Purim Treat

Unbelievably, I had begun seeing “A”, this stunning blond member of our congregation after she came on to me one night at a fund-raiser, drunk on vodka. My band was providing the music and while on a break, she got into my personal space, asking me why I never flirted with her like I did with the other women. She was so beautiful and hot, I told her, I never would have thought she’d be approachable.

Many nights I had observed “A” and her teen-aged daughter sitting at services, entranced by her gorgeous legs and sexy high heels and her look-alike daughter being a younger version but just as desirable.

We got to talking some and she told me how her husband was more into playing paintball than paying attention to her and she felt neglected. She sat so close to me I could smell the alcohol on her breath as we spoke.

“Come up to the class rooms upstairs during your next break,” she told me. “There’s something I want to show you.”

We played our next half hour set, which was a blur in my mind as I wondered what “A” had in mind. As the last notes of “Wild Thing” reverberated off the social hall’s walls, I put my amp on stand-by and took a walk to the Hebrew School classrooms. “A” was a member of the Board of Ed and had a key to the rooms up there. It was dark as I wandered the hallway, until I heard a little whisper…”psssst, over here”

She was peeking out from behind a door and I slid myself into the classroom quietly. She immediately pressed herself to me and we kissed, our tongues tangling and dancing together. She groped me and started to pull on my belt, opened my pants up and pulled them down as she dropped to her knees right there. We were on a fifteen minute break and I could hear kids and other people running through the building, outside in the hallway too.

But oh my god, she pulled my cock out and with a sly smile on her face while looking up at me, “A” licked the head and stuffed it into her warm wet mouth. There was something she did with her tongue, flicking the most sensitive underside part of the head, which was making me crazy with a desire to cum. She knew just what she was doing, with one hand tightly gripping the base of my penis and the other holding me around my legs.

Standing there like that, flat-footed and my knees locked made it difficult to get to my peak, her slurping and sucking sounds made my balls boil within. I put one hand out to lean against the wall and the other held the back of her head closer to me. Outside in the hallway I could recognize the voice of other parents from the Hebrew School rounding up their kids, and it made me pause a moment, afraid we’d be caught if someone began checking the classrooms.

“A” took that moment to suck me deep withing her mouth and I felt her throat muscles work against the tip of my cock. A small gagging sound escaped from her mouth and she licked me up and down to regain my attention. She began that tongue massage thing again and before I knew it, I began to pulse and throb within her mouth.

My cum shot into her sucking vortex, her tongue swirling and tickling, coaxing an intense orgasm out of me, pulling every nerve ending along from the bottom of my feet to the top of my scalp. The sound of her swallowing, slurping, licking my cock filled the room and I couldn’t help myself but to moan and groan with each exquisite sensation raking my body. When I was finished and she let my penis loose, I had to help her back to her feet and steady herself. She had saliva and my cum coating her lips, so she dug into her purse for some tissue to wipe up; I could hear the band begin to tune up again…my fifteen minute break was up!

Dashing back downstairs, I got my guitar strapped on, flicked the switch on my amp and began rocking out with my boys. “A” showed up again before too long and during the rest of the night cast glances my way with a wicked smile on her lips. The boys were kidding me about getting her phone number, and the like but I kept to myself the satisfaction I got during my break.

“A” turned out to be a great hook-up, imaginative, sexy and ready to rock at a moment’s notice. She always presented herself at Temple as a demure married mother, but I knew better. Unfortunately, she was a drinker and drove me crazy with it and we broke off after a while, but not before I got to know her daughter a lot better.

Which is for another story, later.