Slave Schoolgirl

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting circumstances.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly join the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Allison Dennis is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. A healthy, attractive teenager, she has no reason to think she is different from other girls her age. But within her a love of degradation and a desire to be debased lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

SLAVE SCHOOLGIRL — a fictional story about those who appear normal, but whose needs are different.



Allison Dennis didn’t feel good. In fact, she felt terrible. Her head still pounded while her belly felt as if it were on fire. Her whole body was shaking, a monument to agony as she sat quietly in the headmistress’ office, her hands folded modestly in her lap.

A severe-looking woman was shuffling through a stack of papers on her desk, once or twice glancing up at the blonde teen seated before her. There was no look of friendliness on her face or glint of encouragement in her eyes.

The girl sucked in her lower lip and bit down hard. Why had her mother insisted that she go to this school? A boarding school, one that was usually reserved for the wealthy. Allison had felt very out of place here the moment she’d arrived. And there were stories, stories about “things” that went on. Even when she arrived with her mother, seeing the attractive gardens and the tree-studded lawn fanning out in front of the castle-like structure, she felt a wave of fear wash over her. It was the first time the girl had been away from her home alone.

“It’s for your own good, dear,” her mother had said reassuringly as Allison climbed the stone stairway add entered the hall.

“I… I don’t know.”

Allison wasn’t much of a scholar, but she sensed the antiquity of the furniture. As she and her mother walked down the vaulted hall the girl was more scared than ever. The thought of leaving her comfortable home in Los Angeles to come to this medieval thing out in the country made her very queasy.

And those stories. One or two of her friends had whispered about all kinds of nasty punishments and sexual orgies that were supposed to go on inside that place. Why had her mother saved all her money and sent her there, of all schools? There were plenty of other institutions in the area, schools that didn’t have the reputation of Harrison Manor.

But her mother had wanted her to go to the best.

“Have a good time, dear, and call,” her mother said with a smile as she left Allison alone in the high-ceilinged hallway.

Dear God! It was almost like being left in prison! As she stood in front of the headmistress that fateful day Allison wanted to run back to her mother, to wrap her arms around the woman’s waist and beg her not to leave her here. But the girl knew it wouldn’t work. She didn’t want to cause a scene. And besides, perhaps it was all in her mind. Perhaps all those stories were nothing more than that — stories about a fine school told by people who were enviously jealous.

And the first few days seemed to pass quietly enough. She had received her uniform, picked up her books and met her roommate, Jude, another young novice at the school who seemed relieved that she’d be sharing her room with someone as nice and quiet as Allison.

Then came that day, that awful day when Patty Harrington had sneaked in some cigarettes somehow from the outside. To escape detection when the headmistress and her staff were searching the rooms after having been alerted by an informant, Patty had sneaked into Allison’s room and shoved the carton, between the mattress and boxsprings. Needless to say the young blonde vehemently denied having brought the contraband in, let alone smoked it or sold it. But there was nothing to be said.

For the next few days Allison sat in her room, her only company being Janie. She was suspended from all classes and would probably be kicked out of school. She thought of her mother, and all the hopes the older woman had had for her daughter. This school would be her launching pad for better things. And now, now she would be kicked out, driven from the doors as if she were trash. She could picture her mother’s shocked, disappointed face when the headmistress made the phone call. Oh God, she wished she could die rather than face her mother!

“Do you have anything further to say for yourself, Allison?”

The girl shook herself back to reality. Miss Vennestroom was smiling cruelly, having put down her papers. She was tapping her long fingernail rhythmically on the desk top, staring at the young girl who cringed under the steady gaze.

“No. I don’t know how that stuff got there. I really don’t,” Allison said, feeling the hot tears welling up in her eyes.

No, she wasn’t going to cry. That would be an admission of guilt, and she was completely innocent. That Patty Harrington! She guessed it had been that dark-haired little bitch who had fooled the staff. But she had no proof, and she knew Miss Vennestroom would only laugh at her accusations.

“I see.”

Erika Vennestroom was a tall, attractive woman, Teutonic from head to foot and severe in every way. Slender and long-legged, she walked with her shoulders back, emphasizing her full, high-riding tits that jiggled with each step she took. Her eyes were a strange icyblue color that seemed to look right through you as she spoke. Chills ran up and down Allison’s spine as she sat in the dark office, feeling swallowed up by the older woman’s gaze.

“You’re trembling, dear. There’s no need to do that. This isn’t the inquisition.”

Wasn’t it? Allison wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had popped from the shadows with a branding iron. Suddenly all those whispered stories about orgies and God-only-knows-what slipped back into her memory. She closed her legs, rubbing her knees together while staring back at the handsome young woman in front of her. Oh, how she wished she could escape from this awful place! Suddenly the thought of her mother coming back to retrieve her wasn’t so awful at all. She would be back home, away from this ancient monastery and back with her friends!

“I haven’t called your mother… not yet, anyway,” the headmistress said, tilting her head back and narrowing her eyes.

Allison felt her heart sink. The pounding in her head and the queasiness in her belly grew worse. There was something awful coming her way, she knew it.

“Oh?” she managed to squeak.

“People makes mistakes, Allison. And we’re here to correct them, not to turn the transgressor out. You have made a mistake,” Erika said, sucking in a deep breath and curling up her lips in another smile.

How Allison shivered under that smile! She could sense something was coming, something that would change her life forever.

“Maybe I just don’t fit in here,” Allison confessed, feeling her cheeks burning with shame and embarrassment. “The other girls… I mean,” she went on hesitantly, not able to stare Erika in the face. “The other girls all come from wealthy families and I…”

“Nonsense!” Erika said, waving her hand in front of her face to dismiss the thought. “The other girls have as many problems as you do. I consider all my girls equal. You’ve transgressed, however, and must be punished. Your mother has spent a good deal of money to have you sent here, money I cannot return to her should you be expelled. Would you want that to happen?”

Allison bit down on her lip again, shaking her head from side to side.

“Very well,” Erika said, standing up and moving from behind the desk. “Come with me.”

She led Allison to the back of the building, through the massive kitchen where the cooks were preparing supper. The blonde teen suddenly realized she was hungry. She hadn’t been eating much the past day, terrified that the headmistress would be calling her mother.

Again Allison thought of her mother and of the sacrifices she had gone through to send her here. No, no, Miss Vennestroom was right. She couldn’t let her mother down. If she was going to be punished, all right, so be it. Surely the punishment wouldn’t be that bad. In a few hours she would be back in her room with Janie, laughing and giggling over how strange Erika Vennestroom was and about how absolutely creepy this whole place was.

“I’m going to be a little severe with you now, my dear, but that’s simply to make sure you won’t make another mistake in the future, all right?”

The woman was so business-like that Allison fell some of her anxiety fading away. She followed the headmistress down a long corridor, her blonde hair flowing behind her narrow shoulders. In a moment she found herself in the back of the castle. The bright sunlight hurt her eyes for a moment.

“I… I don’t think I’ve ever been here before,” Allison said, looking all around.

“Not too many have, Allison. Only the help and one or two of the girls.”

Allison saw the courtyard was walled in. It was huge, probably covering half an acre of ground. At the two corners of the walls were two large towers soaring up to high peaks. She had seen these towers from the road and had wondered as to their use. She had tried to find out from her companions and her teachers but no one seemed to know or really care.

“Did you study any medieval history in your high school?” Erika said, walking slowly before the girl, her hands clasped behind her back. She was staring up at the walls, her eyes gleaming with something like excitement.

“A little,” Allison confessed, fascinated with the massive construction confronting her.

“Then you know this was a bailey. It’s the courtyard of the inner fortifications. The founder of this school, Birgit Nileson, had the stones shipped from Denmark piece by piece. Some of the stones were lost, so this part of the castle is slightly modified. This is the keep…” Erika pointed, moving toward another part of the courtyard.


“It’s the mast heavily fortified building in the castle. It housed four hundred men and women rather comfortably, although now we store things in it. You girls live considerably better now in your dorms than the highest nobility did in those days.”

Erika smiled as they neared the keep. Allison followed, her heart beating like a triphammer for no apparent reason. She sensed something was coming to a head, something that would change her life completely. But what it was she didn’t know.

“Come with me,” Erika said, smoothing her hands down her sides and approaching a large door.

Allison felt her pulse racing as the woman took a ring from her belt and opened the door to the keep. It was dark inside. There was a flicking sound and a small yellow light illuminated the dank corridor.

What on earth was going on? Why was she being taken down into this awful-looking and smelling building?


Allison followed her down a narrow flight of stone stairs into a huge, wood-paneled room. At that point the girl felt her hands and feet turn icy. Cold sweat beaded on her forehead while her heart pounded. It couldn’t be real! This had to be her horrible imagination, a trick of some sort, something to frighten the girls with.

“Surprised, dear?”

Allison looked at the headmistress. She was standing there, having hung the ring of keys on a small peg to one side. She was shutting the door, bolting it, and then turned around to lean against the frame. Erika folded her hands over her tits, crossing one leg over the other and staring with some amusement at the terrified girl.

And there was much to frighten Allison. Hanging on the walls of the small room were strange, frightening-looking instruments — riding crops, bits, bridles, cat-o’-nine-tails, whips of varying lengths and thicknesses, harnesses, and other things that baffled the young girl as to their use. The smell of leather wafted about like a heady perfume. Instinctively the girl backed away from the headmistress, folding her arms over her tits, wishing she could somehow drop through the floor and never, never come back to this awful, horrible place!

“You see, Allison, we can’t have girls sneaking things into the school. It has a demoralizing effect on the other children,” Erika began reaching up and undoing the tight blonde bun sifting atop her head. The pins fell lightly to the cold, concrete floor. “You have got to be taught a lesson, a lessen that will last and will bring you in line with our policy.”

Allison didn’t like where this conversation was going.

“Now, remove your clothing — all of it,” Erika said, pausing as she pushed back her long blonde hair and looked severely at the girl.

What had she said? Take off her clothes? Stand there stark-naked in front of her? What in God’s name was she telling her to do? No, no she wouldn’t, wouldn’t stoop to that level.

“No!” Allison said defiantly, her body shaking violently.

Erika smiled, that same awful smile that had crossed her lips earlier in the office.

“I didn’t expect you to be cooperative… at first,” she said, squaring her shoulders and approaching the terrified teen.

Allison shrank back, feeling her flesh crawl.


She had stumbled backward, her feet hitting a large wooden keg with a small brass faucet in it. Regaining her balance once more she backed away from the approaching headmistress, her eyes wide with terror. What was Miss Vennestroom going to do to her? She could only guess it would be awful, the most awful experience in her young life!

“N-n-no, don’t hurt me. I swear, I won’t be bad again. Please,” Allison begged, her voice becoming shaky and tiny.

“I can’t take your word anymore, Allison. You’d only go back, on it unless you knew what to expect down here. From now on you’ll be good, I promise you.” With that the older woman stretched out one hand and grabbed Allison by the hair.


The pain brought the girl to her knees. Her head was pulled forward, the hair ripping from her scalp. Allison shrieked, her cries bouncing off the thick walls and mocking her. Tears washed down her flushed cheeks as Erika kept tugging at her hair.

“Little bitch!” Erika hissed, pulling her hair and dragging her across the room on her knees. “I’ll teach you to bring that stuff in here and try to spoil my school.”

Oh, she was calling her awful names and accusing her of things she hadn’t even done! Why was she doing this, hurting her like this? Allison screamed, tried to get back up on her feet, then stumbled and fell to her knees once more, her hair still pulled straight out by Erika.


Erika let her go, throwing the girl back on the floor. For a tail slender woman the headmistress had a good deal of strength and dexterity. Allison scooted back on her ass, her uniform twisting around her little body. She scrambled toward the door, twisting around and standing up, her hair streaming wildly behind her.

Locked! Oh God, it was locked! She rattled the bolt, curling her fingers into fists and finally pounding at the door. Wouldn’t someone hear her cries, her screams for help?

“Don’t bother, my dear,” Erika said, regaining some of her former composure. “I told you few people come back in the bailey or here to the keep. And those who do,” she added, the cruel smile returning, “wouldn’t bother coming to your aid.”

Allison felt a wave of defeat crush her to the floor. Turning around once more, she saw the headmistress’ mocking eyes and felt another flash of terror.

“Now, take off your clothes before I tear them off,” Erika said, her voice hardening.

Sobbing, feeling embarrassed at having to strip before and older woman, Allison did as she was told. Neatly she lay the blazer on a near-by chair, unbuttoning her blouse slowly and finally turning away from Erika, sliding the white cotton garment off.

“Good, good,” Erika encouraged, her voice sounding strangely breathless.

Slipping off her shoes and white socks, Allison then slid her straight black skirt down over her white, supple thighs, laying it neatly on top of the blazer and blouse. She was standing now only in her bra and translucent nylon panties.

What was Erika planning to do to her? She saw those horrible instruments hanging on the wall and shuddered once more. Beating? Was she going to truss her up in one of those awful looking harnesses and beat her like some kind of farm animal?

“Over here.”

The headmistress’ voice was still calm, steady. She was pointing to a strange contraption at the other end of the room. It was what appeared to be a double stockade, looking much like the ones she’d seen in picture books about early New England. However instead of having just one hole for the head there were two, obviously meant for the arms. Below there were two more holes for the legs. On either side of the tall piece of wood were braces to keep it in place.

“Off with your panties, Allison.”


“I said take off your panties or I’ll beat them off.”

There was that tremor of authority in her voice that made Erika’s threat credible. Shoving her fingers under the elastic waistband Allison did as she was told, not believing this was really happening. It was so dream-like, so unreal. Even as she stood there dressed now only in her bra, her panties dangling from her fingers she couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Now, here.”

With that Erika raised one panel of the board and shoved the teen’s arms against the semi-circular depression. The board slammed down, locking into place.

The girl stared with wide, horrified eyes at the headmistress. She was in shock, pulling and tugging at her arms desperately. She felt herself teetering on the edge of panic.

“Oh it’s true, it’s true!” she cried.

“What’s true, dear?” Erika asked, smiling as she knew what was going through the girl’s mind. Yes, it was true, all of it, and it was all going to happen to Allison.


Erika moved under the device, taking the girl’s legs and pushing them through the two bottom holes. In a moment the girl’s legs were pinned in that stock, her body hanging there helpless.

“Now, do you feel sorry, truly sorry for what you’ve done?”

“Oh, ohhhhh!”

The full force of her panic hit her like a freight train. Allison didn’t hear the question, couldn’t understand what the headmistress was saying. All she did was scream and pull at the stock, her violent thrashing making the wooden device shudder and creak.

“You can scream all you want,” Erika said, wearing a bored expression on her face as she watched the helpless girl thrash as best she could.

Finally Allison stopped, her wails dying off into helpless sobs of terror. Long wet streaks appeared on her cheeks and throat while she gasped for air to feed her writhing body.

“No one’s going to hear you,” Erika said calmly. “I told you that earlier. And you saw it for yourself. Nothing’s around here. There are no classrooms, no offices, nothing with a human around. This is our punishment chamber, some place where we take girls like you and turn them into… uhhhh… into model students.” Erika smiled at the expression she’d just used.

“Model students?” Allison cried back, feeling the splinters biting into her wrists and ankles. Her ass was hanging out, dangling dangerously from one side of the braced stocks. She felt so vulnerable, so horribly open to any kind of mistreatment.

“Yes, dear, you’d be surprised at how same of the girls come in here. Now they’re fine, models for the other girls to emulate. Perhaps you’ll be like them some day,” Erika said, her voice taking on a slightly mocking edge.

“But, I didn’t do anything!” Allison cried out again.

“That, my dear, is a matter of opinion,” Erika countered.

Allison was having trouble catching her breath! This was completely uncalled for, unreal! Never, never in her life could she have guessed she would wind up like this, held helpless in a torture device while some wild woman undressed in front of her.

“You’re going to respect authority, Allison, authority in all forms. We’re not here to break your spirit,” she said, reaching back and unbuttoning her dress, “only to tame it.”

Allison watched with rounded eyes as the tall blonde slipped off her dress. Unlike Allison the woman wore no bra and panties. Her firm tits were large, with long red nipples that seemed to grow darker as the seconds ticked by. There was an abundant growth of blonde, curly pussy hairs covering her cuntal mound. There were no signs of age, no purple marks, no stretch lines that so often marred the bodies of older women. Erika looked like a young woman with firm elastic flesh and attractive lines.

Moving to one wall she took a pair of high, black leather boots and slipped them slowly over her legs. It was obvious she enjoyed feeling the cool leather against her flesh. She stopped at times, pressing the material against her skin, then turned her head and glanced at the helpless girl.

Allison groaned, her heart racing, her mind in confusion. How was she to deal with this? It was like some awful dream come true. She had heard about men and, women who were into this sort of thing, but these were the things dirty jokes were made of. Besides, Allison thought it was more fun to listen to stories about guys and how they were built, and about how some of the girls let their boyfriends touch them in certain spots.

How she wished she had had the courage to let Billy or Jack touch her there whenever they took her out. But her mother’s high moral standards had always won out. There in the back seat of some car she saw her mother’s disapproving face floating in front of her. It always made the girl cringe, push away her date, and ask to be taken home.

Her mother had suspected Allison was getting too curious about sex. Perhaps that was the reason she had sent her to the girls’ school. She wanted to keep her daughter away from men and their bad influences until she was old enough to deal with them. Oh, if only her mother could see her now — trussed up, stripped naked, and forced to watch the headmistress put on leather boots!

