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My Mom’s old friend from college comes to stay with us

I was just waking up, after a long night of studying. I could hear my Mom, yell something down the stairs. I rolled out of bed. I barely got a pair of boxers on and a t-shirt before my Mom opened my bed room door. “Morning.” She said. I smiled. My hands were in my […]

Teen Slave Schoolgirl

“God!” Allison Dennis didn’t feel good. In fact, she felt terrible. Her head still pounded while her belly felt as if it were on fire. Her whole body was shaking, a monument to agony as she sat quietly in the headmistress’ office, her hands folded modestly in her lap. A severe-looking woman was shuffling through […]

Donny’s Hot mom 4.

Marsha Gilroy stood impatiently on the front step, her pert eighteen-year-old body jiggling up and down as she bounced on one foot waiting for the door to open. Marsha, a pretty brunette, was chewing gum loudly and humming off-key. She was wearing a skimpy bikini and a half-open terrycloth robe. Laurel remembered now. Marsha was […]

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