A man going through a nasty divorce decides to teach his bitchy wife a lesson in life

Daren Hughes watched is wife through the slits of the
mini blinds from his darkened office. She was berating
his voluptuous secretary for not having her papers

“Mrs. Hughes, please just come into the Notary’s office
for the sign off,” the younger woman said. “You can
leave your purse here.” Mrs. Hughes slammed down the
coat and purse with impatience and followed the woman.

He watched her bottom move under the too short white
knit skirt. What an ass! Although in the midst of a
bitter divorce after nearly 20 years of marriage, it
still turned him on. He smiled.

In those brief moments, Daren Hughes lifted his wife’s
wallet from her purse and removed her driver’s license,
registration, credit cards and money, before replacing
it. She came back and left the office in a huff.

He watched her from the second story window as she
walked across the parking lot, slid her size 18 frame
into the Lincoln Town Car and squeal away. She was
under the assumption that the divorce papers HAD to be
delivered that night, and of course her husband was out
of town.

She was really pissed! It was a 70 mile drive to HIS

Daren Hughes came out of his hiding place, thanked his
secretary for a job well done, and then cleared his
calendar of all pending defense cases for the next
week. He freed many a mobster in his time, and nothing
crucial was on the near horizon. He left.

Diane Hughes had the Town Car pushing 80 miles per
hour, when, per the directions given her, exited at
Willow Road. From expressway to two lane black top. She
missed her turn off and had to back up. She guided the
big car down the winding gravel road for miles,
snapping off protruding branches in her haste.

Through the rear view mirror, she saw the red and blue
lights flashing through the haze of dust she had

“SHIT!” Diane Hughes screamed out loud, and tried to
pull over as best she could, scraping the car’s side
against the under brush.

She watched the Blazer doors open and two uniformed
troopers exit. Smokey Bear Hats, mirrored sun glasses,
and off course the swagger. She pushed the button and
lowered the driver window.

“Where’s the fire?” the trooper asked, leaning into the

‘What a dumb fuck!’ she thought and proceeded to charm
her way out of the situation with a myriad of excuses.

“Drivers license and registration, ma’am,” he replied

‘Son of a bitch! They were gone!’ the thought raced in
her brain as she frantically searched her purse. Again,
the plethora of excuses.

“Step out of the car ma’am!” he ordered, stepping back
and placing his hand on the butt of his gun. The door
swung open and Diane Hughes pivoted to exit, giving the
trooper a nice shot of some nice looking legs.

“Lean over the hood of the car ma’am,” he ordered.

“I will do not such thing! What is this all about?!”
she screamed at the two of them.

With not too much effort, the trooper twisted her arms
behind her and slammed her down on the hood of the car.

“The plates on this car were reported stolen,” he
stated, as he cuffed her hands behind her back. “You
will have to come along with us.” he added, and without
warning reached under her skirt and gave her crotch and
bottom several probing and hard squeezes!

“HOW DARE YOU!” she hissed and kicked at the trooper.

“That’s assault and resisting arrest ma’am,” and with
practiced skill, led her to the Blazer. Locking her
securely in the back, the two troopers drove off. Diane
Hughes screamed indignities at the pair, threatening
law suits from her powerful husband.

The Blazer meandered its way down the twisting road and
stopped at a remote industrial warehouse type building.

“Temporary Highway Traffic Control,” the trooper
explained to Diane Hughes as he lead he into the
building and to the desk of a uniformed woman.

“Speeding, no license, registration, assault, and
resisting arrest,” he told the woman.

“THIS IS RIDICULOUS!” Diane screamed as the big trooper
pushed her forward indicating to follow the woman.

Three free standing and adjacent barred cells were in
the back.

There were bars on all four sides as well as over the
top. Diane Hughes was uncuffed and placed in the middle
cell. The trooper left. Diane fumed and glared at the
female officer. The black name tag read “M. BAKER”.

“Take your clothes off,” Baker ordered. “Unless you
want me to call for help,” she added, observing Diane
Hughes’ opened mouth shocked expression.

