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My fifty-year old wife is tempted into her first ever lesbian experience

“The compliments kept coming. Love your legs. You have a wonderful body, she told me as she watched me trying on clothes. I could see the girls in the shop trying to tell me something. Then a shock. “I am a lesbian Joanne. I would love to make love to you,” she told me out […]

Gangbang with Susan 1.

Susan was never quite certain when it started, when the feelings began to change inside her, when they began to take on the taint of lust and heat and sexual desire. It happened sometime after her adolescence, not her own, but her daughter’s. Susan remember her own adolescence all too well. She remembered her budding […]

Toys For Mom and Daughter

Anna Maria Palmer was relaxed as she walked up to the dorm hall entrance on the campus of Syracuse University. It was Friday, late in September of 1979. Her only child, Beth, should be out of her last class any time now, so they can go to dinner. Her long, brown hair hung down to […]

Two lesbians at the barn

Earlier that day I found myself stuck in a major rut. My fiance had been over and had walked in while I was enjoying the next door neighbor, Amanda’s, breasts… Although Bill had stood and watched for over five minutes before being seen, I couldn’t help but feel embarassed and somewhat guilty. Amanda and I […]

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