The Naughty Librarian

Western man prides himself on his ability to forge his own destiny. And yet many people find that they are not always able to rule their own fates. Oftentimes a single, traumatic event will change and reshape their lives.

There is the young girl who, after a brutal rape, becomes a bitter, frigid young woman. Or the bright, self-confident businessman who, after losing most of his money in a poor stock investment, becomes a drunken derelict.

So, too, does fate play a trick on Kay White. Frustrated because her sexual inhibitions have forced her to go without a man for years, the twenty-eight-year-old librarian at last succumbs to her needs, seducing one of her students — with disastrous results. Suddenly, Kay finds herself the victim of blackmail, forced into the most debauched and degrading of acts, with no end to the nightmare in sight.

THE NAUGHTY LIBRARIAN — the story of one woman who finds herself the helpless victim of perverted and sadistic souls. Her tale is a reminder to us all that our lives are not always our own.


Miss Kay White, head librarian of Ferndale High School, flushed slightly as she studied the new sex-education text destined for use in the tenth grade. No one had been that explicit about screwing when she was a teen-ager. Perhaps it was a good thing, though. If she’d known then what she knew now, she might have saved herself a lot of trouble.

Kay White was twenty-eight and single. From the time she could talk and ask questions, her mother had put her off about sex, except to tell her that it was “evil” and that men “want only one thing from a woman”. Kay grew up so shy and frightened of men that she’d hardly even dated in high school and college, and had never gotten close enough to a boy to encourage a serious courtship. So here she was, close to thirty, and without a man of her own.

Once the fact had only bewildered her, but now it obsessed her. Her own biology was beginning to catch up with her, making her toss and turn in her lonely bed at night. Miss Kay White was plainly and simply horny.

Not that she would have used that word for it. Kay knew exactly what her trouble was, because she was a well-educated young woman and had long ago made up for her ignorance about sex. She simply wouldn’t have used the word “horny”, that was all. Kay was also a lady.

She raised her large dark eyes from the sex-education textbook and glanced at her student helper, Danny. She hungered for his slim but muscular body, but she didn’t think of herself as horny. She considered herself deprived.

It was a ludicrous fact, considering Miss White’s stunning figure and face. Tall and long-legged, she was the kind of woman who made men turn in the streets and gawk.

Her tiny, firm waist blossomed out into trim, flowing hips, and her tits were larger than average but quite firm and jutting. Her face was that of a haughty Spanish noblewoman — olive-skinned, full lips in a sensuous pout, great dark eyes with heavy black lashes. Her raven-black hair was thick, shiny, and abundant, cascading to her waist.

It would have been difficult to believe that this woman had only been fucked once in her whole life.

Kay often thought back to that incident, the loss of her virginity. It was in her freshman year of college, when she was still very ignorant about sex and terribly afraid of men.

A senior class boy named Vic, ruggedly handsome and a first-string member of the football team, had taken a strong interest in her and had finally persuaded her to walk across campus with him for a Coke. Or so he’d told Kay. It seemed safe and innocent enough to her, and she’d been rather excited about it. Vic was very attractive and popular, and she felt flattered that he wanted to date her.

He picked her up at her dorm one evening just as the sun was going down, and they had strolled across the wooded campus at a discreet distance from each other. Kay could hardly remember, ten years later, what they had talked about, it was so commonplace. She could only recall that they were chatting innocently, passing a thick grove of trees, when Vic suddenly grabbed her and pulled her into the woods. She’d been so surprised, so taken off guard, that she hadn’t uttered a sound until he had her pinned down on the mossy ground.

He was breathing hard, and his body felt very heavy and sweaty to her. He had a strange glazed look on his face as he lay over her, and his big hands were fumbling with her sweater, trying to push it up over her big, firm tits.

Young and naive, Kay required almost a full minute to understand what was happening. Then her mother’s words came back to her: “Men want only one thing from a woman.” Kay knew vaguely that Vic wanted to screw her, and she was terrified. “Vic, no!” she gasped. “Please let me go!”

“Aw, don’t give me that bullshit,” Vic growled. “You can’t be that dumb.”

“Dumb?” said Kay. “I don’t understand. You said we were going to take a walk.”

Vic laughed harshly. “Shit, you really are dumb. Well, let me explain it to you, baby. I can date any girl on campus, and I can fuck most of them — so I don’t waste time taking freshmen out for Cokes. If I date a nobody like you, it’s for a piece of ass. Now, let’s cut the crap and get on with it.”

Kay gawked at him. It couldn’t be true, she thought. It couldn’t be happening to her. But his big sweaty hands told her that it was — as he violently wrenched her sweater up high over her bra and exposed the swelling mounds of her full tits. Kay gasped again and tried to push his hands away, but he was far too strong for her. He only growled and seized both her wrists in one huge paw.

With his free hand Vic reached behind her and expertly unhooked her demure white cotton bra. He jerked it off her, breaking the straps, and tossed it away. Kay blushed deep red. No one, not even her mother, had ever looked at her mature tits before.

Vic was looking, and there was awe in his eyes. “Holy shit!” he breathed. “You got the nicest pair of boobs I ever saw.”

They were “nice”, all right. Size 40-D and as full and firm and pointy as in any man’s lustiest fantasy. They were dream tits, Playboy tits, creamy and swelling with life and topped with big, light-brown nipples.

Vic gave a growl of lust and began pawing her tender jugs, kneading and molding the big knockers hungrily. Again Kay blushed in humiliation. She knew it was wicked to let him handle her tits, and yet he was so heavy, so powerful that she couldn’t fight him off.

Naively Kay lay there, hoping that all he wanted was to play with her boobs. She closed her eyes while he pawed them, then flinched as she felt his hot sweaty face pressing against her lush, full tits. She gasped as Vic began to suck on one of her nipples, suck like a baby. It seemed very wicked to her, unnatural.

“Please, Vic, don’t!” she cried. “That’s not right!”

He didn’t even reply. He sucked her tender brown nipple till it went taut and bumpy with the friction of his lips and tongue, and then he did the same thing to her other nipple.

Kay lay there paralyzed with shame, yet she was also beginning to feel something else. She found a certain pleasantness in having his big hot body pressed close to hers, in having his powerful arms around her. His sucking of her nipples, while wicked and embarrassing, was not painful. On the contrary, it did strange things to her.

She felt little stabs of pleasure bursting from her sensitive nipples as he sucked them, and, inexplicably, a growing warmth in her crotch. This was the most embarrassing thing of all.

Soon her pussy was beginning to feel absolutely hot and wet. That hole her periods came from — that hole was beginning to leak hot cream, wetting the crotch of her panties. She felt the impulse to move her hips in a rhythmical way, to embrace Vic and pull him closer to her. She couldn’t understand any of this.

Vic at last finished playing with her tits or, rather, seemed to lose interest in them. Panting harshly, he reached for the hem of her skirt and began tugging it upward. Kay gasped and seized his hand, trying to stop him. She knew this was wrong. She was not to let any boy look under her skirt. Vic batted her hand away as if it were a fly.

It hurt when he hit her, and Kay shrank back. Vic pushed her skirt up to her waist, uncovering her demure white panties, and his breathing became even louder and rougher. To Kay’s horror, he seized her panties and began tugging them down over her curved hips. She didn’t like to create scenes or draw attention to herself, but now there was only one thing to do — she must scream for help.

Her scream was barely started when Vic clapped a huge sweaty hand over her mouth. His face was red with rage.

“Now, listen, and listen good, you little bitch,” he hissed. “You just lie there and keep quiet, or I’ll kill you. You got that? Take your fucking like a good girl, and keep quiet — or else!”

Kay nodded. She fully believed that in the strength of his lust he would kill her if she tried to stop him from raping her. She went limp beneath him, praying that whatever happened it wouldn’t be too horrible. She really had little idea of what would happen. Bits of misinformation from girl friends, a hasty glance at a few books — this was all her sex education at the age of eighteen. She knew vaguely that, in bed, men did something unspeakably wicked to a woman’s body. Now she was going to find out just what it was.

After making sure of her silent cooperation, Vic raised himself a little and tugged off her panties. Kay closed her eyes in shame. She knew what he saw — that thick triangle of fine black curls at the base of her belly.

Kay had always been ashamed of her pussy; it seemed so ugly to her. She had no idea that to Vic it was beautiful — a dainty, fluffy little snatch that matched the perfection of the rest of her body. Even in his haste to get his rocks off, he had to pause and pet her cunt mound, running his big fingers lightly, almost reverently, over the soft, clean curls of her raven-black muff. Then he hastily lowered his pants, freeing his achingly hard cock. It was at that moment that Kay opened her eyes to see what he was doing.

She gawked. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help it. She’d seen little boys naked before, but this was entirely different!

Vic had a patch of curly dark hair at the base of his belly, and out of it protruded a cock that was big and hard and frightening. The pale skin was stretched taut, showing up a network of tiny blue veins. At the tip of his prick, the flesh was rosy and slitted, ending in a bulbous knob. His cock looked ugly and menacing to Kay.

Not only that, but beneath his prick hung two fleshy bags lightly covered with dark hair, and these were even uglier. She didn’t know what balls were or what they were for. She only knew that she was frightened.

Kay trembled, wanted to scream — but she remembered Vic’s threat and forced herself to remain still and silent.

Vic noticed her terror and chuckled harshly. “Don’t be afraid, baby,” he sneered. “It’s gonna be fun. Lots of fun. What’s the matter? You a virgin?”

Kay nodded, pale and frightened. This was one term she fully understood. A virgin was a girl who had never been in bed with a man, never done that awful thing — whatever it was.

Vic’s eyes widened in appreciation. “Damn!” he said. “What luck! I never popped a cherry before.”

Kay didn’t understand what he meant by that. As he lowered himself onto her body, she felt that strange hard organ of his touching her bare belly, and she closed her eyes in fright and humiliation. She just hoped that whatever he did, it would be over with fast. She trembled and whimpered and tried not to cry as he began to manipulate her body. He parted her long, shapely legs and edged himself between her silky thighs.

Vic poked his hard hot cock between her legs, blindly seeking the entrance to her virgin cunt. Kay didn’t know what he was doing, except that it was very wicked. He was putting that ugly thing of his in her forbidden parts!

Kay felt the thick drooling head of his erect prick skating over the slick flesh of her tender pussylips, then finally wedging itself in the wet indentation of her virgin cunt-mouth. To her astonishment, she felt a sudden burst of pleasure, a melting sensation throughout her crotch. Why should such a wicked thing make her feel so good?

She didn’t have time to debate the question. Suddenly an astonishing thing was happening. Vic was pushing his long hard organ inside her body! Kay gasped loudly as she felt it entering her cunt in a slow but steady thrust.

“Ssshhh,” Vic whispered almost tenderly, his sweaty face buried in her hair. “Don’t be too loud, baby. I know it hurts, but it always hurts a little the first time she gets fucked. Just let me get my cock in, and then I’ll make it good for you, I promise.”

Kay had no intention of screaming, no matter how much it hurt, for she remembered his threat to kill her. She couldn’t understand the sudden softening of his voice. She didn’t know why he wanted to do this thing to her, to poke part of himself inside her. She lay there and felt his thick cock slowly but inexorably pushing into her hole, and then there was pain, just as he’d predicted. Vic’s cock seemed to come up against some barrier inside her pussy, and it hurt her when he pushed against it. He took a deep breath, then shoved as hard as he could, and Kay couldn’t help crying out as he hurt something inside her pussy, and it hurt her when he pushed against it. He took a deep breath, then shoved as hard as he could, and Kay couldn’t help crying out as he tore something inside her hole, giving her a sharp burst of pain. He gasped, too, and put his hand over her mouth.

“I know, I know,” he whispered, with real tenderness this time. “I know it hurt. But it’s over now. I’m in. Just relax. You’ll like it.”

And he was right. The pain was gone, and now all she felt was the delicious presence of his thick meat in her aroused cunt. She liked the sensation of being stuffed, filled, and probed. It sent heady bursts of pleasure all through her body, and again she felt her cunt pouring out hot cream.

Vic put his arms around her and began to move his cock in her hole, a quick, deep sawing motion that gave her incredible pleasure. In fact she’d never known that such pleasure was possible.

In the back of her mind Kay knew that what they were doing was wrong, but she couldn’t quell the joy of her body. She found herself panting just like Vic, moaning and sighing just as he did. Her hips began to move in time to his, her crotch arching up to meet each deep, full thrust of his thick cock.

It felt wonderful.

“Ohhhh!” Kay heard herself moaning ecstatically. “Ohhhh, so good, so good…”

“Yeah, yeah!” Vic gasped. “It is good, ain’t it, baby? Christ, it’s good! So fuckin’ tight and hot.”

Kay suddenly shrieked as she felt her body rocked with an explosion of pleasure. It was so intense that she almost fainted. Helplessly she threw her long legs high in the air, and her lush body shook as if in convulsions. She felt a great burst of wetness deep in her cunt, heard Vic moaning hoarsely.

Time seemed to stop for a while as they lay panting in each other’s arms, and Vic’s cock grew soft and small inside her cunt. Then suddenly he sprang to his feet and pulled up his pants. Kay lay there gawking at him. He was sneering, almost gloating.

“Thanks a lot,” he said. “It was a great fuck. Too bad I don’t have more time for you.”

And without another word, he turned and walked away. Kay saw him a few times after that at a distance, but he never spoke to her or tried to date her again. It was many years before she understood his behavior, and then her only consolation was that she hadn’t gotten pregnant.

The man had used her, that was all, and she despised him for it. Yet she couldn’t forget the pleasure he’d given her, pleasure unequalled by anything she’d known before or since.

Ten years later Miss Kay White, librarian, sat at her desk remembering the incident in vivid detail.

My God, she thought, what a fool I was. Why didn’t I take advantage? Why didn’t I have an affair with him? To be twenty-eight years old and only fucked once.

“Miss White?”

Kay blushed and snapped to attention. She’d been lost in her memories that first and only fuck, and hadn’t even noticed her student assistant, Danny, standing beside her desk.

“Yes, Danny?” she said. “I’m sorry, I was daydreaming. What do you want?”

“I can’t figure out where to shelve this book, Miss White,” said the boy. “I know I should have the system down by now, but…”

Kay smiled graciously. “Oh, sometimes it’s not so easy, Danny,” she said. “Let’s see the book.”

Danny handed the book to her, and when their hands touched slightly, he blushed. Kay was amused. She was used to her student helpers getting crushes on her. And in Danny’s case it was not unflattering.

He was a nice guy and rather handsome. His brown hair was thick and healthy, modishly long, framing regular features and a clear complexion. He was perhaps an inch shorter than Kay but rapidly growing, filling out. Already his shoulders were broadening, his hips going slim and taut, his body in male proportions.

Danny was going to be a very attractive. Odd that he should fall for a woman almost old enough to be his mother — but Kay had had the experience before.

Too bad I can’t take advantage of it, she thought wistfully. Her recollections of Vic had made her almost unbearably horny.

“All right, Danny,” she said, getting up from her desk, “come along and I’ll show you how to shelve this book.”

“Thanks, Miss White,” said Danny, trailing after her as she led the way to the stacks. “Sorry. I’m so stupid.”

“You’re not stupid, Danny,” she said, “just inexperienced. We’re all inexperienced at times.”

And, my God, was I inexperienced with Vic, she thought. She wished with all her heart that she’d been properly taught about sex as a child, so she could have experienced the joys of fucking when she became a woman. Instead she had shrunk away from men, mined her chances for romance and marriage, cheated herself of the most delicious human experience — sex!

Now that she had read all about it and gotten rid of her earlier ignorance and prejudices, Kay hungered to live like a normal woman, hungered to feel a cock moving inside her horny cunt. But it was too late. She’d missed her chance, and she was almost thirty. She could have wept with frustration. Once in her whole life she’d known the ecstasy of fucking. Would she never know it again?

Kay led the way deep into the rows of library books. The library was already closed for the day, and all the students had gone home except for Danny, who worked after school to earn extra money. It suddenly dawned on her that they were probably alone in the building.

A hot rush of lust poured through Kay’s body as she realized that she could fuck Danny and no one would know about it. Of course it was out of the question, an unspeakably wicked thing… But, wait. She was a modern, enlightened woman. She knew damned well that sex wasn’t “wicked”. Her mother had been wrong. And Danny obviously wanted to screw her. Why not? My God, why not?

Kay placed the book in its proper niche. “That’s where it goes, Danny,” she said, her voice trembling slightly. “You see?”

He clapped a hand to his forehead. “Oh, jeez, of course. I shoulda seen that. I really am dumb.”

“No, you’re not, Danny,” said Kay. “At least I don’t think you are. Let’s see how you deal with this.”

She slowly began to unbutton her blouse. Her hands trembled as she did so. It was an insane act and Danny could rat on her, make her lose her job. But she had to do it. She had been denied sex too long, and she had to take it where she could find it, no matter what the cost.

Resolutely, Kay unbuttoned her blouse all the way, drew it off, and removed her bra. Her beautiful, full, creamy tits sloped into their natural jutting shape. She faced the boy, trembling but determined.

For a long, long moment Danny only stared. He stared in disbelief at her gorgeous full tits and big brown nipples. Then, just when Kay expected him to scream and run, he swallowed hard and walked up to her and put shaking sweaty hands on her tits.

He began fondling the big jugs feverishly.

“Oh, Miss White,” he sighed, “I’m so glad. I’m in love with you, I can’t help it. I want you so much…”

“I want you, Danny,” said Kay.

She didn’t know how she got the words out. She was appalled at her own behavior. Yet she was committed now, and this filled Kay with hot excitement.

At last, after ten lonely years, she was going to be fucked!

Cream boiled in Kay’s starved pussy and gushed out to soak the crotch of her panties. She could barely keep from grabbing the boy and throwing him to the floor. Instead, however, she gently pushed him away and began to take off the rest of her clothes. Danny gawked at her for a moment, then began to follow suit, stripping off his sneakers and jeans and T-shirt as fast as he could.

His body was more boyish than she’d expected, rather slim and soft, but his cock was everything she’d wanted — almost fully grown, thick and erect. It was bloated with horny need, hugging his taut belly, rising stiffly from a light thicket of brown crotch hairs. His balls were fat, tight, and rosy, much more attractive than Vic’s nuts had been.

Kay felt a hot trickle of pussy juice running down her inner thighs. She didn’t care what happened, she just had to fuck this boy. Morality be damned — her starved body couldn’t pass up this chance to get laid!

She lay down on the hard library floor but was not aware of any discomfort. Danny stood over her, staring with awe at her mountainous, heaving tits, her dark curly beaver, and the moist, scarlet line of her gash.

She parted her long legs, and he saw it all — the bright-red bud of her clitoris, the plump wet folds of her pussylips, the sucked-in shadowed opening of her cunt, and tiny brown wrinkle of her asshole. He couldn’t help gawking, because he’d never seen a woman’s cunt before.

Quiet and studious, Danny had never had a date with a girl, let alone seen one naked. That didn’t mean he didn’t want to, though. He jacked off a lot in bed at night, fantasizing how it would be to fuck different girls, but the one he most often daydreamed about was Miss White, his ideal woman.

And now his wildest fantasies were coming true!

It was too much. Danny felt like pinching himself to see if he was dreaming. But he was interrupted by Miss White’s husky, urgent voice.

“Hurry, Danny, hurry… Make love to me…”

Trembling but violently horny, the boy knelt down between her soft warm thighs and lowered himself onto her lush body. Her huge tits were like hot, inflated cushions under his skinny chest. It felt delicious to press his body against hers. She trembled and writhed beneath him, embraced him tightly.

“Don’t wait, darling! Do it to me now! Now!” she begged.

“Oh, Christ,” Danny moaned. “I want to, Miss White. Oh, God, I want to! But I never did it before, and I’m not sure just how…”

Kay thought how appropriate it was that she should pick a virgin for her first fuck after so many years. But she had no time for ironic thoughts, not now. She reached down, seized Danny’s hard cock, and slipped it gently into the hot, wet mouth of her cunt. She arched her hips upward, and his stiff meat glided deep into her juicy hole.

“Oh, Jesus!” moaned Danny. “Oh, shit, that feels great!”

