made her pussy cream like crazy again and she shuddered, moaning loudly and humping her hips furiously.

Her head fell back and her eyes closed. Her tongue lashed at her lips as she dreamed of sucking a huge prick. She kept swallowing and gasping as if she were drinking cum, and her long finger fucked relentlessly in and out of her cunt.

She didn’t notice that the water was cooling. She was burning with lust now. Her juicy cunt was steaming. The currents of joy in her belly and tits grew stronger as she came and came and came. She got caught up whirlpool of cummy pleasure as she finger-fucked her pussy and licked her tongue round and round an imaginary cock.

“Ohhh, God,” she panted, humping her fucking finger. “Is this how Sharon feels? My baby.”

If Sandra only knew! At that very moment, her sweet little girl was cumming more violently than she was!

Sharon was still on her bed, but now she as on all fours with. Her sweaty forehead buried in a pillow. Her knees were wide apart and she had two fingers stuffed up her juicy cunt-hole. Panting and moaning, she fucked her hot fingers in and out of her squishy cunt-hole and kept cumming happily.

“Ohhh, mama!” Sharon rasped hotly as her fingers mauled her stiff, throbbing clit and drilled up into her squirmy pussy.

The older generation tends to look at the past. The younger generation looks to the future. And so it was with Sharon and her mother. While Sandra stood trembling and cumming in the shower, thinking back on Clint’s and Jim’s beautiful cocks in her body, pretty Sharon was already thinking about tomorrows. Her young mind filled with thoughts of the man next door, Mr. Barrett.

She fucked three fingers up into her squirming fuck-hole and imagined he handsome man next door eating her pussy, fucking her mouth, fucking her cunt, and fucking her asshole.

Dan Barrett was newly divorced and living alone. He was such a sexy man! Everybody called him a fox! And he was. But there was something else about him, tap. Only Sharon knew that the handsome man was very lewd and dirty. He always stared at her pretty tits when she was around. He often looked at her as if he wanted to eat her up!

That had frightened her many time. But not now. Not after her night with Clint and Jim. Not after learning what her pussy really wanted out of life.

“Ohhh, Mr. Barrett,” she cried screwing her ass in the air as her pussy sucked on her fingers. “Ummmm, am I gonna suck yaw big cock! God, it must be enormous! Ohhh, you handsome devil, I’ll eat you up.”

It dawned on her then that she wanted to do to the man what she had accused him of wanting to do to her. She burst into erotic laughter and came wetly on her plunging fingers. As she dreamed about the man’s giant prick forcing its way up into her little cunt, she came even harder. She squealed as her fingers probed deeply into her pussy. Floods of passion, lust and creamy came washed through her body — as she moaned and shivered and shook on the bed.

Wave after wave of cummy pleasure flowed through her as she imagined getting fucked by the good-looking stud next door. Sharon felt like the cummy joys were never going to stop now that those men had gotten her started. And Sharon didn’t want them to stop. Ever!

She wanted the mind-boggling, streaking, electric shocks of pleasure in her tits and cunt and ass. Nothing else was important now.

With a final shudder of delight, she collapsed breathlessly on the bed, her cute title ass writhing. That’s the way her mother found her when she entered the room.

Sandra pulled her robe tight around her voluptuous, body when her little girl twisted around to look at her.

“Sharon, I have to talk to you,” Sandra said.

Sharon said nothing. She rolled onto her back and waited for her mother to speak. She didn’t want to talk out of turn and tell her mother what she was thinking about sex.

“Darling,” Sandra said, perching her ass on the edge of the bed. “I’ve been thinking. About what you said. About us being friends. Uhhh, maybe your father shouldn’t know anything about what happened here tonight. Maybe no one should; I mean… well — oh, damn it! I guess I’m saying I liked it as much as you did.”

She lay down beside her daughter and took her in her arms. “Let’s have a long talk now, I want to know what you’ve been up to. I think things are going to be very different around here from now on.”


Sharon awoke the next morning feeling warm and loved. She and her mother had a good talk, and Sharon had told all. She left nothing out now. She told her wide-eyed mother all about her lesbian cunt licking other schoolgirls. She admitted to fucking lots of boys’ wonderful stiff pricks. She confessed to sucking cocks. The only thing she left out was that she knew Clint and Jim.

