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Spanked schoolgirl

I almost went up the steps… onto the back porch. They certainly would have heard me and things probably would have been different. I happened to see through the screen door before stepping on the first step. There was Mrs. Addison sitting on a chair and Beth was laying face down over her thighs! Beth […]

Fuck my hot little mouth with your beautiful black cock

I can’t believe that I wrote this story instead of my husband, but I really wanted to. The only problem was every time I got going on it, it rekindled the memory of that day, and I kept getting so hot and horny that I’d stop writing and go find my husband, Mack, and make […]

Tasting the Exotic!

Sometime after we reached puberty, my sister and I engaged in incestual contacts not so much out of curiousity, but in search of sexual release. We were competitive and proud, so when one of us was trying to get the other “interested”, we didn’t use romance or seduction. We often suggested a role-game, such as […]