Whipped Captive

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Christina Williams, the young girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people. A young teenager, she finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captor.

WHIPPED CAPTIVE — the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“Stop it!”

Christina wiped several tears away from under her widened eyes as she backed away from the big man. Crossing both her arms, the young teenage blonde held up her torn halter. Thank God he hadn’t torn off her panties!

“Stop or I’ll call the police!”

Her voice seemed so tiny, barely audible over the continual roar of the Pacific’s high surf behind her. The boardwalk’s lights seemed so far away, so inaccessible to the young teenager. She was out here alone in the dark on this broad, deserted beach, alone with this maniac.


She stumbled, her feet sliding over the gravelly beach sand. Why had she come out this late in the evening for a walk alone? Were the problems she was having with her parents and with her boyfriend Phil worth this encounter? No, no, nothing was worth this terror. Oh, why hadn’t she listened to the talk about the return of the biker gangs reappearing in Venice? They’d been gone for nearly ten years. But now that the Los Angeles police force had been called, the groups had drifted back.

“Come on, honey. Come on and gimme a smile. Man, I ain’t gonna hurtcha.”

The sand was growing firmer and more wet. She was reaching the surf line. Christina could feel the steady flow of salty wet spray on the backs of her legs and neck. She looked, from side to side. At least he was alone. She’d have to make a break for it.

“C’mon, baby. The boys back at the house are sure gonna like playin’ with you. And I’ll bet you’re just the kinda girl who digs gang bangin’.”

His words made the girl’s flesh crawl. A gust of wind blew her long hair around into her face. Stifling a cry of disgust and terror, Christina stiffened her muscles, wheeled around and bolted for freedom.

“Help me, help meeee!” she cried, her hands flailing out in front of her. As her feet trudged through the sand, the blonde teen felt her halter slip lower, then finally fall to the ground. Her tits were free, jiggling and bouncing as the girl scrambled desperately for freedom. The lights seemed oh so far away!

“Little fuckin’ cunt,” the biker panted behind her, his boots kicking sprays of sand high in the air as he pursued her.

“Oh, help, help!” Christina cried, sucking in air through her flared nostrils. She couldn’t move as quickly as she needed. The sand pulled at her legs, making every movement slow and painful. Behind her, she could hear the biker gaining. Gritting her teeth, the young woman poured every ounce of strength she had into escaping.


The blonde teen screamed as the biker curled his fingers around several strands of her blonde hair and yanked down. Stars popped in front of her eyes as her head snapped back. Her arms jerking out to either side, Christina’s knees buckled and she fell to the soft sand.

“Bet your cunt ain’t been plowed much the way you been runnin’ from me. Man, soon as I spotted you walkin’ along the pier I knew you’d be fresh and hot,” the biker said in between gasps.

“Let me alone! My father’s got money. He’ll pay you anything. Just don’t touch me!” Christina screamed, rolling onto her belly as she covered her bare tits protectively.

The biker stopped for a moment, crouching over the whimpering teenager. He wiped his thick lips with the back of one hand and studied her thoughtfully.

“Money, eh?”

Christina twisted her head around and peered up. For the first time, she was able to see his face. The full moon peeped out from behind the broken thick cloud cover, silvering the area. He was wearing Levi’s that apparently hadn’t been washed in weeks, tucked into a well-worn pair of leather riding boots. Her eyes travelling upward, Christina noticed he had no shirt on, his hairy broad chest covered partially by a black leather jacket. His face was ruggedly handsome, framed by a pair of mutton chop sideburns flaring around into a bushy moustache that drooped over his upper lip. Pushed back over a crop of thick tangled black hair was a biker’s leather cap. He was everything the Venice community feared was returning to the beach.

“Yes, he’ll pay. Just let me go. I’ll go home. You can follow me. I swear I’ll…”

Her voice trailed off into a whisper when she saw his lips curling into a broader smile. She knew he had no intentions of letting her go. But this talk about money had set several thoughts going in his head. Christina bit her lower lip, sorry now she’d mentioned anything about her parents and their finances.

“We’ll talk money later,” the biker said thickly, his smile fading. Christina rolled onto one side and started crawling away. She could feel the sand working into the tight-fitting bikini bottoms. The biker was licking his lips like a hungry wolf, staring at her white shivering legs, her boyish hips, and those high-riding, gigantic tits Christina was trying to hide with both arms.

“Oh, oh,” the girl moaned, feeling all hope disappear.

“I won’t hurt you… too much,” he said with a snarl.

The biker unbuckled his belt, pulling it from his pant loops while holding the large brass buckle tightly with one hand. He was going to hit her with it. Christina knew it. She’d heard about how some of those biker gangs worked over their women before fucking them. They liked watching a woman crawl beaten and bloody around their feet. They enjoyed inflicting pain and humiliation, degrading their victim before finally tormenting them with a painful rape.


When she hesitated, the biker reached down and grabbed her hair. Christina screamed, wanting to knock away that hand causing her so much pain. But she was mindful of her tits. Somehow, she managed to keep her hands covering her jugs as the biker pulled and yanked at her long blonde hair.


Christina thought he was going to snatch her bald. Her eyelids fluttered while more tears sprang out and streaked down her cheeks.

“I like a girl who’s tough,” the biker commented wryly, noticing the girl didn’t shriek and bawl like so many others he and his buddies had cornered, beaten and fucked. He enjoyed this kind of resistance. It made the final humiliation all that much more enjoyable.

With a growl, he jerked her close, her mouth striking the side of his boot. Christina moaned, her lips splitting from the force of that move. She tasted blood. The biker laughed at her again, jerking his hand up once more, then moving away from the panting young woman.

“Animal!” she spat out, shrinking away from the muscular hulk in front of her. The girl’s eyes focused on the broad leather belt still hanging from one hand. Was he only threatening her with it, or was he going to use it?

Christina tensed as she watched him raise one hand high above his head. The belt dangled like a snake, trembling, revealing the nervous excitement coursing through the young stud’s body.

“Oh, don’t, don’t,” she whispered, her voice trembling with terror. The biker smiled, snapping the belt with a loud pop inches from her face. Christina screamed, rolling away from the weapon, feeling the sand clinging to her sweat dampened flesh. Behind her she could hear the biker laughing loudly, cracking the belt inches from her body. She screamed and screamed, feeling the rush of air created by the snapping belt. But the young man was careful not to let the leather touch her body. He was enjoying this game of pursuit, watching the teenager crawl over the white sand, her strangled cries of terror modified by sobs and wails while her hands still pressed over her naked tits.

Tiring of the game, the biker dropped his belt and reached down with both hands, curling his strong fingers around her ankles.


Christina moaned at this touch. Trapped!

“It’s over, baby. Now you’re gonna feel a real man fucking you,” he muttered thickly.

It would matter nothing to him if she told him she was a virgin. All through junior high and high school, when her closest friends were getting laid, Christina had remained aloof, cooling her dates’ ardor when they tried sneaking hot fingers under her skirt. No, she wasn’t going to be like the others, passing out her pussy to every Tom, Dick and Harry who took her out. When she gave in, it would be to someone special. Christina wasn’t so old fashioned to believe in saving her cherry for her husband. But the boy who took it would have to play an important part in her life.

Now the girl’s resolve mocked her. There she was, crawling in the middle of the night on Venice Beach, this unknown biker undressing, getting ready to brutally rape her!

“Wonder if you’re the type who likes to get worked over before gettin’ fucked,” he muttered, the ends of his lips curling up.

“Oh, please, please.”

Her whining voice seemed to infuriate him as well as excite him. She saw his hard-on pressing against the front of his trousers. He stared at her hard while she trembled, terrified under him.

“The name’s Mike. A girl should know the name of a dude that’s gonna fuck her,” the biker said. In an instant, he brought one hand down, slapping her hard across the side of her head.

Christina screamed as the force of the blow sent her back down onto the sand.

“Had an old lady up in Oakland who dug this kinda thing. Shit, she wanted to be tied up and kicked around before I stuck my dick into her. Sometimes she was so hot after I worked ‘er over, she almost cried when I fucked ‘er,” Mike said, grabbing her by the forearm and rolling her back onto her ass.

Only now was Christina aware of a distinct sexual thrill mixed with her growing terror. Her pussy was getting hot, tight and itchy as she suffered this biker’s abuses. Was he right? Had something in her manner, in her walk told him she was someone who enjoyed pain? It was a new, horrible idea. This thrill was intensified by the growing fear she felt.

Mike let her cry for a second, rubbing his hard-on with one thumb. His eyes studied her small body, her small hips, those large tits barely visible on either side of her protecting arms.

Then he began undressing. Christina watched as he unzipped his fly. He flipped the button holding his pants to his waist, spreading the opened halves of his Levi’s widely apart.

The moon had once more gone behind the clouds and the girl could see only varying shades of black in front of her. Still, she was aware of a large, tubular object swinging out toward her. The girl felt a rush of warm air flow from his crotch.


Mike was thick and long. The young woman inched back, her eyes growing wider as she surveyed the fat long dick jerking in front of her. Christina had never seen anything that big before! Her lower jaw slackened, her lips forming an “O” while a cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

“Like to suck cock, eh?” Mike taunted, scratching his crotch and making his dick swing up and down like a branch in a storm.


Suck cock? He was sick, demented and perverted to think she’d do something as horrible as that. The girl sobbed, her fists clenched and pressed against her thighs. Christina kept on scooting back, her asscheeks making a double row in the sand. She felt grains of sand falling uncomfortably into her bikini bottoms.

Yet, in spite of her horror and revulsion, the girl felt her clit swell to its full heat and hardness. It was as hard as his cock, she thought to herself. The swampy warmth between her legs radiated up to her belly, making her tits swell up against her hands. One part of her wanted him to touch her, feel her, making her twist and moan with sexual excitement.

“Sure you do. Betcha you like to fuck ’til you can’t piss for a week,” he said, wiping the spit from his mouth with the back of one hand. He was enjoying this, watching her cringe under his cruel, obscene words while he played with his exposed cock. Christina tried to move her eyes away from that horrible object. But they remained riveted to his large, throbbing cock. She stared at his fat nuts now screwed tightly up against his crotch. She wanted to touch him, to feel his prick with her fingers. Her pussy was suddenly filled with a wild sensation of heat and lust.

Christina sobbed again, trying to fight down this strange, terrible feeling that had taken her over. How could she be this excited? How could she, a nice girl, a good moral girl, the pride of her family feel this attraction to this demented pervert?

Christina was dizzy with fright. The biker smiled more broadly, shoving his pants down to his boot tops. The hot smell of his crotch washed over her.

The young woman felt her own sweat trickle down from under her arms. The coding ocean breeze tightened her moist scalp.

“Yeah, honey, you’re gonna be one hell of a hot fuck,” Mike said, taking another step forward. Christina whimpered, shoving her hands in the sand and scooting back another foot.

“No, don’t touch me! Please, don’t. I never ever had a man before,” she said shamefacedly. Why was she ashamed? Why should this admission of virginity make her feel lowly in front of this scum?

“Yeah, they all say that, ’til you shove your dick in and find out they’ve been had by half the county,” Mike said with a sneer.

Christina watched his big cock waving from side to side, striking his leather jacket with each step he took. In the dim light, she could see the thick coating of body fur covering his chest muscles and flat belly. His half-naked body made her clit tingle. As more fuck oil seeped from her slit, her thighs tightened and shuddered. Sand working its way into her ass-crack made Christina realize she was rubbing her thighs together to relieve the building pressure in her cunt. Her entire body was alive and quivering with passion.

“Gotta tenderize you fast.”

Mike raised his hand again. Then the arm sliced down, cutting the shadows fleeting across the sand. Christina screamed, her shriek drowned out by the pounding of the heavy surf only a few feet behind her.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she wailed.

“Bitch,” he snarled, striking her across the face again. The girl rolled onto her side, both hands still covering her tits while her knees jerked up to her belly. She coughed, some sand and dirt having clogged up her mouth.

“Don’t touch me!” she screamed.

Mike was on top of her now, straddling her thighs while trying to knock away her hands from her tits. The girl fought like a soldier, biting, kicking and scratching at his face while he tried to steady her.

“Stop it, you Goddamned little cunt or I’ll beat the livin’ shit outta you!” he growled, curling his callused fingers into two fists and holding them threateningly in front of her face.

Christina realized she could do nothing to stop him from raping her. He’d knock her unconscious, and then God only knows what he’d try with her. With a groan, the young teenager gave in.

“That’s better,” he muttered, knocking her hands away from bet tits and staring at the two white mounds under him. “Nice tits. Good and fat and tight,” he said, rubbing his fingers lightly over her rubbery red nipples.

Christina tried not to feel anything. Closing her eyes, she bit her lower lip, telling herself nothing was happening. She tried to ignore the hot, tight, itchy ache burning in her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she cried, turning her face away from Mike.

“Hot, huh, baby? Hot for my dick? Man, bet you’re hot enough down there to fry up a hundred cocks,” he taunted, rubbing his fingers over her nipples faster. Her tits jiggled and bounced as he inched up closer to her face. Already, the blonde teenager could smell the bleachy aroma of his unwashed crotch. Was he going to make her suck that thing? The girl’s heart skipped a beat.

“Don’t move,” he said threateningly, reaching down and cupping her tits, moving then in from the side while bending down and resting his dick on her upper chest. Christina held her breath, unsure of what he was going to do.


Mike pushed her tits toward the center of her chest until his dick was nestled between them. He didn’t stop until the hard red tips of both tits were shoved against the head of his cock. Christina had never heard of this being done before, not even from her more “experienced” girlfriends who were free to offer their advice at the drop of a hat.

The biker rocked back and forth. Warm precum spilled from his piss-slit as his body hunched into the valley between Christina’s tits. Her nipples scraped against the top of his cock. The tight pressure of his hands holding her tits in place and the continual shoving of his dick-head against her nipples had the girl moaning and clutching helplessly onto the biker’s body.

