I shot my cum deep into her pussy

It was a quiet balmy afternoon and I had very little to do, so I thought
I would go for a stroll though the woods at the back of the property. At
this time of the year a walk through the wood was always relaxing and gave
me lots of time to let my mind go blank and leave the work behind.

I had been walking for about ten minutes when I became aware of some
giggling just over to right, in the scrub. What was so funny about me taking
a walk? I heard the giggle again, and became aware that the giggler had
not been alerted to my presence. I decided to investigate and I slowly
walked over towards the shrubs that hid the giggler.

When I finally saw around the shrub, while standing behind a tree, I
could see that two young ladies, in, I would say, their early twenties,
were lying there on a blanket. They were on their bellies facing away from
me, so there was no way they could see me. The giggles were directed at
a magazine they were looking at. They were a little too far away for me
to determine what magazine they were looking at, but quietly I hoped that
it was something sexy.

I moved a little closer to the next tree, making sure that they would
not spot me, and sure enough, it was an adult magazine with close-ups of
couples fucking. It was a double-entry picture that they were interested
in and giggling at.

It was evident that the looking and chattering was getting both of them
a little horny. Ruth (as I was to find out later) slowly slid onto her
knees by raising her ass into the air, while staying on her elbows. This
manoeuvre gave me a good view of her ass as it rose slowly into the air
and pointed right at me. It was a cute ass with her short skirt only half
covering it, revealing her white panties, covering her slit and part of
her cute cheeks. It was now very obvious that she was horny, from the darkened
wet area that covered her slit. When she settled in her new position, her
left hand popped up between her legs and moved the panties aside, and her
index fingers to slid along her slit. "Ohhh… That feels good,"
she said to her friend Jane.

"Let me make a little easier for you, Ruth," Jane said, blocking
my view as she moved around behind her. This was most annoying. I had a
terrific view of something I had only ever dreamt about, and she was moving
to block it off. All was to be forgiven as she proceeded to remove Ruth’s
panties. Once this was done, Jane slipped out of her own panties, took
up position to Ruth’s right, and joined in by playing with her own pussy.
Another giggle emerged from them and they gave each other a kiss. Ruth,
by this time, had two fingers darting in and out, in and out of her pussy
at a steady pace. Jane had one finger in her own while they kissed.

Of course, my little worrier was ready for engagement and fighting to
breathe the fresh air of the wood by now. Who am I to hold him back and
spoil his fun? So I released him by dropping my pants, and started to stroke
him, while I continued to watch the proceedings.

Ruth was finger-fucking faster now. I was sure that she didn’t have
much longer to go. They were both moaning now as they fingered themselves.
I stepped out of my pants slowly, approached them, hoping that they would
not spot me. Ruth was getting so close now, so I eased over to her. They
still were not aware of my presence, being too involved in their own ecstasy.
She (Ruth) just removed her fingers from her pussy for a second and I took
my chance and placed throbbing cock at her beautiful entrance. Just as
she was about to reinsert her fingers I gently moved into her. She let
out a lovely moan as I entered her. Realizing now what was happening to
her, and not wanting her friend to know as yet, she grabbed Jane’s head
and kissed her.

I started fucking away in her. Oh, it felt good. What is more, it was
a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Jane removed her hand now so I replaced
it with mine. She groaned and looked up at me with a wicked smile, and
swung her hips around give me a better angle. This also meant that she
very lightly brushed her ass against Ruth’s, which set Ruth off. Her contractions
were so tight that I thought I was never going to be able to pull out again.
It was so magnificent that I forgot to keep stroking Jane. "Don’t
you stop you …"

Ruth had finished and collapsed to the blanket. The unexpected cock
made her orgasm so intense that she needed a rest. So, I moved over and
shoved it into Jane. She really moaned loudly as I thrust into her. It
was getting more urgent for me too now, so I was not so gentle on my initial
entry into Jane.

"Fuck me hard … you bastard!" she yelled at me. Who was I
to refuse? So I did. I fucked and fucked. Her moans were getting louder
until she could not hold back any more, and her orgasm convulsed throughout
her body. Her contracting cunt squeezed me even harder than Ruth’s did.
This was too much for me, so with one extra-deep hard thrust into her,
I dumped my load deep into her pussy. At least five spurts and my knees
buckled, making her slide down onto the blanket with me following her down,
still inside her. Worn out, I got off her and lay between them to relax.

Ruth moved over a little closer and put one leg over me and kissed me.
"Thank you for the wonderful surprise. This will be an afternoon to
remember," she said.

A kiss and "Ditto" from Jane.

"You’re both welcome, and I certainly won’t be forgetting this
afternoon. But it’s not over yet." I said. We relaxed there in the
shade of the trees and caught our breath. The afternoon definitely was
not over yet.

After we caught our breath, I commented that I had fucked both of them
but not even kissed them propery yet, apart from the peck they’d both given
me just before. "I’ll fix that," said Ruth and she moved her
head over and proceeded to dart her tongue deep into my mouth. Wow that
was good. Jane also came up and we had the most magnificent three-way kiss
I have ever had. We lay there for what seemed hours darting our tongues
in and out of each other’s mouths.

Needless to say, our nether regions were beginning stir again. Mine
certainly was. My cock started to straighten with rapid speed, and Ruth’s
and Jane’s cunts were getting wet enough to start wetting my legs as they
half lay on me.

"Oh, God, don’t let this stop," I thought, "this is incredible,"
not being able to talk because my mouth was filled by three tongues.

Jane’s hips started moving as she became more excited, so I manoeuvred
my hands so that I could insert a finger into each of their cunts. They
both let out little moans as they moved their hips to fuck my fingers.
Ruth was first to break this loooong three-way kiss, and swung round to
deep-throat me. "Jane, I like your flavour mixed with his cum,"
she said, as she sucked real hard.

Wow! that was fantastic. "Jane, move your cunt up here," I
commanded. She promptly did and I gave her a licking that made my jaw sore.
Jane, not wanting to be idle, proceeded to lick Ruth’s cunt. So, there
we were, in a round robin licking fest, the perfect love triangle. Licking
and sucking each other like the world was about to end. Jane’s cunt was
soaking with a mixture of her juices and my load from before, which I must
say tasted delightful, so I proceeded to lick it all off as her moans increased.

Ruth was so expert at this. Just as I was about to cum, she stopped
and swung around to kiss Jane, after which they traded places. Jane’s mouth
descended over my throbber with gentle determination. She started licking
the head ever so lightly that it was sending me wild with sensation, but
not enough to make me cum.

I sunk my tongue into Ruth’s cunt with such force that it made her jump
a little and give a little yelp of pleasure. She pushed back a little with
her ass so that I could get better access to her clit. Moving a little
closer and slightly beneath her, I could now also reach her breasts with
one hand. I proceeded to massarge here right breast through her thin bra.
Her erect nipple was pressing into my palm. Gently taking the top of her
bra, I pulled it down to let her breast fall out. Now, I licked her juicy
cunt and gently squeezed her nipple. With this, she lost control. She removed
her mouth from Jane’s cunt and lurched up and pressed harder on my face
so my tongue would penetrate as far as possible. As she started to cum,
I gently inserted a finger from the free hand into her ass. This made her
squeeze her cunt so tight I thought she would pull my tongue off. Wave
after wave she contracted her cunt uncontrollably on my tongue, emitting
moans as she shook and lurched up and down on my face and finger.

Seeing this, Jane could not hold back. She stopped sucking, straddled
me, and impaled herself on my shaft as hard as she could. She rocked and
pumped as if her life depended on it. Leaning over, she kissed Ruth as
her orgasm was subsiding. The kiss started another sequence of contractions
in Ruth’s cunt.

Jane’s thrusts now increased in speed as she thumped herself onto my
pelvic bone as hard as she could. With another kiss, she started to cum,
still bouncing up and down on me. Then, she gave out a gasp and her cunt
gave one very strong contraction on my cock so that she sucked out my load
as she rose again. I followed her up with my pelvis because I wanted to
dump deep inside her.

Ruth had turned and started to kiss me, which increased my sensations
to a point of ecstacy I never experienced until that time.

The three of us were totally fucked now, and flopped back onto the blanket
as we did before, gently kissing each other in the afterglow of this terrific
fuck. Catching my breath, I said, "Ruth, Jane now has two loads from
me, and you missed out so far. We must remedy that sometime."

"That finger up my ass made me cum so… hhhh intensely that the
absence of cock was not a problem," she said. "But we can start
right now, if you are ready for it?"

"Let me rest. Please. I am worn out, but how about we get dressed
and walk back to my house, clean up and have something to eat. This fucking
has made me hungry."

Ruth straightened her bra and they folded the blacket with their panties
inside it. I retrieved my pants from the other side of the shrubs and put
them on, without my breifs, because Jane used them to wipe excess cum that
was dripping from her pussy onto her inner thighs. The sight of that started
a reaction in cock again. "Down boy, you have to wait a little now!"
Jane said when she noticed.

