Sex Slave Coed

In the past, people with diversified sexual tastes have felt the need to hide their so-called “deviant” or “aberrant” proclivities. Often, those individuals with seemingly unusual sexual appetites have deemed it essential to deny the pleasure derived from experiencing their actual desires.

However, some recent psychological studies have demonstrated that it may indeed be psychologically healthier to confront and accept one’s true passions, regardless of how strange they may appear to others.

SEX SLAVE COED is the story of Manna Hancock, a liberated college student who, having long suppressed her masochistic nature, finally overcomes her dilemma, and, as a result, discovers her true self.


“I’m hot!” Manna Hancock declared, as she eyed her boyfriend. The blonde teenaged college student had been horny all day long and she hoped that Bert was just what she needed. He always had been in the past but this was a special itch she felt in her cunt.

“You can say that again!” Bert Thomas cried. “And my little friend is, too.” He glanced down significantly at his crotch. The huge bulge there showed that his prick was trying to turn cartwheels.

“I wouldn’t call it little,” the girl said. She licked her ruby red lips in a provocative manner. She almost laughed with glee when she saw the effect it had on the man’s crotch. That bulge swelled visibly. The young college student couldn’t wait to get that prick inside her pussy where it belonged.

“We can go up to the roof to cool off,” suggested Bert.

She moved closer and brushed her slender thigh against his groin. His cock stirred, Manna reached down and ran her fingertips over the swelling and felt the virile power just inches away. The blonde teenager smiled.

“What’s on the roof?” she asked. “Well, I’ll be up there. Isn’t that good enough? Or do you want something more?”

“I’d love to have that fine cock of yours fucking me. Will it be along, too?”

“We’re inseparable,” he assured her. Bert swallowed hard as he studied the young girl. She was eighteen, a freshman in college and horny all the time. What more could he ask? And Manna having such a fine body was an added bonus, he thought. The thrust of her firm tits pressed into his arm. She didn’t need to wear a bra and wasn’t now.

Bert felt the hard points of Manna’s nipples. The blonde freshman’s tits were the best he’d ever seen, in or out of her blouse. He glanced down and saw the white, creamy swell threatening to spill forth. They would come tumbling out sooner or later — and when they did, he wanted to be there to catch them.

But her tits were only part of a really foxy package. The lustrous blonde hair, the perfectly sculpted features, the dancing, mocking blue eyes, the slim waist and the flaring ass, all those turned Bert on more than he cared to admit. And Manna’s legs!

When those slender pillars locked around his waist and pulled his prick into her juicy pussy, it was like dying and finding heaven. Nothing was better than being buried to the balls in her cunt.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he laughed. “Is that all you ever think about? Didn’t you come to college to learn about everything in the world?”

“Fucking’s important,” she said primly. “A very important part. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.” Her fingers tightened on his cock. He almost shot his wad then and there. He swallowed hard and moved toward the stairs at the far end of the hall. The sooner they got to the roof, the sooner they could get it on.

“But it’s not everything,” Bert prodded.

The blonde teenager reluctantly admitted. “Sometimes I think of sucking you off. I don’t much care which it is, as long as I can feel that lovely prick of yours whenever I want. But feeling it driving hard between my legs, going all the way up my cunt, that’s super!”

“Shit, another horny college coed. Is that an entrance requirement now? You have to be perpetually in heat before they let you in?”

“You should know. You, the stud sophomore with the reputation of attacking all the coeds on campus.”

“Not so!” Bert protested. “I never attack any of the girls unless they ask for it or look like they might ask for it some day when I wouldn’t be around to help them out.”

“So that’s what you do, huh? You help them out.”

“Sure. Horny, uninhibited, I bring out the best in them. I make them come to their senses, so to speak.”

“You can make me come, that’s for sure!” Manna cried, laughing out loud. “Now let’s get out of this stuffy hallway and out onto the roof. I hate these night classes. They close down all the air-conditioning.”

“There’s a full moon out tonight. Let’s go fuck like a pair of lunatics!”

She felt his cock give another surge as she stroked along it. It wouldn’t be long before he would have a cock so hard and ready it would explode with lust. She wanted to be on the receiving end when if erupted.

“To the roof! I want some fresh air.”

“If that’s all you need,” Bert started. He never got to finish.

“I need cock,” Manna said positively.

“And I need a well-spread young lady who is willing to plant herself firmly down around my cock. And then move just a little bit while I fuck like hell!”

“Is that all you need?”

“I need you.”

The kiss lasted a long time, but when the blonde teenager came to her senses, Bert was shoving her through the door into the stairwell.

“On up with you,” the man said. “And wiggle that sweet ass all you want going up. I love to watch.”

And he did. Seeing her wiggle her butt as she mounted the stairs to the roof was almost enough to make him come. Her ass rolled gently from side to side in the most seductive manner possible. He wanted to rape her by the time she finally got out onto the flat, broad roof.

“Ummm, it’s cool out here, Bert. And the moon. Oh, it’s full!”

“And high in the air, too.”

She looked at the bulge in his pants. “The moon’s not all that’s rising, I see. Is that something even more thrilling?”

He laughed and took her by the arm. “If we’re going to be up here to fuck, we’re gonna do it so that it’s exciting. Even more exciting than the last time.”

He seated her on the stone ledge running around the roof so that her ass dangled out over a three-story drop. She clutched wildly at the edge of the roof, afraid and turned on at the same time.

“Don’t, Bert. I’m scared of heights!”

“You haven’t even seen the heights yet!” He unzipped his pants and let his huge, throbbing cock snap to attention in front of his groin. In the moonlight, it looked like a wand of silver topped with a gleaming purplish knob.

“Now that’s the kind of height I love!”

She dropped to her knees to suck on his cock. He didn’t protest. She loved the way that cock came totally alive in her mouth. It had been erect but not fully stiff. As she sucked and licked it, the prick stiffened noticeably. It was like raising the dead.

She ended up with a real, wonderfully vibrant cock in her mouth.

“That feels damn good, honey, but I want to bury it somewhere else, somewhere nicer for me, for both of us.”

“Now where might that be?” Manna asked needlessly. The young college student could feel her cunt beginning to drool at the prospect of having this wondrous length of cock buried up her cunt again.

He said nothing. Looking down into her blue eyes made him feel he was being pulled into another, better universe. This new world was filled with tight cunt and sucking mouths and wanton women, women like the blonde teenager.

She lightly touched his prick again. The prick glistened front her saliva. As a cool wind began to blow across the roof, she felt her sweat vanishing. She also saw that the man’s cock was beginning to shiver. She didn’t want it to get too cold. It might deflate.

The young college student stuffed it into her mouth.

“Hmmm, that’s nice, but I told you that your cunt’s what I want to fuck. Not that sweet face of yours.”

She felt strong hands reach under her arms and gently lift her. Reluctantly, she left his prick dancing in the air in front of his crotch.

His fingers began working their magic all over her body. Feathery touches here, stronger ones there stimulating her tits, fondling them, cupping them in his palms, weighing the heavy globes of titflesh, and then moving on.

Before she knew it, she was bare-ass naked. He had totally undressed her to stand gloriously undraped in the silvery moonlight. She smiled, then twirled around for his inspection.

“Well, sir, do you like me like this? Mother naked?”

“I love you like this.”

“Now it’s your turn. You get naked.” With her help, it was only a matter of seconds before Bert was standing like a Greek God in front of her. The hard-on he sported told her this was going to be a memorable fuck. He wasn’t going to quit until they were both totally satisfied. And this was what Manna hungered for. Fucking had begun to lose some of its excitement for her — at least fucking with Bert.

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to her face. Lips crushed brutally into hers. The kiss deepened. His tongue flashed out and into her mouth to dance around her tongue, teasing, tormenting, and luring her out.

As her tongue lightly touched his teeth, he sucked down hard. He trapped the pink, agile little tip between his lips making sure his teeth held firmly. Not enough to hurt, but enough to keep her from escaping. Then he teased her tongue tip with his. Light, flicking motions soon reduced her to a quivering mass begging to be fucked.

“God,” she gasped out when he released her tongue. “You make me feel like a whore! I never wanted cock more in my life! Your cock!”

His hands stroked up and down her sides. He traced along her ribs with his fingers. As he worked down her spine, he made sure he properly outlined each and every vertebra in her backbone. When his fingers found the delightfully rounded surface of her naked ass, he burrowed between the meaty as cheeks.

The humid canyon beckoned him on. His finger went down until he discovered her asshole. A little shove and he was able to thrust his finger all the way in.

A tiny gasp escaped the blonde teenager’s lips as she felt the finger driving deep up her shit chute. The finger warmed her, excited her more than she’d have thought possible. The feel of his throbbing cock so close to her pussy should have been enough.

The finger was the icing on the cake for Manna.

She wanted him to fuck her more than ever now.

“Go, Bert darling, do it. Do it to me! Shove that swollen prick of yours into my cunt! I want to feel you moving inside me!”

“Don’t want much, do you?”

“I want that Goddamn cock of yours. It’s a fucking eight inches long and I want it!”

Using the finger he had buried up her ass, he guided her toward the ledge of the building. Gently, he pressed her down. She felt the cold stone ledge under her ass. Then she was dangling, ass out, over the three-story drop to the ground.

“Wh-what are you doing? Don’t let me fall!”

“I wouldn’t do that. But we’re gonna fuck with you hanging off the building. You get a charge out of doing stuff different all the time. I don’t like it, but this time I think I’m going to really groove on it. This is the ultimate. Combines real physical danger with the chance of being seen while we’re fucking.”

“But all they’d see would be my ass!”

“Yeah,” Bert said, smiling wickedly. “You’re gonna be mooning the whole Goddamn school. Including that dumb statue of our dear founding father, good old William Walters.”

Manna turned and looked over her white shoulder. There was nothing but forty feet of empty space between her and the statue on the ground. She shuddered at the thought of falling. Then it occurred to her that Bert was right. The physical danger made this more exciting than any fucking they’d done in weeks. And it was turning her into the horniest bitch on the face of the earth! She’d fuck anything that moved, no matter what it was!

“I wonder,” she said, glancing down at the statue, “why they gave him such a horrified expression?”

“The poor fucker wouldn’t stop screaming when they poured in the bronze. I just hope you’re not going to scream when you feel this.”

She gasped as she felt the purple-headed cock nudge into her cunt lips. She snuggled down in his arms so she could open her pussy lips and suck in the head of the man’s cock. She wanted to feel that hot, driving prick all the way up into her steamy cunt.

She didn’t get it. He simply turned and went to the pile of their clothing.

She gasped when she saw him coming back with his broad, thick black leather belt. And clutched in his other hand was her smaller thinner one of brown vinyl.

“What are you going to do?” Manna demanded. “You’re not going to beat me? Tie me up? You wouldn’t!” But the blonde teenager didn’t know if this was what she wanted or not. She almost thought she did want to feel the lash of leather on her soft, pliant flesh.

“I don’t want to lose control at the wrong time. We’d both be sorry.”

He fastened the belts together in a large loop. He put it over his head and shimmied it down around his waist. Then he put it over Manna’s head and repeated the motion. They were tied together at the waist by strong leather. If either of them slipped, the others are able to hang on and prevent a deadly fall.

She felt his cock pressing back into her pussy. The thick fur was tangled and matted from the sweat and cunt juice leaking from her hot pussy. But the erotic rubbing of his cock against her cunt was enough to make her forget all about the danger — for the moment.

This was living. This was why she’d come up to the roof. She didn’t even notice as he maneuvered her back to the edge of the building. She knew her ass was hanging out in thin air, but it didn’t matter. The young college student was letting his turgid prick come ever closer to her cunt.

When he stabbed forward with his hips, his prick sailed down the slippery slit of her pussy lips. He parted them and stimulated them as he stroked back toward her ass.

She felt a sudden surge of delight pass into her cunt. She sighed and wiggled her hips down over his cock. It was soothing and stimulating at the same time. She didn’t understand how a man’s cock could affect her like this.

All she really cared about was getting that big, round, wonderfully hard prick into her pussy.

“Fuck me! I want it I want it!”

His hands gripped her ass with ferocious strength. She felt herself being lifted up into the air. When her feet no longer touched the roof, he swung her backwards. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist.

The young college student sucked in her breath and held it. The action had driven his cock impossibly deep into her cunt. She felt his prick bending inside as her body bent backwards. Her long, blonde hair streamed over her head, dangling freely over the edge of the roof.

Opening her eyes, she was horrified at the sight of the ground. She was being held almost entirely upside down and dangling over the edge of the building. She saw now why he had insisted on the rough leather belts around their waists.

Sure, that iron-hard prick in her cunt supported her a bit. It turned and throbbed and made her feel great. But when he began fucking her, it would enter and leave her cunt. If either of them came, it spelled sure disaster.

“G-g-god, this is spooky, Bert. I… I don’t know if I like it.”

“Give it a few minutes.”

His hands gripped firmly into her soft, pliant assflesh. She giggled as his fingers worked their way between the globes of her ass to press into her damp asshole. When Bert began lifting her by the ass, she thought he was going to rip those softly yielding as cheeks from her body.

But it was necessary. This moved Manna up enough to allow her cunt to take in even more of his cock. She felt his balls wetly slapping against her ass. Then he dropped her. She let herself go. He caught her at just the right moment.

Not only was there a feeling of falling, his prick left her pussy. Manna tensed her belly muscles in a vain attempt to stop it. Although he grunted from the impressive strength of her cunt, both gravity and the action of his hands on her ass made his prick leave her cunt.

The blonde teenager looked down at the ground. The thrill of danger ripped across her mind like a jagged razor slash. She was headed directly down to the ground. The only things holding her up were the leather around her waist, the thick prick resting firmly inside her cunt lips and the man’s hands on her as cheeks.

The young college student shivered and began swaying from side to side. This drove the man’s cock into her cunt at an entirely different angle. As he pulled her up, his cock rubbed first one side, and then the other of her well-oiled pussy. She loved it. She needed more.

The blonde teenager loved the promise of falling, falling with the man’s prick still actively fucking her to climax.

“Oh, Bert, Bert! Fuck me good! Th-th-this is super!”

“I knew you’d get off on it,” he gasped. The man’s hands turned slippery. He was sweaty and hot even though the cool night breeze caressed his broad chest and rested icy fingers on his back.

She wiggled her ass against the rough stone building. Even this sharp, searing pain gave her a new and totally different thrill. His cock gave the ultimate in human pleasure. The pain gave her something to compare that ecstasy to.

Her body went berserk with orgasm. She screamed and thrashed around in the other student’s grip as best she could. Falling. She could fall to her death at any instant. Or be discovered. The security cops walked the grounds at night. What would they think of seeing her stark naked, dangling over the edge of a building, a long, hard prick fucking her juicy little cunt?

She didn’t even want to think about those things. They were in her blonde head, but it was her cunt that drew her undivided attention. The way the man’s prick drove mercilessly into her gave a bliss she hadn’t known for too long.

“Keep going, love, keep fucking my poor little cunt!”

Her only answer was a grunt from the straining man. He had braced his feet against the edge of the building. If he relaxed for a split second, they’d both hurtle to the hard ground three stories below.

His balls ached from the strain of the fucking. His belly muscles pulled taut and were beginning to complain from the unusual fucking position. His prick was being bent at an unnatural angle.

It may have been unusual for him to fuck downwards into a gripping, steamy cunt, but it was stimulating him to the breaking point. He barely kept his lead-heavy jism locked up in his balls.

Twisting to and from, he managed to fuck her cunt with every ounce of strength in his body. He lifted her up and drove his prick relentlessly into her pussy. Then he bounced up on his toes to make sure it was driven as far into her inner reaches as possible. This done, he simply relaxed and let gravity pull her body off his prick.

“Can’t hang on much longer,” he moaned. “You’re pushing me outta control. God, gotta fuck you, fuck you good!”

He began pulling her body even more firmly into his. Their crotches ground together in a morass of lust. His bush mingled with hers, the cunt juice spilling out of her aroused pussy.

The tickle of her fuck fluids on his balls made them harden into a compact little bag that pained him. He fought back the burning tide of his cum. He wanted more of her pussy. He wanted to feel it massaging his entire buried length of needy prick. There was nothing in the whole world that mattered more to the college student in that instant.

He had to really get his rocks off.

Looking past her slender body, he saw the ground it was framed by her heaving tits. The big mountains of titflesh bounced around, giving the view an erotic aspect it wouldn’t have otherwise had. The thick, red pointy tips of her nipples were erect and demanding. He wished he could reach down and take them between thumb and forefinger.

They’d feel bloated between his fingers but that wouldn’t matter in the least to him. And the blonde teenager would get an added thrill from this attention.

But he needed his hands now on her upper arms for support. He couldn’t hope to hold her aloft with just the belt around their middles.

He allowed his gaze to pass her mounds of succulent tit and go across her belly. It was concave with the strain of fucking. He imagined that his prick caused such a suction in her cunt that it pulled her belly down into her pussy.

But that was ridiculous. This was simply a reaction to the unique fucking position he’d gotten her into. The platinum triangle of her pussy mound was like an arrow pointing out the last bit of passion between them. His long, firm cock was driving forcefully between her pinkly scalloped pussy lips.

Those delicate flaps of aroused flesh were obscenely, wantonly kissing his cock. As if they were oral lips sucking his prick, he was pulled into the humid depths of her cunt.

He couldn’t stand it any longer. His balls churned around until he thought he’d go crazy from holding back the fiery tide of his jism.

