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Enema therapy nurse

I am alone in my clinic waiting for my first patient of the day. I usually work evenings, since most of my clientele must work during the days. In the morning i am free to run errands and pick up clinic supplies, fleets enemas, syringes or tubing, clamps, bulbs, butt plugs, oil enema kits, rectal […]

Mary Does Miami 2.

Seconds later, Mary thought of the night’s events up to this point. She had given Kevin a long and thorough blowjob, and was rightly rewarded with several mouthfuls of cum for her to swallow. Then, the blonde sat atop Eric’s cock and fucked him wildly, and was given a fresh batch of sperm for her […]

Mary Does Miami

A resident of suburban Miami, Mary was quick to show a girl-next-door demeanor to her casual acquaintances. She would often come across as a person who was “pure as the driven snow”. But in reality, the 23-year-old woman had a ferocious sexual appetite which extended toward men from all walks of life. So it should […]

Vintage gangbang and orgy xxx

The time is 1942. The world is at war and George Hunt, an English spy somewhere in France, along with, Monique Rouge, a female member of the French Resistance, are picked up and are taken to Paris for interrogation. After the local SS intelligence agent can’t get anywhere they are turned over to the Gestapo. […]

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