Erotic Story Comes to life

Big succulent melons, her hips highlighted by her crimson mini-skirt. Her legs shapely and a ass that made his nature rise.

She sipped on wine as he swooshed cognac around in his mouth. The small talk became sexual when Kitty uncrossed and crossed her legs. He caught a nice glimpse of her red panties. His dick throbbed and he asked her point blank. Can you see my hard cock?? For the first time her innocent look turned to a look of lust and desire.

Yesssssssssss….I’ve noticed that monster in your pants as she took a sip of her wine. This is starting off just like one of my stories, he commented. Well, take me up to the room and fuck me, she order. They down there drinks and walked to the elevator. The doors barely close when there lips locked and they feverishly groped one another.

She took hold of his long hard dick…..ooooooh…… this dick feels bigger than it looked. They had exchanged nude pictures over the net. She pumped his cock through his pants as his hand went up her inner thigh. Her body shivered when his hand found her wet pussy. He teased her clit from the outside of her panties. Before things could go any further the elevator reached there floor.

The clothes came right off before the door closed. Rafel turn on the lights and watched her heart melt as she looked around the room. She drank it in and fell back onto the bed of roses. The mirror’s show there nude bodies from every angle. Her naked body begged him to take her. With out a word he could see his preparation pushed her closer to climax.

There she was on a bed of roses spread eagle twisting her own nipples. He licked his lips as he settled next to her on the bed. He stroked her skin and played in the soft curls of her hair. He put his lips on hers, they parted lips and kissed deeply. His hand replaced one of hers on her breast. Her nipple was erect and firm to the touch, begging to be sucked. He broke there kiss and planted soft kisses along her cheek and neck. His lips covered her nipple and his tongue swirled around it.

Her moan was soft and sweet to his ear. His hand traced along her curves as his fingers played in her soft patch of hair. Her legs fell open a little wider anticipating his probing hand. His mouth sucked on her nipple just a little harder intensifying her moans.

His two middle fingers found her swollen clit, making her body jerk from the pleasure. She was already moist and her quivering let him know that she was enjoying the feeling. Her clit was puffy and slippery, his fingers had to work to keep that pleasing pressure on it. The pleasure was so good Kitty began to lift her hips to meet the fingering.

Her body was on slow boil waiting to boil over as he slowly kissed his way down her body. Each kiss flowed through her body and throbbed at her nipples. His nose was tickled by her soft curl as her sweet aroma filled his nose. The erotic smell overwhelmed him and he sank his face into her pussy. She squeal from the sensation of his hot mouth.

He found her swollen clit and ran his hot tongue over it, her body reveled from the bliss. Her voice rose a few octaves as his tongue massaged her love button. Her erotic sounds invaded his ears, stirring passion in him. Making him want to please her even more. His tongue moved in circles, left than right, up than down. He applied the right amount of pressure to make her nectar flow all over his tongue and lips.

He was so, gentle and soft to her clit that the delight ran through her. Bursting at the tips of her nipples and sensitive clit. When he found a really sensitive area, she would grab hold of his head. Holding him there as long as she could take the intense gratification. She would usually last a minute or so, before exploding sweet juices all over his face.

After the second climax Kitty begged Rafel to stop. Her faint voice was barely loud enough to be considered a whisper. That’s when Rafel decided to pull out a golden bullet vibrator. Kitty was still basking in the aftermath of her last climax. She didn’t even see him take it out.

Her breathe caught in her throat as the sensation ran through her. She opened her eyes and looked up at the overhead mirror. The image was erotic…….him fucking her pussy with the shinny instrument. The scene added to her delight as she lifted her hips to meet the slow pumping of the vibrator.

Her moans became faint again as the fire boiled in her belly. Her heart raced as her body quiver, she was well on her way to another mind blowing orgasm. She watched in the mirror as he lowered his mouth down around her clit. The orgasmic feeling bolted through her as he continued to fuck her pussy with the vibrator. DAYUMMMMM……I-I-I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMING……..DAYUMMMM…..YOU GOT SKILLZZZZ…..MY
MY……..MY…….PUSSSSSSSSSSSSCY………IS ON FIRE, Kitty screamed before she went limp.

Rafel eased the golden bullet from her pussy while he licked all the cummmm off his face. He laid next to her as she panted and tried to catch her breath. Her body still quivering from the mini-orgasms that were going off in her. Rafel stroke her body trying to help her to revitalize.

After she regained control, Kitty rolled on top of Rafel and kissed him deeply. Mmmmmmmm……..was the sound she made once she broke the kiss. My pussy taste good, she marveled. Kitty rolled her wet, juicy twat all over his erect penis. Causing his dick to throb aganist her swollen clit. They enjoyed the feeling for a moment then she began to kiss her way down his body.

Her eye’s drank in his size up close, his cock even poked her in the lips, from his excitement. She lightly grasped his shaft to get control of his dancing prick. She pumped the shaft a few times as she licked her lips. He too used the mirror to watch what she was doing to his love muscle.

Her hand soft upon his shaft as her lips covered the head. Mmmmmmmm………she hummed. Once the taste of his cock delighted her mouth. Her tongue swirled the head of his penis triggering a low groan from him. She opened her mouth wider and it sank further down his shaft. Her mouth so wet, so hot and she was so egger to suck his dick.

His cock jumped in her mouth as she continued down his shaft. He felt the back of her throat and he sucked in air deeply from the bliss. She cupped and massaged his tight balls to add to his pleasure. His cock is long with a nice girth, but, she wanted to please him as he did her. She continued to suck his dick down her throat.