“Now, we start.”

The words made Allison faint with terror. She watched as Erika moved into position in front of her.

“Oh no, no!”

“You’re going to enjoy this in the end,” Erika said, smiling at her own joke.

Allison watched with growing fascination as the tall blonde grabbed the keg and dragged it over to the stocks. There was something inside the wooden barrel because Allison could hear something sloshing against the sides. She could also see there was also a long hose at the other end of the keg that had a steel-tipped nozzle. Dear God, it looked like an enema tube! What was the headmistress going to do with that thing?

“Oh please, please don’t hurt me!”

Erika stopped for a moment, having positioned the keg in front of the terrified girl. She smoothed her hands down over Allison’s bare sides, relishing the feel of the girl’s flesh against her fingertips.

“Have you ever wondered about how closely pleasure and pain are related, Allison?”

The girl squeezed her eyes shut, her mind whirling around crazily at that question. What was she saying? What was she trying to ask? What about pleasure and pain? Her heart thumped.

“No, I suppose you haven’t,” Erika said, again smiling at her. “It’s true, my dear, although you and the little twit here at the manor haven’t thought much about it. Of course, you’re too young to have experienced much. I, on the other hand…” Erika paused, a smile crossing her lips once more. “But then again, my past isn’t of any interest to you. Your future is something far more important at the moment.”

Allison writhed helplessly in her bonds, feeling her head spinning crazily. Oh God, God, what had she gotten herself into?

“You’re going to balance your life in my school. Consider this the first lesson, dear.”

Erika bent down, grasped the rubber hose and held it up to the girl’s face. Allison could smell something alcoholic wafting up her nostrils. She jerked her head back, wrinkling up her nose in disgust. She had never particularly liked the taste of liquor or its smell. It was something to be avoided, or so said her prudish mother.

“Ah, you don’t like liquor. Good, there’s some hope for you yet. Only this time I’m going to give you some for… for medical purposes,” Erika said in a hissing voice.

“Oh no, no!”

That awful woman was bending down, grasping the steel nozzle and moving it back and forth over her asscheeks. Allison trembled, jerking her body up, trying to get away from that awful thing that was touching her ass. She flinched, her fingers fanning out, clawing at the wood. And then it happened, that awful touch, that awful sensation of the metal being rammed up her asshole!


No one had touched her like that, had forced her to take something up her… her asshole! The last time was when her mother gave her that awful enema when she had the flu. How she’d hated the sensation of warm liquid coursing up her ass, swelling her bowels and making her feel like taking a shit right then and there. And it was going to happen again only this time there wouldn’t be her consoling mother by her side. No. There would only be Erika, Erika with that awful thing in her hand and the splintery wooden holes of the stock, through which her arms and legs had been locked in place.


“You’ve deserved this, you little slut. That’s what you are, a little slut, a little bitch who keeps disobeying the rules set up by your elders.”

“No, no, that isn’t true,” Allison protested, working her ass muscles down and out, trying to push the steely cold invader out, as if she were taking a shit. She didn’t want that awful thing shoved up her ass! But Erika was determined, twisting the nozzle from side to side, shoving it in deeper.


Allison screamed again and again, snapping her head from side to side. Her long blonde hair splashed over her face, clinging to her dampened cheeks and lips while her wails grew more shrill… It was killing her! The awful pain, the tearing sensation of the steel nozzle sliding up her ass made the girl cry out again and again for mercy.

But there was no mercy in the keep of the manor. Only the dank smell of the place and Erika’s presence greeted her cries. The headmistress was laughing now, thrusting that nozzle far up her asshole then standing back and admiring her handiwork.

“Perhaps a little further in,” she said, twisting the hose to the right.

Allison felt her ass muscles, clenching instinctively around the cold invader, still trying to push it out. Erika was an awful, horrible woman!

“Now, for the final outfit.”

Erika went to the wall. Tapping one finger thoughtfully against her chin, she examined the various harnesses. She pulled one from a peg and looked it over carefully. Smiling, she walked back to Allison. The blonde teen sat in horror, her eyes bulging as she studied the awful thing dangling from the headmistress’ fingers.

“This will help ease your pain. At least, it will add to your pleasure.”

Allison shook her head from side to side, again feeling she would awaken in her bed, the victim of some erotic, horrible dream. But this was reality. She felt the leather harness slip around her waist and Erika fastened the studs so tight she had a hard time catching her breath. The leather edges cut into her flesh as the older blonde slipped the smaller straps under her ass, back through her asscrack, then wrapped around the enema tube, securing the nozzle up the girl’s violated asshole.

Allison threw her head back, feeling the sweep of her hair over her jutting shoulder blades. Surely Erika would announce that the torment was soon over. This was it — humiliation and torture. Nothing more would happen. Oh God, pray that it would be so!

There was the sound of scraping behind her. Twisting her head around, shaking several loose strands of hair from her eyes, the young teen saw Erika pushing a stool over toward her. For a moment Allison saw nothing particularly unusual in it. Then she realized there was something sticking up from the base!

“Wh… what is that?”

Allison could hardly speak. She peered over the chair where her blazer was still hanging, her eyes focusing in on the long pink plastic thing sticking up from the seat of the stool. It looked like a man’s — thing?

She had seen plenty of pictures in all those books they had to read at school, and lots of times she and her friends had giggled about how big some guys were — or how big some of them thought they were. Most men, she guessed, were around six-inches. But Allison heard weird stores about some guys who were eight-inches, nine, even ten inches long! Ten inches! How could something that big and thick fit into her little cunt? Allison thought she would throw herself out the window before letting some guy stick his prick into her if he was that big!

“You see, Allison,” Erika said, pushing the stool under the girl’s ass. Allison cringed, tensing her thigh and ass muscles, trying to work her ass above that thing, that awful, horrible thing. “As you see, there’s a dildo sticking up from the seat.”


Erika stopped, arching an eyebrow and studying the girl more carefully. “Surely you’ve heard about… no, no, perhaps you haven’t,” she said thoughtfully. “It is possible a girl your age is still a virgin.”

“I am!” the girl cried, tears streaking her face. A sick feeling started to gnaw at her belly. Allison had an idea of what was going to happen next and the thought terrified her.

“Well, that’s something for the books. You’re not as bad a girl as I thought, then, Allison. Perhaps the two of us will get along well. But I must still punish you for having those cigarettes. You know they’re forbidden here at the manor, as well as liquor.”

It was useless to protest her innocence. Erika would only become angrier and perhaps really hurt her. It was better to remain silent, keep her eyes modestly down, then wait for the time when she could escape from this awful place. Surely her mother, once hearing of what had happened, would never make her return.

Erika slid the stool directly under Allison’s ass, moving it so the dildo was centered right over the girl’s virgin pussy. Again the girl whined, jerking her ass up, desperately trying not to be impaled by that monstrous prick.

“Now, you’re going to enjoy this very, very much,” Erika said, her voice hypnotic.

The Teutonic blonde kept reassuring Allison, telling her not to worry, promising everything would be all right if only she obeyed.

Then something odd happened, something so strange Allison would never be able to explain it years later when she thought about it. Erika suddenly dropped one hand between the girl’s leg and touched her, touched her right on her ripe cunt.

Allison jerked, her eyes widening. She had never thought about having another girl touch her. Even the thought of having guys touch her pussy frightened the teen. But this woman was caressing her pussy, actually stroking it with her fingers. The young blonde flinched, snapping her head back, wishing she could die.

“Now, isn’t that nice? Doesn’t that feel good?”

In spite of herself Allison felt her cunt reacting, actually warming and tightening to the gentle stroking motion. Erika was rubbing her knuckles against the soft, feathery blonde curls, touching the young teen’s cuntlips gently, then withdrawing. Soon Allison found herself tightening her thigh muscles, moving back and forth against the stock, feeling her cuntlips sliding against one another with the subtle, rocking movement.

“Yes, that’s it, Allison, that’s it,” Erika said, her voice raw, raspy.

There was a hot slickness there that was making Allison feel reined, wildly free. She jerked in her bonds, wishing she could touch herself, then wishing Miss Vennestroom would go away and leave her alone. But she wasn’t sure, wasn’t certain about how she was supposed to react when the older woman touched her cunt. It wasn’t natural to let another woman touch her like that, making her hot cunt feel so wildly tight and itchy!

“For a virgin you learn quickly, Allison,” Erika remarked.

“Please, please, don’t do this to me. I… I don’t know what’s happening.”

But Erika ignored the girl’s desperate pleas. Allison watched as she felt the woman’s hand moving the leather strap to one side, exposing her wet, tight little cunt. That awful dildo was there just below her, sticking straight up, threatening to pierce her pussy.


But she was no match for the headmistress’ strength. She felt one strong hand on her shoulder and then a second. She was helpless, utterly helpless to fight back, there was no chance to escape.

“Oh don’t, don’t, nooo!”

Erika was pushing her down, shoving her toward that awful plastic cock. In a moment Allison could feel it brushing against her pussy hairs, actually touching the warm, moist membranes of her cuntlips.

“Feel it, dear? Feel it?”


Allison tugged her arms again, getting more splinters in her wrists. Bit by bit she was dropping toward the dildo. And then she could feel it spreading apart her tight outer labes. It was entering her, actually sliding into her virgin curt! Nothing, not even her fingers had ever been in there and now this foreign inanimate dildo was fucking her! Yes, that was what it was doing — fucking her, threatening to pop her cherry!

Allison screamed, snapping her head from side to side, her wails bouncing off the walls. The girl felt wave after wave of unspeakable horror and humiliation at what was happening to her. And yet at the same time, she knew how aroused she was. Yes, there was no denying that something was making her very hot, very willing to expose herself to this terrible act. And what was worse, Miss Vennestroom knew it, too.

Allison started to cry as Erika moved up front and stood up on a shelf in front of the stock. Allison blinked away her tears and realized the woman was sitting before her with her curt inches away. She could smell the heat and wondered for an instant if she smelled that good.

“Now we’ll begin the second phase of your punishment. This, you’ll find, is the part I love best.”

Allison trembled, feeling the worst was yet to come.


Through eyes blurred with tears the blonde teen saw the woman’s dark red cuntmeat spreading out. She could see the slick tissues wet with juice. Allison was aroused, ready to be touched, to be fucked. She drew her head back, shaking it slowly from side to side. She had done nothing to merit this kind of torture.

“It’s time for you to service me, Allison. Yes, you’re going to eat me out. Stick your tongue up my cunt! From now on whenever you think of doing something stupid you’ll think of this time.”

Allison felt as if she were suffering the torments of hell as she sat there, the splinters digging into her thighs and arms. And all the while that awful spigot was still deep in her ass and the dildo was just past her tightening outer cuntlips. This was awful, horrible! In a few short moments she had been violated as she’d never imagined possible. She sobbed, blinked away more tears, and felt her chest and throat tightening as she stared at the big blonde’s juicy cunt.

She felt her own cunt sliding down farther and farther on the dildo. She couldn’t let it go up her pussy any more. It would touch her cherry, rip that tiny membrane. She had wanted to keep it as a gift for her husband on their first night together. There could be no greater offering, she felt. But now that plastic prick was threatening her plan.


Tensing her thighs and ass she tried to keep from moving down any more. It was uncomfortable but succeeded, at least for the time being.

“I’m going to let you have a drink, my dear. You look terribly thirsty,” Erika said, leaning over to the faucet in the barrel.

As she did so Allison got a whiff of the woman’s aroused pussy. For some strange reason it added to the bizarre sexual excitement she felt tightening her cunt.

“Like the smell, my dear?”

“No, oh! This is awful, terrible! Stop it, Miss Vennestroom. Please, I’ll do anything! Just don’t let this go on!” Allison pleaded.

Strange things were happening to her body, things she didn’t understand. Why were her nipples becoming so sensitive, so hard and itchy? They were scratching against her bra, the resulting sensation being very pleasant, very wonderful. Allison swallowed down a lump of excitement, feeling a pulse leap at her throat. She moved her legs from side to side again, not caring about the scratchy feel of the splintery wood against her thighs. The hot, rushing sensation between her thighs was good, very, very good!

“But you’re enjoying all this, aren’t you Allison? You’re enjoying being locked up like this and having my pussy in front of you.”

“No!” the girl cried, twisting her body, trying to move her face away from the juicy cunt that was seeping in front of her.


Bending down again Erika stretched one arm back, then jerked it forward, slapping Allison hard across the cheek. The girl’s head snapped to one side, her hair whipping over her face.

“Don’t you ever lie to me again!” the woman screamed, her face red with anger.

“Why, oh why?” the girl sobbed, feeling her hot, throbbing sensation created by that forceful slap.

“Perhaps this will flog your memory,” Erika said, smiling strangely as she turned the faucet on.


The girl jerked straight, her shoulder blades pushing out suddenly while her asscheeks jiggled from her violent move. Something very, very cold was splashing into her asshole. Her body jumped and jerked again, her asscheeks jiggling crazily, slapping together while her tits threatened to spill out of the bra. Allison’s eyes bulged out, her nostrils flaring and quivering. Strange guttural sounds came from her throat as some of the fluid began to splash out from her asshole and gurgle down the near-by drain.

Erika laughed, looking down at the horrified girl, checking to make sure the nozzle was still in place.

“Enjoy your drink, dear,” she said. “And remember, if you bounce up and down too hard on the dildo you’ll tear your precious cherry.”

There was a mocking cruelty in her voice now. It was as if Erika was hoping Allison would tear open that tiny membrane and lose her innocence. The girl struggled with herself, the muscles in her arms and legs aching from the tension as the horrible liquid cascaded into her ass.

Allison looked back up and saw the woman’s eyes glowing with lust. She was going to keep her there, keep her until she had taken her pleasure! Twisting her head around one more time Allison saw her pretty blue blazer laying neatly across the chair, along with her other clothes. She had been wearing them happily only a few moments ago. How they mocked her now as she sat in the stocks, her thighs splayed, that awful thing stuffed up her cunt while some cold fluids coursed in her asshole, swelling her up like a balloon.


Erika smiled, settling back on the shelf and spreading her long, white legs for the girl. She dropped both hands to her crotch, her fingers spreading apart her cuntlips, revealing the dark, red, moist pussymeat again. Tufts of blonde hair curled around her red fingernails as she started breathing heavily, her tits rising and falling with her heaving chest. Allison knew what the woman would want of her and the thought sickened her.

“Now eat, Allison. You’ve put me through a great deal of trouble to set all this up. Now you’re going to pay me for it.”

The thought of having her mouth pressed against that… that thing made the girl’s belly buck. Again she thought of all the stories she had heard about guys who did that kind of thing — but girls?

“I said eat, or I’ll shove your damned face into my cunt and never take that thing out of your ass!” Erika nearly shouted. Her voice was trembling, reflecting the fury she felt.

Allison trembled, knowing there was nothing she could do. Slowly, gingerly, she bent forward, her heart pounding so hard she thought it would tear right through her ribcage. That movement made her raise herself off the plastic cock just a little and Allison realized just how hot she had become. She could feel her juices seeping freely from her pussy, slicking down that plastic prick. Again the girl shivered, feeling her flesh crawl with revulsion and excitement as the smell of Erika’s cunt became stronger and stronger.

“That’s it,” the woman crooned, closing her eyes and spreading her cuntlips apart more and more. “I can feel your breath… ooohhh, yes, yes, I can feel it against my pussy. Eat me, Allison. Put your tongue in my pussy and start wiggling it back and forth while you suck my cunt. Yessss.” Her head rolled against the back wall. “Eat me out.”

The words, those awful, horrible words somehow touched a hot button in her brain. The girl was becoming intoxicated with the thought of eating out the headmistress while she writhed and bounced in the stocks.

Flicking out her tongue, the girl touched Erika’s pussylips. She felt the ticklish sensation of the woman’s pussyhairs brushing against her tongue. Erika groaned, her legs shivering, one of them nearly kicking the girl in the face after she’d touched the woman.

Oh yes, yes, Allison knew she was turning on to this awful scene. She felt the liquid coursing through her ass, felt the plastic dildo pressing against the wet, virgin tissues of her pussy… what a high!

“You’ll love this, dear. There’s beer in that keg, good strong beer. It’ll help you enjoy this,” Erika sighed, spreading her legs even farther apart.

Beer! No wonder she was getting high, feeling more and more euphoric as the fluid splashed up her asshole! Yes, the beer was continuing to do its work. Allison started feeling a sensation of elation, something like the feeling she’d had when she’d had one or two drinks on the sly. Oh, the whole thing was bizarre, crazy. It just couldn’t be happening.

Her mother had left her in the hands of the headmistress, the biggest pervert in the world! Certainly a normal person wouldn’t have devised this kind of torture!

“More, Allison, eat me more!”

She started moving her tongue around the tense, rubbery edges of the woman’s cunt meat, tasting the salty, bleachy flavor of the headmistress’ cuntjuice that poured onto her tongue. Erika was going a little wild, moving her ass back and forth, sliding one hand up and down her belly while fanning out her fingers. At times she touched her big tits, pinching the purple nipples until she let out a loud groan.

“More, more,” the woman groaned greedily, shoving her cunt forward a little.

Allison moved her tongue into the center of that seeping pussy, curling her tongue, stiffening it, then shoving it in. She trembled when she heard Erika cry out with a sharp yelp. Moving her tongue around and around she could feel the slick bumps and hollows inside her pussy. How strange! She wondered if she were built like that. It was so nice and warm and wet inside!

