Wives In Torment

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to achieve their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples of one person being manipulated for the gain of another.

And when the victims are young and innocent, the story is so much the sadder…

Carolyn Merrit and Julia Johnson, the young housewives in this book, are the victims of an immoral man. They find themselves caught up in a complex web of depravity and perversion they had never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to endure one humiliation after another, they become little more than obedient animals catering to the whims of their captor.

WIVES IN TORMENT — the shocking story of innocent women learning the truth about human nature. A story which holds a lesson for our uncaring society.


There were two young women in the store when Dan Jacobs entered.

He found them both attractive. He had been planning to stay in the small town but a few days, but he had already changed his mind. He had already seen a number of attractive women.

“Who is that?” Carolyn Merrit asked.

Julia Johnson tried not to look interested in the man who had just walked in. It was all right for Carolyn to act so crazy. Everyone in town, even her husband, knew that Carolyn was a big flirt.

But Julia had only been married a few weeks and it wouldn’t do for people to notice her being interested in other men. Still, it was hard to keep her eyes from straying to the handsome features of the stranger.

“I don’t know,” Julia said sharply. “And you shouldn’t be looking.”

“Bosh,” Carolyn said. “It’s all right to look. I bet Jimmy does a lot of looking when he’s not around you.”

“I doubt it,” Julia said.

Carolyn pouted. The pretty little blonde didn’t look as if she believed Julia about Jimmy not looking at other women, but then Carolyn didn’t know what a prude Jimmy was. He would seldom look at her completely naked and Julia knew she had a good body.

“Damn,” Julia said softly.

She had been picking a can off the shelf and it slipped out of her fingers. Carolyn bent to pick it up and Julia was glad. Julia didn’t want her friend to see the pained expression that crossed her face.

She didn’t know for sure but she believed that Bobby and Carolyn’s relationship was the perfect one. Carolyn seemed so free about sex talk and sometimes made crude remarks about men and their abilities.

Julia wondered what kind of crude remarks Carolyn would make if she knew the truth about Jimmy.

“That does it,” Carolyn said. “Are you about ready?”

Julia had not finished half her shopping but suddenly she was in a hurry to be out of the store. Twice she had caught the stranger looking at her with obvious interest.

The two girls paid their bills and left the store. They packed the groceries in the back of Julia’s station wagon.

“Just a second,” Carolyn said. “I forgot something. I’ll be right back.”

Julia gave her friend a suspicious look, but Carolyn was already going back into the store.

Carolyn’s heart was pounding as she walked back into the store again. She didn’t really know why she felt she had to get to see the man again, but she knew she had to. She knew it could never amount to anything serious. She flirted with other men but she had never carried it any farther than that. This was going to be another flirting episode and she just didn’t want Julia around spoiling her fun.

She found the man on the second aisle looking at some canned peaches. He smiled when he saw her.

“Maybe you can help me,” he said. “I really don’t know anything about peaches.”

“That’s a good brand,” Carolyn said.

Carolyn couldn’t think of anything else to say. She suddenly had a feeling that this was not the kind of man a girl could flirt with. He was the type who took things seriously.

“I have to be going,” she said.

She started past him and he grabbed her arm. He didn’t grasp her tightly but she couldn’t seem to pull away.

“Where’s your friend?” he asked.

“Julia?” she said. “She’s waiting.”

“Why don’t you tell her that you have something important to do?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Carolyn said.

“Yes you do,” he insisted.

And she did know what he meant. Never before had anything happened so fast with her. It had taken her a long time to get really in tune with Bobby and even then her sex life wasn’t skyrockets. She somehow knew this man could make skyrockets.

“I couldn’t do that,” she said.

“I have a room in the hotel across the street,” he said slowly. “It’s the only one in town. I’m sure you know where room number five is.”

“You’re crazy,” Carolyn said.

The pretty blonde jerked her arm away and hurried away from him.

Dan Jacobs watched her jiggling buttocks disappear with a soft smile on his face.

He had felt her strong attraction to him. He knew she would come to him eventually. It was a shame that it wasn’t the other girl, though, the brunette.

That girl was a fantastic looking piece with that long hair down to her fine ass and those big luscious titties. And that mouth. Dan was sure that that inviting mouth could chomp on his pecker all day long.

Dan sighed. Well, she could wait. There were other girls. Like the cute little blonde. She looked more like a high school cheerleader than a married woman. But her body seemed nice and he knew she’d be a good fuck.

Dan took the can of peaches to the cash register and paid the man for them.

He walked out into the bright sunlight and he noticed that the station wagon was gone. So the two young women had left. He wondered how soon it would be before the blonde would return.

He started setting up his camera equipment as soon as he got back to his room. He had three small movie cameras and a tape recorder hidden around the room before he heard the timid knock on his door.

He smiled. She was coming back quicker than he had thought she would.

He was not surprised to find the cute little blonde standing outside his door.

“I don’t know why I came,” Carolyn said. “I thought we could talk.”

Carolyn brushed past him and looked for a place to sit down. She chose the chair farthest from the bed. Yet, she couldn’t help giving the bed nervous glances.

“Are you from around here?” she asked.

“No,” he said. “You seem nervous. Would you like a drink?”

“Yes,” she said.

He mixed two bourbons and brought hers to her. She took the glass with trembling fingers. She took a sip. He had not moved away. Then she felt his hand touching her just below her knee. She was wearing stockings but the flimsy things couldn’t hide the heat of his hand.

“Please,” she said. “I shouldn’t have come here. I’ve never come to a man’s room before. I had to lie to my friend. I don’t lie. I…”

He moved his hand to the inside of her leg just at the end of her skirt. She looked down at his hand petrified, as if it were some kind of insect on her.

He bent down and kissed her very softly on her lips. She felt his tongue brush her teeth but she wouldn’t open up. She tried to make her body stiff but she couldn’t control the shivers permeating her body.

“You shouldn’t do that,” she said.

“You came here for me to do this,” he said.

She looked into his face and she knew his words were true. She had come here for this. She asked herself why. Bobby made her happy. He satisfied her. Then why did she have this big attraction to this man.

“I have to go,” she said.

He kissed her again but this time it was a rough, demanding kiss and she had to open her mouth to him. She moaned softly when she felt his tongue slipping into her mouth and going into her throat.

His hand caressed her knees and thighs but he still hadn’t gone up under her skirt.

He let her go and stood back from her. He finished his drink off in two hard gulps. She found her eyes drawn to his crotch where she saw the huge bulge forming there.

“You have pretty legs,” he said. “I wonder if the rest of you is as pretty.”

Her mouth was dry. She looked down at herself and saw that her short skirt had ridden up high on her thighs. Bobby liked garter belts and she had worn her pretty yellow one for him. She saw that it was partly visible.

“Nice,” Dan said. “Nice touch.”

She kept telling herself that she was a good wife, that she could get up and leave before things got started. She had done nothing wrong yet. Only a kiss. She could leave.

She knew she wouldn’t as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Come here,” he said.

She stood up and walked to him. He tugged her down into his lap and she felt his hard bulge pressing against her buttocks.

He kissed her throat softly, and then ran his tongue over her cheek and to her mouth. This time his lips were hungry and his tongue fondled her tongue roughly. She was breathing rapidly when he released her.

Once more she looked down at herself and saw the edges of her yellow panties. And his hand slowly crept up under her skirt and touched her pussy. “Oh no,” she said. “You shouldn’t do that. I shouldn’t let you.”

She put her hand on his arm but she didn’t have the strength to pull him away. His fingers touched her cunt and felt her wet panties.

“You hot little momma,” he said. “You’re already coming. You sweet thing.”

He pulled her back onto the bed on top of him. He bruised her mouth with hard kisses while his hands went underneath her skirt to cup her buttocks.

“Oh God,” she said softly.

He pushed her over onto her back and his weight came down on top of her. His hands went to the buttons of her blouse. She put her hand out to stop him once more. It was too late. He peeled her blouse back to reveal her tits concealed in a yellow bra.

“Stop,” she pleaded.

“You don’t want me to stop,” he said. “You want me to fuck you. You have nice tits. Very nice tits.”

He lifted her back and easily unsnapped her bra. He pulled it off her and she felt the air against her naked flesh. He cupped one tit in his hand and began to softly massage it.

“Nice,” he kept whispering. “Really nice.”

He bent his head and his tongue flicked at her nipple. She felt it begin to ache with excitement. His hot mouth closed over it gently. She tried to tug at his head but her fingers just simply ended up running through his curly dark hair while soft, guttural moans escaped her throat.

He opened his mouth wider and more of her creamy flesh was drawn into his hot mouth. He used his tongue and lips on her skin until she could hardly stand it.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “Stop. Please stop.”

She was not saying it loud enough or forcefully enough to matter. His lips and tongue caressed her titties until they were both swollen with lust. Her skirt was up above her waist and she could feel his hard cock pressed against her thigh.

She knew it wouldn’t be long before he took his cock out. She was right about that. He took her hand and pressed it against his stiff bulge.

“Like that, baby?” he said. “I bet it’s going to be the biggest one you’ve ever felt.”

She couldn’t remember ever having been so hot. Even Bobby, with his good love making techniques, could not make her feel so hot and shivery.

He pressed her hand harder against him and she felt his cock jump through his trousers. She hardly knew what she was doing as she reached for his zipper. Slowly she tugged it down and then reached inside for his cock.

She found his hot cock bunched in his shorts and her small fingers laced around the stem.

“Pull it out, baby,” he insisted. “Pull it out.”

She swallowed nervously as she tugged his immense rod out through the opening of his trousers. Again she felt the stiff prick jump excitedly in her hot fingers.

She could suddenly feel her panties get even wetter, and her fingers were getting sticky as she moved them up and down on his cock.

“Fine,” he gasped. “Baby, you’ve got a fine hand.”

He rolled away from her and made her remove her hand. She wondered what he was doing but she didn’t have to wait long to find out. He stripped out of his clothes quickly to reveal a hard, masculine body.

She let her gaze fall to his massive balls and she shivered again.

“Take your panties off, baby,” he said. “I’m so hot I can hardly stand it.”

“Please,” she said. “I can’t go through with this. I can’t do it.”

She kept saying the things she knew she should say but she was taking her panties off at the same time. She slid them down her legs and kicked them off. He licked his lips as he stared at her cunt.

“Hairy,” he said. “I like a furry pussy. Spread your legs wide, baby. I’m ready to give you a sweet fucking.”

Bobby had never talked to her that way but somehow she found that the words excited her even more. A sweet fucking was what she wanted. She found herself spreading apart her legs and allowing him to look into the pink lips of her pussy.

“You’ve got a fine looking cunt,” he said as he leaned across her. She felt two of his fingers massaging her juicy cunt. She moaned as she felt one of his fingers slipping up inside her.

“I’m ready, baby,” he said. “I’m ready to give you a good fucking.”

“Yes,” she said. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He got between her legs and she felt the hard head of his cock pressed against her pussy. She screamed as he shoved his huge prick partly into her.

“Fuck me!” she yelled. “Fuck me! Please give it to me good!”

She knew she was loud and somebody might hear but at the moment she didn’t give a damn who heard. She wanted to be fucked and fucked good.

He slammed his cock all the way into her and she breathed a sigh of relief. He felt so good inside her. So good. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his back.

“Give it to me, baby,” she moaned. “Give it to me!”

He began to fuck her in quick, hard strokes. He was playing with her ass as he fucked her and she was loving it. She wanted to be abused and treated roughly. That was what she’d always wanted and he was giving it to her.

Her breath was coming in loud gasps as she realized she was coming. It had never been like this. She saw the skyrockets that she’d known he’d make her see.

“God,” she moaned. “Oh fuck. It feels too good. Too good. I love it. Oh God, I’m coming. I’m coming. Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus! Oh fuck, I LOVE ITTTT!”

Her orgasm shook her body as she’d never been shaken before.

“Oh,” she moaned. “It’s never been like this. Never.”

But his cock was still in her and still hard. He slowly pulled his cock from her and placed it against her, stomach.

“Turn over,” he said. “Get up on your hands and knees.”

“But what are you going to do?” she asked.

“Just do it,” he demanded.

She turned over and got up on her hands and knees. Once more he slammed his cock deep into her pussy. He leaned across her and grabbed her titties as he savagely pounded his cock into her cunt.

“Fuck me!” he cried. “It feels so fucking fine! I love it! I fucking love it! OH JESUSSSSS!”

She felt him explode into her with his hot cum.


Carolyn was shocked. She could feel the man’s eyes on her as she turned over the glossy photographs.

“I can’t believe it,” she said. “You took pictures. Why did you do that?”

Dan Jacobs smiled. He knew he had this pretty little blonde exactly where he wanted her. It was time for him to take off his nice-guy mask.

“Why do you think, bitch?” he said coldly.

Carolyn had never been talked to that way. She looked up in surprise. She had been sorry and ashamed of what had happened between her and the stranger. Afterwards, for two weeks, she had been as nice as she could possibly be to her husband. She was determined never to be unfaithful again.

And then Dan Jacobs had phoned her.

She looked down once more at the pictures. There was no doubt it was her. Her long blonde hair was tangled and her mouth was open in heat. She looked depraved.

“Oh my God,” she said softly. “I don’t understand. I really don’t understand.”

“It’s simple,” he said. “You took a little pleasure. Now you’re going to have to pay for it.”

“Blackmail,” she said. “You want money?”

“Not money,” he said. “I just want you to go to work for me. For six months. Then I’ll give you the pictures and I’ll move on to another town. It’s safer that way. Just six months.”

“Oh my God,” she said again. “I’ll pay you money. I’ll do that. But I couldn’t do that.”

“You will,” he said.

She didn’t like the slow smile that came over his face. She tugged her skirt down and got off the bed. She walked to the door and put her hand on the knob. At that moment she didn’t believe him. She couldn’t believe that he would ever part with those pictures.

“Don’t go out the door,” he warned. “Or you’ll find your pictures going on sale in every bar in the country.”

Then she knew he meant what he said. He was not bluffing. She knew what going to work for him meant, but she couldn’t allow those pictures to be distributed. She turned around to face him once more.

“You win,” she said. “Six months. That’s all.”

“I knew you’d understand,” he said. “Now strip it off, bitch. We’re going to have a little lesson to seal the bargain.”

Before she had enjoyed the sex with him. She couldn’t deny that. But now something else was happening to her. He was treating her like a common whore and it was both exciting and frightening.

She unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor. Her bra was next. She shivered as she felt his hot eyes caressing her full tits.

“This time,” he said, “you’re going to pleasure me. Don’t even think about yourself. You only want to pleasure me.”

She nodded her head as she pulled off her skirt. This time she wore no stockings.

“Leave your panties on,” he said. “For a little while.”

Again she nodded as she kicked off her shoes. He lay down on the bed without undressing. She went back to the bed and sat down beside him.

“Have you ever sucked a man off?” he asked.

She never had. She had kissed her husband there a few times but he had never wanted her to go farther than that. Now she felt a growing heat between her legs as she faced the task of sucking this man off.

“Do it,” he said. “Take my cock out. Take it out and suck it, bitch. I want to give you a hot mouthful of cum. I want you to taste my jism! Do it!”

She reached for him, felt the hard bulge already forming in his trousers. Her fingers trembled nervously as she unzipped him. He was wearing no shorts. She reached inside his trousers and tugged his large rod out through the opening.

She stared at it for a few moments and she wondered how it would taste. He put one hand on her shoulder and pulled at her.

“Now take it in your mouth,” he said. “I’m ready to drown you in my cum.”

Her lips touched lightly against the meaty texture of his rod. She had never done it before but she knew what he wanted. She had heard enough ugly stories about it. She opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to run up and down his trembling cock.

He pushed on the back of her head and her lips went down to his balls.

“Take my balls in your mouth,” he suggested. “Take them and suck them gently.”

It was odd but she wanted to please him.

It wasn’t anything like the way she felt with her husband. It was good with her husband. She never felt as if she were being used. He was tender and kind and he made her happy.

This man was using her and she was getting hotter than she’d ever gotten.

“That’s it, baby,” he moaned. “Suck my balls.”

She held each of his tender balls gingerly in her mouth. She could feel the tension as she touched him with her tongue. She could also feel how heavy he was and she knew that those balls would soon be sending a load of cum into her mouth.

The thought made her even more excited.

“Now my cock, bitch,” he moaned. “Swallow me up.”

She ran her tongue back up his cock and closed her mouth over the immense head. She used her tongue and lips on the crown for a few seconds, but she then felt the pressure on the back of her head.

He wanted her to take all of this rod into her mouth. She tried to relax as she felt his stiff cock going past the roof of her mouth. Then his immense crown was driving into her throat. She choked and tried to draw him out but he held her tightly.

“Just relax, bitch,” he said. “Just relax your throat.”

Tears were burning at her eyes. She felt as if she couldn’t breath. Slowly he released her and allowed her, to gasp for breath. But then his huge tool was once more driving into her throat.

She willed herself to relax and she found herself able to move her mouth up and down his rod the way he wanted. He sighed and some of the pressure on her head was relieved.

“That’s nice,” he moaned. “That’s nice. Keep that up and I’ll give you a hot load. Keep it up, Carolyn.”

She was doing her best. She could see herself in the mirror by the bed, her long hair tangled, her red lips covering his cock.

“Faster, baby,” he moaned. “Faster.”

She could feel his cock expanding in her throat and she knew he was getting ready to cum. She had never tasted a man’s jism and she was a little nervous but she knew he’d never allow her to move her head.

Then she tasted a little of his salty cum striking her throat.

“I’m ready, baby,” he moaned. “I’m ready. Here it comes. Taste it, bitch! Swallow it! SWALLOW IT!”

A thick glob of jism erupted in her throat and she swallowed it down. Then another. Some of it escaped the corners of her mouth. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and grabbed her by the hair. She felt him rubbing some of his jism into her hair.

“Ahhhh shit,” he said softly. “That was fine. Really fine.”

He allowed her to fall back on the bed. He stood up and walked over to where he had his bottle. He fixed himself a drink and finished it off in a few sips. He looked back at her.

“Now the panties,” he said.

She was ready. She still tasted his strong male flavor as she slipped her flimsy panties down her legs.

“Open your legs,” he said. “Wide. And play with yourself.”

She was being degraded. She knew what he was doing, but she couldn’t control the heat of her body. There was something about this man that drove her crazy. She kept telling herself that she had to do what she was doing because of his pictures of her.

But inside she knew she would have done these things anyway. At his command.

She opened her legs and felt him looking directly into her wet cunt. She put two fingers against her thigh. She was hesitant to move them up any farther.

“Damn it!” he roared. “Play with yourself!”

She ran her fingers up her thigh into her blonde bush. She shivered as she felt her fingers playing with her already juicy pussy lips.

“You’re a hot bitch,” he said.

He began to undress. She continued to play with her cunt while she watched him strip naked. His strong, muscular body was revealed to her hungry eyes.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked.

She let her eyes fall to where his cock was already sticking up hard and angry looking. She licked her dry lips.

“Yes,” she said. “Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

He came to the bed quickly and dropped down on top of her. She felt smothered with his weight but it was a nice feeling. She parted her legs farther and felt his deep entry.

