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I’m a lesbian, you idiot!

“I’m a lesbian, you idiot!” He shrugged. “I’m gay. The point is we both want children and our government is not friendly to same-sex couples adopting. So we make our own.” “Ewwww.” “Oh, don’t come all male-sex-is-rape on me. You had sex the night of your prom. You told me so.” “I did?” “When we […]

Lesbian femdom and bdsm story

“Having fun?” asked Maria. A smile crept on her face as she looked down at her helpless captive, Susan. She was squirming around for all she was worth, getting herself worked up into a frenzy again. Dressed only in a white string bikini that Maria had picked out for her, the sight of her alternating […]

Lesbian teen pussies – Shaven

My neighbor, Jenna, always blinks three times when she lies. She knows I know this, and today when we went shopping together, she said a bikini looked great on me. Then she blinked. Three times. I hung the swimsuit back on the rack. We tried another store. This one had a big sale, and all […]

Cindy Holds Court (fdom, F/F+ spank)

Cindy, a twenty nine year old property management director, is a self-confident woman who graduated with a psychology degree. At five feet eight inches tall, with full lips and a firm build, both men and women find her attractive. She has a dominant streak that attracts those who have submissive tendencies. Cindy went through a […]

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