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The Stolen Pussy

Jocelyn threw off the covers and dreamily spread her naked legs. She had freshened up while her husband got ready to go to work. She did not need any lubricant, however — her arousal took care of that. She closed her eyes when she heard her husband open the bedroom door. As she pretended to […]

Lesbian teen pussies – Shaven

My neighbor, Jenna, always blinks three times when she lies. She knows I know this, and today when we went shopping together, she said a bikini looked great on me. Then she blinked. Three times. I hung the swimsuit back on the rack. We tried another store. This one had a big sale, and all […]

Sex-Video Marathon

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked rhetorically as I entered the room. The heels of my thigh high boots echoed as I confidently strode along the varnished wooden floor. They matched the rest of my outfit: black, shiny, and tight. Twenty minutes it had taken me to squeeze into my rubber leotard and matching gloves, all for […]

She sucks magnificently !

“Beatrice Dalrymple, just what do you think you are you doing to that poor young man?” Eleanor demanded from the doorway. Corky’s prick was still pulsing inside Beatrice’s bottom, having just deposited his tribute therein. Beatrice, for her part, was forestalled from her imminent climax by her mother’s exquisitely ill-timed interruption. Corky fought down the […]

The cyber wife

As with many of the things Cindi and I try, the phone sex thing was a one-time event (so far, I still have never figured out what she meant by the other “position”). I still love watching her have her online fun at least three times a week. She says it helps her unwind from […]

Grace Summer

A book, perhaps the collected works of Shakespeare, propped open the window. It was after midnight, the moon rising high into the perpetually cloudless night sky, its luminance overpowering most of the stars. A nearly imperceptible breeze ebbed and flowed through the open panes, caressing my skin as I lay on top of the sheets. […]

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