"Easier said than done"

As we walked back to the house, we discussed how long I had been watching
before I joined in, and how they came to being there in the first place.
Ruth had the blanket (with panties) under one arm and fondled their bare
asses under their skirts as we walked along.

A most pleasurable walk. I must have these walks more often. When we
got to the house, I let us in via the backdoor. I made a line for bathroom.
Ruth and Jane chorused, "Where’s the bathroom?"

"That’s where I’m heading. Just follow me." Ruth dropped the
blanket and they followed.

By the time we got there they were both naked–the first time I’d seen
them completely naked. I had really missed something before. Anyway, first
things first. I dropped my pants and began to relieve myself into the bowl.
Jane and Ruth both came over to watch. This made my cock hard again and
that meant that I had to be seated so I wouldn’t spray the walls.

Jane noticed the bidet next to me and promptly sat down to use it. When
Ruth took over from me, I finally got a chance to take in the view of these
two young vixens. They were both of medium build, which suits me fine because
I don’t like women who have to keep moving to get wet in the shower. Ruth
is about 5’6" and Jane 5’3". They both have nice tits about 34B
and bit, a nice firm handful. Both had silky auburn hair. Ruth had blue-grey
eyes and Jane had piercing sexy green eyes. I leaned over to give them
both a squeeze on their breasts and another three way kiss.

While I was kissing them, I squeezed their firm little tits. "Wow,
you two make me horny," I said as I stood back admire the two of them
sitting there side-by-side. Jane was already finger fucking herself with
great vigour, and moaning to herself. Ruth wiped herself when she finished,
and, noticing my growing cock, decided that she must answer that tingle
she got during the wipe. So, she started to finger-fuck herself too.

"What a beautiful sight, to see you two sitting there. I thought,
though, that we came home to get supper, and not masturbate," I said.
Jane retorted as she moaned and pulled me over by my cock. "I won’t
be long now, so get your cock over here and kiss me so I can cum..mmmm!!"
With that she came as she gasped for air and squeezed her legs together.
When finished, after about a minute, she let go of me as she relaxed.

Not to be out done, Ruth took hold of me and pulled me towards her.
Her finger-thrusting was becoming a lot faster and deeper now. So while
she held me with her spare hand, I played with her tits. When I bent over
and kissed her, she came. Her body was shaking and moans were coming from
her. Ruth’s orgasm wasn’t as long as Jane’s, but from the depth of her
groan and how hard she squeezed my cock it must have been very intense.

When they relaxed, we moved to the kitchen, as we were, to have something
to eat. "What would you like, ladies?" I asked as I drew the

We agreed on sandwiches. We stood there naked as we made the sandwiches
and chatted a little. Ruth and Jane were both proof readers at a publishing
house in town. They told me that they had driven up from town to have a
relaxing week in the country. They were renting a cabin for the week at
the Robertson farm just over the hill and had taken a walk through the
forest that afternoon to take in the fresh air, and that’s when I came
along. The rest you already know. "We have never had an afternoon
like this one before," Ruth said, "I enjoyed it so much, I would
like replay."

By this time we had moved into the lounge room and we were relaxing
on the couch. "Hey, it may be sunset but the day isn’t over yet!"
Jane said, "Just look at us here totally nude. George with cock at
attention, and us with our nipples hard and erect; and I don’t know about
you, but I’m making a puddle here on the couch, just thinking about this
afternoon. My pussy is so drenched."

"I must say, my cock has been hard for so long now it is getting
to be painful. I feel a little grotty because I didn’t have the shower
I wanted before. You two were too much of a distraction, finger-fucking
yourselves like you did. What a turn-on. Anyway, I’ll have a shower and
head off to bed. Would you like to stay the night?"

"Oh, I most certainly would," Ruth said. "Anyway, you
still owe me a fuck when you cum inside me. Remember, you promised out
in the woods?"

"An’ I’m hornier than ever, even with the fucks before. I think
I’ll have to please myself again." With that, Jane slid her cute little
ass forward along the couch, spread her legs, and started playing with
her clit. It looked real shiny with the ceiling light reflecting off all
the lubricant on it and her labia. It was a cute-looking pussy, and when
she lifted her legs and exposed the entire area including her little asshole,
which was only slightly darker that the rest of her skin, I had to join

"Forget the shower for the moment. I am going to devower a cute
pussy for dessert first."

"Well, while you two are busy here, I will have a shower,"
Ruth said as she headed for the bathroom. I looked at her and she bent
over to give me an invited view of her ass and pussy.

That was it. I started eating Jane’s pussy with wild enthusiasm. Jane
just rocked her hips and moaned, moans of absolute pleasure. "Don’t
stop. Don’t dare to stop until I come. No matter how much your cock hurts."
I obeyed and shoved my tongue in and out of her soaking pussy, while she
kept stoking her clit. I could feel the orgasm rising in her, so I added
a finger to her pussy and her just stroked her asshole. When she started
to cum she jerked her hips so violenly I thought I’d lose my head. I could
feel her cunt contract on my tongue and her swinkter contracting in unison
beneath my finger. Increasing the pressure on her asshole without penetrating
made her lerch again. Then she began to relax again as her breathing eased
back to normal.

"Jane, you horny thing, don’t you ever get enough?" I said
as I headed to join Ruth in the shower. She shook her head with an evil
grin on her face. "You know where the bed is. I be in shortly."

When I entered the bathroom, the shower was not running, so I expected
to find Ruth drying herself off. Instead I found a marvelous view of her
bending over, the one hand leaning on the toilet seat, and the other on
the bidet, legs spread wide to expose her cunt to anyone who walked in.
Her cunt was so wet that is was obvious as I walked in. "Come and
take me," she said in a very low sexy voice, that made me come up
in goose bumps. "You promised!" This was an offer I couldn’t
refuse. I knelt down between her legs and planted a kiss right on her clit.
This made her thrust her pussy back onto my face and almost put my nose
up her asshole. She smelled of perfumed soap and cunt.

"That’s very nice, but I want you. Just stick your prick in and
fuck as hard you can. I have to have you cum in me, before I go mad. I
have never been this horny in my life before." I stayed there a little
longer and sucked her clit a bit more while gently stroked her ass. This
made her go wild. She started swaying her hips in circles and moaned so
loud that I am sure it could have been heard outside.

"Just give her what she wants. Fuck the life out of her."
Jane was now standing behind me, watching and rubbing her still wet cunt
up and down my back. "You fuck and I’ll do that."

I got to my feet, lined up my cock with her wet gaping hole, and drove
it in to the hilt. Ruth was so horny that her cunt started to contract
violently and stronger than the times before, as she came with just that
first thrust. Jane settled down between our legs and started sucking my
balls and Ruth’s clit. Ruth’s contraction seemed to go on and on, as though
my cock were a cow’s teet being milked. It felt terrific whether I was
thrusting or motionless.

"Come on you prick, keep fucking. I need to feel you come inside
me or I won’t be able to get to sleep tonight." I kept pumping while
Jane kept sucking and wow it felt good. Ruth just stayed there as she was,
and accepted our moves with pleasure. I was starting to tire, so I slowed
my rythm down. Ruth did not like this at all, and let us know about it.
I moved my hand onto her buttocks and gave them a squeeze, which forced
another moan out of her. I placed one thumb gently onto her asshole and
stroked it a little. That got a reaction. She arched her back and started
swaying a little. "Keep sucking me, Jane!" I looked down at Jane
who had stopped sucking. She was in the process of speading her legs and
inserting her finger again for another finger fuck, and she did it so well.
Once her fingers were inserted, she got back to her sucking. Ruth’s breathing
was getting more rapid again now, and I could tell she didn’t have much
longer to come. Then she came, squeezing my cock to milk it. I pressed
harder on her asshole which intensified the next contraction and caused
a loud moan and she pushed back against me hard, so that my thumb penetrated.
This pushed me over the brink and I shot my load deep inside her. I don’t
know how many spurts there were, but after this I was fucked.

When I caught my breath again, I said, "Fuck the shower, I am just
going to bed as I am." Jane was already licking the cum off me anyway.
Ruth slowly flopped onto the bidet to clean up and with a very tired tone
said, "That was good. Boy did I need that."

We had both been so absorbed in our orgams that neither of took note
whether Jane had come with her finger-fuck. She assured us that she came
at same time we did, because she was really still horny from the bit on
the couch. Ruth cleaned up and flopped into my king-sized bed. A perfect
size for a naked threesome. We snuggled up like we did outside this afternoon
and kissed, only this time my cock seemed to be on strike.

"Enough is enough," I said. "We still have the rest of
the night …"

" …and tomorrow." Jane said with that evil grin again.