“Yeah, baby, this ain’t no rape. You dig it.” God help her, she did love the brutal tit-fucking.


Christina felt her ear grow hot and ticklish as Mike drove the tip of his tongue into it. He was working his fingers over her tits while hunching his dick in and out of the valley created by her compressed tits. Mike was whispering things be was going to do to her that made her shiver with terror and excitement.

The tingle in her cunt was getting worse. She couldn’t control her emotions any longer. It was like a burning electric shock, radiating down her inner thighs and up to her belly. The young woman was going crazy. When she moved her hips slightly, the seepy velvety surfaces rubbed together and hot juices oozed out. The dampened crotch panel of her bikini bottoms stuck uncomfortably to her swollen cunt-lips. Christina for a second wished she could remove the bottoms, slide them down over her small hips and kick them free of her body. But no, that would be going too far. The girl knew Mike was going to fuck her. But she’d have as little to do with this rape as possible. She had to live with herself later. How could she look at her image in the mirror and not feel revulsion if she were to help in this terrible scene?

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned. Her nipples were so sensitive. Each time the biker’s dick-head rubbed over the rubbery tips of her tits, it felt as if someone had set fire to them.

“Ohhhh, baby, gonna come if I keep doin’ that,” he whispered thickly, raising himself up and stopping his fucking motions. He worked his hands greedily over her tits and nipples, pinching the tips until Christina cried out in pain. He laughed, feeling her body jerk and writhe under his groin. The big hairy man raised one hand and knocked off his cap.

“What… are… you doing?”

He backed up, then fell on top of her, catching her head in both hands and cementing his mouth to hers. Christina struggled violently, jerking her knees up, pushing her hands hard against his shoulders while twisting from side to side in the sand. It was foul, filthy! She could smell the stale odor of beer and cigarettes on his breath.

“No, get off me, uhhhghhhhh!” Christina screamed, twisting her head free from his grip.

But Mike was stronger and caught her again, holding her tightly while dropping his head and forcing his tongue between the struggling girl’s lips.

Christina fought against the hot, slippery thing snaking its way into her mouth. No boy had ever tried anything like that with her before! Frenching! The word brought up all sorts of forbidden sexual delights her mother and father had expressly forbidden her. It was filthy, something only whores and sluts did.

But as Mike persisted, something changed inside Christina. Her muffled cries and wild, twisting movements diminished. Slowly, she began to think that the tongue twisting and plunging in and out of her mouth was wonderful. Slowly, she buckled under the pressure, parting her lips under his insistence. As his thick tongue lashed down her throat, Christina felt her pussy-lips opening and closing.

Mike reached down between her legs, his hairy wrist shoving against her upper thighs. His fingers were working the wet, silky material of her bikini bottoms into her cuntal slit. What an unusual feeling! She moaned, pushing her legs farther apart. Christina could feel more sand working into her butt-crack. Oh, he was taking off her panties, sliding them down over her hips! For an instant, a rush of panic hit the girl. She moaned loudly, shoving her ass deep into the soft beach sand.

Then she surrendered, relaxing as the biker pulled her bottoms off her ankles and tossed them to one side.

“Ohhhhh, what are you doing to me?” Christina moaned, rolling her head from side to side as Mike pulled free of her mouth and began kissing her throat. She felt, his bristly moustache tickling her neck, her upper chest, her shoulders as he trailed his tongue along her hot, sweaty flesh.

“I told you you’d go for it,” he said, his breath becoming shallow and irregular.

Christina felt his hands sliding now under her tight little ass. She whined, flexing her thighs, rubbing them together as his fingers worked across the bare ribbon of skin separating her cunt from her asshole. She squirmed more violently as Mike’s fingers rubbed that flesh between her ass and cunt. Christina started moaning low and deep. Hot juice seeped out from between her swollen pubes until his fingers were wet with cunt-sauce.

“Ohhhh, yes, yes!” she cried, her eyelids fluttering open. The clouds had parted for a while and she could see the moon. Sights and sounds combined and blurred.

“Yeah, what? You wanna get fucked, huh?”

Christina couldn’t answer that. She didn’t think she could pronounce one word if her life depended on it. She was too hot to speak.


Mike shoved his mouth back onto hers and started kissing her brutally. As their hot, spit-filled mouths sucked and gurgled together Christina could feel nine inches of hot cock-meat pressing up against the slippery lips of her cunt. She wondered for a second how it would feel to have that big thing jammed into her cunt. Thinking about something like that made her actually want to have it. No, no, it was wrong. She had to fight that feeling. She couldn’t give in. Couldn’t!

“Fuck, fuck,” Christina mumbled. Oh, what had come over her? She’d never pronounced that word in public, though she’d heard it several times.

“Yeah, you’re good and ready for a reamin’,” Mike growled softly.

Through the red-hot haze settling over her mind, Christina could hear her mother warning about the problems she might have with boys. Too many times the attractive, petite blonde teen had found her mother’s words prophetic. Boys tried to get into her panties all the time. Once one had nearly succeeded in raping her… raping her just like this biker was doing now!

But then she’d managed to fight off her own rising sexuality and ward off the young man, jabbing him hard in the groin with one knee. Now she was giving in too easily, actually encouraging this animal to fuck her cunt.


Christina thought she was going to die. Mike was working his fingers over her plump, sensitive cuntlips. He was toying with the wet hairs fringing the outer edges of her pussy-flaps, rubbing his fingers lightly over them, then dropping his entire hand onto her furry pussy-mound and pressing down hard.

It was then the girl went out of control. He was squeezing her hard, relaxing his grip only to squeeze her cuntal mound again. He milked the lips, working their slippery edges together until creamy, foam oozed out.

“No, no, no more,” Christina cried, moving one hand over and trying to knock him away. She could hardly breathe any more.

“Hey, bitch, this ain’t your boyfriend you’re talkin’ to. I’m gonna have that cunt if it’s the last thing I do,” he growled, stroking her pussy until her protests turned to strangled cries of delight.

“Uhhhhahh!” the teenager cried, her knees jerking apart. She rolled her head jerkily from side to side, strands of her blonde hair sticking to her cheeks and lips.

“Fuck,” Mike whispered.

“Fuck,” Christina answered hotly.

Christina pushed her ass up to the incredibly wonderful squeezing sensation between her legs. She was spread completely open now, moaning under her breath. She was on fire, her cunt running with hot lava-like juice.

“Pussy. Nice, hot pussy for me,” Mike gasped. “Pussy,” the girl repeated, sucking in air through her mouth with a wheezing sound.

Christina loved the sensation of having her pussy-lips rubbed together. As the sensitive flesh was rubbed and heated, she started kissing Mike back when he dropped his face a third time. All fighting was just about over. Her hands flew around his thick neck and pulled him closer, tighter. Yes, she wanted to be violated by this man, humiliated by him, dragged through the dirt by the hair for him!

“Ohhhh!” Christina moaned. Mike had pulled away from her and was trailing his tongue down her throat, over to her shoulders, back to the center of her chest, moving down to her tits. The sharp bristly sensation of his unshaven chin against her flesh made her wild with sensuality.

He paused for a second over one hard-tipped tit mound, then opened his mouth and engulfed her red, half-inch long nipple.

“Ummmmmmm!” Christina moaned, moving her head back and pushing it into the soft sand. She loved the sensation of his hot, soft lips moving over her hardened nipples. His tongue slid over and over the tender knob, sanding it deliciously, laving it with spit. Using his hands and mouth, Mike worked over her flesh until the girl gasped for relief.

“Time now, baby, time to shove my cock into you. Gonna find out if you’re a virgin like I think or not,” Mike growled.

That decision made Christina come up short. Fucking? She’d begged for it. But now reality was just around the corner. The girl felt terror grip her heart and mind again. Christina protested, pushing her hands against Mike’s broad shoulders. But it was futile. In spite of her fears, she wanted to feel that cock as badly as Mike wanted her to.

“Cop a feel, baby,” he said, reaching between their sweaty bodies and wrapping his fingers around her wrist. “Go on, take a good feel of what’s gonna split your little ol’ cunt in two.”

She groaned, jerking her head away as he moved her fingers down to his crotch.


It was as if he’d forced her to touch a burning stove. That… thing jumped when her fingertips brushed his silky, greasy dick-head.

“No, no, I can’t!”

But Christina felt thrills shoot through her when she felt his fat cock dancing over her belly as her fingers rubbed up and down its full length. It was hot, slippery and wet — just like her pussy-lips. The young blonde gasped, once again wondering how something that long would be able to fit inside her without causing damage. “Just a sec.”

Mike pulled back, kneeling in front of her. His fat, sausage-like dick stuck out from his crotch like a barber pole. He pulled his jacket off, laying it carefully down on the sand next to his hat. She stared up at the naked, powerful man towering over her. He was just a silhouette now, all details of his facial features obscured by the darkness. He seemed to her now like a demon from hell, something risen from the bowels of the earth to destroy her. A shudder of horror ran through the girl’s loins.


But Mike was in full control now. He pushed forward with his hairy ass, lying back on top of her and cementing his mouth back onto hers. Christina could feel her cunt-lips peeling back, getting ready to receive the biker’s throbbing cock.

“Feel it honey? Feel it? Man, it’s gonna slip right in.”

Christina’s clit burned and throbbed. She felt Mike’s dick-head slip up higher against her inner thighs, snaking up and up until it was brushing against the bottom junction of her cunt-lips. Groaning, the young woman shoved her legs apart even more and raised her knees slightly. She shivered, feeling her pussy-lips unstick and pull completely apart. Mike grunted with satisfaction, repositioning himself, then shoving down hard.

“Ohhhhh!” Christina moaned, her lower jaw dropping and her mouth forming a broad oval. She felt his dick-head slip past the tight ring of cuntal muscles and slide inside. As the head popped in, she felt her outer pussy-lips close over it. His big long dick was outside, bending at the middle, waiting to push completely into the depths of her juicy pussy.

“Man, you’re hot and wet… fuckin’ good,” Mike whispered, kissing her throat while playing with her nipples.

Christina didn’t want to say anything. She didn’t want to tell him how deliciously good it was to have his hard dick sawing through her pussy. She didn’t want to tell him about the electric thrills shooting through her pussy and belly. This was supposed to be rape — and she was acting as if he were her lover!

Mike began really fucking her now. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, plastering down his thick black hair. Christina closed her eyes and concentrated on that hot, thrilling feeling between her legs. She couldn’t move. She was being fucked, impaled on this biker’s fat dick. Mike twisted his body around, rocking it from side to side so she could feel his cock reaming out her tight virginal slit. The spongy fat head wormed around and around, shoving deeper into the teen’s pussy. His dick-shaft sunk deeper and deeper, shoving out more juice until the girl could feel it seeping into her asshole.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, fuck me. Oh, yesss, fuck me! Ohhhh, it feels soooooo good!”

Mike’s cock-head was frying in the hot oil of her cunt. As it pushed the virgin tissue apart, the young man felt a spasm suddenly tear through her pussy. He gasped, his eyes opening wide in surprise, then narrowing as be studied the panting girl under him.

“Baby, for a fuckin’ virgin you sure know the right moves.”

“Can’t help it. Can’t…”

Christina couldn’t finish the sentence. Mike had been halfway inside her when her cuntal muscles spasmed and tightened down on him. He stopped breathing, gasping while rocking his body from side to side once more.

“Just don’t cut it off,” he said, smiling down at her.

Christina could tell her spasm had passed. Her cunt-muscles relaxed, letting go of Mike’s dick. The young biker sighed, then eased his cock through the gushing hot folds of her pussy. He was going slowly, maddeningly slowly for the girl.

“Man, this is great!” Mike whispered to himself, throwing his head back and shaking off the sweat running down his checks.

Christina couldn’t have agreed with him more. She was so hot, she was sure the sand under her was turning into glass. She felt her insides stretching out around his huge cock-shaft. Tenseing, Christina waited for his bulging cock-head to reach her cherry. Then there would be pain, there would be bleeding. Her mother’s warning words echoed in her brain, mixed with those from some of her friends.


The girl felt him finally reach her tight little membrane.

“So, you’re cherry,” Mike said with a little surprise. “Well, it’s gonna be fuckin’ messy. But it ain’t the first time I popped one of ’em.”

“No, don’t, don’t hurt me!” she cried, fighting off the hot red fog of sexuality and beating her fists hard against his chest.

Mike only laughed at her wild moves, hunching down hard and piercing her cherry with one thrust.


Christina stiffened and arched her body, wallowing her shoulders in the sand while prancing her ass high in the air. The pain was knocking the wind from her lungs while nearly making her lose consciousness.

“That’s it, baby, take it easy,” Mike said, rubbing her cheeks briskly with his hands and bringing her back to reality.

“You’re… hurting me,” she stammered, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Too bad about that, but I think you’re gonna forget about that in a while.”

They lay quietly together for a few minutes, Mike regaining his breath while Christina concentrated on her pussy. Slowly, the throbbing pain decreased. She began to feel only that stuffed, pressing sensation of his cock halfway embedded in her pussy. The surf behind her was picking up. Salty rushes of wet sea air blew against her face. Soon, they’d have to leave or the surf would be washing over them.

“Now,” he announced quietly.

Drawing his cock back a few inches, the young handsome biker shoved down again. Christina tensed as his cock-head approached the place where her cherry had been. But it passed without causing so much as a shiver of pain.

“Oh, God, yes, yes,” the girl moaned, quickly heating up to her original high sexual temperature.

“You’re tight, baby, but I’m splittin’ you apart,” he panted through clenched teeth.

“I can’t take much more!” she cried.

“Yeah, yeah, you all say that same dumb thing,” he shot back, tucking his knees under her ass and ramming his cock home.