Kay was beyond words. The first touch of his rigid meat in her long-thwarted cunt sent her into a frenzy of pleasure. She moaned loudly and began working her hips in a horny rutting motion, setting the pace and depth of their fucking. In fact, she almost literally balled the boy instead of letting him ball her.

After a moment Danny got the idea, and then his stiff cock flew in her abundantly creaming cunt, thrusting deep and hard, moving as fast as he could work his horny body. That was exactly how Kay wanted him to fuck her.

She groaned with pleasure and held him tightly to her, wanting to get every inch of his meat inside her starved cunt.

In less than a minute she was coming, coming violently and deliciously, and she’d hardly recovered from her first orgasm before another overtook her. She couldn’t have said how many times she came, but she knew she was making up for ten wasted years.

How Danny held out, Kay didn’t know, but the boy managed to fuck her almost into a faint before an ecstatic yelp signaled his climax. Kay felt his jism sizzling into her twitching cunt, and she welcomed it with a groan of satisfaction.

“Oh, wow, Miss White!” Danny sighed. “That was fantastic. I’ll never forget it. I-I guess you know I’m crazy about you.”

“Ssshhh,” said Kay gently. “There’s no need to talk, Danny. In fact it’s very late. Perhaps you’d better go home.”

“But I’ll see you tomorrow, won’t I?” he said meaningfully.

“Of course,” said Kay. “Now run along.”

Her cunt was sated — at least temporarily — and now the terrible guilt and remorse set in. She managed to remain quiet till the boy left, but then she burst into tears of shame. She had risked everything — her job, her reputation, her self-respect — for a fuck. She had seduced an innocent boy.

“My God!” she wept. “What have I done?”

But she knew very well what she had done, and she know she would do it again. If not with Danny, then surely with someone else. Anyone else. Her body had tasted the wild pleasures of fucking, and she couldn’t bear to deny herself again.


Even a night’s sleep did not erase the guilt from Kay’s mind, and the next day when Danny reported for his shift at the library, she tried to avoid him. She might be some sort of sex fiend herself, but she didn’t intend to make Danny into one. If she couldn’t control her lusts, she decided, she must pick someone else to fuck.

She reckoned without Danny’s passion for her, however. The boy kept following her around with a moony expression on his face, letting her know plainly that he was hurt and bewildered by her distance.

Kay was ashamed to look him in the eye. She remembered all too well the ludicrous thing she’d done yesterday — stripping in front of him, spreading her legs for him, begging him to fuck her. A respected high-school librarian, a woman almost thirty years old, had seduced her student helper and taken his virginity.

Kay wondered what madness had possessed her — though she knew very well that that madness would come over her again and again till she had slaked her need for sex. She simply had to find a more suitable partner to fuck than Danny, that was all. But where in the tiny town of Ferndale would she find a lover her own age? All the men were married or, if bachelors, repugnant.

Bitterly she thought, Maybe I ought to advertise in the newspaper: “Horny spinster wants to get laid regularly. Good wages.”

Finally classes were dismissed for the day, and she and Danny were left alone in the library for another hour’s work. As soon as the last student left the room, Danny hurried up to Kay, an anxious expression on his handsome face.

“Miss White,” he said, “what’s the matter? Are you angry with me? You haven’t spoken to me all day.”

“No, Danny,” Kay sighed, “I’m not angry with you. It’s just that I want you to understand that we can never again do — what we did yesterday. I must have been crazy. It was wrong and dangerous, and it mustn’t happen again.”

The boy looked stricken. “It wasn’t dangerous, Miss White,” he said. “There was no one here but us, and I’d never fink on you — never! And I sure don’t understand what was wrong about it. I thought it was beautiful.”

Kay got up from her desk, gathered her purse and coat, and headed for the door. “I’m not going to argue about it, Danny,” she said firmly. “It’s just not going to happen again, that’s all. I’ll see you tomorrow. Please lock up when you leave.”

“NO!” the boy shouted.

Before Kay quite realized what was happening, Danny ran to her and embraced her, knocking her purse and coat from her hands. He was surprisingly strong and he almost squeezed the breath out of her in his enthusiasm.

Kay felt her big swelling tits crushed against his hard chest, then his hot eager mouth pressing hard against hers. She whimpered and tried to back away, but she only came up against a wall, where Danny pinned her and went on kissing her passionately. Kay didn’t want to hurt him, so she submitted, waiting for him to break the kiss.

When at last he did, she said quickly, “Danny, if you really do care about me, you won’t force me to do something I don’t want to do. I don’t want to be involved with you. Please let me go.”

“I don’t believe that!” he said urgently. “You wanted me yesterday, and I bet you want me today. You’ve just got some phony notions about morality, that’s all. You think it’s wrong. But it’s not, Miss White — it’s right! It’s so right…”

Again he jammed his mouth on hers, kissing her so hard that he bent her head back. Kay felt dizzy and confused. Danny’s eager hands roamed her lush body as he kissed her, fondling and exploring her big heaving tits, her tiny waist, and the soft rounds of her asscheeks.

Never had Kay been passionately caressed by a man, or fucked. It was a new experience for her, and she found herself warming to it. She knew she had a beautiful healthy body and that it had been wasted — shamefully wasted through years of ignorance and loneliness.

Why waste it any longer? Why not let someone enjoy it, even this clumsy, inexperienced boy? Why not enjoy it herself? She wasn’t getting any younger, and it might be her last chance.

“Oh, Christ!” Danny moaned, kissing her face and neck now. “Let’s lie down. I want to feel you, touch you.”

In her dizzy confusion, Kay allowed the panting boy to ease her down onto the floor. She still felt that it was wrong to fuck her student helper, but another part of her was thinking, My God, what difference does it make? I’ve already fucked him once! Kay’s mind was torn between conscience and lust.

Danny lay down close beside her, cast her a passionate look, and began to unbutton her blouse. His hands were shaking, fumbling, but Kay noticed that the crotch of his jeans was sharply tented with a fierce hard-on. He might seem nervous, but he was definitely horny and determined to screw her.

What to do? It seemed just too awful to fuck the boy on the library floor, yet Danny wasn’t going to quit until he got his rocks off. Perhaps she could satisfy him short of actually fucking him. That would give her a chance to get away and think.

Desperately she tugged at the zipper of his jeans. Danny cast her a delighted glance, no doubt thinking she was so eager to ball that she had to get at his cock right away. She let him go on unbuttoning her blouse — at the fumbling rate he was going, it would take him an hour — and concentrated on the business at hand.

Kay didn’t think it would take long to jack the boy off, not in his state of excitement. She tugged down his zipper and opened his jeans, and out popped his straining erect dick, pale and stiff and blue-veined.

Kay closed her hand around the boy’s cock, and Danny flinched with pleasure and sighed deeply. She began to run her curled fingers up and down the hot, rigid tool, trying to hand-fuck him into a quick come. His cock-flesh was wonderfully silky and smooth, a delight to touch. Kay felt a tingle of hot excitement in her pussy, but she sternly told herself to forget about fucking. This boy was not for her.

“Oh, Miss White, that feels so good,” Danny sighed. “I’m so glad you changed your mind.”

He writhed blissfully beside her as Kay went on pumping his bloated prick in her warm swift hand. She noticed that the slitted mouth at the tip of his cock began to ooze clear warm juice, and she smeared it all over his stiff dick to make her pumping slicker and faster.

“Oh, Jesus, yes!” Danny moaned. “Keep doing that!”

“I will, darling,” Kay purred, “I will.”

Rick could barely keep from sniggering. He started to, in fact, a couple of times, but his buddy Mel clapped a hand over his mouth and signaled him to be quiet. Mel was right, of course. They sure as hell didn’t want to spoil a show like this.

Miss Kay White, the cool and distant librarian with the biggest tits in the world, making it with a student — man, it was just too much!

Rick and Mel had hidden in the library stacks after closing time, intending to rip off some books which they could later sell in the city. This was a practice of theirs whenever they were short of cash, though they had a million other moneymaking schemes, too. The library had seemed convenient today, and Rick was very glad they’d decided on it. They’d heard the odd exchange of words between Miss White and Danny, her helper, and the muffled sounds of scuffling.

Sneaking up to investigate, they’d found Miss White and Danny on the floor, the guy clumsily trying to unbutton her blouse. That was fun enough, but now Rick’s mind was really blown.

Miss White had unzipped the guy’s pants and started pumping his cock!

Rick could barely contain his glee. He watched eagerly, waiting to see just how far this off-beat coupling would go.

At eighteen and a senior, Rick was a poor student, a trouble-maker, and the leader of a very small “gang” consisting of himself, Mel, and two other boys, Kris and Terry. So far their activities had consisted of petty theft and vandalism, but Rick was always ready for bigger and better things. The scene between Miss White and Danny was giving him ideas. The gang’s activities lacked one important ingredient — sex.

No one looking at Rick would have believed that he lacked female companionship. Almost six feet tall, broad-shouldered, and with darkly handsome features, he could have been an athlete if he hadn’t been too lazy to turn out for sports. He could have been very popular with the girls, if he hadn’t been too lazy to follow the normal routines of dating.

But Rick was a rebel and a renegade, and he refused to flatter and coax girls. He saw only one use for them — balling — and he took what he wanted. So far he’d half raped a number of intimidated girls, but he was bored with their immature bodies and their lack of response. He wanted to fuck a real woman — a woman like Miss Kay White. Now he watched hungrily as she pumped Danny’s stiff dick. Man, what he wouldn’t give to be in that guy’s place.

Mel, his partner and chief toady, stood beside him, pink-faced and gawking, just as excited as he was. Only Mel, poor bastard, didn’t have a lot going for him. His flesh was wormy-white, his body plump and unappealing, his hair a bleached-out whitish color, plus he had all the brains and poise of a codfish. Mel was seventeen, a loser, and he was never going to get any better. Rick simultaneously pitied and despised him, but he needed him. Mel had never let him down yet.

“Jesus,” Mel whispered, clutching Rick’s arm, “can you believe this? Look at that cunt go!” Between the rows of books they could see Miss White’s busy hand pumping Danny’s rigid cock till it drooled thick cream.

Rick grinned and shook his head. “Naw, I can’t believe it. But it’s giving me an idea.”

“What?” Mel said eagerly. He was always ready for any schemes his leader might propose.

“Tell you in a minute,” said Rick. “Let’s wait and see what happens here.”

Danny at last succeeded in getting Kay’s blouse unbuttoned, and, after a struggle, her bra. With trembling hands he pushed the contraption up over her enormous, heaving tits.

He simply couldn’t believe those tits of hers — as big as his head, yet perfectly shaped, full and firm. Moaning, he buried his face against the huge, quivering jugs and began to kiss them. All the while Miss White went on pumping his cock in her warm soft fingers, sending sharp bursts of pleasure through his loins.

Danny very much wanted to come, right in her hand, but he forced himself to hold out. He wanted to fuck her again. He wanted more than anything in the world to repeat yesterday’s experience, to feel his achingly horny dick enveloped in the clinging hot, wet flesh of her cunt.

Kay found it very hard to make the boy come. It seemed as if she’d been pumping his rigid prick for hours, and her hand was sticky with his pre-cum, yet he still held out. Seeking some other kind of stimulus, she slipped his jeans down over his hips and released his balls.

His nuts were covered with brown hair, and as she cupped them in her free hand, her pussy grew hot with excitement. She felt scalding cream seeping from her cunt, a melting feeling in her belly, but again she told herself sternly to forget about fucking him. She was going to jack the boy off, then go home — out of the way of temptation.

Cupping his balls gently in her hot palm, Kay began to squeeze his nuts rhythmically, while with her other hand she went on swiftly pumping his straining stiff prick.

Danny moaned hoarsely and writhed with pleasure, but still he did not shoot his load. He went on kissing her great hot tits, and his hands fumbled feverishly over her beautiful mature body, exploring and caressing every curve.

Kay felt his sweaty, eager fingers on her leg, tickling up under her skirt, but she did nothing to stop him. If feeling her up got him excited, all the better. She’d make him pop his wad long before he could make a move to fuck her. She steadily pumped his hot balls and silky stiff cock.

Danny began to tremble as his exploring hand sneaked under Kay’s skirt and moved steadily up her silky thigh. In his eagerness yesterday, he’d hardly gotten a chance to explore her cunt. He had a vague recollection of her dark, furry muff, of a gleaming gash of wet scarlet flesh, but that was all. He wanted to learn more. He wanted to know the warm, humid reality of sex, to feel and explore a real live cunt.

It was very hot between her thighs, and as he touched the lacy material of her panties, his fingers felt almost scalded. The crotch of her panties was wet with some sticky substance, just like the stuff that drooled out of his cock when he got horny.

Boldly Danny slipped a finger under the moist material of her panties and encountered slick, hot flesh. Her sticky, slippery slit was fringed by soft hairs, a mysterious realm of convoluted flesh and seeping hot juices.

Danny ran his finger swiftly back and forth in her humid gash but encountered nothing familiar except the bumpy pucker of her asshole. He ran his finger back along her slit again and felt it slide neatly into a hot, fleshy hole. Kay gasped and moaned.

This had to be her cunt!

Eager and curious, Danny thrust his finger as deep as he could into the nipping wet hole, and again Kay gasped and gave a hoarse moan of pleasure. With his finger fully inserted, he still didn’t reach the end of her hot cunt sheath, but he was amazed at its tightness, its heat and wetness.

No wonder it had felt so good to stick his cock in there!

Kay was having a hard time keeping her cool. She had intended only to jack off the boy, to get his rocks off quickly, but he was making it difficult for her to ignore her own burning need for a fuck. It had been a mistake to let him put his hand up her skirt. He’d found her hungry little cunt all too quickly.

His finger probed eagerly inside her hole, like a miniature stiff cock, exciting her to horny moaning. Her cream spewed out of her snatch hotly, helplessly, wetting his hand and betraying her violent lust.

Oh, God, how she wanted to be fucked! Would it really be so awful if she let Danny screw her again? Would one more fuck really make that much difference? Feverishly, Kay pumped his hard I hot cock even faster. She had to make him come.

She had to save both of them from this bizarre and illicit involvement.

Pumping and probing his finger deeply in Kay’s soaked twat, Danny felt the powerful muscular walls of her cunt responding to him, squeezing and nipping his finger, squirting out horny juices. Even this naive and inexperienced boy could tell that she wanted to fuck him, that she was dying to get laid.

Danny moved to mount her, but she kept a firm grip on his cock and balls, signaling that she wasn’t ready yet. Danny sighed in desperation. If she went on playing with his prick like that, he was going to come prematurely and lose his chance to fuck her.

He couldn’t let that happen! There had to be some other way to excite her, to make her so hot for his cock that she couldn’t resist screwing him.

He pumped his stiff finger furiously in her scalding wet cunt, and he thrust another finger inside the soaked crotch of her panties. At first he encountered the delicate fuzz of her beaver, but, searching around, he discovered that the furry gash parted to uncover naked wet flesh. Nestled between the plump, bot cuntlips, he found a tiny button of flesh. Curiosity prompted him to rub and explore it with the tip of his finger, and when he did so, Miss White’s reaction was sudden and violent. She moaned loudly and hoarsely, and a great burst of cream shot from her cunt to soak his hand. She helplessly rubbed her wet, hot pussy against his stroking finger. Whatever that funny little bump of flesh was, she really liked being touched there. It was as if he’d found the button that turned her on.

When Danny’s exploring finger touched her sensitive clitoris, Kay knew she was lost. She simply couldn’t resist a pleasure so sharp and powerful. She tried once more to jack him into a climax, but as he went on rubbing her aroused cunt, sending powerful bursts of pleasure through her whole body, her hand went limp. She let go of his balls and cock; she just lay there whimpering and moaning while he worked his fingers swiftly, deliciously in her cunt and on her clit.

God help her, she was lost, all right. This was too much to resist. After ten years without a man, she just couldn’t deny herself this joy.

“Please wait,” she said breathlessly, “wait. Just wait a moment.”

Reluctantly, Danny withdrew his soaked, sticky hands from her oozing cunt. He didn’t want to move away, but he loved Miss White and would not force her. He watched — and then to his delight the panting woman pulled her skirt right up to her waist and began tugging down her soaked panties.

Danny gawked shamelessly at the fluffy black triangle of her beaver, at the soaked scarlet flesh of her pussy. His cock grew unbearably hard, hugging his belly and drooling hot juice. His heart pounded as he thought of thrusting his eager meat into her red-hot cunt again — and when she spread her long legs for him, he almost came out of sheer excitement.

Kay was deeply ashamed of herself, but she had to do it. She had to fuck him. Blushing, she slipped off her panties and spread her legs very wide for the boy. Her voice was hoarse and horny.

“Fuck me, Danny… Oh, hurry, hurry! Fuck me!”

Danny practically threw himself on her. She moaned and embraced him, and the panting boy began jabbing blindly with his achingly erect prick, butting her sensitive clit and pussylips. Then he hit the mark at last, his wonderfully thick cock pushing deep into her famished wet cunt, filling her hole full of hot hard meat. Kay couldn’t restrain her scream of joy.

“Oh, my God, yes!” she wailed. “Yes! YES!”

Now both Rick and Mel were struggling not to snigger. They clutched each other, shook with restrained laughter, but they also kept their eyes glued to the fantastic scene a few yards away.

It seemed impossible, but right before their eyes Miss White had pulled up her skirt, taken off her panties, and spread her legs for her student helper, Danny!

Mel and Rick got a fine view of her pussy — the thick black muff at the base of her belly, the bright-red flesh of her clit and pussylips, even the brownish pucker of her asshole. They saw the gaping, dripping mouth of her cunt just before Danny climbed on top of her and thrust his erect dick into her hole. They saw his thick prick-shaft disappearing swiftly up her receptive hair-fringed snatch, and they heard her ecstatic cries as the eager boy began to ball her. They watched in mingled delight and disbelief as Danny’s tight little butt flew in the furious motions of fucking.

Miss White was really something to look at, too.

Her big jugs bounced like crazy, and her wide curved hips jerked in perfect time to Danny’s cock-thrusts. Her lovely face was twisted in a grimace of lust, her brown eyes rolled crazily, and her little pink tongue darted out to lick her full lips. She was completely lost in the ecstasy of fucking, and she revealed a part of her nature that no one had viewed before. It was really a hit to see her going crazy with lust, to see the librarian blissfully moaning under the repeated hard thrusts of a student’s stiff cock.

“Fuck me!” she cried — Miss White, who’d never been known to utter an indecent word. “Oh, my darling, fuck me, ball me, screw me as hard as you can! Ahhhh, God, yesss!”

Rick suppressed another snort of laughter and poked Mel in the ribs. “Yeah,” he whispered, “this is really giving me ideas.”

“Like what?” Mel whispered back. His watery blue eyes gleamed eagerly behind his thick glasses.

“Like this,” said Rick — and he leaned closer and whispered something to his friend, something that made Mel’s eyes widen with delight and wonder.

Kay couldn’t imagine how she’d managed to live so long without knowing the repeated joy of getting laid. Nothing else matters, she thought in her horny delirium, except flecking!

Danny’s deliciously hard, thick cock probed relentlessly, deeply, in her famished pussy, and she responded with wails of delight and furious thrusts of her hips, taking his prick balls deep in her clinging twat. Her cunt gushed endless rivers of cream, overflowing the narrow passage of her hole, splattering out to wet her belly and Danny’s. Their bodies writhed and pounded together in sticky slick heat, and the noise of their frantic fucking got loud and juicy.

When Kay began to come, she thought it would never end — and she prayed it wouldn’t. Her lush body was rocked with ecstatic convulsions, and she shrieked shamelessly, throwing her long shapely legs wide apart. Spasm after spasm rocked and ripped her snatch, till at last she heard Danny yelp blissfully and felt the scalding burst of his jizz deep in her nipping cunt.

She was so fulfilled, so spent, that she couldn’t move, nor could Danny. She just lay there sighing and smiling, her legs spread shamelessly wide, while the flushed exhausted boy lay limp on top of her, his hot face nestled against her heaving tits, his shrinking dick still snugly lodged in her flooded cunt. She felt their combined cum leaking out of her stuffed cunt to pool on the floor beneath them, and she wondered lazily what the janitor would think.

