Raped Daughter, Roped Mother

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder…

The women in this book are the victims of immoral people. They find themselves caught in a web of depravity and perversion they never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, they become little more than obedient animals, catering to the whims of their captors.

RAPED DAUGHTER, ROPED MOTHER — the shocking story of innocent women learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“Yaggghh!” Dina Moulton wailed. She stumbled backward, doubled over, clutching her stomach. Dina”s long blonde hair whipped across her face. He had hit her! He actually punched her in the belly! The terrorized teenager fought for breath and balance.

“Goddamned dumb slut!”

A nightmare! That”s what this was. Some stupid nightmare from which she”d awaken, dripping wet, with a scream exploding in her throat. But her bruised flesh and her struggle for breath were too real to be same terrible dream.

“Stop it,” she demanded, shaking the hair from her face and confronting her attacker. “Don”t… don”t hurt, me. Oh please.”

Her voice trailed off into a whimper.

It just couldn”t be true. Things like this happened to other people, in newspaper stories she gawked over every morning while her mother fixed breakfast. A horror like this couldn”t happen to her.

“Go and beg, you little bitch,” the big man snarled, his lips curling into an evil smile. Dina trembled, shrinking back. Her forehead wrinkled with terror while her eyes bulged.

“Oh please,” she whispered.

Her mother had gone out on a date, her very first one with a man from her office. She had been so nervous, fluttering around the bedroom, trying on one dress after another while Dina helped as best she could. It was almost like a prom night or something.

And then this… this had to happen.

There had been sounds in the kitchen. Then Dina turned off the television set. Fear crept over her as she moved quietly to the phone.

But the burglar had spotted her before she had a chance to dial, tearing the receiver from her hand and flinging it against the wall. Now the frightened teen stood in the middle of the living room, still trying to catch her breath. Her mind raced crazily as she wondered what this brute in a stocking cap was going to do.

“Saw your old lady go out. She gonna be gone for a while?” he asked.

Dina shook her head rapidly, thinking he might leave her alone if he thought her mother would be returning soon.

“Liar! She was all dolled up, man,” he yelled, wiping his lips with the back of his hand. “She”s out for the fuckin” night, and you”re here all alone, baby… all alone with me.”

Dina felt sick. He reached up, pulling the stocking slowly off his head and tucking the garment into his pocket. Then the dark haired burglar unzipped his jacket and slid it off. For a moment the girl couldn”t pick up on what was going to happen, until she saw the impression of a thick roll of cockmeat pressing against the front of his Levi”s. Like lightning she was stricken with the possibility of being raped.

“Oh… oh no…” she moaned.

There had been break-ins in the neighborhood. One woman several blocks down had been beaten and raped. But things like that happened in Los Angeles, in any major city. Her mother had taken precautions, she thought, to prevent break-ins. They were even talking about an alarm system or possibly a dog. But that would be in the future. For now they could only take care to lock the doors and windows every night. Obviously, that hadn”t been enough!

“What”s the matter, baby, it just occur to you what I”m gonna do?” the intruder taunted.

He was staring at her hotly, his fingers rubbing along the sides of his fly. She saw that impression become more pronounced, pressing up against the faded blue denim.

“No!” Dina shouted as she jumped back in a panic. Her eyes raced about the room in search of something she could use for self-defense. There was nothing. He had her blocked from even the table lamp. Her heart pounded against her rib cage. A strange buzzing filled her head as the big stud inched toward her.

“Gonna be real nice to you, baby, make you feel lots of nice things,” he crooned, his eyes narrowing, his smile turned downward menacingly.

“No… don”t touch me.”

But her pleading, she realized, only fed his desire, to hurt her. He was loving this, enjoying her mounting terror. Chills swept through her as he advanced toward her. Nowhere to run. Nowhere!

Dina tried to scream, but nothing came out. “You try somethin” like callin” out for help and I”m gonna knock those pretty, white teeth down your throat, understand?” he threatened.

Dina closed her mouth, and she curled her fingers into two fists, pressing them against her thighs. She stared back at the intruder, studied his white, gleaming teeth, his thick black beard and moustache.

“What are you going to do to me?” she whined.

The man only smiled and pulled his blue flannel shirt out of his jeans. Dina groaned as she watched him unbutton it, then slip it from his broad shoulders. He was well built, with a washboard belly and bulging arms covered by a thick coating of black fur. That”s what he was… an animal, growling and panting after her.

“My mother”ll be back soon… she will.”

Dina blurted out, tears springing to her eyes.

“The fuck she will. We”re gonna have ourselves a little party. We”re sure gonna see how fuckin” good you are between my legs, baby.” He wiped his lips again, and tugged at the top of his Levi”s.

Dina moaned again, pressing her shoulder blades against, the wall and shivering. She could see the white skin of his upper groin now as his zipper peeled open.

“You don”t know what you”re doing… please, you don”t know. I”ve never… done this before,” she stammered.

He smirked at her, his fingers tugging the zipper tab downward. “All gotta learn sometime, right?”

Dina gasped in dismay. She was painfully aware that she”d been staring at the bulge between his legs for the past few seconds.

He noticed and smiled more broadly. “Cock happy, baby. That”s what you”re gonna be. When I get through squeezin” my prick meat through your cunt, you”re gonna want it all the time.”

“No, no,” she pleaded, shaking her head and clenching her eyes shut.

“Sure, man, seen cunts like you all the time. They keep sayin” they don”t want it, then they practically fall on their knees whenever a guy leaks at “em.”

He was really after her now.

Dina screamed as loudly as she could and shirked back farther, then somehow trying to squeeze by his grasping fingers and rush from his reach. Free! She had escaped from him. Crying with relief, the girl swung around the sofa and headed for the front door. If only she could reach it she would be safe. He wouldn”t dare follow her into the street!

“Yaggghh.” Dina screamed.

He had her by the hair, twisting his fingers in the long, blonde strands and tugging back hard. Her neck muscles, spasmed when her head jerked back, her eyelids fluttering from the pain. And she could feel the roots tearing from her flesh. He was reeling on her hair, grabbing more of it, yanking her toward him. Dina”s knees buckled, then she fell to the floor.

“Ughhh…” she yelped.

Her hands groping upward, she struggled to push away the man”s fingers as he still tugged on her hair.

“Tryin” to get away, huh? Man, I don”t like broads who try to get away from me. Jack Sells don”t like cunts doin” that, understand?”

He pulled up harder on her hair.

Dina straightened her back, her eyes bugging out farther. She let out a strangled grunt, thrusting her chin, while her brain spun dizzyingly. A tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek.

“Calmed down?” he snorted.

She nodded her head as best she could.

“Good,” he said.

The grip relaxed. Dina let out a sigh of relief. But her happiness was short-lived. In a minute he was in front of her, still playing with his zipper tab. She smelled something like oil or gasoline on his clothes.

Wrinkling up her nose, the girl pulled back, turning her head away. His hand returned swiftly, tugging at her hair, jerking her face back so hard against his leg he nearly cracked open her lower lip.

“Uuughhh…” she gasped.

“Now, you”re gonna pay real close attention, understand?” To emphasize his point, Jack jerked up on her hair until Dina cried out. “Good. Man, you”re gonna do everything I say. I don”t care what it is, you”re gonna do it.”

Dina nodded, too terrified to cross this crazy man. Perhaps if she humored him he”d grow tired of her and leave. “That”s better,” he said.

He backed away, glaring at her, as a vulture stares down at a dying animal in the desert. The girl trembled, growing more terrified by the moment. Even when he didn”t touch her there was something unholy in his stare that made her want to run shouting from the room.

Any courage she”d had evaporated. Tensing, the girl shrank back when she saw him raising his hand above her head. He was going to hit her, beat her to the ground. Her gaze dropping, Dina saw his hard-on, saw his stiff cock pressing hard against the Levi”s. Her terror turned him on, made his cock thick, hard, wanting to pierce his prick into her. But now he was playing, toying with her mind, her body.

“No!” she slipped out, trembling even more.

Terror shot through her veins like ether.

Jack only smiled at her, that hand seeming to balance itself in mid air. Dina scooted back, her spine striking the wall. Again, there was nowhere to run! His body caged her in a corner, his fingers fanning out, trembling, inches away from her head. The teen whimpered through her nostrils. She gasped as his hand moved in a fast, broad arc toward her face. “Oooohhh!” Dina cried.

There was the feel of his fingers stinging across her cheeks, the sensation of her brain rattling in her skull. The force of his blow sent her head snapping to the left. Dina”s hair splashed across her face, sticking to her lips and dampened cheeks.

Dina raised a hand, rubbing her fingers over her injured cheek. More tears oozed from under her lids, wetting her face.

Jack stood there, his legs spread widely apart.

“Nooo!” she screamed.

Another blow, this one back handed. His knuckles crunched against her jaw, sending her head snapping back against the wall.

Dina screamed, and her legs kicked out while her tits jiggled. She shook her head, trying to clear her overloaded senses. His slap and her resulting cry echoed through the big living room.

Again, the girl thought this was some sick dream she was having. But then Jack”s shadow was in front of her, swinging his hand. No, this was far too real, she thought.

“Now we”re gonna have ourselves some real fun,” he said.

Dina whimpered, drawing back. The smell of his Levi”s terrified her. She knew she was a helpless victim. He was going to beat her, ravage her without thinking twice. Her cries were something he enjoyed listening to. The more she begged him to stop, the more he was going to keep going.

Jack let her cry for a moment, but his excitement was building up too fast. As Dina watched, he jerked down his fly.

“Oh no, you don”t know what you it doing,” she gasped.

Jack smirked. “Baby, if there”s one thing in life I do know, it”s fuckin”.”

Dina watched the pants spread open, saw the hairs curling out of the split fly. Then the thick base of his cockroot was exposed. Just that made her draw back. She rubbed her fingers briskly up and down her upper arms. That base was so thick! It promised a prick far bigger than anything she”d ever seen in picture books!

And then the Levi”s sagged down a little more. His cock flipped out into view. It was something that better belonged hanging frame male donkey, she thought. Donkey prick!

There were some guys at school the girls referred to in that way. She had blushed, turning away from the giggling friends who were always more than willing to taunt her with wild stories. If they could only see her now, she thought, see that man standing in front of her. He”d put most of their donkey prick boyfriends to shame!

“Bet you ain”t seen nothin” like this before,” Jack said proudly, shoving his Levi”s down all the way. Then he unlaced his black engineering boots and stepped from them. In a moment he was out of his Levi”s, tossing them over the sofa, then reaching down and scratching his furry balls.

Dina stared open-mouthed at the big stud. She had never seen a man naked before in her life. Kneeling there on the floor, staring up at the big man as if he were a God, Dina felt a rush of emotions she didn”t understand. His cock was so thick, so long! His balls were tight, drawn into the upper portion of their sac.

If only she had a knife, something to defend herself with, something to rip into his belly. But there was nothing nearby to defend herself with. He was going to rape her with that prick, tear away her cherry and penetrate her body.

“Oh please, I”ve never done this before,” she begged. “Don”t touch me with that… thing. Please, just take what you want and go away.”

Jack only laughed at her desperate plea.

Dina sobbed more frantically, scooting back, feeling the sough carpet against her naked legs. Her spine pressed against the wall once more. There was no way to escape. She was dizzy with fright, terrified of being raped.

“Ooohhh…” she moaned.

Dina”s sweat dampened her dress. A draft chilled her flesh, the cold tightening her moist scalp. Her skin crinkled as both physical cold and terror knifed through her.

“No…” Dina whined.

Jack stalked closer, watching her cower below him. Dina”s desperate whimpers, her pleading, her haunted blue eyes, all fired his senses. His cock waved back and forth with every step he took, and his hairy balls jiggled against his thighs.

Dina stared at his muscular thighs, at his enormous prick wagging in front of her. As she moved her legs slightly, the girl realized something dreadful was happening between her thighs, something she couldn”t understand. Wet! Her pussy was actually wet down there. The girl blinked with surprise, staring at his prick, then gazing up to Jack”s smirking face. Could he possibly know the strange effect he was having on her, she wondered.

“Ooohhh… not again. Oh please, not again,” she gasped.

His right hand was poised in mid air once more, threatening to crash down against the side of her head.

“Yeah, baby, all the time,” Jack replied. There was the sound of something hissing through the air. It was his hand. And then his opened palm slapped across Dina”s face, knocking her head to the floor.


“Animal!” Dina screamed.

“Stupid cunt! Dumb little screwed-off bitch! I”m gonna fuck you so bad you won”t be able to piss for a damned week!” Jack snarled.

He struck her again and again, knocking her against the wall, then seized her by the wrist and pulled her toward the sofa.

Half dazed, Dina did nothing. Finally, shaking the stupor from her mind, she felt his hand pawing her, trying to tear open the front of her dress.

“No, don”t… don”t touch me… oh God, keep away from me,” she cried desperately.

Dina struggled, clawing at him, trying to scratch out his eyes. She fought to keep him from tearing off her clothes, from fucking her. But Jack was determined. He knocked her hands away, laughed at her, even spit in her face while he straddled her twisting body and tote at the buttons of her dress.

“Oh God, no, no, help me! Oh please, somebody help me!” she screamed.


He backhanded her twice, hitting her so hard the girl nearly passed out. Again Dina lay quietly on the floor, stunned into silence.

There was a tearing sound as he ripped her dress downward from her shoulders, exposing her bra.

Dina cried out once more and attempted to cover the sheer cups with her hands. Jack growled and knocked them aside, then reached around and tore the back strap. In a second the girl”s bulbous tits sprang free, jiggling wildly against one another.

“Man, oh man, nice tits,” he breathed.

Dina grunted, twisting her head around and closing her eyes. He was on top of her, his weight crushing her to the floor. His knee pressed against Dina”s inner thighs and forced her legs apart. She could feel his stinking breath panting against her throat.

He was hurting her. Just his weight crushed the beat from her lungs. And his fingers were toying with her tits, squeezing the supple flesh. Dina shoved her palms against his chin, trying to push him off her.

But Jack stayed, grunting and growling over her body. He snapped his jaws, nearly biting off her fingers. The girl screamed and jerked her hands away. He laughed at her, shook the sweat gathering on his forehead, then dropped his head to her tits.

“Ahhhhh!” he sighed.

Dina closed her eyes and let out a cry of despair. She felt his lips cupping around one red nipple, felt his teeth grating at the rubbery tip, felt his tongue sanding over her tit end and she dug her shoulder blades into the carpeting. He was sucking hard, drawing in more and more of her big tit while he kept kneading the other with his hairy hands.

“Ooohhh, God, you”re hurting me… please don”t…” Dina wheezed.

Jack ignored her cries. He sucked hard, squirming his tongue back and forth while nibbling all along her sensitive nipple. To Dina”s surprise, his touch became something far from unpleasant. She was starting to enjoy the warm, wet, sucking sensation around her nipple. And then he slid his mouth to the other tit, sucking just as hard, biting deliciously while his fingers squeezed and pinched her big tits.

“Oooohhh!” Dina moaned.

But it wasn”t a cry of fear! It was the moan of delight, Dina realized, and, instinctively, she blushed. Had he heard it, she wondered. She glanced down as he pulled away from her tits and smiled crookedly.

“Told you, baby, you”re gonna dig this. You”re one of them types that dig it. Thought I was just gonna get some loot tonight. But, man, I”m gonna get some real lovin” from you, bitch,” Jack said.

His words stung her pride. No, she wasn”t the kind of woman who enjoyed pain. But, still, the delightful heat continued between her thighs.

“Yeah, baby, you”re gonna be eatin” this up by the end,” Jack boasted.

He was fumbling with her dress, tugging at it around her waist, raising her body from the floor. The rest of her zipper buzzed open, and the smooth cotton slid from her body. He had stripped the teen, leaving only her panties on.

She felt his fingers crawling over her belly snaking down toward the elastic waistband of her panties. Dina wailed and closed her eyes. Her ass swung back and forth.