With his cock in her throat and her hot active tongue caressing his shaft. This made him began to speak out accolades. Daummmmm…..your mouth is sooooooooo…….hot. I love your sweet mouth on my dick. Your such a goooooooooood cock sucker…..suck that dick….with your sweet hot mouth. Kitty you suck a goooooood dick, Rafel said breathlessly.

His toe’s curled as he watched the last inch of his cock disappear down her throat. Her suction became intense as she stroked his nuts. His cock pulsated in her mouth as the pleasure built in his balls, His moans and groans became strained as she brought him closer to climax. The pleasure was to much for Rafel, he grabbed her head pumped his cock down her throat. He jettison his cumm, ounce after ounce into her throat until he heard her gagged.

She gagged some, but, she drank down most of his man juice. That was awesome he told her as she backed off his dick. She took a deep breathe and flexed her jaw as she laid back on top of him. She kissed him with all the passion she was feeling as she grinded her pussy all over his still hard dick. He cupped her ass, squeezed each cheek. His hands moved to her thighs and parted them.

He reached between them to guided his throbbing member in to her soaked pussy. Her pussy slid down his throbbing pole as they moan together. The cheeks of her ass nestled on top of his balls. His cock fully inserted, she let his dick jump in her for a moment then she began to move her sexy hips. Up and down to start thing off.

The feel of a soft wet pussy sliding up and down on his cock kept him so hard. He reached up and took hold of her nipples and gave them a light pinch. She squealed and rode his dick even harder. Working her hips to the left, then working them to the right. She bounced up down on his cock until she shook the bed. Telling him how good his dick is and how she wanted him to fuck her phat pussy.

Rafel thrust up into her like he was driving her to the moon. She slammed her hips down to meet his every thrust. That bed rocked like it never rocked before as there bodies worked together to reach ecstasy. He reached down and found her clit, he stroked her soft swollen flesh. This drove her crazy with desirer as she sang out. Yessssssssssss……..yesssssssssssssssss…….I-I-I-I’m cummmmming as she rode his cock and he rubbed her clit. Her pussy muscles squeezed and milked his prick. He grunted and sang out I-I-I’m shooooooooooooting my load in your goooooooooood pussssssssssscy.

She collapsed on top of him as they tried to catch there breath. They tenderly kissed and fondled one another. Telling one another how wonderful that fuck was. How they enjoyed one another’s body. His dick still twitching in her warm wet pussy. Her pussy quivered with every twitch of his dick, but, instead of him growing soft. He be came rock hard again, his cock hungry to fuck her pussy some more.

He rolled her off of him and got her up on all fours then he moved in behind her. His dick slapping her across the ass. He rubbed her ass, he massaged each cheek as her ass swayed in the air. Her pussy was still seeping cumm down her inner thigh. He played in her wetness with the tip of his dick. This drove her wild.

Her moans were building again as she moved her butt trying to get Rafel to sink his large cock into her hungry pussy. He teased her pussy by rimming the hole then pull his dick away. Her moans were filled with anticipation and frustration. Kitty was becoming soaked once again, at that moment he slammed his prick into her. Along with his thrust he dropped his hand onto her ass. Slap…..slap….slap….he spank her soft, firm butt. The slaps made her pussy explode time after time. Her coochie was milking the hell out of his dick.

She squealed with each pop as her cheeks turn red and burned. The pleasure and pain overwhelmed her with each slap. His cock was also pounding her tight pussy long and hard. Her pussy creamed all over his dick. He couldn’t believe how turned on she was by him slapping her ass. Her convulgeing pussy made him erogenous with every pump. He had to stain back the load that was building in his loins.

Rafel never felt so empower, having his dick embedded in such a tight wet pussy. Slapping her ass like he owned it, inflicting pain and pleasure pumped him up. He rammed Kitty’s pussy and watched the shock waves travel across her ass. It was a sight he relished, in his mind it was a sign. A sign that he was fucking the hell out of the pussy.

Her whimpering and moans was a indication of him working her pussy. You got some gooooooooooood
pussssssssssssscy, he told her. With an powerful grunt and sigh. Who’s pusssssssssy is this, Rafel demanded?? WHO’S PUSSSSSSSSSSY IS THIS, he asked again. Yo-yo-your pussssssssssscy, she told him. You like good daddy dick, huh? You like goooooooood daddy dick, he asked her as he pumped her pussy and slapped her ass.

YES…..YESSSSSSSS…..good DADDY DICK. Your fucking my pusssssssssscy gooooooood…….with that good Daddy Dick. Kitty came so hard her pussy clamped down on Rafel’s throbbing dick. This triggered an eruption from down deep in his soul. His cock jerked and twitched as her pussy milked his balls. He pumped ounce after ounce of sperm into and out the sides of her pussy.

He reached for then grabbed her nipples to twist them as the last of his man juice pumped in her. That pain and pleasure invoke yet another climax, aaaaah….aaaaah……. I’m cummmming again, no….no more, Kitty screamed! This time her pussy double clutch his penis and he was shooting his man juice for a second time. Your….your………your amazing…….he grunted as her pussy sucked a second nut from him. He grabbed her hips for one last thrust into her soaked pussy, shooting the last his load down deep into her.

After a lot of throbbing by him and a lot of cock squeezing by her. Their breath caught up with them and his dick slipped out of her. He picked her up and walked her over to the jacuzzi that was filled with warm water. Gently he sat her in the warm water and then he turned on the jets. He made sure she was comfortable then he join her. This was the first chapter of there Erotic Story…….Come To Life.