“Hi there, Miss White! Can we check out a book?”

Kay gasped at the unexpected voice. Her eyes popped open, and she gawked in horror and disbelief over her loomed two grinning teen-age boys. She recognized them vaguely as being two of the most notorious delinquents in school, Rick and Mel. My God, how long had they been watching? How much had they seen? Kay went cold and pale with terror. She knew she was in deep trouble.

Danny jerked his head around to stare at the intruders. “What do you guys want?” he said aggressively. “If you tell anybody about this, if you make any trouble for Miss White, then so help me, I’ll kill both of you!”

“Get lost,” said Rick. His voice was casual but somehow menacing. He suddenly whipped a knife from his pocket and pointed it at Danny. “You keep quiet about this, and so will we,” he said coldly. “But we don’t want you around. Beat it.”

Danny looked helplessly at Kay. “You’d better do as they say, Danny,” she said in a trembling voice. “They could kill you. Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. But just go. Please, I don’t want you to be hurt.”

Reluctantly Danny did as she asked. When the boy had dressed and gone, Rick leered at Kay, taking in her lushly curved body, her huge creamy tits, and the soaked scarlet line of her snatch. “I guess you know the score, baby,” he laughed harshly. “If you don’t want anybody to know what you did, then you have to do whatever we want. You got anything to say about that? You agree?”

“I have no choice,” Kay said dismally.

“Then get dressed,” said Rick. “You’re coming with us.”


Kay drove in a daze through the tree-lined streets of Ferndale, while Rick slouched in the seat beside her and Mel leaned over from the back seat to breathe loudly in her ear. How in God’s name had she gotten herself into this horrible predicament? It was shameful enough that she had fucked Danny, but compared to that blot on her conscience, this was real trouble. What would these hoodlums demand of her?

Of course she could have nipped the whole thing in the bud simply by going to the school principal and confessing what she’d done with Danny — only then she’d lose her job, perhaps not even get a recommendation. She would be known all over town as a boy-fucker. Kay didn’t think she could stand to have her lusts paraded before the world in that way. No, for the time being at least, she would play along with Rick and Mel. Hopefully they wouldn’t demand more than she could bear.

“You just drive on to your house, teach,” said Rick. “If anybody asks, we’ll say you invited us to a nice little tea party.”

Behind her, Mel giggled shrilly. The sound made Kay’s blood run cold. When she pulled into the graveled driveway in front of her neat white house, her knees felt rubbery with fear. She trembled as she fitted the key to the front door. Rick noticed and laughed harshly. “Don’t get scared, teach,” he sneered. “We just want a little of that good stuff you gave Danny.”

So that was it! She should have known. The price of their silence was sex, the use of her cunt. Kay wondered how far she’d have to go, and for how long.

When she had closed the front door behind them, Rick locked it, then turned to leer at her. His swarthy features were cruel and unabashedly lusty. “Well, let’s not waste time, huh?” he said. “Get your clothes off, lady.”

“I-I have to use the bathroom,” Kay said. It was true, for in her fright her bladder seemed about to burst.

“Oh, sure!” Rick laughed. “So you can lock yourself in or climb out the window? No deal.”

“What good would it do me to escape?” Kay said. “You’d still know what you know. I’d have to face you sometime. Please, I really just want to go to the bathroom.”

Rick shrugged. “Aw, okay — but not alone. Mel, go with her. See that she don’t pull no tricks.”

Kay expected Mel to wait outside the door, but as she entered the bathroom, he went right along with her. She turned to him, blushing furiously, and said, “Aren’t you going to wait outside?”

Mel giggled, and his piggish little blue eyes gleamed wetly behind his thick glasses. “Oh, no,” he said. “Can’t do that. You might try to escape. You just go ahead and pee — don’t mind me.” He stationed himself in the doorway, leering at her.

Not mind him! Kay had never been so embarrassed in her life. But there was nothing she could do about it. She just had to relieve her bladder. Blushing deeply, she lowered her panties and squatted over the toilet, keeping her eyes down so as not to see the look on Mel’s ugly face. The stream of pent-up piss was thunderous, and she could have died of embarrassment.

When she had finished, she looked up and saw that Mel’s face was pink and sweaty with horny excitement. Apparently he really got off on watching her piss. She noticed, too, that the front of his jeans was bulging with a stiff hard-on.

“I’m finished,” she said stiffly.

Mel grinned lewdly. “Okay, let’s get back. I bet Rick’s thought of somethin’ real fun for us to do.”

In the living room Rick had wasted no time. He’d found her liquor cabinet and was enjoying a glass of expensive Scotch. When he saw Mel and Kay returned, he tossed it off in one swallow and approached the pale, trembling librarian.

“Okay, baby,” he snapped, “strip!”

Two times in her life Kay had undressed quickly and eagerly in a fit of lust, but this cold-blooded stripping act made her feel awkward and ashamed. The two leering boys flopped into comfortable chairs to watch her, and she felt speared by a thousand eyes instead of four. Her hands shook as she unbuttoned her blouse, and she had a difficult time unhooking her bra. At last she got it off and dropped it to the floor, and her huge tits sloped into their natural jutting position. Mel made a wet gurgling sound in his throat.

“Man, oh, man!” he exclaimed. “Will you look at them tits of hers! You ever see any knockers that big before?”

“Yeah, at the circus,” Rick said dryly, “but they weren’t as nice as these.” He looked hungrily at the great melons of Kay’s tits and the dancing, light-brown nipples that quivered with the gentle bobbing of her big jutting boobs.

Kay blushed hotly and began to work the zipper of her skirt. She tugged it down, and the garment wafted softly down around her trim ankles. She stepped out of it and stood there before the grinning boys clad only in her black high heels and her lacy pink bikini panties.

She felt like a whore, an exhibitionist, and she wanted to drop through the floor with shame. As she stepped out of her shoes, she stumbled a little, and her huge plump boobs wobbled violently, making the boys laugh raucously.

Her face red with shame, Kay began tugging down her panties, her last vestige of clothing. Four hungry eyes were glued to her taut belly as the lacy garment inched downward, and when springy black pussy hairs began to pop into view, she could hear the boys breathing harshly.

“Nice snatch,” Rick said. “Not too big, not too small. Just right.”

Kay awkwardly tugged her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them, bending so low that her long melonlike jugs almost brushed the rug. She was naked now, she could hide nothing, and she blushed red as she straightened up and stood before her captors.

Mel still had a grotesque cock-bulge in the crotch of his jeans, and Rick was looking at her as if she were a platter of fried chicken made specially for him.

My God, she thought, I’m going to be raped! Raped. Me!

It just couldn’t be happening. Yet it was, and it was her own damned fault. If only she’d been able to control herself with Danny, none of this would have happened…

“Nicest-looking librarian I ever saw,” Mel tittered.

“Yeah, a great body,” Rick agreed. “We really lucked out today, old buddy. But let’s not waste any more time. I’m gonna get me some of that good librarian pussy.”

Mel giggled shrilly at his leader’s lewd remark, but Rick wasn’t even smiling as he rose and approached the trembling older woman. His face was cold, almost sadistic, and Kay quickly realized that he really didn’t like women. He liked to fuck them, humiliate them, abuse them — but as human beings they counted for nothing with him.

Kay warned herself to be very careful, not to anger him. A young man like Rick would think nothing of beating her senseless if she displeased him. She just prayed that he wouldn’t hurt her.

“Hey, bitch!” Rick snapped. “You remember last year when you chased me out of the library? You said I was being too noisy.”

Kay remembered. She remembered her anger and the way she’d ordered him out of the room, the cold look of resentment on his swarthy face. “Yes,” she said weakly, “I remember.”

“Well, I’m getting back for that now,” said Rick.

“Undress me.”

She didn’t want to touch him. She’d rather have touched a rattlesnake. But she didn’t hesitate. She didn’t want to be hurt.

She moved close to him and reached for his T-shirt. As she raised it over his head, she caught the scent of his sweat and saw the thick matting of black hair on his tan chest. He was well-built, she had to admit that. If she hadn’t hated him so much, she might have enjoyed his body. She removed the T-shirt, rumpling his thick black hair.

“All right — on your knees!” Rick barked.

Kay sank to her knees before him, her tender nipples brushing the rough cloth of his jeans. Mel leaned forward in his chair to watch, licking his lips with his wet pink tongue.

It occurred to Kay that Mel still had an enormous hard-on, while Rick’s cock wasn’t even erect — but nevertheless Rick was to fuck her first. No doubt about who the leader was.

“Take down my pants,” Rick ordered. Mel, his toady, giggled.

Kay’s hands shook as she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. She tugged down his tight jeans, and he placed one cold hand on her naked shoulder to steady himself as he stepped out of the garment.

He wasn’t wearing shorts.

Right before her eyes, inches away, Kay saw his limp dangling cock, which was olive-skinned like the rest of him. His prick was circumcised, and the soft head of his cock was a dull rose color, while the shaft was wrinkled and pale and blue-veined. At the base of his flaccid dick was a small but thick cluster of black crotch hair, and below the wiry bush hung his balls, two long limp bags of dull pink flesh lightly covered with dark hair. He didn’t seem nearly as pure and sweet and delicious as Danny. In fact his cock and saggy balls repelled her.

“Frig me,” he said.

Kay knew the word from books, but she had little idea of what to do. Hesitantly she reached out and curled her fingers around his warm, limp dick. The tool felt doughy and lifeless in her hand. She squeezed his rod, but it remained soft and motionless. She began to run her hand up and down the flaccid sausage, but it wasn’t easy with so limp a prick. Why wasn’t his cock as hard as Mel’s? Was it possible that the fearless leader was afraid?

“Play with my nuts, too,” Rick said harshly.

Reluctantly, and with loathing, Kay used her free hand to cup his saggy balls. They, too, seemed lifeless. She pumped his soft little prick and rhythmically squeezed his dangling balls, and Rick showed no response whatsoever. Kay became more and more convinced that despite his bravado, Rick was nervous.

“Hey, bitch,” he growled, “how many guys you fucked in the library?” As he said it, his cock twitched and she felt a tingling in his balls.

“Only one,” she said miserably. “Just Danny.”

“That all?” Rick laughed harshly. “How many times you ball him?” Again his prick twitched and his sagging balls swelled a little.

“Just twice,” Kay said, her voice catching in a sob of shame.

“Oh, yeah?” Rick’s voice was getting stronger, bolder. “You balled many other guys? How many?”

Kay was weeping now. She hated making this shameful confession. “Just one other besides Danny. A boy friend, long ago.”

Rick sniggered. “That ain’t much. Two guys in your whole life. What’s the matter with you, anyhow? Don’t you like getting fucked?”

Kay swallowed hard. “Yes, I do, but I haven’t had any chances.”

“Well, you’re gonna get a chance now, baby,” Rick chuckled, “all the chances you want.”

With every taunt, every lewd remark, his cock and balls swelled tighter. Kay realized that this cruel boy didn’t respond to ordinary sexual stimuli. He was so warped that only his own sadistic words could get his prick hard.

“You’re gonna get as much cock as you want, baby,” he laughed. “Me an’ my buddy are gonna fuck you raw.”

From his observation place, Mel tittered. “That’s right,” he said. “We’re gonna ball you till you can’t walk! We’re…”

“Shut up!” said Rick.

Mel obediently shut his mouth as Rick leered down at the full-titted woman who dutifully pumped his cock and balls.

“Lick it!” he hissed. “Lick my cock. Get it nice an’ wet.”

Kay almost gagged at the thought, but she knew she had no choice. She stuck out her dainty pink tongue and touched it gingerly to the warm rosy surface of Rick’s half-limp prick.

His dick tasted strong and salty to her, and again she had to repress the urge to gag. Shuddering, she began running her tongue up and down the silky shaft of his cock.

“Look at that,” Rick taunted. “Miss White likes to lick cock! Sure wish we had a picture of this to hang in the library — Miss White licking my dick and loving it!” Mel burst into laughter at this remark.

Rick’s self-stimulating jibes at last had their effect. Before her eyes Kay saw his dangling balls swell up taut and fat, drawing upwards to crowd his crotch. She saw his half-limp prick swell into rampant life, going long and thick and stiff. His rising dick rose from under her tongue and snapped up to hug his flat, hairy belly, the head flushing with suffused blood, the slitted mouth of the purplish knob oozing an oily little droplet of juice. Rick snorted lustily and stepped away from her.

“Okay, that’s enough,” he said. “You ain’t very good at it anyhow. Let’s have some real action. You lie down and spread your legs for me, teach. Spread ’em wide, just like you did for that guy in the library.”

Rick grinned evilly at her, hands on hips, and waited for her to obey him. His taut pale prick was hugging his belly rigidly, and droplets of prick-juice trickled down his bloated shaft.

With a sob of shame, Kay lay down on her back and spread her long shapely legs as wide as she could. The rape was about to begin, and there was nothing she could do about it.

She could have died of humiliation as she opened her pussy for the two grinning boys to see. Her long legs made a wide “V”, and her dark beaver opened to reveal her long, gleaming scarlet slit. Nothing was hidden, not even the tiny wrinkled brown mouth of her asshole.

“Take a good look,” Rick said to Mel. “That’s real grown-up pussy, not like them little girls we been fuckin’ around with.”

Mel didn’t have to be told. He was practically falling out of his chair as he leaned forward to get a good look at Kay’s lewdly revealed twat, and his watery eyes glittered almost insanely through the thick lenses of his gasses. He licked his lips, and at the big bulge in his crotch a little wet spot appeared. He seemed almost ready to come in his pants — and Kay sincerely wished he would. It would save her the horror of fucking him.

“Now you just watch, old buddy,” Rick said. “I’ll show you how a real man fucks.”

Kay trembled as Rick knelt down between her lewdly spread thighs. He didn’t lower himself onto her or embrace her closely and tenderly the way Danny had. He remained kneeling, not touching or caressing her, as if he wanted no contact between their bodies except cock and cunt.

Not only was she to be raped, she was to be watched.

Rick leered at her, then steered the rigid pole of his dick into her mushy hot gash. Kay groaned in horror as she felt the hard hot head of his prick easing between her plump pussylips, sliding towards the indented mouth of her cunt — but Rick mistook her groan for a sound of lust.

“Yeah, yeah, baby,” he said, “don’t get impatient. You’re gonna get a good hard bellyful of cock in just a second.”

Easing his bloated cock-head into the slippery cavern of her cunt-mouth, Rick took a deep breath, then pushed in as hard as he could.

“UUUHHH!” Kay cried.

It wasn’t that his dick was so big — it was no bigger than Danny’s cock — it was the brutal force of his thrust into her snatch that knocked the breath from her. It was a rape in the truest sense of the word, hard and deep and unrelenting, with no regard for her feelings.

Rick knelt over her, hammering his cock in and out of her tight cunt with all the force and speed he could muster. Her whole lush body was rocked with the force of his attack, and her great plump boobs jigged like huge mounds of jelly.

The brutal ramming and stuffing made their fuck lewdly noisy, and a wet squish-squish sound filled the room. In the background she heard Mel giggling like a hyena. Above her she saw Rick’s cruel dark eyes taking in her reactions. It was sordid, sickening, the worst humiliation of her life.

“Pretty good, huh, baby?” Rick panted. “I bet you never been fucked this good before.”

His bragging was pitiful — this wasn’t lovemaking, it was rape. Yet in one respect he was right. Never had Kay been balled so forcefully, so deeply and roughly. In spite of everything — her hatred for him, her shame and horror — she felt herself responding to the hot, hard friction of his thick pounding meat in her long-starved cunt.

Her pussy juices began to boil and flow, bathing his sawing cock in fiery liquid, and their fucking grew even more obscenely noisy, a loud slurping sound that made Mel titter and snigger.

Kay was ashamed of herself, but she just couldn’t help it — that brutal deep fucking felt wonderful! She gasped with pleasure each time Rick plunged his meat into her twat, and she began moving her hips in helpless rutting motions.

“Good, ain’t it, baby?” Rick panted. “You really like being balled, don’t you?”

Kay would have died before giving him the satisfaction of a “yes” — but it was true. She loved being balled, loved to fuck, even with this sadistic punk teen-ager. She loved every cruel thrust of his long, stiff prick into the boiling depths of her pussy, and she never wanted it to stop.

Kay panted and moaned, and her dark eyes rolled crazily as the hot pleasure stung through her body. She couldn’t restrain her cries of joy any longer, and she began to shriek ecstatically every time his cock dug into her twitching hole.

“Hey, I think she’s digging it!” Mel said. He, too, was panting.

“You bet she digs it!” Rick panted. “Just watch how she likes this.”

He slipped his hard sweaty hands under Kay’s plump, bouncing butt and lifted her up off the rug so that his cock rubbed right across her tender red clit-bud with each downward thrust.

It was too much for Kay. Stinging, blinding pleasure, such as she’d never felt before, melted her whole body, and she was completely lost to the incredible joy of being fucked. Her cunt juices squirted out in a hot flood, wetting Rick’s crotch, and there was a horrendous slurping sound as he continued to ream her soaked snatch with his thick meat.

Kay wailed hoarsely as orgasm overtook her. The thunderous pleasure blinded her, but she could still feel Rick’s pounding meat deep in her belly. He never slackened his speed or the depth of his thrusts, but he still found time for his sadistic taunts.

“Yeah, come, baby! COME!” he yelled. “Dig that good hard cock! We can tell you love it, you bitch!”

Kay half fainted in the throes of her climax, till at last she felt the stinging spray of his jism against the end of her cunt. Disdaining any more contact with her than was necessary, Rick withdrew as soon as he had come.

He bounced to his feet, flushed and panting, and leered at the gasping woman on the floor. He laughed as he saw the thick river of jizz seeping from her bruised cunt-mouth.

“She’s all yours, Mel,” he said. “And if I know our nice little librarian, she’ll dig all the balling she can get.”

Kay sobered quickly. Even though she despised Rick, she had enjoyed being fucked by him because his body was attractive and virile. But to be fucked by ugly, drooling Mel? It was too awful!

He approached her, giggling and snorting, and Kay stared in horror as he began to undress. Rick retreated to a chair and watched with a sneer as his partner stripped.

When he was naked, he seemed even more repugnant than before. His body was clammy, pale, and slack all over, lightly fuzzed with pale blond hairs. He retained his thick glasses, which added to his ghoulish appearance. Kay stared at his cock — and got a surprise. Mel did have one advantage, only one, over other boys.

His prick was huge. It had to be at least nine inches long, and it was grossly, unbelievably, thick. The great white pole loomed heavily before him, its pinkish head dripping thick cream. Below a faint thicket of platinum crotch hair hung his enormous fat pink balls. The boy was well-hung, and Kay shuddered at the thought of taking that elephant prick inside her narrow and little-used cunt.

Unlike Rick, Mel wasn’t one for talking. After gawking hungrily at her naked body for a moment, he lowered himself onto her, settling heavily between her wet thighs. He didn’t mind touching her like Rick had. Kay shuddered and flinched as Mel lowered his pale sweaty weight onto her, crushing her heaving jugs under his wormy-white chest. He buried his face in her hair, and she could hear him panting heavily as he blindly maneuvered his giant stiff dong in the soaked and bruised tissues of her twat. She wanted to scream out in horror at having this sweaty beast atop her body — but Rick was there, and Rick would surely punish her if she resisted. She gave a sob and lay still, praying the fuck wouldn’t last long.

Mel managed to fit the enormous swollen head of his dick into the slick indented mouth of her cunt. He didn’t ram into her pussy like Rick had. Instead he pushed his cock in very slowly and steadily, whining as he did so.

“Ooohhh, Jesus!” he shrilled. “Hot, so damn hot! Nice an’ wet, too… and real tight. Ahhh, shit, this is good pussy!”

Kay held her breath as the mammoth cock advanced deep into her narrow cunt. At first she was afraid of being torn or damaged, but she found that her cunt expanded like elastic to accommodate Mel’s huge whang.

It began to feel good — incredibly good. Never had she taken so big a prick into her body, never had she been so deliciously filled and stuffed. She could barely contain her cries of excitement as Mel’s huge dick approached the end of her cunt.

