An Evening Alone

My wife, Alexandra, and I returned home from a rare
evening out. The sons were dispersed among our families
and for the first time in months we had a quiet evening
alone. We had gone to a local restaurant we both enjoy,
returning home with a slight buzz and looking forward
to a night of well deserved and anticipated sexual
activities. With 3 sons it is often difficult to find
the energy and time to enjoy each other’s company in
bed. Most nights one of us is asleep even before the
other has a chance to initiate any sexual activities.

Alexandra wore a sundress I purchased her for this
special occasion, though she feels she has not returned
to her pre-marriage, college hard-body form, she still
turns me on, even after 3 kids. Her B-cup breasts the
perfect size and thinking of her nipples erect makes me
hard even now. This night has been filled with sexual
tension ever since dropping the kids off.

Dinner was wonderful and all evening I couldn’t help
but look and stare at times at Alexandra’s breasts. As
you can probably tell, I am a tit-man. I love breasts,
the curves, the nipples, the feel, touch and taste.

We returned to our modest house and we headed to the
family room. As Alexandra stood facing the TV, turning
it on, I stood behind her and embraced her, placing one
hand around her waist, my other on her right breast as
I kissed and licked her neck. She leaned her head back
and moaned as my fingers rubbed her nipple to wonderful

I kissed and nibbled her ear and neck as my other hand
slid to between her legs and rubbed her between her
legs. Her hand came up and she rubbed her fingers
through my hair as I continued to kiss her neck while
her other hand moved up and she played with her other

She turned around and our lips met, tongues
intertwining as we embraced. We stood there engaged in
a passionate embrace for some time, kissing while my
hands explored her body, breasts, nipples, legs, ass,
honey-pot. I could tell she was getting worked up as
she would grind her crotch into my hand as I rubbed
her. Her hands found my erect dick in my pants and
rubbed her hands up and down.

Alexandra kissed my neck and moved down to her knees.
She unbuttoned and slid my pants down to my ankles and
breathed heavily on my crotch as she slowly slid my
underwear down. My erect dick sprung free as I stepped
out of my pants and underwear. Alexandra blew warmly on
my dick as she slid my dick between both her hands. Her
palms warm on my dick began to stroke it slowly as
Alexandra licked the head of my dick, sticking her
tongue in the hole and swirling her tongue around the
head. Our eyes met and she lewdly took the head of my
dick into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the
head and moaned.

Alexandra continued to swirl her tongue around my cock,
circling the head and licking up and down the shaft.
She moved her hands to my ass and engulfed my cock with
her mouth while pushing me towards her. Alexandra’s
lips sucked hard as she went up and down on my cock
soaking it with her saliva. Abruptly she stopped and
stood up allowing my cock to spring free dripping with

I embraced my wife and kissed her, as we kissed my
hands raised her sundress and I slid her panties down
to the floor where she kicked them off. I slid her
dress up and off her body leaving her naked, nipples
erect and beautiful body exposed for me to lick and
kiss. I left her mouth and kissed down her neck,
leaving her neck I licked and kissed her breasts,
making sure to enjoy the pleasure of her rock hard
nipples. I sucked, nibbled, licked and blew on her
nipples to get them hard.

It was time for me to pleasure her, so I moved her into
position, sitting her on the couch with her ass on the
edge so I could have full access to her delicious
pussy. I continued to lick and enjoy her nipples but
had to leave them as my head moved down to her honey-
pot. I licked my way down her belly, tonguing her
belly-button, spreading her legs wide apart, I licked
and kissed my way to her inner thighs, moving close to
the goal, but not quite getting there.

I kissed and licked her where her legs meet her body
around her bush, never quite touching her pussy lips or
clit. I could smell the delicious scent coming from her
and moved her hands to her thighs to keep her legs
spread wide as I used my hands to spread her lips apart
showing me the delicious, wetness of her honey-pot. My
tongue started at the bottom of her pussy and licked
upwards ending with her clit, sending shivers and a
moan from Alexandra.