She felt him pressing against her cunt mound through the nylon, rubbing the silky material over her fuzz-covered pussy hole. Clenching her teeth, the young blonde groaned and squeezed her ass muscles together, trying to fight down that mysterious feeling overtaking her cunt. It was getting very warm down between her legs.

Jack saw this, could feel it through the dampening nylon crotch panel.

“Knew it, baby, knew you was one of them types,” he growled.

“You”re wrong,” she protested.

But Dina couldn”t deny the hot, itchy feeling starting to overwhelm her cunt. Beaten and humiliated, Dina couldn”t help but feel the connection between Jack”s brutality and her cunt.

The big stud continued sucking her nipples, at times biting down so hard the girl thought he was going to rip them from her tits. And between her legs his fingers were working the nylon panties up into her pussy, sopping up the juices flowing from her fuckhole.

“Oh man, you got it comin” outta you like you really want a fuck,” Jack breathed, his eyes glittering with excitement.

“No, you”re wrong…”

“Oh, baby, you don”t know nothin” “bout your body yet. Jack”s gonna teach you everything,” he said, curling his fingers into her panties and tugging them down.

Dina struggled, shoving her asscheeks down against the floor. She dug her heels in as best she could.

He kept telling her how he felt about her, how nice her body felt against his, and how good and hot it was going to feel when he fucked her. The thought of a man sliding his cock into her pussy knifed through her brain as he whispered.

“No, no!” she cried.

Dina mouthed a series of strangled, choked sobs as she felt the nylon material bunching up in his fists.

“No don”t… don”t take them off. Don”t take off my panties!” she begged.

She heard them being torn and felt the silken material parting around her ass. And then they were off. Her cunt was naked, exposed to his view.

Jack braced his hands on either side, of Dina”s body, his eyes feasting on her flesh, her spit-slicked tits, her heaving belly.

The girl was terror-stricken, imagining the horrors he had planned for her. She breathed heavily through her mouth now, every squats inch of her body alive to his touch.

“Uhhhhhh,” she moaned.

She watched as he swooped down and began tonguing all around her cuntlips. Dina could feel his breath stroking her flesh, feel his hungry mouth rubbing beside her pussy. He had his fingers just under her knee joint, pushing her legs up against her belly. Dina felt her asscrack stretching, her pussymeat opening up to his greedy mouth. She clawed at the carpeting for balance.

“Ooohhh, baby, you”re nice and pink and juicy down there,” he murmured.

“Ooooo…” she gasped.

The weight of her body was against her shoulder blades now as Jack pushed her legs up, rolled her back so her cunt would come up to his face. He smacked his lips, his eyes brightening at the sight of her peeled open fuck slot.

“Oh yeah, baby. The more you protest, the more you don”t like it, the more you turn me on.”

He was rubbing her body and pinching the flesh in a dozen places as he spread her legs farther apart. Her cunt bloomed open as he spread her knees. Jack was rubbing Dina”s firm little ass with his hands. His tickling touch made her shudder.

“Nnnnggg!” she yelped.

He rolled her back until her dripping cuntlips were up to his mouth. Then his tongue was actually touching the rim of her rubbery pussy lips. He was mouthing her, tonguing her, licking her cunt.

“Good tastin” pussy, man. Good young pussy. That”s what I dig, young cunt. “Specially one like you that”s goin” nuts,” Jack admitted, pulling away from her cunt for a moment and, tugging a stray blonde cunthair out from between his teeth.

Dina was mortified! She was betraying herself, making him feel good while he tormented her. A normal woman would have fainted by now. But she was rolling up against his mouth, almost begging him to touch her some more with his tongue and fingers.

Her thin arms flapped against the carpet as Jack pinched her asscheeks with his fingers.

And then there was that rubbing sensation of her pussy against his mouth. She could feel his front teeth cutting along the edges of her inner cuntlips. It felt shamelessly good and she snapped her head back and growled.

“Go for it, baby, go for it!” he gasped. Dina was humping against his mouth. She could feel her hips moving, tensing, sliding her ass from side to side while her cunt brushed up against his chin.

Jack”s hot tongue was slicing into her pussy, touching all the pink hollows and folds of her virgin cunt. Spittle and juice dribbled down her thighs and oozed into her asscrack.

Dina had never let anyone even touch her let alone do this to her. She couldn”t believe she was having this powerful a reaction to his sucking.

And now, his tongue, was searching back along her cuntcrack. She felt it knife suddenly into her pussy once more, so slick and hard wriggled around and pointed. It stabbed up, and around, then slowly pulled back. He was tasting and smelling her pussy as if he were hot, curious dog!

What was it like for him, she wondered? Was he really going as out of control as he seemed to? Yes, she decided, he liked it a lot.

She could tell by the way he touched and pinched her, the way his fingers slid along her quivering flesh.

He traced her backbone, her small waist. More of her juices trickled down his chin and cheeks. He was licking harder now, slopping his tongue around her clit.

Dina moved her hips faster, pressing her weight up against him. His teeth cut her more and more. Dina liked that feeling a lot. She started pumping her ass in the steady, hunching spasms of fucking, working against his mouth!

“Ooooohhh…” she moaned.

Dina could feel hot, itchy chills rushing up and down her cunt sheath. She was going to cum. She could feel herself teetering on the brink, close to reaching orgasm.

“Uhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhhh!” she gasped.

Jack was licking her frantically now, rubbing his fingers around her clit, sticking them into her pussy just below his tongue and wriggling them around.

Dina thought she was going to split apart right there under him. Suddenly that tongue and those fingers were gone. She was abandoned, alone, prancing her ass in mid air, searching for the sensations that he caught her up to that dangerously high level.

“Dig it a lot huh, baby?” Jack said, wiping his mouth.

“You don”t know what you”ve done to me…” Dina whimpered.

“Sure I do, and now I”m gonna pop that cherry for you. Gonna make you good and loose for my prick, baby, good and loose, but tight enough so I can get my load in your pussy fast!”


“Oh yeah,” he countered, rubbing his fingers up and down her fuckslot once more. “Yeah, “cause I could blow my load right now.”

She felt him reaching down, reaching down between her thighs. His thumb pressed hard up against her cuntlips.

At first the blonde teen thought he was going to finger her again and she sighed with secret delight. But then his thumb started reaching in with a purpose. She felt his fingers press against her ass for leverage as he slowly worked his thumb into her cunt. She writhed against his probing hand, feeling the knuckles rubbing against her outer cuntlips. He was going to tear her cherry open with his hand!

“No!” she screamed, staring wide-eyed.

But Jack kept her pinned to the carpeting, pushing in his thumb until Dina felt the nail pressing against her cherry. She gasped as Jack shoved in yet another inch of his thumb.

And then the girl began to feel a pain as she had never felt before. The farther he pressed in, the more that pain throbbed. It was beyond unbearable. It was sheer agony for her. Slivers of light filtered past her brain as his thumb finally tore into her body.

“Yaggghhh!” she screamed.

For a moment she thought she was going to lose consciousness. The pain was terrible! Dina tried snapping her knees together to push away from the throbbing agony. But Jack was tightly wedged between her legs, keeping them up and apart while he worked his hand around.

“Man, you were a virgin after all. Had my doubts right up to the end. Bleedin” down there,” Jack commented, pulling out his thumb and wiping the pink froth on his jeans. “Hell, the blood”ll make things nice and smooth when I fuck my cock in.”

“No, don”t… don”t…”

Her body jerked involuntarily, convulsing in a wild attempt to free itself from the threat of a hard fuck. Again the girl tried wriggling away by moving her ass from side to side. But Jack laughed at her attempts to escape.

“You”ve got one hell of a tight cunt,” Jack insisted, fighting to jam his thumb back in her pussy. He tried worming his thumb in deeper, meeting resistance as the inner walls of her pussy clenched tightly around the invading finger.

“Ooohhh…” she squealed.

“Shaddup and relax. And maybe you”ll have a good time right now.”

Jack pulled her asscheeks apart, keeping them tugged wide while both thumbs smoothed over the inner cuntlips of her dripping pussy. The movement of his callused thumbs made Dina”s heated cunt start to lubricate even more. The slick juices began mixing with blood.

“No more… no… more,” she gasped, rolling her head away from him in renewed humiliation.

She was sobbing with horror and shame. Her mind both wanted and bated what was happening here.

“God, God…” she sobbed, feeling his thumb slide back in once more, the nail scraping along her slick cunt walls.

“Baby, you”re gonna be real good to me “cause I”m gonna fuck your brains out.”

Dina believed him.


“You”re hurting me!” she wailed, her face red and pinched.

“Too bad, bitch!”

Slowly he spread her cuntlips apart. The fleshy, fuzz-lined lips of her fuckhole were now wide open for anything.

Dina twitched, jerking forward as he slipped the thumb out and slid in his middle finger. He flicked the tip around her clit, teasing up along the edges of her soaked cunt. He kept up the delicious tickling against her stiffening clit.

“Uhhhh… you don”t know… what you”re doing to me,” she repeated, half dazed with sexual excitement.

The girl groaned long and loud, sounds coming from deep in her chest as his working finger found its way along the slick length of her pussy. She heard Jack telling her he was going to split her in half with his prick. Looking up through long, blonde lashes, Dina saw his gigantic prick still sticking straight out from his groin. His cockshaft was so big, so fat, so roped with all those blue veins the sight of it nearly made her faint.

“Uhhhh… ooohhhhh!” she cried out again and again as his long finger moved from the edges of her pussy down to the tight little cunt opening between her thighs.

“Don”t… don”t… don”t do that… ooohhh no…” she wailed.

Dina”s screams echoed off the living room walls as Jack continued to have his way with her.

“Gotta hold you tighter,” he muttered between his teeth, as he twisted his finger all the way in.

Dina stiffened, wallowing her shoulderblades once more against the carpeting while letting out another low, soft moan. Her thighs closed around either side of his wrist as he kept frying to stab his finger farther into her body.

“Oh yeah, baby, diggin” it, huh? Likin” my fingerin” almost as much as you liked me suckin” your cunt?”

The stretched walls of her pussy were widening and tightening in clutching movements. Her cunt was sucking against his probing finger.

Jack kept saying she was going to pull his finger out of joint if she kept up that action. The girl blushed furiously, wishing she could kill him then herself rather than endure his horrible taunts.

“Fuck it, baby, fuck it.”

“Ooohhh… oh God, I want to die oh please, God, lemme die,” she begged between her whimpery gasps.

“Startin”… huh… startin” to loosen up,” Jack commented, dipping his finger around, in and out.

In answer Dina wept, sobbing in shame and humiliation. It wasn”t enough that he”d beaten her to the floor, stripped off her clothes and fingerfucked her. Now he had to mind fuck her as well.

Her body was betraying her every second. The more he stepped on her, the more she wanted to feel his boot pressing against her cheek. It was some dark force suddenly let loose in her, a force she was beginning to face. She lay there defeated by a combination of confusion and exhaustion.

“Gonna drive in now, baby.”

“Oh God, God… God…” Dina moaned.

She wanted to hold onto him, snake her thin arms around his neck and pull herself up against him while feeling his prickmeat squeeze through her pussy. But that would be going too far.

“Fuckin”, now, baby, good old fashioned fuckin”… that”s what we”re gonna, be doin”.”

The finger in her seething cunt slit suddenly slurped out, its absence making Dina groan. She tensed her ass muscles, moving her hips from side to side in slight, jerky movements. Even with her eyes closed, Dina could sense Jack sliding between her thighs, feel the head of his stiff, throbbing cock brush against her upturned asscheeks.

Dina sucked in a shuddery breath through her flared nostrils. Her body seemed incredibly alive, every sense sharpened to a fever pitch by her arousal.

Now she felt his long, thick cockshaft pressing against her cunt slit from end to end. His cock was huge. And he was going to fuckin”. For some reason she was reminded of a lead pipe as his jerking cockhead rested against her spread thighs.

“Now, now…” he grunted.

Dina round her teeth together, throwing back her head, the cords sticking from her throat. This was it, the moment she both dreaded and wanted. She felt him gripping her hair, tugging it. The sharp pain resulting from those yanks some how added to the already intense pleasure between her legs. She could feel his knees pressing up against her thighs, his muscles tensing, his breath becoming labored, catching at times as he hunched down and into her body.

“Okay, baby, one hell of a big cock”s about to slip into that tiny cunt of yours… it”s gonna be your cunt, baby, your virgin cunt,” Jack taunted, through his clenched teeth. “Just think about it,” he hissed, dropping his face to her head and breathing against her car. “Just think about my fat prick stuffing its way into your pussy… the first fuck, baby, your first fuck, and I”m it.”

He whispered the last words, his tongue flicking into her ear. Dina felt her inner cuntlips being gradually forced open as the pressure of his cock increased. He was panting, his breath tickling her earlobes.

The rubbery rim of her pussy tightened in an attempt to fight back the force of his prick. But it was useless. Dina knew he was going to win, going to drive his prick rod into her body. And there was nothing she could do to stop him. He her back like a cat, her legs pushed up higher through her clenched teeth Dina cried out once more for him to stop hurting her.

“Noooooo… ooohhh nooo…” she begged.

Jack shoved in and down again. The girl”s moans became louder and stronger. Her tight little cunt resisted for another second. And then, finally, her small pussy muscles gave way, allowing his huge cock in.

Dina shuddered, her legs kicking out and up as his fat gouging mass of prickmeat began fucking into her. She kicked repeatedly, her toes curling until they cramped. It seemed awful and good at the same time! Tears slid from under her lashes as his cock crammed farther into her sucking fuckhole.

“Baby, nice and hot, real nice and hot down there between your legs,” he gasped. “Man, you”re fuckin” like a mink! That”s the way I dig it.” He flicked his tongue once more into her ear. “I like my women hot and tight, real hot and tight. And, man, you”re both.”

“Aaaaayyyyaaagghhhhhh!” she screamed, twisting her head around while still trying to fuck her ass under and away from his demanding prick. Shock wave after shock wave of pain and pleasure slammed into her as she felt her inner walls being stretched. It seemed as if every organ in her body were being shoved aside as his cock squeezed in a little deeper.

And always he was talking to her, telling her frightening things, saying he was going to do more to her when he finished cumming in her body.

Dina squirmed again and Jack tugged her hair, making her squeal. He liked it when she did that, his lips curling up into a smile whenever her moans turned to high-pitched wails or shrieks!

“Ohhhhwwwooowwwww!” the teenager cried.

Jack grunted, taking in a deep breath and shoving forward with all his strength. The resulting force buried his prick all the way in her pussy.

That was too much, too soon, for her tight little cunt. The girl shrieked, feeling as if he had taken a knife and sliced open her body right down the middle. Dina couldn”t believe a woman”s cunt could contain that much prickmeat at once.

“Man, baby, I think you”re the tightest cunt I”ve fucked ever.”

He smoothed his fingers down between her thighs, then moved them up, pulling on her hair again, telling her to relax, to loosen up.

“Ooohhh, please…” she pleaded.

For a wild second, Dina had the idea his prickhead would be coming out of her mouth! His huge, blood-filled cock knob throbbed around inside her. She gasped, letting out a rush of air, then sucking oxygen back in to feed her body. Her cunt was filled to overflowing.

Dina cried out again, her face damp with perspiration. She kept writhing helplessly under Jack, agonizing to the pressure of the hot, searing pain of his cock.


Dina flexed her cunt muscles in an attempt to force out his prick. But the pressure of her cunt muscles seemed to arouse Jack all the more. She breathed deeply and held it as his steely prick stretched her cunt walls, making them expand even more.

“Oh yeah, baby, good fuckin”…”

Jack bore down again, panting into her ear, fighting the girl under him. And then he was easing back, letting her feel the extent of her soreness inside. When she thought he was going to pull his cock all the way out he started shoving his prickmeat back into her.

“Uuuuhh…” she hissed.

He was slowly beginning a steady fucking motion, sliding his cock back and forth, his hairy ass rising and falling steadily. The movement made her legs shudder and sway back and forth in butterfly fashion.