His cock gave a convulsive lurch, then spewed out lava-hot cum. He creamed in her cunt until he was milked dry. And the entire while, he was lifting and dropping her body around his prick. The heat, the clutching of her gooey cunt, the unusual position, all conspired against the blonde girl, too. As he spilled his jism, she came. Together, they twitched and ground their crotches together in a wild display of unbridled passion.

The young girl felt like she was falling and soaring at the same time. She forgot all her fear of high places. She was anchored to the world by this man’s hard cock. And she was soaring on the gossamer wings of her orgasm.

Bert managed to pull her back over the edge of the building and softly kissed her. His lips were sweaty and hot and demanding as they crushed her.

Words weren’t enough for Manna. The kiss told of mutual desires, their mutual enjoyment. But that wasn’t enough. Not for her. She felt robbed, cheated of something she couldn’t pin down.

Whatever she wanted out of men and fucking, Bert wasn’t giving it to her.


Manna kept fidgeting throughout the philosophy class. She wasn’t really all that interested in David Hume and whether or not anyone could be really sure if the sun would come up the next morning. The blonde teenager had other things on her mind — things not having to do with philosophy.

Manna couldn’t keep her eyes off the professor. Dr. Nathaniel was in his early thirties, lean, sandy-haired and moved with sharp, quick, positive movements around the classroom. Nervous energy seemed to spark from him.

The coed couldn’t help wondering what he would be like in bed. She thought it would be much the same. His movement would be sharp, positive. He’d know what he wanted to do and would make the woman do it. She shivered at the thought of feeling his undoubtedly huge prick surge into her cunt.

“Miss Hancock, if it isn’t asking too much, stop daydreaming!”

The man’s harsh words brought the young college student back to her senses. She had been drifting in a sexual daydream. She blushed, wondering if he had any idea whit the fantasy had been about. While it hardly seemed possible, the man’s intent gaze with his stony gray eyes seemed to strip her very soul bare.

“Sorry, Dr. Nathaniel,” she said contritely. “Would it be possible for me to stay after class and discuss something with you?”

Dr. Nathaniel impatiently looked at his watch and nodded curtly.

“I can spare a few minutes. A few only. I have a very important faculty meeting at three. Now,” he said, continuing with the lecture.

Manna had already tuned him out. She’d gotten a concession from him. And he’d noticed her. For once, he had noticed her! She thought she could take it from there.

The rest of the class dragged by. She couldn’t wait for the other students to leave. When the last had packed notebooks and texts away and trudged off to another dreary class, she boldly approached the professor. She had gotten her courage back. He wasn’t any different from any other man. She desired him. She could get him, just like that. It had always worked in the past, it would work now.

Manna made a big production of waggling her ass as she approached the man. He glanced up, then frowned.

“Is anything wrong, Dr. Nathaniel?” she asked sweetly, bending forward slightly. The top button of her blouse was undone. This allowed an ample swelling of her creamy white tits to bulge up and out of her blouse. Her nipples were already hardening as she thought about this man’s strong cock fucking her.

“Your ass rolls like a pair of ball bearings,” he said in a monotone. There didn’t seem to be any enthusiasm at all for what she was offering. The blonde teenager contrived to get another button on her blouse undone without seeming too obvious about it. “And your tits are going to flop all over my desk if you don’t keep that flimsy blouse buttoned better,” he finished.

Manna was stunned. Her physical charms had always had men stepping on their pricks in an attempt to get into her pants. They’d do almost anything to fuck her. But this philosophy professor seemed impervious to her charms.

He presented a challenge she couldn’t walk away from now.

“Dr. Nathaniel,” she started. She hesitated, considering his cold stare. She could see his crotch and there wasn’t the least bit of activity there. Nothing she had done so far had made his prick so much as twitch. “Roger,” she continued, her tongue making a slow circuit of her lips in an unmistakable gesture.

“You were right the first time. It’s Dr. Nathaniel to you.”

Manna felt outrage. This seduction wasn’t going anything like, the thought it should.

“Dr. Nathaniel, are you a fag?” she blurted.

“No, as a matter of fact, I’m not. I fail to see, however, what my sexual preferences have to do with our teacher-student relationship.”

The man was as cold as a block of ice. His steel-gray eyes bored into her until she felt small, humiliated, beaten.

“I… I think you’re very attractive.” There was no comment or movement from the man. Manna rushed on. “I want to get to know you better, a lot better. Personal, you know?”

“You want to fuck me,” he said. “You’re not doing that badly in class. I’ve had better students, but you’re getting a good, solid B. Why fuck an old man like me?” His expression might have been etched on solid granite. Not even a facial muscle twitched.

“Screw grades!” she cried. The young college student swallowed hard and moved round the desk to perch her ass on the edge. Her long, slender legs dangled free. She kicked off one shoe and began lightly drawing her instep over the man’s upper thigh. When this didn’t make him move an inch, she boldly pushed on and rubbed her toes against his crotch.

Manna almost cried when she felt nothing, not a stirring not a single response to her overtures.

“You’re the first student I’ve had who ever said grades didn’t matter. This is a grade factory. Do well, get a good job. Simple. But you might be looking for another type of degree. Not a BA or a BS but rather a MRS. You looking for a husband?”

“I didn’t come to college for that!” the teenager protested. She saw she wasn’t getting through to him at all. She had to be bolder.

“If you want to suck my cock, do it. But do stop playing footsie with my prick. Your sweaty foot is staining my freshly pressed pants.”

Manna glanced at the philosophy professor, startled. But she wasn’t going to argue with him. She’d have preferred him fucking her cunt, but if he wanted a blowjob, she was just the coed to give it to him!

She dived down and dropped to her knees, her hands fumbling at his crotch. She pulled down his zipper with a quick metallic hiss. His prick limply flopped out. All her signals had gone unnoticed. She hoped he wasn’t lying to her about not being a queer. She couldn’t even begin to understand a man who didn’t get off on women — and her.

She lovingly caressed his cock. She felt a little twitch starting in the flaccid length. This was more like it. With, the woman’s lips just inches away from his cock, he should have been jumping and moaning for joy. But he wasn’t. A challenge to be met, Manna decided.

She was eager to take that tasty looking prick into her mouth. Her tongue moved lightly across the tip of his prick, then stroked down one fleshy side. She felt his cock stiffening slowly. But it wasn’t responding the way she thought it should.

Tongue flashing down the side of his meaty cock, she sought and found the hairy sac containing his balls. Using, only feather-light touches, she put damp spots all over his balls. As the blonde teenager’s hot breath evaporated these spots, his prick grew increasingly rigid.

That was the effect she was after. And she was succeeding. The man might not be saying anything, but there was no denying the arousal in his prick. She took this as a compliment. She wasn’t doing anything to him that hadn’t been done before, but she was probably doing it better. Quality counted as much as quantity in giving good head. It took quality to get him hard. This philosophy professor was used to the best, the young college student guessed.

Her tongue dragged sensuously across the underside of his balls. When she felt them boiling inside in the thick stew of his jism, she knew her mouth was working on him in a big way. He might not say a word, but she was reaching him. She moved closer so that the thick shaft of his cock pressed into her cheek. The blonde teenager wanted to suck his hairy bag of balls into her mouth.

Sucking softly, she pulled the edge of the man’s balls into her mouth. Then she used her tongue and lips to get it in the rest of the way. Trapped in her hot, sucking mouth, the philosophy professor was her captive. She could control him fully simply by the pressure of her tongue or how hard she sucked on his imprisoned balls.

“Is that the best you can do?” came his cold, unwavering voice. He might have been discussing the philosophy of the Renaissance for all the emotion in his voice.

“Just wait and see!” Manna cried around the balls in her mouth.

She vowed to really show him what she could do. She’d gotten him hard. She’d get him off!

Her tongue carried the message through his body. She caressed his trapped balls with her rough, wet tongue in such a way that she was stimulating him more than he had been in a long, long time.

She loved the challenge and felt her pussy getting hot.

When his balls collapsed into a tight little sphere, she decided to move on. Her tongue pressed firmly into the side of his sac once more and she felt the agitated tumbling of his balls. They were adequately mixing around in his own juices. Soon, he’d be spewing all that trapped jism out and into her mouth!

“Either get on with it or let me go to my faculty meeting,” he said. There was no hint in the man’s voice that he even noticed her efforts. And yet Manna knew he was aroused. Wasn’t his cock nice and hard?

“I will, Dr. Nathaniel, I will!” she assured him. She occupied her mouth with something more interesting than mere words. She clamped her lips firmly against the side of his prick. Licking up and down the quivering shaft of his cock, she gave him a tongue lashing such as he’d never received before.

His legs drifted apart and bracketed the coed’s body. Her head was firmly between his thighs as he sat back in the chair. His hands stroked over the blonde nest of her hair, urging her on even if his words weren’t encouraging. She knew what he wanted, and she was just the cocksucker to give it to him.

She licked his cock as if it were a fleshy popsicle. The smell and taste of an aroused man came to her tongue, her nostrils. The young college student was taking in gusty, deep breaths to fully savor all this. There was nothing in the world that turned her on more than the musk of an excited man.

And there was no way of mistaking now just how excited the philosophy professor was. His prick was doing a slow, pulsing dance in front of his crotch. His balls had tightened into a globe that was about to burst and spew forth his creamy white jizz. And the man’s entire posture told the blonde teenager of her success at sucking his prick.

She felt his fingers lacing through her hair. She looked up and saw his face. It betrayed no emotion. His eyes studied her like she was a bug under a microscope. But she got the impression that he wouldn’t say a word unless she stopped sucking.

She sucked harder on the prick dancing around in front of her lips. The map’s reserve cracked because he let out a long, low sound that was a combination of a moan and a howl.

Then he groaned, “God, you’re gonna pull it out by the roots!”

She lightly nipped and bit her way back to the plum-tip of the cock. The red marks she left behind blazed a trail all the way to his balls. But they didn’t hurt as much as they stimulated. The man’s cock actually grew in circumference. It was swelling up with the blood she was sucking out of other parts of his body.

By the time she tried to stuff the end of his prick into her mouth, she found it stretched her lips to the breaking point. It was like trying to suck on a telephone pole. And she loved it. She had gotten the philosophy professor hard and she’d made him respond. Victory!

She bobbed her head back and forth a few times to get her saliva all over the end of his cock. When the purple head was entirely drenched with spit, she really went down on him.

His cock came rushing into her mouth. She cradled it with her rough tongue so she was rubbing sensually along the underside of his prick. The way that battering ram of cock bucked and twitched, she knew this was getting to the man more and more.

Her mouth wouldn’t accept such a huge prick. It was making her gag. She started to back away when she felt those strong fingers tighten on the back of her head. He pulled her powerfully down into his cock.

“Suck!” The single word barked out cold, crisp, an order she didn’t dare refuse. This was one man she couldn’t fool around with. He knew what he wanted and would get it — no matter what.

Normally, such a command would have repelled her. She would have stood and walked off. No ordinary man ordered her around. But Dr. Nathaniel could. She wanted to go all the way down on him. Just taking a few inches into her mouth didn’t seem enough. She was no sword swallower, but she knew how to gobble a man’s cock.

As the rubbery tip of his prick bounced wetly off the roof of her mouth, she swallowed hard. His cock went sailing down her throat. It only stayed there for a second. Her gag-reflex was too great. And his cock was too big!

“God,” she gasped. “You’re huge!”

“Suck cock!” he snapped.

She quickly backed off and pressed her tongue into the piss-slit of his cock. She didn’t want him coming yet. She wanted to continue sucking on his prick for a long, long time.

The tiny drop of pre-cum beading at the end of his prick was bitter. She made a face around the thick plug of cock stuffed into her face, but she knew that the tasty jism wouldn’t be far off.

She poised for a moment, waiting for the right instant. As the frantic jerking of his cock died down a bit, she began face-fucking herself. His strong hands guided her head in exactly the rhythm he desired most. She couldn’t escape those hands; she didn’t want to.

Her head bobbed up and down on his prick, driving it in and out of her mouth with increasing speed and force. Her lips formed a perfect “O” around the sensitive sides of his prick. When her teeth clamped down and left fiery red marks along his cock, he groaned in abject passion for the first time.

“Suck harder, bitch,” he ordered. “I can feel it coming. My jism is coming.”

His hands almost ripped out her blonde hair by the roots he jerked so insistently now. The woman managed to decrease the suction on his prick. She wanted more of that succulent cock. It wouldn’t do to have him come too soon.

Yet he was obviously nearing the end of his control. The way his hips, jerked uncontrollably told the blonde girl that the man was going to give her an all-out face-fucking any instant. He wasn’t able to restrain his passions. His stony facade was crumbling.

She used her tongue to lick around the man’s prick. She dragged the rough, wet tongue all over the tip of his cock until it shivered with desire. Then she played with the tiny flap of flesh dangling under the head of his prick.

This was the most sensitive portion of his prick. And it was obvious from the way his cock began bucking and twitching that he liked this a lot. She was almost at the point of getting him off.

She began really face-fucking herself. His cock hurled into her mouth, then slowly retreated. She engulfed his cock, gave him all the tongue she could, then sucked for all she was worth.

“Ummmmmm!” was all he said.

And then she found her mouth filled with salty, tasty, burning hot cum. His cock exploded and spewed forth the heavy load into her mouth until she had to swallow. And immediately she found her mouth filled with his jism again.

When the torrential outpouring slowed down a bit, she began sucking hard again on his cock. She didn’t want a single drop of cum to remain locked up in the man’s balls.

She wanted the philosophy, professor to know that an expert had been sucking his cock. She milked him dry and then continued licking even as his prick slowly went flaccid. As the limp hose of cock dangled between his legs, Manna followed it down.

She sucked up every single drop of jism that had escaped her sucking mouth earlier. She licked and lapped and washed clean his cock. And still the man said nothing.

Looking up at Dr. Nathaniel, she finally said, “Well? Wasn’t that good?”

“C minus,” he said sourly. He pushed his prick back into his pants and stood. “I have a faculty meeting.”

He left Manna on her knees behind the desk, wondering what she had done wrong. He hadn’t liked it! And that seemed like the end of the world to the young college student.


Manna couldn’t stand the aching feeling deep inside her pussy any longer. Lying in bed, thinking about sucking off Dr. Nathaniel’s cock, the horniness in her cunt grew until she was almost moaning with frustration. She shoved the pillow down between her legs and started rocking back and forth. When the bedsprings began squeaking loudly, Manna reluctantly stopped.

She didn’t want to attract her parents’ attention to her condition. Her fingers pulled the useless pillow from between her slender thighs and found the pillowcase damp with pussy juice.

“Damn,” she said aloud. The blonde teenager got up and went to find something to eat. If she couldn’t have the philosophy professor, she’d eat away her troubles. Anything was better than dreaming about how good it would be getting fucked by Roger’s long, hard prick.

Rubbing her crotch and seeing it was still damp, she sighed. Life was such a damned crock of shit at times. Why couldn’t she be content with Bert. He wasn’t a bad sort and he fucked better than most of the studs she’d gone out with.

But he wasn’t Dr. Nathaniel. It was that simple. Something about that man turned her on. Maybe it was his coolness toward her. He didn’t get an instant hard-on when she flaunted her tits and rolled her ass. He was cool, damn him, too cool!

She couldn’t pass up a challenge like that.

Manna opened, her bedroom door and peered out. The lights were still on in the living room, but the house was silent. On tiptoes, she went into the kitchen. The living room and entire rear of the house were empty. The young college student listlessly fixed herself a sandwich and munched on it.

Somehow, the food didn’t settle her stomach. If anything, it made her more nervous.

“Damn,” she said to herself again. “I’m an adult. I’m attractive! He’s got to see me!”

Resolute, Manna grabbed her purse and keys and went out. She got into her car and drove across town to where Dr. Nathaniel lived. She’d have him — this very night. He couldn’t turn her down this time. She hadn’t even bothered to get dressed! She was still in her flimsy nightie.

Manna screeched to a halt outside the professor’s house and ran up the front walk. She hesitated when she heard familiar sounds coming from an open window behind some bushes to the left. Curious and turned on, she went to peer into the window.

The telltale squeaking of bedsprings told her that Dr. Nathaniel was fucking someone inside. Now and then a soft moan of stark passion drifted from the open window.

Rage filled Manna. She turned and stormed off, her nylon nightie flaring out from her trim body. She shivered in the cool night air but she couldn’t tell if it was simply physical reaction to the coolness or anger at the philosophy professor. He was hers, damnit!

She pulled the thin nightgown around her lush, ripe young body and began walking back to her car. The dew-laden grass was damp and soothing under her bare feet. The rush of cars a block distant on the freeway was ignored. She became totally negligent and let the wind whip the nightie around her, exposing vast mounds of snowy white titflesh and the platinum triangle of her bush.

The nylon garment fluttered open, a pink halo surrounding her smooth-skinned body.

She impudently thrust but her tits and felt the night breeze caressing her. The wind whirled through her moist bush, cooling her off. The wind was almost a living thing. For a brief ecstasy-filled moment, she imagined herself being fucked by some hairy creature, its powerful cock driving all the way up to touch her cunt, to relieve that most basic of her physical needs.

Then she sighed. It wasn’t going to happen. Even exposing her body the way she was, no one was likely to stop his car, jump out and come help a poor teenage girl out of her dilemma. And Roger barely knew she existed. She’d sucked him off as good as anybody could have and he still didn’t even get her name right.

She wanted to fuck and there wasn’t anyone handy.

