Fucking Scarecrow by PleaseCain

Hers was a horrible night. Bunny showed up at Jesus Joe’s, where she didn’t need to be, where the people hanging out on his couch or the kitchen or downstairs look as strung-out as Keith Richards even when it’s not Halloween. Jesus Joe knows to keep an eye on her, that she’ll be vulnerable for […]

Jana and the Jizz Bomb by Hoisington

Once upon a time, in the days of the now-dissolved Evil Empire, there lived in Moscow a very pretty blonde girl named Yana. She was an exceptionally bright girl and graduated at the top of her class from the People’s Collective School #1369. The Government decided she wanted to become an nuclear engineer and sent […]

Photo Story (MF,cons)

I’d been trying to talk Sarah into photography for a while. She had been reluctant, to say the least. She was adamant that she wouldn’t allow herself to be photographed if it meant that ANYONE else would see the pictures. I tried to explain that we could have the pics developed through the mail at […]

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