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Tell me what you want – Anal sex

It had never been a plan, so much as a fantasy he had. John had been dating Sonya for 3 months. He’d taken her virginity after 3 weeks, and they had been active ever since. He enjoyed being with her immensely, enjoyed showing her new things, doing things no one had done to her before. […]

Even The Neighbors Suck!

Steve and Bonnie Conrad were an extremely promiscuous couple with teenaged twin daughters named Pam and Jill. Though the two blonde girls were extremely attractive and innocent looking, they’d both lost their cherries and had been fucking regularly ever since. Their parents, unaware of the twins’ sexual activities, were into all sorts of kinky sex, […]

Caught By The Babysitter

Tina Mallory was an 18 year high school graduate trying to make money for the summer. She was not very tall but very attractive. She had long red hair flowing down nearly to her backside and although she didnt understand why…her breasts never did get very big…An A-cup…she was so embarrased..However, it never stopped her […]

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