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Scat and humiliation in the basement

Somehow he had gotten into this really bad situation. He was in this strange women’s house, standing in the corner of her basement wearing a schoolgirls uniform. He had been ordered to stand there, facing the corner. The strange women had pulled his panties down around his ankles and he was told to put his […]

Surrendering again, young lady?

“Surrendering again, young lady?” “Perhaps, but only to dwell in people’s minds for a little while.” “Very soulful, my dear,” he smiled. “Are your clientele not biting tonight?” “No, not really: maybe they think I am too young.” “Too young?” “Me, yes, ” she shrugged. “They do seem to think I am too young. How […]

Let’s play a little game

“Let’s play a little game,” she says. “Close your eyes.” Obediently he shuts his eyes. He is slouched down in the pink upholstered chair by the window of the twelfth-floor hotel room, his arms resting on the chair arms, legs relaxed, extended, ankles crossed. Midafternoon sun passing through the drawn drapes gives the room a […]

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