“Yeah, yeah…” Jack huffed.

His hands slipped down from her head, caressing her belly, her ass.

Dina whimpered, feeling his fingers fanning out over her belly. Fucking was so much different from what she”d imagined earlier. There was such a pleasurable sensation from his in and out movement once she began to relax and open her pussy td him!

His fingers kept crawling up her belly, making her wriggle crazily. He was pinching her nipples once more, squeezing them, making her squeal, while all the time pumping his cockmeat into her.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” he croaked.

Dina gasped. Tears ran down her cheeks as she felt his cock swell more and more. Instinctively, the girl knew what was going to happen. She”d talked to enough girls at school to hear about the white stuff that comes out of a guy”s cockhead.

Dina didn”t think she could put her mouth on a man”s prick. But Jack had put his lips to her cunt and obviously enjoyed doing it. Maybe there was something pleasant to having a cock in her mouth.

“Oooohhh…” she moaned.

Her whimpers became louder as he fucked her deeper, harder and faster. The sharp forward thrusts were making her body shiver. She could hear his groin and belly slapping against hers.

Dina”s excitement was mounting higher and higher with each passing second. Getting fucked felt good. It felt better than anything she”d ever known in her young life.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he panted.

Jack was losing control of himself. He slapped her hard, jiggling the sweaty white globes. The sensations raced from her cunt, exploding into her brain, making the screaming blonde teen shriek all the louder. She was fucking shamelessly now, writhing her body from side to side.

She was going to cum. She could feel that itchy, throbbing ache, that white-hot feeling just out of reach. She was fucking to orgasm with her tormentor, cuming with a rapist. She loved this moment just before climax! The groaning blonde wished it would last forever.

“Ummmmmm!” she murmured.

Diva wanted more and more. It was too, good to stop. She shivered and bucked while her asscheeks flexed, growing tight, pushing herself up against him.

Jack cried out and, his body jerked up against hers. He was shooting his load, pumping his cum juice into her cunt. Again and again the warm, sticky liquid shot against her pussy walls.

Dina screamed, her loud bellow bouncing off the living room walls. She was thrusting crazily under Jack, her heels bouncing against his asscheeks while her fingernails clawed at his shoulders. She came and came and came, her cunt walls milking his blasting prick until Dina collapsed in complete exhaustion. Her arms slipped from Jack”s shoulders and her knees slid down to the floor. He could have threatened her with a knife and she wouldn”t have cared or moved.

“Uhhhhh… ooohhh…” she cooed.

Dina”s pussy flared and clenched, rumbling under the heat of her continuous orgasm. When it was finally over, the girl rolled her head to one side and opened, her eyes.

He had done it! Jack had raped her, fucked her right here in her own home. And she hadn”t resisted.

“Nice, baby, real nice,” he sighed, dragging his fingers over her thighs.

“Don”t… don”t touch me.”

Jack laughed, slapping her belly lightly.

“Feisty bitch. That”s how I like “em.” He paused for a moment, screwing up his eyes. “You”re too good for one fast fuck, baby. We”re goin” places,” he said, withdrawing his softening prick.

“No, no!” she protested.

Jack pulled Dina across the floor, then leaned her against the sofa. He threw her clothes at her face and ordered her to dress.

Several miles away her mother, Wendy Moulton, was having difficulties as well. Wendy”s date had taken her to dinner, then suggested they stop for drinks at his home. The woman was no innocent fool, but felt she could handle a junior executive who seemed mild enough.

They passed the remainder of the evening pleasantly enough, sitting at opposite ends of the couch while the attractive blonde carefully kept her legs crossed and her hands to herself.

Yes, Brad Romoff was a handsome young man, aggressive, going far in the company. Wendy had seen the envy in some of the girls” eyes when they heard he”d asked her out on a date. She was so much older than some of them… nearly thirty-six. And he had chosen her.

For a while Wendy thought about turning him down. It had been, after all, such a long time since she”d been out with a man. She almost felt a little foolish about this dating nonsense. Getting excited about Brad”s invitation seemed a bit childish.

But, unknown to her daughter, Wendy had been thinking of nothing but sex for the past few weeks. All those lectures on morality were lies, a sham when it came to herself. Oh, how she wanted a man to hold her, to fuck her as her late husband had. But she was such a coward.

When Brad had asked her out, she hoped that he might be the man to release her from this sexual prison. Sipping her third drink and feeling a bit heady, the attractive blonde eyed her date with a mixture of fear and anticipation.


“I… I really should be going,” Wendy announced, setting down her half-finished drink. Her head was beginning to spin just a little bit, and she began worrying about her daughter. There had been all those break-ins in the neighborhood lately.

“Just one more,” Brad insisted, sliding a little closer to her on the couch.

“Well, all right.”

Wendy”s voice was low and trembling. She felt her body warming as Brad took her glass and walked to the bar for refills. She took the glass back from him and sipped more of the burning liquor. It felt good going down into her belly, warming her body, increasing the heat already growing below her hips. The tickle in her cunt, the pawing sensation which distracted her all evening, was getting more intense and concentrated. The ice tinkled merrily in her glass as she sat there on his leather couch, her legs squeezed together.

“You know, I”ve been watching you at the office lately,” Brad confessed after a long, uncomfortable silence.


Wendy took another sip, feeling the liquor”s effects rushing to her head. Her ass felt so sensitive, and the burning ache in her cunt almost became unbearable! As she adjusted her position, her cuntlips rubbed against one another and touched her stiffening clit.

“Sure. I can”t see why you didn”t notice. But, you never did,” Brad continued, folding his hands together and grinning at her.

Wendy didn”t know exactly where this conversation was going, but she was starting to enjoy the path. She took another drink, swallowing the amber Scotch. She smiled and felt a little dreamy, a little drunk.

Her thoughts swerved to her dress. Perhaps the one she”d chosen was a little matronly. Dina had thought so. Perhaps she should have chosen one with a higher hemline and lower bodice, something that would have shown her ample, high-riding tits. She could just imagine how the conversation would have gone with Brad”s eyes fastened on her tits.

Barely suppressing a giggle, Wendy took yet another sip, running the thin glass rim over her lower lip.

“I”m so busy, Brad. I don”t want to lose my job. I”ve a daughter to support and… all that,” she rambled, staring back at him.

“Well, you don”t have to think about your daughter tonight,” he said, reaching over and puffing the glass from her hand.

Panic raced through her mind and body. Instinctively, Wendy pulled back, wedging her spine into a corner of the couch. Her flesh quivered and her thighs flexed against the leather. She closed her eyes. The friction of her cuntlips over her swollen clit made her catch her breath.

“You want to be with me, don”t you?” Brad asked her.

Wendy sucked in her lower lip and bit it.

Her breathing had become more shallow and hot through her flared nostrils. The booze had shaken her already weak defenses.

“I don”t know what I want, Brad. I… I”m a little drunk and…”

Wendy felt so out of focus, giddy, like a teenager out on her first date. For five years she had given up men, and everything they stood for, to raise her daughter and establish a career for herself. Fucking was considered an unnecessary luxury.

But lately all Wendy could think about was men, and what they could do for a woman. She remembered how her husband had fucked her in every room of the house. Sam had been creative, she had that to say for him. Never had she complained about the ways he fucked her. In fact she had worried many times that Dina would overhear them enjoying themselves.

“Sure you do,” Brad said, interrupting her thoughts. “Just like, every woman I know. You want a nice, stiff cock. You want some fucking, right?”

“Oh, no, no…” she protested weakly.

Wendy shivered as Brad drew her close to him. He was kissing the nape of her neck, breathing heavily, while his fingers roamed dangerously close to her tits. She was pressing against the couch, her pulse racing, her mind spinning around and around crazily until she couldn”t think.

Driving back, Wendy brushed her hair from her face and dropped her gaze. She saw one of his hands come to rest between his legs. As she watched, he massaged his cock, giving her a look at its long, hard outline. She felt her cheeks burning bright red and her heart pounding.

“Brad… please, I”ve gotta go. Really, I can”t.”

Her tits were itching around her nipples, and her furry little cunt was quickly heating up as her damp, swollen pussy lips twitched together. A knot of tension formed between her belly and her cunt while electrifying shocks washed up and down her flesh.

“You want it bad, don”t you? I”ve seen you at the office glancing at me and some of the other guys. I can see a woman who”s looking for a man, a woman wanting it.”


She was purring, breathing heavily. Her body seemed to melt and her cunt closed up tight under its thick forest of pussy hair. There was nothing more in the world she wanted, at that moment, than to feel a man all over her, feel his cock touching her, squeezing through her cuntflesh!

“Sure you do… nice hot prick, hot cock going through your body,” he insisted.

Wendy felt a strange thrill zap through her. Brad was doing something. Glancing down again, she saw him fumbling with his zipper and belt.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, a lump forming in her throat. Her mouth was so dry she could barely form the words.

“Come on.”

She tried getting up, feeling she should be protesting against this kind of advance. A man shouldn”t be doing this on the first date. He should be more restrained, not pulling his trousers open and taking this prick out!

Her eyes raced back to his crotch just as his thick, purple cockhead slipped out. She was quiet when he tugged his pants open, freeing his fat, powerful prickshaft.

At the office Wendy had daydreamed about Brad more than once, figuring someone that handsome, that powerfully built, had to have at least eight inches of cockmeat dangling from his crotch. She was right.

As she sat there on the couch now, her cunt itching like crazy, Wendy saw his eight-inch prick standing straight up above his peeled open fly. A clear drop of liquid oozed from his piss slit and trickled down the side of his prick rod.

“Come on, baby, you want this real bad, right, Wendy?”

He was talking strangely now. His language became more and more rough, and his voice had dropped lower, almost gravelly.

Blinking in amazement, the blonde looked back up at him and found a grim, determined expression on his face. This certainly wasn”t the man she”d known at the office.

“Stop it,” Wendy demanded, and began to move away from him. But Brad gripped a restraining hand over her wrist, tugging her back against him.

“Bet it”s been a long time since you”ve touched one of these,” he said, sensuously working his free hand up and down his long, trembling cockshaft. “Heard you”ve been without a husband for a long time. Probably haven”t dated much either, from the way you work at the office. Bet you can”t wait to have this mother slide into you.”

Brad was acting like a stranger, his face darkening and his smile becoming almost demonic, while he slowly kept pumping his throbbing prick. Then he reached over with that hand, closing his fingers around her other wrist. Wendy trembled, feeling the slippery coating of cock juice on his palm.

“Don”t… don”t do this.”

“Put your hand on my cock,” he demanded, pulling her hand toward his bulging prickmeat.


The booze was distorting everything. Wendy knew she should be fighting him, should be tugging back, running for the door. But everything seemed so blurred, so confusing. She couldn”t tell right from wrong.

“Come on.”

She struggled weakly against his grip. But she couldn”t break it. Neither could she tear her thoughts away from fucking, from opening her body to this insistent man and letting him have his way with her.

“Ooohhh!” Wendy gasped.

Slowly, he pulled her hand toward his bulbous dripping cock knob. Wendy was still pulling back, whimpering through her nostrils. And, still, her pussy was growing hotter and hotter, her cuntlips puffing larger and spreading apart. She hadn”t felt this aroused in a long time. Her itch had turned into a throbbing ache.

“Oh yeah, baby, yeah, Wendy, I”m gonna work a number on you that you won”t forget.”

Her fingers were poised to wrap around his thick cock. Her body felt limp, weak with desire. She couldn”t believe how hard her clit and tit tips were. Then he wrapped her fingers around his fat cock.

His prickmeat was so hard, so thick, so meaty! Wendy gasped, her eyes widening as she felt his cock trembling and throbbing against her fingers.

It had been so long since she”d seen or fondled a cock. Images of fucking, the delightful sensations of a cock rushing into her pussy, flashed through her mind.

Now it was going to happen again. Brad was going to make her do it, going to make her fuck him for all she was worth. She could see it in his burning black eyes, in the way he was staring at her. She had no choice. She had to do what she was told.

“You”re real hot, Wendy… a hot bitch. That”s what you are,” he whispered.

“No, no,” she protested.

She sat there on his leather couch, squirming her ass, her tits jiggling in her bra while her cunt walls squeezed from the rising heat. Her fingers were moving slowly up and down under Brad”s coaxing, squeezing greedily against his steely prick rod which throbbed against her palm. More juice bubbled out from the piss-slit and ran down her fingers.

“Yeah, get on that prickmeat. Come on, move those fuckin” fingers faster.”

She did as she was told. Wendy was worried he would cum and leave her high and dry. But the big stud had thought of that already. When she had begun fisting him faster, he reached down and stopped her, his face contorted with wild lust.

“Enough of that crap. Come on.”

He was pulling her across the living room. Wendy stumbled. Her shoes flew off, and her blonde hair splashed across her face. At times she followed him, at others she pulled back, her ass fucked out, her tits jiggling. Brad kept on tugging her down the hall and finally into his bedroom.

When she heard the door slam, Wendy wheeled around and confronted him. He was smiling at her. His hands worked busily to unbutton his shirt.

In spite of herself, she began feeling thrills of pleasure. She was getting hot because of the way Brad looked and the way he was acting. She liked that power, that sense of confronting someone like Brad who was pushing her around.

Wendy backed up, feeling her legs touching the edge of his king-sized bed. It was the only piece of furniture in the bedroom. She fell backward. Her ass sank comfortably into the mattress. Her clit was full, stuff, vibrating.

Brad had already pulled off his shirt, revealing his broad, hairy chest. Without his suit, without that three-pieced pinstripe number, he resembled a biker. That full head of black hair, his drooping but trimmed bushy moustache, his full, trimmed beard gave him an air of power, of brutality. The way he was staring at her now made her flesh ripple with something between terror and sexual delight.

“Please… please don”t… don”t hurt me,” she said automatically.

“Yeah, sure.”

His pants were next, falling around his protruding cock, puddling around his feet.


“Get out of that dress or I”ll tear it off,” he ordered.

Wendy froze for a moment, then tensed her thighs and rose from the bed. This was no time for protest. Besides, she was too high on Scotch to think of anything clever, even if she wanted to. Reaching down, Wendy pulled her dress up, over her head, and off. She folded her arms over her chest, feeling a little cold and exposed.

Brad was stark naked now, fondling his cock and balls, his eyes feasting on her body. There was a moment of silence. Wendy trembled.

“Come here,” he commanded.

She obeyed, walking slowly and savoring the mounting fear rushing through her mind and body. When she was almost touching his prick with her hips, he stopped her, put both his hands on her shoulders, and pushed down.

Instantly, Wendy knew what he wanted and bent her legs. Down she went, her nose brushing over his dribbling cock knob. The moment the woman was on her knees, his prick bobbing in front of her. She tilted her head and opened her mouth, inhaling sharply, smelling the slightly spur odor of his crotch.

“Oh, gimme head, gimme head,” he repeated over and over again, his fingers now clutching the sides of her skull, the tips pressing against her ears.

He was guiding her forward, bending his knees slightly while hunching his cock against her face. He slid his cockshaft up one side of her nose then drew back, coming forward once more and touching her lips. He dipped his cock knob into Wendy”s mouth, brushing over the tip of her tongue.

“Ohhhh yeahhhhh…”

Suddenly, the blonde felt her mouth fill with his prick-meat, her cheeks bulging out. More and more pre-cum bubbled out of his piss-slit, coating her mouth and throat, making her swallow as she breathed with whistling sounds through her nostrils.

“Fuck, yeah, yeahhhh…” Brad moaned.

His fingertips were pressing harder and harder against her head while he twisted his hips from side to side, stirring his prick inside her mouth.

Wendy swallowed again, feeling his cock slipping back farther and farther until prick cad was touching her throat. It was getting hard for her to breathe. And Brad was going wild above her, twisting his cock around, holding his crotch so close to her face his cock hairs were tickling her nose.

“Ohhhhhffffff!” he panted.

She liked smelling his groin this way, feeling his body against her face. And all the while he was fucking her mouth, stretching her lips with his prick, his balls slapping against her chin.