“Ahhhh,” she moaned.

“Hot bitch,” he said. “You were ready for that. Sucking cocks must really get you off.”

“Yes,” she moaned. “It does. It got me off. Oh God, you feel so good.”

She ran her fingers down his back as he slowly started moving in and out of her cunt. She bit him on the shoulder but he didn’t seem to mind.

“God, I love it!” she cried. “I love it! I really love it! Oh God, I’m coming! I’m coming, already! ALREADY!”

She screamed and bit him again as she felt the delicious feelings rock her body. She kept trembling as her body slowly relaxed. But his cock was still hard inside her and she could feel the heat growing again.

“Oh Jesus,” she moaned. “It’s never been like that. It’s never been this way. Oh Jesus!”

The slap of his balls was loud as he continued to fuck her. She wanted him deeper and she lifted her legs to wrap them around his driving buttocks. She felt his cock slip in even deeper and she moaned in pleasure.

One of his hands cupped her titty and rubbed across her hard nipple.

It was too much to bear. She gave a soft sigh as she felt the pleasure start to bubble up in her.

“I’m going to come,” she said softly. “I’m going to come again. AGAIN! AGAINNNNN!”

At the same moment she felt his hot cum pouring into her. She locked her legs tighter as she kept grinding herself against him, trying to draw every inch of his cock into her juicy cunt.

“Oh Jesus,” she moaned. “Jesus, that was fine!”


Julia lit the second candle and stood back to admire her work.

She had fixed a fantastic supper for Jimmy, complete with wine and candlelight. She had spent most of the afternoon fixing herself up.

She could see her reflection in the dining room mirror and she was pleased by what she saw.

She had bought a new dress that morning. It was tight and low cut to reveal the tops of her huge, firm tits. She wore no bra and the outline of her panties could be seen.

Her long dark hair was shimmering as it hung to her shoulders. She was wearing a lipstick that made her naturally full lips look even more kissable.

She knew a dress like that was attention-getting. She remembered the salesgirl’s comment about it: “A dress like that would make him cream in his pants,” the salesgirl had said.

Julia had not liked the vulgar comment but she had taken the dress anyway. The truth was that she wanted something like that to happen to Jimmy. He had been so caught up in his work that he seldom came near her.

“I hope he does get turned on,” Julia said to herself.

She heard the car in the driveway and she hurried to the door. She was disappointed when he opened the door.

“Oh my God,” he groaned. “Don’t tell me we’re going out somewhere. I’m too tired to move.”

“No,” she said, trying to sound sympathetic. “I thought we’d have a nice little dinner at home.”

“Good,” he said. “I don’t feel like I could move out of this house. And I’m starving. Are you ready to eat?”

“I thought you might want to get cleaned up,” she said.

For the first time he seemed to notice how beautiful she looked and he got a little red.

“Maybe a shower would make me feet better,” he said. “I’ll only be a while.”

She was again disappointed when he came back downstairs. He had showered but he hadn’t shaved and he was dressed in a pair of shorts and a shirt.

“I feel much better,” he said, scratching his chest. “Now what’s for supper? I feel like I could eat a horse.”

He did eat like a horse and he drank half the bottle of wine but he still said nothing about the candlelight and about the way she looked. After supper, he went into the living room to watch television.

She sat down beside him and crossed her legs. She pulled at her short skirt so that he’d be sure to see her firm legs and part of her inner thighs.

For the first time he seemed to get interested in her body.

“Do we have to watch that?” she asked.

“What’d you have in mind, baby?” he asked.

She hated it when he started putting on his sex stud act. His voice would get deeper and he’d start acting like he was God’s gift to a horny woman. She sometimes wondered why she married him, but she half knew it was only because he was a rich and educated businessman. Men like that were hard to find. Besides, tonight she didn’t care what kind of act he put on as long as he satisfied her.

“Why don’t I turn that off?” she asked.

“Go ahead,” he said.

She gave him a good view of her jiggling ass as she bent to turn the television off. He was already getting aroused by the time she sat down on the couch. His breathing was rapid and she could see the bulge in his shorts.

She only hoped that tonight he could make himself last long enough to satisfy the itch in her cunt.

He already had his hand on her knee, softly squeezing. She kissed his lips and let her fiery tongue slip into his mouth. He groaned as their tongues touched.

His hand went farther up her thighs, caressing her hot flesh. What she needed was for him to throw her down and fuck her roughly. She didn’t tell him that. She knew his prudish mind would be shocked. But that was what she wanted.

He pushed her back on the couch until he was leaning on top of her. She felt one of her titties became loose and press warmly against his T-shirt. His chest started heaving in excitement.

“You feel so good, honey,” he said gently. “You feel so good.”

He bent his head and took her rosy tit into his mouth. She wanted him to bite her roughly, but again she was reluctant to tell him what she wanted.

Instead his lips worked at her gently and frustrated her even more.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

He thought she was getting turned on by it and he lifted up so that he could pull her dress down below her large titties. Once again his mouth closed over one of her nipples, sucking softly. She arched her back, trying to press more of her hot flesh into his mouth. He immediately released her.

Her titties ached to be really kissed and again she was tempted to tell him, but again she held back. She knew his prudish nature would be shocked by her coming on too strong. But God, how she needed a real man to bruise her and maul her and make her really feel satisfied with his love making.

His hand slipped up between her legs and he began to rub her cunt through her flimsy panties. He discovered that she was already wet with her juices.

He seemed to hesitate a little and she was afraid he was going to draw his hand away. She quickly closed her thighs against his probing fingers.

“Oh God, Jimmy,” she moaned. “I love you. I need you. I really need you.”

Jimmy might not have understood this new hunger of his wife. He had always thought wives were supposed to behave like good, decent women. Only whores were supposed to have those kind of hungers. Still, he was too carried away to think about it.

He reached down and unzipped himself. His cock was hard and straining to be free. He popped out of his shorts almost immediately. He was proud of his cock. Proud that it was big and proud that he could seem always ready to fuck. He was too prudish to admit that pride out loud. “Oh I feel it,” Julia moaned. “Oh, I need it so bad.”

She knew that he was questioning himself about the way she was acting. She didn’t care. She needed a cock inside her to control her savage itch.

She helped him to pull her skirt up above her waist and to slide her flimsy panties down her legs. She grabbed his throbbing rod and pushed the head against her cunt.

“Put it in me,” she begged him. “I need to be fucked. I need your big cock!”

He was no longer hesitating. She knew she had gone too far. She knew he would be asking himself questions after he had satisfied himself. He would be wondering how his demure wife could know words like that.

But right now he was impatient to get his cock in her cunt and she was satisfied with knowing that.

She opened her legs wider and she began to tug on his cock. She felt his cock-head slip past the outer walls of her cunt lips. She ground herself against, him so that his long rod was drawn completely into her.

“Oh,” she moaned. “I needed that. I needed it so bad. Now fuck me, honey. Fuck me good!”

She could not control herself. The words kept exploding from her mouth as her pussy got hotter and hotter. Sure, she had said those kind of things when she was younger, but a good woman didn’t talk like that. She understood that, but her pussy was just too hungry for his cock.

He began to move quickly in and out of her cunt and she gave a loud cry.

She raised her long legs and wrapped them easily around his back. She began to match his every gentle thrust with a movement of her firm ass.

“Go faster,” she moaned. “Aaaa, faster, harder!”

Low moans escaped her throat as she felt him quickening his thrusts. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him hard against her titties.

“Please,” she begged him. “Harder. Harder!”

He was too carried away. Suddenly she felt him groan and she felt the hot wetness of his cum filling her cunt.

“No,” she protested. “No, please.”

But he was done. Even as she kept grinding herself against him she felt his cock turning limp.

“Oh please,” she said again.

He pulled his limp cock from her fiery cunt. He was looking at her strangely and she knew it was because of the way she’d acted.

“I’m kind of tired,” he said. “I think I’ll go to sleep.”

She knew there was nothing she could say. He left her. She waited until he was out of the room before she put her fingers between her legs. She put two fingers inside her cunt but she soon knew that wasn’t going to be enough.

“Oh God,” she said tiredly. “God damnin it!”


Bobby gave Carolyn a last lingering kiss and patted her ass.

“Keep it warm for me, honey,” Bobby said.

“I will,” Carolyn promised.

She watched her husband walk outside and get into his car. She gave him a wave as he drove out of the yard.

She felt her heart begin hammering loudly as soon as his car, disappeared. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was half-past eight. She knew it was time to make the phone call.

She dialed the number and spoke softly into the phone. “He’s gone,” she said.

“Good,” Dan Jacobs said. “Put on your sexiest nightgown. You’ll have your very first customer in about an hour. He really liked your pictures.”

“He did?” Carolyn said stupidly.

“Be nice to him,” Dan Jacobs. “He paid well.”

Carolyn hung up the phone.

Her heart was still pounding and her mouth felt dry. She went upstairs and took a long shower. She searched through her gowns until she found one she considered her sexiest.

The gown was white and flimsy. It was low cut almost to her navel. She wore no bra. Her white panties were plainly visible. She took a comb to her long blonde hair until she was satisfied. She then dabbed a little expensive perfume on her neck and between her thighs.

She was nervous and she was excited.

She knew that the customer would not be somebody she knew. Dan had promised that. Dan had friends who would direct the man to her house.

She was sitting on the living room couch when the doorbell rang. She got up and walked slowly to the door. Her heart was once again in her mouth when she opened the door.

The man who stood there was not bad looking at all. He was tall and darkly handsome. But she shivered when she looked into his hard eyes.

“You’re Carolyn,” he said.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I’m Andy,” he said.

She expected him to give her a little time to get to know him, but he grabbed her immediately and pulled her against him. His lips bruised down onto hers and she almost went limp. She could feel his strong muscles against her.

She jerked back.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Neighbors,” she said quickly. “Come on inside.”

“I see,” he said. “You don’t want the nosy folks to know you’re hustling on the side.”

He stepped in and closed the door.

This time she didn’t have the strength to resist when he jerked her into his arms. His strong hands dropped to cup her firm buttocks and she shivered.

“God damn nice feeling piece,” he said.

He picked her up. She had never been picked up so easily before. Bobby strained when he lifted her. This man did it as easily as if he were lifting a doll.

“Where’s the bedroom?” he asked.

“That way,” she said.

He carried her through the house and into her bedroom. He dropped her on the bed while he ran one hand under her nightgown to touch her pussy.

“Are you tight, bitch?” he asked.

She didn’t know what he meant for a moment, and then she nodded her head.

“Good,” he said. “I like a tight pussy.”

His rough fingers went underneath her panties to touch her swollen cunt.

“Nice,” he said. “Dan said you were a nice fuck. Has he tested you?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

He released her and stood back. He peeled off his clothes to reveal a hairy, muscular body. His cock was as big as Dan’s but somehow it looked brutal.

He grabbed her by the hair and bent her face toward his massive tool.

“Let’s see what your sweet lips can do,” he said.

She touched her lips to his cock-head and she felt the pressure on the back of her head. She slowly opened her lips and took the cock into her mouth.

“God damn,” he said softly. “Suck it up, bitch. Show me how you do it.”

She opened her mouth wider and took his entire rod into her mouth. She began to move her mouth up and down rapidly on his thick tool.

“Shit,” he said. “You can really suck, baby.”

He held both sides of her head as he slammed his cock into her mouth. She felt the hot excitement in her cunt; her panties were already getting wet. She had never known that she could get so excited sucking a man’s cock.

“Eat me,” he moaned. “Eat me, sweet baby!”

He pulled her head back but it was just for a second. He sat down on the edge of the bed and made her get on her hands and knees beside him. Then once more he pulled her face against his cock.

She deep-throated him this time. She took his cock in deeper than she thought possible. She could feel his cock-head pounding against the back of her throat. She tasted some of his salty lubricating fluid and she knew he was getting ready to come.

She released his cock and used her tongue on just the tiny hole in the end of his weapon.

He grabbed her head again as she tasted his cum beginning to spurt. She went all the way down on his cock and felt the hot cum hitting the back of her throat.

“Fuck!” he yelled. “FUCK!”

She swallowed it as long as she could. He must have been a long time without getting a woman, or he was one of those people who had heavy loads. The thickness of his cream filled her mouth and dribbled out on her gown.

“Jesus Christ,” he said softly. “You’re some cocksucker, sweet bitch!”

He pulled her onto the bed beside him and began to caress her titties.

“Damn,” he said. “You look like a little girl I knew back in school. A cheerleader. I tried nine years and couldn’t get into her panties.”

“I was a cheerleader,” Carolyn admitted.

“You look like the type,” he said.

Carolyn knew something that would excite him and she pulled away.

“Where are you going?” he asked. “I haven’t finished with you.”

“Just a second,” she said. “I’ll show you something.”

She hurried out of the room and down to the basement. She found the old uniform tucked away in one of the old chests. She could still wear it for she’d put it on only a few weeks before for Bobby’s benefit.

Bobby also had a thing about cheerleaders.

She came back upstairs and quickly changed her clothes. She wiped the lipstick off her mouth and then surveyed herself in the mirror. Except for her womanly titties she looked like a sixteen year old pom-pom girl.

She heard him gasp when she walked back into the room.

“I thought you might like me in my old outfit,” she said.

“It looks nice, baby,” he said. “Why don’t you do me a couple of cheers?”

She didn’t remember them very well but she did one that she thought was the easiest.

This guy really did have a thing for cheerleaders. His cock was growing again.

“Come here,” he said.

She sat down on the bed and he ran both his hands under her sweater to cup her tits. He massaged them until she felt them starting to swell with lust.

“Ummm,” she moaned. “That feels good.”

He took his hands out of her sweater.

“The chair,” he said. “Bring it here.”

She was puzzled but she brought the big chair over to the bed. He made her bend over the chair so that her firm ass was beautifully exposed. He tugged her panties down her legs. She had never felt so vulnerable as she did now. She felt him leaning over her and she felt his huge cock-head at the crack of her ass.

“Oh no,” she said. She tried to struggle but his rough hand clamped down on the back of her head.

“I should have told you,” he said. “This is what I really always wanted to do to that cheerleader. Always walking around with her nose in the air and jiggling that proud looking ass. I always wanted to do this.”

“Please,” she moaned, but she couldn’t move. He was already pushing his cock-head hard against her asshole.

His hips bucked and his cock-head slipped into her ass. She started moving against him as she felt his rod going deep into her asshole.

“Ahhhh,” he said. “Feels good baby. Feels really good. This is what I wanted to do to that proud bitch cheerleader. Fuck her in the tight ass. Fuck her really hard.”

She was surprised that she was enjoying it. She was rubbing herself against the chair and feeling her cunt juices drip. It was better than she’d expected. Much better.

“Damn,” he said. “Oh fucking shit!”

She could feel his excitement as he drove his cock in and out of her ass. It hurt, but not much. She felt his fingers go between her legs and slip into her cunt. She moaned loudly when she felt one finger brushing against her sensitive clit.

“Jesus, baby,” he said. “Jesus, this feels so good!”

She could feel his excitement as he began to drive his cock into her ass more rapidly. He gave her violent strokes that shook her entire body.

She could feel the heat between her legs growing as his probing fingers stroked her pussy.

She jerked up her sweater and played with her nipples with her own hands. Her tits were already swollen and sensitive and she knew it would only be moments before she had to come.

“Oh Jesus!” he yelled. “Oh Jesus, I’m coming! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OHFUCKINGJESUSAHHHH!”

She felt him explode into her ass with gobs of thick jism. She ground herself against him until she was sure he was done. His cock came out of her ass and she turned quickly to grind herself against him.

“Do something for me,” she whispered. “I’m so hot. I think I’m going to burn up.”

“Don’t worry, baby,” he said. “I’ll do something. Lie down on the bed.”

She stretched out on the bed and spread her legs. She watched his head go between her thighs and she shivered as she felt his tongue on her cunt lips.

“Ohhhh,” she groaned. “Oh, that’s nice!”

His tongue slithered upward and touched her clit. It didn’t take much before she felt her body responding hotly to his tongue.

“Oh, I’m coming,” she moaned. “I can’t help it. I’m burning up! Oh help me! HELP ME AGGHHHHH!”

She expected him to pull his face away but instead he kept licking at her cunt. He drank her juices down until her hot body quit trembling.

“That was fantastic,” she groaned.

He got off the bed and began to dress. She watched him with satisfied eyes. It had felt so good, a lot better than she had expected.

She was shocked when he put a ten dollar bill on the bedside table.

“A tip for you, baby,” he said. “You were worth it. I’ll spread the word around.”

He left the bedroom. She stared at the ten dollar bill and she realized, for the first time, that Dan Jacobs was getting paid for her services. She wondered how much he was charging. She had a momentary impulse to run out and catch Andy. He would tell her how much he thought she was worth.

But she was just too tired. Andy had worn her out. She leaned back and closed her eyes. In a few moments she was asleep.


Julia was lonely and frustrated.

She had not been able to talk to her husband that morning and he had acted as if he didn’t want to talk to her. She saw the guilt and the anger in his eyes every time he looked at her.

It wasn’t fair!

She’d only wanted to be loved. She’d wanted him to ease the sticky heat between her thighs. She’d wanted him to act like a man.

Instead his eyes made her feel dirty and she was still just as frustrated as she’d been before.

“I’m going out today,” she said. “I’m going to do some shopping.”

He only nodded at her as he left the house. Not even a kiss. It wasn’t fair for him to make her feel so ashamed and so dirty.

She took a hot shower and dressed in a conservative skirt and blouse that he had given her.

At least he wouldn’t disapprove of the way she was dressed.

She was surprised to hear a car pull up into the yard, and she was even more surprised to see Carolyn.

Carolyn was wearing another of her short skirts that showed off her plump thighs. Julia wondered about her friend. There had been something different about Carolyn lately. Julia didn’t know what it was but there was something odd.

“Hi,” Carolyn said. “Have I got a day planned for us.”

“I don’t understand,” Julia said. “Were we supposed to go someplace together?”

“Not really,” Carolyn said. “But there’s a big new store in town and I know how you love to shop.”

Julia looked at her suspiciously. Carolyn had never been the type who liked to shop. There was something odd going on.

“Well,” Julia said. “I was going shopping anyway. I might as well have company.”

“Good,” Carolyn said. “Why don’t we take my car?”

Carolyn was aware of the suspicious looks that Julia kept giving her. Julia had been her friend for a long time and they knew each other very well. Carolyn hoped that nothing was obvious in her face.

She didn’t want to think about what she was going to do to her friend. She didn’t have any choice in the matter. Dan Jacobs had given her no options.

“I want Julia,” he’d said that morning.

“But Julia wouldn’t come to you,” Carolyn had said. “She’s a good girl.”

“I still want her,” Dan said. “And you’re going to help me get her.”

“Rape?” Carolyn asked. “That wouldn’t be all that much fun for you.”

“I’m not going to rape her,” Dan said. “She’ll come to me willingly after my friends are done with her.”

