Outdoor sex on the fishing

“Let me go with you,” she wheedled. “I’ll paddle, and you can troll.” He sighed. “You know I prefer to fish alone.” She knew. She knew how he would go out for hours, leaving her with the children, whole weekends where she would see him for minutes a day. Weekends where, during the winter, he’d […]

Hard threesome with Carla and Erin

Erin and Carla shared a flat; they had been best friends for years and had traveled the world backpacking together. Single and carefree, they would be out raging most nights of the week, never afraid to be brazen or overly sexy in their outfits. The two blonds cut quite a delectable picture when they entered […]

Story of two chicks and me

I was at home and with snow falling outside I put on a hoddy and fired up my rig. I logged online and started to download my emails, dam 600+ emails, and 99% spam, ack! I noticed that my friend Samantha was online in AIM so I sent her a “heyzxa…” She replied and we […]

WILD CHANGE by Carlos Malenkov

Deep in the Black Forest, or *Schwartzwald* as the locals call it, there stands a small, moss-covered cottage. Its quaint gingerbread trimmings give it a charming Eighteenth Century rustic look. Civil servants of the Bavarian state government maintain the hut and its surroundings, and give guided tours to any hikers who happen by. Nailed to […]

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