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At His Young Aunt’s Mercy

Jimmy was staying with his Aunt Susan for the summer. The 18 year-old wished he could go home. He missed his friends and he resented the disciplinary side of his aunt. Aunt Susan was his Mother’s younger sister she was only 24 and this was causing some friction between the aunt and nephew. Jimmy’s parents […]

Brenda Breaks Free

She was cold, uncomfortable and a little embarrassed; but she was mostly proud of the fact she’d actually gone through with it this time. Twice before in the past month she’d had the opportunity and desire, but she just couldn’t, but this time, this time she would not go home feeling like a coward and […]

The Family Closet 1.

Thirty-eight year old Kay Lester stretched her tired, naked body on the bed. It had been a long day and the stress of work had really gotten to her. She felt a bundle of nerves and knew that only one thing could relax her enough to finally fall asleep. She opened her nightstand drawer, retrieved […]

Aunt In Chains

“This is the most disgusting stuff I’ve ever seen,” Bonnie Edwards told her three nephew’s. “I’m sure your mother is going to let you know about it when she gets home.” Bonnie expected her nephews to show some kind of shame over what she had found and had dropped on the living room coffee table. […]

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