Carolyn understood. Dan might not rape her but someone else was going to. And there would be the pictures. Carolyn looked at her friend a little sadly. Carolyn wasn’t sure Julia was strong enough to handle a situation like this.

“Where is this store?” Julia asked.

“Just outside town,” Carolyn said. “It’ll only take a few minutes.”

Carolyn was aware of the car that pulled out behind them. She waited until they were on the highway and she was sure it was the right car.

Then she turned off at the first dirt road she saw.

“What are you doing?” Julia asked. Her voice was beginning to sound a little alarmed.

Carolyn pulled the car to the side of the road and turned the motor off.

“What are you doing?” Julia asked again.

“I’m sorry, Julia,” Carolyn said. “But I had no choice. I really didn’t.”

Julia realized they were not alone. She gasped as she looked out her window and saw a big, brutal looking man reaching for her door handle. She tried to lock it but she wasn’t quick enough. The door opened and the brutal looking man smiled at her.

“Get out, honey,” he said. “The party’s just getting started.”

“Carolyn,” Julia said. “What does this mean?”

Carolyn shrugged her shoulders.

“Come on,” the man said. “I haven’t got all day.”

Julia was too stunned to fight. She got numbly out of the car and let the man take her arm. He guided her back to the car behind them.

There was a young blonde man behind the wheel. He gave Julia a leering smile.

“No,” Julia said. “No, I can’t go anywhere with you.”

Julia jerked her arm away. She couldn’t believe that Carolyn had started her car and was driving away. Carolyn was her friend. Carolyn wouldn’t do that.

“Now let’s not get rough,” the man said. “We can be good friends if you act right.”

“Keep away from me,” Julia said.

“It’s a pity,” the man said. “And you were doing so well. I thought this might be easy.”

He grabbed her arm and she raked her nails across his arm. He slapped her hard across her face. She stepped back and he took her arm again.

“In the car,” he said.

She was determined that she wasn’t going to get into that car. She tried to pull away from him again. This time he held her steady with one hand while he blocked her raking nails with the other.

“Stop it,” he said. “Stop it or I’m going to have to get rough.”

She tried to kick him but he moved too quickly. He took her small hand in his big fist and started squeezing. She was aware of sharp pains and then her arm started going numb. Tears stung at her eyes.

“Get in the car, honey,” he said softly. “In the back seat.”

She was slowly going down to her knees on the dirt road. She could only nod her head. He released her and this time she didn’t fight as he pushed her into the back seat.

“That’s better,” he said. “Much better.”

She slid into the back seat and pulled her skirt back down over her knees. She saw his eyes going slowly over her body and she felt a pang of alarm.

He got in beside her.

“Let’s go, Randy,” he said.

The young man turned the car around and got it back out onto the highway. They were going north where there was nothing but mountain cabins for a long distance. She wondered again how Carolyn could allow them to do this to her.

“What are you going to do to me?” Julia whispered.

The big man leered at her.

“You’re a pretty woman,” he said. “What do you think we’re going to do to you?”

She felt as if a hand had clutched her heart. She couldn’t breathe.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she said. “My husband has money. He’ll pay you. Only don’t hurt me.”

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. “You’ll like what I have in mind.”

“No,” she whispered.

He only laughed and she could tell that he would have no pity on her. She wondered about the other one but then she remembered the leering grin he had given her. No, he would have no pity either.

“My name’s Bud,” the large man said. “My friend up there is Randy. We’re glad to meet you, Julia.”

“How did you know my name?” Julia asked.

“Ahhh, honey,” Bud said. “We know nearly everything there is to know about you.”

Without warning Bud grabbed her behind the head and jerked her close to him. His full lips pressed hotly down against hers. She struggled as she felt his tongue trying to get between her lips.

Struggling was doing her no good. Bud was strong and he held her easily with one hand while his other hand began to explore her body. She felt his probing fingers trace an outline underneath her large titties.

Then she felt one hot hand cupping her left tit through the thin material of her blouse.

She was shocked but she was also fascinated. She had never thought of herself as a woman who would enjoy being manhandled. Yet, almost immediately she felt short of breath and she could feel a sticky heat between her thighs.

Bud released her. He was smiling. “I’ll be damned,” he said. “I think she’s going to be a hot one, Randy.”

“Please let me go,” Julia pleaded.

“Why, baby?” Bud asked. “You afraid you might enjoy it too much?”

That was exactly what she was afraid of. She had been frustrated too long by her husband’s feeble attempts to satisfy her. Both these men looked horny and capable.

“We’re here,” Randy said.

She looked out the window at the flashing lights of the motel. She didn’t recognize it. She didn’t even remember there being a motel this far north.

This was a well-formulated plan because the men didn’t have to register. They jerked her out of the car and hustled her quickly into one of the motel rooms.

The place was small and dingy. There was only one bed in the middle of the room. She felt a little weak.

She felt Bud’s hand dropping to the curve of her ass. She shivered as his hot hand cupped one cheek and then the other. He dropped his hand lower and he slipped it up under her skirt to touch the backs of her thighs.

“I’ll scream,” she warned. “Somebody will hear.”

She felt his fingers tighten in warning on the back of her leg.

“You’ll only get hurt screaming,” he said.

She knew what he said was true. She had no choice. His hand went higher, touching her panty-clad buttocks in a firm caress.

“You’re going to like us, baby,” Randy said. He was taking off his clothes. “We’re going to give you a fucking like you’ve never had before.”

Bud gave her a shove and she sprawled on the bed. Her dress had slipped up above her thighs to reveal her shapely legs. She felt Bud’s hot eyes looking at her in admiration.

“Damn,” he said. “Your pussy’s going to feel fine with those long legs wrapped around me.”

Randy had everything off but his shorts. She could see the hard bulge through the thin material. He came to her while Bud started undressing.

“Let’s get your things off,” he said. “I want to see those titties.”

“Please,” she said.

Randy only smiled. He dropped on the bed on top of her, one hard knee pressing between her thighs.

He started kissing her face and throat.

“God, you feel good,” he said. “You’re a big woman. I like a big woman.”

Before she could protest his hand came to the top of her blouse and ripped downward. She felt the buttons pop off and she felt the warmth of his breath against her skin.

“Damn,” he said. “Would you look at those knockers, Bud. Jesus, I’ve never seen a pair of boobs like this.”

He reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Her large titties were freed and his lips immediately closed over a nipple. He made little sounds as he sucked her nipple into hardness.

She realized he was being as rough as she’d always wanted her husband to be. He was using her body like she’d wanted it to be used. She was still afraid but she could also hear the pounding of her heart as she grew more excited.

He moved his sucking lips to her other nipple. His hot mouth drew in her quivering flesh. God, how she wanted to be able to control herself in front of these two men, but even now her thighs were rubbing against his knee.

“Sweet pussy,” Bud said. “I told you she’d be a hot one. She’s going to enjoy this.”

He walked once more into her sight and she saw that he had undressed completely. His prick was already hard and she was shocked at its size. She’d always thought that all pricks were the same. His prick was a weapon.

“Oh Jesus,” she said softly.

He came to his knees on the bed so that his prick waved inches from her face.

“You like it, honey,” he said. “I can tell you do. You’re hot for it. Well you’re going to get it. Up every hole. When you leave here you’re going to know you’ve been fucked. Now take me in your sweet little mouth. Show me what a good cocksucker you can be.”

She didn’t want to but he grabbed her by the head and jerked her head closer. She felt his trembling cock rub across her lips. He was already leaking and she tasted a little of his salty fluid. She saw herself in the bedroom mirror and saw that his cock had left a white smear across her lips.

“There,” he said. “You look pretty with your lips covered with a little jism. That’s the way a pretty woman should look. Now open your mouth.”

“No,” she whispered.

“Open your mouth,” he said. “Or I’m going to tell Randy to start biting. He’s got very strong teeth.”

She felt a thrill of fear and excitement as she felt Randy still gobbling on her titties. She couldn’t bear for him to bite hard. It would kill her. Quickly she opened her mouth.

He gave her no time to get used to him. He drove his hard prick deep into her throat with his first violent thrust. Her mouth was filled with his stiff cock. She could feel his huge crown pulsating against the back of her throat.

“Shit, baby,” he said. “Shit, your mouth feels good. Good and hot. You’re going to make a fine cocksucker. A fantastic suck.”

He kept pounding his cock into her while Julia felt Randy leaving her tits and working downward. She felt his mouth touch just above her skirt top. Then he was loosening her skirt and pulling it down.

She shivered as his tongue brushed across the tops of her panties. He pulled at her panties until she raised her hips and he slid them down her long legs.

“Beautiful,” he gasped.

His tongue touched the inside of her thighs and her pussy lips quivered.

“Oh Jesus,” Bud groaned. “Oh Jesus, it feels so good. I’m going to come. I’m going to blow my wad down this pretty bitch’s throat. Oh Jesus, it feels nice. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OHFUCKKKK!”

He grabbed her on both sides of her head and held her still as he exploded into her mouth. She tasted his strong, salty jism striking her throat in gobs. She had to swallow but she couldn’t swallow it all.

Some of this thick cream escaped the comers of her mouth and dripped down her neck.

“Shit,” Bud moaned. “Fucking fine. Fucking fine!”

Drinking his cum was exciting. She could feel her sensitive cunt lips dripping juice as she licked away the last of his jism from the tiny hole in his cock.

Randy’s face pushed between her thighs and she felt his tongue licking at her juices.

“Oh!” she cried. “Ohhhh!”

His tongue slipped through her curling pussy hairs and touched the lips of her cunt. Nobody had ever done this to her before. Many times she had longed for her husband to do it. She couldn’t help but be excited even if it was a stranger’s tongue going into her cunt.

Bud dropped down on the bed and his lips brushed at her erect nipples. Her tits were so swollen they almost hurt as his hot lips ran over them teasingly.

“I want you to suck them,” she whispered. “Please suck them.”

Both men laughed at her pleading voice. They had known she was a hot bitch from the beginning, but they had never imagined that they could break her down so quickly. They knew they had won as she begged them to suck her.

Randy’s hot tongue slithered into her cunt and touched her aching clit. His tongue ran over the hard bud until she was dripping juices.

Bud began to lick and suck on her titties. He would suck her tender flesh into his mouth and bite gently on it. Each time a shiver would go up her spine and she would try to close her hot thighs together.

She thought it was crazy. She couldn’t be so hot that she would completely lose control with these two men. But losing control was exactly what she was doing. Her nerves were screaming for release from frustration. She wanted to feel one of their big cocks pounding into her quivering pussy.

“I want to be fucked,” she moaned. “Oh God, I need a cock! Please fuck me! Stick your big cock into me! Please!”

Randy pulled back and she knew he was stripping off his shorts. Then he was leaning on her, his hairy chest mashing her big titties flat. She groaned as she felt his hard cock at the entrance to her cunt.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded. “Fuck me!”

She was going out of her mind. Her body was bucking up at him like it was on fire. Randy had never known any woman to get this hot. It was almost as if her hot cunt was trying to draw his cock inside.

“Shit,” he groaned. “Mother fuck!”

He pushed his huge cock-head past her pussy lips and heard her wild cry of arousal. Her voice was almost animal-like as she strained to draw all of his cock into her burning cunt.

“Put it in me,” she moaned. “Put it all in me. Please fuck me!”

He could wait no longer. He drove his cock deep into her tight fitting cunt. She gave a soft sigh of relief as she felt his long cock slide completely into her. He was so big and throbbing. It was a wonderful feeling to have him snug within her.

“Give it to me,” she begged him. “Fuck me good and hard. God, I’ve needed it for so long.”

She was sobbing loudly as he began to drive his cock into her cunt. He fucked her savagely, which was exactly what she wanted. She felt her hot passions boiling up.

“Jesus!” she cried. “I’m going to come! I’m going to fucking come! Oh, it’s never been like this! It feels so good! It feels so fucking fine! Jesus, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Gahhhh!”

She came with a wild abandon she had never known before. Her pussy sucked at him and then drenched him with her flowing juice. She could feel every inch of his cock inside her.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped.

He was grunting and she could feel his cock expanding and she knew it would only be moments before he exploded within her. She was ready for it. She lifted her legs higher as he gave a last loud groan and sent his cum deep into her pussy. She felt each lift of his cock as his jism burst out into her cunt.

“That’s it,” she said. “Fill me up. I love it. I love it. Oh fill me up with your thick cum! I love cum! I love cum in my cunt and in my mouth! Fill me up!”

Her thighs felt wet with his jism as he withdrew his cock from her cunt.

“Good God,” Randy said softly. “She goes fucking crazy with a cock in her.”

Randy touched her titty as he drew up beside her. He took her hand and placed it on his limp cock. His lips found hers and this time she didn’t protest when she felt a tongue slipping into her lips.

She felt Bud on the other side of her and he took her other hand. She had never felt so wicked as when she held both men’s cocks gingerly in her fingers.

“Beat ’em up hard,” Randy said. “We’re going to fuck you blind tonight.”

She knew as soon as he said it that she was ready for it again. They had made her come once but once wasn’t enough. Already she could feel the juices boiling in her.

She wrapped her fingers around the two cocks and began to move her soft hands up and down. She could feel them growing excited. They used their hands all over her, using her body as it had never been used before.

Suddenly Bud was getting astride her and placing his cock between her tits.

“Hold them together,” he said.

She looked into his face and felt a quickening of her heart. She knew what he wanted and it excited her tremendously. She let go of Randy’s cock and pushed her huge titties together on Bud’s cock.

“You have the biggest tits I’ve ever seen,” he said softly. “Now I’m going to fuck you between them. Don’t turn your face away when I come. I want to see my cum running down your face. I want to see you sperm drenched.”

“I won’t,” she promised.

She knew that she wouldn’t because what was happening to her was a realization of her wildest fantasy. She wanted to be sperm-drenched. She wanted to be used by these men.

She held her tits tighter as he began to rock back and forth between them. She bent her head so that she could touch her tongue to the little hole each time the huge crown appeared between her luscious globes.

“God, baby,” he said. “You’re doing it right. You’re doing it just right.”

Randy’s hand was between her thighs. His fingers played in her curly pussy hairs for a moment before she felt two fingers slipping gently into her. He began to move his fingers in and out in rhythm to Bud’s strokes.

Bud was excited. His face was covered with small drops of sweat and his teeth showed in an animal smile.

“I’m going to give it to you,” he said. “I’m going to fill your face with my cum. Get ready for it, baby! Hot damn, get ready!”

He exploded with a thick stream of jism that struck her face. She did as she was told and she didn’t move her face. She caught it in her hair and down her cheeks. He jerked his cock out from between her large titties and pushed it against her mouth. She opened wide and allowed him to send his cock down her throat.

She caught the last spurt of his jism in her throat and swallowed it down.

“Goddamn,” he said. “Shit. Now lick me clean, baby. Lick me clean.”

She could feel the warm stickiness of his fluid as she began to lick his stiff cock. She licked the length of his rod down to his balls where she picked up a few pearly drops from his hanging sac.

“Fuck, baby,” he said. “You’re better than I’d have ever dreamed.”

She released his cock and felt Randy’s hands pulling at her. She rolled over on her side and immediately felt his trembling cock brush her thighs.

“Ummm,” he said. “Now I’m going to get a little more of that good pussy.”

“Yes,” she said. “Oh yes.”

He pulled her completely over on top of him and made her sit up.

“Now take that rod up your hot twat,” he said. “Swallow it up with your cunt.”

She had never done this before either but she quickly grabbed his stiff rod. She guided it up between her thighs until the head was pushing at her pubic nest.

“Sweet pussy,” he said. “Sweet fuck. Put it in, baby. Put it up your twat.”

Slowly she came down on his cock, filling herself up with the hard length of him. She moaned as she felt him go deeper than any cock had ever gone. Almost into her stomach.

“Bounce,” he said. “Bounce up and down so I can see them tits jump.”

His words excited her and she began to slowly jump up and down on his stiff cock. It felt good. She felt his rod brushing against all the sensitive parts of her cunt.

“Oh God,” she said. “Oh it feels too good!”

“Your titties,” he said. “Play with your tits.”

She couldn’t help herself. She wanted to make him happy, to please him. She brought her hands up to cup her titties. She ran her fingers over the sensitive nipples and felt them grow hard.

“Shit,” he said. “Look at that.”

“I’m looking!” she heard Bud gasp.

Randy reached around her and pulled her down halfway so that her titties were just barely brushing against his chest. She felt the bed creak and she felt Bud’s cock brushing against her buttocks.

She couldn’t believe it. Bud was hard again. But what was he doing back there?

He patted her buttocks and she felt one finger sliding into her ass.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“He told you all holes, baby,” he said. “Remember?”

“Oh no,” she said. “You can’t mean that.”

They did mean it and there was nothing she could do. She was impaled on Randy’s cock and she was held in his strong arms. She jumped as Bud’s finger went deeper inside her ass.

“No,” she said. “No!”

She felt Bud’s weight leaning against her and his cockhead pressing against her anus. She tried to jerk out of the way but he held her steady.

“Don’t sweat it, baby,” he said. “You’re going to enjoy this.”

“No,” she gasped. “Please!”

He moved his hips closer and she jumped again as his prick was shoved partly into her ass. He pumped again and his prick slid into her ass up to his balls.

“Oh Jesus!” she said. “It hurts! It hurts!”

He didn’t seem worried. He kept his prick there until her body slowly relaxed again. Then he began a slow in-and-out fucking of her tender ass.

“Just get the rhythm, baby,” he said softly. “Just get the rhythm!”

It was a strange feeling to have two cocks inside of her. She felt as if they were brushing against one another as they gently fucked her.

Then she began to feel something else.

A warmness started in her cunt that slowly began to build to a burning heat. A savage heat that caused her to start pushing back against the two cocks.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “Oh God, you’re making me hot. You’re making me so hot!”

The pace became quicker as the two men sensed her excitement. She knew they were laughing at her again because once again they had won her body over. She also knew that it didn’t matter if these two men never released her.

She might feel ashamed later but right now she wanted to be fucked and fucked and fucked!

They began fucking her savagely, no longer worried about her pain. Bud was driving his cock into her tender ass so furiously it was almost like he was trying to beat her with it.

“Ohhh!” she cried out. “I’m going to come! I can’t stand it! I’m going to come! Oh, it feels so good! So good! Oh Jesus fuckkkk!”

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror as she came. She didn’t look like herself. She looked like some kind of fucking machine with her long hair in tangles and the two cocks pounding her. Her mouth dropped open slackly as the fiery heat rocked her body.

“Jesus,” she screamed again.

She felt the cocks grow inside her. She felt Randy stiffen and then a low moan escaped his throat. She pushed down and took his load of cum into her juice-drenched cunt.

Bud was getting even faster.

“I’m going to put it in your ass!” he shouted. “In your ass, bitch! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Ohhhhgahhhh!”

He pushed it deep one last time as his cock exploded in her ass.


Julia was shocked when the first picture arrived.

The picture was delivered by special messenger right to her doorstep. She took the brown envelope and tore it open. She almost dropped it when she took the large photograph out.

There was no doubt that it was her.

She was lying on the bed with nothing on and a pleased expression on her face. Her lips were covered with white cum.