“Man, oh man, you”re gonna make me cum if you keep doin” that,” Brad warned, pulling away from her. He held her back, his cock jerking in her face, his cock knob purplish red.


One moment he was breathing heavily, caressing her head, and sticking his cock into her mouth while groaning as if he were about to shoot in her throat. And the next he was pushing her away, staring at her as if she were the enemy.

“What?” she asked.

He grabbed her shoulders, his fingers bruising her flesh.

“Oh, Brad!” she cried.

She knew he was going to take her brutally, tear into her with his rigid prick.

“Stupid!” he yelled.

With that he threw her backward. She sprawled across the floor, one leg bent and pinned beneath her. Wendy”s hair curtained her face, temporarily blinding her to what he was doing. There was a gradual tensing of his character, a brutalizing, vulgarizing, of it as he became more excited and aroused. The Brad she knew was disappearing, buried under this new man, a man she both wanted and feared.

He stood over Wendy now, reminding her of some God of war. As he loomed over her, his eyes burned with a lust that terrified her. Brad was such a big man, so powerful, so intense. And now he stood above her, hands on his hips, his legs spread widely apart.

“Come…” he ordered.

Brad stepped toward her. Wendy hissed and drew back. He advanced faster. She scooted back. The carpet burned her ass as she pushed with her feet toward the bathroom. He came faster, closer. She couldn”t outdistance him.

“Noooo…” she whined.

He was swearing at her. She answered him with a terrified moan. His grin was the most horrifying, frightening expression she”d ever seen in her life. He was changing right in front of her eyes, turning into some kind of monster.

“You”re gonna do everything I want, understand? You don”t have a choice, baby.”

Wendy nodded, too frightened to speak. Their pleasant evening was turning into a terrible nightmare for her. She never would have believed Brad was this kind of man.

The carpet piling tickled her asshole and her thighs rubbed against the floor.

“I”m gonna teach you a lesson… a lesson you can teach all the other cunts around the office.”

He reached for her, his face close, his heels rubbing her knees.

“What have I done?” she wailed, her eyes wide with horror.

“When I”m through with you, you”ll wish you were up in solitary fucking your brains out with every fuckin” inmate in solitary.”

“What”ve I done? What have I done?” she wailed again and again as he jerked her from the floor.

Wendy stumbled to a standing position, her arm nearly pulled from the socket by his violent wrenching. His fingers moved swiftly to the elastic band of her bra. Wendy gasped as she felt the halter being torn from her back. Her tits sprung out, slapping wetly against her chest. Brad leaned back and admired her tits. Wendy quickly jerked her hands up to cover her naked tits.

Brad only laughed at her apparent modesty. He walked around her slowly, telling Wendy what he thought of her and her “kind” of cocktease.

“You broads go around the office wigglin” your asses and tits, then pretend you don”t want to fool around,” Brad whispered, smoothing his knuckles over her flesh. Wendy moaned and shrank from his touch. “Even here you tried to play coy, then, boy, you heated up fast when the chips were down. Let”s see just how fuckin” fast you can heat up when I”m callin” the shots.”

She felt his fingers grip her panties, heard the awful tearing sound. In a moment, he had ripped the pink nylon briefs from her thighs. She was stark naked. Wendy dropped one hand over her exposed cunt, keeping the other pressed against her tits.

“No…” she cried. The trapped woman whimpered, crawling back until her legs once again brushed against the bed. She was cornered, unable to go anywhere.

“No use, baby, you”re gonna get me and you”re gonna dig it.”

“No, no, I won”t,” she whispered back, shaking her head from side to side while still trying to cover up her cunt and tits.

Brad said nothing more. He rushed at her, one hand hitting her in the chest, shoving her back onto the bed.

Wendy cried out, her arms flung to each side of her body for balance while she bounced against the mattress. Behind her, she heard the headboard rattle. Her tits slapped together and her legs flew apart. Temporarily stunned, Wendy lay there, aware of a shadow quickly falling on top of her.

There was a sudden crush of weight. It was Brad, growling and snapping at her angrily. He had knocked the wind from her when bounded on top of her. His fingers pawed at her body, squeezed her tits, grabbed her ass, pinched her thighs while his cock slid up and down in the groove of her legs.

“Fuck, fuck…” he moaned.

For the moment Wendy was too terrified to respond. She felt his prick, felt his legs pinning her to the mattress, felt his fingers brutalizing her. And all she could do was moan softly.

“Want it bad, don”tcha? Man, I can feel how fuckin” hot you are down there.”

He was rearing back, staring down at her, his eyes boring into. Before she could say a word he had raised his hand and brought it down, slapping her savagely across the face.

Wendy let out a strangled cry, her head snapping to the left. She could still feel the welts on her cheeks seconds later as he slid off the bed and padded to the dresser.

Inching her head up, blinking away tears, Wendy lay there and watched Brad fish through several drawers, pulling out three or four silken bathrobe belts.

He turned around, his lips curled into the hellish grin that had made her tremble so earlier. He came back to the bed, his fat, long prick wagging from aside to side.

“No, no, this can”t be happening,” she whispered.

Her eyes widened as she watched him stretch one belt tightly between his hands. He was going to strangle her right there in bed, she thought.

“It”s already happening, baby.”

But, as it turned out, he had no intention of strangling the terrified woman. He was pushing her down on the bed, bending over with the belt.

“Gimme your hands,” he ordered.


“I said gimme your fuckin” hands,” he bellowed, his voice cutting through her.

Wendy shrank from him, clasping her hands together and stretching them forward. Brad grunted with approval, slipping the belt around her hands and tying them tightly together using a square knot.

Wendy whimpered, her forehead wrinkled, as he used a second belt. Brad fastened it to her bound wrists, then wrapped the free end around a post in the Mediterranean style headboard. He stretched her back, fastening the second belt tightly.

“Oh please… please… don”t do it. Oh God, don”t…”

Wendy fearfully suspected that he was going to hurt her badly. And in that position there was nothing she”d be able to do about it.

“Yeah, sure.”

He brought out the third belt, looping it around her right ankle and fixing it with a slipknot. Then slowly, carefully, Brad raised her leg, watching her face reflect growing terror.

“Oh no, no…” she pleaded.

He brought her leg upward until her toes were touching the headboard and her bound wrists. Wendy cried out, bringing her other leg up to ease the tension in her cunt and ass.

Brad was tying her ankle to her wrist, cinching the knot so tightly that he cut off some of the circulation to her toes.

“Now for the other one,” he muttered.

There was more movement. She felt him sliding the last belt around her left ankle, knotting the silken bond tightly. He brought her leg up to the other, fastening it to the headboard. She was hog tied, her body bent in a U. Because her wrists were fastened to her ankles, the woman”s cunt remained naked, exposed, splayed open.

Wendy jerked her head from side to side, her long blonde hair splashing over her throat. She blushed with shame and fear. The awkward position her body had been bent into stretched her spine.

“Oh no, no, you”re crazy!” she gasped, her ass bouncing against the mattress. “You won”t get away with this. You can”t.”

Brad only chuckled at her vain attempts to tear her wrists and ankles free.

“You”re not goin” anywhere, Wendy. You”re gonna stay right here and fuck your brains out… that is, when I get through tenderizing you a little.”

Moving her head around and peering over her raised thigh, she saw Brad backing down from the bed. His eyes were still fastened on his handiwork.

Brad turned and stooped to pull at the belt on his trousers, tugging it free from the loops, then holding it firmly on the buckled end. He moved back up to the bed and rubbed the leather against his thighs. His lips still held that evil smile she feared.

“Ever wonder about pain and pleasure? Ever wonder about how they”re the same thing, just different sides of the coin?”

Wendy shook her head rapidly. Her breathing became rapid and shallow, while beads of sweat dotted her forehead. She felt sick.

No, there wouldn”t be a strangling here. But he was going to hurt her, she realized. He was going to make her flesh burn with his belt.

“You can”t… just can”t do this… it”s not right,” she panted, her nostrils flaring, her eyes wide with growing horror.

He said nothing more. His arm jerked back in a savage movement. The belt snapped over his head, sounding like a small pistol shot.

Wendy flinched and tugged her thighs, trying to draw them together while her eyes focused in on that descending strip of black leather. There was a hissing sound, followed by the dry, smacking report of his belt slicing into her flesh.

The woman snapped her eyes shut and threw back her head. She parted her lips and let out a terrible squeal of pain and fear. The belt made her flesh sting and burn. It kept burning long after the leather slid off her skin and dangled against Brad”s thighs.

“You beast,” she whimpered, blinking away more tears.

He only smiled more grimly at her. The sound of his heavy, panting breathing filled the room. This was what he wanted.

Wendy pulled at her silken bonds, feeling the material dig cruelly into her wrists and ankles. Even more blood was cut off from flowing into her fingers and toes.

“Nooo…” she wailed.

He was drawing the belt up again. She tried edging away, curling back into a small ball. It was impossible. He had bound her well, keeping her open to his blows.

There was an awful moment of silence, followed by a hissing sound. She tensed, her muscles spasming against her flesh. Then she heard the smacking sound again, followed quickly by another.

Brad whipped an X on her asscheeks with the belt. He laughed as she screamed and rolled up a little higher on the bed. Her toes curled, cramping, the nails digging into the headboard.

“Aaaaahahhhh!” Wendy cried.

There was another slashing blow, and then another. Her asscheeks pranced frantically against the mattress, her tits slapping together from the force of his blows. Tears sprang to her eyes, dampening her cheeks.

Brad was going a little mad now, lashing his belt over the soles of her feet.

“Oh stop, stop,” she panted, hardly able to get the words out.

She tried kicking out, attempting to do something to protect her body. But no move was possible. She could only wail and beg him to stop as the belt kept lashing across her asscheeks, heating her assglobes until they burned.

“Ughhh…” she moaned.

His target now seemed to be the arch of her foot. Brad was purposely slowing his strokes, timing them to strike when the woman didn”t expect it.

The sensitive flesh of her foot felt as if it might be bleeding. In her confusion, Wendy thought that his relentless belt had crushed the small bones inside her foot. She beat her face against the pillow, her wails turning into shrieks.

Wendy felt the silken cords binding more deeply into her wrists and ankles. Her thighs cramped from the awkward position he had roped her into.

Brad was flogging her with his belt now, beating the backs of her knees, her full thighs. Finally, he was smacking the leather against her asscheeks again and again. His breath was whistling, and she heard him grumbling something in between the slamming sounds of his belt against her flesh.

“Ohhhhh!” Wendy shrieked.

“Fuckin”… ughhhh… yeah, buy it, slut, buy it!” he shouted.

“Oh don”t… stop it, stop it!”

Wendy could barely scream out the words. The pain was growing worse and worse as the belt slapped angrily against her body. Soon his belt was everywhere, hitting her face, her tits, her legs, her thighs. The silken ropes bit more cruelly into her wrists and ankles as the desperate woman tried struggling away from the surging pain.

Brad”s beating seemed to change now. The belting continued, the long piece of black leather slicing again and again into her white flesh. But Brad began touching her cunt with his other hand, smoothing his knuckles against her angry, red pussylips. Then he became more brutal, actually gripping her cunt flesh.

Wendy screamed, jerking her head from side to side. Her long, blonde hair danced over her tits and throat. She could feel his fingernails tearing into her soft flesh. The folds of her pussy were inflamed by what was happening.


“Bitch!” Brad yelled as he beat and lashed her, grabbing more of her cunt.

The woman”s voice shrilled higher, her body wriggling up on the bed while her toenails scraped against the wall behind. She wanted to die, to disappear somewhere here in the bedroom.

But the ropes were holding all too well, the silken bonds cutting her flesh while his belt found all the sensitive spots on her body. His clawing hand was drawing new sensations from her overheated pussy.

Wendy gasped and moaned, tensing her thigh muscles, relaxing them, then tensing them once more. Slowly, she felt the beating stop. Wendy sagged in her bonds, her head turned to one side, her mouth opened and letting out groans of thanks.

She heard his belt drop to the floor. Now Wendy could concentrate on what was happening between her splayed thighs. She felt his fingers still tearing at her cunt flesh. She could feel her juices running molten hot in her cunt.

Peering around her knees, she could see his huge cock, his long, blue-veined prickmeat bloated with excitement. He was going to fuck her after having beaten her half senseless with his belt, Wendy thought. She was dizzy with fright, pain and excitement!

“Don”t worry about it, baby, you”re gonna be okay with this mother. I”m gonna make you feel real good,” he said, reaching down and grabbing a handful of her cunthairs and yanking them out.

“Yagggghhhh!” Wendy shrieked, her body jerking as if touched by a live electric wire.


Wendy”s joints and arms ached from the awkward position Brad had tied her in. She tried adjusting her legs, tried rolling her ass back to ease the tension in her limbs. But nothing she did could make her more comfortable.

“Please… untie me,” she begged, peering up at the big stud.


Wendy paused, swallowing down her fear.

“It hurts… hurts being like this,” she moaned.

The muscular brute only laughed at her. He ran his fingers over her asscheeks and smacked his lips, then drew back and rubbed more pre-cum over his bulbous prickhead. The bed sagged as Brad inched his way toward the moaning woman.

“Gonna fuck you good, bitch. Gonna fuck you “til you can”t walk for a week.”

The words terrified Wendy. She wriggled on the bed once more, her breathing becoming shallow and raspy again. Her chest tightened and her mouth became as dry as cotton.

He was going to do it, she thought, fill her up with his prickrod and fuck her. This was what she half wanted when she arrived. Her mind had been filled with all those vague thoughts, those hidden desires bubbling just beneath the surface. But she”d had no idea he would take her so forcefully.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned.

In spite of her mounting fear that he was going to hurt her again, Wendy couldn”t stop the tingling fire growing between her legs. Just thinking about his wad of cockmeat dangling from his crotch set her clit on fire.

She rolled her ass, feeling his cockhead now against her asscheeks. When was he going to stick his cock into her cunt?

“Unnghhh…” she whined.

Wendy shut her eyes tightly. Biting down on her lower lip, she held her breath. Even the silken belts digging into her flesh couldn”t take away the excitement racing through her body now. Her flesh burned, her cunt throbbed and pulsed with animal excitement!

“Fucking,” Brad groaned, leaning forward and rubbing his cock against her cuntlips.

Wendy could feel his cock pressing against the top of her cunt mound, could feel his hairy thighs pressing against the backs of her raised legs. He was leaning forward for leverage, holding her while getting ready to sink his prickrod into her pussy hole. She felt his fingers curling, tightening around her shoulders as he wedged his way between her bound legs.

“No, oh noooooo!” she wailed.

He was panting into her face, sweat dripping from his forehead and chin onto her throat. The knob of his prickrod was pressing right over her cunt.

The woman let out a wild cry, rolling her body around once more, the headboard clattering against the wall from, the force of her movements.

“Oh God, God, what are… uhhhhh are you doing to me?”

He was still toying with her, drawing his prick back a little, working his hands once more over her cuntlips. He stuck a finger into her, probing around until she was grunting with the teasing sensation of almost being filled.

It was that almost feeling, that half-full sensation which drove her wild. Wendy grunted and thrashed, wanting to kick her legs out in wild abandon. But the silken bathrobe belts kept her in place.

“Uhhhuuu! Huhhhh! Huhhhhh!”

“Goin” wild, huh, baby? You were fightin” me, and now you can”t get enough!”

Brad smirked down at her, teasing her again with his prickhead, then drew back when she started hunching toward him.

“No… ohhh nooooo!” Wendy moaned.

She desperately wanted to feel his cock inside her, rubbing against the folds and hollows of her cunt. What he”d done to her had fired her up to such a degree she needed his cock to put out the flames.

“Fuck it out, baby, fuck it out!”

Her pussy was hot, ready for the first fucking in five years. Her cunt welled up with hot juice. She was burning in her pussy, and her tits ached for another touch.

As if he could read her mind, Brad reached around with one hand and pinched her big nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger until the woman began growling.