She writhed kittesishly on her bed and kicked the covers off her naked young body. She cupped her tits and rubbed her pussy a little, just to wake herself up. Then she lay there, stroking her cunt-fur and fondling a tit as she ran through her mind once again her plan for the next-door neighbor.

She knew she had to have a plan if she was going to get what she wanted. She felt like just going next door and saying, “Mr. Barrett, I know you want to fuck me. Why don’t you do it now?”

But that wouldn’t get her everything she wanted from the handsome man. She wanted to be pursued, desired, craved, forced! After her experience with lusty guys like Jim and Clint, her young mind and body longed for more of the same. My girl could get fucked, she thought, but I want to be tortured the way Clint and Jim tortured me!

She didn’t know the power of her own awakened sexuality. She didn’t know that her cute tits, lovely ass, and furry cunt were already tuned to any man’s stiff cock. She soon found out.

She prepared for her little sex game by wearing her briefest, tightest minidress. It was a pretty blue, cut low across her jutting young tits and high on her curvy thighs. With her hair brushed and combed and her eyes sparkling with youth and vitality, she awaited her chance to seduce the guy next door. Her opportunity came about eleven o’clock when Dan Barrett stepped out his back door to empty trash.

Sharon slipped out her kitchen door and pretended to just see the man. “Oh, hi, Mr. Barrett,” she cooed, moving toward the fence that separated their yards.

“Dan.” He grinned, glancing at the thrust of her darling tits. “I told you to call me Dan. We don’t need that Mr. Barrett crap.”

“My mom and dad would get mad if they heard me calling you by your first name,” Sharon said innocently — but looking sexy.

“They can’t hear you,” Dan said, smiling handsomely. “Let me hear you say my name.”

Sharon giggled. Her tits rose up at the lowcut neckline and she saw him eye her. “Dan,” she said and let the tip of her pink tongue touch her lips so he could see it.

Dan’s eyes narrowed. Was he mistaken or was she being friendlier than usual? She often cockteased him, as far as he was concerned, but this time she seemed to be downright friendly.

They chatted a few moments and Dan maneuvered himself to get some good peeks at her half-naked tits. His cock erected in his pants and he wished he could shove his fucking prick up Sharon’s sweet young cunt.

Sharon could almost read his thoughts and see his desire in his fiery eyes. “You shouldn’t look at me like that,” she breathed softly.

“Why not?” he laughed. “You’re a sexy girl, and you know it.”

“Dan,” she purred, “call me pretty if you want, but you shouldn’t call me sexy.”

Dan just chuckled, convinced now that something was different about Sharon. She wasn’t simply being coy or flirtatious. Could it really be that the kid was actually hot to trot? Could he hope for that?

“How about a cup of coffee?” he asked, anxious to find out just how far he could go with her.

“Oh, I’d love a cup,” Sharon cooed. Inwardly she wondered what took him so long to try to get her into his house. He used to laugh and invite her inside often, sort of teasing, but somehow meaning it, too.

Dan’s hard-on jerked nervously between his legs as he walked with her into his house. The lovely bitch always refused his invitations before. Now here she was, looking good enough to eat, standing in his kitchen.

He forgot all about the coffee. He turned to her and let his gaze run up and down her lithe young body. She looked so pure, so innocent, so Goddamned fuckable.

“Golly,” she gasped, seeing the look of lust in his horny eyes, “you make me feel naked!”

“Then let’s get you that way,” he chuckled. Sharon caught her breath as he pushed up against her and kissed her mouth hotly. She felt his cock, big and thick, pound against her crotch and she went weak in his arms. Her thrusting tits pressed hard against his massive chest and her thighs closed on his boner. She moaned through the hot kiss.

“Jesus,” he groaned, licking his thick tongue into her cute little ear. “You’re horny!”

Sharon could only whimper in defeat. All her plans flew out the window as the man’s anxious hands felt her up. He squeezed her tits, rubbed her ass, rubbed her clit. His fingers hooked under her dress and lifted it.

“I want to see your cunt,” he breathed hotly. “Been dying to for months. Hold up your dress.”

Sharon couldn’t resist his desire. She pulled her dress way up on her naked belly and let him stare at her furry little pussy.