So we just nodded off to sleep.

When I woke the next morning, it was to the most beautiful sensations
and sight. It was Jane’s kiss that must have woken me. I indicated to her
not to let Ruth know that I had woken. The view I got when I looked towards
my feet was Ruth kneeling astride me, facing my feet. So I saw her cute
little ass with a full view of her asshole and my cock emerging from her
cunt, as she was rising up on my shaft. What a way to wake up. I wished
this could happen every morning. Ruth then drove herself down onto my cock
again with such vigour that I almost let out a moan. Only Jane’s quick
thinking, by kissing me full on the mouth again prevented it.

"Oh, what a fuck," Ruth said. "Jane, can you stroke my
ass plea…se."

Jane gently stroked Ruth’s ass, which made her moan with delight. I
had no idea how long this had been going on, but it was fantastic. Ruth
and Jane told me later that they had woken about fifteen minutes before
me and that Ruth immediately started to stoke my cock and gave a licking,
to which it reacted right away and stood up like a perfect gentleman.

I winked at Jane and she stopped stroking Ruth’s ass and I took over.
Ruth didn’t realize the change of hand immediately. She was too involved
in fucking me and wanting to milk every sensation to maximum intensity
she could out of each stroke of her cunt on my cock. She stroked with steady
rhythm and impaled herself to my full length on each downward stroke. I
was gently patting her ass which was driving her wild. She stoked with
greater force on each stroke as she was building up to her orgasm. I could
sense that she was getting close, so I patted her ass with the finger of
my left hand and allowed the little finger to touch her clit as she bounced
on me. This made her stoke even harder. Then I poked my right index finger
up her tight little asshole. Now she realized that I was awake and let
out a little scream of joy as she started to cum. Her contractions had
intensity that made her stop stroking as she moaned with every spasm. This
made me cum, so I jerked up and shot my load deep into her.

Jane, noticing this, gave a deep kiss which intensified the orgasm,
with her finger up her pussy. "Wow, what a way to be woken up!"
I exclaimed.

Ruth had relaxed again, and got off of me with my cum dripping from
her cunt. While Ruth moved to bathroom in full view of us, she cleaned
up on the bidet. Jane took her cue, and move up to 69 me. She cleaned the
cum and Ruth’s juices off my cock while I gave the licking that she needed.
I darted my tongue in and out her pussy and placed my finger up her ass
and with my thumb, I massged her clit. With this, her drenched pussy began
to contract as violently as she was, on my face. "Stick your finger
in further. Gee….. that feels fantastic. Deeper!" Her hips were
keeping perfectly still as hre contractions grew in strength while I was
finger-fucking her ass.

"Ohhh!" she said, as I shot off in her mouth. She sucked and
swallowed every drop, which, with the activities over the last 24 hours,
was somewhat less in quantity. It still felt good though.

I had spent a lazy Friday at home in my bush hideaway, catching up on
some reading and writing letters to few OS friends and mailing them on
the web. It was about 8 pm so I decided to have a shower and retire to
bed and watch the movie on TV. I was just heading for the bathroom when
the doorbell rang. “Who would be arriving at this time of night, out here?”

I couldn’t pretend not to be home because of the lights, so I changed
course and headed for the door to check.

“Well what a pleasant surprise, Ruth, please come in.” I hadn’t seen
her since that weekend about two months ago when I met her and Jane in
woods and we finished up screwing the weekend away. Seeing her immediately
brought back the memories of that weekend. My cock also remembered and
reacted instantly.

As Ruth walked in, she made sure that her hand brushed my crotch. “Oh,
I see that you have a vivid memory and are happy to see me.” She explained
that she needed a weekend of fresh air away from town and that the Robertson
place was fully booked, which was a risk with a spur of the moment decision.
She therefore decided to pop in to say hello before she headed back home.
“At least I’ve had few hours of country air.”

She followed me into the kitchen where I made her a coffee and a sandwich,
which was all she wanted, even though she’d had nothing to eat since lunch.
While she was standing there, leaning against the counter I mentally undressed
her, which wasn’t difficult, because I knew exactly what it all looked
like. Her auburn hair was pulled back into pony tail. She was dressed in
a loose fitting dress with a faint floral pattern on it. The material fell
beautifully over her breasts and was thin enough to show her erect nipples.
The material was light enough that lay along her body and showed off her
mound before it lay along thighs and dropped gently between her legs. As
I admired her form, my cock stood rock hard wanting to lift the kitchen
table off ground.

“Why don’t you stay here for the weekend? You can lounge around here
just as well as anywhere else…”

“I was hoping that you would say that. But I must answer a call of nature
before I have an accident,” and she headed for the bathroom while giving
me a real sexy leer.

“I was just about to head for a shower when you rang the bell. I think
I may do it now.” I said as I followed her. As she entered the bathroom,
she slipped her dress off over her head and dropped it on the floor. She
wasn’t wearing a bra, and half turned again to give me another one of those
looks and to check if I was following. At the toilet, she dropped her knickers
and sat down to shower the bowl. I stood in the doorway and removed my
pants, exposing my throbbing member. It felt good to let it wave in the
free air.

Ruth looked cute sitting there, as she winked at me. I had not realized
before what a turn-on a naked women sitting on the toilet could be, but
this view shot electric pulses down my back straight to my cock and even
made it twitch a few times in salutation.

“I make you so horny you want to fuck mid air?” she said as she took
some paper and wiped herself. “Ooh!” she exclaimed as she wiped past her
clit, and thrust forward a little. I think, from the look on her face,
that she was caught by surprise. “That was nice.” and immediately put her
hand back to see if she could another reaction.

I finished undressing and started the shower. “Would you care to join

“I thought you’d never ask, you were taking that long.” she said as
came over and immediately grabbed my cock. “It’s going to be great to have
this by myself for a while.” We stepped into the shower. I grabbed the
soap and soaped her up all over. As I slid between her legs to wash her
pussy, she squeezed her legs together to capture my hand, and started to
soap me, cock first. Once the soap had rinsed off us, she let go of my
hand, dropped to her knees and started licking my cock. I turned the water
off, took Ruth by the shoulder and pulled her up. “You can’t possibly be
that hungry. Take it easy!”

The shower has a little foot rest built into the wall, onto which I
placed her left foot while I leaned her up against the wall. She moaned
in anticipation, “How did you know that that is what I wanted?”

“You didn’t exactly hide it while wiping up before, did you?” I laughed.
Sinking my face in her crotch, I licked her clit ever so gently. She moved
her hips down and pulled my face to her so as to make better contact, but
I resisted in order to tease a bit more. Her pussy was so wet now and her
moans got louder as she tried to chase my tongue with her clit. I pretended
to give in and gave her one very hard lick which made her quiver. Then
back to the tease. To add to the tease I put my arms up between her legs
and lightly patted her cute ass, moving my hand in small circles. Another
quiver and louder moan. When I finally licked harder and passed my fingers
past her asshole she gave a little jump. “Ooh, that was nice. Do it again!”
I obeyed, of course. Now that she was ripe for her orgasm I pushed my thumb
into her pussy and my index finger into her asshole, which I learned during
our first encounter really turned her on. She pushed harder against my
face, and I licked harder, and fucked her with my thumb. I kept this up
in rhythm with her thrusts which were now totally involuntary as her moaning
became louder and her breathing became faster. Then, suddenly, her entire
body shook while she let out deep guttural moan as her cunt started to
contract violently around my thumb, even pulling it further inside her.
Her sphincter was contracting tightly on my index finger. She seemed to
take a longer time to come down from her orgasm. When she finally relaxed,
she slid down the wall to sit on the floor of the shower. “That nearly
blew my mind,” she panted, still catching her breath.

I got out of the shower to dry myself and wipe the pre-cum up with a
bit of toilet paper.

“Are you just going to leave me in here like this?” Ruth complained.
“At least help me up, I feel like I’ve been fucked even though I haven’t
been. Yet!” The last word was spoken in low sexy tone. I reach around the
corner to take her hand, so she couldn’t pull me back into the shower,
somehow I knew that’s what she had in mind. I was just as determined not
to fuck her until we were in the bedroom. She took my hand and pulled herself
out of the shower, pulled herself up against me and kissed me with a long
deep tonguing. With my cock throbbing and standing up like an antenna,
I dried her off (and myself again, it was worth it), and I pulled her close
and kissed her again.

“Carry me to bed, please. That orgasm only made me hornier for your
cock.” I picked her up and carried her through the next doorway to the
bed, kissing her all the way. It was then that she taught me a new maneuver.
With her arms around my neck as I was about put her down on the bed, she
let herself down, swung round put her legs around my waist, and she dropped
her pussy straight onto my cock. In one swift smooth maneuver, she had
me inside her, up to the hilt. “Now that feels better. Doesn’t it? It feels
great for me!” We fell onto the bed, her legs spread wide to accommodate
me, full length.