Christina had never imagined she’d have anything so big inside her slender body. It made her dizzy just to think about it. When Mike started dragging his cock back, it felt as if her insides were being tugged along with it. And oh how strange it felt to have her pussy-walls shrinking back to their original size behind that retreating dick-head.

“Uhhhhhhh, it’s…”

Mike pressed down deep again. One heavy ball rested against her asscheeks. It was then the girl realized his cock was all the way inside her cunt. Christina held her breath. Their hearts were pounding close together. The girl was very aware of his hairy legs, heavy against hers, pinning her to the sand. That broad chest, his thick muscled arms, his fingers pressed deep into her asscheeks. It was so hard for her to keep still under him. She had to participate in this rape. Rape? The word almost made her laugh. She was encouraging him, begging him for more friction, wanting him to fuck her until she couldn’t think any longer.


“Fuck me, fuck me!”

Christina felt hot streams of pussy-juice bubble up more freely now. She realized she was teetering on the brink of her first gigantic orgasm.


“Ohhhhh.” Christina groaned as she felt the biker’s weight rest on her clit. His hairy chest rubbed over her tits until she thought every nerve ending in that area had been stimulated. How she wanted all of his dick stuffed up inside her cunt now. She wanted it lammed up to her belly until she could taste his cum on her tongue!

“Feel it baby? My dick feel good in your pussy?” Mike growled in her ear.

“Ohhh, yes, yes,” she answered thickly.

The teenager felt the rushing of his cock as it ripped through her tight cunt. Before she realized it, he was hammering her clit. This time, the young man didn’t slow down his fucking motions but increased them letting the girl under him know he was going for broke. Christina grunted like a bitch dog in heat. She was being stretched wide open by the frantic working of his fucking strokes. His dick seemed to be getting bigger, ballooning out, stretching her open until she thought she was going to explode.

“Ohhhhh!” Christina moaned as a flash of sexual heat raced through her cunt. She felt her legs swing up to circle the biker’s hunching back. Her arms tightened around his neck while her ass ground up from the sand to meet him. Her entire body clutched at him as he fucked her crazily.

“Gonna make it soon, honey, gonna shoot soon,” Mike growled, biting her throat.

“Ohhh, yeah, yesssss,” Christina hissed back. Hot flashes shot through her clit. She pictured how the two of them looked, locked together, fucking madly on the beach while the storm-swept surf pounded behind them. She could feel the ground heaving under her wiggling ass.

“Gonna come. Cut it loose, baby, cut it loose, man. I wanna feel you come with me,” he said, pinching her flesh, pounding his groin hard against hers.

Deep in her body, the young teen felt an explosion building up. Her body was tightening up in pre-orgasmic tenseness.

“Ohhhhhhh, not yet, oh, not yet,” she moaned, rolling her head from side to side.

“Can’t wait. Now!”

Mike shouted, his thick muscled hips pounding against hers furiously. He increased his thrusts and hunching until his cock burned with the friction. His balls jiggled and tightened up in their sac. The thick tube running through the center of his dick was ready to take the jizz now boiling up in his nuts.

“More! In, in, in!” she grunted with every heavy downward thrust. She could feel her cuntal walls tightening around his hammering dick, then buckling in because of her incredible sexual heat.

Mike let out several strangled, sharp cries, holding her tightly in his arms while his body jerked violently. She felt scalding jets of something sticky spraying out of his cock-head into her pussy. It burned her cuntal walls like acid.

“Nooooooo!” Christina cried, feeling herself finally tumbling over the brink. It was as if the entire world had crashed into her cunt and blown apart into a billion brightly colored pieces. Her cuntal walls spasmed as her pussy clutched Mike’s spraying dick-meat. It held the squirming, shooting hunk of cock deep inside.

“Come, come,” Mike groaned in her ear.

“Cummmmm!” Christina cried back in a loud shriek as she felt the biker’s nuts shoot their load. He pushed his body down hard and held it there, sealing them together with the cum spurting out of his cock-head.

The blonde teen tossed and jerked, raking the biker’s back with her fingernails as the last of the spasms ripped through her cunt. At last the orgasm passed, leaving her thoroughly exhausted and defeated. She lay on the beach sand, her knees apart, her hands at her sides. Mike didn’t move for several minutes afterward, catching his breath while smoothing his rough kinds over her body.

“Nice, nice and tender,” he said, his mind turning back now to the money Christina had mentioned her father possessed. An idea was developing in his twisted mind.

“What’s a nice girl like you doin’ out here?” he said after several more minutes passed.

“I… had a fight with my mother. She didn’t want me to go out with this one guy, so I walked outta the house and down here,” Christina said hesitantly, wondering why he was suddenly interested. She thought he’d be pulling off her soon, shoving his dick back into his trousers and leaving her to work out this rape as best she could.

“Ain’t right,” Mike said, pushing himself off the girl and standing up unsteadily. He turned around and glanced at the approaching surf. “You’d better call your old lady and let ‘er know you’re okay.”

Christina shuddered at the words. Wasn’t he going to let her go? The biker didn’t seem to imply that.

“Then I’m gonna introduce you to some of my buddies. Now get the fuck dressed, huh?” he said, bending down and picking up the juice-saturated bottoms of her bikinis. He shook the sand from them, then tossed the tiny things into her face.

“Over there,” he said after the girl had slipped them on and stood up. He acted now as if nothing had happened between them. She walked unsteadily over the sand, jizz oozing from her violated cuntal slit. It was getting colder. She hugged her bare tits as they tromped over the wide beach toward the brightly lit walk. Christina could see several phone booths standing empty on the corner of Washington Street and Ocean Front Walk. A biker bar was off to the side, the sounds of rock music drifting out to the beach from the closed windows.

“Put this on,” Mike said, taking off his jacket and slipping it over her shoulders.

Christina pulled the front tightly together in front of her, hiding her naked tits. She thought about trying to break away from this man and running for help. But this was a rough section of Venice, an area probably inhabited by men who would take up Mike’s cause rather than hers if she were to bolt for freedom.

“You say anything funny and I’ll beat the shit outta you. Don’t think anybody here’s gonna help,” he said softly as they stepped onto the walk and headed for the first phone booth. Christina passed the biker bar and saw a double line of Harleys and Hondas parked outside on the street. Occasionally, someone in leather would pass out, glance at the two of them, then walk away without so much as glancing back curiously. This was a part of Venice without any law and order, a part where even the police hesitated to drive in pairs. Her father had often talked about organizing some kind of citizen’s committee to drive out the “riff raff” as he called them. But nothing ever came of it. The merchants who weren’t terrified of the biker’s roaming freely and doing what they pleased in the area were making too much money off them to complain.


“Inside… here,” he said, shoving the girl into a foul-smelling booth and handing her a dime. “Call your folks. Then I’ll take it from there.”

Christina knew already what was happening. She shouldn’t have mentioned the fact about her father having any money. She was being kidnapped, held for ransom by this biker and his gang. Oh, how she wished she hadn’t stormed out of the house a few hours ago!


It was her mother’s voice. Christina bit her lower lip. She wanted to cry. How wonderful that voice sounded. How foolish she’d been to rush away from it. And now she was going to pay for that rash act.

“Hello?” the voice repeated nervously.

“Mama? It’s Christina.”

“Are you okay, baby? Where are you? I’ll send your father out. We’ve been worried sick,” the woman said over the phone.

“Mama,” Christina began, wondering how she could tell her mother about what had happened. Images of her tossing and tumbling on the beach shot through her head. “Mama, I can’t come home.”

At this point Mike took the phone from the girl and snarled into it.

“Listen, lady, we got your daughter, see?” Mike snarled, holding onto Christina’s arm.

“Who is this?”

“Don’t matter. If you don’t want your daughter to get more fucked up than she is, you’d better listen up, hear?” Mike growled.

There was a pause at the other end, then a little scream.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Mike said, snickering as he heard the woman call for her husband. “Get the whole fuckin’ family in on it. I’ll get back to you in a couple of hours. But right now, you’d better figure out how you’re gonna get your hands on fifty thousand by noon tomorrow, unnerstan’?”

“We can’t, we don’t have that kind of money! Oh, God, Fred, they’ve got Christina, they’ve…”

The blonde teen could hear her mother’s screams as Mike held the receiver to her ear, laughed, then slammed it down hard in the cradle.

“So much for that. Now come on. We got some walkin’ to do.”

He hauled her roughly from the phone booth back onto the walk and began moving south along the upper beach. Christina stumbled several times, whining, hugging the jacket close to her tits as they left Washington Street and headed toward a deserted section of beach crawling with winos and biker clubs.

They must have walked for nearly twenty minutes before Mike signaled with a tug for them to turn east.


Christina saw an old clapboard house standing on the corner of Spinnaker Avenue and Grand Canal. It reminded her of those New England homes she’d seen pictures of in history class. There were some lights shining through the dirty windows. Mike looked both ways, then shoved her inside.

“Hey, what the fuck?” someone shouted as the girl stumbled forward into what she guessed was the living room. The whole house smelled of dirt and beer.

“We got ourselves a little money-maker and entertainment besides,” Mike said, scratching the woolly hairs on his bare chest.

As Christina stood behind a ratty old sofa, Mike told his buddy what had happened on the beach and about the phone call. The girl looked around her several times, trying to see if there were some easy way she could get out.

But Mike was careful, checking up on her constantly while talking to his buddy. When he was through, the two of them turned and stared hotly at the young, trembling blonde.

“Where the rest of the guys?” Mike asked, rubbing his crotch. She could tell from the bulge in his pants he was getting hot again. Christina backed away, hugging the jacket tightly against her tits. The cool black leather felt good against her bare flesh and nipples.

“Out on a run. They’ll be back in a couple of hours,” his tall blond friend said.

Christina saw the man had been drinking heavily. Several empty beer cans lay around the couch while a few paperback fuck-books rested open on the cushions.

“This here’s Chuck. He’s gonna get to know you real good… maybe as good as me,” Mike said, rubbing his chin with one hand.

“Her old man that rich?” Chuck asked, turning to his buddy for a second.

“She says so. We’ll find out soon enough. But right now I’m horny as hell. Ain’t come for nearly a week, and then this cunt walks by practically [missing text].”

“She pretty good on the beach, huh?” Chuck asked, pulling the halves of his Levi’s open and letting his half-hard dick fall out. It was smooth, thicker than Mike’s, though somewhat shorter. Christina’s eyes, widened, wondering where this would all end.

“She’s hot. No doubt about that, man,” Mike answered.

Christina stared as the dark-haired biker stripped, leaning against the wall while tugging off his boots, then shoving his dirty Levi’s down to the floor and stepping out of them. His hard dick whacked the fronts of his thighs while his balls rolled and pitched with every move.

Christina remembered in a flash how her pussy hurt when he drove that dick into her, how she cried when he tore her cherry. Now he could fuck her without any problem. But was she ready to take him on again — him and his friend?

“She’s hot and juicy. Look at her man, she’s juicin’ right now,” Mike said, pointing down at her legs.

It was true! Christina could feel hot, thick pussy sauce frothing out of her cuntal slit and seeping down her legs. She was ready for those cocks in spite of the reservations she might have had.

“Let me hear you beg, baby. Mike says you begged him for a fuck. That true?” Chuck said, putting his hands on his thick-muscled hips. He peeled off his clothes also, throwing them on top of his buddy’s. They were standing in front of her, both of them hot, eager, curious, willing to try anything with the cowering teenager.

“No, it’s not true. He… raped me!” she cried, rubbing her whitened knuckles under her eyes. “No, no, no, it’s not true!”

Christina made one last desperate effort to save her last shred of self-respect.

“Stop her!” Mike cried as she made a dash around the chair for the door.

Chuck spun around and jumped in front of her, crouching down while spreading his arms out to either side. Christina screamed, covering her mouth with both hands and slowly backing away. The young blond’s dick was fully erect now. She could see the dark-blue veins pressing against the smooth outer skin, throbbing with lust as he slowly approached her.

“Nooooooo!” Christina cried as Chuck’s cock swung out lewdly.

Mike rushed in behind her and caught her, pulling the girl into his body. Her body exploded into heat at that point. Mike reached around and pulled his jacket open, exposing her tits. Chuck raised his eyebrows and whistled in appreciation.

“Whew! Nice fat ones. Ain’t seen tits like this for a long time. You’d do real good strippin’,” he said, curling his thin lips up into a sneer.

Mike pulled his jacket completely off the twisting girl while Chuck reached down and tugged off her bikini bottoms.

“Man, good pussy, nice cunt,” Chuck said in a low voice as he stroked her cuntal thicket with the back of one hand. Christina moaned, feeling more juice seep from her violated hole.

“Let’s see how hot she is,” Mike said, rubbing his cock between her asscheeks.

“Yeah,” Chuck said, rubbing his hands over her thighs, finally cupping his fingers over her fleshy cunt and pressing in.

“Ohhhhh!” Christina cried. All attempts at fighting off the young men evaporated at that point. She was theirs to fuck with as they pleased.


“Man, she scared or just hot?” Chuck asked, peeling back her outer cunt-lips and staring at the moist, dark-pink pussy-meat a few inches in front of him.

“Sounds good and hot to me,” Mike answered. “Let’s see.”

Chuck started rubbing his hands up and down her inner thighs, licking his ups as he watched more juice seep out of her wet pussy.

“Whoooeeeee! She’s got some grip!” Chuck said as she clenched her legs together and snapped back her head.

Christina let out a tiny moan, feeling ohhhh so hot and tight down there between her legs. The sensation of Mike holding her from behind added to the tight, hot tingling sensation burning through her cunt. The feel of a fat dick pressing into her asscheeks made the girl shiver, then lean and push back into the young biker.

“Hey, man, she’s trying to get away from your hand. This broad’s gonna make me come all over her ass if she keeps movin’ this way,” Mike panted.

Christina reversed directions. She tightened her leg muscles now, hunching onto Chuck’s hand as he moved it up her thighs.

