A Mexican emergent puts up with a lot to keep his white girlfriend happy

I grew up in what would most likely be called a
disadvantaged home. My father was a laborer and my
mother was a house keeper. You see, were came to the US
from Mexico illegally and had to pretty much stay under
the radar.

I had an uneventful childhood, my family was close and
my parents had good values and tried to teach them to
my brother and me as we grew up. But because we were
illegals we had to stay to ourselves a lot and I wasn’t
popular at school and I didn’t have any friends to
speak of growing up.

I guess that’s why when Cindy (a white chick who was a
cashier at the Dollar Store were I worked after
dropping out of the eighth grade) took an interest in
me I was all over myself to make her like me.

Looking back I think it was the fact that she was a
pretty white girl, and I was a nobody Mexican emigrant,
that made me go along with her desires. It was a heady
thing to have a hot looking white girl fondling my
privates and telling me what a Latin stud I was.

Anyway, our relationship grew and I got to fuck her
every which way after work and on weekends. We’d go
away together in her Volkswagen van and camp out and
fuck like rabbits. I even counted that I’d had 17 cums
one weekend. Cindy was a hot white girl and I liked
fucking her a lot.

Then one day she told me about this thing she liked to
do. Apparently before she knew me she’d go down to skid
row from time to time to find a drunk bum and fuck him,
even if he was passed out. She said that she liked the
feeling it gave her to rape these helpless men, knowing
that they couldn’t stop her from using them made her
orgasms more intense.

To my amazement as she told me about this sick thing my
dick got hard and I imagined this porcelain skinned
female squatting over some dirty old bum’s prone body
as she humped his knotty old erection with her slick
pink cunt.

It turned out that Cindy had a hankering to do it again
and she wanted me to come with her, to help her find a
drunk and to be her lookout. I was a little unsure
about this at first. I mean, did I really want to see
her fuck some dirty old bum? What would I feel about
her after she did it and I’d seen her do it?

In the end it didn’t matter that I had doubts, I went
with Cindy and we found a dirty bum, not as old as I
thought he’d be, but drunk and dirty. And I watched as
Cindy scoped out the area and then handing me her
purse, she went over to the passed out drunk and bent
down and began to tug at his pants.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she pulled his fly
open and then tugged his trousers down his skinny white
legs. My eyes widened as my girlfriend looked nervously
around before she dropped her pants, kicking them off
and positioned herself over his prone body.

It was strange to watch this pretty woman with the
flawless completion squatting over this disgusting bit
of humanity intensely trying to jack his manhood into
life. She was intent on her effort and seemed to have
forgotten that I was there. I looked on as she squeezed
and pulled his limp dick-flesh into life.

After a few minutes the bum’s cock began to grow and he
groggily came to life. He was so drunk that he couldn’t
have stopped Cindy if he’d wanted to, and when she
finally sank her slippery cunt down onto his disgusting
boner he wouldn’t have wanted to anyway.

It was so bizarre to see her fucking him like he was
her lover. She grunted and groaned as if he was the
best lover she’d ever had, reaching down and massaging
his balls and her clit as she rode him facing backwards
toward his out stretched legs.

I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And when her
shapely body tensed and her perfect thighs trembled and
she gasped and shoved her cunt hard against him – I
knew she was cumming, and I didn’t know what to think.
She was actually getting off on fucking a dirty drunk
street bum, and there I was holding her purse and
watching her do it.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. I’m ashamed to say it,
but when she was done with the bum and had hurriedly
dressed and grabbed my arm, pulling me back to her van,
she actually asked me to eat her, to clean that bum’s
cum out of her.

I was disgusted; I told her that I didn’t want to do
that. But then Cindy’s voice took on a hard edge and
she told me that if I wouldn’t do as she asked, then
she’d find a guy who would do it for her, and that our
relationship would be finished.

I sat there in the van and thought back over the past
few months since Cindy and I had become lovers and how
great our sex had been, and I guess that’s when I
decided that if I had to suck another man’s cum out of
her pussy, even a dirty old bum’s cum, then I’d do it
to keep her.

That was the first time I was drawn into Cindy’s
perverted bumfuck fetish lifestyle. But it certainly
wasn’t the last time. Cindy is still my girlfriend and
we still work together at the Dollar Store, but I have
to watch her fuck some dirty bum at least once a week,
usually over the weekend sometime and I still have to
suck his slimy cum from between her pink cunt lips.

Actually I’ve grown used to the whole thing and it
doesn’t even gross me out anymore. It’s amazing what a
guy will put up with to get a regular fuck from a
pretty woman.