She was bobbing her ass up and down as much as she could, drool oozing from the corners of her mouth. She couldn”t control her feelings any more. They were running riot, going crazy inside her while Brad kept toying with her body.

“Nnnghhhh…” she murmured.

Brad was crouched now, an animal about to fuck her. They were, it seemed, two rutting animals, beasts fucking in the night, grunting and gasping to give one another the maximum amount of pleasure possible.

Twisting her head to one side, she saw their shadows against the far wall. It looked so sensuous to her. Wendy sucked in a ragged breath as a particularly powerful spasm shot through her cunt.

“God, oh God!” she moaned.

She could feel it, feel his cock now. Her ass was prancing for his cock. She was actually begging him to fuck her with her body. She felt his prick, his wonderful, fat hot cockmeat rubbing up and down against her eager cuntlips. She wanted to feel his bulbous prickmeat stretching her outer pussy flesh apart, oozing into her hot fluids, inching down into her cunt.

“Uhhhhhhh… ooohhhh!” she gasped.

Wendy felt his cock knob settling on her pussy hair, felt his balls resting on her ass. She let out her breath with a low moan, then sucked in another and held it. The woman felt peeled open and stretched.

Her knees were bending slightly. The tension against her ankles increased as Brad leaned forward a little more, his forehead nearly touching her toes and fingers.

“Fuckin” baby, that”s what we”re doing,” he gasped.

“Fucking,” Wendy echoed, her voice sounding cracked, hollow.

She felt him fucking under and up, a powerful lunge that took her ass off the bed.

“Ahhhhhh!” Wendy gasped.

The force of his fucking thrust sent his prickhead in, driving along the seepy, velvety lining of her cunt. Wallowing her shoulders against the pillow, she felt every square inch, every vein of his cock.

The woman cried out and gasped, unable to believe what a powerful series of sensations were released by that sinking cock. She begged him to fuck her harder. Tossing her head back and forth, she felt wildly sexy in spite of the belts holding her captive on the bed.

“Ohhhhh, it”s going sooo deeeeeeeeep!”

“Yeah, all the way in, Wendy, all the way in, just the way you want it.”

In and out, in and out. He was inching his prick deeper and deeper, teasing her with it, squeezing a little more of his cock in each time he shoved down. Finally, his cockroot pressed against her flattened cuntlips. He was all the way in.

Wendy felt his balls resting against her asscheeks, felt his cock jerking around inside her body. Closing her eyes, the blonde thought of his fat, long cock, then thought of her body. She felt pierced, possessed by his prickrod. There was nothing she could do.

Then Brad began pumping, pumping his cock slowly at first, his crotch slapping wetly against her upraised asscheeks. He was doing his best to keep his prick pressed against her clit.

Sparks of incredible delight showered into her pussy, making her more tense, more excited. Wendy forgot about everything. She could only think about his cock, his wonderful prick sawing in and put of her pussy, bringing her sensations she hadn”t felt in such a long time.

She was whimpering through her nose once again, the rushing air burning her nostrils while the silken belts tightened even more around her wrists and ankles. Bound and fucked. The idea shot through her mind and she moaned with delight.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…” she puffed.

Wendy swiveled her ass as best she could, loving the sensation of his belly pressing up against her ass. And when his cock hairs ground against her cunt mound, the joyful flashes from her clit pushed her incredible lust higher and higher until she could hardly stand it. His long bar of cockmeat reached deeper and deeper, driving her up the wall with delight.

“Ughhhh…” she panted.

Wendy could hear herself sobbing. There was a strange roaring in her ears as she moved, grinding her clit against him. She loved the stretching sensation in her cunt, the steady beat of his prickhead against her body. Wendy wanted to shout. She had forgotten just how delicious it was having a man between her legs! “Fuck…” she groaned.

“Yeah, Wendy, yeah, that”s what we”re doing, and you”re doin” a hell of a lot… uh… lot better”n I thought you would.”


Her sensual tension swelled. Wendy felt him digging his fingernails into her assglobes, working his cock back slowly, then chugging his prick back down. Hot juice seeped from her fuckhole, dribbling down her ass and oozing into her sweaty asscrack.

Brad had moved his hands back. Now she felt him touching her tight asscheeks all over, his fingertips edging back until the nails scraped along her puckering asshole.

Everything about this moment was turning her on. The woman moaned, tensing her big ass muscles until they cramped. She swayed her ass from left to right.

“Like it, huh? Like havin” your ass played with while fuckin” your mind out, huh?”

“Oh yes, yes,” she admitted.

Brad smiled again, shaking the excess sweat from his forehead.

“We”ll see what we can do about that, then.”

Wendy blinked her eyes open, staring blankly at the man straddling her. He had stopped fucking. He had stopped his regular, wonderful pistoning action in her cunt. Wendy knew she was only moments away from orgasm. Soon she would cum, would feel as if her body were exploding into millions of pieces.

She cried out, feeling her arousal slipping down. Wendy could feel him pulling out. She felt the itchy, elastic tissues of her pussy drawing together behind his retreating cockhead.

Desperately, Wendy tried to keep his prick inside. Closing her eyes, she cinched down on her pussy muscles with all her might. She could feel her slick cunt sheath clamping down on his cock, and could hear Brad laughing at her vain attempts to keep him inside.

“Don”t want me to leave, huh?”

But there was nothing she could do. Helpless, bound that way, Wendy had to submit to whatever Brad wanted.

“Now, we”re gonna have some real fun,” he whispered, inching back, laughing at the woman”s desperate, frustrated moans. “We”re gonna see just how much you can take.”

Pie was moving his head down and around. She could feel his breath blowing through her cunt hairs. He bent lower, touching her ass with his fingers once more. She felt his tongue touching her asshole. His touch, the sudden hot and wet pressure against her asshole made her jerk to one side.

“Oh!” she gasped.

Nothing had prepared her for this. Brad was down there between her asscheeks, moving his tongue up and down her wrinkled pink flesh. He was tonguing hard against her ass slit and his moustache hairs tickled her ass flesh deliciously. She heard his gasping, wheezing behind her.

Closing her eyes, Wendy could imagine him playing with his cock, sucking his prickmeat down with his pre-cum and her cunt juice while sucking ass.

“Uhhhhhhhh…” she whined.

His lips were clamped hard onto her asshole now and his tongue stiffened, poking into her ass channel. It was a strange, messy feeling. Wendy growled with displeasure, twisting to escape his tongue one moment, then settled down to enjoy it.

“Good ass, baby, good ass,” he mumbled, reaching up and toying with her clit.

The light, subtle touch of his fingers against her clit drove Wendy back up to her heavenly sexual heights. His mouth was on her asshole, his probing fingers in her cunt. Her breath whistled through her flared nostrils now, her muscles tensing so hard they ached.

“Uhhhhhhh, oh God!” she moaned.

He drew back, wiping his lips with the back of one hand. She felt him gripping her raised thighs, inching forward once more until his knees were shoved up hard against her raised ass. For a second Wendy thought he was going to fuck her cunt and she let out a sigh of relief. Then the blonde realized his cockhead was far too low.

“No!” Wendy screamed, snapping her head from side to side. She panicked at the thought of having a cock shoved up her ass.

“What”s the matter, Wendy, too much for you?” he asked, grunting as he fit his meaty cockhead against her asshole.

“No, no, take it away, take… uhhh… take it away!”

The blonde was screaming at the top of her lungs, lurching her ass to get away from his huge prick. But she couldn”t do it. He had tied her far too well, too tightly to the bed, for her to move much. She was trapped, unable to escape from his hungry prick.

“Ohhhhh…” she wailed.

Brad was puffing behind her. She waited, tensed and terrified, wondering how it would feel having his prickmeat jamming up her ass. He was going to hurt her, she thought, going to tear something inside her.

“Now, baby, now.”

There was a sudden, piercing pain, as if her ass would split in two. Wendy”s face whitened, and a rush of air sprang from her throat. She arched her back. The ache in her ass radiated to her arms, her legs, her belly. Every muscle in her body throbbed with the agony of her stretched asshole.

“No! Oh my God, no, no, don”t… oh don”t put that thing in my… uuhhhh…”

Wendy screamed louder. The whole tight ring of her asshole seemed to be tearing.

Brad relaxed for a moment, then sucked in another breath and shoved down and forward once more. His long thick cockshaft bent at the middle from the pressure of his cockhead against her asshole.

Wendy let out another series of strangled cried, the cords bulged on her neck, and her mouth gaped open. With her eyes shut, tears oozed from under her lashes.

It was like a huge lump of rock jammed against her asshole. Before the woman could even let out another shriek, he shoved his cockhead into her. The muscles all around her asshole felt as if they were going to rip at any moment.


And still there was a fire in her cunt, a fire she could feel sparking. She wished his prickhead were in her pussy and not in her ass.


But Brad would have his way. He enjoyed watching her thrash like this, enjoyed hearing her screams of pain, watching her face quiver. She could see it in his evil grin.


“No… yahhhhh… a oh no, no, don”t oh don”t do it… don”t do it to me!”

Wendy screamed.

Her throat ached from her desperate cries. She wanted to feel the hard prick in her pussy, not her ass. But Brad kept his cock in her asshole, moving his hips from side to side, holding her more tightly. He gripped her as if she were going to fly away. And still he was shoving down and in, down and in, ramming his cock into her squirming ass beneath him.

“Uhghhhhh… no, ooohhhh God, you”re… splitting me… uhhh… in two!” Wendy pleaded.

“That”s the way it is, baby, that”s the way it is.”

She could feel her asshole muscles relaxing, the channel opening, giving way to the constant pressure of his cockhead. Brad let go of one thigh. She felt him clutching her tit. Wendy squirmed, moving her ass back as much as she could toward his hairy belly. She was noticing heat and tension in her ass that added to the sparkling flames around her clit.

“God!” she exclaimed.

Another spasm, this one more powerful than the last, made her asshole muscles squeeze, cramping down on his entering cock. Brad grunted, holding back, his fingers pinching her nipple harder and harder until Wendy cried out for him to let go.

“Gonna go for it, huh?”

Wendy screamed back at him, feeling the painful pleasure of his fucking reaching higher and higher in her ass. Her belly spasmed, her cunt winked shut on thin air. It seemed as if her entire body were out of control.

His wide cockhead buried deeper. Wendy sobbed, tears streaking her cheeks. He was fucking her steadily, fucking his long thick cock in her asshole. His fingers were pinching both her nipples, tweaking them, rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers.

Wendy bit her lip. She couldn”t even cry now as Brad pulled out, the reversed tugging sucking at her asshole obscenely. More delicious sparks shot through her clit, sensations Wendy couldn”t understand. No one had ever done this to her before.

“Ohhh…” she moaned.

Brad paused, grunted, then tensed his thigh muscles and began to shove his prick rod back in. The woman relaxed her ass, spreading her knees and pushing them out. She felt completely torn, bewildered by the conflicting sensations racing through her mind and body. His hard cock was stroking nerve endings in her asshole, nerve endings she never guessed she”d had before.

Her round, firm asscheeks flexed against his pressing belly, searching for more of that fullness threatening to split her ass wide open.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, move that ass. Come on, move it real nice, nice for me,” Brad crooned.

His breath was blowing harder against her face, panting against her forehead, and his fingers continued, to work her stiffening nipples.

Wendy closed her eyes once more, imagining how it must look with her tied up in that obscene position, arms and legs bound together by those silken cords. She pictured Brad, his cock spearing into her asshole, splitting her asscheeks in two while his hands roamed freely over her tits.

Easter and faster, in and out, the sliding cock sent fiery thrills through her body. Wendy felt her guts filling with his prick. Her asshole lips were catching on fire as Brad fucked harder and harder.

“Fuckin” tight ass, Wendy. Nobody”s ever done this to you, have they?”

She couldn”t say a word.

“You don”t have to answer me, baby. I can tell… uhhh… can tell when I”ve got a virgin ass around. And, man, this asshole feels right tight and good against… ughhhh against my… my cock!”

Brad was stammering, his voice tight, hoarse, cracked, as he fucked furiously. Then he paused for a moment, waiting for his excitement to calm down before fucking hard and fast again.

“Oh, no, no, you”re… you”re going to cum in… in my ass?”

Wendy bit her lower lip again, drawing blood. She felt the mounting pressure in her cunt match the rioting sensations in her asshole. Somehow they were connected. In some strange way his assfucking was making her cunt hot all over again, making her pussy muscles cramp and clutch as Brad”s cock kept on fucking her asshole.

“Ohhhh, man, soon, soon gonna dump my… uhhh… dump my load in your ass.”


Desperately, the woman ground her teeth together, whipping her ass up and down. She pulled and tugged at the silken bonds until she thought the belts were going to slice her wrists and ankles in two.

She had to have his cock in her cunt. It wasn”t fair, Wendy thought, to work her up that way, and then pull out and fuck her ass. She had to have that hunk of prickmeat sliding in and out of her pussy, touching her clit.

“Fuck… fuck me,” she cried shamelessly.

Brad guessed what she was thinking, and snickered at her distress. He kept fucking her in the ass, his fingers now straying down from her tits to her pussy and toying with her clit and cuntlips.

It was too much, for her to stand. She whimpered and begged him to pull his cock from her ass and put it in her cunt.

“Yagggghhhh…” she moaned.

Yet part of her mind wanted more cock in her ass. Being fucked in the ass or having a man”s prick in her asshole was exciting in its own way. The silk cutting into wrists and ankles, the strange position she was in, the beating, and now this assfucking, both elated and repelled her.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Brad panted.

Wendy shivered from the force of his fucking blows. The tempo of his ass-ripping cock increased. Wendy found herself squeezing her asshole muscles tightly around his prickmeat, trying to drag out more of those sensuous tingles from her nerves.

She didn”t care how much it hurt her, how much her mind was revolting against the idea of having his cock in her ass. She just wanted to have his cock drive into her again and again, until the spinning excitement in her asshole exploded.

Brad fucked with all his might. He shoved back and forth, in and out, his flesh glistening with sweat while his muscles tightened and bulged. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed. From between parted lips he snorted little grunts of pleasure.

“Oh, oh, ooohhh…” Wendy responded to his thrusts.

Nothing could stop her rush of feelings now. Ass or cunt, it didn”t matter. Wendy could feel the orgasm rushing up from the depths of her body, spreading to all her nerve endings.

She cried out wildly, her fingers clawing her wrists, the soles of her feet. Her cuntlips milked more juice from her pussy hole while heat slicked up the sides of her clit. She jerked her head to one side and breathed heavily.

“Uhhhhhh…” Brad gasped.

All of her senses were focused on her cunt and her asshole. Her stretching, tearing ring of ass muscle gained more and more pleasure from Brad”s fucking prick rod. Wendy panted and went blank. She was being fucked, fast and hard by his cock.

The way her cunt responded now made the woman almost numb to any pain in her ass. She was even beginning to like what was happening. The jam of his cock in her asshole, the idea of being roped, tied, then fucked in the ass, excited her. She whimpered and jerked, her body alive, writhing under his stabbing cock.

“Go for it, bitch, go for it!”

Brad grunted loudly now, his cock pulling out, sucking her guts down. Only the head of his big prick stayed inside her asshole.

Wendy cried again, feeling the flaring sides of his cockhead tugging at the lining of her ass walls, puckering them outward. The woman screamed, bunching her ass back and forth in fast strokes.

“Yeah, yeah…” he huffed.

With another grunt, Brad rammed his cock back into her ass. Wendy screamed and her arms tugged viciously at the binding belts. His cock slammed into her repeatedly. The big man shouted as his body bounced against hers. And then he was cumming, firing his load into her ass. She could feel his cum shooting into her asshole.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh.”

“Fuck, baby, fuck, I”m… ughhh… I”m blowin” my wad in you!”

Wendy”s pussy sucked shut on thin air. She could almost hear the cunt walls slapping against one another. Her body thrashed madly oh the bed, her toes cramping, her fingers straightening and trembling as his white-hot jism spattered against her ass chute. “Unnnnhhhh…” she groaned.

