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Teen Family Voyeurs

“Hey, Sis — wanna watch me jerk off?” Bonny Watson looked up and grinned. Bonny was cute with bouncy tits and a luscious ass. Her teenaged brother, Jimmy, had just been admiring the girl’s sexy body, and the sight had given the horny booming hard-on. He had stood up, intending to go up to his […]

The Family Closet 1.

Thirty-eight year old Kay Lester stretched her tired, naked body on the bed. It had been a long day and the stress of work had really gotten to her. She felt a bundle of nerves and knew that only one thing could relax her enough to finally fall asleep. She opened her nightstand drawer, retrieved […]

The kinky family – Winds of Change

Mariah Wallace got out of her car slowly, hoping that she could get from the carport into the house without tossing the remnants of her breakfast. “I shouldn’t have had that second bagel with cream cheese,” Mariah groaned as her stomach continued to churn. After fumbling with her keys for a moment, she finally succeeded […]

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