Wife training – Chained And Trained

Gloria sat thoughtfully in front of the mirror, polishing her nails. She had a big decision to make. Should she accept David’s invitation to spend the weekend at his country home or not? It was not quite the simple decision it looked. Oh, she liked David, of course, he was the perfect gentleman to her. But Gloria had been a widow for only a year, and it might not look good. People might talk, and she didn’t want a breath of scandal in her life.

If David had been the slightest bit like her dead husband, Mark, she wouldn’t have considered it for a moment. Mark had been so much older than she, so it was hardly a surprise when the heart attack left her a not exactly wealthy, but certainly well-off widow. The thing she had only confessed to her closest friend, Jane, was that it had also been a relief.

The man had been an animal. It wasn’t enough for him that Gloria was the most glamorous wife at any of his office functions. That she was always polite, talking to any of the men there. That she always dressed to please men, as her mother had always said a wife should. Her tight dresses that showed off her petite figure to the best advantage were always the talk of the parties, and Gloria had once overheard a very disgusting remark made by one of Mark’s associates.

“Fuck me,” he’d said to Mark, after far too much to drink. “That wife of yours must be a right little nympho in bed.”

Gloria leaned back in her chair as her hand hovered over her nails and she blushed in terrible shame at the memory. Mark had merely laughed, and not even told the man what he thought of him for such a suggestion.

But that was typical of Mark. He probably wanted Gloria to be disgusting and demand sex. He certainly tried to get enough of it from her. Once he’d even forced himself on her, pinned her down to the bed and stuck that horrible thing of his in her delicate body and rammed it in and out, grunting like a pig, until all that horrible white stuff had shot out of it and he collapsed and let her go to the bathroom to clean herself off.

She was furious that he should do such a thing, but the shame was worse. He had humiliated her terribly, and she had almost left him over it.

She leaned back in the chair and let her tiny slip ride up over her thighs. She couldn’t understand the terrible lusts men had. All of them, as they took in her luscious figure, her swelling tits under the soft-lace of the revealing clothes she wore, her slim waist, tight, round ass and long shapely legs, wanted to get her into bed. She tossed her long blonde hair back over her shoulders, got up and put her sandals on. In her white stockings, and flimsy slip, she walked into the bathroom and surveyed herself in the full length mirror. She was a beauty, that was obvious, and any man would want to have her as his wife. That was why it was wonderful to have met David.

He never made improper suggestions. He opened doors for her, and was always the most polite of men. Perhaps it was nearly time to marry again, and perhaps David would be the man of her dreams, her knight in shining armor, the man who would put her on the pedestal she deserved.

She ran her hands over her tits and down to her waist. Then further, to the soft warmth of her inner thighs. It was nice, the feeling she got when she did that. Not that she could be as disgusting as she had heard some women were and caress themselves between their legs, where their sweet little pussies were. The very thought made her tremble, and she hurriedly dropped her slip and went to the basin and gave her face a fast wash. That calmed her down, and gave her time to think.

David had been so nice about it all. “Take your time,” he said. “You can come any weekend you like. You can ride if you like, and even if I’m away on business for a while the servants will take very good care of you. Just give me a call.”

Gloria had now been thinking about it for several weeks, and David had never insisted, always let it be known it was her decision. And, well, if he was the man of her dreams, there was only one way to let him know she was ready again to marry the right man.

So she would go. The decision came over her in an instant. She was sure it was right, she went straight to the phone and told David. He was delighted, and insisted on making all the preparations.

Late that Friday afternoon, Gloria arrived at the small airport and was escorted to the waiting limousine. The chauffeur was a tall, fair-haired man, who picked up Gloria’s bags and lifted them effortlessly into the trunk of the car.

“Good evening, madam,” he said, “my name is James, but everybody calls me Jim. It isn’t a long trip. I hope you will be comfortable, can I serve you a drink?”

“No thank you,” said Gloria with a touch of alarm. Surely, David would have told his staff that she never drank.

“Certainly,” said Jim as he climbed into the front seat and drove off.

Gloria relaxed as they went. The New England countryside was at its most beautiful at this time of year, and each glorious red and brown tree that passed made her more and more certain that this was going to be the most wonderful weekend. She could picture herself and David, walking through the woods together, alone. And perhaps she could tell him, accept his love and then, perhaps.

She was interrupted by the sight of the house as they turned into the drive. It was a wonderful old building from the nineteenth century, not as big as she had imagined, but with all the charm in the world to make up for it. The car pulled up at the door, and there was David to welcome her.

“Hello, David,” said Gloria, and extended her hand which he kissed gallantly.

“This is Mandy and this is Alva,” he said, indicating the two maids on either side of him.