Only the vague moans from the philosophy professor’s bedroom window could be heard. More from curiosity than perversity, Manna walked back to the window. Peering inside, however, gave her a real thrill.

Dr. Nathaniel was poised on his knees between a young coed’s widespread legs. The student was wantonly exposing her cunt to the man’s long prick.

And what a prick!

Manna gasped when she saw it. Long, easily nine inches now, it bounced and jerked an ugly red in the dim light. It swelled visibly. She wondered how she had ever managed to get that plum-tipped monster into her mouth.

To have that pussy-pleaser fucking her! The blonde teenager shivered again, this time from dreamy anticipation. If Roger would fuck one of his students, why wouldn’t he fuck her?

“Tell me what you want,” she heard the man demand. She shuddered at the force of that command.

“Your cock, master. I want that huge cock of yours fucking me.”

Manna saw the other girl lick dried lips. She had a feverish expression, half-fearful and half-excited. The girl sprawled and spread wide on the bed breathed with sharp, rasping gasps. Manna didn’t blame her. Her own tits rose faster and faster as she eyed Dr. Nathaniel’s prick with lust.

“Where do you want it, you stupid cunt?” The man held his cock like a stick and waved it at her.

“Up my cunt, master. I love you, master! And I love that prick of yours. You’re too good for me, master. But fuck me anyway!”

Manna shivered with desire every time the other girl called Dr. Nathaniel “master”. The title fit him. And how she’d love to be calling him that! He was so forceful, so commanding, and so virile!

“You’re only a slimy cunt,” he sneered at the exposed girl. “And I don’t know if I should give you the gift of my prick or not.”

“I need it, master, please! Anything, I’ll do anything!” The young girl was frantic with need. Manna understood that perfectly.

“Very well, slave. Here it is.”

Manna jumped as much as the other girl when that mighty cock was shoved balls deep into her yearning cunt. The young college student felt her own cunt beginning to drool obscenely again.

To have that powerful cock fucking her! She would have given just about anything she had for that. But she wasn’t likely to have her wish.

The blonde teenager would have to be content with just watching the man she loved fuck another student.

Not even knowing what she was doing, Manna edged closer to the house. She leaned against the rough wood with the flaking paint, her hand drifting lower toward her naked pussy. A hand rubbed across her juicy cunt lips. When she succeeded, in stuffing a finger into her pussy, only then was she aware of what she was doing.

She couldn’t masturbate while she watched Dr. Nathaniel fucking another woman. That was sick.

The young college student couldn’t help herself. Denied sexual release with Dr. Nathaniel, she had to get her rocks off somehow. And the way the philosophy professor was hung turned her on too much. She loved watching him move, fuck, pose, posture, and dominate.

He was like a Greek God.

“Feels big inside your cunt, doesn’t it? Even though your pussy is the size of a sewer pipe, I’m still big inside you. What’s it feel like when I really fuck that cunt of yours, bitch?”

His hips began sliding back and forth like a piston in a slot. The spying girl sucked in her breath and tried to match the motion of her own finger fucking her cunt with that of the man fucking inside. It wasn’t quite the same.

She heard the girl inside cry out, “Master, I can’t stand it! That cock of yours is too big. You’re tearing me up inside!”

“I’ll fuck you if I please and I’ll stop when I want. You should know that, you shitheaded bitch.”

Resting on his hands, he looked down into the woman’s face and began driving his long, hard prick in and out of her softly yielding cunt even faster.

The young college student imagined what the friction of his cock against soft, juicy pussy walls would be like. The warmth would spread like wildfire. Hidden nerves would scream in joy. His cock would touch here, there, all the right spots in her excited cunt.

He was a master cocksman. A real stud. The real master.

The coed inside was going wild with sexual frenzy. Her hips bucked and hunched up to meet every inward stroke of his prick. She was trying to jam her pussy down around his cock to get him an extra fraction of an inch deeper into her seething cunt.

The peeping blonde coed knew what the woman felt. That deep-seated itch had to be scratched. And the only way of doing it was with a good fucking. She’d have to have that prick sinking seep, stirring around inside, then slowly pulling out. Nothing less than the best fucking ever would sate her carnal desires.

She heard the lewd noises of the two fucking inside. The harsh, moist sounds of his cock surging into her cunt were drowned out by the other girl’s gasps and soft moans. For a long while, the philosophy professor would stay buried balls deep up her cunt. His hips would rotate, stirring his cock against her pussy walls.

Then he would retreat. His cock made such a tight seal against her cunt walls that a vacuum was formed. The sound when his cock slipped almost free of her clinging pussy was obscene. And the spying coed loved it!

How Manna wished that it was her being the recipient of that tremendous fucking.

“Tell me what you like about my cock, you common slut,” the man urged.

“Your cock,” the fucked coed moaned dreamily. “Ummmm, so big inside me. It’s stirring me up. God, it’s huge! Fuck me, fuck meeeee!”

“Stupid bitch. All you think of is getting laid. Okay, then I’ll burn this fucking into your brain.”

He started fucking her with short, rapid strokes designed to set her cunt on fire. It worked. The woman’s hips went wild. Her gasps turned into shrieks as she came.

“Never felt that hot before. God, master, you’re a stud, a real stud. Do it again.”

“Again, what?” the man demanded. “Tell me!”

“Do it again, master!”

“Sex-hungry cunt,” he snarled. His body now glistened with a thin sheen of sweat. Manna watched as he drilled his cock repeatedly into the gaping cunt spread in front of his crotch. How she envied that other girl! To have traded places for just a moment would have been heaven.

She added an extra finger up her juicy pussy. It didn’t do much to satisfy her needs.

The young college student began stroking over her clit as she spied on the two fucking their brains out in the bedroom.

The tiny jolts of excitement that passed through her young body soon became larger and larger. It was as if she were being stabbed with a cold knife that turned a blazing white-hot in her belly.

She found her meek little clit poking its head from the sheath of flesh surrounding it. She looped her finger around the slippery spire and stroked from base to sensitive tip. Each time she touched the very end of the pointy nubbin, she sobbed.

Her knees were going weak from reaction. But she couldn’t just slip down against the house. She had to see what was happening inside.

The philosophy professor was busy corkscrewing into the woman wantonly spread for his amusement. His entire body was twisting and turning. Manna guessed what that must feel like, being on the receiving end of his monstrous prick.

He was drilling as hard as he could into the girl’s wet, clinging cunt.

“I’m burning up inside, master! I don’t know how you’re doing it, but, oh, ohhhhh!”

The sight of the ecstasy-rigid face and writhing body increased the carnal yearning in the spying blonde girl. Her fingers flew up and down her clit in a vain attempt to imitate what was happening in the bedroom. While the feelings in her body mounted, she felt more and more cheated.

It simply wasn’t the same as having a man’s long, steely-hard cock fucking her. It wasn’t the same at all.

How she wanted to leap through the window and spread herself for that stud! His huge cock would be enough to satisfy two women. Hell, the way he was fucking, he might be able to get a dozen chicks off before he came. He looked like a fucking machine.

His body ran with rivers of sweat now. His face was frozen into a sneer, both evil and sexy at the same time.

Manna felt herself wilting inside. That guy was hung like a stallion and fucked like a rabbit. He was tireless. He’d gotten the other girl off twice and was working on a third time.

The blonde teenager began squeezing and stroking over her pussy lips. Her oily cunt lips were rigid with the excited blood pounding into them. She stroked and tweaked them the best she could. The only thing missing was a round, hard cock driving up into her cunt.

She let out a piteous moan, then bit her lip. It wouldn’t do to let them know she was peeping. Not that any tiny noise was likely to be heard. They were too wrapped up in fucking to notice anything like that.

The young college student rammed three fingers into her tight cunt. She felt her young muscles tighten around her hand. She wished she could have rammed her entire fist up into her cunt. Maybe that would relieve the intense sexual pressures in her young, trembling body.

She blinked sweat from her eyes and heard the philosophy professor saying, “My cock feels like it will explode. My cum is too good for such a floppy, loose cunt.”

“Fuck me,” the coed moaned over and over. “Fuck me, fuck me!”


He arched his back and slammed his prick forward, but not in the girl’s cunt. The spying girl saw the man grinding his balls and cock into the matted tangle of her pussy hair. His prick exploded and creamed out over the girl’s heaving belly.

From her position outside the house, Manna saw everything. The man’s orgasm was a big one. His face went rigid and his body began to go berserk. His hips blurred as he fucked himself into the sopping mat of pussy fur.

The spying blonde teenager’s fingers worked in and out of her pussy as fast as she could drive them. Her hand was cramping but she ignored the pain. Her cunt needed his attention. She watched as the fucking couple rocked through another come, then she closed her eyes and imagined the man crouching between her split legs, his cock dancing around the entrance of her cunt. Then it plunged deep into her, dipping in and out until she was pushed over the brink of orgasm.

Manna came.

Her head buzzed and the world spun around her. Then Manna was panting, the cool wind drying the sweat from her well-formed tits. She knew it wasn’t the best come possible, but it took the edge off her gnawing need for Dr. Nathaniel.

Her fingers weren’t anywhere near as good as the man’s cock would be, but they’d have to do. For the time being, they’d have to do.


Manna slid down the wall and simply sat there in the dirt and reveled in the feelings glowing inside her cunt. It wasn’t the same as being fucked by Dr. Nathaniel but it would have to do her for the time.

She sighed and got to her feet. Her knees were still shaky and her insides churned from the reaction to the orgasm she’d experienced, but it was a good feeling. The blonde teenager could have gotten off on it more if Dr. Nathaniel had been really fucking her. Fantasy fucking could almost be like the real thing, she decided.

“What the fuck are you doing?” snapped a cold, harsh voice.

Manna froze in her tracks. She suddenly felt alone and small and cold and completely helpless. Someone had found her.

The young college student turned to face whoever had discovered her. She almost came when she realized it wasn’t just anyone — Roger Nathaniel was the one who’d found her.

“Dr. Nathaniel,” she said, her voice [missing text]. “How are you? Nice evening.”

“What are you doing here? Spying on me, weren’t you? Don’t try to deny it!”

“But…” Manna began. Then she tit back her protests. It was obvious what she’d been doing. And why should she feel the least bit ashamed of it? She wanted the philosophy professor and she had come over here to get him. And she would, yet!

“I wanted to see you,” she said.

“Like that,” he said scornfully, looking at her nakedness. Somehow, the way Dr. Nathaniel stared at her made her feel more naked than she was. He seemed to see right through to her soul.

“I’ll take it off, if you don’t like it.” She stripped off the filmy garment.


“What?” she said stupidly, not understanding.

“Goddamnit, get that ass of yours inside!” the man roared. She jumped like a grasshopper to obey. The man spoke, she obeyed. It seemed so simple to please him.

He slammed the door and then spun her around so fast she stumbled and fell to her knees. Fear flared inside the blonde teenager. “On your feet or on your knees,” Dr. Nathaniel commanded.

Manna slowly, painfully, stood. It seemed better to her if she could almost look him square in the eyes. She was tall for a girl, but he towered above her. In the darkness he looked gaunt like a skeleton.

But she knew some parts of his body were fleshy. That prick of his hadn’t been made of bone when she started sucking him off in the classroom.

“What now?” she asked. She felt her cunt churn.

“I don’t like naked women. Not ones as ugly as you are. Go to that closet and put on black stockings and a garter belt. I want to see those long legs of yours sheathed in black nylon.”

Manna didn’t like the idea of turning her back on the man, yet she had no other choice. She walked naked and vulnerable to the closet he’d indicated. Inside were row upon row of gorgeous gowns. All were plainly expensive. She knew this closet full of clothes alone would have kept her happy for a lifetime. It was even more apparent to her that money meant nothing to Dr. Nathaniel when it came to feeding his desires.

“Down on the floor.”

She started to turn and look at the man, but a sudden clanking movement wrapped the end of a chain around her neck. She simply dropped to her knees and stared up at the philosophy professor. He locked the chain firmly around her throat turning her into a dog on a leash. For whatever reason, Manna’s cunt began watering excitedly. She turned and rummaged around until she found the black mesh stockings and a frilly garter belt. She’d never worn one before, but it was both obvious and simple how to put it on.

The blonde teenager stepped into it and settled the lacy belt into place on her flaring hips. Then she put on first one and then the other of the black mesh stockings. They were cool and silky against her feverish skin. She stroked up and down them a few times, wrinkling them so she could smooth them out again.

“Stop stalling,” he barked.

She shivered in reaction. She knew she was Dr. Nathaniel’s prisoner. The chain around her neck told her that. But she was strangely attracted. She liked the feel of the links cutting into her tender flesh. And she liked having this dominant man tell her what to do.

She fastened the tops of the stockings to the garter belt, then stood. Looking at herself in a wall mirror, the blonde teenager whistled in surprise.

Standing there looking back wasn’t a young girl. It was a woman. A lush, ripe, sophisticated woman capable of pleasuring any man. The black stockings made her maturity obvious to her.

“Very well, now that you’ve finished putting them on, come here!”

She turned and felt a cold lump form in the pit of her stomach. He was standing beside the sofa, a long whip curling and uncurling beside him as he flicked his wrist.

“No!” Manna shrieked. “You can’t do that. You can’t whip me like ah animal!”

The whip sang. And when it touched her arm with such an obscenely soft caress she almost fainted dead away. There wasn’t the slightest trace of pain, just surprise. Seeing her stunned expression, the man laughed harshly.

“When I want you to feel pain, you’ll feel real pain. I am the master of pain! And don’t you forget it, slut. Now come here.”

He yanked on the whip handle and the young college student sailed across the room. The leather band had tightened miraculously to the point where it was like a handcuff on her wrist.

She stumbled and fell at his feet. This seemed to please him.

“My shoes are dirty,” he said. “Lick them clean.”

She started to rebel. This wasn’t what she’d come across town far. Then from the corner of her eye she saw the long whip moving slowly back and forth, as if barely restrained and hungering for her blood. She knew he would love to beat her until her flesh hung in tatters from her body.

Manna wouldn’t give him that pleasure. She licked all the dust from his shoes.

Just as she finished his left shoe, he took a step backwards. She cringed in anticipation of the whip lashing out and dancing across her naked back.

The blow never came. Instead, his voice echoed in her ears, taunting her.

“You didn’t lick fast enough. I gave you your chance to please me and you failed. What should your punishment be?”

Manna didn’t want to answer. But when the whip cracked loudly in the air just above her head, she stammered out, “I… I don’t know, master. Please spare me!”

“Spare you?” he roared. “Of all the ridiculous things! Spare you? I’m going to whip you!”

She felt the sting even as she heard a hard wooden rod whistling through the air. The pain shot into her ass and made her moan. This was too much. She was going to throw off the chain around her neck, get out of the silly garter belt and stockings and leave. But the rod descended on her ass again and again. She tried to roll and avoid the punishment.

The chain fastened to her neck prevented it. And then, when she got to her hands and knees again, she felt the first real pain since she had been in Dr. Nathaniel’s grips.

The wooden rod sang through the air to smash against her pussy lips. No longer was he beating her on the fleshy part of her as cheeks. He was driving each and every blow between her as cheeks so the rod would strike her exposed and obscenely drooling cunt lips.

And yes, her pussy lips were wet with desire. Manna couldn’t believe it. The stinging blow had made them come more alive than the blonde teenager had ever felt them before. She’d mistakenly thought only fucking could make her cunt dampen with desire. She was obviously wrong. A stream of her fuck juices leaked out and trickled down the inside of her tender thighs.

The blow landing on her cunt lips made them sting and smart. The blood, however, rushing into them confused her. The glands inside her curd churned out thick oils to lubricate her pussy for fucking. Blood-engorged pussy lips equaled fucking to her dazed mind.

And Dr. Nathaniel made sure her cunt lips were adequately stimulated. By the time he was panting and his arm tired, her cunt lips were covered with ugly red welts. And her ass was completely criss-crossed with the red lines showing where every blow had landed. He looked at his handiwork smiling wickedly.

“Get ready, slut, because your master is going to fuck your asshole.”

“No, please, wait! Not after you’ve whipped my ass like that! I… I’m too sore!”

But she knew her argument was only spurring the philosophy professor on. He dropped behind her and this time his hands pressed firmly into her tortured assflesh. She moaned and then howled in pain as he began kneading the soft, brutalized butt. He took one asscheek in each hand and began rotating them in opposite directions.

The girl thought he was trying to pull those doughy mounds of ass flesh from her body. He gave her more pain than she could cope with. Every nerve in her body fired a message of stark agony to her brain.

She wanted to die but she knew he would never allow it. Her master wouldn’t get as much thrill from her death as he would from fucking a living, tortured ass.

“Stop it. That hurts!”

“That’s the idea, slut. You slaves are all alike. You think you can do anything and get away with it. Strict discipline is all you’ll find while you’re in this house!”

Then she felt his prick begin to nudge into her flesh. It surprised her how fast the man had gotten another hard-on. His cock had to be a full-sized fucking tool from the way it prodded into her butt.

She fell forward onto the floor. The pain in her ass rocketed throughout her entire body. As he fucked into her asshole, she tried to avoid both the hard-driving prick and the feel of his legs moving so roughly against her whipped ass.

She didn’t escape for long. Powerful hands slipped under her body and easily lifted her. She wouldn’t have believed this tall man possessed such strength.

And he was going to fuck her ass. Nothing less would do for her master now that the thought had entered his mind. It didn’t matter that he had already fucked the girl in the other room — if she was even still in the house. Manna wasn’t really sure, but she suspected they we alone now, the other girl having left immediately after Dr. Nathaniel had fucked her.