Her pussy juice boiled around his thick hard dong, and the muscular walls of her eager cunt nipped and sucked at his advancing meat.

At last his cock was fully lodged in her twat, the hot bulbous head of his cock butting the end of her cunt, his huge fat balls nestled firmly against her asshole. He whimpered, took a deep breath, and then began to fuck her in long, slow, deep strokes.

Kay began to come almost immediately, and she kept on coming throughout Mel’s prolonged slow fucking. A steady series of convulsions rocked her body, and she screamed with joy as the searing pleasure shook her again and again. She was truly making up for ten years without a man, but she couldn’t have done it without Mel’s monster prick and his capacity to hold out, to fuck her for minute upon minute.

Kay had no idea how long the screw lasted, but she knew it was at least twenty minutes and that she came dozens of times. She knew she was making a shameless spectacle of herself, too. She could see it in Rick’s face as he watched. He leered contemptuously at her and offered his usual cruel comments.

“My buddy’s really well-hung, ain’t he, baby?”

Rick laughed. “Got a dong like a whale, don’t he? And you love it, you bitch, you whore…”

Kay paid little attention to Rick’s sadistic monologue. She was getting the fuck of her life, and since she had no other choice, she simply let go and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Just when it seemed that she couldn’t possibly come again, that her cunt was fucked raw forever, Mel gave a shrill whinny, and she felt her narrow hole suddenly flooded with his scalding spunk. He came in a vast flood that overflowed her little box and pooled thickly on the rug beneath them.

To her astonishment, Kay felt herself triggered into yet another orgasm by the delicious flood of his jism. She cried out hoarsely and threw her long legs wide apart as the pleasure rocked her. The room seemed to spin and fade.

When she opened her eyes again, Mel was standing up and zipping his jeans. He looked at her, grinned, and winked lewdly — but at least he spared her any remarks. Rick, however, couldn’t resist a parting shot.

“We’re real glad you enjoyed getting balled, baby,” he said, sneering at her. “You don’t have to fuck that guy at the library no more, cause we’ll take care of you from now on. We’ll take real good care of you. When you get home from work tomorrow, you dress up real pretty, ’cause we’ll be by to visit you.”

Kay was so exhausted, she couldn’t get up. She just lay there on the rug, her long legs lewdly spread, a river of thick jizz seeping from her raw-rubbed cunt. She endured the boys’ parting leers, then began to sob as they walked out the door.

She had plunged into a nightmare from which there seemed to be no escape. They’d seen her I fucking Danny, and the price of their silence was to use her body again and again, in any lewd way they wanted. It was horrible — and yet she had enjoyed getting screwed by them. She hated being I their slave, and yet she couldn’t forget the wild pleasure they’d given her. Especially Mel and that giant prick of his. That enormous prick…


At work the next day Kay managed to avoid Danny. The quiet boy cast her glances of longing and bewilderment, but Miss White behaved as if he didn’t exist. Kay left a very unhappy assistant behind when she went home for the day.

It wasn’t that she disliked or resented Danny. She liked him very much. It was only that she was preoccupied and worried about the mess she’d gotten herself into with Rick and Mel. She hardly felt like screwing Danny while that cloud was hanging over her head. When Kay got home, the first thing she did was mix herself a stiff drink. She had a feeling she’d be needing the pleasant numbness which the alcohol induced.

Kay downed her drink, mixed another, and changed from her work clothes into a flowing floor-length lounging dress. She didn’t do it to please Rick the Mel, those dirty little punks, but merely to relax her body after its all-day-confinement in formal clothes. As the minutes dragged on, she grew more nervous in spite of the drinks. She felt sure that the gang hadn’t let her off the hook yet, and perhaps she could face that. But how would she behave? Would she again reveal the incredible depths of her lust by responding to their crude fucking? Would she make a fool of herself by showing just how much she liked getting screwed? Kay shuddered. She didn’t think she could bear that humiliation…

A car motor roared, and then there was the squeal of brakes as a souped-up red ’62 Ford stopped in front of her house. Kay felt her face going red even as her limbs felt chilled and stiff. She saw Rick and Mel getting out of the front seat — but they weren’t alone.

Kay gawked in horror as she watched two other boys get out of the back seat, boys who were part of Rick’s gang. She knew them quite well. There was Kris, a handsome, tanned beach-boy type with long blond hair, and Terry, a red-haired runt who made up for his small size with a belligerent attitude that terrified most of his teachers.

Kay realized that she would have to fuck all those boys.

The doorbell rang, and Kay could hear sniggering and shuffling on the front porch. She wanted to die. Like a zombie she walked to the door and opened it. She was greeted by lewdly grinning faces. She blushed hotly and stepped aside as the boys entered. Rick came last, closing the door and locking it. He winked at Kay.

“Well, hello there, Miss White,” he said nastily. “Bet you just couldn’t wait for us to get here, huh? We woulda been earlier, but we had to pick up a couple of buddies. I’m sure you don’t mind us bringing ’em along.”

There was nothing she could say to his crude remarks, nothing she could do to prevent the outrage shortly to occur. Kay walked quietly into the living room and waited for the torture to begin. The boys had seated themselves in her comfortable overstuffed chairs, and Kris was the first to speak. His dark-blue eyes sweeping over her lush figure, he laughed, shook his head, and said, “I really don’t believe it. I still think you guys are putting us on.”

Terry, the red-haired runt, studied Kay hungrily. “I hope to fuck they’re not,” he growled.

“We ain’t putting you on,” Mel giggled. “You just wait and see.”

“I’ll prove it to you,” Rick said.

He faced Kay and looked her meaningfully in the eye. She read there his promise of violence, injury, even death, if she did not cooperate.

“Get undressed, baby,” he hissed. “Give us a little show.”

The others laughed in disbelief — until Kay, sobbing softly, reached for the zipper of her dress. Then there was absolute silence.

She faced four pairs of gawking eyes as she slowly drew down the long back zipper of her flowing gown. She sobbed and shuddered as she let the garment waft down to her ankles, and then she stood before them, gorgeous and statuesque, clad only in her high-heeled slippers and a skimpy pair of black lace bikini panties.

“Holy sheeee-it,” said Kris softly.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ,” said Terry, leaning closer. “Man, she’s got the biggest boobs I ever seen.”

“Yeah, pretty nice, huh?” Rick said proudly — as if he owned her, as if she were his slave, which she more or less was now.

“Come on, baby,” he said, snapping his fingers, “get them shoes and panties off.”

Tears of mortification rolled down Kay’s dusky cheeks as she kicked off her slippers and reached for the waistband of her skimpy panties. She hated these leering creeps, yet she had to remind herself that it was all her own fault.

She could have died of shame as she slowly lowered her panties, revealed the gleaming black triangle of her beaver to the leering, sniggering boys.

“Yeah, yeah, baby,” chanted Terry, “take it off!”

The redhead seemed to be the most vocal of the group, the most pushy and aggressive. Kay noticed that he already had a hard-on swelling the crotch of his jeans. As she let her panties fall to the floor and then stepped out of them, Terry licked his lips, and his homely, freckled face became twisted with savage lust.

“I want me some of that,” the boy said huskily. “Oh, man, do I want some of that sweet-lookin’ cunt.”

“You’ll get it,” said Rick, “only I don’t like wet decks. So I screw her first.”

No one disputed him. The boys still didn’t quite believe that he and Mel had fucked the school librarian. If he wanted to prove it, if he wanted to go first and take all the risks, that was fine.

Mel, Kris, and Terry lounged comfortably in their chairs, grinning like fiends, while Rick got up and approached Miss White, who was trembling and quietly sobbing. Not one of the boys felt any sympathy or pity for her. She was an authority figure, an enemy, like parents and teachers and cops. All they wanted was to conquer and humiliate her.

Kay knew this, knew that she could expect no mercy from them, and it added to her terror. At that moment she didn’t care how many of them fucked her, just so long as they didn’t hurt her.

“Undress me,” Rick commanded.

Kay didn’t hesitate. She could feel, in her imagination, the vicious slap of his hand if she refused to obey. She slipped his T-shirt off over his head, white their audience sniggered and elbowed each other. Again she saw his broad hair-matted chest, his superb physique, which under ordinary circumstances might have excited her powerfully. As it was, she despised this sadistic little teen-age punk.

She went to her knees, her great melon-shaped tits wobbling obscenely, and slipped off his shoes. Then she began to unbuckle his belt, and the raucous laughter grew louder. She unzipped his fly, and his tight jeans slipped down. Kay helped him step out of them, while the other boys guffawed.

His limp pale dangling cock brushed her face, which practically made Terry fall out of his chair with laughter.

“Hey, Miss White,” the red-haired punk crowed, “get yourself a taste of that pecker!”

Rick shot him a look of annoyance, but the dark-haired gang leader was still in a good mood for the moment.

“Not a bad idea,” he said. “You just do that, baby. Lick my cock.”

More delighted laugher, then the gawking boys fell silent, wondering if prim, proud Miss White would actually obey Rick’s obscene request. Kay hated to gratify their lewd expectations, but she had no choice in the matter. She’d rather lick a hundred cocks than have her face slapped to a pulp.

Sobbing, she leaned forward and stuck out her little pink tongue. It touched lightly at the thick-furred base of Rick’s limp dangling meat, and she felt scalding contact. His cock was hot and throbbing even though it wasn’t erect yet.

Closing her eyes to avoid the ugly sight of his blue-veined dick, Kay began to run her slippery little tongue steadily up and down the doughy shaft of his flaccid prick. She felt the hot tool bouncing lightly under her touch, and she knew she must present a lewd spectacle to the boys. They were giggling crazily as they watched their dignified school librarian licking Rick’s flopping white prick.

“How’s his cock taste, Miss White?” crowed Terry.

“I bet she digs his meat,” said Kris, who had been pretty quiet up to now. His voice was husky with lewd delight. “I bet she’s always wanted to suck cocks.”

“I don’t know about that,” Mel tittered, “but she sure likes to ball. You shoulda seen her yesterday. Man, she really loved it when we put the prick to her.”

“Bullshit,” laughed Kris. “You gotta prove that to me. I mean, I just can’t imagine…” He broke off, unable to express his wonder at the whole scene. It just didn’t seem real.

“You actually caught her fucking that Danny guy?” said Terry. “You ain’t shittin’ us about that?”

“I’m telling you,” Mel said, “we caught ’em screwing right on the floor in the library.”

“So now she has to do everything we want, or we fink on her?” said Terry. “Is that the deal?”

“That’s the deal,” snapped Rick, who was getting impatient with his followers’ chatter. “Now will you guys shut up and just watch?”

“Watch you fuck her?” said Kris, laughing in disbelief. “I’ll believe that when I see it.”

“Then you’ll see it,” said Rick. “If you want proof, you’re gonna get it right now.”

He stepped back, and his half-hard prick, gleaming with Kay’s saliva, swayed away from her tongue.

“Frig me!” he hissed. “Get my cock up fast.” Shuddering. Kay reached out and curled the fingers of both hands around his spit-soaked prick. She gave his rod a swift pumping, thinking how ironic it was that she had to work to give her rapist a hard-on.

It didn’t take long. Rick’s slim pale cock was soon rigid and straining in her hands, the purplish knob oozing hot droplets of cream.

“On your hands and knees, bitch!” he snarled. “I want you to face them.”

Kay positioned herself on her hands and knees, facing her leering audience. She knew why Rick had demanded this, of course. The boys could not only watch her great long jugs wobbling, they could also study her face while Rick fucked her. He didn’t miss a trick when it came to humiliating her.

She felt his hot sweaty hands on her quivering hips, and she closed her eyes. At least she didn’t have to look at those leering faces while he screwed her.

Grasping her wide hips to steady himself, Rick knelt down between her olive-skinned silky thighs. Roughly he forced her legs a little farther apart, and then he could see the bright scarlet tissues of her hair-fringed slit and the wrinkled, light-brown pucker of her asshole. Between the moist red pussylips was the shadowed mouth of her cunt.

He seized his erect cock and wedged the dripping, blood-suffused knob into the recessed mouth of her dry cunt. Kay wasn’t the least bit aroused, and even the initial penetration of his dick hurt her.

She clenched her teeth and vowed not to cry out, not to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he caused her pain. She had a feeling that Rick would really get off on pain.


Kay couldn’t help gasping as the gang-leader thrust his cock into her narrow hole, forcing his rigid tool all the way to the end of her cunt in one cruel plunge. He dug his fingers into the tender flesh of her hips and began to fuck her with brutal force, thrusting into her twat deep and fast and hard. She could feel her tits bouncing violently, her body being shaken by the force of his fucking. His stiff cock was sawing her cunt raw.

“Yeah, put the meat to her!” Terry cried hoarsely. “Ball that bitch!”

“Look at her tits,” Mel said wonderingly. “Man, look at ’em shake!”

“Shit, I still can’t believe this,” said Kris. “Miss White gettin’ screwed — too much. Too fuckin’ much.”

This sort of commentary continued all the time Rick balled her, as if she were an inanimate object, not a human being. Kay could have died of shame. The boys’ comments were bad enough, but something even worse was happening — she was beginning to enjoy Rick’s savage fucking.

Kay despised the boy, and his initial thrusts in her dry cunt had caused her great pain, yet now she was beginning to like it. She hated herself for this. She felt glowing heat in her invaded pussy, felt her cunt helplessly creaming, and she began to move her hips ever so slightly to receive his deep-driving cock. How could she enjoy this savage rape? What was wrong with her?

She didn’t know, couldn’t puzzle it out now. She was conscious only of the searing heat and friction as Rick’s rigid prick drove relentlessly in and out of her wet, clinging pussy. His cock felt so good, so damned good…

Kay felt herself spinning toward orgasm, getting tantalizingly close to release, when suddenly Rick gasped and she felt the sizzling flood of his jizz filling her cunt. Cheated of her own climax, she was nevertheless thankful that she hadn’t come with Rick. She didn’t want to give him that satisfaction.

“Frigid bitch!” Rick snapped as he jerked his limp, dripping prick out of her snatch. Clearly he was furious that he hadn’t conquered her, hadn’t made her crazy with lust for him. “Somebody else can fuck her,” he growled, striding off to a chair.

“Well, I will,” said Terry.

No one challenged him, and the runty red-haired boy approached her eagerly. Kay had fallen on her side, sobbing quietly, and she put up no resistance as the homely punk rolled her over onto her back. She felt his hot sweaty hands playing hungrily with her big creamy jugs, while the other boys giggled and passed lewd remarks.

“You got great boobs, sweetheart,” Terry said. “I never seen tits so big before.”

Kay didn’t respond, didn’t even open her eyes. It seemed ludicrous that she was about to get fucked by this guy, the kind of troublemaking hoodlum she kicked out of the library every day.

She felt Terry crawling onto her lush hot body, and she shivered with disgust. He was very sweaty, and he was so short that when he lay on top of her, his greasy red head was cushioned on her tits.

She felt his sharp, hard prick nosing blindly between her legs and realized that his adolescent cock couldn’t have been more than four inches long, and it was pathetically skinny. Kay had the feeling, though, that Terry would compensate for this failing, just as he compensated for being short and homely.

“Awww, yeah…” sighed Terry.

He had managed to poke his hard little prick into the mushy hot mouth of her cunt, and he felt his meat deliciously enveloped in fiery wet tissue. Penetration was easy, and his cock was quickly sheathed by her snatch, all the way to his taut little balls.

He snorted with pleasure and began to fuck her in a way that surprised Kay. Instead of hammering away at her cunt like a brutal machine, the way Rick had, Terry balled her in long, slow, sensuous strokes that sent fiery jolts of pleasure through her twat. With each slow penetration, he rubbed the rigid shaft of his prick across her sensitive little clit, and within seconds Kay was fully, hotly aroused. Again she was ashamed of herself, but she just couldn’t help it. His cock felt good, too damned good…

“Ahhh,” she sighed.

Her gawking audience saw a rush of hot cream from her pussy that drenched Terry’s slow-driving cock and bubbled out to pool on the carpet. They saw Miss White’s dark eyes rolling crazily, saw her wide hips begin to move in time to Terry’s fuck-strokes. Her full lips softened in a smile of horny pleasure.

“He’s gettin’ to her!” Mel said excitedly. “She digs his cock.”

“Aw, shut up,” Rick said petulantly. He was still smarting over his failure to make her come.

The boys couldn’t restrain their cries of glee, however, when Kay suddenly arched her lush body and wailed in the blinding pleasure of orgasm.

Terry grinned proudly even as he continued to fuck her slowly, deeply, spinning out her climax. He was street-wise and hardened, but he couldn’t help but be moved by the sight of the gorgeous older woman writhing in ecstasy around his rigid meat. He felt her cunt-cream boiling around his deeply buried cock, listened triumphantly to her hoarse ecstatic cries. Then with a snarl of pleasure, he ground his sharp little prick deep into her hole and came, his thin white ass flying as he pumped out his hot jizz.

“Damn,” sighed Terry, “she’s one fine piece of ass. I never felt a cunt so hot!”

He crawled off her reluctantly, wishing his hard-on had lasted longer. He was hardly out of the way before Mel took his place, having already stripped.

Mel’s huge dong was hard as iron, standing up stiffly to hug his belly, drooling thick cream. He leered behind the thick lenses of his glasses as he lowered himself onto Kay’s flushed body.

Even with her eyes closed, Kay knew who he was. She recognized that plump wet body, that wormy repugnant flesh. She knew, too, that she was about to get fucked by the biggest cock she’d ever known — and in spite of her distaste for Mel, she felt hot excitement deep in her famished pussy.

Terry had given Kay a good climax, but she wanted more. She wondered how many orgasms it would take to make up for her lonely unfucked years, how long it would be before her shameless pussy was satiated.

Mel sunk heavily onto her, his body slack and sweaty, and Kay trembled as she felt his monstrous stiff dick poking hungrily at her crotch.

“Open wider for me, baby,” Mel whispered in her ear. “Help me get my cock in.”

To her shame, Kay opened her legs wide. She wanted him — or rather she wanted that elephant prick of his. The short fuck with Terry had only warmed her up. She craved a thorough stuffing, hard friction, the red-hot reaming which only Mel’s big fat dick could give. She gasped with stunning pleasure as she felt the thick, hard head of his cock sliding into her cunt hole…

“Ahhhh!” she wailed. “Oh, God, yesss!”

Kris and Terry laughed out loud, though Rick was still sullen and silent. Mel’s response to her ecstatic cry was for her ears alone. His sweaty face pressed close to hers, his voice muffled in her hair, he whispered, “Yeah, baby, it’s good to you, ain’t it? I may not be handsome like those guys, but you know I can give you the best fuck. You know Mel’s cock is the biggest, the best.”

He babbled on like that as he balled her, and Kay presently felt him drooling in his excitement, his spit wetting her neck and hair. She noticed this only vaguely. Her whole being was concentrated on the delicious reaming of his gigantic swollen prick, the sweet hot friction in her ever-hungry cunt as he humped her violently. She felt herself losing all control, spinning into the most powerful climax she’d ever known.

“OOOHHH!” Kay wailed.

Lost in ecstasy, she threw her long legs high in the air, allowing the sweaty, grunting boy to pound his thick meat against the end of her convulsing cunt. Floods of steamy twat-juice shot from her climaxing pussy to soak Mel’s belly and puddle on the carpet.

The boys were delighted, and many lewd remarks were passed, but Kay didn’t hear them, didn’t even hear her own hoarse cries of pleasure. Mel’s massive dick reamed her into a string of orgasms that left her breathless and half-faint. It seemed hours before she felt the sudden scalding flood of his jism, and even then she was disappointed when she felt his limp meat slipping from her flooded cunt.

It had been the best fuck of her life, no question about it. She lay there, too limp and breathless to move, her long legs lewdly parted, Mel’s thick cum leaking from her hair-fringed slit. Mel was grinning proudly as he returned to his chair.

“Okay, Kris,” he said, “she’s all yours.”

The blond guy was the quietest of them all, the most thoughtful and sober. He studied Kay a few moments before he rose and began stripping off his clothing. He did it unhurriedly, confidently, and with none of the brash cocky manner displayed by the other gang members.

