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Turned On Slut Wife

The bad dream ended with a loud whimper. Kitten Hunter sat up in the badly rumpled bed as though jerked into position by an invisible string, and the soft baby pink blanket dropped to her lap, revealing her naked tits drenched with perspiration, their coral nipples hard and throbbing. The diminutive midnight-haired girl knew instinctively […]

Whipped And Bound Niece

“But I want to be an actress!” Cathy screamed at her mother. Shiela Harp just went on knitting and staring at the television. “You”ll soon get that nonsense out of your head,” Shiela said rather grimly, “and you”re certainly not going to give up that restaurant training to chase off after some stupid dream like […]

This Family Does It

“Ohh — oh, you bastard!” Sharon Brant gasped, her gasp turning into a groan as she spread her slender legs wide open to expose the pink, blonde fleeced flower of her sopping cunt. “You know I can”t stand it when you”re like this! Why… why can”t you be a nice normal husband for once and […]