The philosophy professor pulled her to a kneeling position again and bent her body forward until she was supporting herself on her hands once more. He was fucking her in the same position he had started in.

The only difference was where his cock probed. He headed for her asshole this time.

She remembered what it had been like sucking his prick. She had been delirious with excitement. Now she wasn’t quite so sure she wanted to go through with this. The entire scene had changed strangely on her. This man wasn’t the stud she thought he was. He could tear her apart with a single thrust of his cock. He could make her bleed to death from torn inner membranes.

Manna knew he was capable of that and more.

The chain around her neck threatened to choke her again. The girl tried to maneuver around so she would be in a better position. He prevented it.

She felt the thick purple head of his prick spread apart her ass muscles. Her tight asshole had been denying him entry, but it finally surrendered to Dr. Nathaniel’s insistent pressure.

His cock surged all the way up her butt when her asshole relaxed.


Pain filled her and threatened to drive her mad. She had been possessed of a large amount of sexual tension in her body. He drove it all out. Nothing but searing pain remained in the young college student’s body. And he was fucking her ass, making sure his cock gave her nothing but more pain and discomfort.

The weak feeling in her ass spread. Her guts turned to water. And then she openly cried. She had been holding it all in trying not to show the man how terrified she was. It no longer mattered to Manna. He knew the full extent of her fear just looking at her tender, quaking body. She was growing to fear and hate him — and love him even more, too.

The blonde teenager didn’t try to sort out her feelings for the man. Hate. Love. They blurred and mixed together in ways she couldn’t begin to understand.

“So tight!” he crowed. “I like all my slaves to have tight asses. I love fucking my slaves up the ass!”

He lustily fucked her butt. The girl was so shaken by now, he didn’t know what to do or say. She wanted to enjoy this ass fucking. She usually enjoyed any fucking. And she had specifically come here hoping for a scene like this. But he was hurting her badly.

“Your ass is hot. I like that, too. And the way your assflesh feels, like it’s on fire! I can feel it seeping into my skin.”

Every word blazed a path to her brain. She knew he was mouthing those words to get to her. If he had been yelling obscenities it wouldn’t have been so bad. She could have withstood that. But he enjoyed tormenting her with the cold, almost emotionless words. And he pointed out each and everything that would hurt her the most.

Like her assflesh. Where he’d whipped her was burning just like he’d rubbed a red-hot poker over her flesh. It warmed her guts, true, but it also hurt like hell. She wasn’t able to think of much else after he had told her how he loved her whipped butt.

Her asshole was so tight due to his huge prick fucking into her butt. She couldn’t stand the way he stretched her to the breaking point. But how could she run? She couldn’t fight him off. She had a Goddamn chain fastened around her neck. Besides, deep down inside she felt like she was being punished for having spied on him earlier. This was what she deserved. Maybe this was better than she deserved. Manna couldn’t think straight. Pain and ecstasy flared inside her with every single stroke of his had, long cock.

She was his prisoner and he could do anything he wanted with her. She would just have to accept that.

But the pain! The humiliation!

She was sobbing hard even as he butt-fucked her. The man was corn holing her with a vengeance now. She felt the heat of his fucking burn into her asshole, then spread. It mingled with the heat from her spanked ass and then exploded in a wild frenzy around her cunt.

Gasping for breath, she came.

It took her totally by surprise. No matter how brutal he was to her, she had gotten her rocks off. That horrified the young college student. She was getting off on this degradation. She was getting a sexual charge out of being whipped and ass-raped!

She found herself hating not only Dr. Nathaniel for what he was doing, but herself as well. She hated loving this, for responding so powerfully to his brutal attentions.

“You like it, don’t you, you silly cunt?”

All the while he was talking, his cock seared into her asshole. Each thrust shook her teeth, rattled her senses, and made her long for death. But death wasn’t for her. She was going to be fucked until she couldn’t bear it any longer. Dr. Nathaniel would see to that.

“Admit it, cunt, you like this. Don’t you? Don’t you?” he demanded.

“Yes, damn you, yes, I love it!”

She was shocked at her words. She had thought about lying to appease her master. But as the words gushed from her lips, she knew she wasn’t simply saying them to please him.

The blonde teenager liked what be was doing to her. She had gotten off on it once and the girl could even feel the beginnings of another come building in her loins. She more than liked it, she needed it!

“Fuck faster! Burn up my ass with your cock!”

“You didn’t call me master.”

She felt the sting of the whip across her shoulders. She didn’t even want to think how he could whip and fuck her at the same time. He could do anything. He was her master.

“Fuck me… master!” she corrected herself. She was hardly aware that she had said those vile words. She didn’t really want to call him master. He was her philosophy professor. She wanted to get laid by him, not abused and degraded like this.

But she called him master and demanded he fuck her even faster.

Her entire world was wrapped around the man’s prick driving into her asshole. She tensed up just enough to clamp down on his cock. The man grunted out loud.

This made the coed feel a surge of pleasure. She was able to torture him. She was getting even but in a totally erotic way. Her asshole tightened like a hangman’s noose around the tip of his prick.

She felt her muscles spasm once as the strain got to her, but that was all right. She was giving him pleasure. She was giving her master all the pleasure he could want.

The girl came again when the whip lashed across her naked shoulders.

Dr. Nathaniel groaned and she felt the hot gush of his jism blasting into her back passage. Her entire butt was filled with his cum.

The girl wanted to collapse, but there was still so much locked up in her tender young body. The sexual tensions had mounted to the point where even a dozen comes wouldn’t help her much.

The way her tortured body felt confused her. The pain nagged and tore at her consciousness. The way he had beaten her ass raw and then fucked it made her sob in agony. Still, the way he fucked her small asshole made up for it. She was on fire inside. It was a good feeling.

But most of all, the lashings across her shoulders confused Manna. They were both good and bad depending on whether his prick was sliding slickly into her ass or pulling out to leave her empty inside.

The blonde coed couldn’t figure it out. She just reveled in the warm after-glow of a good fucking.


Manna crouched by the edge of the sofa, the chain dangling from around her neck. She was too confused to understand what she really felt. Her body was a mixture of good and bad. The pain in her ass and along her shoulders from the whippings throbbed brutally. The warmth up her asshole from the feel of his huge prick fucking her seemed to erase all the hurt she felt.

Mentally she was completely mixed up. She hadn’t wanted a scene like this with the handsome, aloof philosophy professor. She had thought she’d wiggle her ass in his direction, he’d get a hard-on and then they’d fuck. She didn’t give a shit about good grades in Dr. Nathaniel’s class. All she wanted was his cock.

The blonde teenager had gotten a lot more. His cock was everything she’d thought it would be, but the man confused her with his savage actions. He was brutalizing her. What bothered the young college student the most was how much she loved it. She felt as if this had been missing from her life. Bert had never fucked her like this; he had never given her the intensity of feeling that Dr. Nathaniel just had.

“I figure you’d make a pretty picture if I had you tied up over a straight-backed chair. That ass of yours would wiggle up in the air and look so nice I couldn’t help but want to fuck it.”

“Go to hell,” she blurted. Manna didn’t know if she meant that or not. The only sound in the room now was the slight clinking of the chain securely fastened around her neck.

“That’s no way to speak to your master. I will take what’s rightfully mine.”

“By raping.”

“Call it what you want, slut.”

He reached down and grabbed her ankle. He yanked painfully hard. She cried out as a lance of white-hot pain shot up into her cunt. The way she was stretched out on the floor was a feat a contortionist wouldn’t have been able to perform. He was bending her all out of shape and enjoying the play of her muscles as he did so.

“I like seeing the way your ass tightens when I jerk your leg around.”

She felt a stab of pain shoot into her whipped ass as he bent her leg to one side. This she could do without. But it was still getting to her. She didn’t understand what it was about being abused by Dr. Nathaniel that made her so hot to fuck. She wanted that huge prick of his more than ever by the time he’d finished playing with her like a tomcat plays with a trapped mouse.

“I’m going to tie you down. My cock needs some action again and you’re going to provide it for me. Aren’t you, cunt?”

“You can go to hell, you bastard!” She didn’t have to act to get the words out. She halfway felt that way. He was making her feel pain. That wasn’t right. It simply wasn’t anything she’d planned on when she set out to seduce her philosophy professor.

Or was it? Was emotional and mental pain any worse than physical pain? She had desired him. She saw how he would make it out that she was a cockteaser. The young college student saw it all quite plainly.

She used sex as a weapon, a toy, something not really involving true love. Not it backfired on her. He was taking her and using her as he pleased. She had pushed him and now he responded. He had to prove to himself he could cope with her on any terms.

The man no doubt felt remorse at what he was doing to her. Or did he? The quivery thought made her suddenly cold all over. He might be enjoying this. His demented philosophy might actually approve of the torture he meted out to her. If that were true, there was no telling how far he might go.

“That cunt of yours looks empty,” he said in a quiet voice. She wasn’t able to turn her head and look at him. The way the chain around her neck was fastened prevented it.

“Yes, oh, yes!” she moaned out. “Fill me up. I need you inside me.”

“The hell you do,” he flared hotly. “You’re still trying to use me. You think I’ll shut up and be content if you offer me a little pussy. No more, slave, no more!”

He came around and quickly tied her hands behind her back with a long piece of sash cord he’d ripped from one of the curtains. Manna struggled briefly and then stopped. She was only tightening the bonds by fighting. And then the blonde teenager cried out in horror.

“I’ll fill your slimy cunt for you. All the way. With this candle!”

She cried out in pain as he rammed the thick wax candle into her pussy lips. She felt the sluggish wax begin to flow, as he twisted and reamed it into her cunt. A it stretched her inner membranes to the breaking point, she passed out.

When Manna came to, there was incredible pain in her belly and it was all radiating outward from her cunt. She was filled all right, filled with a dead, gross candle. She had wanted cock and got punishment in its place.

“So you’re back, eh?”

“Words can’t describe you, you motherfucker!”

“Words can describe you, slave. You’ve always had a hot cunt. And it’s going to get even hotter.”

He pulled out a cigarette lighter and flicked it. The butane flame looked six inches high as he approached her.

“You can’t burn me! You just can’t!”

“You? Hardly, cunt. The candle. The candle is going to show you what it’s like to burn at both ends. You can learn a great philosophical truth with this little experiment.”

She tried to cross her legs, to keep him away from her tender pussy lips. She found that he’d tightly bound her legs to the dining room table so she’d lie facedown across it. There was no way she could possibly keep that dancing flame from her pussy.

The blonde teenager felt the hot caress of the flame and then nothing. By straining, she saw he had lit the wick of the candle protruding from her cunt. And, as it burned, the flame came closer and closer to her cunt.

“Go on and watch, hot ass. You’re going to enjoy this. Want to suck my cock to keep your mind off the fire getting closer and closer to your blonde pussy?”

His fingers lightly caressed her clit. The surge of delight that arced into her body startled her. She hadn’t been expecting anything of the sort to happen.

He laughed and it echoed cruelly through the empty house. He held his rigid prick and moved it closer to her lips. In a soft whisper, he said, “Suck my cock. Go on, you stupid bitch!”

Her body hurt with an intensity she hadn’t thought possible. The candle crammed up her cunt was ripping her apart. She thought she could feel the beginning flow of sluggish blood. Or it might have been melting wax from the huge candle. She couldn’t tell the difference. It didn’t matter, either.

The warmth of the burning candle was slowly turning into heat. And that heat would rapidly sear her tender cunt lips. She couldn’t stir around to snuff it out. She would have to let it burn her pussy lips, char her fleecy blonde cunt fur and even allow flame to blister her inner thighs.

The hot wax running from the candle made her legs feel like they had blisters all over them. Her soft, tender, yielding thighs were quivering with every light touch of the hot wax. It wouldn’t be long before she went out of her mind with fear and pain.

And he wanted her to suck his cock!

It brushed across her trembling lips. This ignited all the old desire in her body. She wasn’t able to deny that she wanted that cock resting nicely between her lips so she could suck on it again.

But not now, not while he was torturing her!

The flame worked closer and closer to her pussy. She tossed her head from side to side sending out a wild cascade of lovely blonde hair. The frightened look in her eyes made Dr. Nathaniel grin lewdly. She was giving him incredible pleasure simply by being so terrified of what he might do to her.

But he was insistent. His prick forced her lips apart. He put his throbbing cock inside the young college student’s lips and then began stroking back and forth in a sensuous, slow motion.

“If… if I suck on it, will you put the candle out?”

“No bargains. You’re trying to use sex as a weapon against me. I don’t give a damn about your problems. Suck my cock, slave!”

Her lips parted and her tongue slipped out to move sensually along his turgid prick. He smiled. He’d won and she knew it. He yanked his cock from her mouth and laughed harshly. “I want my prick in something a bit more to my liking. Like that cunt of yours!”

“The candle,” she moaned weakly. She felt the heat growing. Her tender pussy lips were cringing from the searing flame inching closer. She wished she could put it out. It was blistering her delicate cunt lips, making her entire body shudder in painful reaction.

“I’ll put it out when I feel like it,” he told her calmly. “I’ve got to arrange a chair. Tying you over a chair and then fucking your cunt sounds like something I really want to do. In a while.”

As the tip of the flame reached her blonde pussy fur, Manna screamed and kept screaming. She hadn’t done anything to deserve this. All she’d wanted was a quick fuck with a handsome man. The flame licked and caressed her soft flesh until it singed. She smelled the heavy odor of burning flesh — her flesh.

The pain lanced into her body like a flaming arrow shot up her cunt. The candle’s huge girth was still awful, but her body heat was melting it down. It was no longer the painful reality she’d come to think was normal.

The flame at the candle’s tip was all that mattered to her now. The man wasn’t going to put it out, not even if it was setting her on fire. She felt her pussy lips curl back in a silent snarl, trying to escape the burning torture inflicted by the aloof, almost emotionless Dr. Nathaniel.

Then her body came to her rescue. Manna hated this, she hated it with all the passion locked up in her lusty body. But she was responding in ways she couldn’t fully understand. She felt pain and it turned her on sexually.

The flow of cunt juice leaking around the candle put out the flame before it did her any great harm.

As the flame sputtered and went out, she collapsed weakly to the table. It had been more of an emotional strain on her than she’d thought. For the first time, the young college student was able to really feel the pain inching up her limbs.

Her arms were dead from lack of circulation. He’d tied her down so tightly it would be long minutes after he released her before she got the blood flowing easily through her wrists again. And her legs were hardly in better condition.

One ankle had been tied to one leg of the table with the other bound to the far leg. She was held spread-eagle in a painful stretch that hit directly at her cunt. It wouldn’t have taken much to rip her apart all the way to the chin. This was another reason the candle had affected her pussy so much.

She was virgin-tight to begin with. Pulling her legs apart so much made her cunt even tighter. Her flesh actually cringed from the candle’s flame. It was a torture neither subtle nor caring for her safety.

But Manna had triumphed. No matter what Dr. Nathaniel did to her, she could survive it and continue to feel superior to him. Let him try to get back at his “slave”. He wouldn’t be able to do it!

She saw this as a fight between the two of them for domination of the other. She used sex as a weapon, softly, gently, and quietly. And he was masculine in his approach. He was brutal and forthright. He made his move and then stood behind it without flinching. Torture? Sure, if it suited his purposes. But she wouldn’t allow pain to intrude.

Yet… yet she wished he would win. A dominant man was so sexy! She got off in a big way on all he was doing, though she could hardly admit it to him or even herself.

“The chair’s ready,” he announced. Dr. Nathaniel didn’t bother to yank out the candle, but then he didn’t relight it, either. He said nothing about it. She wondered if he really cared at all that her pussy lips were still stinging and red from the flame’s searing touch?

She doubted it. Dr. Nathaniel didn’t seem to even notice as he pulled her off the table after untying her. The blonde teenager tried to fight him off and found her arms and legs refusing to obey her.

The lack of circulation betrayed her and she fell heavily to the floor, a sobbing heap of tortured flesh.

“Get up. Get up, slave. This time I’m going to really fuck you.”

She writhed on the floor trying to find a position where the candle wasn’t ripping into her guts. A man’s cock bent a little when it went into her cunt all the way. The candle was rigid and didn’t bend at all. It was digging into her pussy in a way designed to give her nothing but sheer, undiluted pain.

The pain pulled the blonde coed to her feet and she almost fell again. Then she felt the sharp edge of the wooden chair’s back shoving into her belly. The candle squirted out of her cunt. This gave her a surge of relief that was almost enough to make her pass out again.

This time she held on grimly. She was fully awake from the beginning as he grabbed first one wrist, then the other and tied them to the chair’s front legs.

She had trouble breathing. She began moving her feet to find the best position to worm her way off the chair’s back. Suddenly, hands pulled hard at her left ankle. The young college student was jerked forward and felt the wood banging into her knee.

That ankle was firmly secured to the chair leg. And then her right ankle was tied to the other back leg of the chair. She was firmly bent over the back, her ass poking up into the air.

She was helpless, still the philosophy professor’s prisoner.

If anything, Manna was in an even more painful and degrading position. Her ass was up in the air for his every lewd, obscene attention. The girl’s cunt gaped and tried to tighten down now that the candle was gone. She didn’t know how much more she could stand.

“Don’t do this to me!” she begged. Her head flopped around on the seat of the chair, a platinum halo all around her face.