“Oh, please…” Diane started, with genuine distress.

“Look, I know its embarrassing, but it has to be done,
and I really don’t want to call for assistance. These
guys will tear the clothes off you and you’ll have
nothing to wear when you go home. You do want to go
home don’t you?” Baker reasoned.

“Yes… yes I do,” Diane replied much more subdued.

“Good. Then lets get this over with,” Baker replied,
and Diane started removing her clothes! The two
“troopers” watched from through the one way glass.

As each article of clothing was removed, Diane had to
hand it through the bars to Officer Baker. The troopers
rubbed their crotches as Diane Hughes soon stood in
just her white bra and panties. A big woman with huge
breasts, an ample belly, and full wide hips tapering to
rather slender legs.

“Everything ma’am,” Baker directed. Inwardly smiling at
Diane’s red faced embarrassment.

Diane Hughes slipped off her remaining two garments and
handed them to Baker. She stood stark naked and utterly

“Face me and lift your breasts by the nipples, please,”
Baker ordered.

Diane Hughes could not believe this was happening as
she grabbed hold of her own nipples and lifted the
cantaloupe sized breasts.

“Higher! Lift them higher,” Baker commanded.

‘OH MY GAWD!’ Diane groaned in her mind and lifted her
breasts much higher while tightening the grip on her

“Good,” Baker replied as Diane released her breasts.

“Open your legs wide and pull open your pussy lips,”
Baker now ordered.

Diane was frozen in shock! “Hurry up Mrs. Hughes, you
don’t want me to call in any help do you?” Baker stated
and asked.

“Oh no, no don’t call anyone!” Diane pleaded, and she
spread her legs and reached down between her legs. She
closed her eyes as she reached into her own vagina and
pulled open her lips!

“A little more,” Baker ordered. Diane almost fainting
from humiliation, but took a better grip and spread her
sex lips as wide as she could.

“Keep them held open and squat up and down five times.”

Diane squatted with her lips held open, opening herself
more lewdly than she could possibly imagine.

“You’re doing fine, Mrs. Hughes,” Baker smiled. “Now
hands on your head and stand on your right leg and

Diane started hoping, conspicuously conscious of how
her breasts were bouncing, and the flesh of her body

“Now the left foot,” Baker directed, actually amazed
that the woman was actually following her directions
without protest.

“Good, very good ma’am,” Baker said. “Now turn please.”

Diane turned her back to Baker. Baker’s eyes wandered
over the big full behind.

“Bend over and pull apart your bottom cheeks,” Baker
gleefully ordered.

Again, Diane swallowed what little pride she had left
and bent over. Then reaching back pulled open her
bottom as wide as she could, hoping to get this over
with as soon as possible!

She could feel Baker’s eyes boring a hole into her
exposed anus!

“Ok Mrs. Hughes, put your hands through the bars now,”
Baker directed.

Diane complied, somewhat relieved at being freed from
the humiliating positions. Her heart pounded as Baker
cuffed her wrists outside the cell!

Baker entered the cell and pulled Diane by the hips
while directing her to bend forward. Diane felt herself
guided into an “L” shaped position, with her arms
outstretched and hands cuffed to the bars, the huge
melons of her breasts hanging down.

Baker pinched Diane’s thighs apart and then to her
horror felt her slipping a lubricated finger into her

“Just relax, Mrs. Hughes,” Baker chided, while sliding
her finger, then two, deeper and deeper up Diane’s ass!

She probed and teased the anal canal, rotating and
stretching the sensitive membrane. With her other hand,
she used her gel covered fingers to coax apart the
rubbery folds of Diane’s sex! She slid them up and down
the fat lips, paying particular attention to the hiding
clitoris. Little by little she teased the small organ
from its hooded sheath, until it throbbed with
tumescence. She smiled at Diane’s little gasps.

Baker used her fingers and wrists to pull back on Diane
and stretch her arms out taut as she fingered the
sensitive orifices simultaneously. She had Diane
swooning with her torturous manipulations, and watched
her start to shake and quiver.