“Oh yes, yes, you little bitch. You tell me you’ve never done this before. Little liar! Ohhhh, no one moves her tongue like that if she hasn’t done it before… ooohhhh, yes, yes, there touch me… there!”

Allison felt herself blushing furiously. No, she had never done anything like this in her life. But it all seemed so natural, as if she’d been born to it!


Allison was already highly excited. She leaned forward a little more, feeling her resistance to this scene melting away under her arousal.

How unpleasant it was to have all that beer flowing into her belly. As if Erika could read her mind the woman bent over and turned off the spigot. She just kept telling Allison to eat her out good, to keep that tongue fucking in and out like a cock! How was she to know what a cock was like? No one had ever fucked her. But if it felt as good as having that dildo steaming in and out of her pussy, fucking a real cock must be wonderful!


She felt the rounded tip of the dildo touching her cherry. No, she wasn’t going to tear her membrane on that thing. No matter how high she was on the beer, or how excited, she wasn’t going to go all the way and rape herself completely on that awful plastic prick. A man would have to do that. She would never let herself lose her cherry on a plastic cock! Nothing Miss Vennestroom could do would make her go through with that kind of fucking.

“Ohhhh, eat me good!” Erika sighed again, her body going limp with lust.

As her excitement built, the movements of Allison’s tongue became more and more frenzied. She trailed the tip of her tongue along the sensitive flesh between the woman’s inner and outer cuntlips, feeling Erika take off like a rocket. How good it felt having that slick dildo rubbing against her own tiny clit. Tiny? Oh no, no, it had to be swollen, almost as large as a thumb right now.

Allison felt as if someone had dumped burning gasoline on her cunt. She was so hot, so very, very, hot. Nothing could have, stopped her now from cumming. Yes, cumming, that wonderful word she had heard so many times from her girlfriends. Allison thought she had cum once but it had happened so suddenly that it took her breath away. Many times she had tried to repeat the experience but had failed. This time, she was sure, she wouldn’t.


Allison began moaning as she flicked her tongue up and down Erika’s fur-edged pussy slot. Each movement of her head drew both women closer and closer to climax.

“Yes, yes, oh God, yes,” Erika sighed, her hands up to her tits now, pinching the nipples while her knees closed and opened rhythmically.

The girl bounced her ass up and down, feeling the dildo rubbing against her clit. But still she was very careful to keep that thing away from her cherry.

Erika’s cunt was dripping with lubricant now, coating the girl’s cheeks and chin. It was so good, Allison soon discovered, so good having that cunt dribbling in front of her.

“OH! OH! OH!” Erika cried out each time the girl’s tongue touched her clit. She was jerking and thrashing, her asscheeks barely staying on the wooden bench while her tits slapped wetly together.

And Allison was going half mad in her bonds, her head bouncing up and down, her tongue sticking in and out of the headmistress’ cunt. She was going crazy with lust, feeling her cunt catch fire sexually for the first time in her life!


Allison felt her cunt spreading again and again for that awful dildo as she bounced up and down. The hotter she became, the harder and faster she moved her body. It was so strange, so odd. But the more she ate out the woman’s cunt, the hotter she became.

Was she turning into a lesbian? She had heard that term several times in sex education class, a term describing women who enjoyed women. Allison didn’t know exactly why she was turning on this way. It was so crazy, so weird! And yet, in spite of all the craziness, the girl couldn’t stop her tongue from wiggling in and out of the fuzzy pussy drooling in front of her.

“Suck it, honey, oh yess, Allison, suck my cunt, make me cum in your mouth!”

The girl’s mouth made wet, sucking noises as she glided her tongue up and down on Erika’s swollen cuntmeat. Her mind was filled with all sorts of pictures now, mental images of sexual scenes she’d thought about earlier. She thought of certain boys who had attracted her. Would they do this sort of thing? If she were to spread her legs and beg them to eat her out would they do it? She thought they would. Boys were ready to do anything if they could see a girl’s cunt. At least that’s what Patty and the others had told her.

But here she was with a woman, sucking on a woman’s pussy and having a good time! Thoughts of Erika’s dribbling cunt and the boys with their full crotches seeped through her mind and made her slide up and down on that fat cock faster and faster. And when the tip of the dildo touched her clit, Allison thought she was going to go right through the ceiling. Again she flicked her tongue against Erika’s clit, feeling the woman shiver against her face and hearing her cry out like a wounded animal, begging the girl for more.

“More! More!” she shouted, kicking Allison’s wooden stock with both legs.

Allison didn’t know how much longer she could keep this up. A whirling ball of sexual hunger was slipping in her belly. Already she could feel incredible flames of goodness licking up her legs, burning her clit. Soon, very, very soon she was going to climax. She could instinctively feel it in her heart. She kept slurping up the juices, feeling the woman’s pussy rub hard against her mouth Allison groaned into the dark, red cuntmeat, making Erika cry out again, bouncing up and down on the dildo until she nearly broke her cherry. But again she calmed herself, tensing her thigh muscles, making sure she wouldn’t do it.

Slowly Allison felt herself going mad as she teetered on the brink of climax. She was getting beyond rationalizing or considering what was normal or abnormal. The pressure in her belly was incredible. Was it from the beer, or was it something much more primal, much more unknown? The girl wasn’t sure and didn’t particularly care. All she wanted was to feel that itchiness between her thighs give way to something far more powerful, something that would make her hysterically happy.

A flash of hotness chilled the center of her cunt. Was this it? Oh God, was she going to cum now? Erika was bouncing up and down almost as hard as she was. The woman had moved both hands down now and was holding the sides of Allison’s head. She was screaming, babbling incoherent phrases while fanning out her fingers along the girl’s cheeks and pressing in hard with her fingertips.

“Oh bitch, bitch! Stick me with that tongue you little blonde bitch!”

She could call her anything she wanted, Allison didn’t care. Her firm asscheeks bounced up and down furiously on the plastic dildo, jiggling against one another. How close she had come several times to piercing her cherry! And now.

“Ohhhhhhh God!” Erika cried, her thighs stiffening, pressing up hard while her head snapped back. She was making awful sounds with her throat, the cords of her neck standing out. Allison felt the woman’s cuntlips fluttering madly against her lips and tongue and in an instant she realized Erika was cumming.

Her own climax came shortly afterward, peaking like a thunderbolt. She quivered in the stack, feeling hot chilly flashes run through her pussy like a series of maddening tidal waves. Oh, nothing in the world could have been as good as cumming. Nothing! She jerked and thrashed, keeping her face buried in Erika’s pussy, licking up and down while the big blonde woman continued to scream.

And then in a moment or two it was over. Her punishment was over, at least for now. Allison heard Erika sighing and she sighed too. Over, finally over.


Allison moved like a zombie for the next few days, avoiding conversation when she could, answering questions directly posed to her with simple answers. Even her new friend, sweet Janie, couldn’t bring her out. She would sit on her bed after class and stare at the books, pretending to study but really thinking about that awful scene in that room.

She could still smell Erika’s cunt as it folded around her nose and tongue, pressing up against her chin, creaming all over her cheeks. And the climax! Both of them had cum so violently! It was as if someone had dropped a bomb into the room. Allison had forgotten about the spigot up her ass, about the beer, about the dildo rubbing up and down against her pussy membranes. All she could think about was that hot cunt rubbing against her lips and her own throbbing clit.

After the scene Miss Vennestroom had unfastened the stock and helped her out, warning the girl not to tell anyone about this or she would really be punished. She was also made to promise she wouldn’t smuggle cigarettes or liquor or any of the other forbidden things into the school. Allison agreed glumly, unable to stare the headmistress in the eye as she dressed. It seemed so strange that they were talking like this and dressing simply after all that had occurred between them only seconds ago. The girl expected something to be different.

But life went on as if nothing had happened at all. Miss Vennestroom had carefully pinned her hair back up, smoothed down her gown and mumbled something about the two of them badly needing a shower. She unlocked the door and let Allison out first. Again she warned the girl not to say anything and to “keep clean”.

It was four days later that trouble broke out again between Allison and Patty Harrington. It was shortly after dinner and the girls were cleaning up the dishes. Janie was still trying to cheer up her friend.

“Come on, Allison. Things can’t be that bad. I didn’t think too much of this place at first,” Janie said, wiping her hands on the towel after stacking some of the dishes. “But flow it’s not too bad. Do like me. Study hard. I see you studying your books. Just lose yourself in the books.”

“Too bad she couldn’t lose herself for good,” Patty commented, overhearing the last sentence. She was busy putting the dishes away in the cabinet with her friends and had been busily listening to the two girls talking.

“Why don’t you just can it, Patty,” Janie said, wrinkling her forehead. “You’ve got work to do just like the rest of us.”

“Well, that may be true,” Patty sniffed, putting both hands on her hips and tilting her head back haughtily. “But at least I don’t have to do it. My parents are pretty well off,” she added, emphasizing “pretty”, looking smugly down at the two girls. “They didn’t have to scrimp to send me here.”

“Patty Harrington…”

“It’s all right,” Allison said, putting down the plates and staring her adversary. “Money can’t buy everything, Patty. It won’t get you looks or intelligence or even win back your cherry.” She had heard about a recent incident involving Patty and some boy near her high school.

Patty’s face blanched. Although she had secretly giggled over what had happened that night, it was still an embarrassment to have that knowledge publicly broadcasted.


Patty threw herself at the young blonde teen, scratching at her face and kicking wildly while the other girls stood by too shocked to do anything. The wild melee quickly attracted the attention of several teachers who came rushing into the kitchen.

“Girls, girls.”

It took three male instructors to pry Patty and Allison part. The two teenagers were screaming at one another, calling each other filthy names while still trying to claw and kick. Allison was taken back into the empty dining room while Patty was dragged away toward the school infirmary.

“Just sit. I’m sure Miss Vennestroom will want to speak to you,” one of the teachers said to Allison, brushing his hair from his eyes and marching out the double doors.

Allison felt her stomach turn over. Miss Vennestroom! She remembered what the headmistress had said about keeping out of trouble. Things would happen to her, things far more worse than that beer enema! Dropping her head into her hands Allison sobbed in terror, wishing she had ignored Patty and gone on drying the dishes.

The summons came quickly via one of the girls. Allison got up and marched through the double doorway, feeling like a martyr on the way to the cross. The polished hall floor gleamed evilly as she turned and entered the headmistress’ office once again.

“Sit down, Allison,” Erika said icily, signaling for the student to close the door.

The blonde felt her chest tightening with fear as the headmistress stood up from behind her desk. She was wearing a long white dress that was pulled tightly around her waist and ass. Her hair was still pinned in a tight bun in the back of her head.

“Miss Vennestroom, I…”

“Please,” Erika said, putting one hand up to stop her. “I told you what would happen if you got into trouble again.”

“But Patty…”

“Yes, yes, I know,” Erika said impatiently, wrinkling her forehead. “The Harrington girl is difficult. But her father gives a good deal of money to this school so I have to overlook many of her transgressions. This time, I’m not so sure I’ll be able to,” she added thoughtfully. “But the problem now is with you, not her.”

Allison trembled, her fingers fluttering in her lap like frightened animals.

“I think perhaps you should see our school doctor,” Erika said, her lips curling up into a smile. “Yes, I think the doctor would be very good for you. Also, he’ll examine you to make sure you haven’t hurt yourself in this unfortunate incident. I’ll call him.” Erika picked up the receiver and punched several buttons.

“Please, I’m fine,” the girl said in a tight whisper, barely able to speak.

“Yes, Jack, I have a girl here who, ughhh, well, has to be examined.”

There was a long pause.

“Yes, right. Of course, I’ll have her sent down to your office. Oh, and the nurse will be there too? Good, splendid. I’ll look in after a bit. Fine, thank you,” Erika said, putting the receiver back in the cradle.

“Please, Miss…”

“I’ll take you down there myself, Allison. No need in bothering any of the girls during their study time. You’ll be back in your room shortly,” she said, her eyes flashing that same horrible look she’d given the girl four days earlier before leading her to the keep.

Allison moved like a zombie, wishing she had the courage to bolt. But then thoughts of her mother who had sacrificed so much for this school filtered back into her mind. No, she would endure this far a little while longer. Perhaps this doctor was someone she could confide in, someone who could help her. Perhaps that incident in the keep was an isolated one. Her mind raced as she moved through the darkened corridors, her arms hanging limply at her sides with Erika behind her.

“Here it is,” Erika said, stopping by a door at one deserted end of the school. She tapped lightly on the frosted window that had “Infirmary” written at the top. There was a rattling sound and the door opened. A tall, black-haired young man stood in the doorway. Something in his smile, in his gaze, made Allison shrink back against Erika.

“Now, no need to be afraid. Doctor, this is Allison. You’ll examine her? I’ll be back to retrieve the girl shortly,” Erika said formally, turning and walking briskly away.

“Come on in,” Jack said, stepping back and waving a hand inside.

Allison had no choice. Besides, she thought, there would be a nurse here, someone to keep the doctor in check.

“Hello!” said another man all dressed in white.

A nurse? Allison’s heart sank.

“This is Ed, my assistant. Now, I understand you’ve been giving Erika some trouble,” he said, folding his arms over his broad chest while still smiling down at the frightened girl.

“Yes, no… I mean, I mean I don’t know. Things just happen sort of and, and tonight there was kind of a fight and,” she said confusedly, feeling threatened by the two men.

“Sit over there,” Jack said, indicating a tall stool in one corner.

She moved quickly, thinking she could see a strange hunger in the doctor’s stare.

“We’ll see if there are any injuries from the fight,” jack said, examining her quickly and determining she was fine.

“May I go now?” she asked, sliding off the padded stool.

“Of course not! Apparently you don’t understand why Erika brought you here. You’re a problem, and have to be dealt with or you’ll upset the norm of the school,” Jack said, his breathing quickening.

Allison felt herself growing faint. It was the keep all over again only this time she had two men to contend with. Her hands moved up instinctively to her thunderous tits as she swallowed hard.

“No, no, you’re both crazy,” she whispered, feeling her scalp crawl.

“Well see,” Jack said, motioning to his assistant to lock the door.

Allison started to but Jack was faster, wrapping one hand tightly around her waist while moving the other over her opening mouth. The palm of his hand pressed so tightly against her lips it felt as if he were about to cut her mouth on her teeth. Her head was suddenly twisted and shoved against the wall.


“Screaming’s not going to do you any good,” Jack said breathlessly, backing her up against the examining table. “No one’s here. It’s just like the keep.”

The doctor moved one hand down to his crotch and unzipped his trousers. Allison heard the jingling and knew what was happening. She struggled again and twice tried to bite him. But Jack kept his palm shoved hard against her mouth, paralyzing her temporarily.

“Besides, you’re going to like this kind of punishment. All the girls do — in the end,” Jack said, glancing over at Ed and chuckling.

“Right, little girl. And if you’re lucky you’ll get it at both ends too,” Ed added, rubbing his bulging crotch.

Doctors? They were crazy! Charlatans, sadists working for Erika, who was worse than any of them. This wasn’t a school. It was a well-kept brothel run by perverts for their own pleasure!


Jack was wrestling with the blonde teen, her head being bent back. Oh God, God, don’t let it happen, please, don’t let it happen, she thought to herself. But even as she prayed Allison knew it would do no good. It was going to happen. She had spared her cherry for nothing. She was going to lose it to Jack’s cock.

She could feel his body pressing hotly against hers, could feel something terribly hard and hot pressing against her thighs through his trousers. It was his prick! Erika had brought her here purposely for a “lesson”. That lesson was going to be a hard, brutal fuck!

“Nooo!” She was screaming again, having torn her lace away from his hand briefly.

“The girl doesn’t know she doesn’t stand much of a chance here if she fights back,” Jack said.

Something was brushing against her crotch. A chill rushed up and down her spine. Allison knew it was his cock and she felt it rubbing up and down, pressing against her left thigh.

“Come on, baby, take a good look at my prick. It’s gonna be stuck up your cunt in a while, so you might as well have a good shot at it,” Jack said, pushing her away from him several inches.

He twisted his fingers through her hair, tugging hard on it, causing a good deal of pain in her scalp. As he pulled on the roots the girl thought they were going to be torn out. Allison choked and gagged, desperately trying to pull away.

“Good thing we decided to stay a little late and got Erika’s call,” Ed said, rubbing his crotch.

“Yeah, it’s gonna feel good emptyin’ my balls. Christ, they’re so damned full!”

Allison tried screaming again but Jack’s hand clamped back on her mouth even harder. For a moment she thought she would certainly pass out. She would die unless she did what these monsters told her to do.

“Good, that’s better,” Jack said, feeling her relax against him. “Now it’s not going to hurt that much. And who knows,” he added, arching his eyebrows, “you might even like it if you relax.”


Never, never would she enjoy something like this! The blonde felt anger course through her as she continued to shiver. It was useless to choke out a scream. She might actually anger these men and then God only knows what they would do to her!

“Better,” Jack repeated, murmuring into her ear. He was slobbering all over her neck, his hands roaming freely over body.

“You get her ready, man. Then I wanna get a piece of the action,” Ed said, his breath becoming short and rapid as he watched the doctor.

Allison trembled mightily. She felt a kind of damp stickiness forming between her tight side and his belly as he pressed himself firmly against her body. The sweat seemed to seep through his opened shirt and onto her blouse. Though the hand stayed on her mouth it relaxed a little. The other was still wrapped around her hair, keeping her close against the wall.