“I’ll do anything I want,” the man informed her coldly. “Feel this, cunt? Feel it?”

She shuddered as his prick drove between the thick slabs of her as cheeks. His huge prick spread her rosy pink ass into two separate globes of firm flesh, then plunged down into the humid canyon to seek out her asshole. She thought he was going to bugger her again.

When she felt the knobby crown of his cock glide past her asshole, she let put a low, heart-felt moan. And it wasn’t a moan of pleasure. This hurt now. It hurt worse than anything she have thought possible for her to endure.

As his prick nudged into the tortured lips of her pussy, she began to twitch and writhe around, trying to escape. That wasn’t possible. The ropes held her hands too securely. They weren’t any looser around her ankles. The flesh on her wrists and ankles was chafed and cut and raw. She could barely stand the dancing needles of pain.

“Stop it, stop it! I can’t take any more!”

“You’ll have to, won’t you, cunt? I’m not going to help you. You tried using sex to get a good grade from me. I won’t stop. I’m going to take my pleasure with you and then to hell with you!”

“No, no,” the blonde teenager protested. “I just wanted to fuck you. I don’t care about a good grade. Ohhhhhh!”

His cockhead shot inside her cunt. She felt torn apart, betrayed. He was driving his cock into her with the slow, sure moves of a man totally certain of his territory. There was none of the desperate fucking she’d hoped he would demonstrate.

The faster he fucked her, the sooner this torture would be over. But he was determined to fuck her right, to get the maximum pleasure for himself.

“God, even after you’ve had a candle jammed up your cunt, you’re tight! I can feel those pussy walls clamping down around my cock.”

It was great for the philosophy professor but not for Manna. She was assaulted on all fronts by unforgiving pain. Nowhere to turn, she suffered. She let the pain wash through her young body, a relentless tide of agony not to be denied.

There should have been intense pleasure from feeling the man’s prick slowly moving in her juicy cunt. She had gotten off in a big way before on the way he butt-fucked her. It was a thrill, a joy, a thing uncommon and, therefore, to be cherished.

She felt like dying.

The way his prick worked against the walls of her pussy was sheer murder. The pain surged all the way into her belly, exploded and raced up her spine. The corn holing had been kinky and fun in a perverted way. Now he was killing her by slow inches, and there wasn’t a damned thing the young girl could do about it.

Manna brought this on herself. And every time she felt his cock work another inch up her pussy, she knew it. But the blonde teenager was a prisoner and was totally at the man’s mercy. He could extract all the joy he wanted from her bound and tortured body. And she would have to endure. That was now her lot in life.

Endure. Survive. Try to enjoy it if at all possible.

But it wasn’t possible. No matter how she ordered her tormented cunt to enjoy, it revolted. The pain was too great. The feel of his prick moving slowly back and forth in her fuckhole was agony for her after the candle had been inside for so long.

Then the philosophy professor’s hips exploded in a frenzy of berserk fucking activity. He fucked her with all the power locked in his body. His hands ripped and tore at the creamy globes of her ass. He tried to tear the doughy mounds from her body as his cock plunged into her seething pussy.

The tightness of her body was increased by the pain. Her fluttering, turgid cunt lips surrounded his prick. The feel of his prick on her reddened, tortured cunt lips was enough to cause the young coed pain. This tightened her cunt around his virile cock. She was hurting bad.

That lit inner fires of desire that the man had never known before. He fucked hey with more speed, more confidence, more ability than ever before. And he loved every second of it.

She was in pain. That made his pleasure all the more intense. His fingers tortured her ass. This tightened her pussy around his prick even more. He fucked into a cunt he would have thought to be a virgin’s if he hadn’t known better. She was crushing him flat with her steamy, squeezing cunt walls.

The flesh under his fingers flowed like putty. He tried to rearrange it into a shape more pleasing to him. It refused. It flowed back into the original curves of her ass. But that was minor. Her pussy convulsed around him in the throes of orgasm.

Vaguely, he realized she was coming. She’d gotten off in a big way on his fucking. And being tied up. And the pain. And the humiliation. She’d gotten off on all those things. His basic philosophy of sex and life and fucking was right on.

He fucked her cunt even faster. He had to feel his cum spurting from his prick. The emotional and physical release was all that counted now.

The white-hot fountain of his jism splattered into her clutching cunthole. Gallon after gallon of his cum gushed in and he felt himself propelled into a vastly nicer world. Then it was all over. His prick went limp. He watched as a tiny stream of his jizz leaked from her well fucked cunt. It dribbled out and down over Manna’s tortured inner thighs.

He took a step back and surveyed the scene. She was bent double over the back of her chair. The wooden back cut mercilessly into her belly. She panted for breath. He didn’t care if it was the chair or her orgasm that robbed her lungs of the precious oxygen. All he cared about was his own satisfaction.

He decided this was enough for him. For the moment.

“I’ll be back. Don’t go away,” he told the bound girl.

“You cocksucker, you Goddamn cocksucking, motherfucking, son of a bitch!” she ranted. But it was to an empty room. Dr. Nathaniel had left her tied and hurting and waiting for his return.

Oh, how she wanted him to come back!


Manna Hancock moaned low as she felt his hand moving up the inside of her thigh. The way he gripped at her flesh made her insides quiver with lust. She knew the hand slowly groping for her blonde, fleecy pussy was only a taste of things to come.

She gently reached out and found Bert’s hard-on. His cock bounced and bucked under her grip. His prick hardly seemed large enough to her after Dr. Nathaniel’s, but the blonde teenager couldn’t complain. She was horny and anything that eased the sexual tensions, had to be good.

“How’s that, Manna?” he asked. “Do you like the way I’m stroking along your leg?”

“Hmmm, yes, it’s fine. Real nice. But move your hand higher. Ummm, oh, God, yes, there! Feel how wet I am. Do something about it!”

She wished he’d get on with it. Foreplay was fine, but the longer it dragged on the more she thought about how he wasn’t Dr. Nathaniel.

She felt a shiver pass the length of her body as she thought about how Dr. Nathaniel had abused her. She had been mad when he cut her loose and spanked her ass and told her not to come back. He had treated her like a little girl — after he had fucked her up the ass and cunt.

She tried to throw herself into the fucking with Bert to forget Dr. Nathaniel. But he wasn’t dominant like the philosophy professor. His prick wasn’t anywhere near as large. And he just couldn’t fuck like Dr. Nathaniel.

“God, I love looking at you!” Bert exclaimed. “You’re beautiful!”

Looking into his eyes, she saw he was being honest with her. There was no denying she was horny and that he was the solution for that condition. He might not be the best cocksman around, but he was better than most of those college men who thought they were such real studs.

Manna wondered what was wrong with her. She should have been so turned on by Bert that she virtually raped him. But she was holding back in spite of the intense sexual needs ravaging her pussy. Her cunt felt like it was ready to explode like an atomic bomb. And yet the blonde girl hardly wanted Bert touching her, especially there.

Her ass still burned with the memory of Dr. Nathaniel’s cock in it. Her asshole tensed as Bert’s hand drifted back there, then she relaxed. He wasn’t going to fuck her up the shit chute like Roger had done.

Roger! She had thought of that evil man by his first name, like a lover and not someone who had tortured and raped and humiliated her.

All she wanted right now was to feel a cock on her blonde cunt. The hollowness between her legs caused by thinking of Dr. Nathaniel drove her insane with lust. It had been an eternity since she’d felt Dr. Nathaniel’s rigid prick driving hard into her pussy. An eternity — since last night.

Twitching again and wiggling down a little on the hard bed, she let her legs drift wider to give Bert a better view.

“See anything you like?” she taunted.

“Damn straight!”

“I hope it is,” she answered. She tugged at his prick and said, “Yeah, it’s damned straight. And hard. And just a teeny bit cold. I know a nice, warm, damp place for it.”

She pulled him hard enough to make him yelp, but he moved his prick, his lovely, steely-hard cock, and closer to her cunt.

She felt his cock bucking like a wild bronco in her grip. The guy was going to cream all over her like a teenager getting his first piece of ass. Ben was a sophomore, after all, and should have been in better control of himself. Like Dr. Nathaniel would have been.

Manna shivered. No mattered what happened, she kept thinking about the abuse the philosophy professor had given her. And how much she had gotten off on it. She doubted Bert would understand. He certainly wouldn’t whip her or tie her up before fucking her. She knew him well enough for that.

This would have to be a straight, plain, ordinary fucking.

Manna sighed as he began exploring her lush body. His mouth closed on one upturned tit and he sucked hard. The pressure on her nipple sent a spike of joy into her chest. His tongue teased her nipple until it was a hard, red pebble of pulsating lust.

When he began nibbling on her tit, she abandoned herself to the feelings rampaging through her. Maybe she could get off on the way he was sucking her tits, feeling her legs, pressing his hairy chest down into her softly yielding body.

She reached out and pulled his head down firmly into her tits. Bert got the message that she wanted more of his mouth all over her luscious tits. He began licking and kissing and lightly nipping at her tender flesh.

The rough wetness of his tongue sent shudders into her that pushed her slowly up the pinnacle toward orgasm. It wasn’t like having a prick deep in her cunt — fucking her, pleasuring her, but it was better than nothing.

He rolled his tongue around in a broad circular pattern. His tongue pressed the rock-hard nipple down into the firm flesh before starting a spiral down the slope of her tit. When he finally reached the base of the blonde teenager’s tit, he buried his face in the deep canyon between those luscious mounds of titflesh. The motion of his tongue back and forth between her tits caused her breath to quicken.

Manna felt that Bert was inept as a lover. She’d thought he was pretty good until she’d found Dr. Nathaniel. That man stimulated her and made her come alive. But not this teenager — this child! She wanted and needed a man to command her, to dominate her, to make her feel like a real woman.

But still there was the aching emptiness between her thighs. A hand stroking her inner leg wasn’t good enough. There had to be more. And that more was a cock.

She wiggled under him again and managed to position herself so her cunt was wide open.

He crushed down on top of her, his cock far away from her blood-engorged pussy lips so hungrily awaiting his prick.

“Go on, please, ohhh! Your tongue’s nice but I want more! I want that gorgeous cock of yours. Now!”

He began working his way up her body like a snake slithering up a tree trunk. He kissed and licked his way until their mouths crushed together firmly.

By now, the girl was frantic with lust. She’d do anything to feel his cock driving hard and deep in her pussy. Her tongue stabbed out and into his mouth. Tongues meeting, they began rolling around in erotic acrobatics. She let her tongue glide back and forth over his to give him the idea of what she really wanted.

This didn’t seem to spur him on. The blonde teenager began darting her tongue in and out of his mouth in a mock fucking that would surely give him the idea of what she so passionately needed from him.

Whether this did the trick or not, the blonde coed didn’t know. All she cared about was the tremor passing into her gut when she felt the blunt nose of his prick pushing against her pussy lips. This was what she wanted. If he couldn’t abuse her, whip her, spank her, this was exactly what she needed!

She tried hunching up to take his cock full length up her juicy, seething hot cunt? Somehow, Bert managed, to elude her. He was going to fuck her in his own way, at his own convenience.

No matter that she was being driven insane with lust, with need for his cock. He granted her only about an inch of pulsating prick. And it felt like heaven to her hungry cunt.

She squirmed back and forth savoring the inch of cock inside her cunt. It split her pussy lips apart far enough for her to feel, really feel, and cock. Using well-trained muscles, she clamped down on his shivering cock with those pussy lips. Her cunt was now a lewdly grinning mouth trying to swallow his prick whole.

A tiny whimper was all she heard from him. Manna couldn’t speak because he had finally rammed his cock full length into her pussy. The cock buried in her steamy cunt bounced around like a thing gone insane.

The very motion of his prick against her delicate pussy walls was enough to make her groan with pleasure. It was so good having a prick in her cunt again. Now, if he’d only fuck her!

Bert moved his hips in a slow circle, grinding his crotch firmly against hers. She felt the juices oozing from her cunt and lubricating both their groins. A tiny trickle of the thick oil tormented her as it ran down the inside of her milky white leg. She remembered how Dr. Nathaniel had stuffed the candle up her cunt and lit it. This felt so much like hot candle wax against her flesh.

She had to have more to drive away the memories.

“Damn you, ohhh, damnit! Fuck me, will you? Get on with it and fuck me blind!”

“I… I’m trying to keep from blowing my wad. You’re just too damned sexy, Manna.”

She should have taken that as a compliment. Instead, it angered her. She wanted him fucking her, not trying to play games.

“Get it on, man, get it on! I need cock and lots of it — and I want it fucking me. Now, damn your eyes, now!”

He gritted his teeth and began a slow back-and-forth motion. The blonde screamed with joy as she felt his cock slipping from her cunt. The vacuum built up inside threatened to pull her guts out with his cock. The fit between her well-oiled cunt walls and his throbbing cock was better than any piston and chamber.

When just the head of his cock split her pussy lips, he started forward again. Manna shuddered in reaction. The tingles in her pussy became more intense. She knew that she’d soon be aflame with lust. There wouldn’t be anything in the world to hold her back then.

As exciting as it was finally getting Bert’s prick inside her cunt, Manna felt a curious split in her view of the scene. One side told her this was great; this was her body speaking.

The feel of his quivering cock drilling into her cunt set fire to her loins. She shivered, with lust. His bucking cock twisted around inside her tight cunt and sent lightning bolts of carnal electricity zinging along her nerves.

The other part screamed that something was lacking; this was her brain warning her.

Her body responded in the age-old manner of a woman being flicked by a man. She loved the sensation of his cock slipping back and forth in her seething hot cunt. But there had to be more. And, that more was what Dr. Nathaniel could give her. Manna wasn’t emotionally wrapped up in this lovemaking like she had been with the philosophy professor. She felt neglected in spite of the youth’s prick telling her the opposite.

She couldn’t really respond to his rhythm. She just let him rock back and forth, fucking at his own speed. Her body was drenched with sweat. She responded instinctively, but her brain, separate and distinct, was wondering what was missing.

The only explanation she could come up with was that Bert was dreary. His fucking lacked excitement. Her body was all hot and ready for his cock but he failed to arouse her mentally. He was a bore. Sometimes, such as when they’d fucked on the roof, it was good with him. But more often than not, it was like it was now. Bert did nothing to bring out her hidden desires or arouse her innermost self. She was going to have to point him in a different direction or she’d be doomed to not only the missionary position with him but constant frustration as well.

Even if she got off, she’d feel robbed mentally. That was almost worse than not getting fucked at all.

“Bert darling, wait, please,” she said, her hands pushing against his shoulders.

“Huh? What is it?”

He was confused. He’d been concentrating so hard on not coming that it took a second for him to readjust to anything other than the steady fucking he was giving her.

“Pull the bureau aver next to the bed.”

“What the hell for? I’m fucking you and you want the Goddamn dresser next to the bed? What’s with you, Manna?”

She felt his cock slowly deflating inside her cunt. He hadn’t come. This distraction had robbed him of his hard-on.

“I want to watch us fuck in the mirror. I want to see what it’s like if I could get up and watch — and still have your cock fucking me!”

“That’s sick.” He sounded disgusted.

“No, it’s not. I think it’s wonderful. You can look, too. Imagine the sight of your prick spreading my pussy lips and digging in deep up my cunt. Wouldn’t you like to see that? And do it at the same time?”

“No. Besides, it’s too dark in here.”

“So we turn on the lights. You don’t think I’m ugly, do you?” She smiled and reached down between his thighs. Gripping his limp cock, she began massaging it until he had a burgeoning hard-on again. His cock was throbbing with renewed lust for her. She knew he’d do what she wanted. He desired her more than anything else in the world.

He’d want to please her. If, for nothing else, just to get his rocks off in her cunt.

“Damnit,” Bert snarled. “Okay, I’ll drag the motherfuckin thing over here so you can watch. Like being in a damned porno movie.” He grunted as he pulled the heavy dresser closer to the bed. Under his breath he kept up a steady stream of curses. He was obviously not enthused with this new idea of Manna’s.

She came up with the damnedest things at times. He wondered what went on in that pretty blonde head of hers. Actually wanting to watch! And to have the lights on, too. He was worn out trying to think of new ways of fucking to keep her amused.

He thought fucking was something better done in bed with the lights off. “There. Satisfied?”

“No,” Manna said, smiling. “My poor little cunt doesn’t have your huge cock in it any more. Come on and stick it back in. And then fuck me, fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked before!”

This time his entry into her pussy was faster, harder. It jolted her and rattled her teeth. This was more like it. She wanted it rough, quick, as brutal as he could give it to her.

Even better, she had a perfect view of everything going on in bed. Her snowy white legs were spread wide. She saw his fierce red cock vanishing between her pink pussy lips. As his cock disappeared into her cunt, she felt the broad head pushing apart her cunt walls. The sight, the feel, those were a double turn on for her!

“Yesssss,” she hissed from between clenched teeth. “That’s it. Let me have your cock, all of it!”

He fucked her as good as he could.

Watching in the mirror gave her as big a thrill as actually feeling his cock pistoning back and forth, fucking her with rutting strokes so totally different from his usual fucking. She had the mental stimulation that had been lacking before.

Her body sang a song of lust, of carnal joy.

And the blonde teenager watched everything Bert was doing to her.

She saw herself lifting her hips off the bed to meet his inward stroke. The way her cunt lips parted, grinning obscenely and sucking in his cock, made her breath come faster.

As it did, she watched her tits rising and falling. They bounced around like succulent jello on a plate. Her hard red nipples were cherries just waiting to be popped into an eager mouth.