My feet still on the floor, I started pumping her as she started to
moan again. I moved my hands down to her ass to start stroking it while
we fucked each other’s brains out. “Fuck, fuck, fuck me real hard,” she
said and started meeting my strokes halfway. I slowed down, feeling that
we would both cum any moment, and stopped. “Fuck me I said…….” I stopped
her from saying any more by kissing her deeply again. This made my cock
twitch a few times involuntarily. Slowly starting to fuck again, we moved
further up the bed while we kept fucking. This made Ruth a little frustrated
about the broken rhythm.

“Easy. We’ve got all night for me to fuck the stuffing out of you,”
I whispered into her ear, and then gave it a nibble. She moaned again and
arched so I could get deeper into her pussy. She was getting wetter and
wetter, which made me last longer because of the extra lubrication. Just
being inside her was fantastic as she moved around beneath me.

Her breathing was getting faster now as she was getting closer to an
orgasm. I started to fuck harder and deeper. Gently patting her ass with
one hand, I brought the other around to tickle her asshole–which becomes
very erotic for her as she gets closer to orgasm. This meant I could only
kiss her nipple. In this twisted position it was impossible to reach her
mouth. She loved it because the moans got louder and deeper as she climbed
the levels of ecstasy to her orgasm. When I changed nipples, which allowed
me to increase the pressure on her asshole, she went over the brink and
came. She jerked and shook with every moan and contraction of her cunt
and asshole for what seemed like a few minutes. I pressed her asshole a
little harder still, which caused one large contraction and guttural moan
that made me cum with her. I shot my load deep into her pussy as her contractions
sucked me dry. It was simply fantastic.

As our orgasms subsided, Ruth’s legs flopped onto the bed and I just
lay there on top of her. I have only fucked Ruth a few times and come inside,
but each time was magnificent. I moved one leg over to the outside, leaving
my prick inside her and the other leg between hers, pulled over a pillow
and we both dropped off to sleep after that fantastically exhausting fuck.
“This woman is magnificent ……” I thought as I nodded off.

When we woke (about 3 hours later), not sure who woke first, amazingly
we were still in the same position. Ruth made the slightest movement beneath
me and my cock rose instantly to full size and straight back into her tunnel
of love. While we slept some of my sperm had leaked out of her and made
her pussy very sticky and didn’t require any additional lubrication. The
sensation that the automatic re-entry caused made both of us take a deep
breath and gasp.

“That’s a nice way to wake.” Ruth said.

“I know, couple of months ago you were fucking me when I woke up.”

Ruth couldn’t keep still any more, and she started moving beneath me
from side-to-side. She was ready to fuck again and got right down to business,
moving up and down a few times. That was enough to get me going again,
but she was far too wet to get anywhere this way. I gave her a deep kiss
and a very forceful and deep thrust.

“Roll over on your tummy,” I told her as I removed my cock. She did
as I asked, raising her ass slightly off the bed to give me better access
to her pussy. I pushed the pillow under her belly to keep her ass raised,
and I inserted my cock into her again. “Gee that feels good,” I said as
I re-entered her. I laid on her and kissed her shoulders and the back of
her ears. This was making her wild. I positioned astride her while remaining
inside her as deep as I could, but not moving. Ruth complained, of course,
because she was after a fuck. I started to massage her shoulders, arms,
and back to her ecstatic moans.

“God, that’s terrific,” she said. Then I massaged her buttocks, still
without moving my cock. She moved her hand to play with her clit while
I was massaging her ass. When I gave her asshole that little tickle she
likes, sure enough, she thrust back to get my cock deeper inside her. Back
to the massage: She was getting hornier and more frustrated by the second.
Even though this was sending beautiful tingles throughout her whole body,
she wanted fucking and she started moving her cunt around on my cock as
best she could. She took her hand to pull her ass cheeks apart so that
I could get in deeper and she thrust back a little more on my shaft. I
couldn’t hold back any more. I bent over and gave her shoulders another
nibble and started fucking her with long deep strokes.

She told me, “I love the feel of your hair against my asshole. It gets
so…. oh, sexy while I’m fucking.” As I kissed her shoulders again, she
slipped her hand under herself and started playing with her clit. As she
did this, she also touched my shaft which felt great. I moved my hands
to part her buttocks and tickle her asshole to give her that extra sensation
that she loved so much. Her asshole was covered with my cum from before
and very sticky. She turned her face as far as she could so I could kiss
her on the mouth as we fucked. The kiss was the final trigger to both our
orgasms. It felt great to cum inside her again as she was contracting her
cunt around my cock and squeezing it so hard. I paused for a little, kissed
her shoulder, and tickled her asshole again to bring on a few more shudders
in her body, as she was slowly coming down from the heights of the orgasm.

I flopped down on her again and rolled off her. My cock, balls and pubic
hair, her cunt and cute little asshole were completely covered with our
combined cum from two fucks. Time for clean up, and I headed for the bidet.

“Wait for me,” she said as she followed, cum now running down her inner
thighs as well. A fucked woman does look sexy though, and my cock stood
to attention again. It must have been cock greed, because the rest of me
was ‘fucked’.

As I bent over to turn the water on, she reached between my legs from
behind and grabbed my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. She really
new how to turn me on. When she let go, I sat on the bidet and while she
was reaching for the soap she grabbed my hard again cock and impaled herself
on it. What could I do but spread my legs a little to give her better access,
and she started riding me. I had never been fucked like this before, but
it was really nice. “I could get used to this,” I thought as I leaned in
a bit to deep-kiss Ruth. I reached round to grab her ass, and before I
knew it, she her cunt was contracting on my cock again. I was too fucked,
so apart from the obvious nice feeling of having a woman cum on one’s cock,
it had only a minor effect on me.

She got off me and sat on the toilet beside me. “Ah… I needed that…”
and kissed me again. I cleaned up and she traded places with me while I
dried myself off. When she had removed all the stickiness from her thighs,
cunt, and ass, I helped dry her, and we headed off to bed and slept like

After the fucking we had given each other the night before, we slept
in ’till mid-morning. I woke first and Ruth was lying cuddled up close
with her head on my shoulder and her right leg across my body, as though
she had fallen asleep while she was in the middle of mounting me. Her pussy
hairs were rubbing on my thigh. She was dreaming, and was it about sex.
I could feel her pussy getting wetter as she rubbed on my thigh. This,
of course, woke my cock up too. Suddenly, she took a deep breath and let
it out again as she gave a final hard rub of her pussy on my thigh and
she relaxed and continued to sleep. I wished I could have reached her asshole
then to give it a tickle, but in this position it was impossible, and I
didn’t want to wake her and spoil her dreamy fuck. Even when the fuck is
only a dream you have to cum.

While we lay there, I gently started moving one hand around her back
and then across her cheek, shoulder, breast, and down her side and thigh.
I was only touching her very lightly. She didn’t stir. I kept this up for
about half an hour before she woke–with my throbbing cock on her thigh.
As she stirred, I kissed her on the forehead, only because I couldn’t reach
her lips. She moved her leg and noticed my throbber, “Oh! Good morning
hard lover. You haven’t been like that all night have you?” She stretched
a little and slid up to give me a full kiss on mouth. “Good morning, lover!”
She then said with her low voice and sexy grin, “Why am I so wet and horny?
What have you been up to?”

I replied, “More to the point, what were you dreaming about? A little
while ago I think you were coming in your dream. You gave that releasing
breath and were gently fucking my thigh with your wet pussy. I tried to
touch your ass but I could not reach it.”

“You certainly were fucking me. My mind was re-running the rear entry
from last night. Gee, that was a beautiful fuck. You can do that to me
anytime you want. Lover!” she said as she slid on top of me like a snake,
kissed me with a deep tonguing and impaled herself again. This made me
moan. I had been getting hornier as I watched her have her dreamy fuck.
She moved herself with one outside and the other between mine, like the
night before only with her on top. We just lay there kissing, with me inside
her without moving our hips. Every so often she would deliberately tense
her pelvic floor muscles to give my cock a squeeze, to which my cock responded
with an involuntary twitch. “This is beautiful! How long do you think we
can keep this up without thrusting into each other?”

“I am not sure, but it is harder to control myself as each second ticks
by,” Ruth said as she let out a little sigh–or was it gasp?

“Me too. Let’s see how long we can last. I hope it blows our minds away
when we do cum then!”

We stayed like that for about an hour, just kissing and twitching her
cunt and my cock. By this time our bodies were tingling with such sensations
that I could make her cunt twitch involuntarily when I twitched my cock.
When occasionally I touched her asshole she also twitched, but didn’t cum.
I was now getting to the point where I could no longer contain myself.
During our next kiss and tight hug, I took a deep breath and rolled us
over, and start fucking for all I was worth. We moaned in unison, and after
only about the tenth thrust we both came so intensely that Ruth’s cunt
must have continued convulsing for minutes, long after I had completely
dumped all I had. Every twitch of my cock inside her brought on another
series of after shocks, and guttural moans. We stayed like this with Ruth
twitching and coming for another fifteen minutes before we relaxed and
rolled apart.