Then he began moving her back, back to the table. It was wide enough for two people, even three, and the padded edges were raised slightly. In a moment the girl found herself on the soft surface, her skirt hiked around her waist, her panties being tugged down her thighs. She tried to fight back, squirming wildly on the table, but Jack was too heavy, too forceful. He grabbed her hair and yanked up several times, snapping her head up from the table.

The girl groaned through his fingers, begging him to stop. He eased up on her long blonde hair, warning her he would snatch her bald if she tried to fight him again. With a moan of defeat Allison reined once more, her belly flat against the table top.

“Ohhhhh, nice ass. She’s got about one of the best asses we’ve had around her in a long time. Erika’s been saving the best for herself, I think. But this time she slipped,” Jack commented, pulling down Allison’s translucent white panties until they were wrapped around the young girl’s knees. Allison let out a sob of horror, feeling the tension of the elastic waistband against her thighs.

“Yeahhh, gonna feel good shovin a cock up there, right Jack?”

The doctor chuckled, tugging at his belt after having shed his white coat and shirt. Allison heard the soft rubbing of material against flesh and knew he was stripping behind her.

The hand around her mouth had let go and then suddenly the girl felt him grab her by the ass. He was pinching her with his thumb and forefinger, pinching so hard it nearly brought tears to the girl’s eyes. She jerked, snapping her ass up in the air, then letting it fall back down once more. Her cheeks burned with shame just to think that a stranger was crouched up there, his cock long and hard, staring at her naked ass!

“Nice, nice.”

The hand that had pinched her now started exploring her all over. She felt it smoothing over the sides of her body, feeling parts of her flesh through the blouse, then sliding under the garment. When the fingers moved under her skirt and tried to slide up between her thighs the girl let out another groan, snapping her legs together. She heard him laughing at her, telling her that it was useless for her to be so shy about showing her cunt.

“Come on, baby, open up!”

With that Jack yanked on her hair again, tearing out several long strands. Tears came to the girl’s eyes but she fought with what little strength she had. But the pain in her scalp and the force between her legs was just too much. In the end when Jack rolled on top of her straining legs gave way to the pressure.

When she felt him shoving his legs between hers, keeping them forced wide apart, the thought of what he was going to do to her made her shudder. She had managed to keep her cherry when Erika had tried fucking her with the dildo but now it would be impossible. There were two men who were hot and ready to pop her cherry and there was nothing Allison could do about it.



Jack was trying to push his cock up her pussy. They were going to be fucking her, doing things to her that only a husband or a boyfriend should do. Once more the horror of her situation ran through her mind. The girl was faint with terror and revulsion as Jack squirmed on top of her, his weight nearly crushing the air from her lungs. He was straining to wedge his solid prick against the softness of her ass. Yes, she could feel his cock sliding up her thighs and pressing up into her ass crack.


“There’s nothing you can do to stop it, honey. Ed and I are gonna take you one way or the other. Now you can let go and enjoy it, or it’s gonna hurt you bad,” Jack warned, slapping her on the back of the head hard enough to draw stars in front of her eyes.

“No, no, you don’t understand,” she sobbed, tears blinding her eyes. “I, I’ve never done this before, never, never!” The girl cried, her sentence collapsing into a torrent of choked cries.

“Well, a virgin,” Jack said, stopping for a moment. “That makes things a little different — but not much. I never thought much about breaking a cherry with my cock, too damned messy.”

What was he talking about? Oh no, no, he was doing it again, trying to fuck her again. Hadn’t he heard her? Allison felt that fat, hot cockhead moving up and down her sweaty asscrack, the end seeming to threaten first her asshole, then her pussy. If only she could fail off the table and escape from these men. Now she didn’t care what her mother would say. Surely she would understand when she learned that these men had tried to fuck her.

Jack gave a hard tug on her hair then let go, both hands possessively holding her while he dry fucked her asshole.

“Get her, man, come on, fuck her out! I wanna see your prick sink into the little cunt’s pussy,” Ed encouraged from behind.

Doctor? Nurse? Headmistress? They were all useless titles these men and women used to fool parents while they experimented on the girls.


“Get that skirt and blouse off her,” Ed said, unzipping his trousers after having taken off his coat and shirt.

Jack moved back, tearing the girl’s blouse off, then reaching down and slipping his fingers under the elastic band of her bra. Again Allison struggled, slapping back at the big man. But it was futile. He unsnapped the buckle, sighing with pleasure as he pulled the halter off and moved his hands up to her tits.

“Nice, nice, good, young, firm,” he moaned, his fingers pressing in against the warm, resilient tit flesh. Allison felt him playing with her nipples, pinching them, rolling them from side to side.

“Her skirt,” Ed said, reaching around when Jack raised his thighs once more.

The nurse tore open the button, pulled down the zipper, then tugged the garment off, pulling her panties off along with it. Now the young blonde was completely naked, her body straddling the examining table with Jack naked on top of her.

“Man, look at that pussy,” Ed said, still holding her skirt. “And she’s a virgin. Never had anything up that pussy, unless maybe it was Erika’s tongue,” he added, laughing nastily.

Allison blushed red, then began struggling wildly when she heard Jack tell his buddy he couldn’t wait any more. He had to fuck her now, had to sink his cock into her cunt to take care of the tightness in his prick and balls. She opened her mouth one more time starting to let out a scream but again Jack clamped his left hand over her lips and pressed in hard, forcing her scream to die in her throat.

“Just keep it quiet. I don’t like to fuck a yowling cat, but I’ll do it if I have to. There’s nothing and no one around here who’s going to help you,” Jack said, holding his hand tight against her mouth until he felt the girl relaxing.


His hands were back to her ass, squeezing the resilient flesh, smoothing over her asscheeks, then moving down to where a few blonde curls poked up between her widely splayed thighs. He looked down, smiled, then let his hand slip between her legs.

Allison was breathing hard, her face a mask of concentration as his fingers played around her cunt. Then she felt him gripping several of her pussy hairs, pulling them until she squealed in pain.


“Just a sample of what I’ll do if you try anything stupid, understand?”

Allison sobbed, nodding her head up and down. What else could she do? She had to let these awful men have their way. Later, perhaps, she would be able to escape and tell her mother and the world about this place, about Erika and her awful ways.

But for now she had to endure it all. What terrible things he was doing to her, what awful games he was playing! He teased her flesh, kneading the skin and clenching it in his rough fingers. He pinched her inner thighs roughly with those horrible hands. And this was a man who was supposed to be a healer, a man who was supposed to dedicate his life to helping people!

Jack was getting more and more aroused, his breath coming in short, raspy pants. He rubbed her asscheeks, squeezing them harder than he had her thighs. Jack seemed to enjoy watching her squirm, watching her discomfort and shame grow and grow while he toyed with her. Fucking her would be the final triumph, the ultimate joy. But this was good enough for now. Degrading the girl was as exhilarating as fucking her!

“Oh, stop, stop!”

Allison ground her belly against the table, trying to pull away from the man’s awful fingers. But of course there was nothing she could do. Again she begged Jack to stop his fingering and again all she met with was laughter and talk about how he was going to fuck her.

“Oh don’t, don’t!”

“Hey, Ed, came on up and see if you can shut this cunt up. She’s getting on my nerves,” Jack said, slapping her hard on the ass.

There was the sound of movement and Allison felt Jack sliding to one side. And then she was aware of someone dropping down in front of her face. Oh God, it was Ed! He was kneeling on the end of the table, his crotch near her face. She could smell it, smell that pungent odor she had gotten a whiff of when she’d eaten out Erika’s cunt! Only this time instead of a cunt she was faced with a long, fat prick dangling in front of her nose!


Ed was holding her by the hair now, jerking her head up and rubbing his blood-hard cock against her lips. Allison knew that he wanted her to suck his cock! Yes, it was just like some of the girl’s said. They had told her that lots of guys dug having girls blow them, having them wrap their lips around those pricks and suck them until the jizz came bubbling out.

Allison had never thought much of the idea of blowing a guy, although she had to admit it beat getting pregnant. And now the idea of having a cock sawing in and out of her mouth was no more appealing than before.


“Come on, baby, open up. You were blowin’ off steam before. Now you wanna get quiet all of a sudden?” Ed said mockingly.

Allison forced her lips to remain shut. She tried twisting her face away but the grip on her hair was too painful for much movement. She shuddered as she felt the wetness seeping from Ed’s cock against her cheeks and lips. He was going to stay there, pressing his prick against her face until she relented.

Allison tried raising her cheek from the prick but Ed clamped his hand against the back of her head, shoving her face even harder against his groin. At the same time he reached down and started playing with her tits, squeezing them hard until the girl squealed between her tightly clamped lips.

“Don’tcha want a mouthful of cockmeat, honey? Come on! You know you wanna wrap your lips around my rod,” Ed panted, his voice thick and shaky.

“I’m gonna fuck her now,” Jack said simply, spreading her thighs with his knees.

Allison shivered at those words, feeling her heart start to beat wildly. She felt him reaching down between her thighs with his right thumb. Slowly the doctor dug his fingers into her asscheeks for leverage, forcing his thumb into her tight, dry cunt.

Allison felt the invasion and the resulting dry friction and pain. She began writhing madly against the table, her tits aching as Ed kept tugging and squeezing them. Oh God, God, if only she could die, at least faint, and get away from this awful violation of her mind and body!


Ed had moved around slightly until he was facing her. Still holding her by the back of the head with one hand he wrapped the fingers of the other around his prick, making them a brace while he shoved the head hard against her compressed lips. Allison spat at his filthy cock, again trying to jerk her head away and being rewarded by a hard yank on her hair.

“Yaggghhhh!” She clamped her mouth shut tightly after that awful cry to keep the cock from her throat.

How that pain between her thighs was increasing! It was as if someone had a spear and was shoving it between her legs! Her pussy felt tight, hot and dry, pinching around the invading thumb. And then the girl started to feel a pain, an agony she had never felt before.

It was something she was sure would kill her. The more Jack pressed, the more it hurt!

She cried between her grinding teeth. Her face was all red and pinched while sweat beaded her forehead and ran freely from her armpits. She trembled, her groans turning into muffled cries as she shook violently under Jack’s body. What was he doing?

“Yeah, she’s a virgin, alright. Man, she’s gonna be tight when I get my prick into her. Just the way I like it, too,” he said, twisting his thumb around some more while sliding it back and forth.

It was pure, sheer agony for the girl. Only the steady pressure of Ed’s cock against her lips kept her from opening her mouth and shouting down the walls, flashing lights popped in front of her eyes, as the pain continued, increasing horribly.

“Man, man, man,” Jack whispered.

And then the dry sharply, stinging pain increasing like knives into her brain. She let out a cry and spat out Ed’s cock one more time as a tearing, ripping sensation was felt in her pussy. Her cherry! Yes, it was her cherry, torn from its roots!

She had lost her cherry to a damned thumb! With a sob of defeat Allison nearly lost consciousness. She was drifting between two worlds, feeling her cunt throbbing with pain as the men continued to fuck her.

“Man, she was somethin’ else with a thumb. Wonder how she’s going to be with a cock up her cunt,” Jack said, winking at his buddy who was still trying to get his cock into Allison’s mouth.

“Yeah, or up her ass!”

“She was a virgin all right, nice and hot and tight. She’s going to have one hell of a break in today, let me tell you,” Jack commented, fighting to keep his thumb inserted in her narrow cunt.

Oh, oh, it was awful! Allison felt him trying to worm his finger deeper and deeper. He was meeting continued resistance as her cuntal walls tried closing tightly around his invading finger.

“Christ, she’s something! I don’t think I can wait.”

Jack tugged her asscheeks apart, keeping them pulled wide as both his thumbs caressed her pussylips. That constant rubbing combined with the stimulation of her clit while his knuckles massaged her rubbery labes was doing odd things to her. The pain from her violated cherry was ebbing and changing into something much more pleasurable!

Seconds, minutes, perhaps hours went by, Allison didn’t know. She had lost all sense of time, of place, of proportion. She was just lying on the table, her tits pillowing under her, strange hands, fingers touching her all over. It was as wonderful as it was horrible. She was feeling such a riot of confusing sensations.

Bit by bit, slowly but surely her pussy was growing pleasantly warm — even hot — and fluid began oozing from her furry cunt. It was just as it had been with Erika in that room when the woman had shoved the spigot up her ass! Yes, she had fought that at first, too, had cried out again and again.

But in the end she had enjoyed herself immensely, eating out the older woman’s cunt while bouncing up and down on the dildo. Well, now she was going to have a real prick, a man’s cock that was so huge she doubted she could wrap her fingers around it. And she didn’t have to worry about her cherry any more. Jack had taken care of that problem!


“Just take it easy and like I said, you’ll probably enjoy this as much as we will.”

“No more, no more,” she sobbed with renewed humiliation.

He was opening her up again and Allison’s mind reeled with fear and shame. Again and again she sobbed, begging the men to let her go and at the same time hoping they would keep her there. Yes, she wanted to get fucked, needed to have something in her cunt. It was a whole new feeling, one that had just surfaced in her mind. How strange, but it was true! She wanted to feel his fat prick suddenly stretching apart her cuntal walls.

Allison remembered how delicious it had been having that dildo rubbing against her pussy — she had gotten used to the idea. It had taken every ounce of her will to keep from letting the thing tear through her cherry. How she had wanted to feel that plastic cock spearing all the way into her! And now she was going to have the chance of feeling the real thing sliding up her cunt!

“Damn! Good, hot cuntmeat! There’s nothing like it in the world!” Jack exclaimed, working his fingers around some more.

Allison screamed, grunting like a stuck pig. She twitched, jerking forward slightly as Jack’s middle finger shot out, its callused tip circling her tingling clit. The long digit kept on going, tickling against the growing bud until the young girl groaned long and loud. Oh, oh, that wonderful, horrible finger was finding its way along the slick, seepy length of her pussy. More and more juice seeped out, wetting down Allison’s thighs and Jack’s knuckles.

“Oh no, no, not again,” Allison screamed, begging and pleading as the long finger moved from the furred edges of her pussy up to her asscheeks.

“Oh no, no, don’t do that to me! Oh please, don’t touch me there! Y-y-you can’t do this to me! Oh please, please, don’t…” Allison’s screaming prayers went unheeded by the men.

“Hold her tighter,” Jack grunted to Ed.

In a moment he slipped his middle finger all the way in, moving it around and around in an ever-widening circle. He watched, his eyes slitted as the girl started moaning low and soft. Her warm, solid thighs tightened slowly around his hand, jerking up and down finally, making soft, steady fucking movements.

“She keeps saying she doesn’t want it. But man, look at her. She can’t keep her damned hips from going nuts! What a slut!”

The words bit into her pride but apparently not enough. In spite of her mortification Allison couldn’t keep herself from moving like that. It was his finger, that terrible digit making her so hot, so terribly hot and willing.

“She still doesn’t wanna suck cock,” Ed said a little sadly, rubbing his cockhead from side to side across her lips.

“Don’t force it, man. She could bite. But don’t worry,” Jack added, smiling down at the quivering girl. “There are other openings you can have.”

Ed smiled, still pushing his cock up and down over her face.

“Yeah, yeah, she’s starting to loosen up now,” the doctor said, his knees sinking a little deeper into the soft table top.

Allison felt her cuntal walls stretching, actually stretching under the attack of his fingers. Her pussy was making strange movements as well, movements she had begun to feel when she was fucking herself on the dildo earlier. But now those movements were well-developed. Her cuntmuscles were clamping tightly around the finger, sucking at it solidly.

“Christ, she’s going to pull my finger out of joint with her pussy. Man, she’s getting really hot. I’ve never seen anything like this — even in med school!” Jack admitted.

Allison was sobbing with shame and complete humiliation. It wasn’t enough that she was here, forced by her mother to attend this school to be a lady. It wasn’t enough that many of the girls looked down their noses at her because her family wasn’t rich. No, all that wasn’t enough. Now she had to be the kept whore of a bunch of degenerates!


Jack was sticking that finger in deeper and deeper, and then shoving in a second while laughing at her. Oh, her degradation was beginning and the girl had a feeling this was only the start.


“Take it, baby, take it all.”

“Unghhhh… ohhhhhhh!” Allison knew that she was capitulating willingly. Bit by bit her resistance was dying, fading away into nothingness and being replaced by something akin to delight. But the thought of her showing this change to the men horrified her. They were supposed to be raping her, taking her against her will. How could she ever look at them again — let alone herself in the mirror — if she fucked back and let them know she was starting to enjoy this violation?


Allison couldn’t protest any longer. Her body lay defeated on the table, tears streaking her flushed cheeks. She had surrendered to them and to some dark force in her own body, just as she had surrendered earlier when Erika had forced her onto that awful dildo! There was something wrong with her, some dark flaw she couldn’t light. When people treated her like this, did things like this to her, she couldn’t help herself.

Allison felt her pussy doing all these odd things, tightening so strangely, growing so tight and itchy! No one in her family was like this — at least, she didn’t think so. The girl couldn’t imagine her mother going through something like this, drooling and panting like a bitch in heat. She couldn’t even imagine her mother having regular sex.

Suddenly the finger in her cunt slipped out, making a wet sucking sound. Chills rippled up and down her flesh, making the girl groan. She waited helplessly. Jack was on top of her, his fingers gripping her shoulder blades. She could feel the full length of his cock rubbing up and down her ass, slipping once more into her sweaty asscrack.

Allison remembered all the funny stories she and her girlfriends had giggled over, stories about guys and how they would try to stick their cocks up girls’ cunts. Allison felt she could never take anything over six inches long. Even that would be difficult. And now she had some man on top of her who was probably eight to nine inches long and thick — really, really thick! He was going to fuck her virgin cunt with little preparation. The thought both sickened and thrilled her. How would her body react?

