Having experienced Mel’s oral services

Having experienced Mel’s oral services earlier in the afternoon, I
felt totally at ease with him. As the guys stripped their skiwear
away, I did the same right in front of them. I was nude first,
and decided to hit the bathroom for a quick pee before going into
the hot tub. His back to me, Mel stepped to the glass sliding
door that led to the deck and hot tub… and opened it. He
stepped outside and pulled the lid off the tub. He was already
in the water when Tim stepped out and flipped the switch to
activate the pumps. I stepped in before Tim, and sat on the same
side as Mel… looking out across the snow-covered valley. Tim
slid in next to me, opposite Mel.

The cold air on our shoulders and heads felt invigorating as our
legs and bodies were warmed and massaged by the churning hot
water. I hadn’t really seen Mel as he stripped naked and stepped
into the water. While we sat there, I began to feel a bit
aggressive. So, I reached out under the water and took Tim’s cock
in my hand while winking at Mel to get him to move closer. When
he did, I reached under water for his cock. Was I surprised! I
found myself holding onto an already-semi-hard cock that seemed to
be very long and fat.

“What do you have there,” I asked as I ran my hand up its length
and back down along its underside. “Let’s just say it’s my pride
and joy,” quipped Mel. Nothing more was said as we leisurely
soaked. My body and leg muscles began to relax.

After about thirty minutes Mel suggested that it was about time to
get out so he and Tim could give me a memorable full-body massage.
He stood up, and for the first time Tim and I both saw Mel’s cock.
I gasped… and as I looked at Tim, he just grinned.

“I am glad your hands and mouth make my body feel good,” I
announced to Mel, “because there is no way that thing could fit in
my pussy.” “Don’t worry about that,” replied Mel, lets just focus
on giving you a very special massage.

Again, our room had a king-size bed. Tim had done some planning.

I laid face down on the bed… right in the middle. My body was
still warm from the water.

Tim crawled up next to me, and Mel retrieved a bottle he had
carried into the hot tub. We hadn’t even seen him put it there.
We learned later that it was a special massage oil with an almond
oil base. He wanted it to be warm before he used it on me.

“Tim, hold out your cupped hands over Jennifer’s back,” Mel
directed. I looked over my shoulders to see a large quantity of
oil poured into Tim’s hands. I turned back over and pulled my
hair up away from my shoulders. Apparently Mel poured a large
quantity into his hand too before he set the bottle on the night
stand. I felt four hands glide gently over my back… seemingly
moving in all directions at once.

Mel took control. “Tim, you watch and follow my hand motions on
that side of Jennifer’s body as I massage this side.” I closed my
eyes and felt Mel place his hands together on one of my
shoulders… then Tim’s were on the other shoulder. As Mel’s
hands and fingers moved down my back and side, I could feel Tim
tentatively follow Mel’s lead. They stroked and pressed… oiled
and stroked the sides of my breasts… and they took turns running
their hands down the center of my back.

After several minutes, Mel got some more oil, and the two of them
were working on my buttocks and legs. Their hands worked the
outsides of my thighs… then the insides of my thighs as they
gently pulled my legs apart. Their hands glided down between my
legs and their fingers frequently massaged my pussy and the skin
directly between it and the area around my rear hole. I felt one
of Mel’s oily fingers slide into that hole, wiggle around a bit,
and withdraw. Then I could tell Tim was inserting two of his
fingers where Mel’s finger had just been. Tim knows that as long
as he is gentle, I enjoy being stimulated there. Occasionally I
invite him to screw my rear hole as I play with myself. While
this is not a big part of our sex life, I find it pleasurable…
and a good variation.

In this case, their well-oiled fingers easily slid past my
sphincter muscles. As Tim worked my backside, Mel reached one
hand under me to play with my clit, and he inserted two or three
fingers of his other hand into my pussy. Tim told me later he
could feel Mel’s fingers through the thin membrane which separates
my rectum from my pussy.

