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Whipped Chained Cousin and the drunken wife

Ellen Kimberly tried pulling away, the filthy sole of the engineering boot crushing her upper lip. The pretty teenager tried squirming away, her fingers curling and digging into the soft dirt beneath her for traction. But Ellen found she couldn’t make a move. Her cousin Jeff was holding her captive there, increasing the weight of […]

Beat The Man Down

Randolph knew what to do and he did it. It was as simple as that. Paid hadn”t needed to tell him. Randolph had gone through the customary pre-sex preliminaries and, upon seeing the cock begin its initial stirrings to life, he closed his mouth about the lengthening prick. Randolph pulled back to a kneeling position […]

Fucked Barbie Cheerleader

“Suck my cock Barbie,” the boy in the uniform commanded, slapping Barbie’s beautiful, tear-stained face with his fat, slimy cock. “Suck some military cock you trashy, cheerleading slut!” Barbie was bent over like an animal in the middle of the mob of boys. It seemed to the dazed young cheerleader that every boy attending Rener’s […]

Fucked Daughter, Roped Mother

“Yaggghh!” Dina Moulton wailed. She stumbled backward, doubled over, clutching her stomach. Dina”s long blonde hair whipped across her face. He had hit her! He actually punched her in the belly! The terrorized teenager fought for breath and balance. “Goddamned dumb slut!” A nightmare! That”s what this was. Some stupid nightmare from which she”d awaken, […]

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