Again and again the girl jerked her thighs away, trying to keep her cunt from the big prick that was bumping against it. Allison cringed, rubbing her naked belly against the wet table top. Sweat dampened her flesh, burning into her eyes as Jack grunted like some animal atop her. And all the time Ed was there, rubbing his cockhead over her face, dragging his balls over her mouth. When she sucked in ragged breaths, she smelled his crotch — that strangely exciting smell of sex that made her clit throb even harder.

“Oh, man, man, what I wouldn’t give to have that little bitch sucking me off,” Ed said, in a tight whisper.

“No, no!”

Quickly she shut her lips before Ed had a chance to shove his prick into her. He swore, tugging at her hair, trying to make her yelp once more. But the girl was determined to keep her lips tightly shut. There was nothing she could do about her cunt but she could save some of her pride, some smattering of her morality, by not taking the doctor’s cock in her mouth.

“Hold ‘er steady, Ed. I’m going in and I don’t want to have her jerking me out,” Jack said, his hands gripping the terrified girl by the shoulders.


Ed gripped Allison by the hair once more and jerked her face to look at his. He was smiling down at her, his face streaked with perspiration.

“Okay, baby, his cock’s about to fuck into you. And when that happens, man you’re gonna go nuts. And then, then I’m going to have my turn,” Ed said breathlessly, shaking several strands of black hair from his eyes.

At that point Allison felt her inner cuntlips being forced apart. Jack was on top of her again, his knees pressing against her inner thighs, spreading her wide open. She could feel his hot cockhead pressing against her labes, forcing them open, unsticking them. The rubber-like rim of her pussy tried snapping shut once more but it was impossible to resist the force of the big man’s fuck. She let out another long low moan, her body shaking. Breathing hard and fast, her cunt trembling mightily, the girl felt the mass of cockmeat slowly penetrating her cunt.


Jack shoved in again and the girls’ cries became louder and stronger, echoing against the walls. Oh, oh it was much harder taking his cock than taking that dildo. Allison felt her cuntal sleeve being bunched up, rolling up into her pussy.

“Man, tight… she’s… ughhhh real tight,” Jack said in a straining voice.

Allison could feel his body trembling with the effort of fucking her. Then he was back to shoving his fat prick in once more. He kept telling her to relax and stay loose while he shoved down and in. A particularly heavy spasm raced through her body, making her legs jerk out on either side like those of a frog. She kicked wildly against nothing, listening as Ed and Jack laughed at her wild efforts. They were enjoying her pain, her terror, her humiliation.

Allison screamed again, twisting her head once more to keep Ed’s prick from pressing into her mouth. She could hardly breathe! It was all she could do to suck in deep breaths of air and hold them while the doctor rode her, shoving his cock in harder and harder. And oh, oh, how it hurt! It took her strength away! His balls were nestled against her ass, feeling so warm.

Wave after wave of sensuality hit her like a freight train, knocking the wind from her. The girl kept twisting and bucking, nearly knocking the doctor from her back. But Ed’s grip on her hair kept her in place.

“Man… ughhhh…”

Jack was having a hard time sliding his prick into Allison’s pussy. Her cuntal walls tightened around his shoving cock. He had to stop for a while, take a breath while his cockhead was still outside her pussy. His cockhead was just past the girl’s outer cuntlips, trapped by the warm, milking membranes.


The girl shrieked, her body stiffening as if someone were passing a current of electricity through it. He was pushing down again and the girl felt as if she were being skewered all the way up to her heart. The giant, fleshy cock shoved in another inch, lodging inside her, stretching her to the tearing point. The young woman couldn’t believe her body was able to take in that much prick!

“Yeah, yeah…”

Jack had given up trying to shove his cock in all at once. He was slowly rocking back and forth, using his cockhead like a battering ran, working it bit by bit into her cunt. Meanwhile Ed was busy rubbing his prick back and forth over her lips, whispering something to his buddy who smiled back.

“Wait until I get in.”

There was another push and another inch of the throbbing cockmeat greasily slid in, stretching her cuntal walls. The girl shrieked, her fingernails digging into the soft table padding. Allison felt as if she were being torn in half like a piece of tissue paper. He was going to shove his prick in so far it would come out of her mouth? Again the girl tensed, shoving back, digging her knees into the slick padding.

But all she did was make things worse for herself. The more she tightened up, or tried to knock Jack off her back, the more the pain in her pussy seemed to escalate. He was right. She had to relax, take what they had to give her, and then think about getting away.

“Ughhhh… ooohhhh!”

The helpless girl dragged in another lungful of oxygen, wondering if it were possible to be fucked literally to death. She’d heard of cases of young girls accidentally wandering into soldiers during a war and dying of massive beatings and fuckings. But just one, time? Probably not, she decided. But how she thought she would expire as Jack’s fat prick kept slurping up her cunthole.

“Ohhh fuck, man. I forgot how it felt to fuck a virgin,” Jack said in a strained voice.

“Yeah, bet she hasn’t had anything up her ass either!”

“Don’t count on it. Erika’s got some pretty interesting devices in her keep. She give you the beer enema yet, honey?”

Allison’s embarrassed silence told them the truth. The men laughed, their laughter dying down as the girl groaned with a sensation somewhere between pain and delight. Oh, it was almost impossible to believe that she was taking so much hard hot meat up her cunt.


Jack tensed his massive thigh muscles again, throwing back his head and closing his eyes while tightening his hairy ass. He held his prick tightly in his hand, guiding it in, his face contorting with the effort of fucking Allison’s tight, virgin cunt.

“Yeah, yeah, I think she’s getting a little wetter down there,” he said, stopping for a few seconds and catching his breath.

“When you get it in it’s my turn. Just lay down on the side,” Ed said, his eyes glistening with excitement as they roamed over the girl’s white, naked body.

“Don’t worry. We’re gonna both enjoy this one together. Bet she won’t forget this scene for the rest of her damned life,” Jack said, smoothing his fingers over Allison’s ass again.

What were they talking about? Fucking her at the same time? Together? That couldn’t be done. They knew she wasn’t going to let them fuck her in the mouth. They would have to break her jaws before she took Ed’s fat cock between her lips and sucked on it!

Jack was back at it again, shoving his blood bloated cock knob deeper into her pussy. She resisted him every inch of the way, hunching back, digging her fingertips into the padded examining table and pushing back with her thighs. It was instinctive, the only thing she felt she could do to make things harder for him.

“I said relax it, bitch,” Jack growled, raising one hand and bringing it down hard against her asscheek. He hit her ass again and again, leaving long red marks where his fingers struck the white flesh.

Allison sobbed at the force of the blows. Then the stinging sensation gave way to a radiant warmth that spread to her cunt and asshole. How strange! She was starting to like getting slapped and almost raised her ass up to meet the blows just as they stopped.

In a flash Allison felt her cunt muscles relax. Jack sensed the opportunity and shoved in, the fat cockhead plowing through like a rocket. The blonde teen opened her mouth and let out a rush of air, unable to scream as she writhed helplessly under the big stud. She agonized to the pressure of hot, searing pain as her body filled up with his cock.

Jack hunched his blunt-nosed prick a little deeper, making the girl flex her crotch muscles tightly together in another attempt to force out his cock. It was impossible to shove out his fat prick. In fact, Allison realized the doctor was making headway, her pussy walls were growing hotter and slicker, making it easier for him to slip his cock in.

“Ohhh… God! God!”

She was crying out, twisting her body, finding she was pressing her face once more against Ed’s thigh. There was another shove and another sensation of her body coming apart between her legs. She sucked in a deep breath and held it as she felt his fat cock stretching her, making the sore, itchy tissues stretch even more!

Jack drew back, let out a groan, then shoved in. The sudden move made the girl tense, push out her ass and scream.

“Christ! Isn’t she ever gonna loosen up?” Ed wondered.

“Yeah, soon. These virgins don’t break in easy,” Jack said, laughing softly while drawing his cock back.

It was such a strange feeling having the doctor’s cock sliding out of her pussy. She felt her cuntal walls shrinking back together behind his retreating cockhead and rubbing against one another as Jack’s prick slid further and further out. How his cock eased back, letting her feel the extent of her soreness inside. Allison fanned out her fingers, gripping the padded edges of the table, resting one side of her face against its cool surface. How good it was to have that big cock out of her.

And then, without warning, he was back in, zooming his cock in like a torpedo! Her face reddened and her cheeks puffed out as the girl let out another gasp. This time the big stud managed to bury most of his cock in her cunt. He held it there, wrapping his fingers around her hip bones, moving his thighs around and around in a circular motion. It was as if he were stirring her insides around with a giant spoon. Gradually the girl could feel her cunt stretching, accommodating his fat prick.


Now he started a slow, rhythmic pounding. In and out, in and out, again and again he fucked her, still keeping up that rotating motion. Allison felt herself responding to the sensation of being fucked. She was rocking her hips in an opposite circular motion, increasing the wet friction against her clit.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”

There was nothing she could do to stop the men from violating her. It was just as it had been with Erika. She was trapped, completely helpless. Half-crushed into the table, Allison had to accept the brutal attack op her pussy and let the awful rape continue.

It was too late, anyway. The men had already done their damage. Jack had torn away her pussy, ripped her innocence from her. She might as well lay there and enjoy the rest of the fuck. Closing her eyes, the girl did her best to close her mind to what was happening.

“Ohhh yeah, gotta feel those tits. Nice tits, nice, firm tits,” Jack sighed.

She felt hands slide under her belly and partially raise her. She whimpered slightly, her fingers digging hard into the table top. She could feel Jack’s hands fanning out over her belly, touching her all over. It wasn’t enough for him to rape her, now he had to touch her and bring home the fact that he was complete master of her for the time.


His warm hands kept crawling up along the flatness of her belly, making her wriggle from side to side. Her movements seemed to drive his fat cock that much deeper into her cunt. She knew she shouldn’t move around like that! She had to remain still. Allison grit her teeth together, vowing not to move and give these animals the satisfaction of watching her turn into a sex-machine.

“I think the little cunt’s hot but she’s too ashamed to show it,” Jack said, smoothing his fingers up to her tits then feeling the big mounds teasingly.

“Man, she won’t be able to stay that way for long. That kind usually breaks down when she gets goin’ on some cockmeat,” Ed commented, rubbing his prick over her face, leaving a slick trail of pre-cum on her cheeks.

No, she wouldn’t turn into that kind of woman! She wasn’t that kind of slut, the kind of whore who couldn’t keep, her pussy away from cock. Allison knew there were women who couldn’t get enough of men but she wasn’t one of them.


Jack was pinching her nipples again, squeezing them hard until she squealed like a hurt puppy. At the same time he was banging her hard, slapping his crotch wetly against her upturned ass, his balls swinging forward and hitting her cuntal mound time and time again. The girl sobbed, feeling sweat dripping onto her lower back.

“Fuck her, man, fuck her hard! Yeah, that’s it,” Ed groaned, watching his buddy start a steady, fast fucking rhythm. “Get that cock into her and make her beg for it!”

“Ughh! Ugh! Ugh!” Allison cried with every forward sucking thrust.

Ed leaned closer to watch the rigid cock’s pistoning movement. “Yeah, man, she’s really hot. Man, I can see the juice slickin’ down your prick, Jack,” the doctor said, working his fingers around and around on his own jerking cock.

“Christ, yeah. Its like fuckin’ a hot tub of butter, man! Shit,” Jack said, his hand falling back again while his hips continued to pile drive into her pussy. “She’s gonna go wild, really wild. I can feel it!”

No, she wouldn’t do that, wouldn’t go crazy in front of them. But Allison realized that it was becoming more and more difficult for her to hide her true feelings. Instead of feeling nothing she knew her mind was sinking into a red, dim fog of delight. Yes, she was getting turned onto this fucking, feeling her breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps while her cunt heated up like a furnace. She loved it when she felt Jack’s hands raise her ass a little higher, stroking into her more brutally. The plum-like head of his cock slid in and out inside her heated, slick fuckhole, bouncing off her cuntwalls again and again.


A flash of chilly sexual fire made her cuntal muscles snap shut on his cock, holding it prisoner for several seconds until the spasm passed. Jack laughed, his body shivering mightily as he realized just how hot his victim was.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it,” he crooned, slapping her ass with the flat of his right hand.

In and out, in and out. Faster and faster! Allison choked time and time again on her sobs as she felt herself racing toward her first big climax.


“Fuck that cock, baby. Come on, fuck it out good,” Jack groaned, slapping her ass again and again, jerking her hips forward wildly, his face streaked with rivulets of perspiration.

She gasped again and again, tears running down her cheeks as she felt his cock swell like a balloon. The young teen knew he was about to shoot his load into her pussy. Again her mind flashed back to school. There they had talked about how it was for a man when he came. Some of the girls said their boyfriends went crazy, jumping around and jerking all over the place.

Instinctively Allison guessed Jack would be one of those, that he was going to cum hard. And what about her? She could feel the tension building up in her crotch, could feel her clit growing harder, stiffer, swelling up to the bursting point. All she could think about was the raging heat between her legs.

“Fuck it out!” Ed demanded, wondering when he was going to get his chance.

Allison’s resolve about not showing her excitement melted like ice in the fire. Her soft whimpers of protest became groans of delight. How she hated them, hated them both for doing this to her! And yet at the same time she loved them and wanted the men to keep fucking her, to keep humiliating her like this. She wanted to have Jack’s hard, hot prick slamming into her cunt forever! Yes, forever! She could die doing this and she would love it! She wanted more cockmeat, more prick shoved up her cunt. Allison wanted to have it all and have it now!


“Yeah, yeah. Hey, man, soon. It’s gonna be soon. I’m gonna roll over and keep my cock in her. Then you can fuck ‘er in the ass,” Jack moaned, slowing down his fucking movements.

If Allison hadn’t been so concerned with her own body she would have heard his words and might have protested. But as it was the girl just kept backing into the young doctor, offering him her pussy shamelessly while her clit hummed.

“Oh yes, yes,” she whispered, feeling the hot pressure between her legs become more and more intense.

It was good, really good. It had to be one of the best feelings in the whole wide world! The spearing on the dildo had given her a taste of what was to follow. Erika certainly knew what she was doing! This wasn’t a horrible place, it was a wonderful school, a heaven where she could experiment sexually to her heart’s content.

“Man, man!”

Jack was gasping loudly now, his hands resting flatly against her hips. He made her stroke up and down with each movement of his fucking prick.

“That’s it, baby. That’s it, move that ass, move it like that! Shit, the kid’s really gobblin’ up my cockmeat! I knew the little bitch’d turn on once she loosened up a little in there,” he said, pinching her asscheeks until he heard her squeal again.

Anything! They could have done anything to her, just as long as that wonderful cock stayed inside her cunt. That constant movement aroused her to the fullest. Her thighs were spreading further and further apart! More cock, yes, she wanted more cock, harder cock!

“Get that ass back up there!” Jack snarled, slapping her hard.

The young woman was nearly insane with sensations. Her cunt was a riot of feelings while her tit tips were itching madly, throbbing in time with her clit. Close, she was very very close to the edge. In a few moments she knew the two of them would be jerking and writhing against one another, both caught in the dance of climax as old as the hills.

And then it stopped! Oh God, it stopped! Jack had stopped his fucking movements and was twisting around, his big arms holding her tightly.

“Gonna pull out for a bit, baby,” he warned, sliding his fat cock outward.

“No! Oh no!”

It was like being abandoned! The girl felt her sexuality slipping, going down several notches as Jack withdrew his prick. It was awful, mind-blowing! She fought to keep his cock buried inside her, tried tightening her pussy muscles. But the young doctor was determined. With a wet, slick pop he pulled out, drawing out gobs of cunt juice with him. Allison shivered, feeling the fluid trickling down the backs of her thighs.

“Okay, easy, easy,” he said, crawling over her after having rolled the girl onto her left side.

She felt his cockhead pressing up against her cuntlips again. Instead of fighting him off, or begging him not to touch her again, the young blonde teen found herself embracing him, actually wrapping her arms around his neck and drawing him closer to her as he slipped his prick back into her pussy.


It was a warm, shivery feeling having him inside her. And then Ed was behind her, licking down her back! How good it was having the warm, wet feeling all over her flesh! His hands were squeezing her asscheeks, but that didn’t worry the young woman. Jack had been doing that while he fucked her. Ed was just getting off, enjoying himself.

“Ooh, oh, oh!” The fucking had begun all over again.

“Man, this little bitch fucks like a mink when she gets started,” Jack commented, banging his knees against Allison’s while pulling her toward the edge of the examining table.

Ed had slipped down farther, his hands gripping her hip bones while his tongue was washing the area around her lower spine. Down and down he slid, his fingers now wrapped around the girl’s thighs, his groans matching hers and Jack’s as Allison kept fucking her mind out on the big doctor’s prick.

“Nice ass, nice ass,” he repeated again and again, his eyes glowing with excitement as he watched her asscheeks shaking and jiggling with each of her fucking movements. At a signal Jack slowed down, holding the girl hard and tight while Ed started licking her inner thighs.

“Wh… what are you doing to me?”

It was a wild sensation having a guy’s tongue licking up her juices, slathering up and down her inner thighs! The girl jerked and twitched, impaling herself on the doctor’s cock while Jack kept still.

“Easy, easy, you’re gonna dig this. You’re gonna have two studs fucking you. Now how many girls you know can brag about that?”