Kay couldn’t help admiring his body. Kris was very well-developed, with broad shoulders, slim waist and hips, and powerfully muscled arms and legs. He had little hair on his body, except for the platinum bush of his crotch, but he was splendidly tanned.

Kris’ cock was of average size and in full erection, tautly hugging his belly, and his balls looked pure and clean and pink as they snuggled between his thighs. Kris was the best-looking and most desirable of the gang, but his silence, his completely unperturbed manner, bothered her. What was he so confident about?

He walked over to her and held out his hand. “Get up,” he said.

Kay allowed him to pull her to her feet. He led her over to the chair he’d been sitting in, and she understood without being told that she was to sit down. Her curiosity — and her dread — began to grow.

When she was seated, Kris seized her long shapely legs and placed them up over the arms of the chair, so that she was lewdly spread and her wet, scarlet pussy was obscenely displayed to the gawking, grinning boys. Kris wasn’t grinning, though. He seemed expressionless as he studied her shameful posture.

Kay was blushing hotly. Nothing was hidden from the boys’ leering eyes. With her legs so widely separated, they could see the bright red finger of her cunt, and her pussylips were drawn open to show the dark, drooling mouth of her cunt. Kris, silently approving of his arrangements, dropped to his knees in front of her.

Everyone watched, breathless, even Kay. She looked down and saw Kris take his rigid pale prick and carefully insert the rosy knob into the slippery mouth of her hair-fringed cunt. He made a small sound, perhaps a sigh, as his gleaming cock-head was enveloped in the scalding wet flesh of her cunt-mouth. Then he pushed his rod slowly into her hole, and his buddies watched open-mouthed as Kris’ pale, rigid prick-shaft slowly disappeared into her snatch.

“Yeah, yeah!” Mel panted, leaning far out of his chair to watch. “Get into her cunt, buddy! Fuck her!”

Terry couldn’t contain himself. He bounced out of his chair and came to stand beside Kay, reaching down to play with her big, swollen tits. He kept his eye on Kris’ rigid, blue-veined dick as it moved in and out of her hair-fringed pussylips, but he whispered obscenities to Kay even as he watched her getting fucked.

“That cock feel good to you, baby?” he hissed. “You like that stiff meat?”

Kay sobbed and let her head fall back limp against the chair. There was nothing she could do to end this humiliation except close her eyes and let it happen. Terry’s hard sweaty hands played roughly on her long swollen tits, and Kris’ rigid meat began to fuck faster and faster in her come-soaked twat.

She greeted the first stabs of pleasure with a groan of shame. How could she possibly be horny again? Mel had screwed her almost senseless, making her come again and again, yet she found herself responding to Kris smaller cock, to his stiff fast sawing and probing.

Little jabs of pleasure shot through Kay’s crotch and soon became long drawn-out shivers of bliss that made her heated pussy cream heavily. Blushing beet-red, she tried to close her legs, to block the boys’ obscene view of her gushing twat, but Kris held her thighs apart, and he was amazingly strong.

“Keep ’em open!” he snapped. “I want my buddies to see this fuck real good.”

There was a chorus of sniggers, Rick’s voice among them. He no doubt enjoyed the humiliation she was so obviously experiencing.

The boys could see the heavy creaming of her swiftly reamed cunt, see the slow swelling and moistening of her pink pussylips as Kris balled her closer and closer to another come. She was loving the way he fucked her, she was going to succumb again to her uncontrollable lust, and these leering boys were going to see it all…

“Oh, God!” Kay sobbed. “Ohhh! AAAHHHH!”

“You like it, baby?” Rick said roughly. “My cock feel good?”

“Oohhh, yes!” she screamed. “YESSS!”


Kris didn’t have to hold her legs apart when she came. Kay spread them herself, as wide as she could, wanting to take his stiff pounding dick all the way into her cunt. She was aware of nothing but the body-racking pleasure that shook her, and she wailed shamelessly in the spasms of her climax.

The next thing she knew, Kris gasped and began shooting stinging jets of jism into her convulsing twat. She felt the spunk boiling in her box, flooding out to wet the chair beneath her. Then his limp meat slipped from her soaked cunt, and the blond boy jumped to his feet. Like Rick, he apparently considered it unmanly to linger in her body after he came.

By the time Kay caught her breath and focused her eyes again, the boys were dressed and heading for the door. They had fucked her, they were temporarily sated, and they were off on some other adventure.

“See you tomorrow, cunt,” said Rick.

“No!” Kay sobbed. “Oh, no! Please, haven’t you had enough? Can’t you leave me alone?”

The gang halted, and Rick turned around to glare menacingly at her.

“Now, listen, bitch,” he said, “I don’t even wanta hear you say that again. Dig? You ain’t getting out of this. Unless you want us to fink on you, you better have that hot cunt of yours ready for us whenever we want it. Any time of night or day, you be ready to fuck. You understand?”

Kay nodded. The gang left, and she burst into frantic sobbing. Her worst fears had been realized — they would never let her go. They would continue to use her, humiliate and degrade her, as long as she remained in Ferndale. She could leave town, of course, and find work in another state, far away from Rick and his hoodlum friends — but she had worked for almost a decade to become head of the library, to attain her present salary and status. Why should she give up her career, her hard-earned position, for that gang of punks?

Yet her alternative was to do any dirty thing they asked, to fuck and suck four sadistic punks any time they wanted it.

It was four o’clock the next afternoon, and in the deserted library Kay was backed against a wall, desperately trying to fend off Danny. In his desperation to have her again, the boy had overcome his shyness and was frantically embracing her, kissing her, pleading with her.

“Please, Miss White,” he said, “don’t do this to me. I love you. I can’t stand it when you treat me like this. Please don’t push me away.”

Kay couldn’t help the tears of shame that flooded her dark eyes. The boy was sincere. He really cared for her, and she was very fond of him. It was cruel to deny him a lay after she’d thrown herself at him and seduced him. But she was determined never to screw Danny again. He was too good, too clean and fine, for a woman like her. Her experience with the gang had taught her the depths of her own depravity, her wickedness — and if she couldn’t save herself, she could at least save Danny.

“Danny,” she said, pushing him away, “this is for your own good, believe me. Our relationship is all wrong. You should date girls your own age, fall in love…”

“Bullshit!” Danny cried, his handsome face red with anger. “I love you! You’re the only one I want — and I thought you wanted me!”

“No,” said Kay. “It’s over, Danny. I like you very much, and I think you’re a wonderful, talented boy, but I won’t have an affair with you. Now, please — if you care for me at all, let me go.”

He cast her a heart-broken look and fled from the room. Kay hated herself for hurting him, but she knew that in the long run it was the right thing to do. She had to break off with Danny before she tainted him with her own wickedness.

Shaken and pale, Kay drove home. She didn’t think she could face another fuck-session with Rick and his gang, not today. She wanted to be alone, to think.

She didn’t bother to go into the house. She just parked the car in the driveway, got out, and strode swiftly down the street. There was a small city park nearby where she could walk and think. If Rick and his gang came to her house looking for another gang-bang and found her gone, that was just too bad…

There weren’t many people in the park at that hour, and Kay walked along swiftly, finally leaving the trail and wandering through the pleasant woods till she came to a little mossy-floored clearing where she’d often gone, in happier days, to read and meditate. She sank down with a sigh, pressing her hot face against the cool springy moss.

“My God,” she said to herself, beginning to weep softly, “what am I going to do?”

She didn’t hear them coming. She was alone, and then suddenly they were all around her. Rick, Mel, Kris, and Terry hemmed her in, towering over her, glaring.

“That wasn’t too smart, baby,” Rick growled. “You shouldn’t of tried to run away. Now you’re gonna pay for it.”

They had followed her, of course. How stupid she’d been to think she could shake them! They must have been waiting near her house when she got home…

“Please,” she said, her voice shaking, “don’t hurt me…”

Rick slapped her hard across the face. It felt as if he’d snapped her neck, and she fell back on the ground, stunned and hurt.

“That’s for running away,” he hissed. “You try it again, and you’ll get hurt worse. You understand?”

“Yes,” Kay sobbed.

“Get her clothes off,” Rick snapped.

Kay felt rough, eager hands stripping the clothes from her defenseless body. She knew there was no point in fighting. She couldn’t overcome four strong teen-age boys, and Rick would only hurt her again.

She wept in shame as they stripped her, and she blushed deeply when they laughed and sniggered while Mel tugged off her panties. The leering wormy-white boy held up her delicate lacy blue panties for everyone to see, then stuffed them in his pocket.

“I’ll just keep these for a souvenir,” he said, giggling shrilly.

Kay lay naked and exposed on the mossy ground of the city park, her big tits heaving, her glossy black beaver catching the glint of the sun. The boys stood around her, ogling her opulent body, grinning in horny anticipation.

Kay wished to God she’d stayed at home. At least in the privacy of her living room there was no chance of being seen by some passerby.

The same thing seemed to be on Terry’s mind. The red-haired punk said nervously, “Hey, what if somebody sees us? We could get in big trouble.”

“Don’t sweat it,” said Rick. “There’s only one way into his clearing, and three of us can stand there so nobody can see her.”

“Who gets to go first?” Mel said eagerly.

“Guess,” Kris said dryly. “Who always gets to go first?”

“Well, I got a surprise for you this time,” Rick said. “I ain’t gonna go first. I decided I’d rather watch you guys screw her for a while. Why don’t you toss a coin?”

His followers looked surprised, and Kay herself felt instant suspicion. This wasn’t like Rick. He always hogged the best things for himself. Somehow, letting the others fuck her first was going to benefit him. In some kinky, bizarre way, Rick was going to get what he wanted.

“Well, shit,” said Terry, fishing a coin from his jeans, “if that’s how you want it, that’s okay with me. How about you, Mel?”

“You guys go ahead and toss for it,” said Mel. “I’ll wait.” He, too, sensed that Rick was up to something.

They tossed, and Terry won. Grinning triumphantly, he slipped down beside Kay and began to undress. “Lucky you,” he told the blushing woman. “I’m gonna fuck you so good, baby…”

“Oh, no, you’re not,” said Rick.

Terry gawked at him. “Huh? Whaddaya mean, I ain’t? I won the fuckin’ toss!”

“That’s right,” said Rick, an evil leer on his swarthy face, “and you get her first, only you ain’t gonna fuck her. She’s gonna blow you, ’cause I don’t like wet decks, remember?”

Terry considered this, then grinned and shrugged. “What the fuck! One hole’s as good as another.”

Kay wasn’t nearly so complacent about Rick’s idea. Blow him? Take his ugly, stubby cock into her mouth?

The idea of sucking off the boy repelled Kay. She thought of Terry snorting and panting over her, spewing his sticky jizz in her throat, and she almost gagged. She knew there was no point in protesting or arguing, though. Rick would have his way even if he had to kill her.

Kay shuddered as naked Terry rolled closer to embrace her, but she didn’t move away. There was no escape from this new torture.

“You’re gonna get a taste of cock, baby,” Terry chuckled. “Think you’ll like eatin’ my meat?”

Kay glanced down at his erect prick. Like the rest of him, it was runty and ugly. Milky-pale skin, lightly freckled, on the short cock-shaft, and a blood-red knob that oozed tiny droplets of pre-cum. His balls were dull rose in color, wrinkled, sagging, and his crotch bush sported coarse red curls.

His whole being repelled Kay, but at least his cock was mercifully small. She should have no trouble getting it in her mouth, though she felt nauseated at the thought of sucking him off and drinking his spunk.

Terry was feverishly pawing and kissing her big heaving tits, but his friends were getting impatient.

“Come on, man!” said Rick. “Let’s have some action! Why don’t you give our dear school librarian some meat to eat?”

Terry laughed and clambered onto Kay’s trembling body, straddling her chest. His bony little butt settled on the tender cushions of her mammoth tits. He used his sharp knees to pin her head and hold it in place. Kay didn’t like that at all. She felt smothered and trapped. In vain she tried to shake her head free, and tears rolled down her dusky face.

“Please!” she whimpered. “I don’t want to do this. Anything but this!”

“Aw, jism’s good for you,” Terry laughed harshly. “Give you lots of vitamins. Come on, now, open up like a good girl.”

His friends laughed at Terry’s “wit”, but their amusement changed to impatience when Kay resolutely kept her lips tightly shut. She just couldn’t bear to take that ugly little prick into her mouth. Rick approached, bending down to glare at her.

“Now, listen,” he growled, “I told you before, if you don’t do what we say, you get hurt. You wanta get hit again?” Weeping, Kay shook her head. “Then open up, dammit, and suck his cock!” Rick shouted.

Sobbing loudly now, Kay opened her lips a little, and Terry seized his erect, dribbling little cock and directed it towards her trembling mouth.

“Oh, nooooo!” Kay whined. “Please, no, nooo… Ummpphh!”

Her protests were stifled when Terry thrust his rigid little prick between her lips. Kay turned pale, and her eyes rolled wildly as she sought to fight off her nausea. She didn’t want his sharp little cock in her mouth, sliding over her tongue, stuffing her so full she could hardly breathe — but it was there, and she couldn’t do a thing about it.

“Now, start suckin’!” Terry hissed. “Suck that meat hard and fast, baby. Bring me off.”

She had never been so humiliated in her life. Before the sniggering, gawking bunch of boys, she began to suck on Terry’s hard pale dick, just like a baby sucks a bottle, in wet little slurping motions. She hated it, she wanted to bite his damned prick in half — but she knew better. She didn’t want to be punished again.

Weeping, whimpering, Kay sucked steadily on Terry’s stiff, vile-tasting cock, hoping he’d come quickly and spare her prolonged torture.

“Nice,” sighed Terry, “real nice. You just keep on suckin’, cunt. You’ll learn to like the taste of cock.”

The red-haired punk sat atop her heaving boobs, and his face soon became so flushed with horny enjoyment that she could hardly see his freckles.

His pale-blue eyes rolled aimlessly, and his pink wet tongue darted out to lick his lips. He moaned and sweated, sighed and began to move his skinny hips in time to her sucking motions. He started feeding his cock to her in quick jabs, much to her disgust.

Kay didn’t like having his prick forced over her tongue, stretching her lips. The worst was yet to come, though. She had taken in perhaps half the length of his cock, but Terry wanted her to take it all.

Grunting lustily, he hunched forward and jammed the rest of his pale prick-shaft into her reluctant mouth, so that his wiry little balls scraped her chin. Again she almost gagged, for now the drooling head of his stiff little dick was right against her throat.

The other boys crowded in for a closer look.

“Hey, teach! That cock tastes pretty good, don’t it?” Mel snickered.

Rick grinned sadistically at her, obviously overjoyed with her humiliation. Kris, the quiet and thoughtful one, intently studied the zipping white shaft of his buddy’s cock as it flew in and out of her mouth, gleaming with her spit. She could tell he was getting off on that.

“Awww,” whined Terry, “this is really good! Hot in there… Nice an’ wet… Ohhhh, man, I think I’m gonna come!”

He ended on a shrill note, and suddenly his cock was flying in and out of her mouth with blinding speed. Kay tried to brace herself for the flood of his jism, but she wasn’t quite fast enough. It caught her with her throat open, a sticky flood of vile stuff that almost choked her. She had to get rid of his spunk, couldn’t stand it in her mouth. But his flying cock stuffed her lips, and she couldn’t spit it out. Gagging, weeping desperately, she was forced to swallow the whole steamy load of his scum, while her audience crowed derisively. Terry sighed and crawled off her, his pale little dick limp and wet with her saliva.

“Man,” he said, “she ate it all! Every bit of it.”

“Sure, she did,” Rick sneered. “Teacher loves cock. Let’s give her some more. Kris — your turn.”

“Oh, NO!” wailed Kay. “Please — not again!”

Sucking off Terry had been bad enough, but Kris’ stiff cock was much larger. She gagged at the very thought of trying to take his dick in her mouth.

Kris seemed delighted with the idea, however. Flushing slightly in anticipation of her wet scalding mouth, he walked over and stood before her, his pale rod tautly hugging his tan belly.

“On your knees,” he said. “Get on your knees and blow me.”

There was some consolation. At least he wouldn’t be sitting on her tits, crushing the breath out of her like Terry had done.

Weeping, Kay got to her knees before the handsome blond boy and lifted his stiff, milky-white rod. The cherry-red knob was fat and bulbous, and just a faint shine of juice appeared in the cum-slit. His cock was much nicer-looking than Terry’s. Maybe sucking him off wouldn’t be so bad…

“Hurry up, cunt!” Rick snapped. “Put my cock in your mouth.”

Choking back her sobs, Kay brought his prick down with trembling hands and gently eased the glowing red knob between her reluctant lips. She managed to slide in about half his shaft before the hot, hard dick-head touched her throat. Kris sighed softly and grew a little flushed, but otherwise displayed no great emotion — that wasn’t his style.

“Suck my cock,” he whispered. “Make it good…”

Make it good? She didn’t know how! She’d never blown anybody before, because the idea had always seemed repugnant to her. It still did. To suck a man’s cock, swallow his jizz — it was awful, unthinkable, something done only by whores and depraved women. Yet she was doing it. The stately, dignified head librarian of Ferndale High was sucking this grinning juvenile delinquent’s cock, like some hooker.

Kay did the best she could, not wanting any more punishment from Rick. She sucked his prick dutifully, strongly, in a steady rhythm, and she could feel Kris’ stiff meat pulsing hotly on her tongue. Her performance didn’t satisfy him, though. He was frowning.

“Come on, baby,” he said, “you can suck cock better than that. Take all my meat!”

Kay wanted to protest, but her mouth was stuffed, and no sound came from her but a terrified gurgle. Kris wouldn’t have cared, anyhow. He was intent on his own pleasure.

He rammed his rigid cock into her mouth, and Kay gagged violently as it reamed the back of her throat. His lightly furred balls came to rest against her chin, and his rod was fully lodged, his bulbous, drooling knob wedged in the opening of her throat. Kay didn’t think she could survive the retching feeling, but somehow she did. Catching her breath, she went on sucking his long rigid prick, and Kris sighed with contentment.

“Now, that’s better,” he said, “a lot better.”

She increased the force of her sucking, hoping to bring him off fast. She couldn’t stand that thick cock-head in her throat. She managed to increase the flow of her saliva, to baffle his cock in fiery juice, and she applied a vacuum suction to his pulsing meat that made him go red in the face with horny pleasure.

“Christ,” said Mel, “she’s really eatin’ his dick now! Look how fast she’s doing it!”

Her tactic succeeded. Kris gave a sudden yelp which surprised even himself, then began to shoot his sizzling fuck-juice into her throat. Kris always had to be different, though. She should have been prepared for some nasty trick. She felt the first burst of jism in her throat and was preparing to swallow the rest of it, when Kris suddenly jerked his squirting dick from her mouth and sprayed his sticky cum right in her face.

He did it on purpose, holding his cock and taking careful aim. Kay was caught off guard, and she got it square in the face, taking the sticky spunk in her eyes, nose, lips, and hair. The boys howled with laughter. Kris staggered back, sniggering, as his cock went limp and drained. Kay burst into tears of shame.

“Hey, I hear that stuffs pretty good for the complexion,” Mel tittered. “No reason to cry.”

“Well, somebody give her something to wipe it off with,” said Rick. “She’s a mess. I don’t wanta touch her like that.”

Mel passed her a large white handkerchief, and Kay wiped her burning face. She couldn’t imagine what further humiliation Rick had in mind, but she was sure he’d think of something.

“Your turn, Mel,” Rick said.

“You mean make her blow me?” Mel said excitedly.

“Yeah, dummy,” snapped Rick. “I already told you, I don’t want no wet decks.”

Mel wasn’t offended. He was looking at Kay and practically drooling in his lusty excitement. His gigantic prick was fully erect, nine thick inches of hard meat, and the purplish head was drooling thick cream.

“Oh, wow!” he said. “I never got blown before. This sounds good.”

Kay gawked at his monstrous prick, and she knew it was impossible, that his dong would suffocate her.

“No,” she said firmly, “I can’t do it with him. He’s too big.”