There could also be no doubt about what she had just finished doing.

“Oh my God,” she said softly.

“What is it, honey?” Jimmy asked.

Quickly she tore the picture into shreds and dropped it into the wastebasket.

“Nothing,” she said. “Just someone asking directions.”

Jimmy was satisfied with her answer. He was in a hurry as usual and he gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek before leaving quickly.

She only breathed a sigh of relief when she saw his car disappear. She leaned against the door and wondered how many other photographs would come. How could she hide them all from her husband? And why were they being sent.

The phone rang and she picked it up.

“Mrs. Johnson?” a male voice asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“Did you get the mail this morning?”

Her heart started beating quickly. Her hand had gotten a little sweaty.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Meet me at the motel,” he said. “Room five. We’ll talk about the pictures.”

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

The phone went dead. She stood looking at it stupidly. What could she do?

She already knew the answer to that question. She had no choice. She had to go to the man’s motel.

She was aware that she was being watched as she entered the motel. That was nothing unusual for her. She was always watched when she went to town. An old man on the front porch gave her a low whistle of appreciation. She tried to ignore him.

She knocked timidly on the door and a deep male voice told her to enter.

The man was sitting on a chair by the bed. He had his shirt off and she saw that he was well muscled. A patch of blond hairs covered his chest.

“Mrs. Johnson,” he said. “I’m glad you could come. My name’s Dan Jacobs.”

She looked around the dingy room until her eyes fell on the brown envelope.

“Yes,” Dan said. “Those are pictures of you. You can look if you like.”

She walked to the table and took the envelope. She was hardly aware of sitting down on the bed as her nervous fingers tore open the envelope.

“They came out really well,” Dan said.

She felt a choking fear in her chest as she looked at the pictures. They captured her in every position. The men’s faces were usually shadowed but it could be easily seen that it was her who was sucking on cocks and being well fucked.

“Like them?” Dan asked. There was a leering grin on his face.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked. “What do you want?”

“You’re going to work for me,” Dan said. “Just for a little while. Then I’m going to move on and you can forget about ever seeing me.”

“What sort of work?” she asked.

Dan Jacobs stood up. He walked to the bed and put his hand against the side of her head. His fingers gently stroked her soft hair.

“You know that already,” he said.

She turned her face away as he tried to kiss her. He grew angry and took a strong hold on her hair. He painfully bent her head back in his direction.

“You belong to me,” he said. “For a little while. You’d better get used to the idea.”

“No,” she said. “I’m leaving.”

He released her head.

“You can go if you really want to go,” he said. “But remember this. You walk out that door and pictures of you will go on sale all over this town. Plus a little movie we made. Just think about that.”

“Oh God no,” she said softly. “You can’t do this. You can’t.”

She saw it in his face that what he said was true. He would be capable of hurting her if he wished. He would certainly be capable of selling the photographs.

This time she didn’t turn her head away when his lips brushed hers. She opened her mouth to receive his tongue. He rubbed his tongue against hers and she felt a little shiver go up her back.

“See there,” he said. “You’re not going to mind the work so much. I only pick the ones who love it.”

He kept giving her tiny little kisses around her mouth and neck and throat. She had to face the truth about herself, and the truth was that she did like it. How many times had she wanted to be unfaithful to her husband but had been held back because of her fears? Now she had no choice.

Her arms snaked around his neck and she drew him down to the bed beside her. She kissed him hard on the mouth. Her tongue pushed between her lips to touch his. She kept her tongue in the warmth of his mouth for a moment, loving the delicious feeling he was giving her.

His hand caressed her back and then dropped to the full curve of her ass. His fingers gently ran over her firm buttocks and brought a low moan from her throat.

“See there, baby?” he said. “I told you you’d like the work. I can pick them.”

“Yes,” she said. “I want to be used. I want you to love me.”

“Love!” he laughed. “Hell, love has nothing to do with it. You want to fuck. You want a big hot cock between your twitching thighs. You just want to be fucked, baby.”

“Yes,” she agreed. “That’s what I want. I want to be fucked. Fuck me!”

He laughed deep in his throat. His fingers continued to explore the lushness of her body. She had a good one. He massaged one tit and felt the nipple grow hard in his fingers. He could hardly wait until he had her blouse off and he could suck on one of her creamy globes.

“God, baby,” she moaned.

His fingers found the zipper on her skirt and he deftly undid it. He slipped his hand through the opening to caress her panty-clad buttocks. He ran one finger under her panties and into her already sopping cunt.

“Wet already,” he said. “You must be hot for it, baby. Your loving husband must not be poking it to you enough.”

She only nodded her head as her lips searched for his once again. She felt that delicious finger creeping between her thighs, playing in her pussy hairs, and it felt really good. She readjusted her position so that she could feel his stiff bulge against her leg.

“Ummm,” she said. “Is that thing as big as it feels?”

“Why don’t you take it out and find out?” he said.

She was more than willing. Quickly she grasped his zipper and jerked it down. Her small hand went easily into his trousers. He wore no shorts. She felt his hot cock jump as her fingers touched him. She laced her small fingers around his tool and drew him out.

“God,” she said. “It’s just as big as it felt. Bigger!”

“Kiss it,” he demanded.

She brushed her hair back from her eyes and bent her head over his cock. She could see just a spot of cream on the tiny opening.

She flicked it away with her tongue and he groaned. She ran her tongue down the underside of his staff and then back up again. She opened her, mouth and took just the crown into her mouth.

“Shit,” he groaned. “Suck me, damn it. Take my cock into your mouth.”

He looked down at her bobbing head as he felt his entire cock being drawn into her hot mouth. All the way back until he felt himself touching the back of her throat. And then even farther. He had never been taken that deeply before.

“Oh Jesus,” he said. “Oh fuck!”

She began to move her head up and down quickly on his thick staff. He shivered each time her fiery tongue came into contact with his skin.

“Oh fuck,” he said. “I’m going to blow my wad. I’m going to blow it in your hot mouth!”

She hadn’t intended to swallow his cum but she found she had no choice. He took both sides of her head in a strangle hold as the first of his jism boiled up. She felt a wet gob strike the back of her throat, and then another.

She swallowed quickly. His cum was thick and he had a heavy load, but somehow she managed to swallow every drop.

“God,” he moaned. “That was fine.”

She continued to lick his cock until she was sure that she’d gotten every drop of his cum. Only then did she pull her head back.

“Take off your clothes,” he said.

She knew what was coming. She could already see that his cock was getting ready again. He was the type of man who could come many times.

Quickly she stood up and began stripping out of her clothes. She saw his eyes go wide as he looked at her large titties.

“Beautiful,” he said. “I almost didn’t believe the pictures of them.”

Her pussy grew warm under his admiring stare. She drew off her skirt and peeled her flimsy panties down her perfect legs.

By the time she finished undressing she saw that his cock was half hard again.

“Baby!” he gasped.

She touched his cock and felt it jump underneath her fingers. She shivered as his hand went up the backs of her thighs and touched her full buttocks.

“I want to put my tongue in your cunt,” he said.

“Oh yes,” she said. “I want that, too.”

He drew her closer and she felt his hot tongue touching her thighs. She spread her thighs farther apart and bent a little backward. She opened up the pink lips of her cunt to his tongue.

He licked away her juices and then his tongue slipped up inside her.

“Oooooh,” she gasped. “That feels good. That feels so nice!”

His tongue touched her clit and made a spasm of excitement shake her body. He used his tongue and lips on her clit until she was weak with desire.

“I can’t stand it any more,” she said. “I need your cock. I want a big cock inside me.”

“Sure, baby,” he said.

He drew her down on the bed beside him and rolled over on top of her. He entered her quickly, his big cock sliding smoothly into her moist box. His hands went underneath her fine ass and he began to squeeze her in rhythm to his deep strokes.

“Oh God,” she said. “I need that. I needed it so bad!”

He began to fuck her savagely.

“Lift your legs,” he said.

She knew what he wanted and she lifted her long legs and wrapped them around his buttocks. He wasn’t satisfied with that and he withdrew his cock.

“No,” she complained. “Don’t stop. I need your cock inside me.”

“I’m not stopping, baby,” he said.

He took her legs and pushed them up above her head. She had never been in that position before. It was both degrading and exciting.

His finger traced the outline of her swollen pussy lips.

“God,” he said. “You’ve got a beautiful cunt.”

“Then fuck it,” she begged him. “Put your big cock back in me.”

He positioned himself again and she felt that wonderful hard cock sliding back into her cunt. He went deeper than before. He felt as if he were going to come out her mouth. She rocked back and forth as he went into her as far as he could go.

“Oh dear Jesus,” she moaned. “Oh, that feels so good. So fine!”

Once more he began to drive his pulsating cock savagely into her cunt. She could hear the soft sounds his balls made as the twin sacs slammed, into her. Her cunt tightened against his cock in a hot excitement.

“Oh Jesus,” she moaned. “Oh Jesus, I can’t hold back. I’m going to come. IT FEELS SO GOODDDDDDD!”

She felt him explode into her at almost the same moment her hot juices flooded him.

“So good,” she moaned. “It felt so good!”


Carolyn was waiting when Julia returned home. “I don’t want to talk to you,” Julia said.

“Come on, Julia,” Carolyn said. “Don’t be like that. I didn’t have any choice.”

“Oh,” Julia said coldly. “And what did he do to you, threaten to break your arms?”

“No,” Carolyn confessed. “But my husband might if he saw the pictures.”

Julia opened the front door and stepped inside. Carolyn’s explanation chilled her. So the man also had pictures of Carolyn. Things began to make sense. She was willing to do anything to keep those pictures from falling into the wrong hands. Julia managed to give her friend a weak smile.

“So you just couldn’t keep your panties on,” she said.

“I tried,” Carolyn said. “I honestly did. But he’s just so big and handsome.”

“I know,” Julia said with a shiver.

Julia put her purse down on the couch. She was beginning to feel hot and sticky from the love making. She could already feel the hot water running on her.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Julia said. “You just make yourself at home.”

Julia took a long, hot shower and then dressed in one of her soft nightgowns. She was pulling on her robe when she became aware that Carolyn had entered the room.

“I brought you a drink,” Carolyn said.

“Thanks,” Julia said.

Carolyn sat down on the edge of the bed as Julia took her drink. Julia sipped at it and felt the warmth of the alcohol going through her.

“Ummm,” Julia said. “I needed that.”

Julia finished the drink off in two gulps.

“Would you like me to rub your back?” Carolyn asked.

Julia looked at her friend suspiciously. Rubbing backs had never been something Carolyn offered. But perhaps Carolyn was still feeling guilty. Julia stretched.

“A good back rub would feel good,” Julia admitted.

“Lay on your stomach,” Carolyn said.

Julia put her empty glass down on the bedside table and stretched out on the bed. Carolyn pulled Julia’s long hair out of the way and put her soft hands against Julia’s shoulders.

Carolyn began to work the muscles in Julia’s neck and shoulders with a gentle massage.

“Umm,” Julia said.

It did feel good. She realized that there might be something that didn’t look right about Carolyn sitting on her bed rubbing her shoulders. But the drink had put a warmth into her and the gentle fingers were slowly rubbing away the resistance.

“Let me slide your gown down a little,” Carolyn said.

There was something husky in Carolyn’s voice. Something that made a faint tingle of alarm ring in her head. But she couldn’t seem to find the strength to stop Carolyn from pulling away the straps of her nightgown.

Carolyn pulled the gown down almost to the rise of her creamy buttocks.

“You have nice skin,” Carolyn said. “So soft. I bet Jimmy loves to touch you.”

Julia bit her tongue because she almost blurted out that Jimmy seldom touched her. Not in the same way that Carolyn was touching her. Julia could feel a delicious tingle all over her body.

Then she felt Carolyn’s fingers going around her waist and then higher to cup her tits. She was shocked. No woman had ever touched her like that. She couldn’t allow this to happen. She knew that, in another few moments, she would be helpless to resist.

“No,” Julia said. “No, this isn’t right.”

She turned over and felt Carolyn pulling her gown away from her titties. Carolyn’s eyes went wide with admiration. Carolyn was looking at her the way men looked at her.

“This isn’t right,” Julia said.

“It feels good,” Carolyn said.

Carolyn’s hands began to caress the twin peaks and Julia could feel herself getting excited. She looked at Carolyn’s tits straining to be free of the white blouse. She wondered what they would look like.

“I’ve got to kiss them,” Carolyn said.

“No,” Julia said. “Please, Carolyn. It isn’t right.”

She pushed weakly at Carolyn but Carolyn’s lips were already touching Julia’s flesh. Julia moaned as she felt those same lips kissing her nipples. Her nipples grew swollen with lust and she could feel a tingling between her legs.

“We shouldn’t,” Julia said. “We really shouldn’t.”

She kept mouthing the words but she knew that she really didn’t want Carolyn to stop. Already her hands were itching to touch Carolyn’s tits.

Carolyn must have realized it for she raised up and began to take off her clothes. She unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor and slowly undid the buttons of her blouse. Julia stopped her friend when Carolyn reached behind her back to undo the bra.

“Let me,” Julia said.

Carolyn nodded. Julia touched her friend gingerly, as if she were afraid of breaking something. Carolyn pushed her breasts closer and Julia quickly unsnapped the bra. The twin globes sprang free of the protective bra.

Julia swallowed as she looked at the two melons so close to her.

“Touch them,” Carolyn moaned. “Go ahead and touch them, Julia. I want to feel your hands.”

Julia touched and quickly drew her hand away. Her hands felt as if they had been burnt. Carolyn ran her own hands underneath her titties and pressed one nipple close to Julia’s mouth as if she were giving an offering.

Julia touched her lips to it, and then she could no longer control herself. She opened her mouth wide and sucked in the sweet flesh of her friend’s titty.

“God,” Carolyn moaned. “Your mouth feels so good. So good, Julia. I could let you suck on me all night.”

Carolyn’s words seemed to drive Julia even crazier with desire. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked in Carolyn’s creamy titty-flesh.

Carolyn’s hands caressed Julia’s head and shoulders and then dropped lower to the soft mound of Julia’s ass.

“Ummm,” Carolyn said. “Ummm.”

Julia left Carolyn’s titties and searched for the woman’s mouth. For the first time her lips met another woman’s. She slipped her tongue inside Carolyn’s mouth and touched her tongue.

“I’m so hot,” Carolyn moaned. “I’m really hot.”

“Yes,” Julia said. “I know. I know.”

Carolyn helped Julia to strip off her clinging nightgown and then her flimsy panties.

Julia could see them in the bedroom mirror. It looked almost vulgar with their two naked bodies clinging together on the bed. But it was also very exciting. She wondered what Jimmy would say if he could see them. Would he get excited? She knew that some men got excited seeing two women together.

“Oh God, Julia,” Carolyn said. “I’ve got to do something.”

Julia rolled over on her back and slightly parted her thighs. She knew what Carolyn wanted to do and she was willing. Carolyn’s hot tongue went down her body until it touched Julia’s pubic hairs.

“I’ve never done this before,” Carolyn said. “But I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to.”

Julia put her hand on the back of her friend’s head and pulled her closer to her hungry cunt. She parted her legs a little wider so that Carolyn was getting a feast with her eyes of Julia’s pink inner cunt.

Julia moaned as she felt Carolyn’s tongue touching her outer cunt. She heard the soft sounds Carolyn’s licking mouth made and that excited Julia even more.

“Oh eat me,” Julia begged her friend. “I need your tongue down there.”

Carolyn’s fingers went underneath Julia’s ass, and lifted upward. Then Julia felt that hot, delicious tongue slowly going into her. She shivered as Carolyn began to move her tongue around, touching all of Julia’s cunt.

“My clit,” Julia said. “Tongue my clit.”

She felt Carolyn’s tongue on her hard little bud and Julia started squirming hotly.

“Oh that’s nice,” she said. “That feels good. Oh, keep doing that!”

She knew her friend was slowly sucking her juices up for Julia could still hear Carolyn making swallowing sounds.

Julia’s ass began to jerk more wildly.

“Oh God, Carolyn,” Julia said. “Oh God, I think I’m coming. Oh, I am! I AMMMMMM!”

Carolyn didn’t pull her face away as Julia flooded her licking tongue with her juices. Carolyn kept licking until Julia’s body quit trembling.

Finally Carolyn pulled her face away and stretched out beside Julia on the bed.

“I’m so hot,” Carolyn said. “I almost came while I was eating you.”

Julia didn’t think she had the energy to return, the favor for Carolyn. Every muscle in her body felt tired. Carolyn took Julia’s hand and pressed it to her warm cunt.

“Just play with me,” Carolyn whispered.

Julia felt a little strange as she began to play with the other woman’s cunt. She allowed two fingers to slip inside Carolyn’s box and touch Carolyn’s sensitive clit.

It only took Carolyn a few minutes.

Carolyn gave a soft cry and jumped. Then Julia could feel her hand growing wet from Carolyn’s juices.


Julia wore tight-fitting shorts that showed her luscious ass to good advantage. A tight-fitting halter top covered her big tits but did nothing to conceal the outline of her nipples. She had her hair loose and had brushed it shiny.

She was aware of a dozen eyes feasting on her as she walked into the cafe.

No sooner had she taken a seat than a big, burly man sat down beside her.

“Hello, sweet thing,” he said.

She felt her cheeks go red as she studied the man. He wore jeans and an open shirt. Dark, curly hairs were visible at the top of his shirt. She wondered if he were that hairy all over.

“My name’s Roger,” he said. “I drive one of those big trucks parked outside.”

“Oh,” she said.

She tried to sound disinterested. She kept thinking about what her husband might say about her being there. He wouldn’t understand things at all.

She ordered lunch and tried not to think about Roger’s eyes. He was doing a good job of exploring every inch of her body. She felt as if she were suddenly naked. She noticed that none of the other drivers had tried to muscle in on Roger. Evidently Roger was respected by the drivers.

“I’ve got a cab in the truck,” Roger said. “It’s big and comfortable.”

“Do you?” Julia asked.

Julia’s heart was hammering. She had been told what to do, but she hadn’t been told how to go about it. She had never tried to proposition anyone before.

Carolyn had not had to do anything like this. All Carolyn’s customers had come to her house, or at least she said they did. Why was Dan Jacobs making her do this? She thought she had a vague idea. Dan wanted to break down what little pride she had left.

The waistress brought her food and Julia began to eat. Roger had still not left the table.

“Real comfortable,” Roger said. “It’s just right for two people as long as they don’t mind being close together.”

Roger leered at her. She took another bite and sipped at her Coke. Roger moved his chair closer to her. She felt his knee pressing against hers.

“Come on, honey,” he said. “How much do you want? How much to go to the cab with me?”

She nearly choked on her next bite. She hadn’t expected him to make such an obvious proposition. She realized she didn’t know what to answer. She hadn’t even thought about money. She started wondering what she was worth.

Roger solved her problem.

He slid over a little closer and she watched him slip some money into her purse.

“Now, baby,” he said. “I don’t usually pay that much but you look like you’re worth it. Come on.”

His voice left no room for argument. She left her food only half eaten and picked up her purse. He took her arm in a tight grasp.