Not many, not many would have dared confessed to something like that. It would have made them look like sluts or whores. But the thought of having two good-looking studs taking care of her sent shivery thrills racing up and down Allison’s spine. She paid more attention to what was happening behind her now, feeling Ed’s wonderful tongue sliding down one inner thigh then up another, just missing the spot where. Jack’s cock was embedded in her cunt.

“Oh nice, nice,” Ed groaned, his fingers jerking faster and faster around his cock.

“Fuck her in the ass now, man. She’s half outta her mind. She won’t feel a thing,” Jack said.

Fuck in the ass? Now Allison realized what they were going to do. No, no, she couldn’t take something like Ed’s prick up her ass! That awful spigot had been enough for her! Even then it had hurt her so much. And now Ed was thinking about, about ramming his cock up her ass? No, no, it couldn’t be done!


He was moving up, sliding his tongue around her asscheeks, wetting them down with his spit. She felt his fingers smoothing over her asscheeks then tensing against them, digging into the soft, white flesh. He was spreading them apart, dropping his face into her asscrack. She could feel his breath against her sweaty flesh, could feel his moustache brushing over the sensitive skin in her tight little asscrack!


Allison arched her back, shivering mightily when she first felt his tongue touch her asshole! Nothing, nothing in the world could feel like that! Even the beer cascading into her ass hadn’t really prepared her for this sensation! The blonde teen thrashed against Jack like a mad woman, digging her fingernails into his shoulders while banging her legs against his.

She tried to get away from that warm, wet, wriggling tongue but it was impossible. He was sliding it up and down her gray-pink asshole lips, curling it around and finally sticking it into her bowels!


Allison’s eyes bugged out, her jaws dropping open when she felt his tongue slide into her asshole! He was sucking on her ass, moving his lips around, thrusting his tongue rapidly in and out of her tight little asscrack! Again and again he fucked her with his tongue, wetting the area with his saliva.

“Okay, man, fuck ‘er and fuck ‘er good,” Ed mumbled from behind.

Jack started up his fucking movements again, slowly pushing forward. Allison thought she was going to die from pleasure! The doctor’s cock was pushing aside the squiggly tissues, spreading her seepy cuntal lining once more. Juice bubbled out from around his ten-inch prick wetting down his balls and her thighs. And at the same time Ed’s tongue was fucking her asshole, thrusting in and out, in and out, making her feel very odd.

“Eat out her ass, man. I can hear you up here,” Jack said, pausing in his fucking for a moment while rotating his cock around in Allison’s cunt.

The girl thought she would faint when he shoved one hand between their sweaty bellies and tweaked her clit. Sparks of delicious delight showered into her cunt, making her grunt once more while that wonderful tongue kept wetting down her asshole.

“Gonna shove it in now, man. Gonna shove it in. Gotta do it or I’m gonna cum all over myself,” Ed groaned.

“Then hurry the fuck up,” Jack said, his voice tight, urgent. “Man, I can’t keep this up either. I’m gonna blow my nuts out pretty fuckin’ soon.”

Yes, oh yes, she wanted to feel that, to feel his cum splattering against her cuntal walls! Some of the girls at school had told her how it felt to have a guy cumin you. It sounded real scary, strange. And yet Allison had secretly always wondered what it would be like having something that hard and hot inside her, dumping all that jizz.


The tongue was gone and Allison felt Ed sliding back up, felt him gripping her by the shoulders. And then she felt something else that startled her. Ed’s hot cock was rubbing against the backs of her legs, sliding up until it pressed hard against her spit-slicked asscrack. He was edging down now, his knees pressing up against the backs of hers. She felt his groin move away and his cockhead press up against her asscrack, sliding in bit by bit, dangerously close to where her spitty asshole was.

“Oh, no, nooo!”

“You gotta take it, baby, you’ve got to. You haven’t got a choice,” Ed groaned.

It was as if someone were trying to jam a foot up her asshole! He was pressing hard, grunting with the effort, his knees shoving up hard against her legs, his feet kicking forward while his fingers tightened around her narrow shoulders. It was awful, humiliating! Jack stopped his fucking for the moment, holding her hard while his buddy started sliding his prick up her asshole!

“Aaahahhhhh!” Again and again the blonde teen cried out, twisting as much as she could.

The pain shot up her spine, nearly crushing the bone tissue. It felt as if her ass muscles were tearing at the top from the pressure. When Ed shoved down again the girl screamed louder, the whole tight ring of her ass being driven up into her bowels. Again and again he kept pressing forward, muttering obscenities, his fingers nearly breaking her shoulders.


And then his cock was in! He had done it, actually shoved in his cock up her ass! Allison’s legs jerked forward then kicked out, her arms spasming, every muscle in her body cramping.

“Ohhhh yeahhhhh, man, really good and hot and tight back here, Jack. Really good,” Ed sighed, shaking the sweat off his face.

A thousand tiny fires raged in her ass, making Allison’s clit throb that much more strongly. When Ed began sliding his cock slowly back and forth the stimulated nerveendings in her asshole began telegraphing wild impulses to the girl’s clit, flow odd that the two ends of her body were so closely connected! Allison would never have believed this could happen!

“Little blonde bitch,” Ed murmured, bending down and biting her hard on the neck.

“Yiiiiiii!” Allison thought he’d broken her skin.

Oh the pain, the degradation, the excitement of all this happening to her at once! The three of them thrashed and fucked, coming dangerously close to toppling off the examining table.

They were confused tangle of arms, legs and bellies as both men drove their cocks deeper and deeper into the screaming, thrashing girl.

“Fuck it out, you bitch! Come on, fuck it out, make me cum!” Jack groaned, piledriving his prick hard into her cunt.

“Yeah, come on, get that ass movin’. Come on, make me shoot off in your Goddamned tight little asshole,” Ed groaned.

“No, no!”

It was impassible! Two men were fucking her at the same time, making her feel all these awful, forbidden things! How easily Ed’s cock was slipping in and out of her ass now! His pre-cum had lubed down her asshole, the muscles having relaxed to accommodate his prick. Fires raged at both ends of her body, sending up a wild riot of sensations to her overloaded brain. Again and again Allison cried out, her face a twisted mask of lust as she fucked both men crazily.

It was splitting her wide open. The men were trying to tear her to pieces with their cocks. She could almost feel her body coming apart as Ed and Jack hammered their cocks into her at the same time. Her body shook and shivered with the pounding force of their pricks. Two sets of balls, each packed down hard with white-hot jizz were slapping against her body. Soon, very soon shooting in their load, filling her with the precious spunk. Allison groaned again, fighting to keep her sanity.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she groaned, not caring what the men thought about her now.

Sensations! She lived for the wild feelings rushing through her body and making her heart pound like a triphammer! She felt herself tossed from man to man. She felt Ed’s hard, sweaty chest pressing up against her back. And then at the next moment her tits were pillowing up against Jack’s, her nipples smashed as his hands fumbled for her tits.

“Fuck it out, fuck…”

Jack’s voice became choked as the girl started moving her ass from side to side. Allison couldn’t take the waiting any longer. She had to have that final release, the relief that would make her sane again.

“Please, please!”

They knew what she wanted, what she needed. Ed started pounding his cock faster and faster, keeping up with his buddy. Allison squeaked, her pussy going into tremors of wild need. Crying out once more she flexed the round, firm mounds of her ass against Ed’s belly. She wanted more of that lascivious, full sensation of his cock splitting her ass wide open.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”

The sliding of Ed’s cock as it trenched deeper and deeper in her guts sent more shivery thrills through her ass. Allison felt her cunt and bowels filling again and again. It was like gorging a feast! They would have to stop soon. Oh yes, yes, they would be cumming and would have to stop. And she would be climaxing with them! All three of them would be climaxing together, jerking and twitching while gobs of cum splashed into her cunt and asshole! The thought drove the girl into a wilder frenzy of lust.

“Fuck me, baby, fuck me good!”

Jack was twisting his hips around faster and faster, revolving his cock inside the fat, rubbery lips of her cunt. His nuts were drawing up tight to the base of his throbbing prick until they ached from the tension.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

More flashes of fire ignited her cunt. Allison licked her lips. She was so dry, dehydrated from all the sweating and all the juicing her pussy was doing. Behind her Ed kept pushing into her, his ass moving with hers. He kept his cock jabbed all the way inside her ass.

Two cocks! There were two pricks sliding in and out of her! Allison still couldn’t believe it was happening! Both horror and delight coursed through her mind as the three of them rocketed closer to climax.


More cries of pleasure burst from her throat. She felt one ear being sucked into Ed’s mouth. When his tongue lashed down into the waxy passage she shoved back with her ass, swallowing up his cock with her asshole.

“Ohhhh, do it, do it!” she cried, wanting to feel that hot blast, of climax now!

“Soon, bitch, soon,” Jack said, swallowing hard, getting ready for the cum Allison so desperately wanted and needed.


“Fuck, man, fuck!”

“Come on, baby… fuck… cunt, fuck ughhh… fuck it out,” Ed groaned, his arms looping around the girl’s sides and mashing in her tits.


Allison thought the world was coming to an end. Jack was groaning in front of her, his throat tightening as his cum bubbled up rich and hot. He pressed in as tightly as he could, throwing one arm around the girl and hunching wildly against her.


The universe collapsed with a crash and Allison bucked and cried, kicking and clawing at anything that came in reach. She felt Jack hunching furiously, pushing up against her body, his knees banging hard against hers. His mouth slid down onto hers. The girl didn’t care any more about him being a stranger or about him being a doctor. When their lips touched, their tongues battled against one another, their lips sucking hard.

Spit ran down in streams as they sucked and tongued one another. Allison felt her throat start to throb and pulse in time with her clit and asshole. Her body was completely on fire, completely tuned in to what was happening between her legs and up her ass. There could never be anything like this in the whole wide world! She was going out of her mind, feeling jolt after jolt of pleasure tearing at her clit!

They nearly all pitched over the side of the table. The girl was particularly losing control, fucking and being fucked.

“Now!” Jack warned.

Allison tensed again, feeling something terribly hot and wet splattering against her cuntal walls. Cum! Jizz! Spunk! Whatever you called it it was shooting out, jetting from his piss-slit and coating her convulsing cunt walls. The girl felt her pussy walls spasm hard, then buckle in against Jack’s hammering prick. Again and again more spunk shot out, some of it now oozing from around his embedded cock and trickling down the girl’s thighs. “Unghhhh!”

Ed was going nuts behind the frantic girl. His hands gripped her shoulders, the fingernails scratching her flesh hard. He was rubbing his hairy groin against her ass, moving his head around so he could stick his tongue back into her ear. She cried out, snapping her head from side to side, teetering on the brink of a massive climax. Jack was still moaning inside her mouth, tonguing her wildly while feeling her tits.


It was Ed’s turn. Allison could hear him groaning into her ear, telling her he could feel his jizz bubbling up from his balls, packing down in his cockhead. And then in a moment it was rushing out, jetting into her asshole, burning into her bowels like acid.

That was all the girl could take. With an ear shattering shriek Allison tore away from Jack’s mouth, jerked her head back and let out a mindless cry. Cumming! She was cuming, climaxing with two cocks shooting off inside her body at the same time!

“Aiiiyyeyee!” Nothing in the world could have matched the sensations rushing through the girl’s mind and body at that moment.

“Go for it, baby, conic on, go for it!” Jack encouraged, coming down off his high.

“Yeah, fuck it out,” Ed groaned, still shooting his cum up her ass.

Allison felt her clit jerking in rhythm to her spasming asshole muscles. Each time she throbbed the girl felt the two long, thick pricks still oozing cum. They were still good and hard, still working back and forth in her cunt and ass. Her mouth and ear were being sucked and tongued. There wasn’t a virgin pore left in her body. Jack and Ed had taken care of that.


It was finally over. Collapsing, feeling that the world had exploded all around her, the girl let out a long, low sigh. She was drifting, drifting around on waves of satisfaction that lapped gently through her body. Fucking was so good, so very, very good.

“It’s the intercom. I’ll get it,” Jack said, carefully slipping his flaccid prick from Allison’s cunt and sliding off the table. The young teen opened her eyes and watched dreamily as the big stud padded over the tiled floor to his desk to answer the beeping machine.

“Yes? Erika, yes, she’s been, checked,” Jack said, turning around and smiling cynically at the young teen.

Miss Vennestroom! She had set her up for this and was checking on her now. Had she performed well? Had she fucked enough, made the men happy? She had been nothing more than a puppet. Allison felt a wave of selfloathing ripple through her body. What a little fool she had been, reacting like a mindless slut. They would laugh at her, use her and then toss her aside like shopworn goods. With a groan Allison turned her head away.

“Of course. We’ll be waiting for you,” Jack said, flicking off the intercom.

“What… what are you going to do with me now?” she stammered, brushing away a loose strand of hair from her eyes. She could still feel cum oozing from her cunt. Ed was still inside her, his cock throbbing against her tight asshole lining.

“That’s Erika’s decision. She’s coming down here in a moment. Says…”

Another buzz from the intercom. Jack held up one hand and backed away, flicking on the switch and picking up the receiver.

“Of course, Erika. We’ll have her there in a moment.”

The keep! She could read it in Jack’s eyes the moment he came up to her. Allison flinched when he touched her, begging hum with terror-stricken eyes not to give in and take her to that horrible room.

“Come on, honey. You don’t want to keep Erika waiting. Apparently, she wants us there too,” Jack said to Ed who by this time had slipped, out of the girl’s violated asshole and was cleaning himself up.

They dried themselves off with several long white towels as Allison remained on the examining table, her arms and legs hanging over the sides. She was too exhausted to protest or do anything but breathe and think about the mindless way, in which she’d acted. The girl thought about the cocks, about the way they had entered her, impaled her while she kicked and screamed in a sexual euphoria. Now totally fatigued, feeling the cooling jizz bubbling out of her cunt and asshole, Allison wanted only to go to sleep, to rest, to escape the men who had exhausted her.

But Erika wanted her and no one apparently wanted to keep the headmistress waiting. Jack and Ed had already dressed, tucking in their shirts. While Ed locked up the medicine cabinets and put away several instruments Jack walked over to the table and helped Allison up.

“You don’t want to walk down the halls naked now, do you?” he asked, taking another, towel and dabbing her pussy and asshole. “Come on, get your clothes back on and come with us.”

Allison groaned, pushing herself up from the table and rubbing her fingertips against her forehead. Her big tits jiggled from side to side as she slipped to the floor, her knees threatening to give way at any second. She no longer felt any particular shame at being naked in front of these men. She stood there with her asscheeks touching the edge of the examining table, some cum still dribbling from her pussy and wetting down her inner thighs. Jack and Ed had touched the most intimate parts of her body. Why should she be worried about appearing naked now?

“Get dressed, baby. We’ve got an appointment to keep.”

Allison dressed as quickly as she could, slipping on her blazer last. How strange it was tugging this garment on. All the other girls, she guessed, were pretty much virgins, wearing the blazer like little children. And there she was, double-fucked and still looking like some innocent babe. It seemed so strange!


Allison remembered very little about that journey through the empty back corridors of the school. At times she could hear the other girls in other halls. But Jack and Ed were careful to take the deserted corridors. In a moment they were out in the courtyard marching through the high grass to the keep. When they reached the big iron door, Allison felt her heart sinking.

“You’ve… examined her?” Erika asked as they stepped in. She was leaning against the stool Allison had been sitting on several days ago. The dildo was still strapped to the top. The girl felt faint as Jack shoved her into the room.

“Yes. She’s fine. No signs of any bruises from the fight,” Jack said, his lips curling into a dirty smirk. Allison, turning, saw the smile and felt incredibly fouled and dirtied.

“No bruises? Good,” Erika said, sauntering up to the young girl. She stopped inches in front of Allison, raising one hand and grabbing the teen’s chin between her thumb and forefinger. “I’m glad she wasn’t so careless in the fight. Perhaps we should do our best to give her a few… uhh, marks of our affection?”

Jack and Ed looked at one another puzzled at first.

“Don’t act like fools. Strip her! In fact, I’m surprised you even took the time to get her dressed,” Erika said icily.

“We thought… what the hell, fine, sure, we’ll get ‘er naked again,” Jack muttered, taking Allison by the shoulders and spinning her around. “Come on, baby.”

“No!” Allison jerked back, clutching her blazer with both hands. “No, you won’t touch me again… ever!”

“Don’t be a little fool!” Erika said, coming up behind her and striking the girl hard across the back of her head.

That blow combined with her fatigue, knocking the girl senseless. She collapsed in Ed’s arms, feeling the world spinning wildly out of control. During her state of semiconsciousness Allison felt her clothing being stripped quickly from her body. In a moment she was being dragged to the center of the room where the drain near the keg was. Carefully Jack sat her down on the keg, backing away.

Allison nearly fell off the keg, catching herself just in time. She felt terribly exposed, threatened. Shaking her head to clear her mind Allison blinked and saw Jack holding a green rubber garden hose in front of him. He was twisting the brass nozzle, aiming it directly at her face. She started to cry out but the next moment a cold blast of water hit her squarely on the chin. The force and the sudden low temperature sent the girl pitching backward over the keg.

She was soaked quickly, her hair hanging around her throat in blonde tangles. The cold water whipped her tits, slipping down to her cunt. The girl cried out, feeling her pussy walls slapping together under the iciness of the spray. She squealed, scooting back on her ass as the water played up and down her retreating body.

“Doesn’t take too much to turn this little bitch on,” Jack commented.