When he actually began sucking on her tits again, she was close to her orgasm. The wetness of his mouth all over her tits added to the feelings damming up in her tender young body. The gentle sensations seeping down into her chest from his mouthings collided with the liquid fire she seemed to breathe.

It mixed and produced intense excitement. But this was nothing compared to the wild fires it lit in her belly, in her cunt. The long prick fucking her had finally brought out her deepest hidden desires.

The way his cock stretched her virgin-tight cunt made her certain he would rip her apart all the way to the chin. He’d never fucked like this before. Maybe she should have gotten him mad at her before. She didn’t care. He was really drilling his prick into her, their crotches meeting with wet, slushy sounds every time he plunged into her cunt.

And she watched it all. She saw her ass tensing and rising off the bed to meet his thrust. His balls bouncing around to slap wetly against her ass was almost worth everything.

“That’s it, that’s ittttt!” she shrieked. Her body thrashed around on the bed, pinioned by the throbbing spike of his cock up her cunt. The way his mouth moved relentlessly all over her tits told her he was nearing his orgasm. It wouldn’t be long.

Manna came with all the power of an avalanche smashing down a mountainside. She could barely focus her eyes on the mirror to watch his cock reaming out her cunt. Then she closed her eyes and shrieked, “Aieeeeee!”

Her entire body tensed with the rigid muscle-lock of orgasm. It was the release, both emotional and physical, that the young college student had craved so.

As she drifted down from her sexual high, Manna felt his cock bucking and dancing wildly inside her cunt. The warmth of his jism pushed her desires back up the slopes toward another climax but she never arrived.

Bert was fucked out before she could get off again. He kept his prick inside her. Manna felt it slowly growing as limp as a piece of cooked spaghetti. Still inside her wet cunt, it might as well have been as thick as that spaghetti.

Manna realized how unsatisfied she actually was with her climax. Something deep inside the blonde teenager told her it would have been better with Dr. Nathaniel.

He knew how to pleasure a woman. He knew what she wanted — and what she could never put into words to tell another man.

Manna felt herself being drawn irresistibly back to the sadistic philosophy professor. Her cunt was already drooling at the prospect.


“Please, Roger, you’ve got to talk to me!” pleaded Manna. The blonde girl was frantic. She had been ignored soundly while in the man’s philosophy class. Now she had to have some time with him afterwards. If she didn’t get it, she thought she’d go crazy.

“You’re over dramatizing your problems,” said Dr. Nathaniel coldly. He looked at the frantic blonde girl, then sighed. “Very well. Tell me what I can do to help. I’m supposed to help out all you silly students, though heaven alone knows why.”

“Oh, thank you, Roger,” she sobbed. Manna wanted to drop to her knees and bug his legs, kiss his cock, do whatever he wanted her to do.

“First of all, don’t call me Roger. I prefer… something else.”

The young college student knew what he preferred. She glanced around nervously, wondering if he should use that term here in the classroom. He had demanded it when he had chained her and fucked her up the ass. And the philosophy professor had been specific when he had tied her across the chair and fucked her pussy.

“Master, please help me,” she said in a low voice.

He only nodded curtly.

“I want you, master, I need you!”

“Absurd. You are a confused, childish student who does not know what she really wants. I represent a father-figure. You see me as someone who can bring order to your chaotic life.”


“And the idea of incest turns you on,” he continued as if she hadn’t said a word. “Or perhaps it’s more than that. I think you enjoyed being tied up and fucked. Is that it? You enjoyed being my slave and it scares you?”

Her blonde head bobbed in assent. Manna couldn’t force the words out of her mouth. He had hit it right on the money. She had loved being dominated. No other man had ever done that before. And the feel of the ropes on her hands and feet had allowed her to experience a wild, orgasmic sensation unlike anything she’d ever before felt.

“It’s quite simple. You think fucking is dirty.”

“No!” she protested.

“But you do,” he insisted. “You think fucking is dirty and, begin tied up relieves you of your sexual guilt. Who can blame you for feeling good about a cock fucking your slimy cunt if you’re bound and helpless?”

They stared at each other for a moment, then Manna said, “It’s all right for me to feel this way? I mean, the way I feel when I’m tied up and you’re fucking me?”

“Who can say what’s normal? For you and me, it’s normal,” he said, a slight sneer on his face.

The blonde teenager felt her pussy beginning to churn in response to his masculine presence. He oozed authority. He was a man to be obeyed. Everything about the philosophy professor radiated virility.

“I enjoy a slave dancing, in dim light, slowly taking off her clothes until she’s wearing nothing but a garter belt and stockings. Then I fuck her.”

Manna’s head snapped up and her blue eyes locked with Dr. Nathaniel’s. She knew what he was saying. And she had come prepared. With a single fluid movement, she went over to the light switch and flicked off the overhead lights. All that remained was the dim light coming in through one window. The entire building was virtually empty. They wouldn’t be disturbed.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Not really,” Dr. Nathaniel said, rising. With a movement as quick as any striking snake’s, he spun the young college student around and snapped a dog collar around her neck. A long chain trailed from it.

“Y-you keep that in your briefcase?” Manna stammered.

“Don’t speak, slave. Dance!”

He settled back in his chair and nodded. She saw his hand reach down toward, his crotch. She figured he was busy fumbling out his prick to begin beating off.

But she wouldn’t let him get that far. She didn’t want to waste a single precious drop of his pearly hot cum. Manna wanted to finish off the dance quickly and let him fuck her needy cunt. He rattled the long chain and sent a tiny ripple along it in an unmistakable order for her to dance.

The blonde beauty made a slow turn for her master so he could see her from every angle. Arms held even with her shoulders, she displayed her flaring ass and impudently thrusting tits for his lustful gaze. Then she lifted one leg and straightened it in his direction.

Placing her heel on his desk, she gave him a clear view all the way up to her crotch. He could see the smoky haze of her stockings, the white cotton panties covering her pussy, the blush of her skin around her cunt.

Spinning away, the young girl began unbuttoning her blouse. The chain rattled loudly as she moved, but it barely hindered her. One button came free, then another and another. She danced away while she slipped first one shoulder, then another free of her blouse.

“Faster,” he said. “I want you to turn me on.”

Manna felt heartened by the husky voice. He was anticipating the time she would be naked enough to allow him to fuck the hell out of her. All of it came together for her. The chain, the dog collar, being forced to strip and dance naked for the philosophy, professor, she loved it all!

It took a lot of effort to keep from ripping off her skirt and standing boldly naked in front of the man, daring him to fuck her. She wanted to make this slow, sensual, a huge turn-on for her new master.

Manna wanted his cock to be at the breaking point when he fucked hard and deep into her already juicy pussy. Nothing less would for her. To have to suck him hard or wait for him to get a hard-on would take the edge off her blazing desires.

She wanted cock and it had to be steely, long and hard and masterful.

Getting her bra off was a little trickier due to the chain dangling from around her neck, but the young girl met the challenge. She did the impossible. She gracefully unhooked the snaps in the back and let the elastic bands snap forward. With her shoulders hunched, she was able to hold the cups over her tits for a moment longer than the man had thought she could.

He came half out of his seat. She saw his long, red, iron-hard cock. This was his turn on, but the sight of all that cock ready to fuck made it hers, too. The blonde teenager decided she liked Dr. Nathaniel hot and bothered. It certainly made her cunt water and begin to trickle out its juices down the inside of her still-tender thighs. The spots where the hot wax had dribbled weren’t quite fully healed yet.

“I see shadows playing all over your tits. They bounce and jiggle in a disgusting manner, cunt. Do something else.”

“Play with them, master,” she teased. “Come closer and play with them!” She almost gagged when he jerked savagely on the end of her chain. She moved lithely, following the tug until she was almost within the man’s reach. But when he reached out for her tits, she found she was a fraction of an inch too far away. She straightened her shoulders and caused her tits to sway provocatively.

“They’re yours, master. All yours! Do with them what you will!”

She gave a huge wiggle and her skirt fell away. She stood almost naked in front of the man. All the young college student had on was her panties — and the garter belt and stockings she’d worn especially for her lover.

Stripping off the panties proved to be a problem. Manna found they were completely drenched with her pussy juice. She was so eager to get naked and give her master pleasure, she almost flung them to the floor after peeling them away from her pussy.

But she didn’t do it quite that way. She made it slow, teasing, tormenting to the man watching her strip. It paid big dividends. The look on the philosophy professor’s face as her cunt slowly came into sight was worth any number of fuckings Bert could give her. The sexual tensions mounting in her cunt were reaching levels so high she felt the lightest touch might set her off.

Manna almost came when he jerked hard on her chain again.

“Is that all you have to offer, your smelly cunt? Do better, slave, and do much better!”

She held out her hands as she lightly danced backwards, hips swaying, tits flopping around. The light from the single window played over the metal links in the chain around her neck. Less brilliant rays reflected off her snowy white skin.

She was everything a man could ask for. The young girl was beckoning to the man to come into her arms. Her tits were firm and high placed on her chest. She was wantonly naked. The garter belt holding up her stockings outlined her cunt so that Dr. Nathaniel had no trouble seeing exactly where he could stuff his prick.

The man was around the desk in a flash. Nothing mattered to him now more than making the teasing young college student worship his cock. If her cunt needed a prick jammed into it, she would just have to wait for a while.

He caught her and pulled her savagely to his body. He felt her rock-hard nipples poking into his body. This told him exactly how aroused she’d gotten. Her pink tongue slowly made a nervous circuit of her lips.

The blonde teenager was as horny as he was. She wanted to be fucked. Her cunt longed for his cock. He’d really give it to her this time.

As her legs, opened slightly, he bent his knees and straightened. His cock shot upward, hitting right on its blonde target. He smashed the head of his prick directly into her cunt. The pussyjuice began oozing out and down the sides of his cock. The girl moaned as he sank his cock into her all the way to his balls.

Her cunt’s dribbling of fuck juices lubricated her fully for his forceful entry. She gasped and shoved her pointy nipples into his chest. She was ready to get fucked.

He stiffened, his legs even more and fucked deep into her pussy. She sagged limply against the philosophy professor as he drove his prick all the way up into her cunt. The soft, wet, clinging folds of her cunt totally surrounded his virile prick.

With a quick motion, he whirled the chain around and caught her hands behind her back. He pulled her wrists together. Manna shrieked and tried to back away. The cock in her pussy prevented it. He kept her up on tiptoe.

“Try to get away from your master, eh?” he snarled. His cock surged in the blonde teenager’s tight pussy. “Well, you won’t. You’re my slave and you’ll do whatever I want you to!”

“Fuck me, master, fuck me good!” she moaned.

Manna was delirious with the sensations ripping into her body. As long as he stood with his knees locked, she was forced to remain on tiptoe. The young girl felt the muscles in her calves beginning to complain. And the chain had been wound around her wrists with cruel force. But most of all, his prick was threatening to cut her in half.

She tensed, her cunt muscles to hang onto his cock. The blonde coed knew he was straining to keep from coming. She’d felt men’s pricks bucking inside her like this before. She massaged and caressed and squeezed with her pussy muscles as hard as she could.

She wanted her master to enjoy her tight pussy even more than he was already.

His hips began working slowly. He didn’t fuck her hard and fast. Instead, he used a slow, steady rhythm. As he pulled out, she felt a tremendous suction forming inside her. She lifted one stocking-clad leg and wrapped it around his waist.

This helped her keep her balance. With hands savagely chained behind her back and the chain looped around the dog collar circling her neck, she needed all the help she could get just staying upright. The cock in her cunt helped, too, in a most exciting way.

Dr. Nathaniel was abusing her, treating her like an animal, and she wanted more! Manna couldn’t help herself. She had to have more.

She looked down where his cock was just barely parting her pink, scalloped pussy lips. They were red with excitement and bulging out. The mere sight of those fiery red flaps of flesh aroused her even more.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard! Drive that prick of yours up my cunt so hard it’ll come out my mouth!”

“You didn’t call me master,” he said. He jerked on the chain around her neck. The coed had to do a precarious balancing act to keep on her one foot. The other leg still circled the man’s waist.

He arched his back and thrust his prick into her seething hot cunt. She immediately tried to crush him with her hot, wanton pussy walls. She felt the soft folds inside her cunt stretching to accommodate his prick. She pulled her cunt tight around his cock and then squeezed down.

“So hot!” he grated. “That cunt is crushing me flat, slut!”

“And you’re tearing me up inside, master. Shove it in deep. Fuck me with that lovely prick until I can’t take any more. Punish me, punish me with your cock!”

His hands dropped the chain and roamed over her back until he found the proper place to grip her, to support her, to pull her lush body into his. Then he began twisting from side to side.

With his cock already pressing hard into her pussy walls, he gave her added punishment. His bucking, jerking cock stretched her in new and different directions. She moaned loudly and then buried her face in the hollow of his neck. The sensations assaulting her body were too intense for her to bear up under for long. She felt the familiar sexual tensions building up inside her cunt.

The blonde coed didn’t know if it came from the feel of his cock heating up her pussy walls or from the fact he had chained her like an animal after forcing her to strip. It didn’t matter. She was getting a sexual thrill so intense off this bondage fucking that she felt like she was walking a tight-wire and might slip into ecstasy at any instant.

Every time his cock, drove hard and hot into her, the friction made her just a little more aroused. The way he twitched his hips around stirred his hard, throbbing cock inside her like a spoon in a mixing bowl.

She began kissing and licking along the line of his jaw. She slithered back to the hollow under his ear. Her tongue flashed out. Hotly, Manna whispered in his ear, “I love this, master. I love the feel of your cock in me. Fuck me harder!”

She tensed her leg wrapped around his waist to show him exactly what she wanted. This action pulled him closer and drove his cock a fraction of an inch farther up her fuming hot cunt.

He locked his knees again. His prick shot up into her pussy like a rocket blasting off into orbit. This caused the blonde teenager to lose her balance. She couldn’t stand on tiptoe any longer. She stumbled and fell heavily, unable to break her fall with her chained hands.

On her back, she stared up at the man towering above her. His cock looked like a telephone pole jutting from his groin.

“Slut,” was all he said as he jerked off over her. The stream of jizz arched up and spattered her face. The hot, gooey cum leaked down and matted in her eyes. Her tongue probed out and discovered one tiny river. The blonde teenager hungrily lapped the cum all up, begging silently for more.

He didn’t give it to her. He just jerked so hard on the chain it spun her around. He undid her wrists, then unleashed her neck. Manna wiped the cum from her eyes and stared up at the philosophy professor.

“Be at my house in one hour,” he said. “And if you’re even one second late, I will severely punish you.”

Without another word, Dr. Nathaniel spun and left the classroom. Manna lay on the cold linoleum floor for a long time both hating and loving him. Then she slowly got to her feet and dressed.

Her master had said he’d punish her if she didn’t show up in exactly one hour. The young coed didn’t want to anger him.


Manna was almost in tears by the time she got to Dr. Nathaniel’s house. She ran to the front door and knocked loudly. After what seemed an eternity to the blonde teenager, the door swung open. Dr. Nathaniel stood just inside, cloaked in shadow.

[missing text] wooden panel, then knocked again, this time more insistently. When the door opened again, the young college student dropped to her knees and threw her arms around the man’s legs. She buried her face between his thighs.

“Forgive me, master. Please forgive me! It wasn’t my fault! Honest!”

He spun and threw her face down on the floor of the living room. The door slammed shut and the lock sounded like a peal of doom to the young girl. But she felt a surge of desire. She hadn’t been cast off. He still cued. He could have totally ignored her for her failure to be here on time.

“Stand!” he ordered.

Manna got to her feet, her knees rubbery with reaction. She gasped when his light touch stroked over her check and reached the neckline of her blouse. Those fingers turned to steel. He yanked, sending the buttons from her blouse skittering all aver the room. Another swift pull and her bra lay in tatters.

“Get out of that grotesque skin,” he commanded, turning his back on her and leaving the room. The blonde teenager broke a fingernail hastening to obey her master. He had been good to her. He hadn’t thrown her out when she’d disobeyed his command to be here on time. The least she could do was try to please him now.

“S-should I leave on the stockings and garter belt?” she asked, her voice quivering with desire and anticipation — and a little fear. There was no limit to the power this man wielded over her. He could do anything he wanted.

The only answer she got was his strong hands pulling her toward the doorway where he’d been putting an iron rod into special brackets. The iron bar was just at chest level. He flung her hard against it. The blonde coed turned and found she’d played directly into the evil man’s hands.

He lifted her arms over the bar, then used adhesive tape to fasten her wrists to another loop of tape around her waist. The bar effectively pinioned her arms, forming an axle about which the philosophy professor could spin her. The sticky adhesive tape would hurt like hell when he pulled it off her, too. But what did he care? That might only add to his enjoyment later.

“Please, master. This buns!”

“Tough shit!” he said in a voice hardly more than a whisper. “You’re hanging nice and loose for me.”

He gave her a shove and sent her rocking, the bar under her armpits supporting her weight.

“And your feet just barely touch the floor. Good.”

Manna noticed how she was straining. Her toes barely touched the floor. The aching in her calves was beginning to rival the pain she felt in her shoulders and arms. And there was no telling what the man would do to her.

Dr. Nathaniel walked back and forth in front of her, surveying the way she strained. Her tits were pressed almost flat against her chest with the strain of maintaining the position. Her leg muscles were tight and firm. Her ass tensed and looked inviting enough to fuck. Her pussy fur was already dotted with tiny beads of cunt juice. Just being tied up and at the mercy of this man was enough to make the young college student want him.

