Dane Manor – Sexorgy

John sat scanning the latest edition of PORN MONTHLY. The magazine
had evolved from an idea on a computer bulletin board and had started
life as SMUT NEWS. Now it had grown into a full blown magazine
with articles, features, pictures, adverts and even the odd competition
(most of which was extremely odd indeed) and he was happy to be one of
the select people on the circulation list. He had a quick look at the
crossword. <1A To copulate, rhymes with duck, begins with F. (4
letters)>. ‘Shit!’, he thought, ‘These crosswords are getting harder
every month’. Flicking the page he spotted a personal ad. “Has sex
become a routine? We can put excitement back. Call Dane Manor”.

Reaching for the phone John quickly punched out the number on
the keypad. After a couple of rings, “Dane Manor. Can I help you?”.
The voice was feminine, soft and sultry, and
his prick twitched with anticipation. “Hi. I’m John. I saw your ad and
I wondered what you had to offer”. “Personally John, a large pair of
tits and a nice, warm pussy. How does that sound?”, came the reply.
John gulped. “Fine”, he said nervously, “But what I meant was what
services do you give?”. “Anything your little cock desires”, answered
the sultry voice, “Look, why not drive down and spend the weekend. I’m
sure we can cater to your most secret longing”. John got the address and
booked a “Fantasy Special” for the following weekend.

The days dragged but soon it was Saturday morning and John was all
packed ready for his ‘special’. The drive took two hours and he wondered
whether he had got the directions right as he weaved through the little
country lanes. Eventually he saw a large country house ahead and stopped
at the gate. The board outside told him he had found Dane Manor and he
made his way up the drive and stopped in front of the house. As he got
out of the car he was met by a curvaceous blonde. “Hello John, I’m
Christine. Welcome to Dane Manor. You found our secluded little den
of iniquity then?”. The voice was the same as on the phone, he marvelled
at the size of her tits, 42D at least. “Yes, just about. It’s a bit out
of the way”, he said still staring at the two huge globes floating a
few feet away. “You weren’t lying about the tits”, John said summoning
up his courage. “Well when you’ve settled yourself into your room I’ll
come up and maybe you can find out about the other bit”, Christine
purred, her tongue flicking her bottom lip seductively.

John was shown to a large double room and he quickly put his things
away. Just then there was knock on the door and Christine entered
carrying a large bottle of champagne and two glasses. They sat on the
bed together drinking and talking. Every time he made a pass at
Christine she made an excuse and poured him another drink. After a while
John felt extremely light-headed, which was odd for him since he could
always take his drink. As he looked at Christine’s face her smile faded
into a mocking sneer and he realized that although she had been pouring
him glass after glass of champagne he hadn’t actually seen her touch a
drop. He made a move to get up but the room was now spinning and John
collapsed back onto the bed and lost conscienceness.

John awoke to find himself spread-eagled on the floor, face up
and stark naked. As his head cleared he tried to break his bonds but the
noise of his struggle served only to summon his captor. Christine
entered, now naked herself, and approached his helpless body. “You
chauvinistic bastard”,
she sneered, “You thought you were going to come here and have girls
pampering to your every whim. How typical of the male race, they expect
it on a plate. Well for your information, in this establishment we
provide a service for women not men. They come here and we provide them
a man to fulfil **their** fantasy. And you’re the meat”. John struggled
to break free again but the bonds were to strong. Christine delivered
him a hard kick to the balls, even with her bare feet she made his eyes
water. She knelt beside him, “Unfortunately, I happen to need a dick
from time to time so your first job is to service me”. With that she
knelt across his face and, grabbing his hair, pulled his head up to
meet her juicy twat. “Suck out my juices you wanker, stick your tongue
up my cunt”, she hissed. Now, apart from the pain this wasn’t at all
bad, John reasoned, if he could have planned his visit beforehand then
having his face buried between this gorgeous blonde’s thighs would have
been pretty high on the list. It wasn’t long before his prick had
responded to the situation and was standing proudly to attention.
Christine removed herself from his face and sat back onto his chest.
“Did you enjoy that?”, she enquired. “Yes”, John replied licking his
lips, “the best cunt I’ve ever tasted”. “Pity”, Christine said, “you
don’t deserve to enjoy yourself. I’m going to fuck you now and woe
betide you if you cum”. Christine lowered herself down onto his prick
and began to ride. Looking up John saw those magnificent mammaries
swinging to and fro and he longed to reach up and caress them. He could
feel the juices surging up inside him and he had to concentrate hard
to stop from cumming. Christine was breathing heavy now and she ran her
fingernails the entire length of John’s chest drawing blood. John
cried out with pain but Christine leaned forward and silenced him by
pushing her tongue into his mouth. She kissed him fiercely as her cunt
bucked up and down on his rock-hard member and with a cry of ecstasy
she came.