“God damn,” he groaned and fell to his knees. He pushed her feet apart and peered hornily into her pussy, admiring her cunt.

Sharon could hardly stand it. She looked down over her thrusting tits and watched his eyes eat up her cunt. She panted as he stared like a hungry man at fresh meat. His glance was erotic and lewd and excited her pussy. She wanted him to lick her cunt. She felt like reaching down and yanking his handsome face against her hot cunt so he could fuck his tongue up into her pussy. She ached for him to lick her with his tongue, to lick her cunt and suck her clit until she was quivering with hot cums.

She wanted everything the man could give her, no matter how wicked or lustful it was. She was ripe for anything and everything, and she knew it. Clint and Jim had turned her into a nymph, and now, she wanted lots of sex — with anyone!

“Please,” she panted suddenly, thrusting her pussy out. “Lick it for me! Please. Don’t tease me. You’ve teased me for so long. Ohhh, do it, do it! Lick my pussy!”

Dan couldn’t believe his ears — or his eyes — but he wasn’t about to argue with the luscious girl. He shoved his powerful hands between her thighs and grasped her firm, curvy asscheeks. With a groan and a burning lust in his hot balls, he pulled her furry dint forward even mate and shoved his tongue into her wet little pussy-hole.

“Oh!” Sharon squealed as his tongue darted like a snake after a kill. She bucked with a ripple of pleasure, then moaned hotly as his tongue fucked in and out of her juicy cunt.

“Ohhh, yes, yes, yesssss!” she shrieked, spreading her feet farther apart so he could get all of his tongue into her cunt-slit.

She quivered with joy and humped her cunt viciously, feeling her fuck-urge going crazy in her belly. Dan’s tongue was like an electric probe licking her pussy as he flicked and licked and sucked at her clit.

“Ohhh, Dannnnn!” she cried. Her tits hard in her tight dress and her pussy started coming.

Dan’s tongue swirled and smacked around her inner pussy-flesh. His tongue drilled to the way back of her cunt-channel, setting her on fire with its constant friction.

Sharon squealed and jerked her hips sad shuddered with extreme orgasm as the handsome man sucked and licked her horny pussy. It was wonderful for her. She cried out with pleasure as his thick tongue backed out of her drenched cunt and lapped little circles around her quivering, begging pussy-mouth.

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth hard against her humping cunt. When his tongue entered her pussy-hole again, she tightened her pussy around his tongue and fucked hotly, gasping and panting with pleasure.

“Oh — ohh — ohhhh, more, more!” she shrieked. “Ohhh, eat me! Suck my cunt! Lick my pussy! Ohhh, Mr. Barrett! Dan! Ohhhh, bite me, lick me, suck me! Mmmmm, I’m cumming so nice!”

Her pussy-walls quivered and flooded with rush after rush of scalding cunt-cream. Electric thrills shot through her body until she was shuddering violently. Her cunt writhed and twisted on Dan’s greedily sucking mouth as he employed his tongue, teeth and lips.

In a fit of pleasure, he grasped her asscheeks and pulled them apart. Then he pushed a big middle finger up into her sweet asshole as his thick tongue invaded her pussy-hole again. Sharon went to pieces in his hands and fucked her asshole hotly as she humped her pussy on his drilling tongue. New and violent cums followed in the wake of her earlier ones.

Her mouth fell open and her eyes fluttered shut. She gasped for breath and squealed as if she were being tortured. Dan’s tongue slowly withdrew from her quivering cunt and slithered up to lick at her swollen clit. Sharon screamed with pleasure at that and thought she would cum till she died.

“Mnnnmm, good, Sharon,” Dan murmured into her soaked etint. He flattened his tongue and washed up and down her cunt-lips and clit. The heat of her pussy radiated onto his faceand made him hornier.

“Give me more,” Sharon panted, moaning hotly. “Ewww, lick it more. Qhhh, it feels so good when you suck me!”

Her passionate squeals and hot moans inspired Dan to really eat her out and drive her wild.

Dan opened his mouth wide and covered bar whole cunt with his lips, sucking her pussy viciously, and shook but hips back and forth as if he were a dog struggling with a bone. Sharon almost fainted.