“We’ve got a good thing going, Mike. Now she’s fuckin’ my hand like she wanted it way up her pussy. She dig finger-fuckin’? Man, that’s what I’m gonna give ‘er now,” Chuck said, his breathing becoming short and irregular.

Christina pumped her buttocks back and forth as if she were trying to get away from both of them at the same time. With each rocking movement, she let Chuck slide his hand a little closer to her cunt. It had felt so good playing with her pussy hairs and her outer labes. Now he was going to fuck her with his hand. The thought of it made her hot hole so juicy. The bubbling cuntal oil was coating her pubic hairs, collecting like drops of dew on a field of grass.

“Yeah, good ol’ cunt-juice. Man, she’s all wet and slippery. She’s gotta be really hot to be cumin’ like this,” Chuck said as Mike circled her with one hand and started squeezing one tit lightly.

Christina let out another sharp cry as his thumbnails creased her right nipple. It hurt, but hurt in a good way. She sucked in a deep breath as spasms cut across her pussy like the teeth of a rusty saw. Two men, two hungry bikers on top of her, playing with her, getting ready to fuck her at the same time! The idea was almost overpowering to the young blonde teen. She nearly sank to the floor as her sexual excitement sapped all strength from her body.


An agonizing, delicious sexual throb began in her tits, somehow mixing with the pulsing in her cunt. Mike’s body was rubbing against her now. She could feel that fat dick travelling across her fleshy ass, the hot greasy cock-head at times poking into her ass-crack and sliding dangerously close to her shitter. It was then the young girl squeezed her asscheeks together tightly and moved forward.

“Oh, please, don’t hurt… me!” she cried, closing her eyelids tightly as a shuddering spasm ripped through her aching cunt. Tears rolled down her flushed cheeks as both bikers let their hands roam over her body unchecked.

“Yeah, sure, just like you didn’t want me to fuck you back there, right?” Mike sneered.

At that point, Chuck slipped two fingers past her bloated cunt-lips into the sensitive area between her inner and outer pussy-flaps. Christina thought someone had touched her pussy with an electric wire. Unbelievably hot flashes shot through her cunt, making her let out a series of screams while snapping her knees together. She was hunching back and forth, feeling the biker’s jagged fingernails scraping over her slick cuntal folds while his wrist moved up and rubbed over and over her clit.

“Aiyeeeeeee!” Christina shrieked, wiggling around as if she wanted to get away. Her tits rolled, hitting one another, then flopped wildly while her body jerked and snapped between the two men.

“Man, hot and wet. Hot enough to broil our dicks,” Chuck said, pulling out his hand. “Have a sniff, man. Sniff the ol’ juice.”

“Ohhhh, man, good hot pussy,” Mike said, bending his neck and taking a whiff of Christina’s cunt. Chuck stood up and shoved his wet fingers under the girl’s nose, forcing her to smell. Christina took in a deep breath, then let out another cry and tried to squirm free of the men again.

“Don’t, don’t,” the girl cried. But she was so hot, she wanted to kneel down on the floor and take on the first cock that came by.

“I think she’d like a sniff of my cock,” Chuck said. Behind her, she could feel Mike’s hand working between his dick-head and her asscheeks.

“Yeah, let ‘er get a whiff,” the biker behind her said, moving both hands now over her tits and squeezing them until she let out a deep moan of unholy delight.

Chuck jerked his fingers over his fat rod, smearing the oozing pre-cum over his fingers then holding them over her nose. Christina tried to jerk her head away but couldn’t. She inhaled sharply, the rich pungent odor of hot dick shooting up her nostrils. It triggered something off inside the girl, making her pussy throb and juice even more than before.

“Come on. I’m tired of this shit. I’m gonna fuck ‘er right here if you don’t stop fuckin’ around and get ‘er to bed,” Mike said, holding back a climax.

“Yeah. We got that ol’ bed in the back bedroom,” Chuck said, feeling a rush of climactic spasms tear through his cock-head.

Christina felt arms scoop her from the floor and carry her through the living room, down a dark hall to a smaller room in the rear of the house. The musty odor was everywhere. Images blurred into one another as they threw her onto the bed. Mike and Chuck both climbed in after her, pinning the girl to the rotting old mattress.

“No, no, oh, please, no,” Christina cried, more to herself than to the two men holding her down.

She couldn’t let this happen again. No, I won’t, I won’t, the young woman repeated to herself, clenching her fingers into two fists and pressing them against the sagging bed. She tried to fight down the fire burning up her pussy. She tried to blot out the mental pictures of how it was with her and Mike on the beach fucking frantically.

But nothing could control the flames licking at her clit now. As she tossed and squirmed on the old bed, she felt Mike roll completely on top of her, trying to slip his cock between her legs. Shifting slightly, she let his cock-head work between her soft thighs and inch toward her pussy. When he started to grind, pumping his hips, nearly succeeding in burying his rod in her cunt, Christina backed away. Quickly, the young biker held on to her shoulders, pinning her to the mattress while tucking his knees under her ass and trying to shove his dick into her pussy.

“Noooo!” she moaned as the thick, pulpy head suddenly moved up to her hole, parted her fat cunt-lips and shoved inside in one desperate lunge.

Chuck tolled behind her, grinding his hips convulsively. Hunching forward as strongly as he could, he managed to get his cock-head positioned directly over her shitter.

Christina panicked. No, he couldn’t be thinking of shoving that monster-cock into her tiny asshole. Oh, God, that was something homosexuals did, and that act probably ruined them for life. Thinking about both men fucking her at the same time was exciting. But now that the act was upon her, Christina had second thoughts.

“Please, you’ll kill me with, that thing,” Christina screamed, hunching away from Chuck and impaling her cunt farther on Mike’s throbbing prick.

“Yeah, baby, feels good,” he sighed, rubbing her nipples faster with his fingers. “But you said the same thing about gettin’ fucked in the cunt down at the beach. You ain’t felt nothin’ yet ’til you had his dick up your shitter,” Mike growled, pinching her nipples so hard tears welled up and spilled from her eyes.

“Ohhhhh, noooo!” Christina responded. She managed to keep the blond biker’s dick from her asshole, shaking it free when it started spreading the wrinkled gray-pink flesh surrounding the tiny entrance to her shitter.

Meanwhile, Mike was going crazy, pumping his hips back and forth wildly while rolling her nipples savagely between his fingers. He hammered her crotch, his thick rod shoving between her pussylips in short, jerky strokes.

“Man, you’re gonna shoot you keep that up,” Chuck said, disappointed in his inability to fuck the girl in the ass.

“Shit, yeah, yeah!” he cried, holding on to her legs with his, giving a few more hard strokes. Christina jerked her head from side to side, feeling her silky long hair whipping across her face. Her pulse was racing as the cock-head reamed out her cunt. It was rubbing over and over her clit, making that tiny organ sing with excitement. Christina felt herself rocketing up toward orgasm fast. Her rapid, shallow breathing was matched by Mike’s. Their sweaty bodies collided again and again while the wet smacking sounds of fucking filled the small dark bedroom.

“Can’t stop. Gonna come,” Mike suddenly whispered in a tight voice.

Christina heard his uneven gasps and let him fuck harder. As she felt his click sliding deeper and deeper into her cunt, the young woman felt all control disappearing.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Mike sighed, digging his fingers into her tits. The girl cried back, moving her hips from side to side, loving the sensation of his dickhead gouging out first one side of her pussy, then the other. Oh, how she wished Mike could hold on for a few more minutes. She was close, oh so close. But the girl could sense he was about to shoot his jizz. No, no, he was going to leave her high and dry, hot to trot with no dick to satisfy her spasming cunt.

“Nooooooo!” she screamed, clawing at the young biker’s face.

“Now, oh fuckin’ shit, gonna shoot now!” Mike cried. He shoved his rod as far up the girl’s cunt as he could get it. His nuts cut loose, tightening up against his crotch, pumping out thick gouts of cum into her cunt.

Christina felt him starting to shoot. Working her thighs back and forth, she tried to pop off with him. She could feel that strange hot sensation pulsing in her clit. Oh, she was teetering on the brink. But just when the young blonde teen needed a fast, hard, furiously fucking dick, Mike slowed down. Blobs of jizz spattered against her buckling cuntal walls, making them slicker than before. But still the girl was below orgasm. Gritting her teeth tightly together, straining every ounce of her will, the young woman was unable to bring herself off.

“Ohhhhh!” she cried in frustration. She desperately wriggled her ass, rubbing her clit against the cum-firing dick. But all she could do was hunch back into his shooting cock and gobble up his load with her snatch. Her clit simmered halfway to a climax. But there was quite a way to go before that delicious release she needed.

Christina felt Mike shudder, then roll halfway off her body. He was relaxing, inhaling deeply and drinking in the warm glow settling over his softening dick.

“Man, too much. Thought I was through with that fuckin’ pussy back there on the beach. But shit, she’s just as good to me now as then,” Mike said, wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of one hand.

“She looks like she could go on like this for a couple of days,” Chuck sighed. “Come on, get off the Goddamned little bitch. I wanna fuck her, too.”

“No, enough, no,” Christina panted, lying to herself as well as them.

The young woman lay there, her legs spread apart, her arms at her side, feeling like a sacrifice to these two men. Virgin sacrifice? Christina nearly giggled. No, that was over. Mike had taken care of that earlier. And the sensations she felt searing her pussy were far from the feelings an innocent young woman should have.

“Man, nice tits, nice hot tits,” Chuck muttered as his buddy slid completely off the hot, panting young blonde teenager.

“Go on, suck ’em. Man, she digs that. She almost came the last time when I did that,” Mike said, rolling onto his side, propping his head up with one hand and watching with interest as Chuck straddled Christina.

“Oh, oh,” the girl groaned. Her tits were ready for his sucking, it was true. And her pussy was aching for more dick-meat. The sweet, heavy smell of heavy fucking hung like a thick perfume in the bedroom. The scent of sweat, cum and cunt-juice was like a tonic on her body. Christina loved feeling the hardness of Chuck’s smooth body pressing against her as he clutched her hard and held her tight. Why fight him? Why fight any of it? Throwing all morality to the winds, Christina threw her arms carelessly around his neck and rubbed her tits into his chest. Ohhh, how good it felt to have her hard nipples sliding back and forth over his sweaty hairless skin. And how wonderful it was to feel his dick shoving up against her body just inches above her slick cunt.

“Sloppy seconds. But I don’t give a fuck. Man, we’ve taken on girls before like this,” Chuck said breathlessly, fingering her nipples.

Suddenly, he shoved his mouth down onto hers, jamming his tongue into her throat while pushing her up onto the bed. Christina felt her legs moving apart, felt his cock-head jabbing for her cunt. When it found the curly cunt-hairs, the young biker grunted with triumph, shoving forward harder and working his cock right into her pussy.

“Yesssss,” Christina hissed, tearing her mouth away from his wet, sloppy kiss.

“Yeah, yeah,” Chuck echoed. Christina felt his dick hit the load of cum from Mike’s cock, then slide in more quickly. It was all she needed. Christina had the steamy, belly-filling tension starting up in her crotch, then radiate to all parts of her cunt. She moved her hips from side to side deliciously, feeling every inch of his hot cock.

Chuck grunted with pleasure, thrusting forward and down. With a greasy, slippery slide, the head of his cock sank down farther. Christina could finally feel the wiry hairs surrounding his fat cockroot brushing the tense, eager ring of her cuntal mouth. Ohhh, he was all the way in with that huge prick of his. She shivered, wallowing her shoulders against the filthy mattress.

Christina felt herself melting into a sensuous mass. He found her mouth again and kissed her passionately. His tongue flicked into her mouth, scraping over her teeth.

“Ohhhhh,” the girl moaned.

Christina rested on his cock. He withdrew partially, his cock-knob just past the most sensitive part of her pussy. The ridge stimulated the hot, quivering nerves inside her cunt. The young girl felt her cunt-muscles contracting, milking lightly at him without her moving her hips.

Christina’s tongue writhed in his slobbering mouth. She sucked hard, her cheeks caving in. The rising heat in her cunt made her start to move again.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby! Move it, move that tight little ass of yours,” he growled, pulling away from her and running his tongue over her throat.

Christina arched her back while Chuck pulled his dick out until the ridge around the knob tugged at her cuntal muscle. Each time the girl arched her back and tried to swallow up more prick-meat, he shoved down, burying his cock until their hip bones ground together.

It was wonderful, maddening! Chuck was taking his time, not rushing the way Mike did.

“Want me to stop now, baby? Wanna stop fuckin’?” Chuck taunted.

“Nooooooo!” the girl cried back. “Fuck me! Oh, God in heaven, fuck me!” she sobbed out.

“Take it then, bitch, take it all,” he grunted obscenely in one ear as he shoved his rod deep into her fuck-hole. His tight-skinned cock slid in on that film of cum and cuntal juice. His own fuck-oil was running thick, sucking down his shaft and greasing the fat head of his cock. Chuck’s muscular ass pumped up and down, feeding his meat in and out of the girl’s cunt at a desperate pace.

Christina could smell his pussy-soaked dick. Oh, how hot she must be, how hot for her to [missing text].


Opening her eyes, the young woman realized Mike had changed positions. He was towering over her, his cock dangling over her lips. As she felt Chuck shoving his dick deep into her cunt, she turned her head away. No, he’d never make her take that vile thing in her mouth!

“Come on, baby, I’m hot again. Shit, just watchin’ you move around with my buddy fuckin’ his dick in and out of your snatch makes me hard,” Mike gasped. It was true! Only a few minutes had passed since he’d reamed out her cunt. But he was growing thick and hard again. Christina didn’t care about his problem. He could jerk off for all she cared. She wasn’t going to take that cock between her lips!

“Hey, bitch, you’re gonna do as we say or I’ll leave you high and dry,” Chuck said threateningly, pulling out his dick and letting it jerk inches from her fluttering cunt.

