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Mom caught her son fucking her daughter, now she wants some

I froze in my tracks as my sister’s face burned red, mortified to learn our mother had caught us having sex. Mom looked up at me with a look that was beyond comprehension: not angry, not happy… amused perhaps. She walked away from Kristen and said, as she passed by me, her tone suddenly stern, […]

What A Hot Mother

Ann stood watching from behind the doorway entering the garage. Her daughter, Misty, was sitting on an old mattress that had been stored there. She was in the middle of it with her dress bunched about her waist. Misty’s legs were spread out wide before her, her panties dangling at her left ankle. She sat […]

Teen erotic fun

We quickly forgot the near-pregnancy experience. There was so much else to think about. The first preliminary test before the final exam came in the beginning of March and we had to spend more time, studying. It was judgement day for Mark in particular. I had a fair idea about how his father had persuaded […]

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