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The Procuress

Dita Robson smiled to herself as the hum of the Provencial motorway gave way to the harsh buzz of the pre-Lyon hardtop. The Mercedes camper, although tatty looking outside, was humming along as sweetly as a nut. And so it should, considering the amount of money she spent on maintaining its mechanics. In her trade […]

The Pool Boy

Mitch was playing XBox when he heard a car door slam. He looked out the window to see Emma, his next door neighbor coming home from shopping. “Damn she’s fucking hot,” Mitch thought to himself. Emma had been divorced for about a year, and Mitch felt a little guilty for looking at her this way. […]

Caught in the Act

I don’t often think that things can’t get better, but at this particular moment, that was the one thought that clearly went through my mind: Things can’t get much better than this.This was me, only wearing my shirt, drilling my twenty-year-old girlfriend’s bald pussy as she leaned over her desk in her sorority room.This was […]