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A guy signs up with a company that provides sperm for couples in need

I was broke, in college and looking for something, anything to cure my financial ailment. The ad I found was strange. “Young males wanted, Specialty taste club catering to the unusual, Excellent pay, flexible hours, no selling. Call for personal interview.” The no selling part got my attention. It seemed like all the ad’s that […]

Accidental Voyeurs

Our company sent us to New York on business and we were both booked into the same hotel, but in separate rooms. Julie, my co-worker and I were going to give a presentation the next afternoon, then catch a red-eye flight back to the coast. We checked in, finding our adjoining rooms on the 23rd […]

Game Show Sex

The door to the elegant home opened and a well-dressed, middle-aged couple entered. “Oh, Bob,” the woman said, “that was a wonderful dinner, and the bracelet you gave me for our anniversary is beautiful. Thank you so much.” She turned and gave him deep kiss. Bob wrapped her in his arms and smiled. “You’re certainly […]

My Wife Wants To Be A Whore!

When my husband and I had been married for thirteen years. Our sex life has always been often (3-10 times/week) but slowing down. We thought it was our ages, I was 35 and my husband, Bob, was 37. One night we went to Wash. DC for dinner (we live in the suburbs, but rarely go […]

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