He continued letting his eyes roam over her helpless young body. It seemed to bother her. He liked that. It made him feel even more powerful. As she shifted position trying to get more comfortable, the firm mounds of her tits bounced just a little. Not too much, not too floppy, but enough to show she had big enough tits to be interesting.

Her brown aureoles were visibly pulsating. The bright red nipples pasted on her tits pointed directly at him. They might have been accusing fingers.

He stepped closer and took her tits in hand and shoved hard. The smooth skin flowed under his fingers and the girl’s body rocked and swayed on the iron bar.

“Yes,” he said. “That’s good.” He licked his lips as he studied her wanton nakedness.

The man could hardly believe his good fortune in finding such a willing coed. Her big tits were nice but the rest of the package was well worth a second look, especially now that she was completely under his power.

The trim waist hinted at one hell of a good fuck awaiting him. Her ass was warm and womanly. It wasn’t one of those tight, masculine butts so many of the teenagers sported. This was a real ass, a fuck able ass.

He grabbed hold of both cheeks, one in each hand. He tried to pull the assflesh from the blonde teenager’s body. She had to arch her back and shove her cunt toward him. She softly moaned.

He couldn’t tell if it was from pain or pleasure. Not that it mattered to him.

He was getting his rocks off already. More succulent woman flesh would be his before he finished with Manna. His cock turned cartwheels in his pants. It was begging to be let out to dip into the pink cunt lips underneath that platinum patch of pussy hair.

“You like it, don’t you?” he demanded. “You want me to fuck you. You want my prick buried balls deep in your slimy cunt. Perhaps I’ll just leave you for a while. This is Friday. I could come back Sunday evening.”

“Two days!” cried Manna, shocked. “You can’t leave me here like this for two days! You just can’t!” A feeling of utter helplessness flooded her senses. She strained to pull at the adhesive tape. It itched and cut deeper into her soft flesh. There was no escape for her.

And the way her shoulders and arms were aching now, in two days they would be killing her. Dr. Nathaniel couldn’t just abandon her like that. He couldn’t!

He saw the fear flaring on her beautiful face. He laughed harshly, turned and walked away. Manna almost fainted from the sudden realization that the man could do anything he wanted to her, no matter how depraved.

“I can leave you trussed up like that. Your hands are bound in such a way you could never get free. And think of the mess. Can you hold in all your shit and piss for two days? I doubt it. You’ll be standing in the middle of your own foulness.”

“You… you’d have to clean it up,” Manna said desperately.

“Oh, no, slave, I wouldn’t. You would. You would have to lick it up. Push it around with your tongue, then lap it up. Yes.”

She almost pissed in fear then. Only the knowledge that the man was telling her exactly what he would have her do stopped the stream of smelly piss. Cold, gnawing fear settled into the coed’s belly.

Manna closed her eyes and swallowed hard. And then she yelped when she felt the philosophy professor’s cock poke into her cunt lips. She struggled to get away from the unexpected force of his prick. But there was no escape. With her arms bound as they were, she was completely powerless. He could do whatever he wanted to her.

And right now he was going to fuck her.

His hands went under her as cheeks and lifted her up. She was able to support a little more of her weight on her arms, but not enough to take all the strain off. As he lifted her hips upward, her cunt exposed itself to his questing prick.

He jammed his hips forward and sank his cock balls deep in her juicy cunt.

They both gasped at the sudden penetration of her tight cunt.

It could have hurt if her cunt hadn’t been dewy from the idea of having him fuck her. As it was, she merely groaned when she felt his thick cock driving all the way in, spreading her pussy walls out of its way.

Once buried in her juicy cunt, his cock didn’t feel any different than any other man’s. Closing her eyes, the teenager was able to make believe that this was happening all in a dream, that it wasn’t a flesh and blood cock fucking her pussy.

She kept telling herself this over and over.

He started swinging her in a shallow arc. She rocked to and fro on the iron rod. This carried her cunt away from his prick. I didn’t have to move his hips at all. Her swinging body was doing all the work of fucking.

She was actually fucking herself for her master’s convenience.

He continued swinging her back and forth on his prick several times. Once, she grunted and felt the entire length of her cunt collapse around the massive girth of his cock. She felt the broad purple cockhead deep inside her. It danced around with wild lust.

Every single contour of his cock stood out in bold relief. She even felt his balls banging against her asshole. She remembered when he had chained her and fucked her asshole. And how he had whipped her. And abused and degraded her — like he was doing now. Then all such memories were driven from her head. He was rocking her high on the bar, then releasing her.

The pain was immense in her shoulders and spreading rapidly into her chest. This cancelled out the intense pleasure he was generating in her trim, lush body by fucking her.

“Ummmmm, good, master, so good!”

“It should be,” he grunted. “I know what my slaves want. And you want more cock, don’t you, cunt? Don’t you?”

He emphasized the question with a faster swing. She had to put her legs up around his waist. The rocking motion made her feel as if she’d go sailing off into space at any instant.

He took the slender legs wrapping around his waist as a sign that she was agreeing with him. He fucked faster.

The lewd squishing noise as his cock reamed in and out of her juicy pussy filled the silent house. It echoed and came back to taunt the bound, helpless girl. She felt so many conflicting emotions at the moment, the sounds only added to her confusion.

She should have been aroused by the sounds of fucking. It was a good sound. The noises of a man fucking a woman should have sent her off on a wild climax. But all she could think of was the strange position she found herself in. Here she was, tied up around an iron bar, swinging back and forth so that the philosophy professor’s prick penetrated her cunt. And she was actually beginning to enjoy the hell out of it.

She shouldn’t have. She tried to keep that thought in mind. This was sick, wanting to be someone else’s slave. No matter that the man was dominating, more masculine than any stud she’d ever met before. This was the era of women’s lib. She had tried to be independent, as assertive as any man, to raise her own consciousness.

She loved being the helpless slave of this commanding man.

No matter how degrading, she enjoyed it. Then she screamed out a loud, ear-piercing scream of agony. The philosophy professor had added a new dimension of pain to the fucking.

He’d pulled a bit of the adhesive tape off the roll and plastered it across her aroused tits. Then he yanked it off. She felt her sensitive, delicate skin tearing.

Her tits hammered with forbidden desires. They were like balloons overfilled with air. They threatened to pop at any instant. And then he ripped the adhesive tape off her nipples.

The arrow of pain shot deep into her chest. The waves of pain from her tortured tits and aching shoulders pressed downward in a dull tide. It threatened to swamp her young body. But the pleasure building in her cunt was more than enough to offset it.

Somehow, Dr. Nathaniel had achieved just the right balance of torment. The dull, aching pain was erased by the wellings of joy from her well-fucked pussy. She didn’t understand it. It only made her more confused than ever.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she sobbed out.

“Why? This is your lesson for the day. Don’t you find it instructive? Pain can be very instructive. And I want you to think about why you are content to be my sex slave. Why you keep coming back for more. Why you enjoy being chained and whipped and raped. Think about it, you stupid cunt, think about it!”

He started swinging her in a long arc. Each time their crotches smashed together, it was like a car slamming into a wall. He penetrated her cunt deeper and deeper as the force of his fucking strokes increased.

The blonde teenager took the full pressure on her arms. They were aching horribly but she couldn’t think of anything but her pussy. It burned with desire!

She hated herself for that. But her body was telling her to enjoy this rape.

She abandoned herself totally to Dr. Nathaniel. She pulled him closer with her strong legs. Manna locked her ankles behind his waist to keep him from backing away. If she was going to be raped, then by damn, she was going to get the most pleasure possible from it.

“Go on, master, fuck me good. Fuck me damn goooood!”

“My slave’s still got fire in her veins. I don’t like feisty bitches. I’m going to tame you with my prick.”

The girl didn’t know if he could or not. She no longer cared. Her body was being assaulted on all sides by pain and delight. She let them mix together. The waves of sensation were threatening to drown her. She merely accepted them as they came, enjoyed if she could, winced if she couldn’t.

But the important thing was driving that spike of prick all the way up to her chin. Manna wanted to make him split her apart all the way along her young, trim body.

Sweat ran down the philosophy professor’s chest. His hands grew slippery on her ass. He barely kept her swinging on and off his prick. The warm sheath of cunt surrounding his hard fucking shaft was like a magnet to the iron of his cock. He pulled her onto him fully, hesitated long enough to revel in the untouched wonders of her pussy, then let her swing away.

Her legs kept her from going too far.

His hands gripped her as cheeks and pulled her crotch back to his. It was a perfect situation for him.

He didn’t care if she was tied up. In fact, he got off in a big way on seeing the blonde coed helpless and subservient to his every whim. He didn’t care she was in pain from being wrapped around the iron rod. Pain tightened all the right muscles and made fucking a more intense experience.

He was king. And he was showing her how really virile he was. Let all those young college studs brag. None could match the fucking power of his cock! He was not only well-hung, he knew how to effectively use that pussy-pleaser.

Dr. Nathaniel drove his cock powerfully into that tantalizing patch of pussy fleece. The blonde arrow was a signpost showing the way for his prick. He parted her pink scalloped pussy lips and surged hard up into her cunt. He felt the friction burning away the lubrication leaking from her cunt.

He felt the burning heat slowly creep backwards along his cock. He tried to hold down the fiery tide for a few more seconds. He swung the bound girl faster. She raced along his prick. The hot blast of his jism refused to wait any longer.

He exploded into her cunt.

He fucked wildly until his prick was depleted. When Dr. Nathaniel finished, he took a step back and allowed the blonde teenager to hang limp and tired from the iron bar. A strand of blonde hair strayed into her eyes. He moved it away to give her clear vision.

“See, pleasing your master isn’t so bad, is it, slave?”

“Why do you do this to me?” asked Manna. Her pussy was still on fire. It was as if the man had dipped his prick, in acid before fucking her. Everywhere he’d touched her body burned like hellfire.

“I told you. This is a philosophy lesson for you. A personalized lesson in what makes you tick. You want abuse. And I’ll continue giving it to you until you figure that out.”

She shuddered. Manna knew he was intent on humiliating her in every way possible. He wanted her to feel dirty about what he did to her. The rape, the chains, the whippings, all were planned by Dr. Nathaniel to make her feel like a common slut.

And she wanted more!


Manna screamed when Dr. Nathaniel ripped off the adhesive tape around her waist. Huge red welts appeared. And when he undid her hands, she screamed again. The young girl didn’t care if it got all the cops in the world down on them.

Dr. Nathaniel seemed unconcerned when he allowed her to fall to her knees under the iron bar. It was as if none of his neighbors would ever complain about odd noises coming from this house. And maybe they wouldn’t. Manna didn’t know. She felt cut off from the rest of the world, abandoned, helpless in a situation she couldn’t begin to control.

“Wh-what are you going to do with me now?” she asked, eager and scared.

“Silence, slut. You will speak only when you are spoken to. And you will always address me as master. For your breach of discipline, I must punish you.”

[missing text] at the leather length with frightened eyes, not believing the man would use it on her. He did. It sang its ugly song and the leather tip licked in an obscenely light touch across her shoulders.

The blonde girl almost passed out from that touch. It didn’t give her much pain, but it was enough to spark rebellion. She tried to stand. The whip yanked her feet from under her. Falling heavily to the floor, she was totally at his mercy — and mercy was lacking in the philosophy professor. He used the whip sparingly but every single stroke found a delicate portion of her body.

He found her nipples and whipped them until they stood up bright red and throbbingly painful. He snapped it across her belly. The tip of the whip tried to wiggle its way down into her bell button. He whipped her cunt, not sparing a single square inch of her cunt lips. The man’s ability was unparalleled as he lashed repeatedly on the smooth curves of her white asscheek over and ever he whipped her until Manna curled up in a whimpering ball in the center of the living room.

She hardly realized it when Dr. Nathaniel put the chains around her hands and ankles, binding them closely together. By straining Manna could get to her knees, but the shortness of the chain between her wrists and ankles prevented her from straightening. There was no way she could stand.

“What are you doing?” she demanded. The whip landed on her naked shoulders, giving her intense pain. “Master,” she added hastily and, too late.

“Friends come,” was all Dr. Nathaniel said.

Manna couldn’t understand that. Friends? What was the man doing to her? Did he want them to watch while he abused her? She shivered. There was no end to the degradation. She felt her pussy beginning to dampen at the thought.

No matter what the philosophy professor said, this wasn’t normal. And yet Manna got off in a big way on being mistreated. The whipping actually sparked her cunt into drooling for cock. The division between pain and pleasure was narrowing in her mind.

Pain equaled pleasure. Pleasure equaled pain.

“On your knees, slut,” Dr. Nathaniel commanded. Manna struggled to obey. She had been so lost in her own misery and thoughts she hadn’t heard the other two men enter. She looked up directly at the one man’s crotch. A long, erect prick sprouted upward just inches from her mouth.

“Give him a blow jab,” ordered Dr. Nathaniel. The whip reinforced his command. Manna pulled the hard, jerking cock toward her ruby lips. She lightly kissed the tip and the man went wild, jumping up and down.

“Shit,” he said. “I didn’t believe you, Roger. I never thought you’d get a chick this pretty to give me head. And God, can she suck cock!”

“I pay my debts,” Dr. Nathaniel said. “And my personal slave is only too willing to give you a blow job, aren’t you, slut?”

The whip lashed her exposed shoulders again. Manna went back to sucking the prick. It seemed the safest thing for her to do. Answering in any other way would only anger her master.

Her tongue slipped from between her lips and pressed into the tip of the man’s cock. Her long fingers circled his shaft and held his cock stationary. She probed with the very tip of her tongue until she found his piss-slit. Trying to drive her tongue down his tiny cum-hole prow ed impossible. From the way they were both breathing, Manna knew it turned them both on in a big way.

“Shit, I never thought a blow job could be this good,” the man said. “Goon and suck my cock. Do it any Goddamn way you want.”

“No,” corrected Dr. Nathaniel. “It’ll be done the way I want. She obeys me, don’t you, cunt?”

Her blonde head bobbed in agreement. She didn’t get another taste of the stinging whip. She glowed inside. She was pleasing her master.

The young college student’s tongue flicked and lightly touched all over his cock. There didn’t seem to be any pattern, but soon the girl’s tongue brushed across every single square inch of his cockflesh. Then she began working on his balls hidden inside his jeans. She teased them out with her tongue and lightly licked the hairy sac until the man groaned in stark pleasure.

She sucked. She pulled his balls into her mouth and began gnawing gently on them. The man stroked across the smoothness of her silky hair. Manna had trouble reaching his prick due to the chains around her wrists and the way they were fastened to her ankles, but she succeeded. She had to if she wanted to please Dr. Nathaniel.

The blonde teenage felt his balls tumbling wildy inside the tiny sac. She pressed her tongue against the side and tried batting them around. The lead-heavy stew of his jism boiled and threatened to blast out the tip of his prick.

“Suck more. God, I feel like I’m going to come!”

“Come whenever you want,” said Dr. Nathaniel. “You won her fair and square in the card game.”

Manna flared inside. She’d been won in a card game! Her master had gambled her mouth and lost. But she didn’t dare stop giving head. She had to suck this stud off to keep the whip from scoring across the whiteness of her back.

Chains clanked as she moved her hands up and down the thickness of the man’s prick. She quickly clamped her sucking lips on the acorn-tipped end of his cock. Her cheeks went hollow with the suction she applied. The man danced around, moaning loudly.

“If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t I’ve believed it,” said the other man. “Do I get a chance at her mouth, too? I still have the marker from the game.”

Manna heard paper rustling. Dr. Nathaniel laughed and said, “He’s enjoying the blow job too much. Why don’t you whip out your prick and fuck her? She won’t mind. She loves it, don’t you, cunt?”

The whip sent intense agony ripping into her young body. The blonde coed tried to move away but the chains on her wrists and ankles prevented it. She was totally at the philosophy professor’s mercy.

“So I can just drop down behind and butt-fuck her?” the man asked. “Shit, this is too good to be true. Uh, Roger, are you sure she likes this sort of trip? It’s pretty heavy.”

“Speak, slave. Tell him how much you love all this.”

“I do, God, yes, I love this, master!” she blurted. Manna felt a hot flush crossing her face. She hardly believed she had actually uttered those horrible words. But she meant them, no matter how disgusting it seemed to her. She needed the abuse Dr. Nathaniel gave her…

It put meaning into her life that had never been there before. She knew her role. She knew what her single goal was to pleasure her master. That kept life a lot simpler than it had been when she worried about jobs and competing with men and all the other hassles in the world.

“Fuck her asshole,” came Dr. Nathaniel’s cold words.

The second man dropped his jeans to expose a long, hard prick that made Manna’s pussy water just looking at it.

“Oil that prick of yours, dummy,” said the mane Manna was sucking off. “You wanna tear her ass up or something?”

“Listen to the big stud. Whatta you know about butt-fucking?” But the man behind her stopped and looked down at her. “What do I grease my cock with?”

“Here,” said Dr. Nathaniel, handing over a tiny jar. “Hot sauce. It will make your fucking even more intense.”

“Well,” the man said dubiously, “if you say so.”

Manna watched him squirt the slick red sauce all aver his prick. He took his cock in hand and ran his fingers up and down it a couple times until it was thoroughly covered with the hot sauce. Then he advanced. She gasped when he dropped to his knees behind her and put his hands on the white curves of her ass.

