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My Uncle and I

My name is Susan and I’m now eighteen. I have long blonde hair and a very slim figure. I’m 5’6″ tall. This is my first posting and so bare with me if you don’t like it. It’s based on what happened two years ago. If this posting proves successful I may do more. It was […]

Wee bit o fluff

So we’re rollin doon tae Leith in the Volvo, stereo cranked up with ‘Led Zep II’, a primal work, never bettered. An I’m tryin not tae let the anxiety attacks start doin me in agin. A fool’s errand this, nae job for a polis. An that goes double for me, ace crimefighter, detective par excellence, […]

In the photo studio

I’m taking some more photographs of you in my studio where my assistant, Duke, is arranging various props and set pieces. He’s a young man in his early twenties, handsome and eager to learn the business. You’re dressed in a blouse and wrap-around skirt. As he works around you, setting things up, I notice you […]

A Wife With No Options part 2.

I said nothing. She hesitated a little longer and then turned and opened the front door. She stood just inside the door for a moment and looked outside. It was late Saturday morning and there were people all around. The neighbors were out doing yard work and kids were out riding their bicycles and playing […]