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I share my wife with an African Company Director

Leanne squirmed in the arms of Osagyefo Kuntunkununko, he was holding her too close and she was feeling overpowered by his closeness. It was inappropriate! Her hands sought his to pull them away from her delightfully curvy bottom. He was worse than a schoolboy, all groping hands and hot breath. He had even been so […]

Kinky Black Mother 2.

Charline Sutter liked to drive her powder-blue sports car, liked the way it snugly hugged the road no matter how torturously bent or curved it became, no matter what shape or line it took. She enjoyed, too, the feeling of power as she carefully steered and shifted gears of the sleek little car as she […]

Kinky Black Mother 1.

Charline Sutter threw back the covers and crawled out of bed, careful not wake her still-sleeping husband, Dan. She stood still for a moment, smoothing her hands down over the lush curves of her voluptuous coffee-colored body, along her full, firm hips and downwards along the womanly curves of her outer thighs. Yes, she told […]