He twisted and pulled until he could shove his prick down into the humid canyon between her meaty slabs of ass. She cringed as she felt the reaction of the hot sauce on her welts. Wherever Dr. Nathaniel had whipped her burned like hellfire. No matter how she turned, she couldn’t escape.

“Goddamn, but her ass is hot!”

“Shut up and fuck her, for Christ’s sake,” called the other man. “I can’t keep going much longer. Her mouth is like a fucking vacuum cleaner. She’s gonna pull all the jizz outta my balls yet.”

“Her asshole,” the man behind mumbled. “It’s like a tiny door that’s slammed shut.” He pressed forward and the blonde teenager yelped. He reduced the amount of pressure and soon the tiny muscle of her sphincter opened enough to allow his hot-sauced drenched cock into her asshole.

A shudder passed through her body. Pain! Searing paint the hot sauce touched her raped asshole and sent lightning bolts of agony up her spine. Then even more pain threatened to make her pass out. The man rammed his cock balls deep into her asshole.

She wiggled her ass and then shoved it backwards into the man’s groin. If she shouldn’t stop the pain, she could at least get him fucking her hard enough to make her forget it. She began grinding her butt into his hairy upper thighs.

“Ummmm, God, she’s good, Roger. We’re gonna have to play poker more often. I never felt a chick this tight around my cock. Hell, I never ass-fucked a chick before,” he admitted.

Manna’s lips worked like a fish’s mouth against the long, throbbing cock pressed deep into her mouth. The way her jaws worked allowed her to tongue the hidden prick, cradling it in her rough tongue to give it all the stimulation she could. She gulped and moved to open up her throat to his prick.

Gasping, she swallowed hard. The thick cock shot past her tonsils and down into her throat. Every time she swallowed, she massaged his deep-throated cock. Then she gasped for air. She couldn’t keep him down all day long. Air gusted into her lungs again and she felt the sharp sting of a whip across her back.

“You’re not cooperating, cunt,” said Dr. Nathaniel in a cold voice. “I shall severely punish you if you don’t fully go along with what my friends desire most.”

“Watch it, Roger. I’m happy. God, can this bitch suck!”

“Silence,” the man barked. The whip licked over her back again and she cringed from the searing agony rocketing into her tender body. “I am the master. She is the slave. I tell her what’s best. Now, suck, you cunt, suck better!”

“She may be able to suck better, but her ass couldn’t be hotter. Like a blast furnace in there. And it ain’t the hot sauce that’s doing it. It’s like a hangman’s noose around my cock, too. If she tightens up any more she’ll chop me off at the balls.”

“How delightful,” said a disgusted Dr. Nathaniel. “Just fuck her ass and be done with it. She needs careful discipline and she won’t get it from the likes of you two.”

Boy men laughed at the philosophy professor. Manna felt a surge of panic. If they laughed at him, he would only take out his wrath on her. She had to please him. She had to get both these men off in the fastest way possible to keep Dr. Nathaniel from really punishing her.

She tensed up her ass muscles and felt the thick probe of cock moving in her bowels. The hot sauce burned horribly but she had to have him fucking faster, adding to the carnal heat. The sauce leaked from her ass and dribbled down the insides of her thighs. As she tensed, he began plunging in and out with harder strokes. Her cunt juice mingled with the hot sauce to form a burning, sluggish mixture on her whipped thighs.

“I… I’m going to come. Want me to come in her mouth?” asked the man in front of her. He moaned and sank back, his eyes tightly shut. The girl couldn’t take her mouth from the end of his prick. If anything, her cheeks went even more hollow under the immense suction she applied to his virile cock.

When his prick began bucking, he arched his back and jammed his cock into the girl’s mouth all the way. He began face-fucking her. She swallowed repeatedly, wishing her hands weren’t chained. She wanted to fondle his balls, to really make him come.

He gushed out his cum into her mouth then his cock went limp and gently fell from her mouth. Manna gasped and fell face, forward. She managed to catch herself at the last moment. Having her hands chained like this was dangerous.

She concentrated fully on the ass-fucking. She twitched and twisted and drove her ass back into the hot-sauce-covered cock with all the power locked in her lithe body. She soon gasped for air, so excited she could hardly bear another thrust of his cock.

The man’s entire body shook as if he were a rat caught in a terrier’s jaws. His hips launched forward and his prick vanished entirely into the young college student’s asshole.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned out piteously. Only small, trapped animal noises came from her lips. Words were beyond her now.

He fucked her butt with a frenzy of activity. She wanted to take as much of his prick up her ass as she could while it was still steely-hard. His jism would wash away the hot sauce that gave her so much inner torment. As she came, she felt his cock slipping from her butt. His jizz didn’t wash out the hot sauce. He creamed all over her whipped, straining back.

She sank forward and huddled on the carpet, whimpering. At least Dr. Nathaniel didn’t beat her any more. She had to be content with listening to the rattle of the chains on her wrists and ankles because all three men had left her alone in the room.

Alone with her misery — and her desire for more torment.


Dr. Nathaniel chained her to the bed when he and his two friends left the house. Manna cried for a while, then simply lay there, trying to figure out what part of her body hurt the most.

Her shoulders were in bad shape from when Dr. Nathaniel had swung her around the iron bar and fucked her. But her back was crisscrossed with whip marks. He had given her an expert and painful lashing. Her asshole burned from the hot sauce tat had been applied to the man’s hard fucking prick, and the pain shot all the way up into her bowels. She thought she would shit at any instant from that. And her cunt! That was worst of all.

It was empty.

Manna wanted Dr. Nathaniel to fuck her. She had to feel his hard, monster, virile cock surging in and out of her juicy pussy again. But he had only chained her down to the bed and left her to mull over her new role as his slave.

She didn’t know what she could do to please him more. Miserable, the blonde teenager lay in the dark room and sobbed. Then she heard a rustling sound from outside the window. It came again. A metallic ripping noise echoed through the room as the screen was pulled away.

Manna turned and saw Bert coming through the burglarized window.

“Bert!” she cried. “What are you doing here? You can’t…” She cut off her protests. She was bare ass naked, chained and had turned into the philosophy professor’s sex slave. It wasn’t her place to tell any man what to do.

“I saw what went on in the other room. God, Manna, how’d you ever fall into that bastard’s clutches? It’s criminal.” He began working on her chains and locks.

“You didn’t call the cops, did you?” Manna asked, afraid that she would be involved and publicly humiliated.

“No way. You don’t need to have your picture run in every paper in the country as the victim of some sadist. Here, good, I got your chains loose. And put this on. Sorry, but I didn’t have anything else I could bring.”

He handed her a raincoat. She put it on, shivering at the feel of the yellow oilcloth against her naked tits and whipped butt. She cringed when Bert tried to put his arm around her shoulders.

“Hey, it’s okay,” he said gently. “I can guess what you’ve been through. You think every man is out to rape you. Don’t worry. I’m one of the good guys.”

He led her out and they were soon back at his apartment. He fixed her some soup, which Manna drank gratefully.

“And off to bed with you,” Bert finally said. “You’ve had more than enough excitement for a lifetime, and it’s all been rolled up into one day.”

“To bed?” she said dully, remembering what Bert was like in the sack. The idea of fucking him didn’t seem to cause any churning response in her loins.

“Hey, not to bed that way. Just to sleep. Get your strength back and forget all about Dr. Nathaniel.”

Bert put her to bed and went to sleep on the sofa in the other room. But Manna couldn’t sleep. Bert had mentioned a magical name — Dr. Nathaniel. Roger. Her lover.

She couldn’t abandon him. He’d left her chained to the bed for a reason. She deserved to be punished.

But Bert had taken her away from that, hadn’t he? The college student really cared for her. He had rescued her from the clutches of an evil, sadistic man.

Manna kept telling herself that over and over. But it didn’t seem to stick in her head. All the blonde teenager could think of was Dr. Nathaniel and her need for what he had to offer. Maybe her bizarre sexual needs would diminish with time. Bert was gentle and kind and considerate. And he bored her shitless.

Manna rose and put on the raincoat again, tiptoed past the sleeping Bert and was gone into the night. Her feet seemed to have wings on them as she went back to where she belonged.

“Fix breakfast, slave,” came the cold command.

Manna got out of bed, her chains rattling as she shuffled off into the kitchen to obey Dr. Nathaniel spoke, she obeyed. It made her happy to please the man. But she wished he would lengthen the chains binding her ankles so she could walk. But still, she didn’t blame him for that. She had run off with Bert when she knew she was supposed to stay inside the house. This was only his way of making sure she didn’t do it again.

She turned on the range and began breaking eggs into the skillet to prepare food for her master.

When the philosophy professor moved in behind the naked, chained girl, he put his hands on both her tits. The young college student glanced down and saw his knuckles turning white as he squeezed with brutal strength. She gasped but went on preparing breakfast as she’d been told to do.

But a wet feeling built up in her cunt. She felt the old familiar emptiness in her pussy again. The blonde teenager would soon be begging him to fuck her.

“What’s wrong?” the man demanded. “You’re slowing down. I want my food — now!”

“Y-yes, master,” she stuttered. But she knew it wasn’t quick enough to please her master. The young college student cringed just thinking how he would sternly discipline her this time.

His prick thrust up between her legs. Her cunt juice flowed and ran out of her pussy. She couldn’t help herself. She was excited at the feel of that virile cock. He ran his prick back and forth along the humid crease of her ass. It pulled the twin as cheeks apart slightly.

That tiny motion brought tears to Manna’s eyes. Her whipped ass was still healing. He had done terrible things to it and it was still sensitive. When Dr. Nathaniel beget to bounce up and down and tub his hairy thighs against her naked ass, Manna couldn’t hold back nay longer. She openly cried.

“Tears for your master? You don’t think I’m good enough for you, is that it?” The man’s hands never left their stations on her tits. Like crushing a beer can, Dr. Nathaniel clamped down on her tits with punishing force.

“No, master, please! Ohhhhh!”

Her pleas only egged the man on. He enjoyed seeing her debase herself. But he released her tits. Like compressed springs, the titflesh sprang back to full size. Handprints were left on the smooth cones of naked flesh. Her once perfect alabaster white skin had become marred with the red outlines of the man’s hands.

One of the philosophy professor’s hands snaked around each of the captive girl’s armpits so he could hold her in a full Nelson. With his palms resting on the back of her blonde head, he forced her face forward. When Manna’s shoulders were pulled back is this fashion, her tits stuck out wantonly.

Her tits swelled. They were still firm and taut, ruddy haloes surrounding the red nipples, but they seemed more seductive. Dr. Nathaniel applied pressure until Manna thought he would break her neck. The cramped position forced her face down into the really glowing electric heating elements on the stave. She panicked when she realized what he intended to do.

“No!” she screamed. “Please, master, stop now! No!”

Dr. Nathaniel snickered. He didn’t want to blister her face on the burners. He lifted her just a trifle so that her tits descended on the burners. When her nipples almost touched the red-hot metal, Dr. Nathaniel jammed his hips forward.

His prick easily penetrated the bent-over coed’s pussy.

Manna gasped. The sudden intrusion of his prick up her cunt couldn’t take away from the heat radiating upwards from the burners. Her sensitive nipples, nipples meant to be sucked and taken into mouths, were going to be burned off. She didn’t know how far the man would go. And she really didn’t want to find out. She had been wrong in coming back. She should have stayed with Bert.

When his prick sailed into her pussy, she caught on to what he was doing. He was going to force her to burn herself. Each thrust up her pussy would bend her over just a little more. As he picked up the tempo of the fucking, Manna would bend naturally at the hips.

And that would put her tits squarely on top of the red-hot burners. As long as he held her in a full Nelson, she wasn’t able to reach out and support herself. With her ankles securely chained, she couldn’t kick him. She was completely at his mercy.

She began sobbing again. One tear dropped from her cheek and sizzled on the burner. Manna knew then that she was in real danger. While the blonde teenager enjoyed the feel of Dr. Nathaniel’s prick as he pushed in and out of her, she feared what her own reactions would do.

His cock quivered with lust inside her. He couldn’t get complete penetration but his long cock came close. Manna felt the rush of his cock, the flare of friction on her rippled cunt walls, then the slow, inexorable retreat as he pulled out. The man teased her with his prick. He was trying to get her to bend forward to take his full length up her cunt.

If she did that, she’d burn her tits off.

In spite of the predicament, the young coed found herself getting a measure of enjoyment from the fucking. She didn’t enjoy the nearness of the burners, but the searing hot prick inside her pussy filled her with a vastly more exciting kind of heat.

It was a carnal, erotic heat from friction of a cock aggressively fucking a cunt. She clamped down with her cunt muscles to grasp his prick. She knew the instant she succeeded because of the way his cock bounced and danced around in her pussy.

The thick head of his cock expanded while trapped inside her pussy. Manna felt Dr. Nathaniel’s heart beating through the pulse in his cock. The skin pulled back from his cockhead. The foreskin bunched up to form a little roll that excited her. It spread her tight, clutching cunt the barest fraction of an inch more. And that fraction of an inch felt like miles. When Dr. Nathaniel began rotating his hips, the young blonde felt her cunt being stirred around. There wasn’t the slightest bit of pain. If he’d tried taking her up her ass, he might have killed her. She’d ad enough abuse up her butt. But action up her cunt was pleasing to her.

Even over a fiery hot stove it was pleasing. And then Manna leaned dangerously close to the burners trying to get an extra inch of prick up her pussy. Her blood-engorged nipples lightly brushed against a heating element.

“Nooooooo!” she screamed in agony.

“I hope you’re not talking about this, cunt,” the man said.

He shoved his cock even further up her cunt. The blonde teenager began wiggling her ass. It was painful after all the torture he had given her, but it felt good inside. That overrode any other consideration. She had to have his prick fucking her!

She felt warmth spreading through her belly like a soft flood of water engulfing her body. It spread rapidly. Up and down her spine ran tingles of sexual pleasure. It smashed into her brain and made her head spin.

For a brief instant, the teenager thought she was caught up in an erotic whirlpool. She was spun around and around, losing all sense of balance. That momentary lapse caused her a nasty burn on her left tit she’d leaned forward just enough to damage herself.

A tiny swirl of smoke rose, the smell of burned titflesh assaulting her nostrils. Whatever joy she’d been receiving from the fucking was suddenly erased by the sharp, knifing pain that lanced into her chest. The burn wasn’t deep or serious, just enough to make her more careful as her master fucked on.

“What’s it like, slave, fucking over a stove?” Dr. Nathaniel’s cock jerked as he mouthed the words. In spite of her pain and revulsion, Manna felt her pussy tightening around his turgid cock.

She knew what he was holding back for. He was saving up. Manna might actually lean forward enough to get a real burn. Then, with her tits mashed down on the hot burners, then he’d come.

The philosophy professor twitched his hips a little, knowing that the pain he caused the girl’s sore butt had to be distracting. It didn’t matter to him it she concentrated on giving him a good fucking or not. He’d get off in his own good time. He was the master. He was the dominant one and called all the shots.

He continued a slow, rhythmic fucking from behind until he couldn’t stand the pressure mounting in his balls. He felt like he’d put his balls on the stove instead of forcing the blonde’s tits downward. The searing load inside his hairy little sac robbed him of his iron control.

Dr. Nathaniel started a wild, mindless fucking. His hands never left the spot behind the blonde teenager’s head, but he did allow her to turn just a bit. She couldn’t burn herself too badly now if she did happen to fall forward. But Manna’s mind was blanked out with lust.

Her passions had mounted as fast as the philosophy professor s. The man’s cruel treatment only seemed to make this more thrilling for her. She was pinioned by his hands and her chains clanked every time she moved. The pain robbed her of some enjoyment, but mostly it gave her even bigger rewards in return. She could compare the feel of Dr. Nathaniel’s cock reaming her out and the torture he inflicted on her.

The piston-like prick smashing into her cunt was thousands of times better now than it had ever been in the past. Manna needed the abuse and fear to really get off on fucking. The young college student didn’t understand it; she just accepted it now. Earlier fuckings had been pallid, weak and lifeless. She was coming truly alive, every nerve in her body yelling with delights unknown to her before. The girl had an orgasm that almost blew the top off her skull.

When she came, her pussy collapsed around Dr. Nathaniel’s cock. He had intended for her cunt to clamp down around his cock from pain rather than pleasure, but it didn’t matter to him. He benefited just as much as if she got off from only ecstasy. His prick was gripped by a giant, juicy fist that milked him of every drop of his cum.

He fountained out his creamy load of jism until he couldn’t imagine any more remaining inside his tight balls.

Then Manna’s blonde pussy smashed down hard on his cock again and he shot out another long, gooey gob of jism. The man released his death’s grip on the trim teenaged coed. She almost fell forward, weak and spent from the fucking.

His cock was limp, drained and flaccid Dr. Nathaniel gasped from the exertion. He heaved a deep breath and stepped backwards to study the naked, chained blonde.

Manna leaned forward and panted harshly. Sweat dribbled off her chin, ran down her body until it came to her tits. The salty sweat stung her burned tit, but she barely noticed.

She was too busy enjoying the last bits of the orgasm lingering sweetly in her body. That had been a fucking she wouldn’t soon forget.

“Where’s my breakfast, you lazy slut?” Dr. Nathaniel demanded. “I’m hungry and you’re dawdling. Hurry!”

He picked up a wire whip used for cooking and lashed out at her well-spanked ass. She cringed as the metal wire cut into her flesh again, but Manna said nothing. She hurried. She had to please her master.

She had found her spot in the world and didn’t want to lose it.

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