Jack was moving the spray up and down, hitting her in the face, then moving it to her cunt. The water made Allison’s cuntlips flutter. Her skin started to pucker up into gooseflesh as she squeaked over the concrete floor. There was nowhere to run to get away from that awful spray. Trying to stand up, the girl felt her feet slipping on the wet surface. She tumbled backward with a cry, her legs kicking up and out. Jack took advantage of her position and directed the heavy spray between her thighs.


It was as if someone had slipped an icicle up her cunt. She shuddered, snapping her legs together and rolling over on her belly. Clenching her fists together Allison pounded the cold, hard floor in frustration, wishing she could somehow get a knife, a gun, anything that would kill. She wanted to destroy those men and Erika as she slithered across the water slick floor.


“Bend over and spread those asscheeks, Allison. If I know these two they’ve fucked you at the same time. We don’t like our girls to go around dry… you know, win leaking out of their asses,” Erika said.

Jack moved the hose away from her, allowing the sobbing girl to stand up. Glancing at them ruefully the girl did as she was told, bending at the waist while grabbing her asscheeks by the rounded sides and spreading them apart.

“Oh, damn you, damn you all,” she whispered, tears rolling from her eyes.

It was so cold her flesh started to turn blue as she stood there in that obscene position. Her tits hung at an angle while her knees were bent slightly. The terrified blonde could still hear the water splashing all around her.

Erika said something to one of the men and then the water struck her once more, squarely in her asshole. For a moment Allison did nothing, she was too shocked at the sudden chill. Then the girl cried out, her hands slipping off her thighs and shooting forward while her body snapped to one side.

“Stand still!” Erika shouted.

Allison caught herself, bent down again and placed her hands on her thighs, bending at the waist and waiting once more for that awful spray. It came with a fury, biting her asshole like a bomb.

Allison shivered, feeling the water directed along her spine. Fanning out her toes until she cramped, the girl let out a series of choked cries. Back and forth, back and forth the water played over her ass, the movement making her asscheeks wiggle like a street whore’s.

How her asshole throbbed from the wild fucking she had received only moments ago from Ed. It was crazy! Why were they doing this to her? Again the question came up. Surely it couldn’t have been because of that silly fight she’d had with Patty Harrington!

Water spilled into her asshole, making the young girl think back once more to that fucking she’d received. She couldn’t help it. Allison kept thinking about Ed’s cockhead and how it had felt sliding up her asshole! She could almost feel his arms tightening around her waist now, drawing her against him while his balls nestled up against her ass. She could feel his cock sliding in and out, stretching her asshole to the tearing-point while Jack was fucking her cunt!

The water was making her think of that ass fuck, making her feel Ed’s prick all over again. It soothed her asshole and at the same moment stimulated it. The girl sighed, her eyes widening as the spraying liquid flushed out her bowels and tingled through her pussy. Again the young teen felt her clit filling with blood, standing straight up hard and hot, stray droplets of water stinging it into arousal.

“Man, I think she’s turning on to the water,” Jack said, playing the spray back and forth and watching the young woman wiggling her ass from side to side in the same rhythm.

“I thought Allison was a fine choice for this sort of thing. We don’t get many girls here who, well, who enjoy this sort of thing,” Erika said loudly enough for the girl to hear.

“No, that’s not true!” Allison shouted back, clenching her fingers so hard the nails dug into her fists.

She was too afraid to turn around and confront her tormentors. She still stood there, bent at the waist, her hands on her thighs, her asshole filling with water while her cunt grew very hot and tight. It wasn’t true! Nothing that horrible woman and her cohorts said was true. Allison was a prisoner, captured in this prison, unable to escape. If they had given her half a chance she would have bolted for the door.

“Yes it is, dear. I’m afraid it is. And we’re going to do everything we can to make you see the light,” Erika said smoothly, signaling Jack to turn off the hose.

The forceful cold spray stopped suddenly making the girl stumble backward, her asscheeks jiggling with each step she took. Stopping, straightening, feeling her flesh warm quickly, the young blonde teen wondered what else they were going to do to her.

“So, you feel you’re above this sort of play, do you?” Erika said, ambling over to the stool where the dildo still stood straight up. She bent down and worked the straps loose, holding the instrument up.

Allison didn’t say a word. She knew countering the headmistress would only mean more trouble. Instead she stood there, her head down, her eyes modestly staring at the floor while her hands cupped over the blonde V protecting her hot, tight little pussy.

“You don’t have to answer me. I can see it in your eyes. Here, show the men just what kind of girl you are,” Erika said, taking the dildo from the stool and walking over to Allison.


“You needn’t act stupid with me, girl,” Erika said, thrusting the hard object into Allison’s hands, “Show them what you showed me only a few days ago.”

Allison held the plastic cock in her right hand, her eyes taking in the light pink surface. It felt rubbery now, not at all like it had felt when she had bounced up and down like a puppet while eating out the headmistress’ cunt.

“Put it into your cunt, dear. You know how to do that much, I’m sure,” Erika said cynically, folding her arms across her chest.

Feeling her cheeks blush furiously, Allison took the plastic cock and twisted it around, holding it tightly by the base and slowly inserting it into her cunt. In front of her she could hear the men laughing.



The laughter around her brought tears cascading down her face. She was putting on a freak show, a side show for these people as she twisted the dildo around and slipped yet another inch into her cunt. Allison hesitated once or twice, thinking about throwing that awful thing right at Erika’s proud head. But the woman barked another command and instinctively the girl obeyed, sobbing and retching as the plastic monster filled her pussy.

“Does it feel good, baby? You enjoy it?” Jack taunted.

“I doubt you ever thought being a doctor her at the manor would be quite as, shall we say, exciting as it’s become?” Erika said, her ironic smile broadening as she watched her ward continue to fuck herself with that long pink dildo.

Then on command the girl sawed her pussy back and forth, sliding the cock in and out, her fingers tightening on the fat base as she felt her pussy muscles spasming. Yes, her cunt was reacting as if she were being fucked, really fucked by a cock as large as Jack’s or Ed’s. In spite of the fact that she was standing up and that there were three people watching her and laughing at her, Allison could feel herself rutting like a bitch in heat.

But there was nothing she could do to master her body’s reacting to this horrible display. Erika kept telling her to keep the dildo pistoning in and out of her cunt, threatening her with violence if she stopped. What else could she do? Sobbing, blinking away the tears, feeling shame race through her body like fire, Allison kept the plastic cock trenching in and out of her pussy, careful that the smooth dildo always touched her clit!


No, she shouldn’t be crying out like that, giving those terrible people more satisfaction than they were already getting from watching her go into heat like that. But Allison couldn’t help herself. The dildo was warming quickly, picking up the heat from her juicy cunt. Soon pussy juice was bubbling out around the stretched labes of her cunt and running down her thighs, wetting down the plastic cock until it glistened under the harsh fluorescent overhead light.

“Oh man, man! That little bitch probably fuck a dog if we could get one,” Ed commented, finger his cock through his pants.

Allison heard Erika demand that she fuck herself faster, harder. They wanted a better show. In response to the demand the girl began fucking herself like a crazed woman, driving in over half the length of the dildo into her cunt. Reaching down with her other hand, she tweaked her clit until she felt a climax ripping through her body. It was as if someone had set off fire crackers in her pussy! Sparks of unbelievable goodness exploded around her clit, making her feet slip and slide on the floor.


Her fingers tightened so hard around the dildo that her knuckles turned white. Her head snapped back, her tits rising and falling mightily while her breath came in strangled, choked sobs. She staggered from side to side, one hand still gripping the dildo, the other pinching and rolling her clit from side to side.

She couldn’t stand up any more, couldn’t find the strength to keep her body upright.

With a sharp cry the girl felt her knees giving way. Her hips twisted and jerked, her asscheeks slapping together while her tits jiggled like pudding. Cum! Cum! What a beautiful word! She thought of Ed, of Jack, of Erika with that wonderful cunt fluttering in her face. Oh yes, yes, there was nothing like it in the world? All the smells and sounds and sights of fucking all seemed to come together in a maddening pinpoint of sensation.

With another cry the girl sank slowly to the cold, wet floor. The dildo was still sawing in and out of her cunt while she bent her head forward, her long blonde hair curtaining her face. No, no, it was too much. She couldn’t stand this much longer! The wild sensations rushing through her cunt were exhausting her. She could see how some people could be fucked to death.


The three people in front of her were laughing sharply, their voices mocking her plight. No, this couldn’t be happening to her. It couldn’t! But even as she tried to deny it, Allison felt her cunt spasming hard, sucking in the dildo deeper. Her clit shuddered again, the orgasm tightening the muscles and forcing the dildo out of her cunt. With a cry of despair Allison gave her clit another pinch, feeling another rush of itchy hot sensations.

And then it was over — for the moment.

“She was very good,” Erika commented, studying the girl as she lay helpless on the wet, concrete floor.

“What do we do now?” Jack said, his eyes bright with excitement.

“As I’ve said before, this school is built on rigid discipline. I think Allison needs a taste of that discipline, don’t you?”

“Patty started this whole thing!” Allison blurted, wiping away the tears as she pushed herself up off the floor. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen to her next but it would hurt and humiliate, she was certain. But if she was going to suffer, the girl who had brought all this misfortune on her head should suffer too!

“Patty will be dealt with as you have. Personally, I’m looking forward to taking her down a peg or two,” Erika said, tilting her chin up while sucking in a deep breath.

Allison looked thoughtfully at the tall, handsome woman. Yes, she could believe that Patty was next in line for this treatment. That thought alone made her smile, and made all of this somewhat bearable.

“Oh God, help me, help me,” the girl wailed, clasping her hands together.

“Come on, Allison, there’s no need to be overly dramatic about all this. Jack, use, use that,” she said thoughtfully, her eyes roaming over the various instruments hanging on pegs in the wall. Allison’s eyes followed the headmistress’ and saw Erika was pointing to what appeared to be a cat-o-nine-tails.


The girl had seen pictures of the whip in old books about English ships. Unruly crew members or prisoners were tied to the mast and whipped cruelly with that terrible instrument until they nearly bled to death.

“Oh no, no, no!”

Allison became frantic the moment Jack took down the big leather whip and cracked it over his head. All of them jumped at the sound. The girl screamed and jerked back, her hands flailing in the air. There was no need for them to tie her down. There was nowhere she could run. The moment she headed for the door Jack stepped in front of her, his legs spread widely apart for balance, the cat popping and snapping in front of him. Erika and Ed stepped back, giving the good doctor more room.

“Fuck, this is something else, Erika!” the young doctor cried, moving quickly from side to side, dogging the teen’s frantic attempts to escape from the snapping leather whip.

“Oh please, please, don’t do this to me!” They had done everything else to her — beaten her, fucked her, forced her to fuck herself with dildos, made her eat out cunt. Every hole in her body had been cruelly violated and now they were going to whip her, degrade and injure her at the same time. She covered her tits with both hands, desperately running from wall to wall, her face white with terror as the cat snapped first on one side, then on the other.

“No, no!”

Her feet slipped. Twice she nearly pitched forward, her hands jerking out for support. Her tits and asscheeks jiggled, her long blonde hair streaming out behind her. No escape! There was no escape! They were playing with her, toying with the girl the way a cat plays with a half-dead bird before eating it. The image flashed through her mind and nearly brought her to her knees.

Allison saw Jack stop dead center in the room, blocking her next move. He swung the cat, making the girl cringe backward. She tried pressing herself closer to the tiled wall to escape the force of the impact.


The girl was pressing one side up against the wall, her eyes riveted to the leather thongs snapping and crackling in the thick air. They seemed to be coming down at her in slow motion, cutting through the shadows as they drew closer and closer. For the first time in her life Allison was in fear for her safety. All the other torments had been nothing compared to this.

The leather snapped once more, then came crashing down on her flesh.


A thousand burning coals couldn’t have been more painful! Allison gagged, her body snapping forward from the cutting force of that blow. The leather had sliced across her ass, leaving long red marks on the resilient flesh. Allison found herself gasping for air, her lungs having deflated during the cutting, burning contact of leather against skin. Her muscles spasmed, cramping around her thighs and buttocks as the stinging quickly turned to heat, warming her asshole and cunt.


The girl felt herself sinking once more to the floor. A light blow of the cat against her ankles snapped her back to attention.

“Don’t fall down unless you’re told to,” Erika snapped.

Again the cat came down on her ass, the leather, biting into her flesh like a dozen sharks. The girl screamed and shrieked, her fingers clawing at the smooth damp wall, her face reddening from the pain and terror coursing through her soul. Behind her Allison could hear Jack wheezing and coughing. Then there was a laugh, followed by the all-too-familiar sound of the leather whistling through the air. The girl braced herself and mumbled a prayer.


He flogged the backs of her knees, moving the cat up to her thighs, beating finally at her asscheeks. The young woman managed somehow to stay upright, her knees flailing against the wall, her toes fanning out until they cramped. She noticed the blows became less and less savage as they went on. Obviously Jack wasn’t intending to peel the flesh off her body with the cat but still the cutting blows hurt! Oh, God, how they hurt!


Her ass was on fire! Allison thought she could feel her flesh splitting. Her asscheeks heated, reddening to scarlet as the leather thongs kept beating away. The blazing pain in her plump ass radiated out to all parts of her body, stiffening her nipples, finally centering in on her cunt and clit.

Juice started running from her cunt mouth to her thighs, mingling with her sweat. Long red stripes appeared on her ass where the cat cut into her. First the stripes, then large purple welts. Allison kept yammering for mercy, begging them to stop the awful pain. But Jack kept on, seeming to gain strength from her cries.


He was concentrating on her ass now. The girl clenched her asscheeks together until the big muscles ached and cramped from the tension. She was trying to protect her asshole from the leather. Oh God, God, she would die if he beat her with that thing on her asshole or pussy!


The stripes across her lower back hurt her terribly. With a yowl of despair the girl felt herself falling down. Again she heard Erika commanding her to stand straight. Unbelievably the girl tried to obey the headmistress, stiffening her legs as best she could. But the strength left her when another sharp blow across the backs of her thighs made her scream.

She staggered back, her arms flailing out from her body for balance but it was impossible. With another scream she toppled to the floor. The last thing Allison remembered was the cat striking her arm, making her jerk it away as if she’d just touched a hot stove. Then the world was bathed in darkness and with a sigh of relief the girl sank into unconsciousness.

Allison had no idea how long she’d been out. When she came to, the girl saw she was standing, her body leaning against something wooden. But when she tried to move the young teen realized she couldn’t! What was going on? Pulling up one arm Allison managed to press her right palm against the wooden wall in front of her. She banged as best she could, opening her mouth and screaming out for help! What kind of closet had they put her in? She couldn’t bend her knees, couldn’t even turn around. It was as if she were in a mummy’s case!

And it was, so dark! Then Allison thought of air! Where was the air coming from… if indeed there was any air! Oh God! Perhaps Erika and the others felt they had gone too far and couldn’t trust her to keep silent. Perhaps they were going to kill her and dispose of her so they could keep playing their games on unsuspecting mothers and daughters.

“Help!” Panic raced through her body, her throat and chest tightening.

“No need to shout, dear. We’re all out here,” Erika’s voice said.

For a moment Allison felt a wave of relief. Then the thought of being trapped while they were free to do as they pleased outside struck her. What awful thing did they have planned for her now?

For at least ten minutes nothing happened. Allison stood there, her knees and ass pressed against the splintery wood, her ears perked up to catch the slightest sound. Nothing, absolutely nothing! Sweat broke out all over her body as fear gripped her. Again she whispered prayers, her childhood prayers as she waited for the people outside to make their moves.

A faint scraping sound! What was it? She felt a trickle of air coming through a tiny dot near her. Yes, there were several of these openings all around her. She could see them now, could see faint pinpoints of light coming through!

And then, before she could assess this latest development, something scraped along the part of her case opposite her throat. It was a long, narrow object. A needle! Oh God, they were going to stab her! She screamed, jerking her head back as much as she could, but the sharp point struck her throat. Allison coughed, shouting for them to stop. In an instant the needle was gone.

“Now what are you doing to me?” she cried, her heart pounding wildly. The girl thought of all those tricks she’d seen on television with magicians shoving swords through cabinets. It was the same thing here, only she was really inside!


Another needle slipped in quickly, followed by a third. Allison heard the steady advance of the objects before she felt the tiny puncture wounds. In the instant before the needle struck the girl flattened her shoulders against the wood. Whimpering, she tried drawing her hands to her tits but there was no room to move. All she could do was shake against the box violently and scream as loudly as she could.


The terrified teen gasped as her nipples hardened against the needles. Yes, they were touching her nipples, threatening to tear through the rubbery tips! The girl sobbed, attempting to sink away from the onslaught. But her knees wouldn’t bend, wouldn’t give way against the wood. They had her trapped, unable to move.


The needles withdrew a bit, then twisted back in. Once more the girl felt the sharp cold tips touching her nipples and again they threatened to pierce the flesh, leaving the girl half-hysterical with terror and pain.

“No, no, oh dear God, don’t let this happen to me!” she bawled.

The needles withdrew a third time, only to come back in a little lower, touching the pouting, rounded bottoms of her tits. It was a steady torture. And the searing pain brought about its pleasure as well. It was as if a thousand delightful teeth were nibbling at her clit, making her tighten her ass and thighs. What was it with her? She shouldn’t be feeling all these delightful feelings between her legs. And yet trapped like that, unable to move, tormented by those needles, Allison couldn’t deny the fact that her pussy was growing hotter by the moment.

