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Cheating Fest – Just fine

The desire, that one which once burned in my soul for Cecilia, has been gone for so long that I can barely remember the strength it once had. I should be past this stage in my life; I shouldn’t be able to fall in love again, not now, in my late forties, not again, not […]

My fifty-year old wife is tempted into her first ever lesbian experience

“The compliments kept coming. Love your legs. You have a wonderful body, she told me as she watched me trying on clothes. I could see the girls in the shop trying to tell me something. Then a shock. “I am a lesbian Joanne. I would love to make love to you,” she told me out […]

Whore wife cheating her idiot husband

I smelled her perfume as I entered the room. It was a warm familiar odor which never failed to excite me. Her room was illuminated by only a single bulb, shrouded by a silken shade. I could hear her breathing, even and slow, indicating she was sleeping soundly. I crept silently to her bedside, standing […]

Manly massage

Bachchu’s fingers slowly approached my neck. I was wearing a mangalsutra (a kind of gold necklace with black beads – a sign of married Indian ladies) and perhaps that was causing a bit of hindrance to his massage. He asked me if I would remove my mangalsutra. Unlike other Indian ladies, I am free from […]

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