After a long, un-rushed massage of my backside, they had me turn
over. Mel and Tim wiped their hands… and Mel poured more oil.
Again, I closed my eyes. Again they started at my shoulders and
they worked their way around each breast as they moved down to my
tummy and stopped short of my pubic area. Back to the top they
went. This time they spent lots of time massaging each breast.
It sure felt wonderful! Then I felt a tongue licking the nipple
on Mel’s side. Then a tongue licking my other nipple. My body
seemed to be getting even warmer than when it was in the hot tub.

As the tongue action continued on my nipples, their hands moved to
my upper legs and the guys pulled them apart as their oily thumbs
began working my pussy lips. I could feel my pussy juices flow.

I felt the bed move, and I peeked enough to see that Mel had
placed one of Tim’s hands on the breast he was leaving… and he
moved to the end of the bed. I closed my eyes again. I felt the
bed move again as Mel crawled between my legs. His hot breath was
blowing on my pussy. It shot tingles through my body. Then his
hands began to massage my tummy as his face and tongue descended
on my pussy. As his hands pressed gently on my tummy and worked
in circles, his thumbs were alternately flicking my bud. By now
Mel’s tongue was well into my pussy channel.

This kind of “massage” must have gone on for at least 15 minutes.
Tim kept playing with my breasts, and Mel continued to worship my
pussy with his tongue, lips and fingers. A feeling of deep
contentment began to wash through me… followed by a tensing in
my groin. Before I knew it, a kind of warm, flowing orgasm began
to overtake me. I could feel my pussy trying to clench Mel’s
tongue… and then he would move up to firmly suck my bud. My
breathing got deeper. I caught myself moaning. It just seemed to
build from plateau to plateau. Eventually my body wrenched and I
raised my legs to encircle Mel’s head to draw it in tighter to me.

I let out a long moan of pleasure as ripples of orgasmic reaction
started within my groin and radiated throughout my body. By this
time Tim had moved so he was laying next to me, face adjacent to
mine. As my orgasm began, Tim started placing tiny kisses on my
neck, across my face, across my forehead… and finally my tongue
met his in a passionate kiss as the orgasm continued. He told me
later that he really enjoyed watching my face contort and squirm
in reaction to the many waves of pleasure that washed through me
both before and after our passionate kiss.

When I was finally drained of energy, I noticed that Mel’s tongue
was still working… but I was getting ticklish and sensitive down
there. I used my hand to lightly push his face away. He crawled
up next to me, opposite Tim. As I opened my eyes I noticed that
Tim and Mel were grinning at each other.

Mel jumped up. “I’m going to call for a pizza delivery. I’m
hungry.” I heard him use the phone to place the order, and I
hugged Tim while again whispering into his ear, “Thank you, thank
you… that felt wonderful.”

Mel climbed back in bed. I reached down and stroked his cock.
“Look at this thing Tim, I said… “it’s huge!” I slid down on
the bed to examine it more closely… and to play with it. It was
oily from all the massage oil the guys had been using. While
holding Mel’s cock, I bent over Tim’s crotch and took his cock
into my mouth for a protracted kiss and suck.

“Tim, would you mind if I kiss Mel’s cock?” I asked. “Go for it
babe,” Tim replied. Then I used one hand to stroke Tim’s cock as
I bent to plant a kiss on the tip of Mel’s cock. My kiss seemed
to make Mel’s cock get harder… and it was getting wider and
longer. “That’s amazing,” I said, as I cupped his nut sack and
planted more kisses along the underside from the tip to Mel’s

We played like this for quite a while… the guys stroking my
hair… and me playing with their now-rigid cocks. Soon we heard
a knock at the door. I started to jump for the covers, and Mel
said, “don’t worry. It’s probably the pizza delivery boy. Give
him a treat… let him see that great body of yours.”

I hesitated a bit, then decided that since we were a long way from
home, I would be a bit of a daredevil. I jumped out of bed, went
to the door and asked, “Who is it?” A male voice came from the
other side. “Pizza Delivery.”