“Oh!” she shrieked when his stiffened tongue drove back up into her silky wet cunthole again. It felt like he was drilling a well, screwing his tongue in and out, fester ad faster. The tip of his hot tongue skipped around the walls of her creaming, humping pussy, then fucked up into her to get her off some more. Sharon went crazy on his tongue, screwing, humping and fucking wildly as she came and came.

“Please, please,” she panted a few seconds later, shuddering violently. “Fuck me now. Ohhh, give me your cock, Dan! Shove it up my pussy right now! Ohhh, you’ve got me so horny!”

“I’ll give you my cock all right,” Dan said thickly, pulling her to the floor with him. “But first I want it in that sexy little mouth of yours.”

He rolled onto his back and his hard-on thrust upwards against his pants. “See what you do to me?” he said hotly. “Get it out.”

Obediently, Sharon grasped at his fly and got his pants open. She freed his enormous wet cock and stared wide-eyed at it as his prick throbbed before her.

“Suck it,” Dan groaned. “Come on, suck me off.”

Sharon grasped his meaty cock but hesitated. She looked up at him and whimpered, “You’ll cum if I do. You won’t fuck me.”

Dan laughed. “Don’t worry about that, Sharon, baby. I’ll fuck your cunt off after you blow me. Just get your sexy mouth down on me and start sucking.”

Sharon couldn’t resist any longer. She couldn’t argue. Nor could she wait to get his throbbing cock into her hot mouth.

She closed her eyes and parted her lips. She took his enormous hard-on into her soft mouth and started licking and sucking with increasing desire. His cock felt good in her mouth, like Clint’s and Jim’s had. And the taste of his prick reminded her of the good times she’d had. She wanted more of those good times now with Dan, with any stiff cock. Desperately, she swirled her tongue around his throbbing cock-head, then bobbed her pretty head up and down so his prick would fuck her mouth.

She was still panting far breath and licking jism from her sensitive lips when Dan suddenly pushed her down onto her back. She moaned as he floored her and fucked her.

He crouched low and rubbed the end of his wet cock in the ooze dripping from Sharon’s excited young pussy, and Sharon’s ass writhed at the delicious teasing.

She whimpered helplessly as Dan lay on her curvy body, and she curled her slender arms around his neck. She felt the blunt end of his enormous hard-on press against her cunt-lips and she sucked in her lower lip in anticipation of the extreme joy of fucking.

Dan’s thick cock-head pushed between her tight pussy-lips and invaded her cunt-mouth, then the full length of his prick glided inward and upward as shivers of excitement rushed through Sharon’s hot little pussy.

Sharon gasped, feeling every solid inch of his thick cock up her twat. Her legs lifted spasmodically and wrapped around his slim hips as his big cock fucked into her cunt. As Dan slowly fucked his prick in and out of her sweet pussy, her cute little ass lifted from the floor to meet each down stroke of the jack hammering cock fucking into her fuck-hole. She lost all control over her hot little ass as the man fucked her viciously, hungrily and thoroughly.

Her head rolled loosely back and forth. Her eyes rolled in her head. Her pussy churned and twisted and humped on Dan’s drilling, fucking cock. She could hear her own moans and cries as if they were coming from another girl somewhere in the room. “Oh, give it to me!” she squealed, fucking faster and harder. Her fingernails dug into Dan’s shoulders and her hips swung furiously as his prick fucked her pussy with increasing speed and force.

A hot spark ignited her fuck-urge and her burst of cum. Her little ass pounded against the floor as she humped hotly. Dan’s fucking prick devastated her cunt and turned her into a whining, whimpering mass of young female flesh, cumming all over the place.

Her legs quivered and her pussy creamed wetly. Her body jerked violently as Dan’s thick, greased fuck-pole fucked in and out of her distended, dripping cunt-hole. Her next cum was wilder than the others and more satisfying.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh, Dannnnn, you fucking monster!” she squealed, screwing her cunt on his thick cock. “Unimmm, I’m cummmiiinnngggg! Give it to me! Fuck your cum up my pussy!”

Dan groaned and drilled all of his prick into her twisty little cunt. “God damn, what a hot little bitch you’ve become,” he grunted and shot his load in her heaving belly. As much jism as he’d shot into her mouth now poured into her sucking young cunt. Sharon got off when he shot his load and her pussy got soaked. Lots of silky fuck fluids oozed from around the sides of Dan’s fucking prick and trickled down her lovely ass-crack.