The lightning jolts of heat in her cunt amplified the spasms in her ass. Wendy”s mind centered on her ass and clit. Every movement of Brad”s cock, every feeling of his prick spurting and slipping through more firing jizm sent her reeling higher.

“No!” she cried, feeling her cunt catch fire and explode.

She was cumming, climaxing without having a cock in her cunt. She wept crazily and her head snapped back and forth while she tugged wildly at the restraining belts. Chills rushed up and down her spine, exploding into her overloaded brain, as more and more jism shot from his prickhead and filled her ass.

Again she felt her pussy muscles snapping, convulsing, cramping as her clit vibrated wildly. Wendy was cumming more powerfully than ever before in her life. It shot her into a world beyond her physical senses.

“Ooohhh…” she cooed.

Wendy felt her world whirling around as her cunt slackened, the climactic waves ebbing until she sagged from her bonds on the bed. Brad was pulling out, grunting with satisfaction.

“Man, oh man, good hot pussy. Made me shiver like hell when you came that way, baby,” he said, pulling his wide, throbbing prickhead from her cunt.

The blonde closed her eyes in defeat, feeling his warm cum oozing from her ass and dribbling down her asscheeks. She had fucked a man, had really gotten laid. That”s what she”d hoped for this evening, that Brad would take her home and fuck her. But she hardly thought he”d do something like this to her.

“Please… please untie me and let me go home,” she whispered, turning her face up to him after several minutes of silence had passed.

Brad grunted again, reaching up and slowly unknotting the belts that held her wrists to her ankles. Wendy let out a shuddering groan of thanks. She felt her legs cramping down, her knees bending, her feet slipping away from the headboard and tumbling down to the mattress. She stretched and rocked her body slowly from side to side as she tried to work the cramps from her muscles. To one side she could still hear Brad breathing heavily.

“What about…” she began.

Wendy stared up at her wrists which were still held tightly to the headboard.

“I”m not through with you yet!”

“Please, don”t… just let me go. Please, I”ve got a daughter and she”s home alone and…”

“You think she”d wanna join us?” Brad asked mockingly, smirking down at the woman.


Thank God at least Dina couldn”t see this, Wendy thought. She wondered how long he was going to keep her here like this, bound to the bed, his prisoner, his willing victim.

Back at the house things weren”t any better for Dina.

“Yaggghhhh!” the teenager screamed. There was the sound of another slap as his knuckles bruised across her chin, sending Dina wheeling backward. Her knees buckled as her belly hit the back of the sofa. She reached frantically forward, clawing at the material. Shaking her head, trying to focus her eyes, Dina fought back another scream as the big man came up to her.

He had made a call to some friends of his. There would be another tormentor. He was already on his way over.

Turning around, Dina glanced at the ship clock sitting on the yawning fireplace mantel. Nine o”clock. Her mother said she probably wouldn”t be home until past midnight. Three hours to go, and even then, Dina thought, what could her mother do? If she surprised them, wouldn”t she be a victim as well? She wondered.

Dina moaned, sinking to the floor. Once more she had tried to make a break for it, and once more Jack had caught her, beating her to the floor.

“You try that again and you”ll be shittin” teeth for the next week.”

Dina shook her head. She wasn”t going to cross him, not any longer. The girl could see the consequences, and they made her tremble.

“Just to make sure… come on…”

His paw-like hands gripped her upper arm, tugging her up off the floor.


Her wailing protests bounced off the walls as she felt herself dragged across the living room floor. She stumbled once more.

“Where”s the fuckin” bedroom,” Jack demanded, pausing in the hall.

“Th-there,” Dina said, nodding in the direction of the second opened door, sniffing back the tears.

Jack pulled her after him. He grabbed her by the shoulders when they reached the doorway and shoved her back hard.

“Ooohhh!” she cried.

Dina fell on her naked ass, brought both hands down and began scooting back in terror from the approaching man. Jack towered over her, his eyes almost glowing in the dark. The girl could once more feel the scratching sensation of the carpet piling against her upper thighs and asscheeks. She kept scurrying back toward the bed, her eyes wide, bulging, focused on her tormentor. Then she felt her spine banging against the front legs of her bed.

“This the closet?” Jack asked.

He was standing by a door near her. Dina nodded her head. She reached up to wipe a stray tear from under her eye. Jack hummed same tune while he opened the door and spread the clothes from one another. She heard the strangely comforting soft rustle of moving clothes. He stepped in a little farther, always keeping an eye on the trembling girl.

“Hank oughtta be here in a bit. Gotta keep you busy, though,” Jack muttered under his breath.

Dina saw him gripping something, and tugging back. It was an inch-wide leather belt she used at times for her slacks. Jack was examining it, running his fingers up and down the length and checking its texture.

“Mine”s better, but I ain”t gonna leave you here to get it from the other room.”


He moved away from the opened closet door, gripping the belt tightly at one end. In a flash, the teen realized what he was going to do.

He held her belt as if he had a whip. Her eyes filled with the image of that belt gently swaying back and forth in front of his cock.

“Please, oh please don”t do this… don”t oh please…” she sobbed.

No one, not even her mother, had hit her before. Nothing could have prepared her for this. To be used as a where was one thing. But to be hurt was quite another.

“You ain”t got a choice. You”ve been real bad tryin” to get away from me. You gotta pay now, baby, pay high.”

Dina stared at the belt, terrified of what the payment might be. Nothing could prevent Jack from collecting.


Dina”s mind raced madly. Perspiration dotted her forehead and ran freely out from under her arms. She couldn”t guess at the depths Jack might sink to and try dragging her to. It was all so new to her.


Her mind just couldn”t grasp the twistings of Jack”s mind, the way it was working… or failing to work.

“No…” she pleaded.

Dina slid backward, her terror-stricken eyes, focused on that big advancing animal, the awful brown belt swinging in front of him. Dina”s scalp crawled, tingled with her fear.


She gripped the bed, tugging at the sheets. In a last, desperate effort, the girl twisted around and ran from him, speeding toward the closet on all fours. Her tits hung down low, her nipples brushing over the carpet. She could hear Jack behind her, hear him laughing as she headed for the closet. If only she could get there, hide among the clothes, shut the door and lock it she”d be safe for a while.

Dina felt her head brushing against her clothes, smelled the pungent aroma of mothballs invade her nose. She was halfway inside when the girl felt a hand gripping her ankle.

Jack pulled back hard, making her fall on her face and strike her chin hard on the floor. He dragged her back toward the bed, after kicking the closet door shut.


There was no escape now, no place for her to run. He had closed the bedroom door as well and now stood in front of it, tapping the belt against his foot.

“Oh no, no, no…”

Again the girl slid back until she felt the bed against her flesh. Outside she could hear a dog barking. A car sped down the street. Life was normal, even boring for most people out there tonight. If only they could realize what was going on here and call the police, she wished.

Dina shut her eyes and bit down hard on her lower up, shaking her head from one side to the other. Nothing would happen, no one would come.

“Uhhhhhh…” she moaned.

“The race is over, baby. All over.”

He snapped the belt, its leather cracking menacingly. Dina shivered, drawing both hands protectively over her tits.

“Now it”s time for me, again. We”re gonna see how good you are at this.”

Dina opened her eyes once more, watching as Jack cocked his arm back, drawing the leather belt back. It made a broad S above his head, straightening quickly with a loud pop that echoed in the small room.

Again the girl cringed, sinking her head into her shoulders as she tucked her legs back protectively. She half turned around, her arms pressing harder against her sides.


The brown belt hissed through the air, cutting the shadows, descending on the girl. Just as she started to scoot away a third time, the leather found its target, slicing into the flesh just below her last rib.


There was a terrible sensation of heat followed by the sting of tire belt. Dina sobbed, brushing her hair from her face. Looking up, she saw Jack swinging the belt over his head once more. He laughed, then brought it down a second time. It seemed to come toward her in slow motion.


Again the belt, again the terrible slicing pain that nearly made her faint. It chewed the flesh along her right hip, leaving a long red mark on her skin.

Dina screamed again and again mindlessly, scooting away, banging into a wall. She turned around, confronting her tormentor once more. The belt came down, striking her on the shoulder. Dina shrieked, her body jerking. Still yelping, she rolled away, clawing at the carpeting.


The belt came down on her asscheeks, the end licking into her asscrack. But instead of producing pain alone, there was a pleasurable heat that exploded, shooting to her clit and producing delight.

Dina was back on her ass, her spine pressed against an end table as the belt swung through the air. It came down a third and fourth time, criss-crossing her flesh, overloading her brain with conflicting messages. Panic swelled as Jack stopped for a moment.

He grunted, shaking himself, but he wasn”t stopping. The belt came down yet again, tearing across her soft asscheeks.

Dina let out a piercing shriek, recoiling from the force of that snapping blow. The needle sharp heat was bringing more and more tears to her eyes.

But, strangely, there was also a pleasurable heat beginning around her clit, making her tiny sex spindle stand up once more… just as it had when he”d sucked her cunt, then fucked her pussy. It was a stroking coil of heat that made the girl pant.


Again the belt bit into her flesh. Again the heat snapped at her clit. And again Dina whimpered then shrieked, her throat growing sore from screaming.

Jack stopped, throwing the belt to one side. He was wiping the sweat from his face, glaring down at her.

Dina shriveled into a ball, pressing hard against the end table. Her body ached. The belt had left stinging marks all over her flesh. She sniffed, rubbing the sore places, still trying to understand why her clit was so hot, so deliciously warm and tight and wet.

Now Jack was standing near her, his cock straight out, his balls tight against his prick root. He was going to fuck her again. She knew could see it in his eyes. He was going to drive his cockmeat through her cunt a second time.

“Oooohhhh!” she moaned fearfully.

“Get up and get on there.”

Jack was rough, hauling her up from the floor and dropping her heavily on the mattress. Dina draped one arm over her eyes, fighting back more screams.

She felt as if she were about to go crazy with fear and pain. Dina tried desperately to control herself.

Suddenly Jack was gone. Dina slid her arm from her eyes, propping herself up. She felt a nagging ache in her shoulders and back from all the beating. But in spite of this she felt relief.

Jack came back, his shirt in one hand. “Took a chance you wouldn”t try anything stupid… like runnin” away.”

Dina bit her lip. She could have slipped out the window, thrown herself through the glass if necessary. Why hadn”t she realized he”d gone out for a moment?

“You look cold, baby.”

“No… I… I just want you to go, that”s all,” she stammered, drawing back on the bed.

“That ain”t gonna happen right now.” She watched with the interest of a condemned man watching his executioner sharpening the blade of the ax. He was fishing around in one pocket, pulling out a lighter and crumpled pack of cigarettes.

“Want one?”

Dina wrinkled up her nose and turned her head away. She smoothed her fingers over the injured areas of her thighs.

“Don”t smoke, huh? Lots of people give it up,” Jack said, shrugging as he pulled a cigarette from the pack, then shoved the rest back in his shirt pocket.

She watched as he flipped open the top of the lighter and flicked. Blue sparks flew from around the lighter, then a flame shot up.

“What… what are you doing?”

Jack only smiled back at her, taking a few long puffs. Then he pulled the cigarette from his mouth, and blew smoke in her face. Dina coughed and turned her face away once more. She heard the clicking sound of the lighter top snapping shut.

“This is just a reminder, like the belt, that you don”t fuck around with me. You try somethin” like blabbin” to the cops later, or try to get away now, and I”m gonna work a number on you like you can”t believe.”

His voice was low, trembling. No, he wasn”t just doing this to teach her a lesson. No, Jack liked hurting people, women in particular. She could see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice. He liked watching women, trembling under him, getting hurt. And then he”d fuck them with his cock, using his prickmeat like a weapon. And if the women were anything like her, they eventually came around, licked his cock, ate his balls, enjoyed every second of it.

“Ooohhh…” she gasped.

He passed the burning cigarette tip from thigh to thigh, keeping the smoldering ashes at least an inch or so away from her flesh.

Dina shut her eyes tightly, curling her fingers tightly into fists and digging the nails into her soft palms. She couldn”t take it, couldn”t take the idea of being scarred like that for life.

She felt her ass muscles loosening. Piss dribbled out from her slit, wetting down her thighs and the sheets under her ass. She was losing complete control as heat singed the white fuzz covering her belly. The girl tightened her abdominal muscles, scooting back slowly on the bed, feeling as if she were about to faint at any moment.

“Oooooohhhh!” Dina moaned.

Yet that super heat felt deliciously good. It was just as when he”d fucked her. All that brutality, all that knocking around still made her gasp with delight. It was something she couldn”t understand.

Again she let out a little whimper, breathing with wheezing sounds through her nostrils. She loved it as much as she hated it. The thought of him fucking her, of him stabbing her with his cock after having burned her with that cigarette made her whimper with lust.


“Mmmmmm, you”re turning on, huh, baby?”

He puffed his cigarette again, dropping the ashes on her belly. Dina flinched, her flesh knocking off the hot black refuse. She opened her eyes again, her irises dilated. Her fear and confusion became more intense.

When she saw the cigarette come out of his mouth she knew he was going to go back to his burning trick again. The gray smoke curled over both their heads, and the pungent aroma of burning tobacco made her nose wrinkle.

Dina felt the blood rushing from her face. She lay there, a victim of Jack, and a victim of her own hot body. The feelings rioting through her, taking her over, were ones she had never expected, never heard of before.

She felt the wet sheets gathering up under her asscheeks as Jack moved the cigarette back down toward her flesh. She saw those burning ashes, the glowing red tip, the smoke curling up from the blackening paper. The terrified blonde teen rubbed her naked legs against the mattress, reaching back to grab for anything.

“Uhhhhhh… ooohhh!” she wailed.

Dina felt her thigh, and stomach muscles tightening so hard that they cramped.

Jack reached down, holding her open with one hand, as he moved the glowing cigarette over her cunt. He burned several blonde curls surrounding her cuntlips, watching as more drops of pussy juice oozed from her fuckslot and wet down her thighs.

“Yeah, yeah, you really dig this,” he insisted, moving the cigarette slowly up and down, burning the curled tips of her blonde cunt hairs.

Dina shivered, sucking in her breath. Her head quivered and her neck muscles pressed out against her flesh.

She could think only about one thing. He was going to scorch her clit. Yes, she was sure he would burn her cunt and torch her clit.

“Stop it!” Dina screamed as she jerked her hand forward, knocking his away from between her thighs. Jack”s face darkened. He slapped her across the face, then backhanded her with his knuckles.

Bright lights popped in front of her while a throbbing ache developed quickly in her jaw. She thought he might have loosened one of her teeth.

Dina shook her head, sobbing, feeling his burning cigarette still warming her thighs, her cunt. More juice seeped from her fuck slit, perhaps flowing to protect her cunt from the burning ashes Jack was threatening to drop in there.

“No… please, don”t… don”t burn me there… I”ll do anything,” she panted, peering at him through her curtain of blonde hair.

Jack reached down with his free hand and gave his cock a few jacking movements, then moved his fingers back to her cunt and held it open. The cigarette drifted down a little closer to her wet, quivering flesh.

Dina”s eyes widened even more, her nostrils flaring. A whimper bubbled up from her throat. Her finger worked, clawing at the sheets, tearing them with her nails.

“Nooooo!” she begged. “Don”t.”

There was a moment”s hesitation. And then he touched her cunt, burning the muscles just below her clit.

Dina felt ice cold for a moment followed by an overwhelming sensation of burning heat that wrenched a scream from her throat. She twisted away from Jack. He reached out, spun her back around, and dropped the burning tip of his cigarette back to her cunt.


It was the worst pain she”d ever felt. Her legs fought to close around the terrible, burning needle. But he was still keeping her open, smirking at her futile attempts to beat him away.

“No, no, no!”

She was sobbing hysterically, beating at him with her fists, her asscheeks bucking on the bed. Jack smiled broadly, throwing his cigarette away on the floor. He played his fingers over her injured flesh. Slowly, gradually, the girl calmed down, her reddened face streaked with tears.