“You’ll do it anyway,” Rick said with menacing coldness. “You suck his cock, or I’ll knock your head off. Take your choice.”

“But he’s too big!” Kay wailed. “You can see that! Please…”

Rick raised his fist, and Kay shrank back from him. Anything was better than being hit again.

“All right,” Rick snarled, “no more of that shit. You suck my buddy off, and you do it good. I don’t wanta hear another fuckin’ word out of you.”

Mel sat down right in front of her, grinning fiendishly, and Kay, on her hands and knees, stared into his lap. The wormy-white flesh, the pale, sick-looking hairs of his crotch bush, the feverish swollen bags of his giant balls — all of it sickened her. Worst of all, however, was the giant, menacing staff of his cock, impossibly large for her small mouth. That same cock she loved to have fucking in her hot, horny cunt now seemed like a weapon of destruction.

She forced saliva into her mouth, opened her trembling lips and fastened them timidly around the massive purple head of Mel’s taut prick. He yelped with pleasure, and a sticky gob of juice rolled into her mouth, making her want to gag.

“Yeah, yeah!” he said hoarsely. “Eat me! Hurry! Go down on me!”

Kay slowly lowered her lips on the enormously fat head of his dripping cock. Her lips were stretched painfully, her mouth fully stuffed. She managed to take in perhaps a third of Mel’s incredibly long dick, but then it was butting the back of her throat, making her gag, and she could go no farther. Mel was whinnying shrilly, seemingly quite content with her efforts, but Rick wasn’t satisfied.

“Hey, come on!” he snarled. “You gotta do better than that. You suck in every bit of that cock, bitch, or I’ll make pulp out of your face!”

Kay looked up helplessly. She didn’t want to be beaten, but she didn’t see how she could take in another inch of Mel’s massive prick. It was already jammed hard against the back of her throat. Mel had an idea, however. “You can do it!” he panted. “Just open your throat like a sword-swallower. If they can do it, so can you. Come on, baby, swallow my meat!”

It sounded horrible, but it was better than being disfigured. Kay choked back a sob and opened her throat as wide as she could. Mel felt it opening, and he began to push inside, slowly easing his giant hard rod into her silky throat.

Kay managed with superhuman effort not to gag or choke on the huge dong. She felt her throat being filled, tightly stuffed, till Mel’s massive dick seemed halfway to her stomach. Her gawking audience saw the bulge in her throat as Mel managed to push his cock all the way in, his giant fat balls coming to rest against her chin.

“Well, all right,” said Rick. “Now you suck him off, bitch, and make it good.”

Kay began to suck. Her lips were horribly stretched, her throat stuffed and aching, but the only way she could end the torture was to bring off the ugly whining boy as fast as possible. She began sucking his tool fast and powerfully.

Mel cried out shrilly, again and again, as his achingly full prick was deliciously milked by her strong throat muscles and bathed in the fiery liquid of her mouth.

Kay, intent on the blow-job, didn’t notice Rick slipping around behind her. Her upturned ass presented a perfected a perfect target for him, and he could clearly see the shadowed mouth of her cunt. His prick was good and hard from watching her shame and terror, and he seized his rigid cock and plunged it brutally into her exposed twat-hole.

Kay gave a muffled exclamation as she felt Rick’s hard cruel cock ramming into her cunt from behind. So this was his plan — to make her service two boys at once, one with her mouth and one with her cunt.

She flushed with shame, knowing the lewd spectacle she presented. Rick’s savage cock began to ream and saw mercilessly in her unprotected cunt, while she dutifully sucked away on the giant staff of Mel’s bloated dick.

“Hey, baby,” said Terry, leaning close to leer at her, “how d’ya like getting fucked at both ends?”

Suddenly Mel was coming, filling her mouth with a massive flood of steamy jism. She worked frantically to swallow all his scum so she wouldn’t choke, but it was hard to concentrate. Rick’s red-hot sawing, his deep, swift probing of her snatch were perversely arousing her.

Kay felt herself spinning helplessly toward climax. She gave a shriek of ecstasy as Rick’s wicked cock jabbed her into a stinging orgasm, Mel’s squirting cock slipping from her lips. Again she had a faceful of thick jizz, but she didn’t care. She was coming, coming hard and gloriously, and she was completely lost in it…


Kay lay naked and panting on the mossy ground, her face sticky and wet with Mel’s spunk, her bruised cunt leaking Rick’s thick jism. She wept with shame. Once again, in spite of all her resolutions, she’d let her lust carry her away. It didn’t seem to matter what awful, dirty things they did to her, she still managed to get turned on.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Rick. “She’s getting to be a bore.”

“But we’ll see her again, won’t we?” said Mel. “I mean, we don’t wanta give up a good thing.”

“Sure, we’ll see her tomorrow,” said Rick, “but I’m gonna think up something new for us to do to her. I get tired of the same old thing.”

The same old thing! Kay shuddered. If it didn’t amuse him to have two boys fuck her at once, to screw both her mouth and her cunt, whit would amuse him? She didn’t want to find out.

The boys hurried off, leaving her alone in the quiet forest clearing. Sobbing, she gathered up her wrinkled and torn clothing from where the gang had tossed it. She was pale and shaken, but her mind was working feverishly. She had to get out of this nightmarish situation, and she had to do it soon, if she wanted to keep her sanity and her self-respect.

The next day Kay decided to stay late at work, in hopes of discouraging the gang. She dismissed Danny early and settled down at her desk with some paperwork. But she didn’t get much work done. Her thoughts kept straying to her dilemma, to the terrible choice she had to make — whether to give up her hard-earned career and leave town, or to remain and be Rick’s sex-slave forever. She came to no decision. Both choices seemed impossible.

It got to be dinnertime, and the sun was going down, but Kay wasn’t hungry. She decided to work until dark. Then she’d go home, have a few stiff drinks, and try to get some sleep. Sleep had a way of solving problems, clearing the mind.

The door of the library opened, and Rick and his gang walked in.

Kay gawked at them, going pale and cold. She’d never imagined that they’d have the nerve to approach her here.

“The night watchman is in the hall,” she said coldly. “If you don’t leave, I’ll call him.”

Mel tittered, that shrill sound of sadistic amusement that always chilled her blood. “We talked him into takin’ a real long coffee break,” he said. “Amazin’ what five bucks’ll do.”

Kay believed him. Homer, the night watchman, had sworn he was off booze, a reformed man, when he was hired, but sometimes when she worked late, she’d smelled liquor on his breath when she bade him good night. She had no doubt that Homer would be delighted to take Friday night off with five dollars to spend at the tavern.

She began to shiver.

“Please,” she said, trying to keep her voice calm, “leave me alone, just this one night. I need to rest, to think. You have girl friends, you can go out with them…”

“But they don’t put out the way you do, baby,” said Rick. “We don’t want no little girls. We want a real woman. And we ain’t never gonna leave you alone. How many times I gotta tell you? You belong to us. You gotta be ready, anytime. And we want you now.”

They began moving towards her. Rick had a savage angry look on his face, but the others were grinning. Mel was practically drooling in sadistic delight, and Terry’s freckled face was flushed with horny anticipation. Kris was smiling slightly, his dark-blue eyes focused on the jutting curve of her big tits under her prim cotton suit.

Kay stood up quickly. She had to buy time. If she had time to think, she might be able to get away.

“Not here,” she said. “Homer might come back, or someone might walk in on us. Let’s go to my house.”

“Uh-uh,” said Rick. “I locked the door, so nobody’s gonna get in. Besides, I like the idea of making it in the library. It’s time somebody put it to good use. You might as well cooperate, baby. There’s no way you’re gonna get out of it.”

She knew it. She believed it, yet something in her rebelled. She had to fight these monsters, at least make the attempt, otherwise she’d lose all respect for herself. She couldn’t just give in.

Kay started backing away from her desk, keeping her eyes on the approaching gang. If she could slip into the stacks, she might be able to circle back and get out the door.

Kay kicked her chair out of the way and ducked behind the nearest shelf of books.

“Get her!” Rick shouted.

Kay ran down the aisles between the stacks, kept changing her route. Her high heels were making too much noise, so she kicked them off. She heard the boys thundering after her, panting, calling to each other. From the racket they were making, she could tell just where they were, and it wasn’t too hard to dodge them. Her heart began to lighten. If she got away, she could go to a motel for the night, and they’d never find her. She darted around a shelf and saw the door of the library, unguarded. Almost laughing in triumph, she made for it.


With a savage cry, meant to terrify her, Kris leaped from his hiding place near the door. Kay was paralyzed with horror, and before she could move, the muscular blond boy had her in an unbreakable grasp.

“I got her!” he shouted.

The other boys came running out of the stacks.

Rick confronted her in a savage fury and raised his hand to strike her — but Terry seized him and pulled him back.

“Hey, man,” Terry panted, “no need for that. We got her, she ain’t gonna get away. I don’t want that pretty face messed up. She’d be no fun to fuck.”

Rick shrugged off the redhead’s hold. “All right,” he snarled, “but I think she oughta be punished. She’s gotta learn not to try to get away.”

“Well, you can think of some punishment for her,” Mel said, grinning significantly, “only it don’t have to be hittin’ her. Get what I mean?”

Rick grinned evilly. “Yeah, I get it. And I thought you were dumb.”

The swarthy gang-leader strolled over to Kay’s massive walnut desk.

“Here’s where she sits all day,” he said sarcastically, “telling guys to shut up, making ’em read boring books, acting like she was a queen or something. I think this is a good place to punish her. Bring her over here.”

Kris hustled Kay over to her desk, pushing her along effortlessly.

“Get that rope from the car,” Rick said to Terry, who scurried off. “Strip her,” he said to Mel and Kris.

Kay didn’t resist, only sobbed helplessly as the two grinning boys roughly pulled off her clothes. Her career had meant everything to her, and now that, too, was going to be defiled by these hoods.

They were going to rape her right here in the library, at her own desk!

She’d never be able to sit there again without thinking of it, without remembering her shame and humiliation. She vowed then and there to leave town. She couldn’t stomach it any more, couldn’t endure being the gang’s despised plaything. As soon as she got away from them, she’d leave…

Terry returned with the rope and watched as Kris and Mel finished undressing her. They tugged down her pink lacy panties and left her naked and weeping. Rough hands fumbled with her big trembling tits, the tender hairs of her snatch, and the boys laughed raucously. But as usual Rick got impatient and wanted to get down to business.

“Get her up on the desk,” he ordered. “On her back.”

There were a few items on her desk, and he swept them onto the floor with a crash. Kay cried out in protest, but strong arms lifted her onto the cold hard desktop and held her there.

“Now tie her,” said Rick.

Kay wept in tenor as the boys tied her wrists and ankles to the legs of the desk. She was securely tied, unable to move, her long legs spread ludicrously wide. Never had she felt so helpless with the gang. No matter what they did to her, she couldn’t escape, couldn’t fight back.

Rick walked around to stand between her wide-spread legs, ogling her exposed pussy. He saw the light fringe of black hairs surrounding her scarlet slit, the tiny flesh-finger of her clit, and the recessed mouth of her dry cunt. He was still furious about her attempted escape, and he wanted to punish her in a way that she’d never forget, a way that would thoroughly humiliate and shame her.

He reached out and seized her tiny red clit between his thumb and forefinger, teasing and tweaking the little fleshy organ. In spite of herself, Kay felt instant pleasure. She couldn’t resist having her passion-bud played with. She blushed hotly and closed her eyes against the grinning circle of boys, but she couldn’t prevent the gradual moistening and warming of her pussy as Rick continued to play with her sensitive clit.

Kay gritted her teeth and desperately willed her cunt to be numb, to feel nothing, but it was no use. Her ever-greedy clit had a will of its own. It thoroughly enjoyed Rick’s wicked finger-play, and it swelled into taut, throbbing life as he stroked and tweaked it. Rick felt the hot juice seeping from her aroused pussy, and he sniggered.

“Her cunt’s gettin’ wet,” he announced to his leering friends. “She likes that.”

“I know something she’ll like even better,” said Mel eagerly.

“Oh, yeah?” said Rick. “What’s that, genius?”

“Just let me at her,” said Mel, his watery blue eyes glinting behind his thick glasses. “I’ll show you.”

“Okay,” said Rick, “but make it good.”

He stepped out of the way, and Mel took his place at the end of the desk, between Kay’s widely stretched legs. The other boys crowded close to see what he did.

Mel half reclined on the desk, resting his chest there, and poked his sweaty face between Kay’s tender thighs. She felt his clammy moist skin and shuddered. His hot wet breath farmed her exposed pussy.

“Hey, man!” Terry giggled. “What you gonna do — eat her cunt?”

“That’s right,” giggled Mel. “I always wanted a taste of pussy.”

“I don’t go for giving head to a chick,” Rick said, sneering. “But if it turns you on, go ahead.”

The idea obviously turned Mel on. Kay could see shiny spit gathering at the corners of his mouth as he thrust his head into her steamy snatch. Her body lurched sharply in repulsion as she felt his sweaty face between her thighs. Her repugnance vanished quickly, however, when she felt Mel’s rough wet tongue making scalding contact with the tiny, hot bud of her clit.

He started to lick and tickle her little pleasure-button with the very tip of his tongue, and Kay felt incredibly delicious sensations streaking through her cunt, turning her on fantastically.

Mel lapped greedily at her sensitive little clit, his hot saliva dripping onto her tender red bud and adding perversely to her pleasure.

Kay’s body writhed with helpless pleasure, and it was all she could do to stifle her cries of sensual bliss. In spite of herself, her cunt contracted ant spewed out a flood of salty juice that drenched Mel’s face. He giggled shrilly and smacked his lips loudly. He apparently enjoyed the taste of her pussy-cream, for he began lapping it up as fast as it flowed from her aroused twat. That, too, felt delicious to Kay, his fat rough tongue licking hungrily around the pulsing mouth of her horny cunt. She hated herself for it, but she was hotly aroused, desperate for more of his wicked pussy-lapping.

Mel suddenly fastened his wet lips on the stiff little bud of her clit and began sucking the tiny organ like crazy. It was too much for Kay. Violent waves of pleasure washed over her lush body, and she couldn’t help crying out.

“Ohhhh!” she wailed. “Ahhh! AHHHH!”

Rick almost spat in his disgust. “Shit,” he said, “she likes that. She likes ol’ Mel slobbering all over her pussy.”

“She sure as hell does,” said Terry, who was leaning close to observe the action. “Her cunt’s creaming all over his face.”

Kris, as usual, said nothing, only watched intently. Kay was sure that some evil idea was forming in his mind. She couldn’t worry about it too much just then. Her body was racked with blinding pleasure, and her only instinct was to get more sweet friction from Mel’s busy tongue, to strive for the release of orgasm as he sucked ravenously on her hot little clit.

She moaned hoarsely and arched her lush body, helplessly feeding him her greedy little cunt. She began to pant and wail as she spun deliciously closer to release.

“Stop!” said Rick.

Mel jerked his soaked face out of Kay’s drenched, steamy pussy. “Huh?” he said.

“Stop,” said Rick. “She was digging it too much. I don’t want her to come. She’s getting punished, remember?”

“Oh, my God!” moaned Kay. She was being punished, all right. Her aroused pussy craved more of Mel’s delicious tongue-fucking. She needed to come so badly, she could have screamed with frustration.

Mel grinned. “Oh, I get it.” He wiped his sticky face with the back of his hand and took off his glasses to clean them. “Now what’re you gonna do?” he asked Rick.

“We’ll get her hot again,” Rick said, warming to his sadistic plan. “Kris and Terry can do whatever they want to her — only don’t let her come.”

“Shit, I hope it’s okay if we come,” said Terry, a little annoyed at his leader’s bossiness.

“Come in her ear for all I care,” snapped Rick, “but don’t give her any satisfaction.”

Kris hadn’t said a word. He leaped nimbly onto the desk and straddled Kay’s heaving tits, pinning her head with his knees. He unzipped his fly and gently coaxed out his painfully erect cock. Kay gawked at the swollen knob, the rigid blue-veined shaft, as he directed it towards her mouth.

“Eat my cock,” he said. Then, to his buddies, “She sure as hell can’t come this way.”

Kay choked and sputtered as Kris forced his fat, swollen meat into her mouth. He jammed his prick all the way in, butting the back of her throat and making her gag. His strong salty pre-cum dribbled down her throat, adding to her repugnance, but she started sucking his rod, knowing she didn’t dare displease him.

Kris sighed contentedly as he watched his pale dick being worked in and out of her wet warm mouth. He turned to Terry and said casually, “You can have her cunt if you want.”

Terry grinned and leaped up onto the desk behind his friend. In moments he had his stiffly erect freckled prick out of his jeans. He knelt between Kay’s grotesquely spread legs and directed his hot hard little rod into the wet mouth of her pussy.

Penetration was easy, not only because his cock was small, but because Kay had creamed furiously while Mel sucked her clit, and her aroused cunt was drenched and slippery. It was also scalding hot. Terry yelped with delight as he slid his cock into her twat-hole.

“Man, her cunt’s like a furnace!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, Mel got her hot,” said Rick. “She wants it real bad. But don’t let her come. Shoot your load fast and get out.”

Bastard! Kay thought.

She needed Terry’s rigid little dick, needed it badly, and hot waves of pleasure coursed through her body as the redhead began to fuck her fast and hard. She hardly noticed the ugly presence of Kris’ swollen meat in her mouth. She went on sucking his dick mechanically, but her whole being was concentrated on Terry’s deep-probing prick.

She intended to defy Rick, to achieve a climax before Terry could withdraw from her snatch. She thought it would be easy, for her hungry cunt was trembling on the very verge of a delicious orgasm. Terry’s wonderfully hard little prick sawed and jabbed in her box, creating delicious hot friction, and Kay gurgled wetly around Kris’ jabbing meat as she felt herself very near coming. This was one time when Rick wasn’t going to win, she thought.

But just as the first tantalizing stings of climax touched her, Kris came, flooding her mouth with his sticky jism. It was unexpected, and it distracted her, forcing her to swallow the jetting bursts of jizz lest they choke her. And in that moment of distraction, Terry came, too, scalding her hungry cunt with his squirting boy-spunk. His rigid little cock quickly went limp and useless. Kay could have screamed with frustration.

“Nice work,” Rick said as the two other boys crawled off her flushed body. The dark-eyed gang-leader walked closer to the desk and leered at Kay, who was writhing with unappeased lust, her pussy creaming in hot floods.

“You want it pretty bad, don’t you, baby?” he taunted.

Kay only glared at him. She despised this sadistic creature. Rick suddenly reached between her legs and seized her cum-soaked little clit, tweaking it sharply between his thumb and forefinger. Blinding pleasure ripped through her body, and Kay moaned as the grinning hood massaged her little joy-button and brought her once more to the tantalizing edge of climax. Then he let go, leaving her shaken and yearning.

“You want it,” he asserted again. “You want it really bad, don’t you?”

“Yes, damn you, YES!” Kay screamed. Maybe a truthful answer would shut him up.

Rick laughed harshly. “Well, I’m a nice guy,” he said. “Everybody knows that. I don’t like to see you suffer, so I’ll give it to you, doll. I’ll make you come.”

She wished it were anyone else but him, although even Rick would do. Anything with a stiff cock would do. She just had to get some relief from her aching horniness. Her hungry cunt contracted again and again, seeking friction, and her horny cream puddled out onto the hard desktop. She waited eagerly for Rick to mount her, to give her the hard, deep fucking she craved.

He only stood there grinning like an ape. “Yeah, baby,” he said casually, “I know you’re impatient. But I just remembered, my buddy Mel ain’t got his yet. I want you to help him get his rocks off first.”

Oh, God, not that monstrous prick in her throat again! Kay didn’t think she could endure it.

Leering, almost drooling, pale Mel let down his pants and approached her, his mammoth cock waving stiff and heavy before him.

If she could just get that huge dick in her starving cunt instead of her mouth, it would solve all her problems. In desperation, Kay batted her thick dark eyelashes and said in a husky, inviting voice, “Why don’t you ball me, Mel? That would be more fun.”

“No way,” the ugly blond boy tittered. “Like Rick said, you’re being punished. No, I got a better idea than balling.”

