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The Wife’s Orgy Urge

“Please, Eric,” Rita Roberts whined as she sat cross-legged on the rumpled bed and watched her husband button his shirt and tuck it into his slacks. “I’m late for work as it is. Besides I’m already dressed,” Eric answered absently, keeping his eyes on the mirror while he knotted his tie. Rita squirmed which caused […]

Six Pills of Domination

The fact that I did not think about consequences is what allowed me to commit some heinous acts. Unfortunately, the lack of thought doomed me to not taking advantage of the full spectrum of possibilities that I had accidently created for myself. It seems easy to be philosophical about it now, but as a horny […]

Card game with my horny wife

“Hi honey, I’m home!!!” a male voice yelled, then stopped short when he saw Vickie. “Hey who are you? Hang on, I can guess. You’re the babysitter and the old people are out somewhere?” “That’s right.” She confirmed, “I’m afraid they won’t be back for at least an hour, probably two.” “Typical, I come home […]

Stocking tease

I have a thing about stockings. I don’t know why, it just seems to have always been the case. It probably started when I was an adolescent and the girls in the mens’ magazines usually wore stockings. But, here I am as a 30 year-old man, happily married, and I’ve still got a thing for […]

The Birthday Present Cunt

The pretty blond girl squeezed her way over to me. “Hey! Are you Jeff?” “Yeah!” “And you’re Monica’s boyfriend?” “Yeah!” “Happy Birthday!” “Thanks!” “I’m your present!” “What!?” “I said I’m your present!” “What do you mean by that!?” We were right in the middle of the frat party, next to the dance floor. The girl […]

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