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Naughty teens 1.

It was a typical after school day in the Tanner house. All the adults were in their rooms doing their own thing. The house was completely empty. Stephanie was the first to come through the front door. She came in wearing cute little white dress with black polkadots, red knee high socks, and black sandals. […]

My Friends the Allens – Familiarity

Jake’s penis stood rough and erect in his lap, and Julie’s fingers played idly up and down, touching the veins and caressing the soft skin of the cap. They moved down to the base of the shaft and encircled it, squeezing gently, and Jake groaned. The flickering light of the video screen played over their […]

Girl on girl story

Shirll spread her legs and reclined on her bed. The music pulsed deeply, going into her very essence, causing her erotic mood to become highly sensorial. Her fingers traced the smooth lines of her body. Using a knife to cut away her panties seemed more erotically stimulating that simply removing them or masturbating through the […]