As best she could the girl beat the sides of the case with her fists in rhythm with the needles that advanced again. More sweat oozed from her, sucking down her flesh as she threw her head back, striking the rear panel of the box. One needle had come through a lower hole, pinching her clit, threatening to spear into her pussy.


The searing, dizzying pain made her body shake. The girl thought for a moment she was going to pass out a second time. And then, as quickly as they had come, the needles disappeared. Thank God, oh thank God!


The door opened and a wave of cool air blew against her body. Jack caught her as she fell, holding her back against the rear of the case. Twisting her head around Allison could see it indeed was a mummy case, something Erika doubtlessly had commissioned in the carpentry shop. She gasped, gulping in lungfuls of fresh air, still feeling the sting of the whip and the pricking of those awful needles.

“I think she’s had enough,” Jack said, feeling her tremble against his body.

“Nonsense! The girl is made of stronger stuff than you think,” Erika countered, sauntering up to Allison and grabbing her by the chin.

“You enjoy this, don’t you dear? I could spot you and your type a mile away. You enjoy me and the others humiliating you this way, don’t you?” Erika asked, her voice tensing while her grip on Allison’s chin tightened.

“I don’t know what you mean!” the girl gasped, feeling the flash of truth, her face reddened.

“Of course you don’t,” Erika said, her eyes narrowing. Dropping her hand she backed away. “You don’t know what I’m talking about any more than you don’t know that your cunt dripped, yes, dripped juice while the doctor was whipping you. You didn’t realize we were watching you, watching how your ass tightened, how hard your nipples became while you backed into the cat.”

Allison shook her head, trying to cover her ears, screaming out protests. She wasn’t that kind of girl that kind of degenerate. What Erika was describing was the kind of woman who belonged in a mental institution. She was only her mother’s little girl, an innocent victim!

“I see you don’t believe me… even though you know what happened to you. What were you feeling while we were beating and fucking you? You still don’t believe me?” Erika asked, a touch of exasperation in her voice. “Very well, I suppose we must show the truth to you in a harsh way.”

An indescribable thrill rippled through the young girl as she leaned heavily against Jack. “Oh please, please don’t let her hurt me. Oh please…”

She was begging the doctor who only looked down coldly. No, there would be no mercy in this place. All she would find here was pleasure — the kind of pleasure Erika described, the kind that both attracted and horrified her.

“Secure her to the wall,” Erika said, pointing imperiously to a set of manacles attached on the far wall.

“No, no!”

This was like a scene from a movie. Allison jerked around, beating at Jack with her fists as he dragged her across the wet floor, pinning her arms to her sides as best he could. In a few moments Allison found herself chained to the wall, her hands pulled high over her head, her ass flattened against the brick. The muscles strained in her shoulders as she sucked in deep breaths of air, determined to survive.

“Do you want to see how closely pleasure and pain can come?” Erika said, stretching out one hand and opening her long fingers. It was a signal. Jack fished out a book of matches and handed it to her.

“No, no,” the girl said, her eyes widening the moment Erika opened the cover and pulled out two matches.

“Actually, you have already seen the relationship. You’re simply too stubborn to recognize it. Now I want you to concentrate on this.”

To emphasize her point Erika held up the matchbook, turning it so Allison could see the two dislocated matches and the rough bottom where the woman would ignite them.

“Watch, Allison, watch closely, concentrate on the flame, and then think of what it will do,” Erika said in a low voice.

The girl’s eyes focused in on the matches, her heart pounding as Erika drew them quickly across the bottom of the book. Two bright orange flashes of light exploded, quickly dimming into flickering red flames and then slowly burning down toward the headmistress’ fingers.

“The fire is very warm, Allison, very, very warm. Just think of what it could do to your flesh if it touched it,” the woman said, her fingers shaking.

“Don’t burn me, Miss Vennestroom. Please, don’t hurt me with, with that!”

Allison could feel the warmth of the flames against her face and the smell of sulfur made her nose twitch. Looking into Erika’s tawny eyes she saw there was no recourse to pity the woman was bound and determined to torture her with the fire. Allison mustered all her courage, holding her breath and bracing herself as Erika lowered, the flame to her throat, her tits, and finally her belly.

“It will keep you warm, this fire,” Erika said, backing down.

Allison lowered her eyes. Her lips began moving, a low moan coming from her throat. Her eyes opened, the pupils dilating with terror. Hesitancy and bewilderment spread through her mind. There was nothing she could say or do that would prevent the headmistress from branding her with the flames. Her face paled while her knees shook with terror. In vain Allison pulled her hands against the manacles, chafing her wrists against the cold metal as Erika lowered the burning matches to her cunt.

“Do you feel the heat now, Allison?”

The girl pressed her lips tightly together, her teeth grinding while a pulse of terror leaped at her throat. Her head shook as the girl felt the burning heat curl into her pussy. Yes, she could feel the heat and it was making her tremble. Her fingers became fists, her thigh and belly muscles tightening.

“Yes, you feel it. I can see that,” Erika said, turning briefly and smiling up at the two men watching her. “Observe this, gentlemen. It’s something that should interest you — a woman in heat while being tortured. Strange, and then again not so strange.”

Erika began humming an old song while passing the flame from side to side. Allison could hear her pussyhairs burning, crackling black and curling down under the flames. Oh God, Erika was going to singe her clit, going to burn her cunthole with the matches.

“No, please… oh don’t… not that… save that… please, for all that’s holy… please don’t do this to me.”

“But you want it done, don’t you, Allison? There’s one part of you that wants it done, right?” Erika asked.

“No, no!”

“Well,” Erika sighed, arching her eyebrows, “I’m going to have to show you then.” With that she moved the match to the muscle directly below the girl’s clit.


The pain was excruciating. She screamed, her legs jerking forward, then snapping together, trying to close no the flame and put it out. She felt her clit stiffening, filling with arousal. Erika smiled, glanced up at the trembling girl, then moved the flames back to her clit.


Had she cum? Allison didn’t know. There was such a combination of feelings now she couldn’t tell one from the other. All she knew was that the feelings that had rippled through her body that terrible moment were all good. Erika was right. She enjoyed this degradation loved having her face shoved in the dirt.

“Yes, I can see you’re beginning to understand just what a little slut you are. Still, I can see doubt in your eyes,” Erika said.

She began undressing, unzipping her form-fitting white dress and shedding it quickly. In a moment she was completely naked, wearing nothing but her spiked high-heeled shoes. Both Jack and Ed studied the firm-titted woman, their cocks tenting up the fronts of their trousers.

“Don’t get any ideas, gentlemen. I want you to help me with this.”

Allison watched as the three moved to another part of the room. When Erika came back she was holding another kind of dildo. Another fuck? Oh God, what else was new?

“Now, I’m going to fuck you — but fuck you the way no man has ever fucked you. And you’ll feel just how wonderful it is.”

It was so bizarre watching Erika attach the smooth black leather strap around her hips, positioning the dildo directly over her cunt. Had Allison been somewhat more observant she would have noticed two wires trailing from the end of the long thick prick. Jack and Ed were attaching them to a transformer kept out of the girl’s view.

“Now,” Erika told her, “you’ll feel something completely different, something you’ll never forget, no matter how hard you try.”

The tall, blonde headmistress stepped up to Allison, grabbing her by the shoulders and pressing up. In a moment the girl could feel the point of tile dildo pressing up into her seething cunt. It worked deeper and deeper, shoving aside the sensitive tissues that were already sore from the constant fucking and tension.

Allison felt the thick dildo slide right in, filling her body quickly. It’s hard exterior felt much like a cock. Erika was apparently very careful about the instruments she used in the keep, making sure they were all highly erotic. For a moment the teen wondered what made this dildo any different from the one she had used on herself earlier. The answer came a moment later. At a signal Jack attached the second wire to the transformer. Sparks began shooting through her cunt. Allison screamed, terrified for a moment that she was being electrocuted.


Then she realized Erika was shouting too, the electricity coursing through her body as well. Both women twitched and jerked, their bodies stimulated by tile low but still-powerful current. Allison thought she could hear her teeth rattling.

“No, no, no!”

Her body jerked forward, then slammed hard against the brick wall behind her. She writhed frantically, feeling as if her arms and thighs were ready to be torn from her body while the electricity kept sparking through her. It was only after a few minutes of his insane wiggling that the girl realized the electricity wasn’t cooking her pussy. The current was only high enough to send wild prickles reverberating through her cunt. It was shocking, but at the same time nondestructive and even thrilling.


Erika was stroking into her, thrusting fast and hard, letting the electricity touch all her nerve-endings. The girl shuddered, gasping for air as charge after charge of current made her want to scream again.

“Oh yes, yes, you love it, love it as much as I do,” Erika whispered, her hands pinching the girl’s thighs. “No, no!”

She was lying through her teeth. Never before had Allison felt such sensations! It was as if someone had taken her up an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building and then cut the cable! Oh God, God, when would it end? How much more of this could she take?



The chains rattled as Allison twitched and jerked like a crazy woman. Erika kept fucking her with the electric dildo, pistoning her pussy harder and faster. The sensation was incredibly shocking, but also thrilling.

“You enjoy these kind of things! Admit it, admit it and you’ll have a much better stay here at the manor,” Erika gasped.

“Oh no, no,” Allison cried, trying to keep her mouth away from the headmistress.

“Perhaps we need more current,” The tall blonde woman said, turning around and giving Jack a signal. The young doctor smiled, twisted a dial on the transformer.

“No, no!”

Erika smiled, her face contorting for a moment while a ripple of incredible sensation rushed through her tightening pussy.

“You would love it. In a way it’s very degrading,” Erika moaned, her head snapping back as she shoved the big pink prick into Allison’s cunt and watched the girl twist from side to side in a vain attempt to get away. Impossible! There was no getting away from that awful dildo trenching out her cunt.

“You’d love it, the way it feels to have a man’s cock sliding down your throat, degrading you in the worst way possible. It’s a marvelous sensation, experiencing every kind of degradation, humiliation, isn’t it, Allison?”


Erika knitted her eyebrows together, giving the dildo another hard shove forward. The plastic cock shot through the young girl’s cuntal tissues like a burning rocket, making her feet leave the floor for a moment.

“Yessss… oohhhh, it isssss…” There, she had said it! She had confessed the truth to them! Wouldn’t, they let her go now? Wouldn’t they stop this insanity and let her go home?

“Good, I’m glad you’ve come to terms with yourself,” Erika said, her voice calm now. “I don’t think there’s a man with a cock thick enough to choke you — at least from what I’ve heard from Jack and Ed. It seems you enjoy fucking, at least according to them. Women who enjoy it as much as you do can take anything, my dear. Look at you now,” Erika said, laughing while giving Allison three short, violent hunches.

Sparks lit up her pussy as the hot electricity kept on flowing through her body. Her ass flattened against the wall behind her, then jiggled as she pitched fox ward, her arms tugging at the chained manacles. Hair splashed over her face, tangling around her throat while the tendons stood out and pressed against her flesh.

Jack had twisted the dial a little more, once again increasing the flow of current. Both women were gasping and crying out now. Erika was beating her fists against Allison’s chest, jerking her head forward and biting the girl hard on the throat and side of the neck. But Allison didn’t care. She could hardly feel anything except the swelling heat clawing and tearing at her overloaded clit.


She beat her asscheeks again and again against the wall. Awful, terrible woman! When would they finally turn off the current? Surely she would have a heart attack or something with that much electricity rushing through her body!

Allison felt Erika reaching around and probing her asscrack until she felt the girl’s asshole. The fingers eased in a little, then started shoving in. It was just like the time Ed had fucked her in the ass, preparing her by wriggling his fingers along the slick lining of her asshole. Allison jerked her knees wide apart, feeling such a rush of feelings through her body. The electricity was making her clit twitter and stand on end while Erika’s probing finger was making her asshole glow with a wild, erotic sensation.


It was as if her pussy were blistering with pleasure. For a moment the girl wondered if the electricity were cooking her insides. She didn’t care, however. All that mattered was that flashing pleasure tearing at her cunt and ass.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”

Erika was shoving into her with all her might. She writhed insanely as the fingers worked deeper and deeper into her ass. Erika was breathing hard, her face wet with sweat.


It was all the older woman said. Allison could feel her body twitching and jerking against hers. Yes, the headmistress was cumming, climaxing on top of her while she kept pile-driving that sparking cock into the girl’s cunt.

“Oh yes, yes, that was nice, very, very nice,” Erika whispered, pulling out her finger then reaching around and unstrapping the electrified dildo. Allison let out a sigh as she felt the dildo sliding out of her pussy. With a clatter it hit the floor, rolling several inches toward Jack and Ed.

“Please, please…”

Allison hung there against the wall, her head bowed down, the long blonde hair curtaining her face while her knees twitched. Her long white thighs were streaked with juice — hot cuntal juice that had flowed freely during her encounter with Erika and that dildo.

“We’re going to see if you were serious about wanting to suck cock.”

“But I never said…”

“Shut up!”

Erika dressed slowly, watching as Jack and Ed took Allison down carefully from the wall. Allison groaned, her strength having completely gone from her body. She felt like one of the living dead as they dragged her over to the keg and set her down on her knees.

Jack was the first, standing spread-legged in front of her, unzipping his trousers and pulling out his flaccid cock. Allison watched as he moved his fingers up and down his prick rapidly, his balls jiggling and rolling from the force of that movement. In a few moments his cock was hard and thick, the bulbous head brushing over her lips and chin.

“Come on, baby, suck it. I wanna feel those lips tight around it,” Allison groaned, feeling one of his hands slip around the back of her head and push her forward. This was the last, the ultimate degradation. She slid forward a few inches, tilting back her head and opening her mouth. She could smell the sour odor of his crotch. It was like a strange, exotic perfume that triggered off something in her cunt. She was going into heat again, feeling her pussy rumble and buckle with arousal as she opened her jaws even wider and took in the doctor’s fat cockhead.


“Yes, she’s a natural,” Erika sighed, slipping her dress over her head and smoothing down the sides.


Allison’s cheeks puffed out each time Jack slipped his cock into her, his balls swinging forward and slapping her under her chin. Spittle frothed around the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin to her throat. Jack was moving his thighs quickly, telling her to flick her tongue along the super-sensitive ridge on the underside of his prick, then pulling back until only his head was buried in her mouth and telling her to touch that scar with the tip of her tongue.

It was so wild! Carefully the girl moved one of her hands down to her crotch and started playing with herself, rubbing the slick edges of her cuntlips together and against her rising clit while flicking her tongue up and down the full length of the doctor’s prick.

“Take it, you bitch! Ughhhhhh!”

Allison felt his cock jumping around in her mouth. There was a sudden increase in the flow of that salty, bleachy-tasting stuff that had made her swallow so much. And then Jack shot, gobs and gobs of the white hot jizz. For a second Allison tried pulling away. But Jack had her firmly pressed against him, her nose flattening against his hairy groin. She coughed and gagged, trying to swallow the funny tasting spunk. Some of it was leaking out of her mouth, coating her chin like slime. And still more shot from his cock, splattering against the back of her throat.

Finally it was over. Jack pulled out, laughing as the girl held her belly, turned around, and spat out what was left in her mouth. As she tried to regain her breath, Ed stepped up, his cock already out and hard. Allison screwed, her body spasming when he twisted his fingers in her hair and jerked her face against his groin. Another cock to suck!

“Take it, slut!”

Still tugging on her hair and pulling her close, the male nurse shoved in his prick, pushing in until he was throating her. Allison gagged and beat on his flat hairy belly. It was getting so hard to breathe! He was choking off her air passage with his cock. But still he fucked her mouth hard and long, twisting his thighs, revolving his prick around in her throat.

“Take it, bitch, take it all!”

It was happening all over again. She moved her tongue around and around, concentrating on that ridge, concentrating on her clit. Just at the moment when she thought Ed was going to shoot Allison pinched her tiny clit. As he shouted and nearly pitched forward over her, Allison cried back, swallowing his hot seed while her own orgasm peaked and flowed.


Let them do their worst to her. She would survive, survive and enjoy it!

“Good head, good head,” he said over and ova again, wiping the head of his cock over Allison’s lips.

“I think Allison has learned a good deal while staying with us, haven’t you dear?”

The girl brushed her long blonde hair from her face and smiled half-crazily up at Erika. Yes, she had, she really had.

“Time to get dressed. And we’ll talk about Patty Harrington,” Erika said, stretching out one hand to the young teen.

Several days later Erika stood in the reception room, her hands folded calmly behind her as the girls chatted and laughed through the corridors. Several women were inside sipping tea, talking softly while three girls served them cookies. They were the mothers of the newly admitted girls, Allison’s being one of them.

“More cookies, Mother?”

“You know, she has changed so much — and definitely for the better,” the woman said, slipping an oatmeal cookie from the china plate and smiling back at her daughter. “I just knew this was the right place for her.”

“Yes, Allison has fit in here — far better than I thought she would have. She’s been a great help to me and the others.”

Allison smiled, feeling a thrill rush through her body. Patty wouldn’t bother her any more. None of the girls would, especially knowing that she was Erika’s favorite. No one would say anything, but everyone knew. She smiled sweetly again at her mother, then moved around to the other women.

Yes, she was fitting in nicely here. Perhaps in the years to come, after college she would come back and help Erika run the manor. That would be nice. And then in time it would be hers. Her smile broadened as she felt a shockwave ripple through her cunt — all hers.

“Have another cookie, Mother,” Allison said, glancing at Erika and wondering what pleasures tonight would hold.

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