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First dates can have some surprises

Before I start this I better explain a few things first. I’m not gay, bi-curious, or attracted to men. However, I’m not a gay basher or against gays in any way. I’ve known some gay boys, and while they’ve never been close friends I talk with them sometimes. The reason for this disclaimer will become […]

Anal sex with the Doctor

Nurse Head smiled in greeting as Annette entered the doctor’s waiting room a week after her history test. It was time for her annual physical, and Doctor Horn was going to give her the works. “Hello, Annette. How have you been?” “Oh, pretty good, I guess. I’m feeling fine.” “Good. Come with me.” Nurse Head […]

Assfucked Au-Pair

The following week was final exam time at Houston High. Annette was busily occupied in finding the answers to the many questions on her history final. She was having a tough time, indeed. Too much time had been devoted to thinking of cock, rather than thinking of scholastic matters. She scanned the test, and found […]

A “Hot Rags” story

Harry wanders into “Hot Rags” and, when Nikki offers him tea, seems unable to resist telling her his problems. He had noticed that his wife had become very aggressive about sex since she had begun a new “stop smoking” program, but that she also seemed to forget it after it was over. He follows his […]

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