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Harry’s Wet Dream

Harry was in shock as he saw Ron playing lustily with his sticky & wet cock which was limping back to erection as a result of being rubbed & fondled by Ron’s fingers. Ron’s fingers were busy fondling Harry’s most private parts. Ron teared off his shirt & his pajamas, which enabled Harry to have […]

Real Wants

“So,” she said, “if I understand you correctly…” She paused. And stood. Instinctively I stood as well and she came out in front of the desk. My heart sank. It seemed certain she was escorting me out. “What you want is to do a case study–on us.” “Yes,” I said, having backed away a bit […]

Hill’s the Boss 4: With Grace

I was in bed with the Senator at the Hotel Z after our partner (and her chauffeur) Tyrone went home. As you may know, I am Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lover. We were enjoying our post-coital glow when the Senator got that girlish, mischievous look she only allows special friends to see. “You know, Joe,” […]

Sex-Video Marathon

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked rhetorically as I entered the room. The heels of my thigh high boots echoed as I confidently strode along the varnished wooden floor. They matched the rest of my outfit: black, shiny, and tight. Twenty minutes it had taken me to squeeze into my rubber leotard and matching gloves, all for […]

The cyber wife

As with many of the things Cindi and I try, the phone sex thing was a one-time event (so far, I still have never figured out what she meant by the other “position”). I still love watching her have her online fun at least three times a week. She says it helps her unwind from […]

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