“No, no!” the girl cried desperately. She curled her fingers around the biker’s neck, hunching up, trying to center her cunt-hole over his fat, purple, juicing cock-head, trying to impale herself again.

“No, baby, not ’til you take his rod in your mouth,” Chuck said firmly.

Christina whimpered, twisting her head around, staring at the fat cock, its gnarled blue veins throbbing with lust.

“Yeah, babe, that’s it, open up,” Mike said as Christina parted her lips and formed them into a wide “O”. Oh, God, this was the ultimate degradation!


“Suck it hard, bitch!” Mike growled. Christina could taste his cum as she closed her lips gingerly around his rod. Mike smiled, closed his eyes and shoved in his stiffening cock with one long, gentle stroke. The blonde teen tasted his cum. It washed down her throat, the salty, bleachy liquid making her swallow instinctively. Christina sucked in air through her flared nostrils. Spittle and cum oozed from the corners of her mouth as she hunched up wildly to Chuck’s thrusts. Her pussy was burning wildly with lust.

“Bitch, slut, bitch!” Chuck groaned, closing his eyes and hunching rapidly into her pussy.

Christina only groaned back. While she sucked on one biker, she felt the other going crazy above her, working his dick deeper and deeper into her mouth. He held her firmly with both hands, moving his hips from side to side, opening his eyes now and watching as his cock-head pushed out first one cheek, then the other. He told her to suck hard and watched as her cheeks caved in from the vacuum created in her mouth.

Christina wiggled her tongue up and over the pumping, juicing rod choking her, caressing his dick with her warm, wet tongue. More cum seeped from his piss-slit, coating her mouth.

“Yeah, man, can’t hold out much more,” Chuck groaned.

“Let’s dump it together. Lemme know when you’re gonna pop off,” Mike said.

Christina slid her pussy back and forth on the pumping, pistoning cock. When his cockroot moved around against her clit, the girl felt joy flashes radiate up from the tiny organ, making her belly swell up with passion. She ground against him harder, loving the sensation of the long bar of cock fucking in deeper.

The girl moaned long and low now, her groans choked off the mouth-fucking dick.

Her entire belly seemed to bulge with dick, swelling up with excitement. She grunted, ramming her cunt up onto the hard rod.


Chuck screamed, his muscles tensing while his body jerked from side to side. At the same time, Mike lost control. His right hand shot out, pressing against the back wall while his jizz bubbled out of his piss-slit and spattered against the back of her throat.

Christina swallowed as much of the cum as she could, feeling much of it ooze from the corners of her mouth. She wept and struggled while her mind blasted apart into millions of pieces. The heavy jolt of two loads of cum blasted her apart.

“Uhhhhh!” Chuck moaned, biting her shoulders and neck. He felt his buddy leaning heavily against him as the girl struggled for breath. Christina felt she was all cunt, wet and hot and clenching in every cell of her body. She milked at the throbbing rod in her cunt, bouncing up and down while more cum shot into her mouth.

Then her orgasm reached the peak. Her clit throbbed and beat until she thought her heart would stop. As the final load of jizz shot into her pussy, the girl swallowed the last of Mike’s spunk.

Finally, all three of them lay still, trying to catch their respective breaths. Mike edged back, drawing his softening cock from her mouth. He peered down at the defeated girl, wiping his dick-head over her lips, smiling broadly as he watched her spit out the remaining mixture of cum and spittle.

“Un-fuckin’ believable,” Chuck panted, moving his hips from side to side, drinking in the final delicious spasms of his powerful orgasm. Christina moved in a counter rhythm feeling that dick sliding up and down deliciously against her cuntal walls.

“Yeah, she’s hot, all right. Shame we’re gonna have to give ‘er up when her old man pays up,” Mike said, scratching his balls.

“Let’s tie her up before the guys get here. I’m fuckin’ tired. Gonna fall asleep, and don’t want her runnin’ away,” Chuck said, pulling his dick out of her pussy with a squishy pop.

“Yeah, yeah,” Mike said, rolling off the bed.

Christina didn’t say a word. She was drifting in and out of consciousness, exhaustion having dropped over her mind like a heavy curtain. She felt ropes moving around her wrists and ankles. They were tying her down to the bed, looping the ropes around the iron framework after securing them to her legs and arms.

The blonde teen closed her eyes and felt herself sinking blessedly into unconsciousness. In her tortured dreams, Christina relived her double fucking, felt those two dicks ramming into her. Ohh, how she loved that sensation, how she wished it could continue for hours.

Christina had no idea how long she’d slept. Loud noises coming from the front area of the house woke her. For a moment, the girl thought she was back at home and she tried to get up. The ropes cut into the flesh around her wrists and ankles, cruelly reminding her of her plight. Christina lay back on the bed, shaking the few tears that rolled from her eyes off her cheeks. Footsteps growing louder told her another chapter in her humiliation was about to begin.

“Good news, baby,” Mike said, standing in the doorway. With the light behind him, he looked more menacing than before.

“Good news?” Christina said weakly.

“Yeah. On the run, some of the boys ran into the Heathens… it’s another gang, you know?” Mike said, swaying drunkenly from side to side.

Oh, God, were they going to throw her to them now? She could imagine what the two gangs would do to her!

“Anyways,” he continued, taking another swig of beer from his half-empty can, “they got into a rumble and we won. Shit, they ain’t nothin’ but a bunch of pansy-assed pussies,” he drawled, finishing his beer, then throwing the can into a corner. Christina felt nauseated. She sensed something awful was going to happen.

“What… what are you going to do to me?”

Christina managed to squawk.

“Yeah, what are we gonna do with you?” he echoed her, smiling strangely at the trembling girl. “Well, it ain’t time yet to call your old man and see if he’s got the coins. So we’re just gonna give ourselves a little victory celebration, you know?”

Christina watched him stagger to the bed, stumble drunkenly several times and laugh at himself, then steady up and move closer. His fingers worked clumsily over the knots, finally freeing her from her bond.


Christina successfully pushed him away at the start. But Mike was determined, finally grabbing her wrists and hauling her like a sack from the bed. Christina doubled over, pulling back toward the bed, her feet sliding along the smooth wood bedroom floor. In the distance, she could hear the men laughing and drinking.

“Hey, Chuck, come on and gimme a hand!” Mike shouted over one shoulder, finally pulling the screaming, naked blonde into the hall. There were sounds of stumbling. Then the other biker appeared, moving behind Christina and slapping her, hard across the ass.

“You ain’t learned yet. You do what the fuck he says or we’ll beat the shit outta you,” he growled, hitting her hard across the back of the head.

Christina sucked in a ragged breath, nearly stumbling to the ground from the force of that blow. She felt defeated as she let Mike drag her down the dark hall toward the living room.

“Here’s the little passport that’s gonna give us cash,” Mike announced, pulling the young woman into the brightly lit room. He jerked Christina forward, then stepped back, sending her spinning into the group. Hands were on her suddenly.

“No, no!” she screamed, covering her tits and cunt as best she could with both hands, hunching over, backing up against one wall while the wild eyed bikers in front of her laughed and stretched their hands out lewdly. There must have been at least ten of them, all of them ugly, bearded, dirty. Some of them were still smeared with the dirt and blood of the latest foul gang war. All of them reeked of beer and tobacco.

“You ain’t got much of a choice. If they all wanna fuck you, I ain’t gonna stop ’em,” Mike drawled, grabbing another beer and tearing off the top.

Christina whimpered, cringing from the hands pawing her thighs and ass. One of the men jumped up and knocked her hands from her cunt, jamming one finger up her slit. Christina shrieked, beating the hairy bearded biker with both hands while trying to twist away. Accidentally, the young woman pissed onto the big man’s hands.

“Fuck!” he shouted, feeling the warm oily urine cover his hands. Then a smile crossed his lips and he jerked one knee up into her belly, knocking the wind from her temporarily while stunning her. “Ohhhfff!”

At the same time, he jammed his pissed-on fingers into her mouth, making her swallow the foul urine. Christina gagged and sobbed, swallowing her own piss. He pinned her to the wall, shoving his fingers down so far he was almost touching her tonsils. He laughed, pleased at the outcome of this incident.

“Ohhhhhhhh, damn you, damn you all,” the girl whispered, holding her hands over her belly and sucking in air.

“Don’t like this, eh, baby?” another biker said, throwing his empty can of beer at the cringing girl. It struck her on the forehead, making her cry out in pain and surprise. She reeled to one side, her head striking the side wall.

“Come on, babe, put out to us the way you been fuckin’ them two,” another pot-bellied hood said, taking her roughly by the left arm and jerking her down toward the sofa.

Christina stumbled then caught her balance. She screamed, feeling a flash of hatred for all of them. She tore at his eyes and clawed at his cheeks.

He was stunned at first, remaining passive. As her nails cut deep, he threw her off, wiping blood from his cheeks while muttering about the “dumb slut” who tried to get him.

“A fightin’ slut,” Mike said behind her. “We’ll take care of you.”

He dragged her backward, her heels dragging on the floor. Christina struggled, her heart racing. She felt her scalp crawling with terror. Her flesh puckered up into goosepimples.

“Ohhhhh!” the girl cried, feeling herself being spun around. Her arms shot out as she fought for balance. Stumbling over her own feet, Christina pitched forward, her knees and palms striking the floor at the same time.

The sudden shock of stopping so abruptly and violently stunned the girl into inaction. That was just enough time for Mike and the others to make their moves. The blonde teen heard something snap to one side of her head. Shaking, Christina blinked twice and rolled her eyes up, seeing that Mike was holding his belt again. But this time he looked as if he were serious about using it. He’d cracked it once or twice on the beach to frighten her. But now…

Christina moaned, rolling on her ass and wiggling away from the bikers who fell silent, moving behind their leader and watching for his next move.

“No, no,” Christina moaned, shaking her head slowly from side to side. Already she could feel the cold touch of that wide band of leather as it sliced into her flesh. Mike advanced slowly, his boots scraping the floor as she scooted backward. He kept snapping the belt, letting the pointed tip strike the floor. The sound reminded the girl of the report of a small pistol.

Christina felt that as long as she kept out of his reach she was safe. The other members of this gang wouldn’t touch her without Mike’s permission.

“Come here, baby, come here and let me teach you a few things about hurtin’,” he said soothingly.

It was a nightmare.

“No,” she whimpered, her cries growing louder as he drew closer.

Terror knifed through the numbing scene surrounding her. This wasn’t a dream. Christina knew the brutality that bubbled close to the surface in Mike. She could only imagine the cruelty of the others behind him. The girl guessed when he was finished, she would be turned over to the others. What was left?

“I’m gonna teach you not to fight back when one of the gang wants to knock you up, unnerstan’?” Mike said. Behind him, the gang bellowed approval.

“Please, Mike,” she sobbed. “Oh, please, don’t do this to me. Oh, please!”

Nothing in her past had prepared her for this. She slid backward, her terror stricken eyes wide and focused on that black belt…

“Run for it, baby, go on, run for the door,” Mike said, his eyes glittering with unholy lust.

Like a robot, the girl did as she was told, panic replacing reason. She turned. Like an animal, she sped out of reach temporarily from the cracking belt. The tips of her tits brushed over the floor while several hands shot out and beat at her round asscheeks. Christina tried to crawl faster and slipped, falling facedown onto the dirty living room floor.

“Ohhh!” Christina cried, sliding on her side and finally coming to rest next to the sofa.

“It’s all over, honey. Race is finished,” Mike said, stepping up to her and raising the belt over his head — bringing it down hard. As Christina turned over, her arms flailing around as she tried to cover herself, the biker brought his belt down. It sliced along her ribs, just below her left tit.

“Aggghhhh!” Christina squealed, her knees jerking up to her tits.

Mike swung the belt over his head like a lasso. The girl peered up, watching it arc through the air and come back down at her. The pointed tip chewed flesh along her hips this time. She screamed in a mindless torrent of sound, scooting away from him. She was stopped by the large chair that stood immovable. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Christina was helpless. She shrieked like an animal in pain and terror. She was completely unable to protect herself. It was all so useless. He was going to peel the skin down from her tits to her kneecaps no matter what she did. Why should she fight him? She’d die right here in the cabin while her parents were scurrying around in the middle of the night trying to raise money to free her.

The belt came down. Christina rolled away. Preservation. That was the only thing keeping her going. It was sheer animal self-preservation that made her duck and wiggle like a fish out of water while Mike pursued her. It would be self preservation that would give her strength to survive this ordeal — if indeed she could survive.


Christina tried to keep quiet. Mike kept hitting her with that belt. The line of pain moved closer to her cunt.

“Uhhhhh!” she groaned, covering her mouth with one hand and rolling back onto her belly. He whacked her reddened asscheeks again and again, making her taut round ass jiggle like two large mounds of pudding. The blonde teen crawled on the floor, feeling particles of dirt work into her moist fuck-crack. The bikers were getting drunker by the minute, pouring beer on her body, kicking her, hitting her, threatening her with a gang rape. And all the while Mike flailed away at her ass with his belt.

“Hey, man, ain’t she had enough?” Chuck asked, putting a restraining hand on his buddy’s arm.

Mike shuddered, wiping the sweat from his face and forehead while letting his right arm go limp. The biker stared down at the sobbing teen and smiled, observing how many dark-red whip stripes she had on her white flesh. Christina’s tiny body shivered with pain, shame and excitement.

“Yeah, enough of this. Shit, good thing you stopped me. I would’ve pounded her into mincemeat,” Mike said, throwing the belt away.

“Hey, come on, show ain’t over yet, is it?” some of the bikers began to ask.

“Naw, it ain’t over. Just beginnin’,” Chuck answered back, winking at Mike.