Dan jerked as violently as she had earlier. His orgasm was wild, almost painful, as her tight pussy sucked him off like her mouth had done.

“Jesus, you’re dynamite!” he gasped after his cock stopped spitting into her.

Sharon giggled. “I’m glad you like me,” she cooed. “Now we can fuck a lot.”

“Is that what you want?” Dan asked, pleased. “Do you want me to fuck you often?”

“Every chance we get,” Sharon said and kissed him hotly on the mouth like a passionate lover.

“Anytime,” Dan said and rolled off, her lovely body so he could look at her and play with her goodies.

As he fingered her pussy and teased her nipples, Sharon said, “Will you fuck my mother?”

“What? Your mother! Are you serious?”

“Please say you will, Dan. I mean it. You don’t know her like I do. I’ve learned so much about her lately. If you only knew God, is she horny for some good, stiff cock. And you have just what she needs. Please fuck her.”

“Welt, if she wants me to,” Dan said.

“Force her,” Sharon laughed. “I happen to know she loves to be forced. If you do what I tell you, you’ll be getting plenty of hot cunt from her. Not to mention hot ass and lots of blow-jobs.”


For the next seven days, Sharon had a ball. Not only with the horny stud next door, but with every prick she could get her hot little hands on.

One afternoon she seduced the paperboy, a cute kid who was always staring at her tits. Sharon used to hate the way the boy drooled over them, making her self-conscious. But not on this afternoon. The minute she saw the kid, she took the paper, tossed it on a table, and invited him inside.

He just grinned at her and said, “You don’t really want me to come inside.”

“Yes, I do,” Sharon cooed and stepped aside.

Still the boy hesitated, his eyes moving rapidly from her jutting tits in a tight sweater to her lovely legs beneath a brief skirt.

Sharon smiled. “I excite you, don’t I?”

“Damn it!” the kid replied. “See this?” He thrust his young hips forward and let her see the size of his stiff prick throbbing in his pants. The minute Sharon saw the shape of his cock, her pussy got hot.

“Oh, come in here!” she rasped holly. “I’m not cockteasing you! I want your prick!”

The boy leapt inside the house then, his heart pounding as rapidly as his cock. Sharon slammed the door and pressed him up against it. She covered his mouth with hers and reached right down inside his pants and grasped his stiff, hard-on.

The boy groaned through her hot kiss and thought he would shoot his load in her hand. But Sharon knew better than to waste his fiery jism. She pulled her hand out of his pants and undid his belt. Then she opened his pants and pushed them down to his ankles with his shorts.

She was on her knees in front of his throbbing prick then and, without a moment’s hesitation, she grasped his cute hard-on and pulled his prick deep into her mouth. She sucked his cock and he pumped a vicious load of cum down her gulping throat.

Sucking his cock made Sharon awfully horny, and after he shot his wad, she rolled over onto her back and begged him to suck her pussy. She pulled her little skirt way up on her belly and showed him how cute her cunt was.

The kid had no trouble getting his mouth on her squirmy little cunt, and he started licking the hell out of her pussy. With Sharon’s guiding hands and hot little instructions now and then, he soon had her cumming as much as he had.

By the time she was satisfied with his tongue-lashing, his prick was again stiff and wet, dripping with hot fuck juice. Sharon pulled him on top of her, pulled his cock up into her horny cunt, and humped him till he was cummiog again, this time in her belly. Sharon screwed and moaned and gasped and came like crazy on his stiff, spitting hard-on. The boy left that house weak as a pup.

Sharon didn’t stop with the paperboy. She made the rounds in her neighborhood and gave her ass to all the men who had formerly. Scared her half to death with their glances and remarks.

She let the grocer take her into his back room, and there she fucked for him like a mistress.

In school, she finally yielded to the lust of her history teacher and in the coatroom she blew his enormous cock for him, then let him fuck her cunt.

Guy after guy saw a different Sharon that week. She was no longer just a sweet teenaged kid. She was now a sexy, sensual, saucy fuck kitten.

However, while Sharon had a heavenly week of lots of stiff cocks, sucking and fucking for fun and getting her mouth, asshole and cunt fucked royally, her poor mother was living a hell.