Both the girls curtseyed to Gloria, and Gloria thought what a wonderful, thoughtful man David was. Two servants for her, and such nicely dressed girls too! From the tips of their tiny white caps to the toes of their high-heeled pumps, they were immaculate. And neither of them was as beautiful as Gloria, which was also the way she liked it. Not that there were many women as beautiful as her.

Jim carried the bags, and Mandy and Alva took Gloria to her room. It was light and airy and gave a view over the front lawn to the woods about a hundred yards away. To the left was the paddock and some quietly grazing horses.

“Oh, look at this,” Mandy cried as she was putting Gloria’s clothes away. “Oh you do have the most wonderful things.”

She held up one of Gloria’s short nighties and held it against her body. It had a lacy tie between the tits, and it was one of Gloria’s favorites.

Gloria turned away from the window. She was going to let it pass, but she knew that if you let servants take advantage of you they could make your life miserable.

“Put that down!” she snapped. “Did I give you permission to touch my things?”

“Oh no, sorry, Miss,” said Mandy and hurriedly put the nightgown away.

“Don’t let it happen again!” Gloria snapped and turned back to the window. “I shall tell David about this.”

“Yes, Miss,” said Mandy, shame-faced.

The rest of the afternoon, however, was fun. Gloria was shown round the grounds by David, and the two of them had a wonderful conversation, one that hinted at romance to come. Gloria was very happy at dinner, and enjoyed the meal just her and David, with the obsequious servants in the background. He complimented her on her dress, her black one, bow at the neck and cut to the thigh at one side. Gloria smiled and accepted the compliment.

She went to bed early, it had been a long day for her, but somehow she couldn’t sleep. So she got up and started to write a letter to Jane, telling her all the wonderful things that were happening, and how she would give her more news later. Somehow she got carried away, and the letter was pages long by the time she realized it. So she decided to post it anyway. But she didn’t have a stamp, and Gloria hated to leave things unfinished. So she got up, put one of her robes on and went out to find David to ask him for one.

The house seemed to be deserted, and she hadn’t really been round it much. She followed the passages quietly, not wanting to wake anybody who was asleep, listening for any sound. For a long time she didn’t hear a thing, and she was getting a little frightened. She was in one of the lower passages when she heard a sound coming through one of the doors. Thinking it had to be David, she opened it and went though.

It was another, even darker passage, and Gloria had to grope her way to a thin stream of light coming under another door down the hall. She opened it. The room beyond was dark, and what light there was came through a window in the far wall. Gloria went over to it and got the biggest shock of her life.


It took a little while to sink in. The window, which couldn’t really be a window, Gloria realized, looked down into a large basement room. Most of the walls were bare stone, and on them were racks of whips and strange devices. There were some raised platforms on the floor, some of them padded and some not. There were also numerous ring bolts and other restraints all over the place, and several pieces of what almost looked like gymnasium apparatus.

All that was bad enough, but there in the room was David with Mandy and Alva. He sat casually in a large chair, no longer dressed in his usual immaculate suit, but in tight leather pants and an open-necked white shirt. He toyed with a leather whip, running it through his hands slowly as he stared at the girls.

Bath of them stood in front of him, trembling with what Gloria was sure was fear. They looked so vulnerable in their short uniforms, the hems of their dresses hardly reaching to the tops of their stockings. Their tits heaved as they breathed hard and stared at the whip which David ran through his hands.

“So you thought you’d get a little fresh, early, did you?” David asked. “Gloria tells me you commented on one of her nighties.”

“Oh yes, sir, sorry, sir,” said Mandy, her eyes staring, her breath ragged.

“Now I gave you very strict instructions, didn’t I?” said David, running the whip slowly in front of her eyes.

“Yes, you, yes, you d-did,” stammered Mandy.

“And you disobeyed me, didn’t you?”

“Yes, sir, yes, I did,” Mandy gasped and she ran her hands down over her thighs and pushed them apart, rubbing shamelessly into her pussy.

“You always do, don’t you?” said David smoothly. “I am going to have to punish you very severely for that.”

“Oh, yes, yes, sir, yes, you will!” Mandy gasped, and her hands worked inside her panties, pushing her dress out of the way.

“You little whore,” said David with a grin. “You’re going to get it tough this time. Spread your legs!”

Panting and gasping, Mandy did as she was told, spreading her high-heeled shoes apart on the floor and easing the short dress up to her waist.

“Now, bring yourself off first,” said David, leaning back in the chair and watching with evident amusement. “Then you get your ass whipped.”

Mandy groaned and her fingers went inside the hem of her tiny, black panties and rubbed at her clit in a fury of lust.

From her hiding place, Gloria stared in utter horror. This man, whom she was falling in love with, this wonderful gentleman, was sitting in a chamber of horrors, watching one of his maids masturbate to his command. She felt sick, she had to get away, but something held her there. She almost wanted to see how sick and perverted the whole thing would become. Then she would have all the evidence she needed to make David order her a taxi and get her out of this dreadful place. She felt the tears welling up in her eyes as she realized how cruelly she had been deceived.