The two of them backed away and whispered something in the ear of a third. Christina stifled her sobs and dared to turn her head around. Peering through strands of hair curtaining her face, she saw Chuck and the third biker disappear into the darkness of the kitchen behind her.

“We got us a little prize from that rumble you heard about. Got the leader’s girlfriend,” Mike said, nodding his head toward the kitchen doorway.


“Go for it!” Mike shouted.

Christina plunged and writhed and grunted with the maddening tickle that was building to a sharp peak. It choked off her breathing as mind-blasting spasms tore through her pussy.

Christina lay in a heap on the floor, fighting down her rising guilt. The stale odor coming from the old frayed carpeting didn’t offend her any more. All she cared about was crawling into a hole where she could disappear from these staring men. They seemed to symbolize a disapproving society.

“Here, clean up.” Mike said, glancing at his wristwatch, then tossing the girl an old rag.

“Call.” Christina repeated, screwing up her eyes and looking curiously at him.

“Yeah, whaddaya think this is, anyways, a pleasure palace?” Mike said ironically, curling his thick lips up into a cynical smile. “You’re enjoyin’ the hell outta this, eh, babe?” he asked, curling several strands of her hair in his hand and jerking up. Christina gasped at the pain, her head snapping to one side. “Well, it ain’t gonna last forever. Now get up!” he snarled.

Christina choked back the tears and staggered to her feet, wiping the filthy jizz from her leg then dropping the rag as if it had shit on it.

“Over here,” Mike said, taking her by one hand and dragging her into the kitchen. The biker indicated a wall phone. Christina pulled the receiver from the cradle, bracing herself against the wall while dialing her home number. As she heard the phone ringing on the other end, the young woman felt tears rising to her eyes. How much had happened to her since she’d last spoken with her mother and father! The girl felt like a whore now, standing naked, violated by man and animal. And now she was to ask her parents for money to set her free. Free for what? Was she even fit to rejoin the lowest level of society?


It was her mother’s voice, nervous, terrified, quavering, on the other end of the line.

“Mom? It’s Christina. I…” The girl couldn’t finish. Guilt and fear choked off her words.

“Honey? Baby, is anything wrong? Have they done anything to hurt you?”

“Gimme that,” Mike growled, snatching the phone from the sobbing teenager.

“Who’s there?” her mother’s voice asked anxiously.

“Never mind about that. You wanna see your daughter in one piece, lady, you’re gonna have to fork over some coins, unnerstan’? Now lemme speak to your old man,” Mike snarled.

Christina stood by, listening to the biker tell her mother and father how much money he wanted and where he wanted it delivered. She could hear her father’s voices times demanding to speak to his daughter. Christina was glad Mike refused. How could she talk to her parents when she kept thinking of those animals she’d had licking between her shivering legs seconds earlier? Oh, how could she ever face them again, knowing what she’d done?

“Okay. He’s gonna get the money by tomorrow morning,” Mike said, hanging up the phone and smiling with satisfaction at the blonde teen.

“What are you going to do with me now?” Christina asked in a whisper. She couldn’t imagine the tormenting her any more.

“What do you think, honey? It’s a long time till mornin’,” Mike said. Behind him she could hear the root of his gang.

“Come on, man, they’re gettin’ weird in there. They wanna see the bitch,” Chuck said, sticking his head in the kitchen.

“I don’t know why, but guys really dig watchin’ broads makin’ it with one another,” Mike said, taking her by the elbow and guiding the naked, trembling blonde teen from the kitchen back into the living room. As she stood in the doorway, Christina was aware of another woman standing in the room. She looked half-drugged, her scraggly black hair hanging over her face. Her olive flesh had several black and blue marks on in while burn marks appeared all over her legs and arms. This must be the girlfriend of the leader of the other gang someone had mentioned earlier. She swayed from side to side, one hand gripping the back of the sofa for support. To one side, Christina saw a pile of dirty clothes she assumed had recently been stripped from this girl.

“She’s a real pig, but she’s all we got,” Mike said, pushing Christina forward.

The girl stopped and turned around, staring quizzically at the young man. What did he want her to do?

“Go on, baby, go on and get it on with that cunt.”

Christina felt sick to her stomach! Turning around, she looked back at the woman still swaying drunkenly some ten feet from her. She was as filthy as the men surrounding her. The dog looked better than she. Christina turned around again and started toward Mike. She would have rather been beaten by him than do what he wanted her to now.

“Come on, honey, come on and make it with me,” the girl slurred, stretching out one hand and curling her fingers while brushing the hair from her eyes.

Christina shrank back, letting out a tiny gasp of horror. The young woman looked as if she might be part Oriental, Persian perhaps mixed in as well. She might have been extremely pretty. But alcohol and drugs had taken a terrible toll on her features.

“Come on, come on and let’s make it. Fuck the rest of these bastards here. They’re all bastards, my old man included,” the girl said, pursing her lips together and nodding her head up and down.

Christina shrank another foot away from the staggering brunette. She didn’t care what the other woman thought of men. She wasn’t about to suck off another woman, especially in public.

But the gang was insistent. Mike pushed her away twice, the second time nearly toppling her backward onto the floor.

“Stop it, stop it, uhhhhhh.”

The brunette grabbed her around the waist, holding her tightly while throwing back her head and laughing like a crazy woman.

Christina struggled, biting, kicking and scratching at the brunette. The men loved the scene of two naked women locked in one another’s arms, twisting about frantically, their big tits jiggling and rolling with every violent moment they made.

“Stop it, stop it.” Christina cried, turning around and grabbing fistfuls of black hair. She pulled at the woman’s strands violently, making the girl scream in pain.

“You Goddamned little bitch! I was gonna make this easy on you. But since you want a little action, okay!”

The brunette snapped one hand back and let it spring forward. Christina’s arms flew out as the fist landed squarely in her soft belly. The girl’s eyes bugged while her mouth opened and air whooshed from between her lips. She staggered back, pain shooting through her entire body.

“Ohhhhh!” Christina cried, holding her belly and doubling over while trying to catch her breath. The other woman was on top of her in an instant, beating the screaming blonde teen on the back, neck and sides with her clenched fists.

“Bitch, bitch, bitch!” the girl screamed with each blow.

“That’s it, Gretta, beat the shit outta her,” the bikers chanted as Christina found herself rolling on the floor, pinned to the carpet by this half-animal.


“Man, I dig watchin’ a couple of lesbos makin’ it,” Chuck said. He covered one hole of his opened beer can and shook it, letting a narrow geyser of liquid arc up and splash down on the two struggling women.

Christina felt the cold shower. She was still biting and scratching. But like everything else with this scene, it was a losing battle. Soon, the brunette was straddling her, pinning her legs down with her knees while pushing back her long black hair.

“This one’s a pretty one,” she said, licking her full lips and reaching down between Christina’s legs.

The blonde teen shivered, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip. No, this can’t be happening. She was continually scraping the bottom of the barrel. As the hours slid by, she was performing sexual acts that people only whispered about. Each one was more sick and perverted, than the other.

I can’t think about this. I’ll pretend it’s Mike or some other man, Christina said to herself, conjuring up images of the different bikers who had fucked her.

But she could still hear the brunette’s breathing above her, hear the girl tell her how big her tits were, how nice and warm her pussy was.

“No, no!” Christina cried. It had to be because of the mental pictures of Mike and Chuck fucking and sucking her. She couldn’t be warming up to the woman’s caresses. No, that couldn’t be happening to her.

But in spite of her fears and prejudices, Christina could indeed, feel her cunt heating under the brunette’s gentle touch. In her mind, she saw Mike with his cock growing hard again. Just as before, he stroked it up from its flaccid condition, holding ft with both hands while aiming it at her pussy. Yes, she wanted it, wanted it above everything else in the world. It was his cock-meat, his prick-meat, stiff long inches of it rammed up her pussy, moving back and forth. And when he twisted it from side to side, she nearly went crazy with excitement. Sometimes he reached down, his fingers creeping to her clit.

But no, those weren’t Mike’s fingers. They belonged to that horrible woman still straddling her. Snapping back to reality, Christina could bear the bikers chanting and laughing and drinking as the girl kept on fingering her pussy.

“Forget ’em, honey. They’re easy to blank out. Just concentrate on me.”

Tears of shame rolled down her cheeks. She jerked with a shock, staring at the hand between her legs. The girl was rubbing her pussy-lips together, pinching them while creasing her clit with her thumbnail. The feeling was exquisite. Christina felt her ass moving over the prickly carpet as the girl kept rubbing her thumb over her clit. If only it hadn’t been a woman making her feel like this!

“Hey, babe, you ain’t doin’ too well. First you strap on the guys, now you gotta have cunt. Man, your old man better bail you out. Ain’t no tellin’ what you’re gonna strap on next!” Chuck shouted, falling back against the wall and nearly collapsing with laughter.

The woman above her shrugged her shoulders at the taunts then backed away, dropping her head down to Christina’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhh!” the girl moaned, her body shivering while her flesh crawled. She could feel the brunette’s hair brushing over her thighs and belly while her hands smoothed up and down her thighs.

“That’s it, baby, go on and lick that slit,” Mike said, encouraging the biker woman.

Christina kept shuddering in revulsion as the fingers between her legs pulled her cunt-lips apart. She could feel the girl’s breath blowing through her pussy-hairs.

I don’t feel a thing, the blonde repeated to herself. She said the words over and over. But she didn’t really believe them. Already her pussy was juicing up as that tongue wormed its way deeper into her cunt-hole.

The girl was an expert, someone who knew what tongues were for. Christina gritted her teeth while she felt the tongue snake up toward her slit. She shivered in fear and disgust as one finger slid down around her hips and began stroking her asshole. She felt the woman’s tongue settle on her clit for a second, then felt a pair of lips closing around that tiny knob. Oh, she was going to suck and… ohhhh, yess, there was suction!

Christina squeezed her asscheeks together, wallowing her shoulders on the carpet while rocking her thighs back and forth. The blonde felt her crotch tingling more and more. She responded to this woman just as she had responded to Mike and the others.

“Ohhhh, honey, you’re nice and sweet and clean,” the older girl slurred, picking several cunt-hairs out from between her teeth.

Christina said nothing, still not daring to open her eyes and look at the brunette.

“Come on, more action!” the men shouted.

“All right, all right,” the brunette said, knitting her eyebrows angrily together, then smiling as she dropped her head back into Christina’s cuntal thicket.

“Oh, ohhhhhhhh!”

Christina raised her legs slightly, pulling them together and rubbing her inner thighs back and forth against the sides of the young woman’s head. The woman groaned in approval, stiffening her tongue and jabbing it in and out of the slit as if it were a tiny cock. Christina went crazy with the suction and the mouth-fucking. She snapped her head from side to side while clawing at the carpeting. Her ass flopped around on the floor. Hot flashes of lust tore through her wet tight cunt. Then the woman’s mouth moved away from her pussy.

“That’s all?” Christina murmured.

The girl didn’t answer her. Stroking her pussy for the last time, she turned around until her cunt was poised directly over Christina’s open mouth. The girl looked up and saw a pair of angry, red, swollen cunt-lips through the tangled mass of black pussy-hairs. They glistened with juice.


Christina shuddered. She felt her clit being stroked. At the same time, those swollen cunt-lips started lowering down toward her mouth. She could smell the thick, sharp odor of the girl’s pussy as it came closet.

“No, no, it’s wrong,” Christina murmured as the wiry cunt-hairs tickled the insides of her nose. Drops of juice already dotted her cheeks. With a sigh, Christina opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. It was, she kept telling herself, the only thing she could do.

“Mmmmmm!” the older woman groaned.

Christina could feel the vibrations of her voice through the woman’s cunt. Then she felt her tongue disappearing between the woman’s labes and into her hot hole. Ohh, how strange it was to be doing this. Darting her tongue in and out in imitation of what she’d felt the brunette do earlier, Christina then pulled her tongue out from the cunthole and moved it higher, letting the tip dart across the swollen clit.

“Oh, yessssss!” the woman hissed. Christina blushed. She wasn’t supposed to know what was going on. Yet, she was making all the right moves, apparently. Rolling her eyes up, she could see that several of the bikers were sprawled on the chairs, their flys opened, their cocks out while they watched the two women suck cunt.

Strangely enough, Christina was proud of making the girl respond so strongly to her mouthing. It gave her a sense of power she didn’t, have before. Breathing heavily, Christina attacked the clit with pursed lips, making the older woman whimper from the suction.

At the same time, the brunette was going wild with her cunt. She rolled and pinched her clit so hard, Christina thought she was going to piss. Hunching up to the woman, she closed her eyes and sucked gently on the clit rubbing against her upper lip. Juice trickled down on her face, leaving blotches on her cheeks and chin. Christina felt her cuntal muscles tightening around the girl’s probing fingers and tongue. Yes, yes, it was a wonderful feeling getting sucked off this way.

“Faster!” the brunette suddenly ordered.

Christina stuck her tongue deep into that seeping hot cunt-hole and touched the clit with one finger. She let her other hand creep around those round, firm asscheeks dancing above her and shoved in one digit. The puckered opening went loose for a second, admitting the first knuckle of Christina’s fingers. Then the asshole tightened again, trapping the blonde’s finger inside.

Fuck me, fuck me! Christina moaned to herself. Her thighs were clamped tightly against the brunette’s wrist as the girl’s mouth sucked hard against her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Christina groaned into the cunt fitting tightly over her mouth. She could feel a spasm in her crotch. Then another and another broke. Spittle and cunt-juice trickled down her cheeks.

“Come, come!” the brunette moaned above her.

“Commmmmme!” Christina repeated in a softer voice. Powerful spasms brake loose in her pussy with a twitching series of contractions so powerful that she lifted her hips off the floor and ground her teeth against the brunette’s snatch.

“Yeahhhhhh!” the older girl cried, her cunt jerking while the asshole tightened itself around Christina’s finger. The blonde tasted a fresh torrent of pussy-juice.

