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Sins of the Mothers

I asked her to dance, and she wasn’t too steady on her feet. Her breath reeked of liquor and she had a faraway look. I was twenty-two years old, in a strange city, and had few friends. Dances were the only places I knew for meeting women. It was almost midnight, and I had to […]

What Goes Around, Cums Around

Persuasive by nature and devilishly curious, young Liza, convinced her cousin Kellye to have sex with her, one night while they both slept over their grandparent’s house. Liza discovered several of grandfather’s pornographic magazines, underneath the bathroom sink. She managed to sneak a couple them using a large, hardcover children’s book. She transported them unsuspectingly […]

Grace’s Hard Lessons(M+/F, nc, humiliation, coercion)

Grace was in the men’s toilet on the second floor of the office. Royston said that because she was late earlier in her first assignment, she was to stay behind after office hours to receive her second assignment. And after office hours, Royston told her what was her next assignment – she was to seduce […]

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