Photo Story (MF,cons)

I’d been trying to talk Sarah into photography for a while. She had been reluctant, to say the least. She was adamant that she wouldn’t allow herself to be photographed if it meant that ANYONE else would see the pictures. I tried to explain that we could have the pics developed through the mail at […]

Our Mexican Honeymoon

When I married Kristi I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I’d been a bachelor for the past 2 years ever since I’d caught my first wife cheating on me. We split up right then and there and it wasn’t until I met Kristi that I had any sexual relations with a woman […]

Cuckold Ceremony – Parker’s sperm tastes better

After the ceremony, Annie was eager to mingle with the guests. Of course, her mother rushed up to us first, giving Annie a long hug. “I’m soo happy for you, dear,” Catherine began. “You’re so lucky to have a big strong man like Parker take care of you!” “I know,” Annie answered, smiling. “He really […]

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