“You’re going to like this, honey,” he said.

It was true that she was beginning to feel a tight excitement in her body. It was crazy. He was exactly the sort of man she’d never have looked twice at. A brutish animal. It was completely against everything she’d ever believed to dream of herself doing things with a man like this in the back of a truck cab.

He opened the door and pushed her up ahead of him. His big hand rested against her jiggling buttocks. She got into the cab quickly. There was a little place for sleeping.

“Nice, huh?” he said. “It’s even got curtains.”

He pushed her into the sleeping cab and followed her inside. He pulled the curtains closed behind him. She was pressed up against him tightly. Immediately his hands cupped her full buttocks and began to squeeze.

“You’re a fine looking thing,” he said. “Really fine looking. I wanted you from the first moment you walked in that door. God, what an ass.”

He kept squeezing until Julia began to feel a warmth between her legs.

Roger was feeling her nipples grow hard beneath the flimsy covering of the halter.

“You like that, baby?” he asked. “You like that?”

She would have said yes but his brutal lips were pressing down against hers. His tongue pushed into her lips and went deep to touch hers. His tongue was fiery and she felt electric sparks going through her body. She moaned softly as his fingers crept up her back and went beneath her blouse.

“I want to touch them,” he said. “I want to feel those big, fine titties.”

“Oh yes,” she agreed. “Please touch them. Squeeze them. Play with my tits.”

He pushed her back and his hands cupped her titties. She had not worn a bra and his thumbs rubbed across the already sensitive nipples.

“Oh Jesus,” she groaned. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

“I know, baby,” he said.

Her full titty-flesh was vibrant between his fingers. He had never felt a woman who felt so nice. He wanted to suck them into his throat while he made her squirm beneath him.

“You’re a hot piece,” he gasped. “Goddamn, but you’re a hot piece of ass.”

He tore her blouse apart, sending her buttons in every direction. Before she could protest she felt his warm mouth touching her naked flesh.

“Jesus!” she gasped.

His lips opened and closed on her sweet flesh, kissing and sucking every inch of her abundant tits. His mouth closed over one nipple and she gave a little shout of pure delight. She closed her thighs together tightly as she felt her juices flowing.

She couldn’t help but feel his hard cock inside his trousers. She reached down and traced the outline of his staff with her fingers.

“Ummm, baby,” he said. “That’s nice. Play with it. Take it out.”

She quickly unzipped his trousers and reached inside to touch his meaty staff. She laced her fingers around his rod and felt it jump in her hand.

“Ummm,” she said. “You’re all ready.”

“Damn right,” he gasped. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I’m going to slam my cock into your hot little box until you start screaming for mercy.”

That was what she wanted. She tugged his thick cock out of his trousers and felt it spring up hard. She touched the tip and her fingers came away sticky. He was already lubricating.

His hands went back to her ass and this time he was tugging her tight shorts down. She shivered as she felt the cool air touch her bare flesh, but then she grew hot again as his fingers covered her.

One finger slipped between her legs from behind. She could feel him working it back and forth against her crack. Her pubic hair was already soaked with her juice. She wanted his cock. God, how she wanted his cock.

“Fuck me,” she said. “I need your big cock inside me. Please fuck me.”

She was hardly aware of what she was doing. She wasn’t thinking about her husband, or about Dan, or about doing this for money. All she was thinking about was that big hard cock and how much she needed it.

“Fuck,” she said more urgently. “I want you to fuck me. Now! Please!”

“I like them to beg for it, baby,” he said. “I like it when you beg.”

“Then I’m begging,” she said. “I’m begging you. Please fuck me!”

Her fingers laced around his cock again and she knew he was ready. He was throbbing with impatience. She ran her hand up and down his rod quickly.

“Come on,” she said.

He slid her shorts the rest of the way down her legs. Now only her flimsy panties stopped him and he didn’t bother to pull them down. He grasped them in one strong hand and simply ripped the fabric into two shreds.

“Oh God,” she said. His strength left her weak and trembling and she parted her legs wide. “Please!”

He didn’t take off his trousers. He simply pulled her over on top of him and positioned her so that she was just above his cock.

“You fuck me,” he said.

“Oh yes,” she agreed breathlessly. “I will.”

She slid down easily onto his stiff rod. She opened her eyes wide as she felt that monstrous cock going into her cunt. He filled her up. She ground herself down on him as far as she could go.

“Oh fuck,” she panted. “Oh fuck, that feels nice. Oh fuck, I love it!”

“Start moving, baby,” he said.

He loved it when they got on top of him. When he was able to make the whores work. This was one hot little bitch with a tight cunt. She started sliding up and down his body, always keeping his thick cock in her snug cunt.

“Fast,” he groaned. “Go faster.”

She knew he wouldn’t be able to last long but she also knew that he would be able to go more than once. She was willing to give him the first time. She started moving faster and she could feel his thick cock growing inside her.

“Jesus!” he yelled. “Jesus, you’re tight! I’m going to blow it! Oh Jesus, I can feel it coming! Oh Jesus, I’m fucking comingggggg!”

She knew it was really good for him. She felt him shoot three times into her snug cunt. She only quit moving when his hips quit writhing.

“Jesus,” he said softly.

He was no longer directing her actions but she knew how to get him started again. She came off his limp cock and quickly turned around. She was lying half on him as her lips found his prick.

Gently she licked away the last of his juices. She started running her tongue up and down his staff and taking each of his balls into the warmth of her mouth. She didn’t think he was the kind of man who could stand that for long. She was right!

She felt his cock growing stiff once again.

“Fuck,” he said savagely. “You’re the hottest bitch I’ve ever known. Jesus Christ!”

She opened her mouth wide and took all of his thick cock into her throat. That was the final straw. He grew completely hard.

He grabbed her head with both his hands and started directing her actions once again. This time he moved her head up and down on his rigid pole. She didn’t mind. For some reason she found the taste of his cock delightful. She loved it. She would have made him climax that way if not for the burning itch between her thighs.

She released his cock and looked at him pleadingly.

“I need to be fucked,” she said.

“You’re Goddamn right you do,” he said.

She knew she was really going to get roughly fucked. He grabbed her and pushed her down on her back. He spread her thighs apart as wide as possible and placed his throbbing cock at her cunt entrance.

“Give it to me,” she moaned. “I don’t want you to be gentle. Fuck me like the animal you are!”

He seemed pleased that she had called him an animal. A leer came to his face. He gave a savage thrust that carried his cock all the way into her. Immediately he pulled it out completely and repeated the same savage thrust.

He saw the look of pure lust that crossed over her face. Her lips were curled back showing her teeth. Her stupendous titties heaved with lust. Her large nipples were like two reddish-brown points.

“God,” he said.

He started working his cock in and out in rapid thrusts.

“Yes,” she said. “That’s it. That’s how I want to be fucked. Give it to me. Give it to me hard!”

He thought that he had never seen a hotter bitch. She couldn’t be a regular whore. She loved a dick too much. Her well-shaped ass was thrusting up to meet his every stroke.

She bit her lip until he could see a little line of red. Her fingernails raked his back but he didn’t care. He liked to see his women get animal-crazy.

“I can’t stop it!” she screamed. “I’m going to come! Fuck meeee! FUCK MEEEE!”

Her hot juices covered his cock as she came, but he wasn’t ready to shoot his jism into her. He waited until she quit trembling and he withdrew his cock.

She looked at him curiously.

“In your mouth, baby,” he said. “I want to blow it in your mouth. I want you to swallow my cum.”

She nodded. He lay down once more and she went after his cock with her hungry lips. She opened her lips on his cock-head and tasted his lubricating fluid as well as her own juices.

She began to move her head rapidly up and down his staff. Again she loved the taste of his rod. She went down until she felt his cock-head against the back of her throat.

“That’s it, baby,” he said. “Suck my pecker. Move your mouth up and down. I love it, baby.”

She moved both her hands up his thighs and touched his hanging balls. She began to squeeze them gently. His strong hands grabbed the back of her head and she knew he was ready to come.

“Fuck!” he said savagely.

He thrust up into her throat and released a thick spurt of cum. She swallowed quickly to keep from choking. He spurted twice more into her mouth before he released her.

“Jesus,” he said.

She didn’t take her mouth away until she had licked his thick cock clean.


Carolyn had never been in the county offices. They were the cluster of big red buildings that always looked so intimidating to her. She knew some of the men who worked in the offices and she hoped it wasn’t one of them she was supposed to see.

She had gotten a phone call from Dan that morning.

“The county offices,” he said. “Dress conservative. A pants outfit. Look like a secretary.”

He hadn’t told her the name of the man she was supposed to see, but he had told her the room number. It took her only a half-hour to get there after his phone call.

The clock at the entrance read a few minutes past eight.

She took the elevator to the third floor and found room twelve. She knocked softly.

“Come in,” a booming voice told her.

She opened the door and walked into a lushly carpeted office. She swallowed nervously as she recognized the man. He was a construction consultant but that didn’t mean anything to her except that he was married and a big church member.

He looked surprised to see her.

He was sitting behind a big desk and he stood up. He was a fat obnoxious man that Carolyn had never really cared for.

“Why,” he said, “aren’t you Mrs. Merrit? I was expecting someone, but if you need some advice.”

“I don’t need any advice,” Carolyn said.

What the hell, she was thinking. She didn’t have much choice in the matter. She might as well get it over with. Besides, she didn’t think he was going to do much talking.

He looked uncomfortable. She almost laughed out loud. He was expecting some whorish looking female to walk through the doors at any minute.

Carolyn turned to shut the door and she locked it.

“Mrs. Merrit,” he said. “I don’t understand.”

“What’s to understand?” Carolyn asked. “You asked for a girl and you’ve gotten one. Or don’t you approve of me?”

“You?” His face turned white in shock, but he got over his frustration quickly.

“You?” he questioned again. “You’re the girl?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

A leer crossed his face.

“Well,” he said. “I didn’t expect someone looking like you.”

“You paid for me,” Carolyn said. “Now tell me what you want me to do.”

She had a feeling that anything he wanted her to do was going to be unpleasant. He walked over to his radio and turned it on. Soft music filled the office.

“It’s not exactly bump and grind,” he said. “But you can take your clothes off to it.”

She nodded. She closed her eyes and let her body fall into a beat with the music. She shouldn’t have worn a pants suit for this kind of dance, but it was safer for her to look like a secretary.

But it was going to be awkward trying to look sexy stripping off her pants.

She did the blouse first. She unbuttoned the buttons slowly and let the blouse fall apart. As she turned and swayed to the music he was given brief glimpses of her creamy tits confined in her uplift bra.

“Take it off,” he said finally. He was gasping for breath as he grew more excited.

She shrugged her shoulders and let the blouse slip off and fall to the floor. She turned her back on him, still moving her ass in time to the music. She reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra. She kept it on as she turned to face him once again.

He was pop-eyed. He had beads of sweat along his forehead. He was trying to control himself but she could see the raging desire in him.

She let the bra drop and he began to lick his dry lips.

“I can’t wait,” he said. “Strip it off and come over here.”

She stopped moving to the music. Rapidly she pulled off the rest of her clothes until she stood naked before him. He licked his lips again.

He was sitting on the edge of his desk and he spread his fat legs apart.

“You know where it’s at,” he said.

She looked distastefully at the fat bulge in his trousers. Well, it was a prick and she liked pricks. She gave him the best smile she could manage.

She walked to him and started undoing his zipper.

His pudgy hands crept around her body. He started fondling every place he could reach. She didn’t like the warmth that she suddenly felt between her thighs. She didn’t want to seem turned on to this fat man, but her body was betraying her.

“Ummm,” he said. “You must like that. You’re getting a little wet between your legs.”

She got his zipper undone and she reached inside his trousers for his fat prick. He was huge. She couldn’t believe it. A fat man with a really fat prick!

She knew she had lost the battle to keep from being turned on. She was already imagining what that big prick was going to feel like.

“God, you’re nice,” he said. “You’re so soft and silken and you feel so good. I bet you can really throw a fuck at a man.”

He continued to talk softly to her, using all the dirty words he knew. She tried to ignore his voice as she concentrated on his beautiful prick. She slipped it out of his trousers and gave it an admiring glance.

He really did have a beautiful cock, capped with a monstrous red crown that already glistened with a spot of white. She wrapped her hot fingers around the stem and started to massage him. She felt his excitement and his impatience. He was ready to fuck her.

“Where?” she asked.

“Bend over the desk,” he said. “That’s how I like it. With your ass in the air and that beautiful cunt-hole just waiting for my cock. But give it a little kiss first.”

She bent her head and touched her tongue to the tip of his cock. She tasted his salty jism. She opened her lips and captured the crown of his beautiful cock in her mouth. He gave a low moan.

“Ahhh shit,” he groaned. “Ahh, that’s fine. Run your mouth up and down my cock.”

She didn’t want him to come before she was able to get that beautiful cock in her cunt, but she remembered that she was getting paid for this. She wasn’t supposed to get a lot of pleasure from it.

She opened her lips wider and took the stem of his cock into her throat. She felt the huge cock-head expanding inside her throat and she knew he was going to come.

He surprised her. He jerked his cock back at the last moment.

“On the desk,” he said. “I want you up on the Goddamned desk. Now!”

His voice had grown rougher and she thought she understood why. He was one of those men who wanted to see women humiliated. Perhaps his wife gave him a hard time at home and he took it out on the women he hired.

She really wasn’t in a position to mind anything he wanted to do.

She allowed herself to be pushed into the position that he wanted her in. She was face down on the desk, her titties mashed flat by the cold metal. She felt his hand stroking her hair.

“Bitch,” he said softly. “This is where all you bitches belong. With your cunt in the air waiting for a cock. A hard cock. My hard cock!”

She felt his huge cock poke her buttocks. He grasped it and placed the large head at the entrance to her cunt.

“Now you’re going to get it,” he said savagely. “Now you’re going to really get fucked.”

She played along with his game, knowing almost by instinct what he wanted her to say.

“Oh no,” she said. “Don’t hurt me. Don’t put that big thing in me. It’ll kill me!”

“Bitch,” he said, his voice growing even harsher. “You’re going to learn a lesson.”

He gave a shove and his large cock went tearing savagely into her cunt. He was so big that he hurt her. She tried to escape his painful invasion but there was no way she could escape. He grabbed her behind the neck with one hand and a handful of her hair with his other.

He held her like that as he began a rapid in-and-out fucking of her cunt.

“Bitch,” he said softly with each deep thrust.

In a few moments the pain went away and she began to get well lubricated. She felt her nipples grow hard and she started to enjoy his rough fucking. It was not the sort of thing she would enjoy all the time, but now it was exciting.

“Oh Jesus,” he said. “I can’t control it any more. I’m going to flood your cunt, bitch! I’m going to pour it into your cunt.”

He gave a loud groan and she felt his cum pouring into her. It was like someone had opened the floodgates. She kept feeling him grow and spurt into her until she wondered where it was all coming from.

Finally he was done. He gave a sigh and she felt his cock escaping from her wet cunt. She was still horny but there was nothing she could do. She had just been getting warmed up when he came.

He grabbed her by the back of her head and turned her around.

“On your knees,” he said. “Clean me off.”

She sighed in resignation as she dropped to her knees and took his limp cock between her lips. She very carefully licked him clean before she stuffed his prick back into his trousers.

“That’s all,” he said.

She knew she was being dismissed like he would dismiss any secretary. She nodded. She was still horny and angry at his attitude. This was actually the first time she really felt like a whore. She had been used and dismissed.

She stood up. She picked her clothes up from the floor and dressed hurriedly. He was sitting back down at his desk when she left.


Sheriff Henry Gilbert was confused and angry. He had always prided himself on knowing everything that went on in his town. He knew who was fucking whose wife, and he used his knowledge to good advantage.

Sheriff Gilbert dabbled in a little blackmail on the side. He kept the county pretty clean except for those few prostitutes who paid him to stay in business.

But now there was someone working his county and he had no idea who it was. He wouldn’t have known except that someone passed a rumor about calling a certain number.

He was determined to put a stop to the new business.

He found out the number and a man’s name and room number that went with it. Dan Jacobs. In twenty minutes Sheriff Gilbert was knocking on his door.

In another ten minutes Dan Jacobs was on his way out of the county. He had a couple of black eyes and some bruised ribs and he’d left all his pictures behind.

Sheriff Gilbert sat on the bed and turned the pictures over. He couldn’t believe it. He’d expected to find pictures of well-worked prostitutes. Instead he found pictures of some of the most beautiful women in his town. Wives and church members.

The last set of pictures was of Julia Johnson and he felt his breath catch in his throat. Julia Johnson. How many times had he wanted that piece? Every time she came to town he got a hard-on watching her proud ass and those big tits.

And she was a proud, stuffy bitch that he’d known he didn’t dare approach.

A slow smile came over Sheriff Gilbert’s face.

“Damn,” he said softly. “I’m going to fuck that bitch. I sure am.”

Julia answered the phone when he called.

“Mrs. Johnson?” he asked. “This is Sheriff Gilbert. I need to come out and talk with you.”

“Talk with me?” Her voice sounded alarmed. “Why do you want to talk to me?”

“Something important has come up,” he said.

He almost laughed out loud at his pun. “I need to talk to you. Alone.”

“I don’t think that’s possible,” she said. “You see, I’m waiting on a phone call.”

“He won’t be calling today,” Sheriff Gilbert said. “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

He heard her catch her breath before he slammed the phone down. He was already starting to sweat just thinking about her pussy. He knew she had to be sweet. And today he was going to find out just how sweet.

He wrapped the pictures up and locked them in his briefcase in the trunk.

It took him less than ten minutes to drive out from town. Julia Johnson met him at the door. She was really finelooking. Her long hair was combed down to her ass. She wore a loose fitting robe but he caught a glimpse of blue panties when she opened the door for him.

“I hope this won’t take long,” she said. “I really do have an appointment.”

“Fix me a drink,” Sheriff Gilbert said. “I’d fix yourself one, too. You may need it.”

Julia swallowed nervously. She didn’t like the sound of his voice. She had always thought him a handsome man, and he looked nice in his uniform. But she’d never liked the way he looked at her, as if he were all the time undressing her.

“I don’t think we have time to drink, Sheriff,” she protested.

“Call me Henry,” he said. “I think we’re going to get to know one another.”

He kicked the door shut behind him and put his arms around her waist. She struggled as he drew her close. He could smell her sweet perfume and he felt his cock growing stiff.

“Let me go,” she said.

“Cut the shit, Julia,” he said. “I know about Dan Jacobs. I know what kind of operation he had going.”

Julia turned white and she quit struggling. He bent his head and kissed her softly on the lips.

He released her. “Fix us that drink,” he said.

Julia’s heart was hammering as she went into the living room. Her hands trembled as she filled a glass with ice and poured in a jigger of Scotch. She didn’t fix one for herself.

Henry was standing right behind her when she turned back around. He took the drink and finished it off in two swallows.

“Take off the robe,” he said.

He watched her eyes. They were passive, but there was also something else in them. A flicker of fire. She might not admit it but she was hungry for cock. Any man’s cock. She had that look.