Christine got up and walked over to a small wash basin. Rising a
flannel she wiped herself between the legs. Then without rinsing it
again she came over and began wiping John’s face. “We can’t have you
looking all sticky for our next two ladies can we?”, she said as she
washed the rest of him. ‘Two!’, John thought to himself as Christine
dried him with a towel, ‘things are looking up’. Christine put on a
robe and left the room. John tried again to release himself but within
a couple of minutes she was back. “There you are ladies. He’s all yours.
Have a nice time”. John looked up and was horrified to see two old
ladies in their late sixties come into the room wearing what he first
thought were ill-fitting pink jogging suits but he realised they were
in fact naked. Without speaking they came over and sat at either side
of his cock which was now as limp and flaccid as the old girl’s tits.
One of them leaned over and took it into her mouth and began to give
him one of the best blow-jobs he had ever had. Maybe it was her fifty-odd
years experience of gobbling or the fact that she had taken her teeth
out that made it so good, but whichever it was he found himself, almost
involuntarily, arching his body upwards, pushing his cock deeper into her
mouth. She moved round into the 69 position and now he was reminded of
Billingsgate Fish Market. He knew his fate was sealed and that he would
have to submit to it one way or another so summoning all his will and
holding his breath he began licking away for all he was worth. Luckily
for him the old girl wanted a fuck so she soon changed position once
again and mounted his cock. The other old lady had been sitting by his
side all this time stroking his body, she now moved up and flapped one
of her tits into his face for him to suck. John was just thinking to
himself that she must be the maternal type when she squatted above his
face and demanded to be licked out. It wouldn’t have been so bad if her
position had not meant his nose was poked up her arsehole. Realising
that the only way to get this over and done with was to give them what
wanted so he bucked and licked and pushed and sucked for all he was
worth until finally they were satisfied and left.

Christine came back in and her nose twitched at the smell. “You
**have** been having a nice time haven’t you?”, she said mockingly,
“Phew!. I think I’d better open a window before your next customer,
and you could do with a shower”. ‘A shower!’, John thought, ‘my chance
to escape’. But his hopes were soon dashed as Christine went to a
drawer and took out what
looked like a small handcuff with a chain attached. She closed the ring
around the base of his prick and balls and he knew there was no way he
could withdraw his balls back through the ring without causing
excruciating pain. The other end of the chain she padlocked to a ring
on the floor, then releasing John’s bonds she told him to go and shower.
The chain was just long enough for him to reach the shower cubicle and
he thankfully washed away the putrid liquid that was sticking to his
face and cock.

John towelled himself dry then, at Christine’s command, resusuming
his spread-eagled position as his bonds were secured once more. “And
now”, she said, “You have three ladies to service”. ‘Lady what’,
thought John, ‘Gorillas? Dogs? Mongolian Skunk Rats?’. After what he had
just been through anything was possible. Christine removed the ring
from his balls and left the room once more.

Presently the door opened and in came three gorgeous girls, wearing
only black stockings and suspender belts, looking every bit like every
man’s fantasy. One of them stepped forward. “Hi”, she said, “I’m
Debbie”. Things were certainly looking up, this girl was stunning
and he knew that what ever she had in mind for him he would be a willing
participant. Debbie approached him and knelt by his side. “My! you are
a big boy”, she said running her finger up the length of his prick
making it stiffen, “I hope you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation
John, I need it good and hard for a long while yet”. “Don’t worry”,
replied John, “That’s one thing I’ve never suffered from”. He couldn’t
keep his eyes off of her luscious cunt glistening seductively from the
midst of her soft pubic hair. As if reading his mind Debbie moved
forward bringing her pussy into tonging distance and supported John’s
head as he probed tentatively at her large clitoris with his tongue.
Debbie shivered as a thrill shot through her body. John felt a mouth
close around his cock and a tongue began to explore his body as the
other girls joined in. He could hear Debbie breathing heavily as he
sucked and licked at her sweet hole, lapping the juices which were now
flowing freely. John was feeling pleased with himself at being able to
excite this girl so completely using only his tongue when there was a
rush of liquid into his mouth. At first he thought she must have
released an excessive amount of ‘girly fluid’ as she climaxed but his
taste buds clued him into the fact that Debbie had actually pissed into
his mouth. Looking up his eyes met hers and he detected a hint of
apprehension in them. It seemed she seeked approval not disgust and he
was in no mood to let her down. Resuming his oral assault on her twat
with renewed vigour she cried out with pleasure as she peaked and
flooded his mouth and face with urine. The other girls were now at his
head watching gleefully as the golden cascade covered his face.
Swallowing as fast as he could he was surprised that the taste was not
at all unpleasant, if fact he found the whole experience sexually
stimulating. Soon Debbie’s climax began to subside and the piss came in
short bursts as her bladder emptied.