“Now that was a fuck and a half, worth remembering for the rest of our
lives.” I said. “How are we going to top that one…?”

“We can only do our best, can’t we? You’ll excuse me,” she said, and
got up and moved over to the bathroom. She gave me a loving smile as she
closed the door behind her, not the sexy leer she’d given me other times.
So she obviously didn’t want me to follow her this time. I was fucked,
anyway. After a few minutes, she emerged and climbed back into bed with
me for another cuddle and long kiss without saying a word.

“Thank you for a fantastic night,” she said in a purring sort of voice.

“It was more than a pleasure for me. Believe me.” I responded. With
a little peck on her forehead, “Are you interested in a little breakfast?”

“Yes, but another kiss first.” So we kissed and left for the kitchen,
to have light brunch.

We sat there at the kitchen table totally naked, eating our breakfast
cereal and drinking our coffee. “First time I have ever had a meal in the
nude. Let alone in the company of a beautiful naked woman.” I said to start
up a conversation and get our minds above the naval while we regained our
energy. We continued chatting there for quite a while and decided to dress
and go for a walk out in the woods. We agreed that we both needed a rest
from fucking for a while, even though we were having a marvelous time fucking
each other. We wandered around the forest arm-in-arm all afternoon enjoying
the fresh air, the views, and each other’s company. We paused occasionally
for re-energizing kisses and we were getting hornier all the time but resisting
the temptation to fuck. We had agreed to leave that until that night. The
sun had disappeared behind the ridge and it was beginning to get chilly
when we decided to head back home, and we got back at dusk. The air smelled
beautiful out there at that time of the evening.

Ruth insisted on heading directly to the kitchen to demonstrate her
culinary expertise and cooked us a meal. It did taste very nice. After
dinner we cleaned up and moved to the bedroom to watch the TV newscast.
We lay on top of the sheets naked again, just cuddling with Ruth’s head
on my chest. The bad news completely took minds of sex for the half hour.

When the news was over we turned the TV off and had a little kiss. “Nature
calls,” I said as we broke off the kiss and headed for bathroom. Because
my cock had started to rise before I left the bed, I thought I had better
sit down to pee. Ruth had followed, so when I looked up, there she was
standing just inside the door, with her left knee up against the towel
rail so that her cunt with three fingers buried in it was fully exposed
to me. This sight really got my attention and my cock went rock hard instantly.

I moved to get up. “Stay there.” She commanded, and came over to me,
kissed me deeply and pushed me back against the cistern. Then she stood
up, put her right nipple in my mouth and pressed her pussy against my belly.
My cock gave a few involuntary twitches in response to the tummy rub. As
quickly as she had come over to me, she removed the nipple from my mouth
and began kissing me again while she slipped my cock deep into her cunt.
I spread my legs so she could get me in deeper as she slipped between them.
She had me a position where I couldn’t move, and she made the most of it.
All I could do, (and wanted to do) was to go along with her. So, I put
my arms around her to make sure her hard erect nipples were pressing into
my chest, and we kissed. I didn’t think that my cock could get any harder
than it was, but it grew a little more inside her as she pushed herself
down on me. She then moved up and down on me in a slow and steady rhythm,
to fuck me. I never imagined before, that being fucked in this position,
sitting on a toilet could be so sexy. She just fucked and kissed me deeply
with her arms tightly around my neck and mine around her waist.

She suddenly slowed down to very slow long sexy strokes and I could
feel her vagina tighten around my cock. “Wo….w, thi..sss f….eelss goo…..ood”
She found it difficult to speak with the sensations in her cunt, because,
as I could sense, she was about to cum. Her cunt was giving slight contractions
each time she paused mid word. I was building up too. I could feel my balls
starting to retract, as I was coming closer to dump my sperm inside her
once more. In this position I could not reach round to tickle her asshole
as she got close to her orgasm so I just played with her cheeks, which
she also enjoyed. She started coming with very strong contractions and
moans. Then as she dropped herself down on my shaft harder than before
and turned her hips forward to get better depth, with the strongest contraction
I have felt and a very loud and deep groan, as she hit the end of the stoke.

The contractions kept coming as did the loud groans. The last few contractions
made her lose control of her bladder and bowels. The contractions of her
ass and cunt put together made me cum deep inside her she just sat still
and shook, groaned and convulsed in ecstasy. As I shot off inside her she
had another involuntary bowl contraction with a groan followed by a contraction
of her cunt while she still kissed me. This was the most intense orgasm
she had with me.

She drew back from kiss, “Sorry, about the shit and wetting you, but
I couldn’t help it” She kissed me again. “But, god it was sexy and the
best orgasm I ever had. I never imagined that coming and shitting at the
same time could be so intense.” She kissed me again. “Oh, ….. but I am
sorry for dirtying you.” She hugged me tight and kissed me, which started
another contraction, of both her cunt and asshole. “Oh!”

“That one got you by surprise. No damage done. Just finish what you

She began to protest, “But ….. ” and I put my finger over her lips.
“No buts, just finish. We have been making love long enough now that we
can’t let a little thing like this bother us. It was very sexy for me too.”

Even though she was a little embarrassed she emptied her bowel and bladder
where she sat, all the time deep kissing me. Her pushing made her cunt
squeeze on my cock and made me moan a few times as my cock twitched. “Even
these contractions are sexy on my cock.” I told her. That put her a little
more at ease with what had happened.

She wiped her cute little asshole while she was still sitting on me,
with my pole inside her, still as hard as ever, and feeling the pressure
of every wipe. When she finished wiping she kissed me again, very deeply,
and flushed the toilet, while we were still sitting on it. “Thanks, for
being so understanding. This has never happened to me before. I really
couldn’t control that. I should have gone before we started fucking, that’s
why I came in here, in the first place, although this was so sexy and made
me cum harder than usual, and my asshole felt really sexy all that time.
Good thing we weren’t in bed.” And she gave an embarrassed giggle.

I pulled her close to me and I kissed her again. “There’s nothing to
be sorry for.” I kissed her on the neck. “I think we better have a shower
though. Clamp me with your legs and let’s go. …… Oh, another twitch.”
So, with her legs clamped to me and still connected by my cock, I waddled
us over to the shower and turned it on. Her cunt was still twitching occasionally.

As we entered the shower, she slid off me and kneeled to check if she
had fouled me. I pulled her back to her feet and kissed her again. “Don’t
worry about me. If you did shit on me it will wash off, but I assure you
that it missed. Don’t let your concern spoil the best fuck you ever had.
Enjoy it for as long as you can. I intend to.” I turned her around and
she instinctively bent forward to give me access. So I rubbed against her
slit and shoved my cock back inside her. She immediately started rolling
her hips and moaning as I plunged deep into her and fucked her as hard
as I could. As I was applying a little soap to her ass, she started to
cum again. At this angle I could actually see the her asshole contract
as she came. This made cum again, and as she felt me shoot my sperm into
her she had another strong convulsion of her cunt.

When she stopped convulsing she turned around hugged me tightly and
we kissed again. “This last hour was most intense and sexy fuck I ever
had,” she said between kisses.

“I can only echo that. You are fantastic at fucking.”

We finished washing without saying anything else, just kissing each
time a body part passed one of our mouths. My cock was getting limp now
because I really needed a rest. After we both dried each other, we kissed
as we walked into the bedroom to flop onto bed. We crawled up on the bed
still kissing and hugging until we dropped off to sleep.

We both slept ’till dawn. I woke first to find ourselves in the spoon
position with my cock wedged in the crack of Ruth’s ass. The sensation
of this gave me an instant erection. I kissed Ruth’s shoulders very gently,
which wakened her with a little moan of delight. She arched her back very
gently to rub her asshole along my shaft until the head rested just against
her already wet slit. She squeezed her cheeks together just a little. This
sent a shiver up my spine and gave me sexy goose bumps. The goose bump
wave then swept through her as though it was an orgasm. We both moaned
our enjoyment in unison.

I don’t know how long we lay there like that without saying anything,
just me kissing her shoulder and gently stroking her body, to her delightful
moans. Then she suddenly gave my cock a very firm squeeze with cheeks,
released it and turned to face me. Without saying anything she wrapped
her arms around me, pressed herself against me, and kissed me for what
seemed like an eon. With an equally sudden movement, she rolled me on my
back, brought her legs up and impaled herself on my cock once more. She
bounced on me a few times and stopped, leaned forward and lay on me with
one leg between mine, the other on the outside and my cock still inside
her. She just lay there still, breathing heavily and gently kissing me
without saying a word.