Keeping her spread wide I slowly inserted my tongue
into her as far as I could savoring the delicious taste
and soaking my goatee with her wetness, my upper lip
meeting her clit. I spread Alexandra’s pussy lips apart
so I could clearly see her clit and I lightly ran my
tongue over it, circling it. As my lips started to suck
her clit I slid a finger in her. Moans erupted from her
mouth. I sucked her clit hard and circled my tongue
around it, pushing hard against it. Sliding another
finger into her I continued to focus on her clit,
enjoying the lovely smell and taste of her. Her
breathing quickened and I knew it wouldn’t be long
before she came.

I started to pull my head away but Alexandra’s hands
grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy, she
wanted to cum. I gladly continued to suck, nibble her
clit as she readied to orgasm. I spread her pussy lips
as far as I could sucking her clit then running my
tongue inside her then back to her clit. I sucked and
pushed my tongue against Alexandra’s clit as I sucked
it into my mouth, she gasped and I knew it was time for
her to cum.

I sucked hard and pushed my tongue against her clit as
hard as I could and she began to convulse as the orgasm
overtook her. As she was cumming I fingered her with 2
fingers while sucking her clit. It seemed like 5
minutes that Alexandra climaxed.

Alexandra put her hands on either side of my face
pulling me to her and she kissed me deeply, then moving
me into the same position that she was in she moved
between my legs and stroked my cock while licking her
lips. Alexandra ran her tongue up the shaft of my cock
and then sucked me into her mouth.

I felt Alexandra’s tongue swirling around my cock in
her mouth as she sucked me. She looked at me as she
focused on sucking the head of my cock, licking it
wildly, letting saliva run down the shaft, then sucking
it deep into her mouth only to let it slide out of her
mouth glistening, then stroking it as Alexandra licked
the head and shaft, repeating this over and over.

Then releasing my cock from her hands she sucked my
hard cock into Alexandra’s mouth, pumping up and down
slowly. As I moved closer to orgasm she opened her
mouth and pumped my cock with her hand, licking the
head as I moved closer and closer to orgasm.

Slowly Alexandra stroked and licked sometimes sucking
my head into her mouth. My breathing increased and
Alexandra sensed I was ready to cum. Increasing the
stroking slightly with her tongue on the bottom of the
head of my cock, I began to orgasm, spurting cum into
her open mouth. I watched as my cum landed on her
cheeks, tongue and face.

Alexandra stroked me letting cum drip from her chin to
her tits. When done cumming, we both spread the cum
around her tits. The first part of our evening was
complete. We headed off to the shower to clean up and
to begin the second part of our night alone.

Alexandra and I separated and went off to shower, me in
the bathroom off the family room where we just finished
and she upstairs. A long hot shower helps rejuvenate
ourselves and seeing as our kids were out for the night
we expected to take full advantage of the empty house.
As I dried off and wrapped the towel around me I heard
no water running upstairs.

I climbed the stairs and looked for Alexandra in the
bathroom. She wasn’t there but the steam in the shower
suggested she had finished. I made my way to the
bedroom where the dim light revealed Alexandra
stretched out on the bed completely naked was
Alexandra, eyes closed, one hand pinching and pulling a
nipple as her other hand worked on her pussy. I stood
in the doorway watching this delicious sight as my cock
hardened under my towel. The sweet sound of fingers
sliding in and out of her pussy as she fingered herself
and played with her tits.

As slowly and silently as I could, I moved next to
Alexandra and placed my mouth on her exposed and
unattended breast, sucking her hard nipple into my
mouth. At first she jumped but relaxed and continued
pleasuring herself. Alexandra guided my hand to her
pussy with her wet and slippery hand and together we
played with her lips and clit, her free hand removed
the towel from my waist and I stood next to the bed
with one hand enjoying the mutual masturbation of her
and my free hand stroking her hair.

