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Valentine Delight

Val was on his way to visit his grandmother when the tire on his truck went flat. He cursed himself for not getting his spare refilled. Now what was he going to do. He reached into the glove compartment and took out his wallet. He had been living in his truck for about a month […]

Granny gets drunk 2.

Jan leant down and kissed Dan hard; she pulled back and looked at him, ‘Dan, its ok. Don’t worry, you can fuck me bareback, I’m ok with it, I give you permission to spunk in me. In fact I want it bareback. It’s more exciting, not knowing what will happen, perhaps you will make me […]

Granny pissing fetish

After being pleasurable seduced by a fifty-year-old I was hooked on fucking only old plumb and fat ladies. When I reached 35 my sexual targets were aged 70- to 80-year-olds and when fingering them I found they could not help themselves either dribbling piss or if skilled using their incontinence to squirt it out. Of […]