“I… I… oh you animal!” she cried, shaking her head violently.

Dina watched his expression. He was excited by what was happening here. Was he going to fuck her, she wondered?

The girl tried to fight her rising passion. The thought of someone doing that to her now thrilled her beyond her wildest dreams.

“You want cock, baby?”

Though she tried, Dina couldn”t reason away her desire. She had become one of those cock-happy bitches her mother had always warned her about.

He was on top of her in a moment, his fingers gripping her wrists and pulling them down and apart to each side of the mattress while his knees knocked hers apart.

Dina threw back her head and let out a wild cry of horrified joy. Tears sprang from her eyes. At last, his cock was sliding through her singed cunthair, his fat prickhead pushing against her cuntlips, threatening to slip into her fuckhole. There was no threat to her. There was only a promise of being fucked by Jack”s fat, long prick rod.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

He had her by the hair, pulling at it, cursing in her ear, as he centered his meaty cockhead over her hole. In a moment she”d have his cock inside her, her belly swollen with his meat.

Suddenly, there was a loud knocking at the door, a tensing of the body on top of her, and the sensation of Jack sliding off.


“So this is the little bitch, huh?” Jack”s friend Hank had arrived. From a brief conversation they had in the living room Dina learned the two had been in a kind of loose partnership for the past year. Jack did a lot of the housebreaking while Hank fenced what goods he found. They were small-time hoods who enjoyed lording what power they could over people like Dina.

After nearly fucking her, Jack slipped off the bed with Dina, dragging her in tow behind him. He still held her by one wrist, naked, shivering, feeling dirty as the young man quickly told his buddy what he”d done to the girl so far.

“And ain”t nobody comin” here for a while?” Hank asked, scratching his blonde beard and studying the trembling girl with interest.

“She”s got an old lady. But she ain”t gonna be back “til after midnight. We got time,” Jack said, turning around and checking the mantel clock once more.

“Digs pain, huh?”

Hank had closed and locked the front door behind him. For a brief moment Dina caught sight of the street, of the lights burning brightly in the house across the way. People were happy, watching television perhaps, while she was busy entertaining two rapists.

“No… he”s lying… he”s…”


Jack twisted her wrist behind her. Dina let out a sharp squeal, her face reddening and pinching. She twirled her body around and bent at the waist. Her knees buckled.

“Not good to upset my buddy here,” Hank said.

He was a little shorter than Jack, his head somewhat oblong and covered with an unruly mop of blonde hair. He had a slightly darker beard and moustache which were not too neatly trimmed. His long arms and legs suggested he might be a farmer or ranch hand.

Although the two men were different in appearance, however, their sexual tastes were the same. They enjoyed hurting women, pushing them to the limits, then fucking their brains out. To watch a woman crawl far prickmeat after having been beaten was one of Hank”s most enjoyable sights.

“Come on. Let”s go crazy with this fuckin” bitch. She”s gonna take care of both of us real good.”

Dina struggled as Jack held her tightly. He pressed his knee against her lower back and shoved her forward. She stumbled, recovered her balance, then stumbled again over the doorway into her bedroom.

“Good, man, real good pussy,” Jack sighed as his buddy started pulling off his white, cotton t-shirt and loosened his Levi”s. Dina stood by the bed, her disbelieving eyes moving from one man to the other. Jack was rubbing his cock and balls, closing his eyes, while his fingers slurped cockjuice over his prick rod.

“Yeah, looks good to me. You burned her cunt, huh, and she dug it?” Hank asked, his thin lips curled into a smile as he stepped from his jeans.

“Yeah, and she dug it. I me… I mean, she really dug it!”

“No, no, that”s not true,” Dina protested, her mind whirling.

“Sure, yeah.”

Hank stepped out of his pants. He was big, nearly as big as Jack. He scratched his cock, a fat piece of prickmeat that began to rise steadily, quickly, from its dangling position between his muscular legs. Her eyes shot from one man to the other, her heart beating faster with each passing second.

“No! No! No!”

Hank moved behind her, grabbing her upper arms and tugging them back behind her until the elbows nearly touched one another. He drew closer. She could feel his meaty cockhead working between her asscrack, feel his hairy legs pressing against hers. He was breathing heavily on the back of her neck.

Jack came up to her, his cock still sticking straight out like a pole, his prickhead brushing over her cuntlips.

She felt her pussy spasm. In spite of her protests, the girl felt her body exploding into heat. The sensation of his cock pressing into her ass made her heart skip a bet. This was all new to the girl, yet she was reacting to it powerfully. Jack”s cock had done that, had stripped away her old values.

“You can”t… can”t, not both of you… no, not both…”

She kept moaning as the two men drew closer to her. She felt Hank”s fingers crawling all over her arms while he moved his hips from side to side, squeezing his hefty hunk of prickmeat into her sweaty asscrack.

In front Jack was bunching into her, the full length of his cock rubbing up and down against her cuntlips. A wildfire exploded between her legs, sapping the girl of what little resistance she could have mustered.

Hank was walking her toward the bed, his knees pressing into the backs of hers. Dina groaned, feeling her legs hitting the front of the mattress. She could feel the big, blonde man trying to slip his cock between her legs. Shifting slightly, Dina let his cockhead work between her smooth thighs and inch toward her cunt.

“Man, you were right,” Hank groaned as his buddy stepped to one side and watched.

“She… uhhh… she pretends she don”t want it. But man, man, she”s nuts for cock.”

Dina was too worked up to protest. They could tell her anything they wanted, call her any name they wanted. It was all too true.

She was gasping and crying out, feeling his prickhead working between her legs. When he started twisting and grinding behind her, the blonde teen wriggled back.

Suddenly she felt his cock working its way through and shoving up toward her juice slicked cuntlips. A new rush of heat made the furry cunt mound between her legs quiver once more, her nerve endings trembling with pleasure.

“Oooooooohhh,” she smiled.

He was fucking her, stabbing his thick cockhead into her pussy hole and shoving it in. Dina snapped her head back, growling, her long blonde hair splashing over her throat.


Hank moaned appreciatively behind her, grinding his hips up against her plump asscheeks. Hunching forward again, he plunged the entire length of his cock into her pussy. Hank was gripping her so tightly round the waist that he squeezed the breath from her as he fucked her doggie style.

“No, oh stop…”

He had let go of her arms. His fingers pinched her asscheeks, and he slammed his cock into her pussy.

Dina shrieked, her knees buckling as she pitched forward. There was a terrible sinking feeling. She lost her balance and fell.

In a moment Hank had tucked his legs up under her body and was fucking her doggie style hard and fast, his arms gripped around her waist.

“Ugh! Ugh!” he panted.

It had happened quickly. He was shoving his prick rod between her cuntlips in short, fast strokes. Dina felt his breath against the back of her neck, his fingers spreading out along her belly. He was touching her all over.

“Go for it, man, go for it,” Jack encouraged, jacking off his cock while watching.

“Uuuhhh… fuck!” Hank cried out again, gripping her tighter. He was giving her several hard strokes, then snapped back his head and let out a shout. “Can”t… ughhh… can”t stop, man gonna shoot it!”

Dina heard the cry and dropped her head, her hair spilling over her knuckles. He was fucking as if she were some mindless whore. There was no concern for how she felt. There was nothing but hard cocks throbbing and jerking, waiting to squeeze inside her pussy and cum.

“Noooo!” Dina cried out, clawing at the coverlet, trying to crawl away from the men.

She could feel his cock sliding deeper and harder into her cunt. She felt his hairy groin rubbing up against her ass, his balls slapping sexily while his prick shot in and out, in and out of her pussy.

“Oh God!”

Dina thrust her ass back, rubbing her asscheeks against his hairy belly, wanting more sensation from his back. If they were going to keep fucking her, she was going to try and enjoy herself.

“Uhhhh…” Hank moaned.

Her fingers curled, the nails tearing at the bedspread while her ass bobbed frantically up and down. She bit fiercely into the coverlet.

Hank fucked her, harder and faster. The force of his fucking blows sent ripples rushing over flesh. Dina”s tits swung forward, slapping against one another.

Fucking. Hard, good, fucking. Dina loved it. She loved it as much as the idea of having these hoods fucking her.

“Get it on, man, go for it! Go on, drive that little slut nuts with your cock,” Jack encouraged from beside the bed.

“Yeah, man, she”s good… and… good and tight. You were right,” Hank said, pausing for a second, shaking the sweat from his face, then starting his fucking all over again. “Man, it”s like fuckin” some Goddamned virgin! Shit, baby, you”re real good.”

“Oooh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!” Dina moaned.

She didn”t want to cum, not just yet. No, they had plans for her and she wanted to be up for it.

“You shoot, man, then I”ll slide in on your cum and fuck “er “til she shoots. Tie it on, man, tie it on! Give it to “er “til she splits open!” Jack growled.

“Uhhhh… now, fuck, gonna uhhhhhh… gonna shoooot!” he cried.

Dina felt his legs press up against her thighs hard, felt his body start to jerk against hers. A funny strangled sound came from Hank”s throat.

His prick stopped pistoning in and out of her cunt now, and his fat cock jerked against her pussy walls. He was cumming. He was shooting his load in her cunt, dumping his jism into her body.


Dina clawed at the coverlet again, feeling her mind whirling around. Being fucked by Hank, having his cock firing cum inside her was the most exciting thing in her whole life.

The thought of this strange stud”s prick rod firing white wads of jism against her cunt walls drove Dina half mad with delight. She closed her eyes, her body twitching against his, the plump slicked asscheeks jiggling from her violent movements as the teen searched for new sensations, for more prickmeat to satisfy herself with.

“Uhhhhh…” she whined.

“Too fuckin” much, man! We could do lots with this little bitch,” Hank panted, wiping the sweat off his forehead as he backed out.

Dina felt her cunt muscles tighten, cinching hard around his withdrawing cock. Hank laughed at her gripping pussy, slapping her ass with both hands. He watched her white, wet ass mounds jiggle, then turn red under his light beating while her cunt still clasped and milked at his sliding cock.

“Uhhh, fuck, she don”t wanna let… uhhhhh… let go!”

He paused, his cock still hard, moving his prick back and forth in rapid jerking movements.

Dina went wild. She grunted, feeling as if the world had crashed down into her cunt. Her pussy walls fluttered, clasped at his cock, then wrapped tightly around his fat prick rod, pulling it back down into her body. She growled through clenched teeth, clawing, tearing at the sheets like a woman possessed.

“Baby, that”s enough for me. You got my buddy to fuck around with,” Hank whispered, puffing his cock out with a loud, squishy sound.


“Get around, bitch, move it,” Jack ordered.

He slid onto the bed, reaching down and grabbing hold of the girl by her knees. Dina groaned when he flipped her onto her back.

Jack climbed on top of her, inching her knees back. The pressure from that position opened her cuntlips stickily until the dark, red, moist meat could be seen by both Jack and Hank.

“She”s over bein” shy,” Jack muttered, laughing softly as he kept working his fingers over his prickmeat.

Dina gazed above her heaving tits at the two thieves. They were hefty studs, big men. But Hank had already shot his load. She could still see her glistening juices on his limp cock. But Jack was still hard, hard enough to make her cunt feel so good.

Dina moaned, jerking her knees together, then letting them sag slowly apart. She whipped her ass around in small, frantic circles. The teen was breathing hotly through her nostrils, swallowing, feeling her body ache for the big man. She was panting for cockmeat, wanting and needing anything these men threw at her!


“Go for it, baby, come on, move that ass around. Show me you want it,” Jack said.

She wanted his prick, wanted it sliding up between her legs and into her cunt. Hank had warmed her up. Now it was Jack”s turn to finish her off, make her feel that wild, climactic rush of sensations that drove her mad.

It was just a game now. Her protests meant little to them, nothing to her. Jack was on top of her, his fingers pulling at her hair to make her cry out. Her head snapped back from the pressure and pain.

He didn”t have to hold her that way. She wasn”t about to run off again. But that was just his way, his way of enjoying himself, of watching her writhe in pain under his body while he fucked her.

“Uhhhhhh…” Dina grunted.

Jack growled, then shoved his mouth down onto hers. His teeth ground against hers, and his tongue drove down into her mouth, wriggling from side to side.

She fought back, fencing with him while spit drooled from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. The excited teen wasn”t about to stop him now. She could feel his cockhead jabbing for her cunt.

“Ohhhhffff…” Jack puffed.

He found it. She felt his prickhead slipping through her cum-smeared pussy hairs.

“Man, oh man, this is somethin” else ughhhh, yeah, fuckin” in on your cum.”

Dina shivered, feeling the big stud”s prick sliding past her outer cuntlips, his cockhead pressing against the slick folds and hollows of her cunt. The thickness and hardness of his prickmeat thrilled her, made her wallow her shoulderblades against the mattress. It was his flesh against hers, his cock into her, fucking her, getting her hot enough to hunch back onto him.

“You don”t wanna stop now, do you, baby? You don”t want me to pull out, do you?”

“Nooooo!” she begged, reaching up and grabbing hold of his shoulders. “No, fuck fuck…”

“Take it, baby, take my cock.”

He was grunting down at her, his tight skinned prickmeat sliding in on the film of his buddy”s cum. His ass shoved down fast, sending his cock rod steaming in and out of her cunt as fast as he could.

“Slow down, man, don”t blow it like I did,” Hank advised as he lay down on the bed to watch them.

Dina could smell his pussy-soaked cock near her face. He had stretched out so his prick was even with her mouth. As she felt Jack shoving his cock into her body, she turned her head and opened her mouth wide.

“Hey, man, the bitch wants to suck cock. Sorry, baby, I can”t get hard yet. You just concentrate on that cock in your cunt. We”ll take care of the other later,” Hank said, laughing at her desperate attempts to suck his prick.


Dina felt her cunt tightening up still more, squeezing down on his cock as it penetrated her body on the downstroke. She could feel his cockhead pounding her cunt harder and harder, her pussylips working shut on the swollen, hard prickmeat. She raised her legs up and wrapped them around Jack”s waist.

The girl felt his cock shove deeper inside her. His hard prickshaft was going wild, banging against her cunt walls, his balls slapping loudly against her upturned ass.

Tremors of wild need and delight were shaking her body. Soon she was going to make it, going to cum with his fat cock fucking into her soppy fuckhole.

“Ohhhh… oh you… you don”t know… ooohhh… God!”

She gripped Jack harder, her head rolling on the pillow, that smell from Hank”s cock still in her nose as she started to climax.

“Give it to her, man, she”s goin” for it. I can tell she”s goin” for it!” Hank encouraged.

Jack grunted, his hips shoving down harder and faster. His cock punched into her pussy. As the spasms in her cunt became stronger, the girl moaned and thrashed in his arms. Her legs beat against his sides.

She wanted more friction, more throbbing prick rushing through her cunt, heating up her pussy, making her clit throb so hard she thought it was going to explode.

“Yaggghhhh!” she wailed.

Her climax was almost painful. The girl”s face twisted in breathless pleasure. Her fingernails raked over Jack”s shoulders.

“Gonna shoot, baby, gonna fill you up, you stupid mindless bitch!”

She didn”t care what he called her. His insults were almost welcome as she felt her cunt walls smashing against his fat cock and holding tightly, milking his prickmeat.

“Yeah, you slut, yeahhhh!”

Dina became rigid as her sore cunt unleashed an explosive climax, her orgasm coming in so strong she nearly passed out. Her pussy gripped Jack”s cock hungrily.

They bucked and thrashed, the bed squeaking and groaning under them as they fell into a fiery whirlpool of sensual release. Dina”s cunt was devouring his cock, raging from the milking, sucking movements of her wet pussy muscles.

Finally she lay still, moaning softly.

“Un-fuckin” believable!” Jack panted, sending his prickmeat stroking into her slowly, gently while Hank licked his dry lips and ran his fingers over Dina”s nipples.