Her trembling fingers undid the buttons of her robe and she dropped it to the floor. She was dressed in bra and panties that did little to conceal her luscious curves.

“Turn around,” he said.

She turned and felt his hand touch her ass. He ran his fingers inside her panties and touched the hot skin. Damn, but she was fine. She trembled as his hand caressed her ass. He pushed one finger between her legs into her silken pussy hairs.

She started trembling but it wasn’t from fear. She was getting turned on.

“Bend over a little,” he said.

She bent further over and steadied herself by gripping the top of a table. He ran his finger around the lips of her cunt and was rewarded by her soft moan.

He stepped back and unzipped himself. He released his hard and throbbing cock and he pushed it between her panties and the crack of her ass. It felt good there. He just moved his hips for a few minutes, loving the feel of her ass and her silken panties.

But he knew he had to control himself. He pulled his cock out and allowed her to stand up straight.

“Where’s your bedroom?” he asked.

“Upstairs,” she whispered. “First door on the left.”

“Come on,” he commanded.

He took her arm and walked with her up the stairs. The bed was already made but he stripped the covers back to the white sheet.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and took his shoes off. He unbuckled his belt and slipped his trousers off. He leaned back with his hands behind his head.

“Strip it off,” he said.

He watched her titties as she took off the bra. They were two creamy peaks much like he’d always imagined them to be. Already her nipples were like points. He licked his lips.

“Play with them,” he demanded.

She ran her hands underneath her tits and lifted them up. Her fingers caressed her own flesh and watching her turned him on. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled off his undershirt. He was completely naked.

“Move a little,” he said. “Shake them.”

She started swaying to nonexistent music and bouncing those huge titties. He loved it. His cock grew harder than it had ever been. He could feel his balls aching for release. He knew he was going to give her a load and a half.

“Now your panties,” he said. “Shake that beautiful ass at me.”

She slipped the flimsy panties down her long legs and then turned her back to him. Again she swayed so that her beautiful ass moved.

“God,” he said. “Every bit of you is fine. Creamy and white. Goddamn! Come here.”

He put his hands behind his head once more and told her what to do. She got between his legs on her hands and knees. She wrapped a few strands of her silken auburn hair around the stem of his cock.

Slowly she moved her head up and down until a little of his lubricating fluid made her hair and fingers sticky. She didn’t seem to mind. She seemed willing to do anything he wanted her to do. He laughed. God, he had been waiting for a woman like this for a long time. She was the perfect fucking machine. All she needed was a man to lubricate the moving parts.

“Your mouth,” he said.

She shook her head so that her hair was away from her face. Those beautiful red lips touched the tip of his cock. Jesus, he almost came then. He had to control himself. He wanted her to work a little.

He felt her hot mouth enveloping his cock. Her mouth moved all the way down to his balls. She flicked with her tongue at his hanging sac.

“Goddamn,” he said.

She was no longer a novice at cocksucking. She used her tongue and lips on him until his every nerve was screaming for release. He reached down and grabbed her hair. He took two strong holds on her head and pressed her all the way down on his cock.

“Oh Jesus!” he cried out.

He felt the fire go through his cock and then the first spurt emptied out into her mouth. She swallowed noisily as he filled her mouth with his thick cream. He didn’t release her until he was sure she had swallowed every drop of his thick cum.

“Jesus,” he said softly.

He allowed her head to raise. She gasped for breath and he saw a little of his cum escaping the side of her open mouth. Very little. She had taken most of it down.

He waited a few minutes and then he pushed her head back down. He wasn’t finished yet. She moved her head in an up-and-down motion until his limp cock began to grow stiff again. He released he head once more.

He pulled her up on top of him so that he felt those beautiful titties pressed flat against his chest.

“How’s your cunt, honey?” he asked.

“Hot,” she moaned. “So hot.”

“We need to do something about that,” he said.

“Oh yes,” she moaned.

He felt his throbbing cock, go between her silken thighs until his crown was pressed against her hot box. He didn’t go in suddenly. He pressed gently against her wet cunt and it was like he was slowly being drawn in.

He felt her shiver as his cock went deep into her. He kept up the pressure until his balls rested against her. He moved slowly in and out.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “That feels so good. That feels so good.”

He dropped his hands to cup her big ass and direct her up-and-down movements. He could feel how excited she was getting. Her hungry lips pressed down on his and he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

She kept pushing her tongue back into his mouth exactly in rhythm to the strokes of his cock. He felt his balls get hot again.

“Sit up,” he said.

She slowly raised up so that she was sitting on him. His cock went deeper than anyone had ever gone. She felt him in her stomach. She cried out loud. She grabbed his hands and pressed both of them against her tits.

“You’re making me crazy,” she said.

He knew it was getting close to her time. She was starting to bounce up and down faster and there was a glazed look in her eyes.

“Oh,” she moaned. “Oh, I think I’m coming. Oh, it almost hurts it’s so good! OH, OH, OH, OH, ohhhhh!”

Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open and she was the Goddamnedest sexiest woman he had ever seen. He felt her squeezing her cunt muscles against his cock.

“Shit,” he said softly.

He waited until she had quit trembling and he pushed her away. He wanted to try something else. He wanted to put his cock in that beautiful ass. He wanted to hear her scream with that.

“I want to fuck your ass,” he said.

She nodded. There was fear in her eyes but she was still willing to do what he asked. She waited for him to position her like he wanted her. He got her on her hands and knees on the bed while he stood on the floor. He made her put her face down against the bed so that her proud ass was easily reached.

He started slapping the beautiful cheeks of her ass until they were rosy with color. She sighed each time his hand touched her.

He parted the cheeks of her ass and pushed his finger into her asshole. She moved away.

“Don’t move at all,” he ordered.

He got her back into the position he wanted and once more explored her tight-feeling anus with his finger. This time she didn’t move. He withdrew his finger and reached around to cup her big titties.

He squeezed them gently for a few minutes, almost as if he couldn’t believe they were really his to caress. He released them and moved his body closer to her. He parted the cheeks of her ass and pressed his prick against her asshole.

He pushed gently. She didn’t wiggle as his cock-head slowly pushed between her cheeks and into her ass. His cock-head popped in and he waited until he was sure she had relaxed.

Then he started pushing the stem of his cock deep into her beautiful ass.

She groaned, and he liked the sound of her voice. He reached around once more to cup her titties. He gave a brutal thrust and his cock went in all the way to his balls. She squirmed against him but there was no way she could escape the penetration of his cock.

He waited until she quit squirming and then he withdrew his cock part way.

He gave another shove and once more his cock went deep into her ass.

“Now for some fucking,” he said.

He started moving his cock gently in and out of her tight ass. It felt good. Fucking good. He could feel his balls tighten up. He could hear his balls slap loudly against her buttocks with each stroke.

“Jesus,” he said. “Oh Jesus!”

He wanted to fuck longer but he couldn’t control himself. He felt the fiery cum traveling the length of his stiff rod. His balls ached.

He drove in deep and stayed there as the first of his jism spurted into her ass.

“Yes,” she said. “Give me your cum. Shoot your cum in my ass. That’s what I’m made for. Your, cum. Put your hot stuff in me!”

She was out of her head. At that moment she was nothing but a piece of ass to be used. He knew that was the only thing in her mind.

“AHHHH SHITTTT!” he yelled.

The rest of his jism spurted into her ass. God, it felt good. For a long time he couldn’t seem to move, but finally he was able to withdraw his cock. She collapsed on the bed, and he dropped down beside her. He put his hand on one of her tits.

“Nice,” he said. “Fantastic.”

He knew he was going to make an agreement with her. Just as he would make an agreement with the rest of the wives in the pictures Dan Jacobs had made. Just give him a little fucking and the pictures would stay locked up.

He smiled.


“So what did he do?” Carolyn asked.

“He reamed me,” Julia answered. “He almost fucked me blind. My cunt is still sore. He didn’t leave until it was time for Jimmy to come home.”

“All day?” Carolyn said.

“He’s a real stud,” Julia said.

Julia and Carolyn were having coffee in Julia’s living room. They were both worried. Sheriff Gilbert was a new development. They had always felt like they would get their pictures back from Dan Jacobs.

But Sheriff Gilbert was planning on them being at his call the rest of their lives.

“What are we going to do?” Carolyn asked.

“I don’t know,” Julia admitted. “We either put out or Gilbert spreads the pictures around. That would mean divorce and that would be messy. And we don’t know how many others are involved. We couldn’t do something like that.”

“I know,” Carolyn said. “Besides, I don’t mind what we’ve been doing. I kind of like it.”

“Me too,” Julia admitted. “I just don’t like the thought of being blackmailed the rest of my life.”

“There must be something we can do,” Carolyn said.

It was later that afternoon that Julia begin to get the glimmer of an idea. Blackmail was a messy business but it could work two ways.

She didn’t tell Carolyn about her idea. First she had some things to take care of. The first thing involved a phone call. She found Dan Jacobs in a motel room in the next county. It didn’t take many calls for there weren’t that many places to stay in that area.

After a short conversation Dan Jacobs gave her the information she needed. He seemed only too happy to get back at Henry Gilbert.

After her phone call she wrote a note for Jimmy explaining where she had gone. She wrote that she was out shopping. That was the truth. She didn’t tell him what she was shopping for.

She dressed in a short skirt that showed off her long legs well, an uplift bra that made her titties even more obvious, and a tight frilly white blouse.

She studied herself in the mirror and found herself looking like a woman who oozed sex. She looked like she needed to be fucked and fucked well. That was the appearance she wanted to give. She didn’t know if she was going to have to use her body but she had a feeling that she might have to cement her bargain.

It took her two and a half hours to reach the largest town in the state. It took her another fifteen minutes to find the address Dan Jacobs had given her. It was a dark but expensive looking bar.

She felt a dozen eyes on her as she went inside. She already knew that this was a social bar where certain kinds of men went to drink. She quickly located the two men she wanted to see.

She walked directly to their table and sat down in the chair across from them. Both of them looked her over with hot eyes.

“You want something?” he asked.

“Don’t you know me, Bud?” she asked.

The older man stared at her a moment. Then he laughed.

“I sure do,” he said. “Julia. You came for some more from me and Randy.”

“That’s a nice idea,” she said. “But that’s not what I came for. I need to talk to Mr. Ramsey.”

Bud and Randy suddenly looked serious.

“You shouldn’t even know his name,” Bud said.

“I’m in trouble and I need his help,” she said. “Please let me talk to him. Just a few minutes. I have some money.”

“How much?” Bud said.

“I drew some out of my savings account,” she said. “A thousand dollars.”

Bud considered her offer for a second. “All right,” he said. “You can talk to him.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” Randy protested.

“It’ll be all right,” Bud said. “I think Mr. Ramsey will kind of like her.”

Julia smiled. The two men got up and each took one of her arms. They guided her through the bar and into a door draped in velvet. They went up a dark hall and stopped at another door.

“We leave you here,” Bud said.

“But shouldn’t you tell him I’m coming?” Julia asked.

“He knows,” Bud said. “This place is covered with cameras.”

Julia nodded. She waited until Bud and Randy were gone and then she knocked timidly on the door.

“Come in,” a man said.

Julia opened the door. She found herself in a room covered with carpet. Music was piped in from a speaker on the wall. A beautiful blonde girl sat on the couch. She looked no more than sixteen and her tits were exposed. A dark-featured man sat next to her. He had a drink in one hand while his other hand caressed the blonde girl’s titties.

“Well?” Dane Ramsey asked.

“I need to talk,” she said.

Dane Ramsey sighed. He hated to be stopped when he was breaking a new girl in. Angie was a sweet piece and he had been hoping to get her mouth on his cock. He took a closer look at the woman who’d come in. She was beautiful. Fuckable. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

“Wait outside, Angie,” he said.

The blonde looked down, unable to meet Julia’s eyes. She hurriedly pulled up the straps of her gown and left the room through the same door that Julia had come in.

“Come here,” Dane said.

Julia could feel his burning eyes on her as she walked across the room. He made her feel warm just by looking at her. She knew that she was going to get fucked and it wasn’t just sealing a bargain.

She knew she was going to love it as much as he would.

“You butted in just when I had my hands full,” he said. “You should make amends for that.”

Julia smiled. She knew what he wanted and she quickly reached for the buttons of her blouse. She undid them and reached behind her back to unsnap her bra. She pulled her bra off but she left the blouse hanging open.

Dane Ramsey liked what he saw. Two luscious globes with no sag to them. They stood out proud and the reddish-brown nipples started growing hard under his stare.

“Beautiful,” he said.

He moved closer to her on the couch and put his hand against one of her spongy mounds. He began to trace her tit with his fingers, a gentle caressing that made Julia hot.

“Now what did you want to talk about?” he asked.

Julia told him. She told him what she wanted and how she wanted it done. She gave him the thousand dollars. He gave her a nod in agreement.

She hadn’t expected it to be that easy.

“Now let’s concentrate on other things,” Dane said. “I want you to spread your legs.”

Julia spread her thighs apart and he put his drink down. He bent his head to her titties and she shivered as she felt his wet tongue touching her flesh.

His other hand went between her legs and caressed her warm thighs.

“Ummm,” Julia said.

Suddenly he drew back. He was grinning. Something strange appeared in his eyes.

“Take your panties off,” he said. “But keep your dress down.”

He reached beside the couch and pressed a button.

“Send Angie back,” he said.

A second later the young blonde girl entered the room. She looked a little surprised to see Julia’s bare titties. She licked her lips nervously.

“Angie,” Dane Ramsey said. “Do you know that you belong to me now?”

“Yes,” Angie whispered.

“Come here, cunt,” he said.

Angie cringed at his words. Julia felt a little sorry for the obviously inexperienced girl, but she also felt a little excitement. She wondered what Dane was up to. She knew she wouldn’t protest no matter what happened.

The young blonde walked across the room and stood in front of Dane. Her whole body trembled and she was biting her lower lip.

Dane took hold of the top of her long gown and ripped it down. It was a savage gesture that left the girl in only her panties. She was really frightened now, but she was smart enough not to turn away.

“How many men have you fucked, Angie?” Dane asked.

“I’m a virgin,” Angie said nervously.

“A sixteen-year-old virgin,” he said. “Sweet young cunt. But you’re going to learn to fuck, aren’t you, Angie?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Say it,” he demanded.

“I’m going to learn to fuck,” Angie whispered.

It was vulgar and humiliating for Angie but Julia couldn’t help but grow more excited. She wondered what Angie had done to get this kind of treatment. She wondered how Dane could own anyone this way. But then it occurred to her that she was in the same position at home. First Dan Jacobs had owned her, and now she was the property of the Sheriff.

She sensed that Dane was a dangerous man, and she knew that she had better do anything he said. If she did not humor this man she would probably belong to the Sheriff for the rest of her life. Besides, even though she knew it was wrong for her to feel this way, the strange situation was turning her on.

Dane had his hands back on Julia’s titties. He caressed her until Julia moaned. She couldn’t help but get turned on with the blonde teenager standing naked before her, blushing.

“Take off your panties, Angie,” Dane commanded. “Show us your cunt.”

Julia felt her juices flowing as Angie stripped her panties off. Her blonde muff was already heavy, even at such a tender age.

“Turn,” Dane said.

Angie turned as she had been directed. She positioned herself in any position that Dane wanted her in. He had her on her back with her legs spread. He made her pull apart the outer folds of her cunt with her fingers. Julia found herself looking into the moist pinkness. Julia licked her lips nervously.

“On your knees now,” Dane said.

Angie got up on her knees. Dane quit playing with Julia’s titties. Julia sighed. Another few minutes of that and she would have been grabbing at his cock.

“Stand up, Julia,” he demanded.

Julia stood up. Now Julia understood what Dane wanted. She didn’t have to be told to lift her short skirt. Her auburn snatch was revealed to Angie’s shocked eyes.

Dane wanted a show. He loved the look of surprise and fear on Angie’s face. She still had spirit and he enjoyed breaking the young virgins.

“Kiss her cunt, Angie,” Dane commanded.

Angie was still on her knees. Her face turned a pale white.

“Oh no,” she pleaded. “I couldn’t do anything like that. I couldn’t.”

“I own you, remember?” he said gently. “You do anything I say.”

“Please,” Angie whispered. “Don’t make me do anything like this.”

“Do it, bitch,” Dane said savagely. “You know I don’t like a thief. You tried to steal from me. I could have broken your arms and legs and left you in a gutter. I could have put you in the movies. You know the kind. Where every hole is stuffed with cock. Wouldn’t your parents and friends love seeing you on the wide screen covered in cum? I’d make sure they got a copy.”

“Oh my God,” Angie said softly.

The contest was over before it started. Angie crawled closer to Julia. Her young lips brushed lightly against Julia’s red patch.

“Sit back down,” Dane said. “We’re going to let her eat you up.”

Angie’s eyes closed but she didn’t protest. Julia sat back down and jerked her skirt up to her waist. She spread her legs wide. Once again she felt Angie’s tender lips brushing at her pubic hair.

Julia looked over at Dane and she knew what he wanted to see. She smiled at him. She reached out and grabbed the back of Angie’s head. She jerked Angie’s head forward until her face rested between Julia’s legs.

“Ahhhh,” Dane said. “That’s it. That’s it.”

Angie struggled to be released but Julia held her in a strong grip. Julia began to grind herself against Angie’s face. Angie seemed to suddenly relax as the young girl discovered that no amount of struggling would release her.

Julia felt her tongue touching her pubic hairs. Angie’s mouth made soft noises as she licked away Julia’s juices. Julia allowed the girl to come up for air and then she gently pulled the blonde’s face back against her again.

Angie began to get the idea!

Do it right and she could breathe. Struggle and she would only find herself choking on Julia’s pubic hair.

Angie’s tongue caressed Julia’s swollen pussy lips. Again she made sucking sounds as she swallowed Julia’s juices. Her tongue went deeper and Julia groaned.

“That’s good,” Dane said. “That’s quite a little show between you two.”

Julia put her head back and moaned loudly. Angie’s tongue slipped farther into her cunt and now she began to move it about, touching Julia’s sensitive cunt walls. She couldn’t believe it. She was helping this strange man rape a teenage girl. A virgin no less! She should have been repulsed, but instead she was incredibly aroused.

Angie was doing okay and Julia released her head. Angie started to develop her own eating rhythm. She would drive her tongue in and out very quickly for a few minutes before she would take a breath. Then her tongue would slip once more into Julia.

“Nice,” Dane said.

Dane unbuckled his trousers and pulled them off. He then stripped his shorts down. His prick was getting hard. Julia waited for him to nod approval before she reached for him.

He became fully hard immediately as her fingers wrapped around his cock. She took a good hold of the stem of his cock and began moving her fingers up and down. He groaned.

“Yes,” he said. “Do that. That’s nice.”

Dane moved closer to them on the couch. He positioned himself so that his cock was just above Angie’s face. She saw it when she took a breath. Angie realized when he came it was going to be all over her face. She sighed and pushed her face back into Julia’s cunt again.

Julia began to get the first hot shivers that told her that her climax was coming.