Alexandra then told me, “Sit and watch me, when I start
to cum I want you to enter me with that hard-on of
yours.” I maneuvered myself to have a great view of her
as she played with her honey-pot and I stroked my
raging hard-on. Alexandra’s hands intermittently
switched places from her tits to her pussy, making her
tits glisten in the dim light with her own juices. As I
noticed her breathing quickening I positioned myself
between her outstretched legs, slowly stroking my cock
as she worked both hands now, one spreading her lips,
the other rubbing her clit and intermittently entering
the pleasure hole.

Alexandra’s eyes met mine as she began to cum and I
moved in. As her body tensed I quickly entered her
making her groan. Her fingers continued to work on her
clit as I slid in and out of her. I leaned over her
grabbed a pillow and while slowly fucking her we
managed to get the pillow under her ass allowing me to
have perfect position to pump into her with my hard
cock. Alexandra’s body shaking as her orgasm continued
I could feel her pussy muscles tense around me as I
stroked into her.

Alexandra’s orgasm subsided as I continued to slowly
then quickly fuck her and she grabbed my hips pulling
me deep into her but holding me there, not wanting me
to move. Alexandra said, “I Love the feeling of you in
me,” and she let go of my hips telling me to lie down.
As I lay down she moved to my hard, wet cock and
positioned herself with her legs towards my head as she
leaned over and licked my cock, slowly stroking it,
moaning as my hands found her pussy.

I slid 2 fingers into her as she sucked my cock into
her mouth, but before I could fully enjoy this position
Alexandra moved and straddled my cock, holding it at
the entrance of her pussy, staring me in the eyes,
Alexandra lowered herself onto me. Slowly she moved her
hips around in circles as she squeezed her pussy
muscles around my dick.

Alexandra moved her head to mine and kissed me, I could
faintly taste her juices that she sucked off my cock.
She straightened back up and my hands played with her
tits, cupping them, pulling slightly on her nipples. In
an attempt to get those lovely nipples into my mouth, I
tried to sit up but Alexandra pushed me back to the bed
and slowly began to ride me. She moved her hands back
on the bed and positioned herself so she was on her
hands and feet, slowly raising and lowering herself on
my cock.

In full view of my head was my cock entering her, such
a beautiful sight. My hands moved to her legs and I
massaged her inner thighs as she moved up and down,
slowly moving my hands to her pussy, my hands found her
clit and began to slowly rub and play with her pleasure

Alexandra returned to her knees and moved off of me,
pulling me by my cock off the bed. Alexandra got back
on the bed and positioned herself with her ass on the
edge, using her hands to spread her legs apart, I
rubbed my cock up and down her pussy, but moved to my
knees and sucked her clit into my mouth as I stroked my
cock. With one hand I played with Alexandra’s clit and
pussy as I readied myself to enter her again.

I was sure to get her as wet as I could using her
juices and my spit and as I returned to my feet I slid
my cock into her. Alexandra moaned as I slowly
increased speed, eventually pounding into her making
her tits jiggle wildly. I took one of Alexandra’s hands
and moved it to her pussy so she could feel my cock as
I slid it into her, her other hand played with one of
the jiggly titties pinching and pulling on the nipple.

I leaned down and Alexandra presented her tit to me,
allowing me to suck her nipple into my mouth, then
moving to the next one, my cock held tight into her
pussy as I did this, I stood straight again and
continued to slam into her, sweat dripping down my
body. I was getting ready to cum, loving the feeling of
her tight pussy and hand on my cock as I made love to
my sexy wife. My breathing shallowed and Alexandra knew
I was close.

Alexandra move both hands to my cock as it slid in and
out of her, making slapping sounds and slurping sounds
because of her wetness. Concentrating, I continued to
slid in and out of my delicious wife and as she sensed
I was ready to cum she pulled me out of her and stroked
my cock as I spurted cum on her pussy and bush, rubbing
my cock head all over her pussy, up and down, rubbing
circles on her clit using my cock like a dildo moaning
as she rubbed my cum soaked cock around her honey-pot
her free hand rubbing my cum around her and sliding her
hand up to her tits.

