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Swapping Faces Cock Rings

“The first Face is always the “Deep bite Gothic breast” what a movie set. Her Goth guitar will he rob her love strings what color is her love star? Bloody red salad shredded or crimson and clover is my life over? Will I regret it? We need better communication with the sin of temptation. She […]

Married 25 year old man searches for an experience to satisfy him

I open a large dark chestnut door and step into a long hallway, not much wider or taller than myself. The door shuts behind me. Large grey stones of varied shapes and sizes cover the walls, floors, and ceiling of the hall. It’s pretty dark, but at the end I can see a group of […]

A Wife With No Options 4.

Up until a few hours ago she dressed like a nun. Now she was sitting in a public place displaying her body on demand to acquaintances and strangers alike. She was undoubtedly sick about what she was being forced to do. But she had already convinced herself that she could not live with the alternative. […]

The best fuck of my life

This is a true story about the first time I had sex with my best friends wife and some of the steamy situations we were in before it. I didn’t make this up and its not as erotic as some of the fictional stories out there, but the fact that its true might be a […]