In her terrified imagination, Kay could already feel her throat stretched and stuffed, the horrible gagging sensation that would come when Mel forced his giant cock all the way into her protesting mouth.

She waited, weeping silently, but to her surprise Mel didn’t try to feed her his stiff drooling meat. Instead he climbed onto the desk and straddled her quaking belly, not close enough to get his cock near her lips. Giggling insanely, Mel slid his hot hard prick between the quivering mounds of her big tits.

His sweaty hands cupped the big fleshy jugs and squeezed them close together, so that his rigid prick was sandwiched between silky mounds of white titflesh. He began to fuck his long hard cock in the compressed cleavage of her huge wobbling tits.

The other boys snickered and guffawed. “Well, I never heard of that before!” laughed Terry. “Fuckin’ her tits — far-out!”

“Most chicks don’t have tits big enough for that,” said Kris, who was clearly delighted with Mel’s kinky idea. “I bet that feels pretty good, huh, Mel?”

“You better believe it!” Mel panted.

His rubbery lips flecked with spit, his pale face breaking into a horny sweat, Mel pumped his blazing-hot hard cock faster and faster between the compressed mountains of Kay’s big knockers. It was snug and hot there, and his dripping cock-head made the way wet and slippery.

Kay quivered with horror. The tender flesh of her sensitive tits was being rubbed raw by Mel’s monster cock, and every time he thrust forward, she could see the reddish-purple knob emerging from her cleavage, swollen and hard and menacing, oozing sticky slime.

Mel began to whine shrilly as he approached his climax, and he dug his wormy-white ass into her tender belly.

“Oh, Christ!” he whimpered. “Ohhh! OOHHH!”

Suddenly, with a shrill wail, Mel came, and in the split-second of time allowed her, Kay saw the thick white jism spurting from his twitching red cock-head. Then she was blinded with the stuff, getting a faceful of it as Mel howled blissfully and shot load after load of steamy scum.

Kay felt slimy jizz in her eyes, her nostrils, her mouth… With a moan of shame and horror, she tried to turn her head away, but someone behind her — no doubt Rick — held her head steady and forced her to take it all. Some of the cock-juice had squirted into her mouth, and again Kay tasted Mel’s strong salty cum and was forced to swallow it.

How much more could they humiliate her? she wondered. What worse thing could they think of than coming all over her face?

She was to get her answer very shortly. Panting, grinning like an idiot, Mel crawled off her, his long pale cock limp and dripping.

“Man,” he sighed, “that was something else. You guys oughta try it.”

“Maybe we will sometime,” said Rick. “But, Jesus, wipe her face off, will you? She’s a mess.”

Mel took out his hanky, a little dirty now from his own sweat, and mopped Kay’s sticky face. She could still feel the congealing slime, but at least she could see. She’d brought off everybody but Rick now. Surely he’d keep his promise and fuck her.

In spite of the lewd thing Mel had just done to her, Kay was still hotly aroused and frantically horny. Her fiery-hot cunt ached for a fuck, for the rough probing presence of a stiff cock, any cock…

To her relief, Rick approached her, unzipping his jeans. She saw his rigid prick pop into view. Naturally he’d gotten a tremendous hard-on from watching Mel’s kinky performance — things like that really excited Rick.

Kay knew this and despised him for it, yet she desperately wanted him to fuck her. She didn’t care who he was, as long as he had a hard cock.

When Rick let down his pants, revealing the taut pale shaft of his prick and the swollen furry bags of his balls, her shameless pussy creamed in a hot spurt that puddled out onto the desktop.

They all saw it, of course, and laughed. Kay didn’t care. Later she would feel ashamed, guilty… But right now she could only think of getting fucked. She had to have it, she just had to.

Rick didn’t climb onto the desk. Instead he turned to Mel and said, “Give me that light.”

Mel reached into his heavy leather jacket and took out a large flashlight. The handle was made of cold gleaming stainless steel, and it was about a foot long and three inches in diameter.

Grinning evilly, Rick held the thing backwards, the light pointing towards himself, and aimed the long gleaming handle towards the unprotected mouth of Kay’s cunt.

“This oughta bring you off,” he laughed.

“No, no!” Kay gasped. “No! NOOOOO!”


Kay fought the cruel ropes that bound her to the desk. She twisted and lurched and tugged, but she only succeeded in cutting her wrists and ankles on the heavy cord. She screamed as loud as she could, but there was no one in the building to hear her except the gang of grinning punks who surounded her.

Rick moved closer and closer with the long cruel handle of the flashlight, and his dark eyes gleamed with sadistic delight. His erect prick was drooling a steady stream of cock-juice, testifying to his bizarre arousal.

This guy was so sick, so twisted, that he’d rather torture a woman than fuck her, Kay realized. She was in the clutches of a sexual fiend — but there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.

“Great idea, Rick!” said Mel admiringly. He moved closer to watch as Rick moved the flashlight handle closer to Kay’s cunt. “She’ll never get a cock that big. She really oughta get off on this.”

“Hurry, hurry!” Terry panted, moving in closer, too. “I gotta see this.”

Kris also moved in for a better view, saying nothing, but his dark-blue eyes focused intently on the long metal shaft of the flashlight as it approached her open snatch.

Kay screamed one more time, in vain. It was no use. All she could do was relax and try to make her cunt muscles slack and yielding. She vowed fervently that when she got away from the gang tonight, she’d leave town. She wouldn’t even bother to pack. Now that she knew the gang was capable of torture, she wanted to put a thousand miles between her and them.

“Oh, nooo!” Kay flinched and sobbed as she felt the cold head of steel touching the moist hot flesh of her pussylips. “Please,” she sobbed, “you’ll hurt me! Please don’t do this!”

“Shut up!” Rick snapped. “It could be worse, dig? I could use a chair leg, or maybe my whole arm. You get the idea.”

She did, indeed. Kay clenched her lips and vowed to remain silent. This was a horrible thing, but considering Rick’s sadistic mind, she was getting off lucky.

There was silence in the room except for the light panting of the boys. All eyes were glued on Kay’s wet hair-fringed pussy as Rick began to wedge the thick steel butt of the flashlight into her defenseless cunt-mouth. Her pink pussylips were grotesquely stretched by the thick handle, but by twisting it, Rick managed to insert it in her hole. Then he began slowly pushing it into her snatch.

“AAHHGG!!” Kay wailed.

The thing was icy-cold and very, very thick. Perhaps it was the coldness that made her cry out, the shock of the initial freezing penetration. Certainly it wasn’t the pain, for there was no pain. To Kay’s relief, her elastic cunt muscles expanded enough to take the thing in without tearing.

The panting gang of boys huddled close around her, grinning fiendishly as they watched Rick slowly pushed the long, thick, gleaming flashlight handle up her quaking cunt-hole. At last he had it in as far as it would go, almost to the head, and Kay felt the cold metal against the end of her twat.

“Christ, her cunt’s a mile long!” snickered Terry.

“I didn’t think you’d get the whole thing in,” said Mel wonderingly.

The boys continued to pass remarks, but Kay was almost beyond hearing them. Rick began to work the long metal handle in and out of her cunt, reaming and stuffing her snatch thoroughly with every thrust, and the thick penetration of her wet cunt made an obscene slurping and sucking sound that reverberated through the empty library.

The boys laughed raucously, and Kay blushed deep red. Never in her life had she felt so ashamed, so exposed. The worst was yet to come, however. Not many moments had passed when she realized, with an even deeper blush, that the damned thing felt GOOD!

Kay sobbed, half in shame and half in frantic lust, as Rick fucked the long steel handle faster and faster in her boiling pussy. Her cunt began to cream furiously, making the noise of the thing even more lewdly wet and squishy. The boys were delighted.

“Christ,” Mel chortled, “I think she’s getting off on it!”

“She’d get off on a telephone pole,” Rick said cruelly. “She acts frigid, but our dear little librarian’s been keeping a secret. She’s got hot pants just like all chicks. They’re all the same.”

Kay thought his philosophy was a crock of shit, but that was the least of her concerns just then. The steady, deep lunges of the flashlight handle in her seething wet cunt were bringing her closer and closer to a desperately needed climax. The boys would know, of course. They’d see her coming, they’d taunt her — but she didn’t care. She had to come. Rick’s devilish schemes had kept her frustrated and horny all evening, and she could hold out no longer. She suddenly gave a hoarse wail as the delicious spasms began.

“Ahhh!” Kay moaned. “OOHHHH!”

The lush-bodied older woman arched her crotch to get maximum friction from Rick’s improvised dildo, and gushes of steamy pussy-cream shot from her climaxing cunt.

The boys howled with laughter as they watched her come. It was a sweet revenge to watch her face go twisted with lusty release, to see her big boobs wobbling furiously, as she brought herself off on that Goddamned flashlight handle. Too much, too fuckin’ much!

Rick kept his promise. He brought her off, and he let her come. His face a twisted mask of sadistic enjoyment, he fucked the cold flashlight steadily in her convulsing cunt until the last spasm of her climax had passed. Then he dropped the flashlight on the floor, leaped onto the desk, and jammed his erect prick into Kay’s gasping mouth.

It was over in a second, and she thanked God for that. Rick had gotten so aroused from frigging her with the flashlight that he’d hardly poked his cock in her mouth before he came.

He gasped and shuddered, and then she felt the sticky strong load of his jism on her tongue. She swallowed it all, rather than choke on it, and as soon as he finished coming, Rick jerked his limp meat from between her wet lips. He climbed shakily off the desk, trying to show no emotion.

“Untie her,” he snapped. He shot Kay a look of contempt and said, “Get dressed, cunt.”

Her wrists and ankles ached from the tight rope, but Kay dressed as fast as she could. Her torture was over, and she was free. The gang would, of course, threaten to visit her again tomorrow, and she’d meekly agree — only by then she’d be gone. She didn’t know where she was going yet, except that it would be far away, where they’d never find her. She finished dressing and headed for the door.

“Just where do you think you’re going, bitch?” Rick shouted.

Kay turned and gawked at him. “I’m going home,” she said. “You’re finished with me for tonight, aren’t you?”

“Oh, no,” Rick almost purred, and his dark eyes gleamed savagely. “Oh, no, we ain’t through with you. Not by a long shot. You’re coming with us, to my place. We’re gonna make a night of it.”

Icy fear gripped her heart, but Kay managed to keep her voice steady. “That’s very risky,” she said. “What if your parents come home and find us?”

Rick laughed. “No way. They’re gone for the weekend. So you an’ me an’ my buddies’ll have the place all to ourselves. Imagine that, teach. Three whole days of fun…”

They left her car in the school parking lot and drove off in Rick’s souped-up red Ford. Na one saw Danny crouching in the shadows next to Kay’s car, but Danny saw the gang leading her away, driving off. He saw Mel slyly copping a feel of Kay’s delicious ass as they got into Rick’s car, and the boy’s heart flamed with jealousy. So this was why Miss White didn’t want him any more…

Danny had been determined to find out the real reason behind Kay’s sudden rejection of him. She’d been so hot for him, and he didn’t accept her explanation for suddenly turning off. It wasn’t a matter of age, he knew that now. He’d waited for her to get off work, he was going to demand a talk — and then he saw her going off with Rick and his gang. No, it wasn’t a matter of age. She just got more action from four guys than from one, that was all. Well, he wasn’t going to just disappear, to give up without telling her what he thought of her. She couldn’t treat him like that. Danny jumped on his bicycle and set out in pursuit.

During the short drive to Rick’s house, Kay wanted to cry, but no tears came. She felt numb, washed out, drained of all emotion. She’d been through too much in the past few days, and now she was like a zombie. She knew that hideous things awaited her at Rick’s house. The gang would have perfect freedom to do whatever they wanted to her. Somewhere in her heart she was afraid, terrified, yet the emotion couldn’t surface. She was numb, so numb…

Rick lived in a run-down section of Ferndale, a scrubby neighborhood of small clapboard houses. It was Friday night, and loud parties were going on up and down the block. One more party wouldn’t be noticed. No one even glanced in their direction as Rick and his buddies hustled Kay out of the car and into the house. She could expect no help from these people.

“You sure they ain’t coming back?” Terry said nervously as Rick closed the front door and locked it.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” said Rick. “They went to see my grandmother, and she lives in Ohio. They can’t make it back till Sunday night. Relax.”

Mel, who apparently knew the house well, headed straight for the kitchen and took a six-pack of beer from the refrigerator. He started passing it around, and the boys chugged the stuff.

Kay was frightened. They apparently meant to get drunk fast, to get very drunk — and Rick’s next words confirmed it.

“That beer’ll do for openers,” he said, “but I got something better to chase it with.” He reached behind the sofa and took out a bottle of whiskey.

“Make us some drinks,” he said to Mel. “Make one for our lady friend, too. She could probably use one.”

The gang snickered as Mel went to make the drinks. They settled into chairs, leaving Kay standing uneasily in the center of the tiny living room, and Rick turned on the radio to a loud rock station. Mel returned in a moment with tall glasses, clinking with ice, and passed them around.

The drink was half-whiskey, but Kay gulped it down greedily. Rick was right, she needed it. She desperately needed something to get her through the next few days of torment. Rick’s parents wouldn’t be back for forty-eight hours. She didn’t know if she could survive that long.

Rick waited till she drained her glass, then snatched it from her. He turned the radio up louder and settled back in his chair.

“Time for some entertainment,” he said, grinning cruelly at Kay. “You’re gonna dance for us, baby. And you’re gonna strip. Make it real professional, okay?”

The boys hooted and applauded, while Kay blushed hotly. Rick always thought of some way to humiliate her. She knew better than to argue, however. Alone in that house with four husky boys, she didn’t have a chance of fighting her way to freedom. Blushing with shame, she began to sway to the blaring rock music, and her trembling fingers fumbled on the buttons of her blouse…

The boys watched, mesmerized, and for once they were silent. No hoots, no crude remarks, no taunts — only four pairs of gleaming eyes focused on Kay’s swaying, statuesque body. In the soft yellow light of the little room, they rediscovered something they’d forgotten. Kay White was beautiful.

She was tall, elegantly shaped, and graceful, a dream of a woman who moved well to the music and hypnotized them with her sensuously curved, undulating body. Her dark hair fell in thick gleaming waves almost to her waist, swinging as she danced, and her marvelous tits jutted out strong and defiant, quivering lightly with each movement.

The cruel hard faces of the gang members softened for a while as each attended to his private thoughts. Secretly each one of them had yearned for a woman like this, a gorgeous older woman who epitomized mature ripe femininity. They had fantasized such a woman for a long time, and now she was theirs.

Kay could see the effect she was having, and it perversely pleased her. She added more sensuous movements to her dance, and she undressed with tantalizing slowness. For a brief time, she had the power, and she meant to enjoy it. The whiskey had helped relax her, too.

She danced easily and well, and she stripped off her clothing, piece by piece, with graceful and enticing movements. She shrugged lightly out of her blouse and tossed it aside, and all eyes were focused on the ripe, swelling cleavage of her big boobs as they quivered in the tight confinement of her bra. Next she unzipped her skirt and let it slither to the floor, then deftly kicked it away.

She swayed before the pop-eyed boys in her skimpy black lace bra and panties, like some adolescent erotic fantasy come to life. She saw Mel licking his lips, and even silent stern Kris leaned forward in his chair to watch her. She kicked off her black high-heeled shoes, then reached behind her to unhook her bra.

When she tossed her bra aside, there was a collective gasp. Her huge, olive-skinned tits tumbled free of their confinement, great long melon-shaped boobs that swung heavily as she danced. She was shameless now.

She put her hands on her hips and jutted her chest out defiantly, shaking her big tits like some taunting whore. Her white teeth flashed, her dark hair swirled wildly, and she shook her great brown-nippled tits at her gawking audience, making them bounce and jiggle obscenely. Terry, without taking his eyes off her, began to rub his bulging crotch.

Kay slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties and began to slip them down with mischievous slowness. The boys leaned far forward in their chairs, and Mel spilled his drink without even noticing it.

She inched the lacy garment down, and dark gleaming pussy curls began to spring into view. She twirled around, presenting her back to her audience, and tugged her panties down a little more, revealing the pale melons of her ripe buttcheeks. She turned again and drew the skimpy garment down over the gleaming black bush of her beaver, thrusting her belly forward obscenely.

Mel was panting loudly now, and the other boys were flushed and gawking. Kay skinned the tight panties down her long shapely legs and kicked the tiny garment aside. She stood before the boys in naked splendor, haughty and defiant. The drink had made her bold, and she felt almost good.

But Rick had to spoil it. He had to break the mood. “Show us some pussy!” he called. “Show us a little meat, baby!”

Well, to hell with him. If he thought he could embarrass her, intimidate her, he was wrong. Fortified by the whiskey, Kay felt up to anything. Laughing, she spread her long legs lewdly wide and jerked her hips back and forth in a crude humping motion, giving the gawking boys tantalizingly brief glimpses of her stiff red clit and the plump, moist pink lips of her pussy. She whirled around and shook her pale round ass at them, revealing the hair-fringed scarlet line of her slit. She could hear all of them panting now, even Rick.

But Rick didn’t like to be controlled, to feel helpless emotion. He leaped to his feet and turned down the radio, breaking the spell.

“Nice, baby, real nice,” he said, “but it’s time for some action.”

“I’m here to tell ya,” sighed Terry. “My cock’s so hard, I think it’s gonna burst.”

“Who gets to go first?” panted Mel.

“Yeah,” Kris said belligerently, “you gonna make us wait again?”

Rick waved his hands for silence. “No problem,” he said. “Nobody has to wait this time. We’ll fuck her all at once.”

“WHAT!” came the startled exclamations.

Mel giggled and shook his head. “Now how the hell you gonna work that?” he said.

“Figure it out,” Rick said impatiently. “Or do I have to show you?”

“Yeah, show us,” said Kris dryly. “We’re dummies.”

Rick sighed. “Okay, okay. But a third-grader could figure it out.”

He approached Kay, and she automatically started to back away from him. She knew that look in his eyes, knew it all too well. That steely glint, that cruel penetrating stare, told her that Rick had devised some new torture for her, some new twist to shame and humiliate her.

Rick seized her wrist painfully tight and dragged her back to the center of the room. He twisted her arm and forced her to her knees. The beautiful naked librarian sank down with a gasp of pain, her big pale tits shaking heavily. Then Rick glanced at his buddies and settled on husky, barrel-chested Kris.

“Get over here,” he commanded. “I need you to start.”

The blond walked to the center of the room. Kay noticed that his pale cock was hard as a rock, standing straight up and hugging his flat belly. Kris wasn’t cringing, like Mel. He looked at his leader with calm curiosity.

“Yeah?” he said. “What do I do?”

Rick leaned over and whispered something to him, and Kris grinned.

“Well, all right!” he laughed. “That sounds far-out!”

Kay wished they would give her some warning, some idea of what was to happen. As Kris knelt down beside her, she had no idea what he intended. He seemed more animated, more excited than usual, which told her that Rick must have thought of something really special — something kinky enough to arouse even stem, silent Kris.

“On your knees, cunt,” said Rick. “Get that pretty little ass up in the air.”

His lewd instructions made the other boys snicker. Flushing, Kay obeyed, getting onto her hands and knees, raising her superbly round butt. She heard Kris breathing heavily behind her. Then she felt his hard hands on her hips as he steadied himself in the act of mounting her. Her pussy grew hot with longing. Kris wasn’t a sadist like Rick, a creep like Mel. He was a handsome boy, and she wouldn’t at all mind a nice stiff fucking from him. Thanks to the whiskey, she’d lost a lot of her inhibitions, and she figured she might as well relax and enjoy herself. Her cunt-mouth grew hot and wet and eager as she anticipated the first delicious plunge of Kris’ hard cock.

“OHHH, MY GOD, NO!” she screamed.

In one sudden brutal plunge, Kris had jabbed his rock-hard prick into the tiny wrinkled mouth of her asshole. It hurt like no pain she’d ever felt before.

Kay screamed and screamed as Kris forced his thick cock into her virgin bung, tearing and stretching the pencil-thin opening. She tried desperately to shake him off, but Rick and Terry quickly dropped to their knees beside her and held her in place. Kris grunted and panted as he pushed his thick meat deeper and deeper into her resisting, narrow bung.

