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My Mom’s old friend from college comes to stay with us

I was just waking up, after a long night of studying. I could hear my Mom, yell something down the stairs. I rolled out of bed. I barely got a pair of boxers on and a t-shirt before my Mom opened my bed room door. “Morning.” She said. I smiled. My hands were in my […]

Helping and seducing granny

Every week I go over to my grandmother’s house to mow the lawn and generally fix up and clean up her yard. She tells me how much she appreciates the help, now that her husband is gone. One day this summer I learned just exactly how much she appreciated me! I walked into her kitchen […]

It’s our secret

It was a snowy February afternoon in 1990; I was in 7th grade. When I got home my aunt and mom were talking. My aunt Lisa was crying. I said “hi” and quickly went to my room. I later found out that my uncle had taken off with his secretary. I played dumb, but I […]

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