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Gen and Jonnie had swung before

Like Babs and I, Gen and Jonnie were a committed lesbian couple. Babs worked with Gen at the gym. Gen was one of the personal trainers and built a lot like me, tall, muscular, and very butch. Gen flirted with my little dear constantly. I could see where Babs might like her. Jonnie was a […]

Elizabeth’s virgin asshole

Elizabeth moaned and wiggled a little as the vibrator did its job. I’d strapped her into the passenger side captain’s chair and removed the walkman and blindfold so we could better communicate. I tried my best to talk to her but the hateful looks she kept giving me were disturbing my concentration. Finally, I’d replaced […]

Taj’s Tasty Tush

Taj is my nephew, my older brother Jermaine’s son, so I’ve known him all his life. At the time everything happened, he had just turned seven, having just finished the first grade, while I had just turned seventeen, having just finished the eleventh grade. I was still very much in the closet about my sexuality […]

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