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When Mom wants to do EVERYTHING

“What do you mean you missed?” Mom stared at me with a puzzled frown on her face as I stood there in the bathroom like a dumbstruck lemon trying and failing to explain my first attempt at measuring my spunk. “Uh, well,” I mumbled as I held up the empty measuring beaker for her to […]

Sins of the Mothers

I asked her to dance, and she wasn’t too steady on her feet. Her breath reeked of liquor and she had a faraway look. I was twenty-two years old, in a strange city, and had few friends. Dances were the only places I knew for meeting women. It was almost midnight, and I had to […]

Kinky Black Mother 2.

Charline Sutter liked to drive her powder-blue sports car, liked the way it snugly hugged the road no matter how torturously bent or curved it became, no matter what shape or line it took. She enjoyed, too, the feeling of power as she carefully steered and shifted gears of the sleek little car as she […]

Horny Mother

Beth James, her moist cunt twitching in anticipation, sipped her drink and listened as the young man talked about his sports car. She wasn’t the least bit interested in the car that she had followed over to his apartment, but she didn’t want to seem bored. After all, at thirty-six she knew how to handle […]

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