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Sunny Gets a Job 2.

His lips were at her ear when he said, “Don’t pay any attention if I scream like a little girl.” Sunny giggled and then they were off. She wasn’t sure if he screamed, but she knew that she did. She held onto his legs for dear life as they whooshed down the torrent of water. […]

Amy and her dog

Hi, guys, here are the detailsyou’ve been clamoring for of my experience this morning with getting fucked by Samson, a big, beautiful 2 yr. old German shepherd who belongs to some neighbors of mine. For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t looked at my profile, I’m 22, 120 lbs., 5′ 7″, heterosexual […]

Our private dancer our private slut

This story takes place in Munich Germany, at an establishment called the Pink Pussy~. This location; a “very private” club that caters to a special clientele. Socially and sexually sophisticated jet-setters visit this private club whenever they might be in town. There are other places like the Pink Pussy~ around the world, but none quite […]

Amazing, she did it!

A friend of mine was visiting one weekend and we decided to ride out towards a friend of hers to see if we could surpurise her and introduce her to my buddy. Fortunately she was home and invited us in. She had a beautiful home and a very nice pool and sauna in her back […]

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