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The Wife’s Orgy Urge

“Please, Eric,” Rita Roberts whined as she sat cross-legged on the rumpled bed and watched her husband button his shirt and tuck it into his slacks. “I’m late for work as it is. Besides I’m already dressed,” Eric answered absently, keeping his eyes on the mirror while he knotted his tie. Rita squirmed which caused […]

Anal sex with the Doctor

Nurse Head smiled in greeting as Annette entered the doctor’s waiting room a week after her history test. It was time for her annual physical, and Doctor Horn was going to give her the works. “Hello, Annette. How have you been?” “Oh, pretty good, I guess. I’m feeling fine.” “Good. Come with me.” Nurse Head […]

My Mother, MY COUSIN, and ME

My cousin, Tim, and I room together at our Prep school, and thanks to hanging around with him I’ve had some wild experiences with a lot of girls, and even some women. But this last summer vacation, I had experiences that I never thought would have been possible. It all began on a Friday night […]

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