At this point both Alexandra and I are exhausted. I
head to the bathroom and return with towels, we clean
up and put on some clothes, Alexandra only a sexy robe
and me in boxers. We lie on the bed in an embrace and
watch some television as we recuperate. For there is
more to come later in the night.

After two rounds of sexual bliss with Alexandra, my
energy had weaned and while we watched television I
slowly drifted off to sleep. I don’t know how long I
was asleep but I was happy to be woken as my wife was
sucking my hard cock through the hole in my boxers.
Apparently when Alexandra saw that I fell asleep she,
removed her robe and slid her hand into my boxers,
removing my cock and sucking it to hardness. As
Alexandra’s head bobbed up and down on my hard cock her
right hand was rubbing her clit and fingering her

I moaned to let Alexandra know that I was enjoying her
mouth wrapped around my cock and she presented me her
right hand, wet with her savory juices. I licked and
sucked the delicious wetness and positioned myself so I
could eat her yummy pussy. As Alexandra continued to
work on my cock, sucking and enthusiastically licking
the shaft and head, I spread her legs apart and teased
her by licking and nibbling around her pussy, her inner
thighs, tickling her with my fingers and tongue.

When I sensed that Alexandra was frustrated with my
teasing her, I spread her wet pussy wide and lightly
flicked my tongue over her clit as I massaged her inner
thighs with my hands. I teased Alexandra’s clit with my
tongue making sure she was wet with excitement.

Suddenly Alexandra got up from the bed, leaving me with
a raging hard-on sticking through my boxers. Alexandra
slid my boxers off; pulled me to my feet where she led
me by my cock to the living room where Alexandra
dropped to her knees, liked around the head of my cock,
then sucked my cock into her mouth. She slowly bobbed
her head back and forth a few times then she let my
cock go out of her mouth and slid a cock-ring around
me. This cock-ring had a vibrating clit stimulator on
it as well.

Alexandra moved to the couch, sat down with her ass on
the edge and said, “I want you to cum in me.” With that
I moved to her, positioned my cock at her pussy, rubbed
it up and down her pussy, as the cock ring vibrated,
making my cock vibrate with it. Alexandra began to moan
and when I rubbed my cock down her pussy, I slid it in
her hard when I got to the delicious pussy hole. The
knob at the top of the cock ring hit Alexandra’s clit
as I remained still with my dick in her. Slowly I began
to fuck her, being sure to let the vibrator hit her
clit each time I thrust into her.

Alexandra quickly reached orgasm as this cock ring
stimulated her clit. Pushing her tits together and
moaning Alexandra came as I continued to thrust into
her. As her climax subsided she told me to stop for a
minute so we could change positions. She slid the cock
ring around so the vibrator part was at the bottom and
Alexandra bent over saying, “Take me from behind.”

I was happy to oblige as I grabbed her hips and she
guided my vibrating cock into her dripping honey-pot.
Alexandra grabbed the sides of the coffee table as I
thrust into her. The vibrator part continuing to hit
her clit, I kept an even pace as I slid my dick in her,
using her hips for leverage I slammed into her.

Alexandra’s hand moved between her legs and on each
thrust she fondled my balls. It wasn’t long before
Alexandra started to moan again, “Oh Mike, I’m going to
cum again.” My speed increased as her orgasm
approached. “Oh yeah, I love your cock in me,”
Alexandra muttered as I was fucking her.

As her orgasm started, she began to shudder and moan,
“Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, keep going. That’s it, Oh I’m
cumming.” Alexandra isn’t usually this verbal in bed,
and hearing this encouraged me more. I continued to
slam into her from behind as my own orgasm started,
spurting cum deep into her as we both came together.

I slid my cock out of Alexandra’s pussy with a sloppy
pop, and she removed the cock ring from me. To my
amazement she slid my cock into her mouth and cleaned
off our combined juices as she moaned. When she
finished we showered together and headed off for bed,
exhausted and spent.