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Two lesbians at the barn

Earlier that day I found myself stuck in a major rut. My fiance had been over and had walked in while I was enjoying the next door neighbor, Amanda’s, breasts… Although Bill had stood and watched for over five minutes before being seen, I couldn’t help but feel embarassed and somewhat guilty. Amanda and I […]

My Mother, MY COUSIN, and ME

My cousin, Tim, and I room together at our Prep school, and thanks to hanging around with him I’ve had some wild experiences with a lot of girls, and even some women. But this last summer vacation, I had experiences that I never thought would have been possible. It all began on a Friday night […]

At His Young Aunt’s Mercy

Jimmy was staying with his Aunt Susan for the summer. The 18 year-old wished he could go home. He missed his friends and he resented the disciplinary side of his aunt. Aunt Susan was his Mother’s younger sister she was only 24 and this was causing some friction between the aunt and nephew. Jimmy’s parents […]

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