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This was a fantasy coming true, my wife was being a sexual whore

Friday afternoons and evenings always started and ended the same, week after week but this weekend was to change all that. My wife and I and my best friend always headed for our local watering hole for a few pitchers of beer after a long day of hitting the books. The three of us attended […]

Face my Pussy night

Am I the luckiest woman on the planet or what? I have wild sex drive and a playful imagination, and I have a devoted, big-dicked husband who will do ANYTHING to please me. He’s absolutely mad about me and, believe me, I make him prove it – every day of the week! I work hard […]

Opps, Party Wife Got Knocked Up 2.

Well about three days later Tim asked, “Do you feel like playing a little tied-up in bed game again tonight?” “I would love to,” I said enthusiastically. Tim then pulled a new little pair of white sheer see-through bikini panties out of his pocket and handed them to me. Holding the little panties up I […]

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