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My Hero

He stares at me with a mixture of pity and disgust in his eyes, and I sneer back at him, my contempt loud and clear.I didn’t know it then, but that doorman would one day mean the world to me.**My name is Peter ‘Pinky’ Benson. I’m twenty and a half years old, and I’m going […]

Ballgowns and Hallways

the feather bow in your hair and pearls, Almost 20’s esq, escaping the music and the ball room floor, an open air event, the outside of the ballroom floor room had high columns with coal fires burning, resembling that of a Greek theatre.. Warm air of body heat and fire coals, was met with a […]

My Stranger Fantasy

I’m watching you swim in the lake as I sip my drink. You don’t know that I’ve been watching you every evening since you moved in. I don’t even know your name, but it doesn’t matter. I watch the muscles ripple across your chest and down your arms as you stroke over and over again […]

Caught in the Act

I don’t often think that things can’t get better, but at this particular moment, that was the one thought that clearly went through my mind: Things can’t get much better than this.This was me, only wearing my shirt, drilling my twenty-year-old girlfriend’s bald pussy as she leaned over her desk in her sorority room.This was […]

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