She tightened her grip on Dane’s cock and began to move her hand more rapidly. Dane’s face showed her an intense pleasure. She wanted him to come at the same time she did. There was something really exciting about that.

Angie’s tongue touched Julia’s clit and Julia jumped.

“Yes,” she said. “There, darling! Touch me there.”

Angie pushed her face into Julia’s muff as she seemed to realize that Julia was starting to come. The young blonde’s tongue once more touched Julia’s clit. Julia shivered.

“God, Angie,” she moaned. “I’m going to come. Your sweet tongue is making me come.”

Julia took a last look at the blonde head buried between her legs. She felt Dane’s cock start to jump excitedly.

“Jesus, I’m comingggggg!” Julia cried.

Angie pulled her face back suddenly as Julia’s hot juices flooded her mouth. Julia didn’t mind because her action made things work beautifully.

Dane groaned and his cock began to spurt. A stream of white jism struck Julia’s hand and her thighs but most of the sticky stuff struck Angie.

Two thick streams ran down Angie’s innocent face.

Angie jerked back and acted as if she were disgusted. She was trying to find something to wipe the sticky jism away.

“No,” Dane commanded.

Angie stopped. Angie could taste the strong salty taste of him because some of it had touched her lips. She had swallowed some of Julia’s juices.

“My cock,” he said.

Julia still held his cock between her fingers. She still moved her fingers gently up and down.

“What?” Angie asked.

She felt uncomfortable with the cum on her face but she didn’t dare try wiping it away. Now she wondered what else he wanted.

“Kiss it,” he said.

She closed her eyes. She couldn’t. She just couldn’t. But she felt Julia’s hands on the back of her head urging her forward. She opened her lips and sucked in the head of his cock. She tasted a drop of his cum.

“Suck me hard,” he commanded.

Julia directed the young blonde in the way that Dane wanted. Dane leaned back in his chair as Angie worked on her. Her innocent young mouth went up and down on his thick cock. Angie felt him growing stiff between her lips.

Julia pulled hard on Angie’s head and Angie felt herself choking on his thick cock. She had him deep in her throat and she could hardly breath. Julia wouldn’t release her. After a few moments Angie felt her throat relaxing. His cock-head went as deep as it could.

Julia also went down on her knees beside the couch. She kissed Angie’s neck and shoulders. Her tongue moved over the pretty young girl’s face and scooped up the streams of cum that were beginning to run down her cheek and forehead.

“Now I’m going to show you how nice it feels,” Julia said.

Angie kept her mouth on Dane’s cock but she was very aware of what Julia was doing. She felt the older woman’s lips on her back and then on her buttocks.

Julia spread the young girl’s buttocks with her fingers and pushed her tongue into the tight anus. Angie shivered. Julia had never really felt so much like eating another girl before, even Carolyn.

But there was something about this young girl’s innocence. Knowing that no cock had ever spread that cunt, that no lips had ever touched it, was doing something to Julia. Her heart pounded as she pushed at Angie.

Angie went up to all fours. Her lips still gobbled Dane’s cock while he watched with interested eyes.

Julia knew that he was excited watching the two of them together. The fact that he was watching added intensity to her own excitement.

She got on her back and pushed her head between Angie’s firm young thighs. She licked at Angie’s thigh just below her pussy lips. Angie shivered.

Julia knew that Angie would like it. She pulled at Angie’s hips until Angie came down again. Julia watched the pink flesh covering her face and then she could see nothing else. Julia hungrily pushed her tongue up into the tight twat of the young girl.

Angie had never felt anything like that. Her hips started moving slowly at the invasion of Julia’s tongue. Julia tasted a little of Angie’s juice. The young girl was getting wet. Julia really went to work with her tongue. She licked and caressed until Angie was shanking with excitement. Julia realized that she enjoyed eating pussy as much as she loved sucking a nice hard cock. She couldn’t wait to share this realization with Carolyn.

“She wet?” Dane asked.

Julia slipped out from under Angie. She grinned at Dane and licked her lips. He knew she was licking away Angie’s pussy juice.

“She’s ready,” Julia said.

Dane pushed Angie’s head away from his cock. His thick rod was coated with Angie’s saliva. Angie was looking frightened again.

Julia pulled her down on the floor beside her. She fondled the young girl’s tits until she felt the nipples grow hard. She bent her head and kissed the creamy flesh. Opening her mouth wide, she took in as much of Angie’s titty-flesh as she could.

Angie moaned and tried to squirm away, but Dane was now on her backside. He held her still as Julia continued to suck the blonde’s sweet-tasting tits.

“God,” Angie said. “What are you doing to me? What are you doing?”

Julia pushed the young girl onto her back. Julia’s hand quickly went between Angie’s legs and started working on her cunt. Angie was already juicy but it was still going to be a tight fit for Dane. He was going to enjoy violating this piece of flesh.

Julia helped him push Angie’s legs farther apart. Angie was starting to struggle again, but Julia knew that Dane was only enjoying that more. Julia reached for Dane’s cock and wrapped her fingers around it. She held it as Dane rolled over on top of Angie.

“Oh no,” Angie pleaded. “Don’t. I’ll do anything, but don’t do this.”

“Hush, little darling,” Julia said softly. “You’ll like it. I promise you.”

She guided the thick head of Dane’s cock to the virgin entrance.

“Oh God!” Angie shouted. “Oh God!”

Julia released Dane’s cock and bent her head once more to Angie’s titties. She sucked in one rosy-red nipple and used her tongue on it.

“He’s putting it in me!” Angie cried. “Oh, he’s doing it to me! Oh stop! It hurts! Oh God, it hurts!”

“Shut her up,” Dane muttered. “She’s so Goddamned tight I can hardly get it in.”

Julia raised her head from Angie’s tits. She kissed Angie’s throat and then pressed her lips against Angie’s. Angie tasted sweet and innocent even with the salty remains of cum still lingering there.

Angie tried to speak out again but Julia pressed her lips harder. She pushed her tongue into Angie’s mouth and touched Angie’s tongue. Angie groaned. Julia felt Angie tighten up, and she knew that Dane’s cock was partly into her.

Julia started driving her tongue into Angie’s mouth like she was fucking her.

Angie cried out. Julia took her lips away and looked back at Dane. A look of pure animal pleasure was all over his face. He was inside her.

“Jesus Christ,” he said. “She’s so Goddamned fucking tight I can hardly move it. Fucking sweet cunt!”

Julia pressed her lips back before Angie could scream again. She felt Angie’s body jerking as Dane began to move his cock in and out of her cunt.

Julia noticed that there was a different expression coming to Angie’s face. Her eyes started glazing over. Her hips started moving in rhythm to Dane’s deep strokes.

“Oh!” she gasped. “He’s in me! He’s fucking me! He’s really fucking me! Oh, I don’t know what’s happening!”

Angie was enjoying it. There was no doubt. Her mouth dropped open in surprise as the first hot spasms started racking her body.

“She’s getting wet down here,” Dane said. “I’m going in easier. She’s starting to like it.”

Julia kept her hand on Angie’s titties as she watched Dane fuck her. There was something really exciting about watching him rape this young girl. She had never seen anything that affected her so much.

She could hear the soft sounds his cock made each time he slammed into her. Julia bent her head and once again kissed the hard bud of Angie’s nipple.

“I feel so crazy,” Angie moaned. “I feel so hot inside. Oh God, what’s happening to me? AGHHHHH!”

Her climax was so sudden that it surprised both Dane and Julia. Angie’s mouth opened wide as the tremors shook her body. Julia saw Dane begin to thrust more rapidly and she knew that his climax was also near.

Quickly Julia reached between Dane and Angie. She touched his balls. She wanted to feel him squirt.

“So tight,” he gasped. “So tight. Jesus!”

She felt his balls tighten and then jump. She was watching the lax expression on Angie’s face turn fearful again as Angie realized what was happening.

“He’s coming in me,” she whispered.

He kept slamming his cock into her until he had emptied all of his jism into her hot cunt.

“Goddamn,” he said. “Goddamn.”

Julia had never felt so hot. She had one hand between, her legs but that wasn’t enough. She looked at Dane’s now limp cock and frowned. He saw her expression.

“You need a little fucking,” he said.

“Oh yes,” Julia said. “I’m ready for it.”

“Why don’t you ring my bell?” he suggested.

She knew that ringing that bell might bring anyone through the door, but she didn’t really care. She was so hot and she needed a cock. Any man’s cock. She hurried over to the couch and pressed hard on the button.

Immediately the door opened and a big, burly blond man came in. He seemed surprised to see the two naked women, his boss on top of the pretty young one.

“What?” he asked.

“I think you should take care of our guest, Robert,” Dane said. “She needs something that I can’t manage.”

The burly blond man was puzzled. Then he seemed to realize what Dane was talking about. A slow smile came over his face.

“Sure, boss,” he said. “You know me, I’ll do anything to help out,” he said with a loud, nasty laugh.


There was a look in the big blond man’s eyes that Julia didn’t like.

She’d never been really frightened of any man. Bud and Randy had scared her. Dan Jacobs had scared her. Even Henry Gilbert had scared her. But that was a different kind of fear.

There was something in Robert’s eyes had made her choke with fear and excitement. Something told her that this was a man who would enjoy hurting a woman as much as he enjoyed fucking her.

She found herself closing her thighs together even though she was naked and he could see everything.

Dane got up and dressed. He stopped Angie from doing the same.

“No, hon,” he said. “You’re just gettin’ broken in, you have to work at it for a while.”

Julia understood what he meant even if Angie didn’t. Dane had gotten his piece of ass. Now he was sending in some more men to get theirs. Angie was in for a hard time.

But Julia had no time to worry about Angie. The big blond man came close to her. He reached down and touched her titty. His fingers felt hot. He brushed her nipple and her nipple grew immediately hard.

“You’re hot for it aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she admitted.

“Stand up,” he said. “Show me what you’ve got.”

She stood up and turned around. His hand went brutally between her thighs. She bent half over the couch as one rough finger entered her cunt from behind.

“Juicy,” he said. “Sweet, juicy cunt.”

He slammed a hand into the back of her head and she went down hard. Her head was spinning. She turned her eyes toward him and found him grinning a cruel grin. She had been right to be afraid of him.

“Don’t hurt me,” she said. “I just want to be loved. Please don’t hurt me.”

“Shut up,” he said.

He slapped her twice. Hard slaps that left her ears ringing. She looked over at Angie and the young girl was looking sick. He reached down and twisted her tit until Julia cried out in pain.

“Please,” she said.

He released her. He stepped back and began to undress. Julia had never seen a more awesome looking man. His entire chest was covered with blond hairs. His wellmuscled arms and shoulders gave him an ape-like build.

He undid his belt and pulled his trousers down. Julia couldn’t believe the bulge in his shorts. A huge cock that was not yet hard.

“My God,” Julia breathed. “You’ll kill me with that thing.”

“On your back,” he said.

Julia fell back and spread her legs wide. She was almost panting for it. She didn’t care if she looked vulgar to anyone. She had been hot for cock and now she was going to get one that might kill her. It was a wonderful way to die.

Robert looked at Angie.

“Come here,” he said.

Angie came to him quickly. He directed her to strip off his undershorts. His massive cock waved in front of her face. He pulled her head to him and stuffed his monstrous prick between her lips. She could only take a little of it.

He grew stiff and hard immediately.

“Kiss it all over,” he directed Angie. Angie used her tongue and lips to coat his cock with her saliva. It took a little while. When he was satisfied he pushed her head away. He gave Julia no warning. He dropped down on top of her and pushed his cock savagely into her cunt. It was lucky that she was already wet or the act of penetration might have torn something.

He kept working until he had his huge cock half into her. Again he shoved and his big rod slammed all the way up to his balls.

“Fuck me,” she groaned. “Oh fuck me hard. Stick that beautiful thing in me.”

He was rough and she was still afraid of it, but that was part of his excitement. He withdrew his cock partly and once again slammed it into her. She began to match his deep thrusts by raising her ass off the couch.

“Put your Goddamned legs up bitch, way up,” he commanded.

She quickly raised her legs and wrapped them around his buttocks. He was breathing rapidly as he continued to slam his thick rod into her. She was aware that he reached out and grabbed Angie. He jerked her close and began to fondle her titties and her cunt.

Angie was afraid to move!

“Oh shit,” Julia said. “Oh it’s heaven! Oh, you’re killing me! Jesus! Jesus! JESUSSSSS!”

She came so quickly that it even surprised her. She lay there panting as she felt her body quit trembling. God, it was fine. She was aware that he withdrew his cock and he hadn’t come. She didn’t care. Her orgasm had been glorious enough to last her for days.

“Oh Jesus,” she said softly.

She was able to turn her head. He was after Angie now. Her eyes were pleading but he was having none of that. He turned her around and made her bend over the couch. His big red cock made him look like a bull.

He placed it against her cunt entrance and savagely thrust inside.

“Oh Jesus!” Angie cried out. She was in pain, but he didn’t care. He kept slamming his thick cock between her legs. Her young body rocked with the savagery of his thrusts. Again and again he slammed that big rod into her.

Julia grew fascinated watching. Angie screamed softly but nobody was listening. His hips bucked once more and she saw the look of animal pleasure that crossed his face. He was spurting his cum into Angie’s young cunt.

He withdrew his cock and turned Angie back around. He wiped himself off in her blonde hair. He slapped her face hard.

“Fucking bitch!” he said savagely.

Angie was crying. She cried softly as he left the room. Julia waited. She knew that Angie thought it was over but Julia knew better. She was right. In a few minutes she heard someone enter the room.

She turned her head so that she could look at the two men. One was an elderly gentleman with white hair. He was dressed nicely. The other looked like a skid-row bum, but he was much younger. He had dark, curly hair that looked greasy.

“Shit,” he said. “Will you look at that.”

“Which one?” the elderly gentleman said.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I like the one with the big tits but that young one, she looks delicious.”

Angie quit crying and seemed to realize that the two men were in the room.

“Oh no,” she pleaded. “No, please. I hurt, I can’t take anymore. Please let me rest.”

Julia didn’t move. She knew it wouldn’t matter if she fought. She was aware of the elderly gentleman undressing and getting onto the couch with her. She heard Angie start screaming but Julia didn’t turn her head. She already knew what was happening to poor Angie.

She let her hand fall between the old man’s legs. She found his cock ramrod straight.

“Ummm,” she said. “You have a nice one.”

She was too exhausted to do much else than hold him. He entered her with one quick shove of his hips. He felt good inside her cunt, but after the big blond man she knew she was going to feel little else but warmth for a while.

Angie was screaming even louder and Julia wished that the girl would shut up. It had to happen. Just relax and get it over with.

The old man started panting and Julia lifted her legs so that his strokes went deeper. She wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him closer to her. There was nothing really glorious about his fucking but it did feel good.

“Oh,” he said. “OH, OH, OH!”

She felt his cock-head expand within her and she felt the wetness of his jism spurting out. He gave her a few more strokes before he fell against her.

Angie was no longer screaming. She was making small gasping sounds as the greasy-haired man neared his climax.

Julia knew she needed to get out of there. There would be more men coming. Angie was in for a long night. But Julia had to get back. As soon as the elderly man pulled his limp prick from her cunt, Julia got up.

She dressed hurriedly before any more men could be sent in.

There were two more coming in just as Julia followed the elderly man out the door.

Once more Julia heard Angie scream.


Sheriff Henry Gilbert was feeling pretty pleased with himself. He had never had things quite so good. It wasn’t just the free pussy, although that schoolteacher had been something else. He wondered how Dan Jacobs had ever gotten photographs of that sweet young thing.

But there were a lot of things that were going good for him.

Money, for one thing. He had never had as much money as he’d wanted, but now he could see it coming. All the money a man could ask for and five beautiful women for the taking. It was a good life after all.

He did his usual patrol that evening, and he saw the young girl get off the bus. Runaway was the first thought that struck his mind. He didn’t remember seeing any flyers on the girl, but he knew that such a young, sweetlooking thing had to be running away.

He edged his car over to the side of the road, and got out.

He was right. The young girl was looking at everyone but him. He wondered how young she was. She didn’t look much older than fifteen. She wore a skirt that showed off an inch of her creamy thighs. Her breasts were small but firm and her tight blouse showed them off to good advantage.

He wondered how it would feel to put his lips to her sweet buds.

“God,” he said out loud. “I’m getting to be a horny devil. I might have to go see one of my friends tonight.”

He laughed out loud and rubbed his crotch.

“Miss?” he said.

The girl turned and looked at him and he saw the quick rise of her titties. Her face was pale and there was alarm in her eyes.

Definitely a runaway, he thought.

“Miss?” he said again.

She pretended she didn’t hear him. She started walking in the other direction. He quickened his steps. He didn’t catch up too quickly, though. He enjoyed the way her pert ass wiggled under that skirt.

He finally caught up and grabbed her elbow.

“Hold on, little darling,” he said.

The girl stopped dead still. He could almost hear the beating of her heart. Her skin felt soft and satiny, and again he wondered what it would be like to fuck a girl this young.

Jailbait, his mind warned. Stay away from girls like this one. You got too much good going to fuck it up now. But he could still feel the aching at his crotch.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Just to ask a few questions,” he said. “Why don’t we walk back to my car?”

“I’m in a hurry,” she said. “I can’t stop now. I’m meeting someone.”

It was obvious that she was lying. He had played these games with runaways before. They always lied. Some of them would even try conning you. Once a young girl had offered him the best piece of ass he’d ever had if he’d let her go. It was a rotten fuck. She just lay there, in the back holding cell, and never uttered a word while he fucked her. She had been jailbait too, but he hadn’t had so many things going then.

Again he wondered what it would be like to fuck this one. Would she offer it to him? He wondered if he would be able to turn it down. She just looked so damned sweet and innocent.

“Who?” he asked. “Who were you going to meet?”

“Mr. Stephens,” she said quickly. Too quickly. “He’s my uncle.”

“There’s no Mr. Stephens in this town,” he said. He grinned at her.

“Oh,” she stammered. “I-I thought…”

“Come on,” he said.

He took her firmly by the arm and directed her to his car. He opened the door and she got into the front seat. She didn’t try to escape as he walked around and slipped into the driver’s side.

“Okay,” he said. “What’s your name and where are you running away from?”

Her shoulders sagged. She knew she was caught.

“Angie,” she said. “I’m running away from my stepmother. She doesn’t love me.”

“That’s too bad,” he said sympathetically. “I wouldn’t make you go back but I have a job to do.”

She nodded. She was silent as he drove her to the jail. He kept wondering what kind of ruse she was going to try. Was she going to run, to lie, to fight? Sometimes he liked it when they fought. Maybe she’d offer him a piece of ass. He felt his crotch tighten. Maybe he would accept.

He opened the office and pushed her inside. He closed the door. The radio operator had already stopped for the evening. The benefit of working for a small town where the county took care of most of the police problems.

“Okay, little darling,” he said. “What’s your number at home? I’ll call for them to pick you up.”

She didn’t answer right away. When she did her voice was trembling.

“Please,” she said. “Don’t make me go back. I’d do anything not to go back there. Anything at all.”