“You OK, Mrs. Hughes?” Baker asked as she used her
fingers expertly, sliding and twisting around the
sensitive insides, paying particular attention to the
now engorged clit. She flicked and rubbed it

“Yess…” came a somewhat throaty reply.

After a few more well placed strokes and probes, Diane
Hughes was in the throws of orgasm. Baker continued her
probes, driving her fingers deep into the helpless

When Diane resumed a more rhythmic, Baker gave her a
hard slap to her bottom.

“Don’t be embarrassed, dear,” Baker stated, “this
sometimes happens during these exams.”

Diane said nothing. Baker tossed her an article of
clothing and left the cell.

Diane unfolded the cloth. A clean but very worn
hospital gown! She slipped her arms into the sleeves
and reached around the back for the ties. There was
only one at the center of her back. The gown was much
too small, the material in back not even coming close
to closing. Almost her entire bottom remained exposed!
She quickly did the best she could and sat down on the
cot, trying to pull the hem down and keep some
semblance of modesty.

Baker, followed by the two troopers and another man
entered the room and approached the cell.

“Stand up Mrs. Hughes,” Baker said, “This is Judge
Parker. Diane stood up in the cell then exited as the
door was opened and she was motioned out by the
trooper. She stood in front of the Judge, the troopers
behind her, and Baker to her side holding her arm. She
could hear the troopers whispering at her exposed bare

“Mrs. Hughes,” the Judge addressed her, “the stolen
plates on your car has been an error, but the speeding,
assault and resisting arrest charges remain. Is there
anything else from you people?” he addressed the

“Well, Judge,” Baker interjected, “Mrs. Hughes did cum
all over my fingers during the body cavity search.”

Diane looked at Baker with mouth agape in shocked

“Did she now?” the Judge chided.

“Yes sir,” moaning and groaning all over the place,
Baker smiled, as the troopers snickered.

“Well, there really is no statute against that, and I
see no reason for additional punishment. Just write it
up in the record.” The Judge stated.

“Mrs. Hughes for your speeding violation, you will
receive six swats of the paddle on your bare bottom,
and an additional four each for the assault and
resisting charges. Fourteen in all. Prepare the
prisoner.” the Judge directed.

CAN’T BEAT ME!” Diane Hughes screamed as the troopers
and Baker grabbed her by the arms, dragging her to
another room.

In the center of the room was an almost new gymnasium
pommel horse, its legs extended to there maximum.

Baker reached into the neck of Diane’s gown and pulled
it from her in one motion.

“OH PLEASE!” Diane screamed trying to cover her

The big troopers placed her face down over the horse,
her belly resting on the top of the hard leather. While
one held her legs, the other grabbed her hands and
secured them to the metal legs. Then the same to her
legs, spreading them almost four feet.

Her feet were completely off the ground and she
squirmed to try and see behind her.

“Proceed with the warm up,” the Judge directed, and the
two troopers started a hand slapping of the large
spread ass before them. Lightly at first, them with
considerably more authority.

Diane shrieked with shame and indignation as the hands
bounced off her bountiful bum, thighs, and one or two
slap right between the legs!

screamed as she saw her soon to be ex-husband come into
the room. “THEY’RE BEATING ME TO DEATH!” she screamed

“I am sorry darling, but I just got the call and came
straight from the airport,” he lied, and advanced to
his wife. He stroked her fleshy bottom and squeezed it
a little.


“Oh, just looking,” he replied like a window shopper,
“It’s been a while since I had a good look. Still
sensitive back here?” he added and asked as he slid his
index finger into her anus!

“DAREN STOP IT! GODDAMN YOU!” Diane screamed as her
husbands finger buried itself to the knuckle.

He pulled out his finger with an audible “plop” to the
amusement of the others.

“I am afraid this court is out of my jurisdiction, but
if you don’t mind, I should like to observe,” Daren
Hughes stated.