Standing behind the door, I opened it and let the guy in. As soon
as he was inside, I closed the door and said, “Here, I’ll take
that.” In all my nude glory, I walked toward him, took the pizza,
and laid it on the bed… bending over to let him see my well-
oiled crotch and pussy lips from behind. When I stood up and
looked back, I noticed that the guy had a wide grin on his face as
he appraised my nude body.

A nude Tim had gotten up to get money to pay the guy. “Here’s
your money,” Tim said. The delivery guy couldn’t seem to take his
eyes off me as he put his hand out to accept the money. When he
left, all three of us laughed.

We grabbed our beer and a slice of pizza and had a picnic right
there on the bed. When we were done, John got up and put the
bottles and pizza box away. By the time he got back to the bed,
Tim had me in his arms, giving me another great kiss.

I was on my side, facing Tim. John slid in behind me and began to
stroke my back and shoulders. I felt his cock laying against my
buns. I reached back and began to play with it as Tim and I
continued to neck. John’s cock quickly got hard and full. It
felt so big in my hand.

Just for the nuts of it, I decided to raise my leg and let John
lay his large rod between my thighs. He took the cue, and I
lowered my leg to trap it there. He began stroking back and
forth. I took my husband’s hand and led it down my body to where
John’s cock was poking through. Tim broke our kiss and leaned
back far enough to look down to watch the action. He told me
later that John’s cock looked huge as it glided through my thighs,
against the remaining oil, and poked its upper length through in

“Let him press part of it between your pussy lips, babe,” Tim
whispered to me. Already again turned-on by the scene, I lifted
my leg a bit, and used my hand to aim the head of John’s stiff
dick up against my pussy lips.

John got the message. He gently pressed his huge cock against my
pussy… and withdrew. He did this several times as Tim cuddled
me to him. Finally, John pressed against me a bit more firmly,
allowing the head of his dick to slide part way into me. He held
it there. “Feel OK?” he inquired. I hesitated a bit. Then I
said, “Actually, it feels very good.”

John resumed his mini-strokes… each time pressing a bit more of
his thick meat into me. “Please tell me if it get uncomfortable,”
John whispered. I did not reply. I could feel wonderful
`tingles’ begin to build within me. He kept up a slow pumping
action, gradually inserting more and more of himself into me.
Surprisingly, the extreme fullness within me felt great… I mean
REALLY great!

Tim asked, “Are you OK hon?” I assured him I was, just as a mini-
quake passed through my body. When it subsided, I took my
husband’s hand and held it against my pussy mound… so he could
share the feeling I was experiencing as John’s cock filled me so
full with each gentle stroke. “I can feel him within you babe!”
Tim proudly whispered to me.

With that, Tim pressed himself more tightly against the front of
me (his hand still pressing against my lower tummy and public
mound), thus pressing me more tightly against John. John reached
around and cupped one of my breasts… while pressing his cock
even deeper within me. More strokes. Gawd… my body was on
fire! It felt SO good to be so full… and to be pressed between
my husband and our new friend.

John slightly increased the pace of his strokes, and my body
wrenched as an orgasm passed through me. “Still OK babe?” Tim
inquired. “Yes… Oh YES. It really feels good,” I assured him.

“Tim, would you like to get underneath and watch?” John asked. I
heard my husband reply, “Yah, that would be cool.” To my
disappointment, John withdrew his cock from me. He suggested that
Tim turn around, placing his cock near my face, and his face near
my crotch. Tim did as John suggested.

Then John nudged my body to roll up onto Tim’s. I did so, and
began to play with my husband’s stiff cock. John got up, when to
the end of the bed, lifted my buns so that I rested on my knees
over Tim’s face. Then I felt the head of John’s cock again
pressing against my pussy opening. I heard Tim say, “Slide it in

I felt that wonderful fullness return to my groin as John gently
slid several inches of his cock back into me. He held himself
there as I adjusted to his size again… and resumed my oral
ministrations to my husband’s cock.