“Wow, you are sexy” I said when she stopped to take a deep breath. We
lay there like that for a long time without moving our hips except to make
ourselves comfortable.

Suddenly her cunt gave hard squeeze. “OOH, what was that?” I asked.

“Just thinking about last night” She said. “That was a WOW of an orgasm
I had last night.” And she twitched again. “Only ….”

I interrupted. “It certainly must have been good for you if your pussy
reacts like that from just thinking about it. I told you last light no
buts, no onlys. Don’t worry about the shit. Just enjoy the orgasm.”

She sighed as her cunt twitched again, and gave me another huge kiss
which, with her thought of the previous evening, almost brought her to
orgasm without my cock moving in her at all. When we finally stopped for
a breath, I asked her to explain why the shit during the fuck upset so
much that she couldn’t stop worrying about it. “I don’t know. Perhaps my
upbringing. It has always embarrassed me even if another woman accidentally
walked in on me.”

I suggested to her that the important thing for her to do was to remember
how much she enjoyed the intensity of the orgasm, which made her cunt twitch
once again, and if she ever wanted to repeat those sensations. “If you
want those intense feelings again you can plan it to happen again another
time, or if it really worries you that you may dirty me, then masturbate
next time you have to go, and see if that works for you.”

All this talk about the orgasms and the fact that we had lying there
with my cock giving the occasional twitch inside her pussy, for around
an hour, meant that neither of us was able to hold back any longer. We
just had to fuck now. Ruth start moving her hips up and down, and on the
second thrust started to cum. I put my finger onto her asshole and she
stopped moving while her cunt and asshole convulsed for about a minute.
She moaned in unison with the contractions. Once this was over, I rolled
us over and fucked her as deep and hard as could. This made her come over
and over again. I kissed her, and with the forceful contraction of her
pussy, I came inside her with two or three large and intense spurts. “Gee,
it’s good to fuck with you, Ruth. The only problem is that each fuck makes
me want to fuck you even more.” We kissed again, to release a few more
aftershocks as we moaned into each other’s mouths.

After relaxing for a while, and kissing some more, I extracted my cock
from Ruth’s pussy as she issued another moan and jerked her hips a little.
She was obviously still horny, so I slid down the bed, spread her legs
wide and proceeded to eat her pussy. As I licked my cum from her pussy
and attacked her clit, she started moving her hips. She clamped my head
between her legs so that I could not get away. I licked up my cum and teased
her clit. My tongue suddenly dashed below her slit and towards her asshole,
and she lost control. She threw her legs wide apart and pulled my head
in close so that my nose went into her pussy. Moaning and bucking her hips,
she fucked my nose until she was just about to come. At this point, I rolled
her over, pulled her to the edge of the bed and speared my cock deep into
her pussy. One thrust and came grabbing my cock tightly with her pussy
trying to milk me. Once she was down from her orgasm I withdrew my rod
rolled her over and kissed again, put one leg between hers and re-entered
her. She rolled slightly to give me easy access and had another contraction
for her pleasure.

Except for these last few moves, my cock had now been rigid and inside
Ruth for about two and half hours, and was so wet that I am sure that the
skin was starting to wrinkle like your fingers do when you stay in water
for too long. We both fell asleep again in this position and woke around
midday, in each other’s arms. When we kissed, my cock twitched a little
but refused to rise. It was a most pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning.
We had brunch, and decided to have a little private time. Being together
was very pleasurable and begin inside her was great, but it was a good
idea not to over do it and therefore get sick of each other.

She went into the lounge took a book of the shelf and relaxed on the
couch to read it. I went into my office, which is spare room just off the
lounge, started the computer to check my e-mail and search the web for
some information I needed and should have searched for on my lazy Friday.
The e-mail was just the usual stuff, like answers to questions I had placed
in various news groups. I was able to see Ruth from where I sat, and she
looked beautiful sitting there reading in the nude. She looked beautiful
no matter what. I am not sure what she was reading, but it must been sexy
because she couldn’t get her eyes off it and she was moving her hips a
little. She was so absorbed in the book that she didn’t even notice that
I was watching her. I could already tell that it wouldn’t be long before
she would start to masturbate. Her hips were rocking from side-to-side
as she read. I logged off because watching Ruth was far more interesting.
She slid off the couch to the floor and put the book on the coffee table,
which happily had one of those glass tops which let plenty of light through
so I could still see everything she was doing to herself. (I had intended
to throw the table away. I was then glad I hadn’t got round to it yet.)
With one hand she was playing with her clit, while with the other she was
fondling her breast and nipple, while she still read the book. She let
out a muffled moan and checked that I had not heard anything. I pretended
not to have noticed. She smiled as her eyes went back to the book. This
time she was going to cum on her own. She got back to her clit with one
leg on the table, she lost interest in the book, and became totally absorbed
in her self-stimulation. She started finger-fucking herself with her right
hand and with the left she played with her asshole. She was really working
at the finger fuck. It was a delight to watch. As she got closer to coming,
her moans were less muffled and then when she finally got to the peak,
she didn’t care any more if I could hear it. She was working her pussy
at a frantic rhythm, and when she let out the big moans her left index
finger had half disappeared up her asshole. With her entire body squirming
with her orgasm, she slid right onto the floor to lay on her side. She
stopped moving with her finger still inside herself and few last moans.
As she caught her breath I said “You really enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“Can you tell? ….. You mean you were watching the whole time and didn’t
say anything or come over to join in? .. You rat!” She pretended to throw
the book at me.

“Yes I was watching and noted you hoped I would notice, so I thought
I would leave you to yourself for a moment. It certainly was worth watching.
I enjoyed almost as much as you did. I wouldn’t mind watching and instant
reply either.”

“Ok! But stay there then.” She said, and immediately started playing
with clit again and just left the finger up her ass. It didn’t take long
before she came again. She enjoyed it more, because she didn’t have to
concentrated on keeping quiet. When she finished, she extracted her fingers
and I applauded her. She stood, and took a bow. “I better go wash my hands.
Especially considering where one of them has been.” She rushed upstairs
to the bathroom. After a short time she returned dressed. “They’re all
clean again,” she said as she put finger up to her nose and made a sniffing
noise. “Let’s go for a walk.”

I got dressed and we walked out in the forest. We just strolled arm-in-arm
along my favorite walking track and talked about the weekend so far and
that we both wished that it would never end.

With that thought unfortunately came the realization that the next day
was a work day and that Ruth had to head back to town in time for work.
When I asked her when she was going to head back, she had completely forgotten
about it. I suppose our minds never really got above the naval all weekend.
It was only just over an hour to get to work so she decided not leave until
morning. This made me very happy.

As we strolled back, we talked about our work and Ruth mentioned that
her boss was looking at decreasing office floor space and intended to set
her and Jane up to work from home. All the stuff they proofread was in
electronic form so it would be easy. I suggested that because I was already
set up for that, she should mention it to her boss, and she could move
in with me. That idea brought her evil glint to her eyes and we picked
up pace a little. We both wanted to get home an consummated the idea.

“I buzz the loo!” I said as we entered the house and dropped my clothes
in bedroom on the way. As I was in the process of seating myself, it became
obvious that Ruth had been thinking about the previous night again and
had decided that a re-run may overcome the embarrassment she had then.
She had no trouble getting the desired response from my cock.

Ruth quickly came over, straddled me, spread my legs with her hands
and dropped herself onto my solid hard cock with a degree of urgency I
had not seen from her before. Once on my cock, she settled in and kissed
me deeply, as she very slowly rose up and down. She kept this rhythm up
for long time, all the time kissing me. These slow long strokes were incredibly
sexy. Her cunt was having very gentle contractions in anticipation of the
final crescendo she was working herself towards. I spread my legs as wide
as I could, so she could get me as deep as this position allowed. With
the next downward stroke, she got me in deeper than before, and this triggered
a stronger contraction and she moaned into my mouth. These slow long sexy
strokes made my cock twitch in response to every contraction of Ruth’s
cunt. As she got closer to orgasm she increased the force of her downward
strokes, but not her rhythm, which made my cock hit the end of her vagina
and brought forth a moan form her. On a few occasions I felt her squeeze
her ass together as she was rising. Then I knew for sure that she was trying
for a repeat of the previous evening. This made the heat build in my gut
and my balls retract in anticipation.