Sharon knew it, of course, as each day found her mother more and more irritable. Sharon figured it was because her father just wasn’t fucking her enough. She also knew that Dan Barrett, the stud next door, was trying to get back with his wife, so he never did come over to help her mother out with a little cock.

But Sharon didn’t really know what was troubling her horny mother until the afternoon she arrived home after three hours of sucking and fucking to find Sandra sprawled out on her bed, her cunt thrust up in the air, stuffed with a hefty banana.

“Oh, Mother!” Sharon cried, seeing her mother fucking wildly on the long fruit. “You don’t have to do that. You’re so beautiful, you can get any man you want!”

Her mother was slightly shocked that her little girl had caught in the act of fucking herself, but only slightly. She was too close to cumming to worry too much about anything else — and she needed the cum.

“Darling,” she panted, screwing her hot ass hotly, “please go outside… just for a few more minutes… mommy’s gotta cum. Please, don’t watch me… God, I’m so fucking horny!”

“Watch you?” Sharon exclaimed. “Oh, Mom, wanna help you!”

She ran to her mother’s bed and grabbed the banana out of her hands.

“Sharon! No!”

“Just play with your tits, Mother,” her little girl said, sitting on the bed. “Let me do this for you. After all, look all you’ve done for me over the years. It’s the least I can do. Please let me. Ohhh, Mom, you have such a gorgeous cunt!”

Sharon shaved the thick banana up into her mother’s juicy pussy and started fucking her hard with it. Sandra lost her senses and took her daughter’s sexy advice. She mauled her tits and aroused her thick nipples while Sharon fucked her hot cunt with the banana.

“Ohhh, Sharon! I’m cummmiiinnnggg!”

Sharon laughed sexily fucked all of the banana up into her mother’s twisting, humping pussy, and got her off a tremendous orgasm.

Sandra’s whole body jerked wildly on the bed and that aroused her little girl. Panting hornily herself, Sharon gripped the banana tensely and drilled it into her mother’s twisting, fucking cunt. Sandra came like crazy.

It was such a good orgasm and so relieving that Sandra drew her daughter to her and hugged her tightly as she enjoyed the after glow of her cum.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry you had to see me this way,” Sandra panted. “But I’ve so fucking hot lately. It was those men! Ohh, Sharon, if you only knew what they did to me? I’ve been so horny ever since they screwed me so viciously. How hot they were for me! Like I was a beauty queen or something. God, but they fucked me good! I’ve had a hell of a week. I think I miss those horny studs!”

Sharon’s eyes lit up and she squealed, “Oh, Mother, that’s wonderful!”

“Wonderful!” Sandra exclaimed. “What the hell’s so wonderful about suffering lack-a-nookie?”

“Oh, you’ll see!” Sharon laughed excitedly. She got free of her mother’s embrace and pranced out of the room. Sandra lay writhing, rubbing her pussy and tits. She could hear Sharon mumbling over the phone.

After she got herself off another cum by pinching and massaging her stiff clit. Sandra rolled from the bed and went to the door.

Sharon hung up the phone and her mother asked, “What was all that about?”

Sharon giggled. “Wait and see.”

“Wait and see what, you little imp?”

But Sharon wanted it to be a complete surprise. “Mother,” she purred, “you know that little blue nightie you wear to turn dad on? Why don’t you get into that?”

Sandra’s eyes narrowed and she looked dubious. “Honey, I’m not sure you’re doing the right thing. Who were you talking to on the phone? Why do you want me to look sexy?”

“Oh, Mother, trust me!” Sharon gasped. “Stop being an adult all the time. Let go and being friend. Would I do anything to hurt you or embarrass you? Just do as I say. Listen to me for a change.”

“Well, this all seems very mysterious, you know. But, well, all right. Did you call some boyfriend! Is that it! You want your own mother to fuck a young boy?”

“Stop probing,” Sharon laughed. “Go get. In to that nightie. And leave the panties off. You won’t be needing then.”

Sandra couldn’t help giggling like a teenager. It was such a wild and reckless thing to do. But she dashed into her bedroom and did as her teenage daughter suggested. As she pulled the light nightie over her head, she thought about some of the boys her little girl knew. There were a few Sandra wouldn’t mind fucking now that she thought about it.