Soon John was again slowly stroking in and out of me. The words,
“Honey, that looks really neat!” came from between my legs as my
husband watched another man’s cock fill me. “It is cool the way
his cock is spreading your pussy and slides in and out of you

Then I felt my husband lift his head and lick my clit a few times.
“Would you like more of him babe?” Tim asked. “He is still
holding three or four inches outside.”

Without verbally answering, I began to press myself back further
onto John’s cock each time he pressed forward into me. He was
really filling me now. I had to release Tim’s cock from my mouth
as my breathing got heavier. I used my hand to stroke it as my
mind focused on the sensations coursing through my lower body. It
felt Sooo good!

Soon John and I were slapping against each other. I knew he was
now burying all of that huge cock inside me with each pounding
stroke. I could even feel his ball sack slapping against my
crotch with each driving plunge. My head was spinning in
pleasure. I began to moan… and then get louder, as involuntary
contractions squeezed John’s cock within me.

“Give her all that you’ve got,” Tim instructed our new friend.
With Tim watching from just inches below, John began to screw me
like a teenager… fast and furious. I could feel him hitting
deep inside of me on each hard drive. I totally forgot Tim’s cock
as I clutched to his legs and reveled in the sensations within my
pussy. By now, orgasm after orgasm was coursing through me…
each one better than the last.

When I finally felt John expand within me, I knew he was about to
explode. That knowledge caused my body to quiver, twist and
contract against the hot tool within me. I shouted out my extreme
pleasure just as John squirted his hot juices into me. Tim told
me later that he had to cover his face to keep from getting bathed
in the mixed juices squirting out of my pussy, around John’s cock.

John lifted of me, and I rolled off Tim. Tim moved up and took me
in his arms to give me another gentle kiss. He gave me a few
minutes to recover, and then lifted my legs so he could insert his
still firm cock into my over-heated pussy. Tim just grinned down
at me as he slowly enjoyed the sensations of my still-tingling
pussy that was filled with John’s juices… and still hot from his
friction within me.

“What are you grinning about?” I asked him. “I am just amazed by
what I have just seen, and my cock is enjoying the oven-like walls
of your pussy as I coat myself in the pleasure-goo you two just
created. It feels incredible!” he replied.

I started to laugh at him, but the feel of his cock (quite
different than John’s), in this changed position (facing him and
watching the satisfaction on his face), my pussy began to respond
again. Soon Tim and I were sharing our own moment of bliss as
orgasms hit both of us at virtually the same time.

After Tim and I recovered, we all three showered, and fell across
the bed together. We talked with John for some time, hearing about
some of the other couples he had been with, as we played with each
other’s bodies. John screwed me one more time that night… this
time with him on his back and me sitting on his re-hardened
cock… allowing me to watch both guys’ faces as I slowly let my
pussy engulf his cock. In this position, I was able to use one of
my hands to press against my lower tummy, to feel John’s cock
probing deep inside me.

Tim got up on his knees and necked with me and played with my
breasts as John slowly worked himself within me until he shot
another load into me. By now, I had cum so many times that the
sensations within me were more of an on-going glow than an
explosive orgasm.

I stood up and let John’s juices drip from my spread crotch…
dripping right back down onto John’s crotch. We showered again,
and John left for home.

The next morning I awoke to pleasant memories of the previous
night, and began to suck Tim to hardness. He awoke, turned me
over on my knees, and gave it to me doggy-style and talked to me
about the previous night with John, until we both had rewarding
orgasms of our own.

All the way back to Wyoming we talked about various aspects of our
unusual weekend. I never did sense any jealousy on Tim’s part…
and I found that my memories consisted of nothing but pleasant,
stimulating thoughts about what Tim and I had done together.

That first weekend in Colorado was three years ago. Tim and I
have had a half dozen so similar away-from-home adventures, and
all have given us memorable, sensually-stimulating experiences
that we often re-live during our private love-making.

We still read the stories of other people’s adventures, and
occasionally view porno flicks together, but they are mostly for
remembering our own real life experiences.