Then, with two very hard strokes she started to cum. Again she sat very
still as her muscles convulsed all around my cock, which was inside her
up to the hilt. Two strong contractions first. She was just starting to
draw breath when it was interrupted by a very loud moan as she pulled herself
to me as hard she could. Her entire body seemed to contract and harden
this time. As her hips moved as close they could. Then it happened again
as her cunt and asshole relaxed just before the next contraction she got
her wish. Her bowel dropped its load as she moaned deeply as next huge
contraction shook through her body. This was followed by more contractions
than I could count, and they were very strong ones. Stronger than the previous
time, at least, that is how it seemed. As I shot my sperm into her, her
hips were completely still with me, as deep as I could possibly get. She
just kept contracting and moaning. When I kissed her shoulder she hugged
me tighter and her contractions became stronger again. This time I also
felt something slide past my balls as she hugged me so tight. This orgasm
must have taken her ten minutes or more and when she finally released her
clinch and kissed me again she felt very limp, and she relaxed onto the
seat. We just sat there, for I don’t know how long, until she regained
enough strength to lift her left leg a little higher so that I could wipe
her asshole without having to extract my cock. I wanted to keep it in there
to feel all the aftershocks that were still coming. The twitches her cunt
gave as I wiped her asshole caught her completely by surprise. After the
first one made her moan she gave me her sexy little grin and just hugged,
and kissed me deeply. I also wiped my balls to check, and sure enough,
she got me this time. With the wiping complete, she flushed the toilet
and got back to the kissing and some more aftershocks.

“Now, wasn’t that worth it?” I asked. She just nodded, breathlessly.
“I have the distinct impression that was even better than last night’s.”

“It was unbelievably fantastic. I wished it didn’t stop.”

“And this time you did get me, so let’s get in the shower and clean

“Sorry!” She shrugged a little and gave me another one of those irresistible
sexy grins.

I carried her over to the shower. She turned on the water and we hopped
in to get wet. “I wiped you, so you wipe me.” I said to her as she slid
off my cock.

“It will be a pleasure,” she responded. As she washed my cock and balls,
I could see my cum dripping from her cunt. This made me hard again. “I
don’t mind if I do,” she said, as she took my freshly cleaned cock into
her mouth and gave it a licking that made me shoot into her mouth in what
seemed like only two seconds.

“You horny thing!” She yelled at it. “I was just starting to enjoy that,
and it’s all over.”

“That may have something to do with how sexy you are, you know.”

We finished washing and drying and headed for the kitchen to get something
to eat. We chatted a little more about what had just happened.

“No embarrassment this time, Ruth?” I asked. “Just enjoyment and a giant

“No, I planned from about three quarters of the way home and was determined
to get the most out of it. I’m sorry I got you though. My only worry now
is that I enjoyed the intensity so much that I hope it doesn’t become habit.”

“No damage done. As long you clean up your mess, you ruddy.” I said.
She gave me a gentle smack on the shoulder for the last comment. “We have
other positions we haven’t tried yet. Let’s watch the movie.”

We went off to bed to watch TV, as we lay there in each others arms.
As we looked into each others eyed during some of the commercial breaks,
as our mouths approach each other for another kiss it was beginning to
dawn on both of us that the attraction between us was more than just lust
for each other’s body, even though that is how it started. When the program
finished we both brought up the topic simultaneously. Neither of us was
looking forward to the morning when Ruth had to leave for work. We took
a long deep look at each other before we fell back into each other’s arm
for a long deep kiss.

Ruth broke off the kiss, and straddled me, placing her soaking pussy
on my belly. She had turned herself around giving me that teasing view
of her asshole and just a little of her pussy. As she raised herself slightly,
a little of her soft pubic hair was silhouetted against the shaft of light
that passed between us. She dropped down again and rubbed her drenched
pussy up my body to wet my belly and chest and chin. We 69’ed each other
for a long time, managing to keep each at a peak without coming. It was
so long that my jaw was getting sore. Just then Ruth stopped sucking my
cock and just put her head down on my groin and played with balls. She
started to blow on my wet shaft ever so gently. In response, I licked her
clit a little harder and I knew I would get a reaction when I inserted
a finger in her pussy and into her asshole. Her body jerked back a little,
and she couldn’t hold her orgasm back any longer and she pushed herself
further onto my fingers as her body convulsed in orgasm. When she had finished,
she turned around to kiss me deeply again. I rolled her over and entered
her in a comfortable position of only one leg and a cock between her’s.
This way, we could lay flat and still, with me inside her, and kissing
to our heart’s content. When she darted her tongue deep into my mouth at
the same time as squeezing my cock with another firm contraction, the urgency
of the matter became uncontrollable. I gave her a few more hard thrusts
and came as she pushed up against me, as she came again.

As the orgasm dropped away, we just kissed without moving our lower
bodies and fell asleep.

We woke to the alarm snuggled in the spoon position with cock in the
crack of Ruth’s ass. My cock immediately rose, pressing on her asshole.
“Mmmm …. ” Ruth moaned as she lifted her leg, grabbed my cock, and arched
her back so I was pointing at her pussy–which was drenched as usual and
sticky with my cum. “That’s a better place,” she said as she thrust herself
onto my cock. We both were as randy has hell because we pumped at each
other like our lives depended on it. A few kisses on Ruth’s shoulders made
her arch for even better access and tightened her vagina. We pumped with
sense of urgency that made us both cum very quickly. We tried to slide
off the bed and walk to the shower while remaining connected to each other.
It was difficult but fun and we both laughed as we got into the shower
to wash each other. We were still randy but agreed that if we kept going
Ruth would not be able to get to work. We just hugged and kissed.

After we had breakfast it was time for Ruth to leave, which she finally
and sadly did after another long deep kiss at the front door. “Ring me,”
I said.

As she drove away and disappeared over the hill, I missed her already.
I went back inside and masturbated to relieve the pressure.

I went to my office to get to work, but Ruth would not get out of mind,
which made it very difficult to work. I checked my e-mail and answered
those that needed quick responses.

Then a ping as a new mail arrived. It was from Ruth.
<UL>It was a fantastic weekend and I am drenched from just thinking about
it. Actually this has made me so horny I have to go to relieve it. — I’ll
try out your suggestion.

Love Ruth.

P.S. You filthy, horny beasts. – Jane</UL>

I replied “Just think about me relieving myself while you do.”

Just before lunch, the phone rang. It was Ruth. “I have some excellent
news for you. I had a talk to the boss and he said I can go ahead. The
server has already been set up so I can work from home starting Wednesday.
I’ll need a day to get my things together.”

“Fantastic! I found it hard to concentrate this morning. How was it
before? You know.”

“Grrrrrreat! I’ll ring you tonight. Jane was a bit upset when I told
her about the weekend.”

“How much did you tell her? Her P.S. suggested everything.”

“Almost all. She will ring you too. She would like to see you before
I move.”

“How do you feel about that? I don’t think I could cope with both of
you together all the time.”

“Someone’s here. Talk to you later. Bye.” She blew a kiss down the phone
and hung up.

I had just finished loading the dishwasher after the evening meal when
the phone rang. My wish came true. It was Ruth. “It’s good to hear your
voice. I have been missing you all day,” I said to her. “I’m ecstatic about
your boss’s decision to let you work from here. We will have a fantastic
time together. How was that visit to the bathroom after the e-mail?”

“It was fantastic. I tried what you suggested, to masturbate while having
a shit. I waited until it was so urgent I almost had an accident. I was
able to hold on until I had the orgasm when I couldn’t hold back any more.
It was nearly as intense as when we were fucking. It was fantastic. I could
almost get used to it.”

“Don’t or it will get boring.”

“Orgasms like that will never get boring. I just don’t want it to become
the only way I can come. Talking about coming, let me change ears so can
get my right hand up my pussy.” Her breaths became shorter and quicker
and then with a big moan she came. “Ahh…… that’s better. You were saying?”

“You are incorrigible.” I said with a giggle. “I wish you were here
and we were fucking right now.”

“You’ll just have to wait until Wednesday, won’t you?”

“Do you want me to come down and pick anything up? ”

“No I’ll be able fit everything into the car. So I’ll see at about 7.30
on Wednesday.”

“Now, what’s this about Jane being upset? What did you say to her?”

“I told her about the weekend, and the fucks on the loo. She then said
that she had always wanted to do that but never had a chance. Nor had she
ever been butt fucked. I told her that I really didn’t want to get butt
fucked. She then asked me whether I would get upset if she went up to fuck
you before I moved in with you, now you are virtually my boyfriend.”

“And …. what was your answer?”

“I hadn’t thought about it. And if the relationship went to boyfriend/girlfriend
I wouldn’t want you fucking other women.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go fucking other women. But you said she was going
to ask me to fuck her again. What do want me to answer?”

“She and I have been so close for many years, if you obliged her until
we really decide where our relationship is going it’s fine by me if you
fuck her. She will either just turn up tonight or ring and ask to come
over tomorrow night. And … she’ll probably want you butt fuck her. How
do you feel about that?”

“The idea doesn’t really do anything for me, especially if it is planned
for. If it happened accidentally like it almost with this morning it may
be OK.”

“Well I better let you go to relieve your tension. Just look forward
to Wednesday. I’ll e-mail tomorrow. Bye lover!” She said the last bit in
her very low sexy voice and blew a kiss before hung up.

