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Harry’s Wet Dream

Harry was in shock as he saw Ron playing lustily with his sticky & wet cock which was limping back to erection as a result of being rubbed & fondled by Ron’s fingers. Ron’s fingers were busy fondling Harry’s most private parts. Ron teared off his shirt & his pajamas, which enabled Harry to have […]

Real Wants

“So,” she said, “if I understand you correctly…” She paused. And stood. Instinctively I stood as well and she came out in front of the desk. My heart sank. It seemed certain she was escorting me out. “What you want is to do a case study–on us.” “Yes,” I said, having backed away a bit […]

Mandi and Rick the two prick

Mandi and Rick arrived home a good hour before Merry did, and Mandi took Rick’s instructions of the morning to heart. When Merry walked in, Mandi met her at the door, nude, with a couple of coat hangers in her hand. “Hello, Mum, how was your day?” Merry’s initial response was “Ummm,” but she recovered […]

Our Mexican Honeymoon

When I married Kristi I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I’d been a bachelor for the past 2 years ever since I’d caught my first wife cheating on me. We split up right then and there and it wasn’t until I met Kristi that I had any sexual relations with a woman […]

Lord Raine Returns

Marian stood on the flagstone balcony watching as the fleet enters the harbor on the morning tide. Lord Raine’s standard billowing proudly from the largest ship. She knows it is only a matter of hours before he arrives at the manor house overlooking the small village and it’s harbor. He will come alone, the rogue […]

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