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Chained, whipped librarians 2.

Jim Carver’s cock swelled fucking-hard again in less time than either of them had dared hope. Letha purred and cooed. She hadn’t lost her touch in three long and lonely years of widowhood. Ellen looked aghast. She’d never seen her husband’s great cock so long and throbbing hard. Sight of its fierce surging strength repulsed […]

Whipped Chained Cousin and the drunken wife

Ellen Kimberly tried pulling away, the filthy sole of the engineering boot crushing her upper lip. The pretty teenager tried squirming away, her fingers curling and digging into the soft dirt beneath her for traction. But Ellen found she couldn’t make a move. Her cousin Jeff was holding her captive there, increasing the weight of […]

Manly massage

Bachchu’s fingers slowly approached my neck. I was wearing a mangalsutra (a kind of gold necklace with black beads – a sign of married Indian ladies) and perhaps that was causing a bit of hindrance to his massage. He asked me if I would remove my mangalsutra. Unlike other Indian ladies, I am free from […]

This was a fantasy coming true, my wife was being a sexual whore

Friday afternoons and evenings always started and ended the same, week after week but this weekend was to change all that. My wife and I and my best friend always headed for our local watering hole for a few pitchers of beer after a long day of hitting the books. The three of us attended […]

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