After hearing Ruth’s sexy voice and her suggestion for relief I decided
it was time to make trip to the bedroom. I stopped in bathroom to masturbate.
I had just finished when the phone ran again.

“Hi you filthy beast. Fancy letting Ruth crap on you while you’re fucking
her. I wish you’d do that with me but I guess its too late now.”

“What do you mean too late? For what?”

“Well now that you and Ruth are an item you aren’t going to fuck around
any more.”

“What makes you say were an item?”

“I said the same to Ruth before and got the same reaction. Today she
couldn’t think about anything other than you and moving in with you on
Wednesday. Even the boss noticed that. And the way she spoke about your
reaction to that first fuck on the toilet and how you handled her embarrassment,
really gave it away. Just because you haven’t talked about it doesn’t mean
that you’re not hooked on each other.”

“You are very sure of yourself. As a matter of fact, she said she didn’t
mind me fucking you.”

“Yeah she would, but if you did she would be most upset. Just promise
to give her a good fuck for me when she comes up on Wednesday. I hope that
we can still have the occasional threesome though. I wish you two all the
best you’ll make a good couple. I am really happy for you both.”

“As I said we haven’t even thought about it.”

“Makes no difference, I’m right. Anyway, bye.”


She gave me something to think about. I went to a lonely bed to read
and sleep.

When I woke up the following morning, my first thought was of the weekend
with Ruth. That time with her had really hit a cord. I had an unbelievable
erection, so I masturbated again and got to work and to e-mail Ruth.
<UL>Hi Ruth,

Wish you were here right now, had to get relief without you when I woke
with a beauty this morning, just thinking about the weekend. I didn’t ring
because I didn’t want to wake you. Please ring me as soon as you can have
a private talk.

Miss you, Love G.</UL>

Eventually a reply came indicating that she had appointments all day
to finalize her move and that she would ring later and that she missed
me too.

The time passed very slowly that day. It was difficult to concentrate
all day without having spoken to Ruth. I wanted to talk to her about the
conversation with Jane. As the day progressed, I also came to realize that
this empty feeling I was having all day was probably, love. Something that
I had not thought possible. With that realization came a wave of what can
only describe as fear. Did she feel the same about me? What would her reaction
be? If she did feel the same way, when she realized…  and what about
Jane and her threesome idea? I missed her so much that I didn’t even feel
horny enough to masturbate while I was thinking about her.

After dinner I decided to go watch the evening current affairs programs
and read one of my journals in bed while I waited for Ruth to call. Her
call was a little late. I was getting ready in the bathroom when I felt
a presence behind me and a kiss on my naked ass.

“Hello lover.” Ruth said in a raspy voice as she passed her hand between
my legs and grabbed my balls.

“Ohhh.” Was my initial reaction along with a solid erection. “Ruth,
what a fantastic surprise.” She let go and stood up as I turned around.
She was already naked. Our arms entwined as we kissed deeply. It was fantastic
to have her in my arms again. “How come you are here tonight?”

“I packed most everything and organized the office today, and I missed
you so much that I decided to surprise you and move in today. Is that okay
with you?”

“Is that okay she says? I haven’t been able to concentrate all day without
her and she asks if it’s okay for her come a day early? “It is fantastic!
Have you eaten yet? What about your stuff in the car?”

“Take it easy. I have eaten and the stuff can wait ’till morning. Anyway,
I intend to make a meal of you right now!” She pushed me into the bedroom
and onto the bed, knelt down on the floor and swallowed my cock. She licked
and licked. “Gee, I have missed this cock.”

Then she stopped. “Donut stop now, I love it”

“We better go back in there.” Pointing at the toilet. “I haven’t been
all day and I donut want an accident in bed on our first night together.
She pulled me back into bathroom and sat me on the toilet and mounted me.
Again she moved herself up and down very slowly. She new exactly how to
tease me with this slow rhythm and she hugged me and kissed me. Our breathing
got so heavy this time that we had to stop kissing. I started kissing her
shoulders and nibbled her earlobe. When I shot my tongue into her ear she
lost it. She was just rising up when my tongue moved into her ear. Her
body shuddered and dropped herself onto me with such a hard thrust that
she slapped the toilet seat. Then she again pulled herself close to me
as her cunt started its familiar strong convulsions.  She came with
many strong contractions, and she held herself so close, as if she wanted
me in her even deeper than possible. She gave another small thrust with
a strong contraction which made me shoot my sperm inside her. As our orgasms
were subsiding we just sat there holding each other tight and resumed our
deep kissing. I was terrific to be sitting with her around my cock which
was inside her as far as it was physically possible.

“No accident I said.”

“No, but I do have to go now, so you better leave me to it.”

“How urgent is it or can we kiss a little more? I have missed you and
I want this moment to last as long as possible.”

“I really donut know how much longer I hold on for.”

“Well its not as though were new to it, is it? If you really cant hold
on let go. I didn’t mind before so I wont mind now.”

We had little chuckle about it as she rose to get off me. “Get out of
here you pervert.” She said with laugh as she smacked my ass, when I stood
up. “Let me have a shit in piece.” She gave my cock a quick lick, to lick
the cum off it as she moved to sit on the toilet. She smacked my ass again.
“Go on, get out of here. And close the door behind you.”

“I would like to watch you. I have never watched a woman having a shit.”

“You bloody liar, what was that on the weekend?”

“I cant really call that watching. That was more like assisting. Fun
though.” She threw a small piece of soap at me, and laughed as I stretched
out on the bed so we had full view of each other. She had her shit and
washed herself in the bidet and joined me in bed, where we just lay for
ages in each others arms cuddling, hugging and kissing each other without
saying a word. Just enjoying each other’s company.

Ruth broke the silence. “What happened with Jane?”

“She rang as you warned and we chatted for a while. She said that she
would like to fuck me on the toilet, but she was sure you wouldn’t agree.”

“Oh, why? Did she give a reason?”

“Yes. She thinks we are an item. I’ve been thinking about that comment
and the weekend and I’m convinced she’s right. I do love you.” I leaned
over and kissed long and deeply.

Eventually Ruth broke of the kiss. “I love you too.” And we reconnected.
“Think back. When did you get the first hint?”

“That first fuck on the toilet. Your embarrassment and the fact that
I couldn’t tell you off. Because it happened with you I honestly didn’t
care. The tingle that went through my whole body when you hugged that close
and apologized, was a magic feeling. I donut think that I would have reacted
the way I did if it had happened with anyone else. That must have been
the same with you, ’cause I donut think you would have tried the re-run
the evening after.”

“That’s right. That was a magic moment, because it was so totally unexpected
and so intense. I will not forget it. I do love you.”

Our mouths re-engaged for long deep kiss. We lay there kissing hugging
tightly and things started to stir down below with my cock trying to rise
straight into Ruth’s belly. She released one arm from the hug and grabbed
my cock, raised her leg and placed it between them and clamped it there.
She stopped kissing just to say “Ah. There’s no hole for you there dear
fellow. Try down here, and you may have better luck.”

I had a burning sensation in my belly. The same as I had when lost my
virginity. I had been so horny for Ruth ever since she left, only about
36 hours before. We just kissed and kissed all the time and the burning
got stronger. I was beginning to fear that I would cum between her legs
with a single thrust. I so much wanted to thrust myself into her, cock
and balls too if it were possible. She sensed this and clamped her legs
tighter. She even crossed them to make it tighter still. She wouldn’t even
let me roll her onto her back. She just kept kissing and kissing. The kisses
were great but I needed to fuck.

Eventually, she broke the kiss and leaned over to kiss my ear and behind
the ear. No-one had done that to me before even though I had done it to
Ruth. This shot a sensation through that made my hips thrust involuntarily.

“Now you are ready.” She whispered into my ear. She rolled us over spread
her legs wide. “Fuck me as hard you dare, lover. Fill me with your cock
and cum and cum and …..”

That was all I needed. I lined my cock up with her tunnel and thrust
hard into her. When I reached the end of the stroke it felt like I hit
her vaginas end or the opening to her cervix. She let out a loud moan and
started coming immediately. Her strong contractions and the long wait meant
that I only needed another thrust and I shot my cum deep into her. It felt
great to be released from the tension at last, my cock pulsing deep inside
Ruth’s pulsing pussy and my balls resting gently against her ass. I slid
my knees up a bit closer so she rested her ass against them. The extra
skin contact made us both pulse a little more.

Stretching my legs back again, I could kiss her a little more. The kiss
gave her a few more after shocks. Then we just got to our favorite leg
arrangement and fell asleep with my erection still inside her. (I think)

The following morning, after another long slow sexy fuck, we moved Ruth’s
things into the house, and cleared a spot in the garage for her car.

It has been a terrific two months of love making since then. We even
get time to do our work and the shopping.