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The Wife’s Orgy Urge 2.

Eric arrived home at two in the morning. Rita had been asleep for hours and she only stirred and mumbled something when he crawled into bed beside her. The next morning she was up early, however, showered and dressed in white shorts and a crisp, striped blouse. After preparing his favorite breakfast, she brought it […]

Every inch a nymph

With a grim look on her pretty face, Melanie Patton gulped down the remainder of her Bloody Mary and poured another from the pitcher on the patio table in front of her, trying to block the memory of her husband wanting to lick her naked pussy the night before from her mind. The voluptuous twenty-five-year-old […]

Curve Patrol

I exited the bathroom still wet from a long soak in the tub. With my terry robe wrapped tightly around me, I stalked toward the kitchen on the hunt for a giant mug of hot chocolate. A triple latte espresso would have been better, but it was nine at night and I’d had a long […]

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