A young prostitute becomes a roommate

Traffic slowed to a crawl in the afternoon rush, as the
unforgiving sun slowly roasted the pedestrians scurrying
to their appointed rounds. Air conditioning is good. It
was a bitter sweet day for me; I just finished signing
papers finalizing my divorce to the biggest mistake I’ve
made in my life.

Now free and horny, I began to review my options. With
my head swimming with glorious opportunities, the loud
tapping at the passenger door window shocked me back to

A young waif, barely legal in age and incredibly unkempt
was banging away in desperation with a lipstick tube. I
slid the window down a few inches.

“You wanna have some fun?” She gasped her request in a
winded voice.

“Uh… No,” I mumbled flatly, pissed at the sudden
intrusion and the car horns blaring as the traffic began
to creep forward.

“Please let me in, Mister,” she pleaded.

There was something in her voice – perhaps the
desperation, or perhaps the innocence that compelled me
to flip up the lock as I eased the car forward slowly.

“Thanks,” she offered and smiled weakly. “Ten dollars
for a blow and fifty for a fuck…” She put her tiny
hand on my thigh and rubbed gently as she made her way
toward my crotch. “I haven’t eaten since yesterday and
don’t have anywhere to sleep…”

Maybe it was the heat, or the abrupt intrusion but I
blurted “Save it for your Johns honey, I have enough on
my mind without listening to your BS.” I dug into my
pocket where I had crammed the change from my morning
coffee, and hastily tossed it onto her lap. “Just take
this and get out the next time we stop, OK?”

She sat silently for a minute as her hand slipped off my
thigh on to her face and she began to sob. “I can’t do
that,” she murmured brokenly between sobs. Surprisingly
the traffic began to move more briskly, and I breezed
through the last three stoplights before the freeway
entrance. Pulling over to the shoulder, I looked at the
fragile trembling form next to me.

She had a frail delicate body from what I could see
beneath the tattered oversized sweats that rumpled
around the seams and ran down over the top of her
sandals. Her unwashed brown hair was tangled all the way
down to the frayed ends gathering around her shoulders.
She was a mess and I felt a touch of remorse for my curt

“Look,” I said finally; “I was out of line back there,
and apologize.” Her sobbing diminished and she dropped
her hands only to stare at her lap. “You look like
you’ve been through a pretty rough time; why don’t you
let me treat you to a burger or something…?”

A slight smile briefly crossed her face, and we made eye
contact for the first time. She had a lovely face with
large soulful brown eyes, an upturned ‘pixie’ nose and
rich full lips. There was definitely some exotic blood
in her lineage.

“I can’t accept charity,” she mumbled as she studied my
face intently. Her voice was almost angelic and her
mannerisms oozed childlike innocence. She leaned toward
me, spilling the money onto the console. Her tiny hands
were quite deft as the slid towards my crotch and yanked
down the zipper. Within a micro second my flaccid cock
was in the open air, and her hands were gently kneading
life into it.

Before I could protest her mouth had engulfed my cock
completely, and as her tongue rapidly danced around the
glans, her hand gently explored my gonads. I quickly
rose to my full “operational configuration” as she
continued to administer the most stimulating oral
massage I had experienced to date. Withdrawing my
throbbing organ, she studied its uniqueness almost
reverently, commenting on how beautiful it was before
engulfing it entirely with a hungry slurp.

With renewed vigor, she set about extracting my essence
as I slid into the seat and thrust my hips with orgasmic
anticipation. All too soon, I erupted into her throat,
watching her cheeks draw in from the tremendous suction
she was giving. I collapsed, both exhausted and drained.
She nuzzled my cock lovingly as she licked away the last
remnants of my essence from the rapidly deflating organ.

“I won’t need a shake,” she murmured in a sultry voice
as I stroked her hair.

“You’re going to get one anyway,” I returned as she
giggled coyly.

We drove to Carl’s and ordered four burgers, fries, and
two shakes, then parked under a grove of trees by the
freeway to eat. She sucked down three burgers as fast as
they were unwrapped. I learned her name was Anna, her
Mother had “issues’ of which she was a major
contributor, and she had just turned eighteen two weeks

When we got to my apartment for her to take a much
needed shower, she turned almost white when she learned
I live less than a mile from her estranged home. With a
long luxury shower she turned into a beautiful olive
skinned angel that only a fool would turn out to the
ravages of the streets. Rather, we struck up a co-
habitability deal, where she would continue her
education while keeping me warm at night.

Not a difficult task for a girl as hot as she turned out
to be!