A Forgotten notebook makes way for great sex

I got to my off campus house after a long day of college classes, and I was ready to relive some tension because I was horny as hell. In my bedroom I stripped off all of my cloths and lay down on my bed. I started to hammering my cock at light speed with thoughts of my hot Science teach who made me horny in the first place. I was in deep thoughts of her being naked and on top of me. As I was going at it with my eyes closed, when I felt a presence in my room. I opened my eyes to see what was going on. I saw a girl who I never seen before looking at me or should I say, my erected dick with her eyes bugging out of her head. This girl was short, slightly chubby with a kind of a cute nerd look. She had a tight curvy body and long black hair. Before I could cover myself up this girl was sitting on my bed, still looking at my cock. I then asked who she was. “Oh I’m sorry, I’M Nancy.” She said as my erection was going down. “We have the same Science class together and you forgot you notebook so I was bringing it to you. I guess I caught you by surprise.” Nancy said with a giggle. She then grabbed my dick with both of her hands and rubbed it until it was hard again. “You know, I have wanted to ask you out and thought by bring you your notebook, I thought that it would be my chance.” Then she said “Fuck the date, let’s just fuck now!” and started to suck my cock.

Nancy wasted no time getting me horny again. I was so damn hard that I could knock a hole in a wall. She rose up and took off her shirt and bra. Nancy had very perky and tiny breasts. Her skin was pasty white but looked good. Nancy then took off her pants. She wore no underwear and had a well trimmed bush. We started to kiss as I felt her up. Nancy could kiss better than some of the other girls what I had been with. Her hands were on my butt and gripping my cheeks hard. I laid her on my bed and then slowly slid myself into her pussy. Nancy was wet and very tight. I had a hard time at first getting in, but soon I was all the way inside her. After that, we were unstoppable. We rolled all over my bed taking turns with who was on top. Nancy was screaming out as I pumped her hard. With her legs wrapped around my back, Nancy pressed hard against me as I fucked her. Soon I reached my limit and shot my load. I pulled out and removed my condom. Nancy was still ready to go.

I put my head between Nancy’s legs and licked her sticky wet mounds and sucked her fat swollen lips. This was driving her mad as Nancy placed her legs on my back. I started to suck in he large clit into my mouth while I fingered her pussy. Nancy was now slamming her ass up and down on my bed as I shoved my tong into her dripping wet snatch and Nancy was moaning from my touch. I kept at it until Nancy begged me to stop and fuck her again. I grabbed another condom and we went at it once more. This time we both were ready to fuck longer. And we did. We both fucked all night and kept going until we were both too sore and tired to go on any more. As I shot my last load into her pussy, Nancy fell on top of me with a big smile on her face. “Shit.” Was all that Nancy got out of her mouth before she went to sleep.

As Nancy slept, I got out of bed to wash off. After I showed and went back into my bedroom, I saw the notebook that she brought back to me. As I picked it up, I saw that it wasn’t mine. It belonged to some guy named Will. Her mistake, was my advantage. We ended up being fuck buddies for over a year after that, and all over someone else’s notebook. I still don’t know who the hell Will is.