When the doorbell rang, Sharon turned to her and said, “come on, Mom, loosen up. Strike one of those sexy poses you do for dad. That’s it. Let your nice tits poke out. Part your legs just a little. There, that’s it.”

She pulled open the front door and Sandra thought she would die as Clint and Jim walked in. The two men stood in the door and stared wide eyed at her luscious body.

“Christ, you weren’t kidding,” Jim said to Sharon. “She is horny and beautiful.”

“Ripe for fucking,” Clint put in.

Sandra didn’t mind at all. They titillated her. But she looked at Sharon and rasped, “You… you know these men?”

Sharon and the guys burst into laughter. Then Sharon took her mother’s hand and led her to the sofa. All four sit down and Sandra listened with burning ears, they revealed the truth about what these lustful men had done to Sharon.

Jim and Clint saw that Sandra was powing increasingly agitated, but they thought she might be getting angry at them for taking advantage of a little girl. But that wasn’t at all what was disturbing Sandra. It was the horny story. It made her pussy all wet.

“You did all those things to my little girl?” Her eyes traveled to Sharon’s luscious naked body and she rasped, “Goodness, you must have had lots of fun with her cute body!” The ice was broken and the four became fast friends from then on. Jim dragged Sharon onto the floor and fucked her cunt. She went wild immediately and screwed the jism out of his fucking cock.

Clint pushed Sandra down on the sofa, and Sandra willingly spread herself out. Smiling with hope and expectation, she lifted her little nightie up onto her lush belly and opened her thighs wide for him.

Clint buried his face in her hot pussy. He drilled his big finger up into her squirming asshole and sucked her cunt until she was cumming and screaming like she was being murdered.

“Ohhh, suck my clit!” she cried, twisting hot horny ass crazily. “Ummm, eat me! Lick my cunt! Ohhh, you don’t know how much I need this!”

But Clint knew very well what she needed, not only from Sharon’s hasty phone call, but from Sandra’s own reactions to their presence. She was obviously a horny housewife, frustrated and hungry for cock.

As he sucked and licked her pussy, Clint fell in love with her twisting, humping ass. Her asshole was drenched with her own cum and his finger slid in and out of her asshole with ease. It felt so good that he wanted his prick up her ass.

He stopped sucking her hot cunt and kissed his way up to her lovely tits, which he paused to nibble. Then he licked her throat and lips.

“Sandra,” he said thickly, his cock throbbing her against her leg. “I want to fuck your ass.”

“Oh!” Sandra gasped, “I… I don’t know. I’ve only done it there a few times and.”

“Oh, Mother!” Sharon squealed frozen the floor where she was humping Clint’s prick. “Give him your ass. You’ll love his giant cock up there.”

Sandra looked down at her little girl and crossed her lips. Wickedly, abandoning herself to Clint’s rigid prick, she rolled over onto her stomach for him.

Clint groaned with anticipation and climbed between her lithe legs. He gripped his enormous cock and aimed for her quivering asshole. Gritting his teeth in preparation for both effort and pleasure, he rammed his cockhead up against her unprotected asshole.

Sandra squealed as the big, wet head of Clint’s prick wedged between her tight ass cheeks and forced its way into her tight ass channel.

A shock of pain ripped through her for a second as the man’s huge cock-head battered right up against her. Her shriek was muffeled in the sofa. New pain coursed through her as Clint grunted and pushed more and more of his stiff cock up her ass hole. He was driving it home and she couldn’t resist the thrilling sensation. She opened her legs farther and relaxed her ass-muscles, wanting to be fucked this once again.

The pain turned to extreme pleasure when Clint started fucking drenched cock in and out of her sucking ass. Through her haze of sexual pleasure she heard her daughter’s hot voice.

“Jim, Jim — you go stick your prick in her mouth. I wanna help Clint.”

Sandra didn’t understand what was happening until a few moments later. Jim squatted near the side of the sofa and forced Sandra to suck him off while his partner fucked her asshole with violent stabs of his cock.

Then Sandra found out what her little girl meant by helping Clint. Sharon squeezed herself in between Clint’s and her mother’s legs and took a long, hot look at Clint’s stiff, wet prick slip-sliding into Sandra’s tight asshole.

