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Cuckolded by Neighbour teen

My wife and I have known the neighbour’s 18yo teen since he was born and have been friendly with his parents for years before that. From a young age we guessed he was big because at BBQ’s around their house in the summer he would be in the puddling pool and in speedos which showed […]

A day to remember

Had an amazing liamister on the weekend, a B-day present for the wife. She turned 44, is still very hot, exercises all the time, and turns heads wherever she goes. Although she doesn’t believe that. We have been together since teenagers and have a great life, great family and great relationship, even after more than […]

I am blessed with a high sex drive

I am currently away for a week or two staying with, Kaylene, one of my long-standing, bi-sex girlfriends in her lavish condo. She is just past forty, a very attractive size 12-14 long haired, brunette with a voluptuous body. She looked wonderful in her heels, skin tight white slacks and black silk blouse when she […]

Robin On Pussy Patrol

A brightly lit full moon hung in the night sky as the shadowy figure moved across the low rooftops. A sudden flash of light reflected from an approaching car illuminated the figure for a moment, before he vanished once again in a blur of yellow and red. A distant clock tower began the long chime […]

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