“She sure don”t act like no virgin. Man, she acts like she”s been fuckin” for years,” he commented, pinching her red tit tip until the teen squealed.

“Naw. She was cherry, man. I know, I took it. She”s just one of them broads who digs lots of cock. Man, once they get it, they just can”t stop.”

He paused for a second, scratching his balls.

“Hey, she said she”s got an old lady comin” in around midnight. What time is it?”

Hank checked his wristwatch. “Ten-thirty.”

“Wonder if the old lady”s as hot as she is?” Jack said.

A chill of horror shot through the girl. What would her mother think, seeing her daughter stripped like that, Dina thought, listening to the men talking about her, about how she liked getting fucked?

“Yeah, maybe the old lady”s hotter”n this one,” Jack said, trailing his fingers over her body.

Dina chilled, shrinking away from his touch. Reality began to trickle in. They were talking about lying in wait, for her mother, jumping her, fucking her the way she”d been fucked.

“No, don”t… don”t…”

“Ahhhh, ain”t that cute,” Hank said, laughing at the teen”s distress. “She”s worried about the old lady. Well, bitch, you take care of us real nice and maybe we”ll be too fuckin” tired to jump “er.”

“I”m gettin” horny again. Hey, maybe the two of us can fuck the little slut. She”d dig that, I”ll bet. Bet she”d go nuts havin” two cocks inside… one up the ass, and the other in her cunt,” Jack said, glaring at her with eyes afire.

“Yeah, we ain”t done somethin” like that for a long time… like a week, huh?”

Both men laughed, then began sliding up against the terrified girl.

But then Dina thought of what they said about being too tired to do anything with her mother. She had to be the one to suffer to keep her mother safe. She had to protect her mother by sacrificing herself.

“Yes, baby, this is going to be real nice, real nice,” Hank said, sliding his fingers over her ass and spreading her asscheeks apart.

She felt his callused fingertip touching her asshole and flinched. He was going to fuck her in the ass Dina realized.

Wendy was fighting for what little dignity she had left. Brad had untied her wrists from the bedposts, tough her wrists were still tied tightly together.

For a while he amused himself by sliding up on her upper arms and feeding her his cock.

His knees nearly broke her bones when he slammed his cock against the back of her throat. His warm, thick cum washed over the sides of her mouth and made her gasp for breath between swallows.

Brad soon tired of this game. He pulled back and stared down at the helpless woman who panted heavily. Her eyes were wide, focused, glittering with fear and the same animal sensuality he felt coursing through his body.

“You wanna be fucked like a wild woman, huh? You like this, like it a lot?”

Wendy shook her head, although she knew she was lying. The woman enjoyed leather smacking against her flesh. She loved the electric sensations rioting around her clit, enjoyed having him lord over her even if it meant enduring the pain and humiliation Brad doled out.

“Come on… I got a workbench downstairs you might wanna see.”

Brad lifted her gently from the bed, almost as if she were his child. He led Wendy barefooted, down the hall. They stopped for a moment by the bathroom. He grabbed two robes, sliding one over her shoulders while slipping one loosely over his body.

She tripped along him behind him down the hall, past the darkened living room, into the kitchen, then to a large door to the right of the stove. Brad stepped in front of her and opened it, reaching around and flicking on a light switch.

“Down,” he ordered.

She found herself descending a wooden staircase to what appeared to be a fruit cellar. The concrete walls were painted a light green. It was chilly and damp as she reached the bottom, her soles aching from the cold.

“Over there,” Brad muttered.

There were few items in the small basement room. A work bench was shoved to one side. It was outfitted with several cuffs… two up front, two at the back… attached to the sides.

“I bring more… “advanced” dates down here,” Brad said, smiling down at her as he removed the robe and pushed her toward the table.

Wendy stopped and looked quizzically at the big man behind her. He smiled, then reached down and grabbed her around the waist, hauling her up and over. With a grunt the woman was sitting on the splintery bench top.

Brad shoved her down. He sliced the silken belt from her wrists with a nearby pocket knife, and slipped one wrist into an upper iron cuff. Wendy twisted her head around, staring as he closed the second half of the cuff and bolted it shut. He did the same with the other cuff, forcing her arms into a broad Y over her head.

“Now the feet.”

He moved with grim, determination, sliding first the right, then the left ankle onto the forward cuffs. They were positioned in such a way that her knees were bent slightly up and out, revealing her cunt.

“This is insane!” she cried.

“Not really,” Brad retorted calmly, turning around and opening the drawer of a cabinet which stood to one side. He dipped his hand in, then pulled out an assortment of various objects that looked like earrings.


Brad moved down to her legs, tugging them wider apart. He took the first iron object, opened the screw, and centered it on her right cuntlip.

Wendy shivered at the cold touch of the metal and tried to snap her knees together. Brad barked at her, hitting the woman roughly on her knee. The pain and his command made her stop. She fought down a scream as the screw tightened, tightened until she thought he was going to tear her pussy lip with it.

“Now the other.”

Wendy gritted her teeth in pain as he fastened the other screw to her left cuntlip, letting the heavy object pull her pussy wide open. She groaned, feeling helpless and exposed.

Brad went back to the drawer, fished around once more, and pulled out two more rings. He reached up to her tits. She felt the metal squeezing her nipples slowly into their grip.

“Uhhhh…” she whined as be screwed the devices tighter.

Wendy tried moving her body around, but the cuffs were scraping her chafed flesh, and splinters were stabbing asscheeks.

“Now, we”ll start to have some fun, right?” he sneered.

As she watched helplessly, Brad disrobed, sliding the silk garment off his body.

The iron against her cunt and nipples was strangely exciting, adding a kind of sharp edge to her fear. Her cunt ran with pussy juice. Wendy”s muscles were tense with fear and expectation. Her heart battered against her ribcage, and her pulse thundered in her ears.

He moved up, curled his fingers into a fist, then he punched her hard in the belly.

“Eeeeaaayaaaggghhh!” she shrieked, writhing madly on the bench.

The splinters tore more painfully at her asscheeks. The woman gasped for air, coughing and choking, fighting for her breath. Slowly, gradually, it returned.

“Just the start, Wendy, just the start.”

She looked up at him, her belly hurting, her body tensing at the threat in his words.


“Go for it, bitch, go for it!”


Brad had picked up a strip of leather from the drawer and began striking her with it. He created a pattern of red welts around her hips, matching the long red stripes still there from the earlier belting.


Fires of sheer agony raged through the woman. She stared at the dirty ceiling, at the yellow lightbulb barely illuminating the small, dank area. The air stank with dampness and mold while Brad kept hitting her again and again with that strip.


“Beg for it, you fuckin” bitch. Beg for it, beg for my prick!”

He was growing more excited, aroused by his own words, his actions. He used the leather strip now on the tops of her nipples, hitting them as they stayed squeezed between the iron screws. Tears of shame and pain rolled freely down her cheeks.

“No, no! Oh God, God, you beast!” she shouted, twisting her head. “You animal, animal! I won”t give in, I won”t!”

Brad smiled at her. This was what he wanted, what he heeded. He threw himself down on her and ate at her mouth, stabbing his cock against her cunt.

“No, no, no!”

“Haven”t had enough, right?” Brad asked, smirking down at her.

He raised his body slightly, rearing back, then whipped the flat of his hand against her face. Wendy”s head jerked from the force of his blows, her flesh feeling the heat of his slaps.

Now, in spite of any agony connected with his blows, there was wonderful heat flaming through her. Upstairs, in his bedroom, the big stud had changed her, had made her a savage just as wild as he.

“Fuck it out, baby, fuck it out! Go for it, go for it!”

He kept cursing Wendy, calling her names, names she now wanted to hear.

“God!” she moaned. “Ohhhhh…”

“By the time I get through with you, Wendy, you”re gonna be waitin” to date me every fuckin” evening. And you know what?” he said, pausing for a second. “I”m gonna want you down here all the time.”

“No, no, no!”

His body squirmed over hers, his cock sliding up and down the groove between her leg and belly. Brad was enjoying this teasing immensely. His tongue shot into her mouth, attacking every pink ridge inside while, at the same time, he gripped her hair and pulled. She was going wild with the pain, wild with the pleasure somehow connected to it.

“Uhhhhhh!” she cried in his mouth.

Wendy tasted his spit in her throat flames of wild thrills fanned higher in her body. She wanted more of this stimulation, more of his brutality and the pleasure she drew from it. Just the thought of being fucked by him after having endured so much at his hands drove her up the wall.

“Ughhhh…” Wendy moaned.

The pressure of the screws on her cuntlips and nipples made Wendy blush with lust. She wanted a cock, a fat prick inside her. She wanted Brad”s cock, his juicy prickmeat to rub life into her cunt.

“Fuck… fuck…” she muttered.

Wendy had torn her mouth away from his, panting and gasping. She wanted to get fucked, to be fucked out of her mind. The iron scraped her wrists and ankles, the burning sensation of the leather strap stung her flesh. Everything inflamed her senses, twisting all her thoughts to one idea… fucking.

“Oh yeah, yeah, you want it bad, real bad, don”tcha?” he whispered mockingly in her ear.

“Oh yesssss,” the woman hissed frantically. His fingers traveled all over her body, pausing to pinch her nipples. Then he used the flat of one palm to rub her clit.

Unholy lust filled her mind like a swelling cock fills a cunt. The image of getting fucked, of having her pussy stretched by his cock yet one more time, made Wendy gasp with delight. She was choking on her own spit from the growing excitement.

“Damn, damn!” Brad raved.

Her big tits heaved when his fingers concentrated on her sore nipples. She bit at him, only to have Brad shout back at her and slap her face. Her asscheeks started bouncing again, thumping wildly on the splintery workbench top.

This was much better than a soft bed. The firmness of the wood, the painful stabbing of those small, rotted pieces of wood pinching her white assflesh added somehow that much more enjoyment to her fucking. She loved everything that was happening to her. Just the thought of her pain added yet another degree to her already simmering cunt.

“… oooohhhh!” she sighed.

Then he was sitting on her chest, his knees pressing against her sides, his cock even with her mouth. Wendy could smell his musky prickmeat and the scent made her nostrils wrinkle with pleasure.

“Take it!”

She felt his fingers pulling at her hair again, felt his cockhead pressing against her lips, then sliding over her front teeth. The bulk of his prick rod forced her cheeks to puff out, and his balls rubbed over her chin. Brad”s knees tightened against her sides. He grunted and licked his lips with delight.

“Oh yeah, baby, yeah, feel it, feel my cock in your mouth!” he crooned.

His knees were sliding back and forth, rubbing up against her ribs. His cock banged against the back of her throat. Wendy swallowed the steadily oozing pre-cum.

“Go for it, suck it, lick the bottom of my cock, you fuckin” slut.”

While he spoke, Brad reached back and tugged at her cunthairs, puffing several out. He grabbed her clit between his thumb and forefinger and twisted it.

Wendy”s screams gurgled around his diving prick, feeling terrible pain searing at her. More saliva and cum trickled back down into her throat, choking her, making, her cough and wheeze.

Brad twisted harder, laughing at her as she sighed with the pain.

The big man”s fingers tightened around Wendy”s clit as her lips pressed around his cockhead. The woman sighed once more, feeling rising passion shooting through her body.

“Agggghhhhh!” she gasped.

The pain of having her clit twisted added to the delightful tingling rushing up and down her spine, finally sparking a flood of fiery thrills in her cunt.

“Fuck!” Brad gasped, throwing his head back while feeding more and more of his fat cock into her mouth.

Wendy was going wild. She tightened her mouth around his prickhead, making soft sucking sounds with the insides of her cheeks and her throat. Her mouth widened as she took more of his cockmeat between her lips.


“Go, baby, go. Man, you”re the best thing I”ve had between my fuckin” legs for a long time… a long time,” he murmured.

His knees eased off her cramped, aching arms. He smoothed his thumbs across her cheeks.

She still couldn”t quite understand why she was enjoying all of this so much. The weight, the heft, the bulk of his heavy cock clogging her mouth were sending shock waves through her.

Wendy was suddenly aware she was feeling small orgasms washing over her. Sucking his cock was doing this to her she realized.

Brad reached around once more and pinched her clit. He climbed back on top of her once more, sucking her right nipple, screw and all.


Slowly, very slowly he backed away, holding her down, spreading her open farther and farther. His lips chewed and mouthed her nipples… first the right, then the left, then the right again.

Wendy shuddered with delight, feeling the pressure of the screws on her cuntlips, then feeling the pressure of his cock as it began driving into her pussy. The image of his dick ramming through her cuntflesh drove the woman wild. She arched her back again, heedless of the splinters knifing into her legs and her thighs.

“Ohhhhhh!” she wailed.

His fat cock made her cunt spasm wildly, making the slick, warm cunt sheath tighten sexily around his sinking prick.

“God!” Brad cried, then clamped his mouth to hers and drove his tongue down into her throat.

Wendy”s sore, whipped asscheeks rubbed against the wooden workbench top, then shoved up. She was totally pierced, nailed to the bench by his prick rod squeezing through her cunt meat. The way it forced her pussy walls apart made her feel divided once more. All those wild images shot, through her confused mind as Brad fucked her senseless.

“Ohhhhh…” she wailed again.

Easing back a little, Brad flexed his hairy balls and sent his cock spearing back into her. As his cock stabbed into her pussy, his tongue worked around in her mouth.

Wendy gurgled happily, shifting her thighs from side to side. She tugged at the iron cuffs, loving the biting of the iron against her flesh. She was loving every painful second of this fuck!

“Ughhhhh…” Brad grunted.

Wendy was aware of his hands gripping her asscheeks now. He pulled them up, levering her body higher so he could fuck into her more savagely. His hard cock drove deeper into the heated vacuum of her sucking fuck channel. With her ass raised higher in the air, her shoulder blades scraped more painfully against the bench top.

“Damn! Damn!” Brad cursed.

Wendy climaxed first, snapping her head back, letting out bellow after shriek, her hair clinging damply to her forehead and cheeks. Inside her, she could feel his massive prick rod spitting out cum.


“Go for it, bitch, go for… ughhhh…”

The two of them collapsed against one another, swept along in a mindless torrent of sexual frenzy.

Another long hour passed for both women, Jack and Hank having fucked Dina alternately once again. They had given up on the idea of ass fucking her when her screams shrilled past anything they could stand.

As they dressed, leaving the girl in a confused heap, Jack announced he wasn”t going to take anything from the house.

“You”ve paid for it baby, paid well,” he explained.

Rousing herself after they left, the girl rushed about the home stark naked, cum running from her slit. She locked the front door and wanted to call the police, but finally decided to let it alone. Just a simple retelling of what had happened would be enough to shame her.

Sobbing, covering her face in shame with both hands, the confused teen stumbled from the living room, her body swaying drunkenly. She would shower, wash away the cum, the sweat, the marks of her shame.

Staggering into the bathroom, Dina stopped in front of the cabinet mirror and stared at her face in the glass. Her fine blonde hair hung in sweaty tangles around her cheeks, and her mouth had a slightly swollen, lust-bloated look. A fucked woman, a slut, she thought.

Turning, still sobbing, Dina bent down and turned on the water. Flicking on the shower, she stepped into the stall. The girl sighed, feeling a comforting wash of warm water drizzle over her tits. As she rubbed soap in her swollen cunt, she thought of what she would have to hide from her mother.

Thank God mother”s so square, she thought, twisting under the spray and letting the pelting drops cleanse her hair. She squeezed it dry, letting the water tingle over her cunt and nipples.

Dina felt her pussy muscles tweak again. Her mother could never find out what happened she thought. Dina knew she would have to work out her problems alone. Fortunately, her mother would be there, Dina thought her stable, slightly dull mother. Dina felt she”d need someone like that, someone unaware of the darker side of human sexuality to give her guidance, a framework from which to order her life.

“Ohhhhhh…” she moaned gratefully. Dina let the water spatter over her tweaking cunt, feeling the first signs of relief. At least her mother would be around to provide guidance. Good old mom!

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