Educating Darren

When Darren awoke he felt mildly euphoric and
completely disorientated. He gradually became aware of
two things; he was completely naked and he could not
move. A wave of panic gripped his mind as he struggled
to free himself but he soon realised that both his legs
and hands were firmly secured and that he was
spreadeagled on his back, on a small double bed.

In fact, the bed seemed to be the only piece of
furniture in the room, there did not appear to be any
windows. It was even difficult to tell how big the room
was. The bed was lying in a direct pool of light and
everything around it faded away into a soft gloom. He
opened his mouth and called…

“Is anybody there?”

He could not decide if he wanted there to be or not.
There was no response.

Then he remembered, the glass of champagne or whatever
the hell it was, and he remembered how aroused she had
made him feel just before all the lights went out. The
bitch must have drugged him. The thought of her brought
his erection back with a vengeance and no matter how
angry he was at himself for still fancying her, it
would not subside.

“Well I see you are wide awake!”

Darren nearly jumped out of his skin. Caroline had
entered the room by a door somewhere behind him, and
the click-clack of her stiletto heels announced her
imminent approach.

“What the **** do you think you are doing? Are you
crazy? Let me out of here NOW!” he blustered, as he
gave one more almighty tug at his bonds.

“I don’t think you are in any position to be giving
orders, do you?” she purred, as she clasped his penis
firmly in her hand and gave it a little squeeze.

“Now that did not hurt, did it? In fact it probably
felt quite nice. But if I hear any more language like
that, I won’t be so gentle. I suggest you give some
thought to how vulnerable you are at the moment.”
Darren turned almost puce with embarrassment, and his
erection which had pulsed at her touch, subsided a
little as her words hit home. She could hear him
mumbling something under his breath as she walked
slowly and it appeared to him, menacingly, round to the
other side of the bed.

“There are two things I have taken it upon myself to
teach you.” Caroline began, in an almost schoolmarmish
tone of voice. “Number one. How to behave in the
presence of a lady, and number two, the motivation to
work harder and better on my new house. The second
should be easier for me to achieve than the first but
we will see.”

Darren would have liked to be able to pinch himself to
see if he was having some weird erotic dream. This
could not be happening. But as he watched, Caroline
slowly lifted her skirt, once again revealing her silky
stockings to him. She paused momentarily while she
ensured he took in the view. Her eyes watched his and
waited for the inevitable.

Darren’s view was of Caroline’s fingers splayed on both
thighs, framing her mound which was also decorated with
black silken material. Eventually his eyes flicked
upwards to meet hers, and the look that passed between
them said it all. ‘You are mine, and we both know it.’

Holding the hem of her skirt she climbed onto the bed,
the weight of her as she sat on his face left him in no
doubt that this was no dream. It was real.