“Oh, please, NO!” Kay screamed. “It hurts! Oh, God, you’ll kill me!”

“Shut up!” Rick snarled. “I can hurt you a lot worse than this.”

He reached for one of her big dangling tits and pinched it cruelly, making Kay sob with pain.

“You get the idea?” he snarled. “Now you just shut up and take it, cunt.”

Kay could not be quiet — her agony demanded tears and screams — but she didn’t struggle any more. She knelt there shaking and moaning as Kris forced his rock-hard prick into her tight, bruised asshole.

It was hard work, and the blond boy broke into a heavy sweat as he labored over her, but at last his cruelly hard, thick meat was lodged in her ass all the way to the root, his swollen balls jammed tightly between the trembling cheeks of her butt.

Kay thought she would faint she hurt so badly. She knelt there, agonizingly skewed on Kris’ deep-digging cock, her tiny asshole stretched almost to bursting.

“How’s it feel, buddy?” Rick asked eagerly.

“Tight,” grunted Kris. “Oh, Jesus, it’s tight! I never fucked a cunt as little as this. Man, this is great…”

“Okay, do what I said,” Rick instructed.

Kay gasped as Kris pulled her backward, carefully keeping her asshole fully impaled on his thick pulsing meat. He went down on his back — and pulled Kay with him, so that she rested with her back on his broad strong chest. Her weight didn’t seem to bother him. He sighed and began to work his rigid prick slowly in her torn bung.

“Nice,” he panted, “real nice.”

“Okay, Mel, climb on,” said Rick.

Mel gawked at him. “Huh? Where?”

“On top, stupid,” said Rick. “Fuck her cunt.” Mel finally got the idea. Grinning like an idiot, he shucked off his jeans, his mammoth cock popping out stiffly to sway before him. He knelt between Kay and Kris’ legs, and he giggled as he directed the huge swollen head of his prick into the mouth of Kay’s cunt.

“It’s gonna be an awful tight fit,” he said.

“You’ll make it,” Rick said impatiently. “Hurry up. We wanta have our turn, too.”

Ever obedient, Mel jammed his super-big dick into Kay’s defenseless cunt.

Kay gasped loudly. His giant prick, slipping in alongside Kris’ full erect cock, made her belly so full that she could hardly breathe. She felt as if she’d burst with two bloated cocks stuffing her, reaming her, one in the painfully tight passage of her asshole, the other in her compressed cunt. Mel grunted and quickly pushed his huge dong all the way to her womb.

“Far-out!” he sighed. “It’s really tight like this.” He giggled shrilly. “Hey, Kris, I can feel your cock!”

“I can feel yours, too,” Kris panted. “Man, this is weird. I really dig it.”

Kay was far from “digging” it. She was afraid of being torn, ripped, by the combined action of their deeply buried pricks.

Kris began to move in her ass again, probing her raked bung in long, slow, deep strokes. Mel tittered as he felt his buddy’s cock working so close to his, separated only by a thin membrane. The bizarre friction excited him, and he, too, began to move his prick, thoroughly stuffing and filling Kay’s tight slick cunt.

Kay trembled and moaned. It felt as if her whole belly was on fire from the friction of a hundred cocks. She tried to relax her pelvis, to protect herself from being torn. It worked. If she stayed limp and relaxed, there was just enough room in her crowded holes to accommodate both pricks.

Rick nodded approvingly, then turned to Terry.

“Our turn,” he said.

“Sure,” Terry laughed, “but where?”

“In her mouth,” said Rick. “That’s the only place left, ain’t it?”

“Oh, no!” wailed Kay. “No, please!”

Rick raised his hand to strike her, and she quickly fell silent. She would have to endure it, the double-stuffing of her mouth, no matter how uncomfortable it was. With Kris and Mel humping away in her cunt and asshole, there was little room left, but Rick and Terry managed to kneel on either side of her head. Terry looked doubtful about the idea, but Rick was grinning savagely as he shook his limp pale cock before her frightened eyes.

“Open wide, baby,” he said. “You gotta blow us both, and I want you to do a good job.”

If there’d been any way to manage it, Kay would have killed him. She hated this evil guy with an intensity that frightened her. Yet he knew his power over her, and she knew it, too. He wasn’t afraid to trust his cock to her mouth, wasn’t afraid she’d bite his dick. She despised him for it.

“Open up.”

Lost in her fantasies of revenge against Rick, Kay hadn’t obeyed quickly enough. He raised his hand as if to hit her, and she swiftly opened her mouth as wide as she could.

“That’s better,” he hissed.

He stuffed his doughy pale prick onto her tongue, then grinned at Terry.

“Go ahead. Give her some cock…”

Terry, sniggering, poked his fully erect cock into Kay’s mouth. Grimly she closed her lips around the two pricks, one hard and one soft, and began to suck mechanically on them. There was no way she could enjoy a thing like that. Her mouth was stuffed too full, so she could hardly breathe, and her lips were cruelly stretched.

The two boys didn’t seem to notice the coldness of her performance. They sighed, squealed, and moaned as she began to suck their cocks, and it wasn’t long before she felt Rick’s meat going rigid, too. Then her mouth really was crowded. She thanked God that Mel hadn’t been chosen for this assignment.

Rough, hard cock-heads pounded the delicate lining of her cheeks and the back of her throat, and her tongue was jammed down to the bottom of her mouth. The two silky stiff pricks rubbed side by side, setting up a bizarre friction that made Terry go red in the face with lust and made Rick grin sensually.

“Man, this is sorta weird,” Terry grunted.

“So what?” gasped Rick. “It’s fun, ain’t it? Dig it, man. Enjoy.”

Enjoy? Kay wondered if she was enjoying any part of this four-way rape. Her body felt literally stuffed with hard, pounding cocks. Rick and Terry began to move their hips helplessly, reaming her tender mouth and throat, while beneath her Kris grunted and sweated as he worked his stiff meat in her bruised asshole.

Above her, Mel was whining with keen pleasure as he worked his enormous thick dick in her compressed cunt, feeling his buddy’s prick jabbing back and forth just a thin membrane away. She was being totally used, disgustingly exploited. Could she possibly enjoy such a thing?

The answer was yes!

To her astonishment and horror, Kay found herself getting aroused even by this filthy game Rick had devised. Mel’s gigantic prick always felt good to her, she admitted that. It was the prick of her fantasies, the kind she’d always wanted during those long lonely years without a man. Kris’ cock in her asshole made her cunt smaller, narrower, though, which increased the sweet hot friction she got from Mel’s giant dong.

It felt very good, indeed. As Mel panted and fucked away, her ever-hungry cunt grew blazing hot and began to cream abundantly all around his thick, probing tool.

It didn’t surprise her that she enjoyed being fucked by the well-hung blond guy, for even repressed Kay could admit that fucking was normal and natural. What she didn’t understand was why Kris’ rigid probing in her bruised asshole was beginning to feel good, too. She hadn’t realized that her bung was capable of erotic sensations, but she knew it now.

Once the initial pain was over, once she was used to that tight, jabbing presence in her tiny asshole, she began to get sharp heady stabs of pleasure from the husky boy’s butt-fucking.

It got to feeling better and better, especially when Mel and Kris began fucking in an identical rhythm, both shoving into her cunt and asshole at the same time. With each double plunge, Kay felt dizzying pleasure, hot friction, that melted her crotch and made her want to moan aloud… But she couldn’t make a sound, of course. Her mouth was full of two other busy cocks.

She could scarcely believe it, but she was starting to enjoy even that — cocksucking, which she’d always despised. The two poking pricks were warm, silky, rather pleasant to suck, and she found that she didn’t mind their heavy presence in her mouth.

In fact the hotter she got, from the doublefucking of her cunt and asshole, the harder and more willingly she sucked on the two pricks that stuffed her mouth. Saliva pooled hotly in her mouth and bathed Terry and Rick’s poking peters in fiery warmth. Her sucking grew wet and noisy, a lewd squishing sound that filled the room.

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” Rick yelped. “Suck that meat! Suck it like you loved it!”

Maybe she did. She might possibly love every weird thing he forced her to do. Kay no longer knew what depths her incredible lust would lead her to. She was frightened of herself. If she could get off on four boys using her body, there was no telling what kinky thing she’d try next…

Her wide hips began working in time with the two stiff rods that filled her belly. She humped furiously, taking in Mel and Kris’ plunging pricks as deep as she could.

Mel couldn’t go much deeper, for his incredibly long dick was already butting the end of her cunt, but Kris responded to her horny movements by jabbing his hot hard cock deep into her tight asshole — and that stinging plunge jolted her into the first blissful pangs of orgasm.

She gave a loud, wet gurgle, the only noise she could make, and her lush body began to shake as she came.

Helplessly, her throat muscles convulsing, Kay swallowed both cocks that occupied her mouth, and Terry and Rick yelped with pleasure as they felt the fiery slick tightness of her throat closing around their bloated pricks.

Kay felt their combined jism shooting to her belly.

Her climaxing cunt began to contract rhythmically, milking Mel’s huge dong, making him come with a shrill squeal. Her narrow asshole went into spasms, squeezing Kris’ deeply buried prick so hard that he, too, began to shoot his load. Her body was filled with squirting cocks, steamy boy-jizz, at both ends — and she loved it.

Her body shook violently with pleasure as all four boys came in her at once.


Danny drove his car as fast as he could through the dark night streets of Ferndale, but of course he couldn’t go as fast as Rick’s souped-up car. Fortunately he saw the direction Rick had taken, towards the “bad” part of town, and guessed where the gang was going. He knew where Rick lived, for he’d once had a paper route in that section.

After a twenty-minute ride, Danny reached the ugly little clapboard house. He stalked silently towards the house. Now that he was there, he really didn’t know what he wanted to do. To confront Miss White, to tell her what he thought of her? Yes — but how? He was no match for the four husky gang members. Best to get the lay of the land first.

Danny reached the living-room window and peered cautiously inside. What he saw made his handsome face flush with shock and anger.

Holy Christ, she was taking on all of them at once! Beautiful Miss White, the austere and dignified woman of his dreams, was lying stark naked on the floor, surrounded by panting squealing naked boys.

As far as Danny could make out, Kris was fucking her in the ass, while Mel screwed her cunt, and Terry and Rick had their cocks in her mouth. She was sucking those cocks like crazy, and her lovely wide hips moved hornily to the fuck-strokes of the cocks in her cunt and asshole.

No wonder she’d abandoned Danny! If she craved this kind of action, she needed more than one man.

Danny hung his head. In spite of his disgust and anger, he still loved her. Maybe he could forgive her for all this, win her back. He found himself reluctant to confront her, to break off with her once and for all. He’d wait awhile, see what happened…

Perhaps things were not as he thought. Perhaps Miss White was still his ideal woman after all.

Rick fell back onto the carpet, his dripping limp meat slipping from Kay’s mouth. “Whew!” he gasped. “That was far-out!”

“You’re tellin’ me,” sighed Terry, who had also fallen back exhausted on the floor. “But what do we do for an encore?”

Mel slowly withdrew his limp wet prick from Kay’s flooded cunt. He wiped his sweaty forehead and pulled off his steamy glasses to clean them.

“Yeah, Rick,” he giggled, “that’s gonna be a pretty hard act to follow. We got her for the whole weekend, but I sure as hell don’t see how you’re gonna top this.”

Kris, silent as usual, slipped out from under Kay’s heaving limp body. He sat close beside her, fondling her damp full boobs, looking down at her with an intent but inscrutable gaze. It made Kay nervous, and she was glad when he went away to find a cigarette.

Meanwhile Rick was responding to his buddies’ taunts. “I got something that’ll top even this,” he said, giggling softly as he thought of it. “Let’s take a break, then I’ll show you.”

Kay was relieved when the boys moved away into the corner and passed around a joint of marijuana which Terry produced from some secret cache. She was so drained and bruised, she could hardly move. Her mind seemed numb again, shocked into insensibility by the thing she’d just been through. Never in her wildest most horny fantasies had she imagined taking on more than one man at once, and now she’d had four.

She’d serviced four boys simultaneously, with her mouth and asshole and cunt, and, even worse, she’d gotten crazily aroused by it. She hated herself. Was she some kind of nymphomaniac, unable to resist a hard cock?

Nevertheless she had to try to get out of this sordid mess. If she could survive this weekend, hold out till the gang let her go, she would leave Ferndale and try to make a new life for herself somewhere else. If they let her go…

The pungent smell of pot wafted across the room, pleasantly invading her nostrils, and she wished that she, too, had something to make her high, something to ease the tension of her body and drown out the voice of her conscience. Suddenly she gasped and started — she hadn’t noticed, but Kris had appeared beside her. As if in answer to a prayer, he was holding out a tall glass of whiskey. Kay gawked at him. Kris was hardly the Good Samaritan type. He had to be up to something.

“Take it,” he said, thrusting the glass towards her. “I made it for you. I figured you might need it.”

What the hell? She didn’t care about his motives. She needed the drink badly. She took it from him and almost drained it in one long swallow. Welcome warmth, sweet numbness, began to invade her body almost immediately. Kris watched her intently, and he began to speak in a low voice that the others couldn’t hear.

“I don’t like sharing my women,” he said. “I particularly don’t like sharing you with that asshole Rick. Sure, he’s older, and he’s the leader, but I’m planning on leaving the gang. When I do, I want you to be my woman. If they give us any trouble, I’ll take care of them. You and I could have some real fun together. I’m up for anything, and I can tell you are, too. I really liked fucking you in the ass, baby. I got off on that. I’d like to do it again, and I bet you’d dig it…”

He went on like that, a very long speech for silent Kris, describing the bizarre and sadistic things he wanted to do to her. Kay realized, with horror, that Kris was just another version of Rick and less talkative but equally sick. He told how he wanted to form his own gang, and how he wanted Kay to be their communal woman. She almost laughed out loud — though not from amusement. If this was to be her future in Ferndale, to be passed from one teen-age gang to another, she might as well be dead.

“What d’ya say, baby?” Kris was asking. “Will you come with me when I split this gang?”

No point in making him angry. Besides, she might be able to use him. “Of course, Kris,” she said warmly. “I’ve always been most attracted to you. Maybe you can keep Rick from hurting me this weekend. I don’t know how much more I can take…”

Kris nodded. “You bet I will. I don’t want any damaged goods.” He reached out and tweaked her tender brown nipple so hard that she had to grit her teeth in order not to scream. He grinned. “You and I are gonna have a real good time. You’ll see.”

Oh, no, I won t, Kay thought grimly. He was just like Rick — getting his kicks from hurting people — but he actually thought she enjoyed being hurt! Again Kay suppressed a bitter laugh. She’d rather be dead than become Kris’ “woman”. He didn’t know that, of course, and at least she’d enlisted his help against Rick.

Kris had slipped his hand between her legs and was rubbing her bruised red clit so hard that she wanted to scream. She was actually relieved when she heard Rick’s voice again.

“Hey, man,” he called, “what’re you doing to her? Share and share alike, buddy.”

“Sorry,” said Kris, pulling his hand from Kay’s steamy snatch. He winked at her, sealing their conspiracy, then got up and walked away. Kay breathed a sigh of relief. With friends like Kris, she certainly didn’t need enemies.

“So what’s shaking?” said Kris, strolling casually over to his buddies. “I got bored, man. That’s why I was fooling with her. Seems like nothing’s happening.”

“Well, it’s about to happen,” Rick snapped. “We just wanta finish this joint. Then I’ll show you something you won’t believe.”

“Sure, sure,” said Kris skeptically.

Rick’s face grew hot. “You don’t believe me, huh? Okay, I’ll show you right now.”

He leaped up and bounded from the room. “Hey, man,” Mel said nervously to Kris, “what’s your problem? You don’t wanta make him mad. You know how he gets.”

Kris almost spat in contempt. “So what is he, king or something?”

“Take it easy,” said Terry. “Let’s not spoil the fun.”

Rick tried to get to his feet and found that he had to do it slowly, carefully. “Shit,” he giggled, “I’m drunk. Gotta get to the kitchen, find a toy.”

“A toy?” Kris tittered. “We gonna play with toys?”

“No, we’re gonna play with this cunt here,” said Rick, who had finally succeeded in standing up. “Be right back. Bring big surprise…”

“I like sure-surprises,” said Terry, swaying dizzily. He, too, was gagging crazily.

Kay feared their wild drunkenness. There was no telling what they’d do to her with all their inhibitions drowned in booze, all their animalistic instincts released. When Rick staggered back from the kitchen, her worst fears were realized. He was carrying an enormous hard sausage, still wrapped in its grocery plastic.

“See,” he giggled, “I said a big surprise.”

The other boys laughed and applauded. “What you gonna do with that?” Mel asked drunkenly. “We gonna eat it?”

“No, dummy,” said Kris, giggling. “He’s gonna stick it up her cunt.”

“Right again,” said Rick, staggering over to Kay. “You’re a real bright boy. That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Stick it up her cunt…”

Kay screamed and leaped to her feet. The enormous sausage was almost two feet long and a good six inches thick. It would kill her!

She raced for the door, but even in his drunken dizziness Rick managed to catch her. He dragged her back to the center of the room where his eager buddies helped force her to the floor. Kay found herself pinned on her back, her legs forced wide apart, her cunt exposed. Rick swayed over her, waving the huge hard sausage, grinning savagely.

From his hiding place in the dark hallway he’d seen Rick getting the sausage, heard what the sadistic gang-leader planned to do with it. The sausage was far too big for Kay’s small cunt. She would be cruelly torn, perhaps even killed, by that thing. Danny had to save her before Rick could carry out his horrible scheme.

First he created a diversion, hoping to lure at least some of the gang away from Kay. He spotted a waste basket filled with crumpled papers, and he quickly lit a match to it. It blazed up fast.

Danny ducked into a dark alcove, planning to wait there and take on the gang one by one as they ran to investigate the flames. But his fire was more effective than he’d intended. It caught the dry wallpaper, creating suffocating clouds of smoke. He dropped to his knees, coughing and choking…

“Hey, I smell smoke!” Mel said dizzily.

Rick had dropped to his knees and was about to thrust the enormous sausage into Kay’s defenseless cunt. She was sobbing frantically, trying to fight off the boys’ iron grip on her arms and legs. Rick sniffed the air, looked around, and suddenly went pale.

“Hey,” he said dizzily, “the house’s on fire! Gotta stop… Get water…”

Kay felt them letting go of her wrists and ankles just as the suffocating cloud of smoke billowed into the room. She heard strangled cries as the drugged hoods crumpled onto the floor, overcome by smoke and the sleeping pills. She was coughing, choking, close to fainting from the deadly fumes, when someone gathered her up and began carrying her across the room.

She fainted, and she didn’t know how much time passed before she woke to the cold night air and the tickle of wet grass beneath her naked body.

She was lying behind bushes somewhere, and there was a slim warm body on top of her. Someone was fucking her, and she felt an instant quiver of pleasure as she woke to the rigid jerking of his cock inside her clinging cunt.

“Darling,” Danny whispered hoarsely. “I love you so much. I saved you because I love you. You belong to me, just me… Because I love you.”

That had been Danny’s explanation for burning down the house with all four boys inside. He’d managed to find clothes for her, to get her home before the fire engines came, before the police arrived.

On that drunken Friday night, none of the neighbors remembered seeing a woman go into Rick’s house. They only remembered that Rick’s parents had been out of town and that the unmanageable teen-ager had had one of his wild parties. They testified that Rick and his friends often took drugs and did crazy things.

The police drew the obvious conclusion — Rick and his three buddies had passed out on drugs and died in an accidental fire. There was nothing to implicate Danny.

Kay didn’t intend to tell the truth about Danny, either. In her mind it wasn’t Danny’s fault. It was her fault. Her insane lust had twisted his mind, and she was responsible for the four deaths.

It was a blot on her conscience Kay would never forget, no matter how far away she traveled. Nevertheless, she was leaving.

In the grey dawn, Kay while took a train west, her destination unknown as yet. She wondered if she could salvage her life, or if the dark madness inside her would lead again to destruction.

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