Breast Pumping and Driving

Reckless Driving – adapted from another story… A new mother’s attempt to pump while driving leads to an encounter with police. How many new mothers have been faced with the difficult challenge of wanting to breastfeed, but had a job that just didn’t work in their favor? Susan Thurman faced the same problem, but she […]

Sister in Law’s SexToys

Early last year, my father-in-law passed away. About a month prior, my sister-in-law Marie had moved from another state to help my wife care for him in his final days. Marie wasn’t sure how long she would be staying, or if she and her husband would move down permanently, so she brought a huge amount […]

The Blonde Twins

Gwen and John had sex, just like they did every week or so. She came off with a languid sigh and he spewed into her, but unusual during their couplings, she had something else on her mind. “We have a problem, John,” she said after returning from the bathroom. “Like what? Is it money?” “I […]

For Now My Step-Daughter Wants

I was laying in bed, naked, as usual, when my bedroom door opened. There was my daughter. She was teen, and developing beautifully. Her firm breasts were beautiful mounds topped with her stiff little nipples. Yes, they showed through her filmy night gown, she was wearing. Oh yes, I had seen her in that night […]

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