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A man going through a nasty divorce decides to teach his bitchy wife a lesson in life

Daren Hughes watched is wife through the slits of the mini blinds from his darkened office. She was berating his voluptuous secretary for not having her papers ready. “Mrs. Hughes, please just come into the Notary’s office for the sign off,” the younger woman said. “You can leave your purse here.” Mrs. Hughes slammed down […]

A guy gets really lucky when the husband in swinging couple decides to give his gorgeous 21 year old wife

Just another shitty day is paradise. I walked along the beach at Waikiki on that beautiful Sunday afternoon. It was the last year 18 year olds could drink in Hawaii and my usual watering hole was the best place out of the sun. Great bar, it was under the swimming pool at the Outrigger Hotel. […]

Jen and the Gloryhole – Jen and her husband checkout the pot store in their new town

My wife and I are the types of people willing to try new things. We are each other’s first time, and since then, we have been willing to experiment with new things. I spent the first year of marriage in Iraq, where on a whim, she would buy porn DVDs and mags and send them […]

House Slut is a sex story about a young woman searching for her sexual boundaries

Tegan spent the Uber ride in silence, wondering what Jackson had planned for the rest of the night. Given how he had dressed her up she expected he was taking her to some swinger’s club or something. Given some of her recent escapades it didn’t seem terribly daunting but Jackson had not elaborated. The car […]

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