“Of course, counselor,” the Judge stated, “always
willing to help a colleague. Proceed with the

“DAREN! YOU CAN’T MEAN THIS! YOU…” Diane’s plea was
interrupted by the splat of the paddle on her bottom.

SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! three in quick succession had her
howling like some injured animal. The large bottom
shook and jiggled like so much jello as the trooper
laid on another two swats.

“WAIT!” the Judge exclaimed, “who is maintaining the

The troopers and Baker looked at each other then the
judge and shrugged their shoulders.

“Very well, start again from the beginning,” the judge

Diane, who had a few brief moments to compose herself,
now screamed in alarm. “NO! I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!”

The Judge stepped behind Diane and started to knead the
cheeks in two hands, pulling them in opposite
directions and parting them. He insinuated his fingers
in between and teased the little hole.

Then slid his fingers to her sex and pinched and

Diane squirmed under the lewd manipulations, especially
when he touched her overly sensitive inflamed clitoris.

“Everything seems to be in fine working order, madam,”
he addressed Diane, “proceed from the beginning.”

SPLAT! the paddle cracked over the fleshy center, then
several more blows on the top and lower portions. A
deadly accurate blow to the rounded tender underside
sent Diane into some type of fit, and the trooper
stopped as the judge raised his hand.

“Proceed,” he directed as the mild convulsion subsided.

Over and over the paddle mercilessly cracked into her
big backside sending searing stings of pain into her
brain. Diane screamed and writhed in agony, begging,
pleading, and promising anything for the paddling to
stop. When 10 blows were delivered, the Judge stopped
the proceedings.

“I have found it beneficial in the past that the
punishment be interrupted that the subject absorb what
has happened and what will be continue shortly. Please,
gentlemen, join in me in my quarters for a bit of
refreshment. Officer Baker will see to the prisoner.”
he stated and walked from the room, followed by Daren
and the two troopers.

Baker, now alone with the woman again, walked behind
her and squatted down. She gazed at the blistering red
bottom then touched it. Diane, in her stupored state,
uttered a soft moan.

“Only four more strokes to go,” Baker stated, “and I’ll
be they will be really hard ones. You know what the
Judge will do when I tell him you tried to bribe me
into helping you escape?” Baker added as she started to
pinch Diane’s sex lips.

Diane cringed and remained silent.

“He will probably triple your punishment, .maybe even
give you ten days on the Women’s Work Farm.” she
continued as she slipped her fingers into Diane’s sex

“I know the Warden there. She likes big tits like
these,” Baker chided as she went from Diane’s sex to
her hanging breasts, and started to knead and pinch
them. She pulled and twisted on the nipples, rubbing
the large nubs to erection. She took a firm grip on the
nipples and stared to shake them.

Diane shut her eyes and remained silent, hoping that
this cruel woman would tire of her sport. She gave the
tits some final shakes and pinches and went back around
to Diane’s upturned and very vulnerable ass. Baker
started to goose the exposed anus, smiling as Diane
jumped every time she poked at the tiny anal pucker.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Baker started to slap the
bare bottom with a staccato type rhythm. “NO! PLEASE NO
MORE! I CAN’T STAND IT!” Diane screamed.

Just then the men walked back into the room. “What goes
on here,” the Judge asked.

“She was being verbally abusive, Your Honor,” Baker

“Well, in that case, Officer Baker, you can administer
the final four strokes,” the judge directed.

Baker picked up the paddle and with a full swing aimed
at the direct center of the big bottom. With all her
force the paddle landed with a sickening splat. Diane’s
mouth opened in a wordless shriek. Three more times the
paddle struck the same exact spot, the last delivered
with particular forcefulness.

“There now, Mrs. Hughes, all done,” the Judge chided.
“I hereby declare this case closed. Take your wife
home, Counselor.”

And the Judge, Baker, and the Troopers left.

It had cost Daren Hughes the price of a luxury car to
set it all up. But worth every penny of it. He looked
at the blistering red bottom.

“Ready to go home, dear?” he smiled.