She’s coming, Christina thought. She’s really coming!

“Okay girls, that’s enough,” Mike said, pulling the brunette off Christina after their mutual orgasm had passed.

Christina was sorry the girl had to go. It was the most gentle sex she’d had up to this point.

“Lemme go. My ol’ man’s gonna fix you!” the brunette screamed as Chuck wrapped his big arms around her belly and hauled her feet off the floor. The girl flailed her arms about wildly, her long black hair falling over her face while her legs kicked back at the biker.

“Yeah, sure, he’s gonna cut off our balls, right? Baby, he won’t do much if we tell ‘im what you and the little slut there’ve been up to,” Chuck said, nodding toward Christina, then taking the shrieking woman out of the living room.

“Nice, real nice,” some of the men said lazily, greasing down their softening dicks with the jizz they’d just shot.

“Yeah, real nice,” Mike echoed, smirking down at the young blonde. He glanced at his wristwatch, checking the time. “We still got a couple of hours before we meet with your old man. You know,” he continued, kneeling down in front of Christina and rubbing his fingers over her cheeks. The young woman shrank away. “You know, I hate to give you up. Man, you’re one hell of a little bitch.”

Christina dropped her eyes. If there’d been a knife around she would have stuck it in his eyes. How she hated him at this minute. He was everything she hated in life!

“Stop it! Don’t touch me!” she muttered in a quavering voice.

“Hey, you don’t like men any more just because you got a little taste of cunt?” Mike said, raising his eyebrows and sneering at her.

Christina stared at him, wishing she could muster the courage to spit in his face.

“You make me… sick,” the girl finally whispered.

Mike’s smile dropped.

“No bitch tells me that,” he hissed, jerking one hand up and striking her hard across the right cheek.

Christina’s head snapped back from the force of that blow and she fell to one side. Her long blonde hair whipped across her face. The girl raised one hand and rubbed the sore area.

“Man, that’s it. Don’t let that little bitch sass you back,” some of the others said.

“She’s okay, out like a light,” the young blond biker said. He looked around the living room. Most of his buddies were asleep, snoring around the litter of emptied beer cans.

“My gang,” Mike said, staring around at the drunken lot.

“Well, they earned it. We still got some time with her,” Chuck said, glancing meaningfully down at the young blonde teen.

Chuck smiled cruelly, opening and closing his fists. He sensed some action coming up.

“No, no!” Christina said, striking but at the young biker with her hand.

Mike’s eyes widened after she slapped him. The biker watched as the girl scrambled to her feet and ran past Chuck. The gang was too drunk to stop her. The animal was barking angrily but remained fixed to the floor. She had her chance, her chance to run to a bathroom and lock the door, perhaps knack out one window and climb to the street. Pride played no part in her plan. Christina didn’t care what people might think seeing her running stark naked down the middle of the street.

Chuck grabbed her by the wrist as she flew by.

“Ohhhh!” Christina cried, nearly stumbling to the floor. But this time, the girl managed to regain her balance and wrenched free of the blond biker, sending him pitching forward against the chair.

Laughing with triumph, Christina felt a fresh flow of energy as she flew down the darkened corridor. No, she didn’t want to go to the bedroom. The door there was so badly off the hinges it would never close. She could hear Mike and Chuck scrambling to their feet and starting after her.


The bathroom! Quickly, she darted to the right and slid into the small tiled room, slamming the door shut and throwing the bolt. Christina turned around and leaned heavily against the door, catching her breath. Mike and. Chuck ran past the room, shouting at the others and cursing them for being so drunk.

“She upstairs?” Chuck shouted.

Christina moved from the door, walking past the broken sink. The window was several feet above the bathtub. Stepping into the old fashioned tub, the young woman tried to pry the window open.

“Uhh!” she grunted. Christina had been weakened by her ordeal. That, plus the fact that the window had swollen against its surrounding frame, made it impossible for the girl to open it.

“Damn, damn!” Christina muttered, hearing Mike and Chuck return.

“Gotta be in there.”

She knew where “there” was and felt a chill of terror shoot through her loins.

“Open up, you fuckin’ slut,” Mike shouted. Then there were kicking sounds. She could hear the wood molding cracking under the pressure. Then the door flew open, banging against the sink. Screaming, the young woman backed against the wall and covered her face with both hands. She could only imagine what new terrors and pain these two men had in store for her.

Christina felt a scream building up inside her. Her nostrils flared wide as she sucked in air. She edged backward, feeling her feet slide along the filthy bathtub bottom.

“Man, that wasn’t nice at all,” Mike said, his voice trembling. Behind him, she could make out Chuck, his face as grim as his buddy’s.

“No don’t I’m… sorry.”

“Shut up!” Mike shouted, taking her by the arm and jerking her forward. Christina slid over, her knees striking the inner edge of the tub. He kept pulling her, sending the young woman pitching over the side, sprawling onto the bathroom floor.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned, feeling the world spinning around dizzily. Her legs and arms hurt from the fall.

“Gag her,” Mike said, tearing an old towel from a nearby rack and tossing it to Chuck.

Christina screamed again, terrified by what the men were going to do to her. She’d defied them, had actually struck one of them. The rest of the gang couldn’t hurt her now. But these two could do all the damage they wanted to.


Christina struggled, kicking at the two men until an open-handed slap at her face stunned her. The blow shocked her mind. Christina couldn’t think straight. It was as if she were watching herself, unable to move while Chuck jammed the musty cloth into her mouth then slapped her again.

“We don’t like cunts to fight back. You see that bitch who you sucked off? See them burn marks? What do you think caused em, huh? Man, baby, you’re gonna have a couple of them marks before you leave here,” he said, standing up and fishing out a scratched, silver-plated lighter. Christina remembered the brunette and her marred flesh. That memory made her want to shriek again. She felt like she wanted to throw up.


They took Christina back to the rear bedroom, lighting a small hurricane lamp to illuminate the area. Mike held her down while Chuck tied her arms and legs to the metal bedframe with some old torn sheets they’d found in the closet. She tugged at the linen bonds as they chafed her sensitive flesh. The thought that she was completely helpless nearly drove her mad with terror.

“Hold her down,” Mike ordered as he watched her jerk her head up to see what was happening. Chuck slapped her several times until the men heard a groan escape from behind the gag. Reluctantly, Christina dropped her head to the crushed pillow and waited for the next degrading incident.

“Little fuck-pig,” Mike muttered, flipping open the top of the lighter and spinning the flint wheel.

Christina watched as the sparks ignited a small yellowish flame.

“Ever see flesh burn up, baby? We ain’t done somethin’ like this for a long, long time. We ain’t as bad as them Heathens. But right now, honey, you make me real, real mad,” Mike said, his eyes glittering. The flame made his face look like something risen straight from hell.

“You gonna burn ‘er?” Chuck asked.

Mike said nothing, fishing out a pack of cigarettes from one pocket of his leather jacket and jamming a smoke into his mouth. Sending his head while still keeping his eyes on the moaning, twisting blonde teen, he lit the cigarette, flipping the top of the lighter back down. Christina sighed. At least he wasn’t going to incinerate her with that flame. “Yeah, but real slow,” he whispered, moving toward the bed.

Christina’s eyes focused on the glowing cigarette. She tried moving her legs but the linen bonds held her fast. The girl sobbed into the filthy gag, curling her fingers, clawing at the dirty top sheet.

“Maybe I should start here, right on this nipple,” Mike said, sitting on one end of the bed. Christina felt the mattress sag badly as he reached over and held the burning cigarette an inch above her nipple. She cringed away. The heat of the tip grew slowly. She could smell the sharp aroma of the burning tobacco. Her flesh reddened from the flame. Oh, God, he was going to scar her for life! She’d be just like that horrible dark-haired girl, her flesh dotted with burn marks.

“Mmmmmmm!” Christina cried, the tendons bulging against the flesh of her inner thighs while the cords in her neck stood out. Sweat trickled from under her arms while she shivered. A little sob slid past the scummy gag in her mouth.

“Yeah, or maybe down there by her cunt,” Mike said, moving the cigarette over her flesh, smiling as he watched her skin actually shiver and contract under the heat of his burning cigarette.

“Yeah, let’s see if she’s got enough juice to put it out,” Chuck said encouragingly.

Christina wished she could have passed out. She waited there, tied helpless to the bed. Mike held the cigarette above her navel for a minute, moving it around her belly in a tiny circle. He glanced up at her and smiled, enjoying her obvious terror. Then, while humming, he dropped the glowing tip to her flesh.

Christina first felt intense cold. She screamed into the gag, twisting her body violently as much as the cloth bonds would allow. The rusty springs squeaked and groaned under the girl’s gyrations. Then the cold was quickly replaced by burning heat. She could smell the odor of her burning flesh and it made her sick.

“Yeah, yeah,” Mike said, taking the tip of his cigarette away from her belly and staring at the dark red mark it had made in her quivering flesh.

Christina nearly choked on her own spittle as she turned her head away from the sickening scene. Her belly felt as if someone had knifed her several times. The heat was replaced by intense pain, the pain of her burned, injured flesh. Were they going to go on like this? She shook her head from side to side, knocking off the tears that were oozing into her mouth and nose.

The men waited for the girl to calm down before going at her again with the cigarette.

“Yeah, maybe the cunt,” Mike said, moving the tiny, burning weapon down toward the stretched tendon of her inner thigh.

Christina looked at the young biker then dropped her eyes to her legs. She watched helplessly as he touched the hot tip of the cigarette to her skin, then dragged it along the line of her tendon.

Christina didn’t think anything could be as painful as that! She tried to remain quiet. No, she couldn’t let them get away with this, couldn’t, let them know how much pain she was in. But as the line of agony moved closer to her pussy, Christina felt all her fine resolves about being stoic disappear. With a whispering crackle, the first few curly hairs on her cunt-lips burned. Then there was the nauseating reeking odor of her burning flesh. It was too much for her to stand.


The pain was horrible. The burning heat felt like a dozen burning coals on her cunt. The gag held her mouth open wide. With a tearing pain in her throat, her breath went out. Christina moaned low, feeling more tears flowing from her eyes.

“Stop!” she cried, the gag falling from her mouth.

“Yeah, sure,” Mike said, moving the cigarette away from her thighs. Christina sighed with relief, falling back onto the filthy bed. It was only a temporary reprieve, that she knew.

He whispered something to Chuck, then reached over and started untying the linen bonds.

“Don’t get your fuckin’ hopes up, honey. We’re just changin’ your position,” Mike said, loosening the ties around the bedframe, then taking the girl by the waist and rolling her over until she was crouched in a doggie position. Christina felt her tits scraping the top sheet. Mike and Chuck re-attached the linen, making sure her knees were spread widely apart while her wrist were securely fastened to the bedframe. Her ass rose high and exposed in the air. She could feel a draft cooling her cunt-lips. The musty smell of old sheets filled her nose. The burned areas of her belly and pussy made her suck in lungfuls of air. “Oh!”

She felt Mike running his fingers up and down the bare soles of her feet. She gasped, her toes curling. What was he up to?

“Yeah!” he whispered, pushing his head forward and burying it in her upturned pussy.

The girl lurched forward, her lower jaw dropping while her eyes bugged out and her nostrils flared. She let out several gasps of surprised delight and fear. After all that pain, were they going to give her this kind of pleasure?

The young biker backed away. Then he reached around his leather belt for a small pocket-knife holder.

“Let’s see how she likes to fuck this,” Mike said, pulling out a small, two-inch bladed knife and flipping it open.

Christina couldn’t see what was happening, but realized he’d devised some new hellish plan to torment her. He was moving behind her, reaching under her belly and pawing her tits before backing down again.


Suddenly, she was aware of something sharp slicing a thin line across her asscheeks. A knife! He was going to slice her open! Christina remembered all those marks on that biker girl. Oh, God, they were turning her into one of their own kind. Mike was going to make her like the rest of them. She’d carry the scars of her torment with her the rest of her life, a reminder of this horrible night and the men who had tortured her.

Christina tried to inch away from the sharp pain.

“No, please, don’t,” she whimpered, tugging at the linen. She thought she’d piss from the terror knifing through her loins.

Mike only licked his lips, pleased at the girl’s mounting fear. He’d worried that she would be numbed to any kind of degrading act by now. But Christina never ceased to amaze him.

“Hot little bitch,” he muttered.

Christina felt the hot sticky line of her pussy-slit exposed. The tip of the knife slid across one buttock, then moved to the other. It slipped along to the point where her ass met her thigh. The pressure increased as the needle-sharp point slid closer to her pussy. Christina wanted to shriek, but knew that the lightest move would put the knife’s blade through her flesh.


What was happening? Was it because of the intense fear that her cunt sucked in air, opening in an uncontrollable spasm as the knife traced along the outer line of her cunt-lips? The soft area and its vulnerability to the blade terrified her. She bit her lip, her face twisting into a mask of intense concentration. Closing her eyes, the girl wished she could faint.

The knife pulled away. Christina let her breath out. She relaxed her muscles. The nipples of her fleshy tits touched the sheet. She felt a trickle of juice and sweat ooze down her thighs.


Christina stiffened once more, her back arching high in the air. A shocking chill froze the center of her cunt. Mike was pressing the flat of the blade against her cunt-slit, rocking it from her clit to the bottom junction of her pussy-lips.

Christina’s pussy clamped down on nothing, the sharp edges of the knife slitting her cunt-flaps.

“Nooooo!” the girl cried, feeling delicious pain ripple through her pussy. The constant, repeated touch and chill of the blade sent streamers of incredible lust through the terrified young blonde teen. She slowly became conscious of the increasing heat in her cunt. Oh, it was happening again! She was turning on to her own degradation. When would it ever stop?

“Man, I’m so fuckin’ hot,” Chuck said, rubbing his crotch. Finally, the biker couldn’t stand watching Mike having all the fun. He moved around to the head of the small bed, unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock.