Sitting back Debbie looked at John’s piss-drenched face and smiled
at her handiwork. “Well?”, asked Debbie, “What do you think”. “Great”,
replied John, “What now?”. “More!. Sorry I should have introduced my
friends. Sandra, and Karen. They’re also into piss-fun”. John had
already guessed that by the way they were eagerly lapping the excess
moisture from his face. “John?”, said Debbie, “If were to release you
from your bonds do you promise not to escape?”. “I promise”, replied
John, “I’m looking forward to the next bit. But I wouldn’t want to get
you into trouble with that Christine, she can be an evil bitch”. “I
know”, said Debbie, “that’s why I hired her”. John stared quizzically
at Debbie who answered his unasked question, “I own Dane Manor”, she
said. Moving over to him Debbie undid the chains which held him and
John embraced her, holding her naked body close to his and kissing her
deeply. His prick was still rigid and he rolled her over and moved to
enter her but she stopped him. “There’ll be plenty of time for that
later”, she said, “I think Sandra is in need of your cock at the
moment”. John turned and saw that Sandra was busily frigging herself
with three fingers and went over to her. He took her hand, which was wet
with her love juices, put it to his mouth and licked the sticky
excretions from her fingers.

Easing her back he mounted her, sliding his hard cock into her
waiting pussy. Karen stood above them teasing her clitoris as John
plunged his prick in and out of Sandra. As the excitement mounted Karen
let fly with a shower of piss over both of them. The tingling sensation
of the warm liquid landing on his back drove John to new heights and he
had to slow his rhythmic pumping or risk cumming too soon. The urine
that hit his head had soaked into his hair and was now running down over
his face and onto Sandra’s face as they kissed. Just as the flow was
stopping Sandra urged John to withdraw as she was about to cum. John
withdrew and sat back on his haunches between her legs as Sandra brought
herself to climax with her fingers. As she did so she arched her back
and managed to direct a jet of piss upwards towards John which hit
him full in the face then trailed down his chest as the power declined.
Thoroughly soaked, with all of the girls satisfied, John decided
it was time for another shower.

Coming out of the shower cubicle John saw that Sandra and Karen had
left and Debbie was lying in the bed. “Come over here”, she said,
“It’s about time you got your reward”. John approached the bed and
climbed in. Debbie moved down and wrapped her luscious lips around
John’s large cock and began to suck him gently. It was all he could do
from blasting his spunk down her throat. Debbie brought John to the
edge of climax several times with her mouth and tongue then positioned
herself on all fours in front of him. Not needing any words John
quickly moved behind her and pushed his dick into her cunt. After
several minutes he decided to try the other delight on offer and
withdrawing from her cunt he pushed into her arse. Debbie bucked
backwards and forwards matching his thrust and soon John realised he
could hold back no longer. Pulling out his prick he grasped it in his
hand and began to wank furiously. The spunk flew out with great force
and landed on Debbie’s back who was using her fingers to finish herself
off. As she came she sprayed the bed with her golden wee. Debbie then
turned around and sucked at John’s cock which was still pumping out some
spunk, keeping her mouth firmly round it until she was sure there was
none left to drink.

It was time for another shower but this time they shared it together,
caressing and soaping each other until the excitement took over again
and they fucked again in the shower cubicle. When they came out the bed
had been changed and Debbie left him to sleep off his day’s ‘work’.

As John booked out of Dane Manor the next morning he knew that
although he had been held captive and abused he had never experienced
such a lift to his sexual awareness in all of his life and as Christine
took his Visa details he knew it was money well spent. Christine handed
him back his credit card and smiled warmly, “Thank you sir. I hope you
enjoyed your visit”. “Yes. Thank you”, John replied and headed for the
door. “Come again soon”, John heard a voice say. Looking over to the
manager’s office he saw Debbie standing in the doorway. He smiled and
waved. He had every intention of returning.