He was a little surprised. He just hadn’t expected her to make an offer like that. She looked so innocent. Maybe she really did hate her stepmother that much.

He kept thinking that something wasn’t right about this little girl, but his prick was already half-hard and he was having mental pictures of what her young body would look like.

“What do you mean by anything?” he asked.

She hesitated. Her eyes were frightened. She reminded him of a timid deer he had once put a gun on. He had known that he was going to pull the trigger, but he took a lot of pleasure in the simple act of it being frightened.

“What do you mean by anything?” he repeated.

“Anything,” she said finally. “Anything you want me to do. Anything at all. Only you have to promise me that I won’t have to go back to her.”

“Hmmmm,” he said. “Maybe we could work something out. Maybe I could see that you got put on a bus out of town in a couple of hours.”

“Anything,” she said again.

“Come here,” he said.

He felt a brutal passion rising in him. She stopped a few inches away.

“Closer,” he said.

She sighed. He could see her mind working. She was wondering if she really wanted to go through with it. He waited until she made up her mind. She moved closer.

He saw her flinch as he put one hand on her thigh just below the edge of her skirt.

“You feel good,” he said softly. “Nice and soft. You’ve got a sweet looking body.”

There was a tear in her eye. He also noticed that she was biting her lip, perhaps to keep from saying something that would make him angry. He felt his cock tingling and aching to be released.

Damn, but he was going to enjoy this. She was a fine looking piece and she was frightened of him. That was the perfect combination. Inexperience and fright. It made his blood boil.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked.

She shook her head no.

“How many times?” he asked.

She was blushing. He knew it couldn’t have been many times. He was a little upset that she wasn’t a virgin, but that didn’t matter.

“How many times, damn it?” he asked.

“Just once,” she admitted softly. “My boyfriend.”

He smiled. His hand went higher on her thigh, caressing and pinching the creamy flesh. He allowed one finger to slip between her legs. He touched the edge of her panties. Again she flinched and almost pulled away. He took his hand away.

“You’re nice,” he said. “Walk back there to the little cell. I’ll be there in a moment.”

She nodded dumbly and followed his directions. He waited until she was out of sight before he took the bottle from his desk and drank deeply. He had to relax a little. He didn’t want to blow his nuts too fast.

Damn, she was a sweet-looking piece.

He put the bottle away. He stripped off his shirt and trousers. He looked at himself in the mirror. He still had a good body. No fat. His shorts bulged in front. He started to take them off but he stopped.

“No,” he said out loud. “I think I’ll let the little darling do that.”

He walked back. She was sitting on the edge of the cell’s bunk. She had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse but there she had stopped. He could see the top of her black bra. Her legs were crossed and he could see more of her thighs.

Her eyes opened wide when she saw him.

“I’ve changed my mind,” she said. “I’ll go back. Call them.”

“We made a deal, baby,” he said. “It’s too late to back out now.”

“No,” she said. “I can’t do it. Please don’t make me. Let me go home.”

Any other time he would have stopped, but this little piece was just so delicious. He suddenly realized it was going to have to be rape and his cock grew harder. He was big enough to force her. He wanted to force her.

“No,” she said.

“We made a deal,” he said.

She tried to run. She jumped up but there was no place she could go. He slapped her in the face and she fell backward. She jumped up again but he grabbed her arms and forced her back on the cot again.

“You’re going to like it,” he said. “Don’t fight.”

Tears of fear and anger streaked her face. She tried to move her hands but he held them in a strong grip. He lifted them above her head and leaned his weight against her.

Her eyes popped open wide again as she felt his steelhard cock pressing against her.

“Please,” she begged him. “Please let me go home. Please. I’m sorry I ran away. Please let me go home.”

“Sure,” he said. “After I’m done you can go anywhere you like. I promise.”

She turned into a little wildcat. She tried to bite and she spat at him. He had to let go of one hand as he rolled to avoid her upraised knee. He slapped her and left a red welt across her face.

She seemed to ignore the slap. She was stronger than he realized. Again she tried the upraised knee.

“Goddamn little bitch,” he said. “Stop, or you’re really going to get hurt.”

She wouldn’t stop. She got her fingernails into his cheek and ripped downward. He tasted his own blood. Her knee caught him in the balls this time. A deep rage went through him.

“Fucking bitch!” he shouted.

He jumped up and lifted her by her hair. This time he closed his fist and punched her in the stomach. She bent double and he began slapping her face. His heavy hand left red welts across her skin.

“Bitch!” he yelled.

He couldn’t control himself. He took hold of her blouse and ripped it downward. Her buttons popped off and flew across the room.

“I’ll show you,” he said.

He hotly ogled her young, creamy titties. He wanted to see more. He bent her over and broke the clasp on her bra. He jerked it off her.

“Fucking little cunt,” he said. “You were made for fucking. Play games with me. Play games, will you!”

She was pale and frightened. She had quit fighting. He pushed her back on the cot and dropped on top of her. His lips found the sweet nipples on her titties. He kissed and bit them. He, rubbed his tongue over them. He felt them grow hard under his mouth’s caress.

He laughed loudly.

“You cunts are all alike,” he said. “You fight it but you love it. You Goddamn love it.”

He sucked her sweet tit once more into his mouth. He felt as if he were devouring her creamy flesh. God, he had never felt so hot. He went down her belly with his tongue. He pushed his tongue into her navel. He went back up and pressed his hot lips against hers.

She tried to turn her head away from his penetrating tongue. He lifted up and once more slapped her hard across the face. Another red welt was left.

“Still,” he said. “Be still, Goddamn it.”

He kissed her again and this time she offered no resistance as he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

He could taste the sweet innocence of her mouth and tongue. God, how he loved these young ones.

He reached down and jerked up her skirt. He reached between his own legs and released his cock. He wanted to feel his cock rubbing against her satin skin. He felt the cock-head touch her and he shivered.

“Feel good, baby,” he said. “You feel so fucking good. There ain’t no sense fighting. You’re going to get it anyway. There ain’t no sense fighting.”

He kissed her throat and shoulders and then dropped his mouth back to her titties again. He could tell that she was starting to get turned on. He knew of no woman who could resist the temptation very long. Especially once his lips touched her titties.

He went lower. He knew what he wanted to do. He could almost taste her sweet young pussy. His mouth watered for her. He kissed her belly once more.

He went lower until he was looking at her flimsy black panties. He licked his lips as he looked at the curly blonde pussy hairs curling out from the panties.

“Please,” she whispered. “What are you doing?”

He kissed her inner thighs and sucked some of her pussy hairs into his mouth. He licked her cunt through her panties.

“Stop,” she moaned. “Don’t. Stop.”

He reached up and grasped her panties. She wouldn’t lift her hips to help him take them off. He grew angry again. He reached underneath her and grasped her ass. He squeezed hard and lifted her up. He pressed his lips and teeth next to her cunt.

“Oh stop,” she pleaded.

He released her and this time grabbed the edge of her panties. He ripped them down to her knees. He didn’t get them any farther but he didn’t give a damn. Her swollen mound was visible to his hungry eyes. He licked at her gash and she shivered.

“You’re going to like this,” he said.

He pushed his face between her legs. His tongue slipped easily into her cunt. A sweet-tasting pink pussy! He pushed his tongue farther up and began to lap at her juices.

She began to get hot immediately. Her body began to squirm as she tried to get away from his probing tongue.

He knew what she needed. He found her swollen clit with his tongue. He heard her scream as his lips closed over her hard bud. He really began to eat her. His lips and tongue worked on her clit until she was really juicy.

He felt his cock pounding and he knew he could wait no longer.

He pulled his face from between her legs and went up her body. He felt his cock pressed against her mound. He reached between them and grasped his cock-head between his fingers.

“Get ready, darling,” he said. “Get ready, little darling. I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

She screamed but he cut it short by pushing his mouth against hers. Jesus, she was tight. He felt his cockhead press between the outer lips of her cunt. He gave another gentle nudge and her pussy seemed to open up to him.

He went into her hot, tight cunt up to his balls.

“Jesus Christ,” he said softly. “You are a sweet-feeling piece of ass.”

“Oh God,” she moaned. “Oh God!”

He couldn’t be gentle. His rod was so hot that he was almost hurting. He withdrew his cock part way and slammed it violently back into her again. She groaned. He felt his balls slap her and it was a delicious feeling.

“Jesus,” he gasped. “Jesus!”

He couldn’t control himself. It had never felt so good. He pulled his cock out and grabbed her legs. She protested but nothing would stop him. He lifted her legs up above her head. Her sweet pink pussy was completely exposed. He leaned over her and pressed his cock against her again.

“No,” she begged him.

He slammed his cock into her again, deeper than before. He felt her hot cunt walls working on his cock-head. Goddamn finest piece of ass he’d ever had! He slammed into her again. His balls slapped loudly.

He couldn’t slow down. He kept driving his prick relentlessly into her sweet cunt. Again and again he felt her moan as his cock stroked her.

“Ahhh baby,” he moaned. “Little darling, this is sweet. Goddamn fucking sweet. Sweetest hot box I’ve ever had. Oh shit, baby, you’re tight.”

He could no longer hold back. He could feel the sperm building in his balls. He felt the fiery liquid coming up through is rod into his cock-head.


He exploded into her with a geyser of hot sperm. He filled her cunt as he had never filled a woman’s cunt before. He kept squirting into her until he wondered where it had all come from.

Jesus, it was fine.

He moaned as the last cum-drop escaped his cock. The girl was sobbing quietly. He kept his cock in her until it went limp and slowly fell out.

“Goddamn,” he said softly.

He looked down at the girl and realized what he had done. It was crazy. She looked as if she had gone through a meat grinder. He had left a dozen marks on her. He had to get her out quickly. Get her dressed and get her out.

He was in a panic. He had loved it. Loved every minute of it, but he might have hurt her and there could be no doubt that he had ripped her clothes off.

A blouse, he thought. He was going to have to get her a blouse.

Only then did he become aware that someone was laughing. He turned scared eyes toward the door in the cell. There were three people standing there. Two women. He remembered their names. Julia Johnson and Carolyn Merrit. He had fucked Julia. He had fucked her silly. He hadn’t got around to Carolyn.

And there was a man there. He didn’t know him. He had a camera. One really fancy job. Julia was smiling at him. She held a roll of film in her hands.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“We’re going to deal,” Julia said sweetly. “You’re going to trade us a few pictures or you’re going to go to jail for a long time for a little rape.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” he said.

He didn’t like the way she looked at him.


Julia was a very happy woman.

The blackmail was over. No more phone calls telling her where to go and what to do. Now she picked her own times and her own men and she acted discreetly.

She knew now that though Jimmy was a nice man he would never amount to anything in bed. He gave her security. A lot of other men gave her delight.

She was singing to herself while she worked in the kitchen when she heard a car pull up in the front yard. She automatically looked at the clock.

Jimmy wasn’t due home for another four hours. She wondered who was visiting her. She went to the back door and looked out the screen.

She didn’t recognize him at first. A tall, dark-headed man was getting out of his car. She looked closer.

“Why, it’s Bobby Merrit,” she said out loud. “I wonder what he wants?”

She took off her apron and smoothed out her short skirt. She opened the door as he came up on the porch.

“Bobby,” she said. “It’s good to see you. But Jimmy’s not here. He won’t be home for another few hours. You might still catch him at the plant.”

“It wasn’t Jimmy I wanted to see,” he said.

“Oh?” she asked.

“No,” he said. “I want to talk to you.”

She stepped back and allowed him to come into the kitchen. He really looked bad. He wasn’t the same Bobby she’d always known.

“Would you like some coffee?” she asked.

“Please,” he said.

She made the coffee while he sat down at the kitchen table. She sat down across from him and pushed a cup of coffee to his side of the table.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. “You really look terrible.”

“I feel that way,” he said. He paused and took a long sip of coffee. “Look. You’re Carolyn’s best friend. Maybe I can talk to you.”

“You’re worried about Carolyn?” Julia asked.

“I think she’s having an affair,” Bobby said.

Julia somehow kept a straight face. An affair was so backward. If he only knew how many men his sweet wife had really been fucking.

“What makes you say that?” Julia asked.

“It’s just the way she’s acting,” he said. “I don’t know. Odd hours and such. I don’t seem to relate well with her any longer.”

“I don’t think so,” Julia said casually.

“Well I do,” he said.

“Maybe you’re just trying to give yourself an excuse to play around,” Julia suggested.

He almost choked on his coffee and Julia knew she had struck a nerve. She suddenly started looking at Bobby as more than just a friend. He was also a man. A damn handsome man.

He looked up at her and his eyes rested for a moment at her large titties.

“Maybe,” he said.

“Why don’t you?” Julia asked.

“It’s a small town,” he said. “People talk.”

Again his eyes came to her titties. His mouth was practically hanging open. Julia knew he wouldn’t dare make the first move. It was up to her. She sighed.

She wasn’t really sure this was a good idea. He was awfully close to home. But she looked at him and she knew she was going to fuck him.

Right here in the kitchen.

The thought really excited her.

Julia got up and walked around the table. She stood so close that she was almost touching him. She put her hand in his hair and tugged at his black curls.

“You’re a handsome man,” she said. “Lots of women would want you.”

It happened so suddenly that she wasn’t prepared for it. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into his lap. His hands pressed against her tits and his lips searched hungrily for hers.

“Bobby,” she said.

She said nothing else for his lips closed on hers. His tongue pushed into her mouth. He began moving it in and out of her mouth like it was a cock and he was fucking her. She wondered at his arousal. Perhaps Carolyn had better start paying a little more attention to hubby instead of looking for strange cocks.

His fingers trailed up her back until he was touching her top button. He began to undo it. He seemed hesitant at first but she didn’t make any move to stop him and his fingers grew bolder.

Rapidly he undid her blouse and then reached inside. She felt his fingers fumbling with her bra strap. He got the clasp undone and she raised her arms. The bra and blouse were pulled off together. He stared at her naked titties so close to him.

“God,” he gasped. “You’re beautiful.”

He bent his lips to her rosy nipple and began sucking on it. His lips made loud sounds as he feasted on her tender flesh.

“Ummm,” she said. “Oh Bobby, your mouth feels nice.”

Her nipples grew hard as his mouth moved from one to the other. He opened his mouth wider and took in as much of her tit as he could. She felt herself growing hot between the legs. Already her juices were beginning to flow.

“Sweet Bobby,” she said. “So sweet.”

He dropped his mouth to kiss the soft fold under her titty and then her flat stomach. His tongue slipped into her navel. He could go no further in the chair. She wondered how he had gotten his head down that far.

He came back up and his hot mouth once again closed on her titty flesh. He moaned as he sucked her flesh back into his hot mouth.

“Oh Jesus, Bobby,” she said softly. “Suck them. Bite them. I love it, Bobby!”

She felt his cock jump beneath her ass and she had the sudden urge to have it in her mouth. She wanted to suck his jism out. She wanted to swallow his cum while she was on her knees in her own kitchen.

It seemed terribly vulgar and terribly exciting.

He protested when she pushed away but he didn’t protest long. He seemed to realize what she was after and a smile came to his face. He leaned back in his chair as she went down on her knees between his legs.

She got his zipper down and reached inside for his hot cock. His meat jumped in her fingers as she tugged it through the trousers.

“Oh,” she said. “That’s too uncomfortable.”

She undid his belt and pulled the clasp apart. She tugged at his trousers until she had them down around his knees. Now his balls were free also.

“That’s better,” she moaned. “That’s much better.”

She bent her head to her task. It was a delicious task. She kissed the tiny hole and tasted a little of his lubricating fluid. She smiled up at him.

She brushed her hair back from her eyes and pushed out her tongue. She ran her tongue all over his juicy cock, covering him with her saliva. She took each of his balls gingerly into her mouth and sucked on them.

He groaned loudly and his hands took her head.

“Oh Jesus, Julia,” he said.

She came back up his staff and opened her mouth wide. She went down on him, drawing his cock all the way into her throat. She took him deeper than she had ever taken anyone. All the way into her throat. His balls rested against her chin.

“Jesus,” he said.

She got down to some serious sucking. She teased his balls with her fingers while she ran her full lips up and down his cock.

His hips began to move in piston-like movements, in rhythm to her bobbing head.

She was ready to taste him. She was ready to take his wad into her throat. She wanted to suck him down. She was surprised when he pulled her head away.

“I want to fuck you,” he said. “Please let me put my dick in you.”

She nodded. She could taste his cum another time. She stood up and found herself being pushed over the kitchen table. He jerked up her skirt and jerked down her panties. One rough finger was pushed into her moist cunt.

He moved it around until he was sure that she was wet enough to take him.

He pressed his weight against her and she felt his cock slide easily into her cunt.

“Oh God!” he moaned.

His cock felt just as sweet in her cunt as it had felt in her mouth. He was no longer in a hurry. He began to move it slowly in and out with a delicious stroke that made hot spasms of pleasure flow wildly through her body.

She found herself pushing back against him.

She was ready to come and she knew he was. It was everything about their situation that made her so hot. Fucking on the kitchen table with her best friend’s husband. Like a couple of animals in heat. It was fantastic.

A sudden thought crossed her mind. If Bobby was so turned on by her then why wouldn’t Jimmy be turned on by Carolyn? Maybe Carolyn could make a better lover of him.

She had a sudden mental picture of Carolyn and Jimmy. How would he feel when Carolyn chomped down on his prick, when he exploded into her mouth and cunt with his jism?

The thought turned her on. She moaned softly as she felt Bobby increase his rapid thrusts.

“Oh fuck me, Bobby,” she moaned. “Fuck me good! Fuck me hard!”

She felt the first fiery shiver travel up her back. She lifted off the table and brought her hands underneath her to cup her titties. She began playing with her nipples. That was all she needed.

“Oh God, Bobby,” she moaned. “Oh God, I’m going to come. You’re making me come. Oh Jesus, Bobby! Oh Jesus! You’re making me so crazy! OH JESUS CHRIST I’M COMING!”

She felt his cock go so deliciously into her as she flooded him with her juices. Fantastic. It had been really sweet with Bobby.

But now she felt him withdrawing his cock.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Your mouth,” he said. “I want to come in your mouth. I want you to take my cum.”

She was willing. He sank back into his chair as she quickly turned around and sank to her knees once more. She opened her lips and drew his cock deep into her throat. He groaned and she tasted a thick wad of cream in her throat. Then another. His hands tightened in her hair as if he were afraid she were going to draw her head away.

There was no chance of that. She swallowed every drop of his thick cum and sucked for more.

She wiped her mouth with a kitchen towel as he buckled himself up again. Now he looked a little sheepish.

“I don’t know what to say,” he admitted.

“Did you enjoy yourself,” she said.

“Hell yes,” he answered.

“Then don’t say anything. Just be thankful.”

She watched him drive out of the yard with a soft sigh. She knew there would be other times. Then she turned to the phone. She dialed Carolyn’s number and let it ring a few times. Carolyn was out.

Well Carolyn would find out Julia’s plans soon enough. So would Jimmy. Julia wondered how Jimmy was going to like fucking her best friend. She giggled at the thought.

Julia was certainly a very happy woman!

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