“Head, baby, good head. Give it to me,” he whispered tightly, climbing onto the bed and shoving his opened Levi’s down to his knees.

Christina shook the hair from her eyes and tilted her head back as far as it could go. As Mike moved the knife up and down her spasming pussy, Chuck bent his knees, lowering his hot crotch to the level of her mouth then wiping his dick-head against her full lower lip. Christina could taste the salty flavor of his cum. Yes, she’d be swallowing jizz again!

“Yeah!” Chuck whispered, sucking in a deep breath as he drove his cock-head into the girl’s waiting mouth.

Mike backed down, throwing the knife on the floor while opening his trousers and yanking out his stiff cock. He watched his buddy lean against the back wall and hunch his hips back and forth, sawing his dick in and out of Christina’s mouth.

Then he spat on his palms and slicked down his cock with hot saliva.

“Gonna have a big surprise for you,” he said, crawling behind her and hooking his hands around her asscheeks. Christina expected to be fucked, but not where she finally took his cock.

“Ohhhhhfffff!” the teenager cried in pain. Tears rolled again down her cheeks. He was shaving his cock-head against her asshole! He wanted to fuck her in the ass!

“Fuck, tight, fuckin’ tight,” Mike grunted, his face wincing, showing the strain as he hunched forward and down. His legs shook from the effort while his dick bent at the middle.

“Keep it up, baby. Go on, Mike, man, she’s beggin’ for it,” Chuck said in a tight voice.

Christina let out a series of strangled cries, muffled by the bulk of Chuck’s pistoning cock.

“Man, this chick’s too much. But I’m fuckin’ tired of cunts givin’ me head,” Chuck said, sliding his dick out of Christina’s mouth. A string of drool oozed down from one corner of her mouth.


Christina’s lips parted to form a wide circle. Her sphincter muscles gave way, admitting the first three inches of the biker’s cock-shaft. The blonde teen felt as if someone had driven a stake through her belly. A dull, throbbing ache radiated out from her violated asshole down to her cunt, then across her belly to her swinging tits. Christina grunted like a stuck pig, tugging at the linen holding her arms to the bed. She jerked and twisted, her hair brushing across her knuckles as the bed squeaked and groaned from her efforts.

“Man, I got her asshole,” Mike grunted in a tight voice, holding hard onto her moving hips while squeezing his asscheeks together and driving in another inch of cock.

“Forget that, man.” Chuck, said, standing up, then sliding back down under the girl. He held her head to one side, shoving her back slightly as he wormed down under her. “Always wanted to have a chick on top of me,” Chuck muttered, holding his spit-slick cock in one hand as he tilted his thighs up and tried to stick his cock into her pussy.

“Not gonna work, man, not gonna work,” Mike said, glancing down and seeing his buddy trying to fuck the girl from below.

“Damn it. Okay, then we’ll do it on the side. It’ll be fuckin’ good fucking this bitch at the same time,” Chuck said, wiggling back up, untying Christina’s arm while Mike tucked his legs under the girl, wrapping his hands around her waist and rolling to one side.

Chuck had forgotten to untie her ankles. Her legs twisted painfully around one another. The blonde teen kept howling until Chuck released her leg, muttering obscenities under his breath as he climbed back onto the bed and hunched up to Christina.

“Okay, baby, you got me workin’ as much as you’re gonna. Now you’re gonna put out,” he said, reaching up and pinching her stiff nipples while shoving her knees apart with his legs. Reaching down, the blond biker felt pussy-juice seep from her hole and slick down his fingers. “Yeah, good and hot and ready.”

Behind her, Mike was going crazy, pistoning his dick in and out of the grunting girl, smoothing his hands over her body. Chuck held onto Christina around the waist, pushing his legs farther between hers and bunching up. With one powerful thrust, the biker managed to bury half his dick in her swampy cunt.

“Uhhhhhh!” Christina cried, throwing her head back and banging it against Mike’s chin. She felt the rough hairs of his chest scratch her back and shoulder blades playfully while his hands kneaded and pinched her flesh. His legs shoved against the backs of hers while Chuck’s knees kept trying to spread her thighs farther apart. Two men were sandwiching hp, pounding their dicks into her willing body. Their mutual body heat made her sweat. Christina let out another sigh of excitement as Chuck drove in another inch into her pussy. Reaching down, the blond stud worked his fingers around the top part of her pussy, concentrating on her clit, making her cry out again and again that she needed his dick.

“Beg for it, baby. Tell me how much you dig gettin’ fucked by me and Mike,” Chuck gasped between his teeth, pinching her nipples hard.

“Owwwwww-yesssss! Oh, God, yes, I love it, I love getting fucked by you and Mike!” Christina shouted. She sucked in more breath to feed her plunging body. The men were fucking in tandem, bouncing her from one to the other.

“Hey, buddy, I’m gonna lose it fast,” Chuck suddenly blurted out. His face slackened while his eyes rolled back in his head. He was making funny wheezing sounds through his nose.

“Hold on, man, hold on. I’m right behind you,” Mike said, reaching down and pinching her ass cruelly while hammering his cock into her asshole.

Christina jerked back and forth between the two men. Their hands worked over her body together while their hips banged against hers. She was close, oh so close. And the thought of coming with two men shooting off their dicks in her body drove her over the edge. She clawed at Chuck, grabbing him by the shoulders and driving her nails in his flesh while letting out a hellish yelp of sexual ecstasy.

“Iiiaiyeeee!” the girl cried, her legs snapping apart, then falling back together.

“Fuck, comin’ I’m… comin’!” Chuck wailed, slamming his dick up to the hilt and leaving it there. Gouts of hot jizz shot out of his piss-slit and splashed against Christina’s rumbling cuntal walls. She felt the pressure and wetness of his orgasm and went wild.

“Cum, cum, oh, fuck yes, cum!” she cried, her cuntal muscles cramping and grabbing onto the blond biker’s shooting prick.

“Fuck!” Mike shouted, then buried his face in the nape of Christina’s neck. He was dumping his load of spunk into her asshole, greasing down her tight, tense hole with jizz, making it easier to slide his cock in and out.

When they were through, Mike rolled off and sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing his dick.

“Baby, I ain’t gonna be able to fuck nothin’ with this prick when you go. But shit, it’s been worth it.”

Christina, hating herself for it, had to agree.


They left Christina alone for over an hour, having locked the bedroom door as best they could. The blonde teen tucked her legs under her buttocks and lay quietly on the old bed, thinking about what had happened to her and her reaction to it. Had she really done all those terrible things and enjoyed them? Pictures of her and the bikers, of her and the dog flashed through her confused mind.

Now that no one was touching her molesting her, Christina was horrified at what she’d done. What on earth could have come over her? How could she have forgotten all her strict moral training so quickly? How could she have fucked Mike, Chuck and taken them on in those sordid ways?

“Ohhhhh!” the girl moaned, rolling over and burying her face in the pillow. She clutched the dirty top sheet, beating the mattress with her tiny fists as wave after wave of guilt washed over her. The blonde thought of her mother and father and wanted to die.

Christina lay in this state for several more minutes. At times, she heard movement behind the door, but she was too terrified to roll off the bed and see if she could see what was going on.

“Come on, I wanna fuck her,” she heard one biker shout out drunkenly. The girl crossed her arms over her tits and hunched up against the iron headboard, expecting the door to come crashing in and a group of bikers to pounce on her.

But Mike restrained him, telling the drunken gang member that Christina had had enough for one evening.

Thank God, the girl sighed, relaxing and sliding back down to the mattress. She lay there, drifting in and out of sleep until unconsciousness finally overtook the exhausted and well-fucked girl.

Wild dreams tormented the blonde teenager as she tossed and rolled on the bed. Her sleep hadn’t given her the rest she needed. Christina dreamed of men chasing her, their cocks hot, thick and hard, bobbing as they ran after the fleeing young woman. At times, some caught her and moved their hands over her cuntal mound, peeling back her outer cunt-lips and tickling her clit. Others tried to fuck her in the ass while still others preferred to torture her with leather belts and burning cigarettes.

“Ohhhhh!” Christina moaned in her sleep, rolling onto her ass. She made soft fucking motions on the mattress, running her fingers lightly over her swollen tits and belly. Now the girl was dreaming of Mike, of his muscular hairy body and how it felt covering her like a big fur rug. A tiny river of hot bubbly cunt-juice frothed out of her fuck-slit, wetting down her inner thighs. Her leg muscles tightened, relaxed, then tightened again as she dreamed of his dick snaking through her blonde cuntal thicket.

“Fuck, fuck,” the girl whispered softly, rolling her head from side to side. All sense of guilt was gone. Even in her sleep, the young woman could feel his callused fingers as they roamed all over her body, pinching her nipples, working greedily over her swollen pubes, cupping her asscheeks and spreading them apart while his knees slid under her ass and his dick slipped into her greasy cunt-hole.

“Ahhhhh!” Christina sighed, thinking she could feel his fat hairy nuts coming to rest at the bottom junction of her pussy-lips. Yes, yes, she wanted a fucking, needed a hard long screwing from that biker. Christina’s hips began moving up and down regularly as her dream intensified. She could feel the rough sensation of Mike’s cock as it sawed in and out of her juicing pussy. Her cuntal walls stretched widely apart to accommodate that pistoning dick. She could feel sweat dripping from his forehead and splashing onto her face as the young man held her flat to the squeaking bed and fucked away.

“Uh, cum, uhhhh!” Christina cried in a strangled voice as she neared orgasm. The hairs covering his body stimulated every nerve ending in her flesh. The young woman thought she was scissoring her legs around Mike’s lower back, bunching up to his hammering groin when she finally awoke from her erotic dream.

“Oh, where am I?” she cried, putting one hand up to her burning forehead and rubbing it across her face. She was dripping with sweat! Then the memory of that wild dream flashed through her mind. No wonder her pussy was aching and throbbing. Oh, it felt as if someone had set fire to her pussy-hairs. And there was still the sensation that something was fucking in and out of her cunt-hole.


Christina awoke fully now and bolted upright, supporting her torso on her elbows and staring wide-eyed at a bulky dark shape hunched between her legs. There was something toying with her cunt.

Terror sliced through her as she blinked several times to clear her eyes.

At first, she thought it might have been one of the bikers who sneaked in in spite of Mike’s warnings. In a second, Christina saw she was wrong. Champ was on his haunches staring back at her, his long pink tongue hanging from one corner of his mouth.

“Oh, get away, dog, get away,” Christina said, almost laughing at herself. Even her slapping down at him had done nothing but arouse his anger. She glanced up and saw the door was cracked open. Obviously, the animal had managed to open it by the sheer weight of his massive body in spite of how tightly Mike had jammed it shut.

The big animal growled, his eyes almost glowing in the dark. Christina shivered. Actually, he wasn’t a bad sort, especially when compared to the two-legged animals on the other side of the door.

“Hello, Champ,” she said in a soft voice.

“Yes, Champ, you’re the only thing around here that’s good and decent,” she said, stretching one hand out and rubbing the fur between his pointed ears. The animal twisted his head around and licked her forearm, letting out a whimper of approval.

But the blonde teen needed love, understanding and affection from someone — or something — at this point. God help her, she was turning to a dumb animal for her basic human needs.

Dumb? As Christina moved her hands over the dog’s thick fur, she stared at him. No, he seemed to have an intelligence greater than most people gave animals credit for. He was watching her, studying her. She could feel his body heat increase as she moved her trembling fingers over his sides then down his powerful forelegs.

“Yes, good dog, good doggie,” she murmured, loving the sensation of his fur as it tickled the sensitive skin just under her fingernails.

“Okay, baby, up and at ’em,” Mike said, sniffing the air and smiling. He glanced down at the animal curled up in one corner and laughed softly. Christina felt herself burning with shame. The biker didn’t have to say a word. She knew he knew she’d been dragged down to his low level of existence. “We got your old man runnin’ ragged, baby. He’s got the cash. Put this on and let’s get the fuck outta here.”

Christina caught an old robe Mike had picked up from somewhere and threw it over her shoulders. Chuck followed his buddy into the bedroom and took the half-conscious girl in his arms, guiding her out to the living room. Most of the gang had left, Christina saw, as they walked toward the porch.

“We don’t like to leave tracks, just in case your old man gets funny with us,” Mike said, closing the door behind them.

Christina stopped at the foot of the steps and looked at the now darkened building. Inside, things too terrible to talk about had happened to her. Now, as she stood outside in the quiet early morning air, it all seemed like a horrible dream to her. She hugged the robe tightly around her naked body while puffs of condensed breath appeared in front of her nose. Would she ever be able to live with herself after this? Yes, yes, she’d have to.

“Come on, baby, don’t wanna keep your old man waitin’,” Mike said, pushing her forward.

Christina flashed a last look at the deserted house. No matter what happened to her from now on, she could never forget the sexual depravity forced on her. Forced? Christina laughed, hiding her face in the heavy bathrobe. That was a laugh! No, she’d never be the same girl. Twenty-four hours had changed her, given her a new if somewhat perverted outlook on life. Everything was worthless except fucking. Fucking was all that mattered.


The word made the girl smile again. She hugged the bathrobe tightly and followed the biker. No, nothing would be the same for her again.

“Where’s the other girl?” Christina asked, stopping in front of the house and looking at Chuck.

“Back where she came from,” Mike answered. “Why, you hungry for cunt-meat? Ain’t cock good enough for you no more?”

The words stung the girl’s pride, but only for a moment. She thought of that brunette and of the life she led. Something like envy gripped Christina. For a mad second, she wondered if she could become Mike’s “woman”.

“Come on,” he urged again. “And don’t worry about the mutt. The Heathens’ll be here fuckin’ soon and get ‘im.”

Would she ever meet Mike again? What a crazy idea. But as she followed him down Ocean Front Walk, Christina hoped she would.

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