“Ohhh, Mother,” she panted, gazing hotly, “you look so beautiful when you’re fucking!”

She slipped her hand forward and started rubbing her fingertips up and down her mother’s juicing cunt. Then she rubbed Clint’s cock as his prick fucked in and out. Then she tickled the edges of her mother’s asshole.

“Sharon!” Sandra squealed, fucking her ass faster. “Oh, my God, what are you trying to do to me? Ohhhhmmmmm, don’t stop, you little imp!”

Sharon had no intentions of stopping, not now when she’d discovered some new sex fun. Giggling hornily, she placed her mouth under Clint’s big hairy nuts and licked her tongue around his fucking cock and Sandra’s asshole.

It was a wicked and wonderful thing to do and Sharon grew quite passionate. There was something awfully sexy about licking up her mom’s cum off a man’s huge hard-on as he fucked his prick in and out of her asshole.

She got so carded away, in fact, that she stuck all of her tongue out and lapped Clint’s balls, his cock, and her mother’s twisting asshole, up and down, up and down. She thrust her hand between her own legs and started fucking the hell out of her hot pussy with her fingers as she ate her fill of cock and asshole.

She moaned hotly into her mother’s crotch as she came all over her hand. She heard Jim groaned loudly and heard Sandra moan.

Jim shoved his cock deep into her sucking mouth and pumped a fiery load of jism down her throat. Sandra sucked hornily and gulped down every drop of his climax.

When she was finished eating him, Jim moved to Sharon’s hot little ass. He knelt and floor, and as the girl licked her mother and Clint’s prick, he fucked her tight asshole.

Sharon thought she’d go out of her head with pleasure when Jim did that. She thought he was going to shove his cock up into her juicy big cunt, so it was special when she felt him wedging his enormous hard-on in her asshole. Fucking her ass only made her raunchier when licking Clint’s big balls and her mother’s asshole and cunt.

Moaning hotly, she fucked back at Jim’s plunging prick and she shot her little tongue up into Sandra’s writhing pussy. Sandra cried out with delight. Sharon sucked her mom’s clit and tongued her fuck-hole while Clint fucked her ass and Jim fucked her own.

Delicious thoughts of future fucking ran through the young girl’s mind as the fucking in the living room grew wilder and wilder. Now she felt she could be a real sexy girl. From now on, no more kid games. Now she could fuck and suck cock all she wanted.

Sandra was thinking how wonderful this evening was so far and how grand it could be before the night was over. She could relax with these men. She could give them anything they wanted — thanks to her little girl.

Sharon’s young mind was already shooting forward. Dreams of fucking new men in the neighborhood burned her brain as she twisted her sucking asshole hotly on Jim’s drilling cock.

There was that nice old guy down the street, for example, the old guy almost in his fifties! To Sharon he was old and at one time she thought he ought to be locked up for looking at her the way he did, but now she couldn’t wait to see what he wanted to do to her.

Her lascivious thoughts were interrupted when Jim’s monstrous prick exploded in her ass. Her bowels turned to water. Her cunt creamed. Her tits felt like they were about to burst with pleasure. Moaning hotly, she shoved her tongue up into her mother’s wild cunt and wiggled hotly on Jim’s plunging, gushing cock.

After he came, Sharon was aglow with fuckfeelings. His stiff cock shooting cam up her ass turned her on.

She collapsed to the floor and threw her legs wide open. “Ohh, somebody eat me! Fuck me! Bite me! Ohhhh, my pussy’s so horny now!”

It was Clint who came to her rescue. He shot a load of jism into Sandra’s fucking ass and, without so much as a breather, fucked Sharon on the floor. All she had to do was rub his soaked cock-head up and down her cunt and that was enough to arouse the hell out of him. His prick stiffened in no time and, as Sharon wriggled and writhed, begging to be fucked, he got his cock hard and shoved his prick right up into her hungry little cunt. He fucked her silly.

On the sofa, Jim climbed onto Sandra’s hot body and fucked her pussy. Sandra squealed and cried out, “Ohhh, Sharon, how nice your friends are! We’ll have to fuck them often!”

Sharon laughingly agreed. But as her pussy flooded, gushed and dribbled, she thought ahead to other men, too — lots of them.

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