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A Little Night Nookie

As the three girls walked into the casino they where surprised. They had expected an unusual sight but not like this. The room was filled with the typical style of tables for gaming. But rather than the compliment of guests dressed in tired tuxedos or vacation wear, the crowd seemed to be made up of […]

Angelica Victorious

Angelica almost always thought of herself as Cinderella. Of course her aunt wasn’t really cruel and her cousins, although they were sometimes mean, were also nice to her now and then and often gave her hand- me-down clothes to wear. But she did all the dirty jobs and she never got to go to parties […]

Blacks of Night

Fourth Street was nearly deserted this late at night. I walked quickly, my hands in my pockets. I was alert; I had heard tales of robberies in this area late at night. Not that I was carrying much money — it was just before payday, and I was down to my last two bucks, which […]

The Procuress

Dita Robson smiled to herself as the hum of the Provencial motorway gave way to the harsh buzz of the pre-Lyon hardtop. The Mercedes camper, although tatty looking outside, was humming along as sweetly as a nut. And so it should, considering the amount of money she spent on maintaining its mechanics. In her trade […]

You say she’s a slavegirl

Violet thought she had found a happy home. An adopted member of the Reed family, her friend Jenny and her Jenny’s step-father had taken her in several months ago when her parents had died in a car crash. It wasn’t hard to get along with those two. They also had been through a lot after […]