“I suppose you’re feeling your usual horny self,” said David pleasantly to Alva as the two of them watched Mandy rubbing her pussy and moaning as the lust built in her.

“Oh yes, sir,” said Alva shyly. Her hands were on the hem of her dress and she slid it up, showing her panties to David. “I’m really wet sir, look at me.”

David reached out and ran his fingers over the damp nylon.

“Of course,” he said smoothly. “I think you deserve to have that sucked, don’t you?”

“Oh thank you sir, thank you,” Alva gasped and rolled her hips shamelessly on David’s hard hand.

Beside her, Mandy was going crazy as she rubbed her little pussy and came.

“Oh shit!” she gasped. “Oh fuck, I’m coming!”

Her little cunt twitched and throbbed, and she gave a low moan as the orgasm overwhelmed her. Her knees sagged, and she almost fell to the floor.

David laughed. “What a little cunt!” he said. “Now bend over the platform.”

Mandy gave another gasp and went instantly to the waist-high, padded platform, a few feet away. She bent down, face to the thick, soft carpet and spread her arms, still moaning and gasping.

“Legs!” David commanded, and Mandy opened her shapely legs, spreading them until her thighs were wide and showed the damp crotch of her panties. David walked slowly up to her and flipped the short dress up to her waist, revealing her rounded ass, the suspender belt and the lacy strips of fabric that held her stockings up. Mandy presented a wonderful sight, though Gloria was sickened at it. The girl’s legs were stretched tight, her knees locked, and her heaving ass was high in the air, moving slowly and lewdly as Mandy moaned, hugging the top of the platform.

David walked round, examining his victim. He nodded to Alva, and without a moment’s hesitation, she stripped her panties off and climbed onto the platform.

Gloria didn’t believe what happened next. Alva slid between Mandy’s arms, took her head in her hands, and forced it into the wide-open lips of her pussy.

“Suck it, bitch!” she said, and Mandy gave another groan and her mouth sank onto the cunt of the other woman.

Gloria gasped and put her hand to her mouth. It was far worse than she had thought. This was a terrible den of vice, a sink of sin that would have to be exposed.

And things got worse. David walked behind Mandy’s thrusting, ass and ran his hands over her hot ass cheeks. Mandy moaned and sucked at him, her body rolling on the soft carpet. Slowly, David took the sides of Mandy’s panties and slid them into the crack of her ass, removing the last of the minute protection she might have had.

“I’m afraid,” he said slowly, “that I shall have to punish you very severely for this. I shall whip you until Alva has been sucked enough, and judging by what you made her take the last time she was in trouble, I think YOU are in for a very sore ass indeed.”

Mandy groaned and sucked, hard at the soft wet pussy flesh. Alva was, leaning back, spreading her legs. She pulled a back support in and that allowed her to sit up and watch the beating that Mandy was about to get.

David lined up the whip and raised it in the air. It was a short-handled leather whip, with several braids of knotted leather running from the handle. He swung it through an arc and thrashed it down across Mandy’s heaving ass cheeks.

Gloria held her hand to her mouth as Mandy screamed and heaved on the platform. Thin red lines ran all over her ass, and she moaned as Alva pulled her back to suck her pussy. David crashed the whip down again, and Mandy leapt higher, her mouth imprisoned between Alva’s thighs, her screams muffled by the hot flesh.

“Lick it, cunt,” said Alva. “Lick it right up my pussy.”

Mandy gave another moan, and her mouth opened even wider and she slid her tongue as far into Alva’s throbbing cunt as she could. Behind her, David raised the whip again and lashed her ass hard, getting another muffled scream from the girl. Again, he whipped her and her ass was rapidly getting as red as a ripe tomato. As he raised his hand again, Alva started to come.

“Ooooohhhh, yeaahhhh!” she yelled. “Suck it, you shit, suck it good!”

Her body spasmed on the platform and she spread her legs even farther as David started to give Mandy a series of sharp, regular blows.

“You got it coming,” Alva went on, her voice cracking in triumph. “You got the shit whipped out of me last time and now it’s your turn. Oh whip her, sir, whip her please!”

David crashed the whip down and Mandy’s screams became continuous as she sucked desperately at Alva’s demanding cunt. Her ass was a solid mass of red now, and each sharp blow of the whip dug deep into her flesh, raising new welts and red lines. Still she circled, raising her ass to meet each expected blow, driving down hard as the leather landed and her beaten sore ass took the pain.

Alva leaned back as she shouted and yelled with the force of her come. Her legs widened, and she forced her hot pussy against Mandy’s mouth until her cunt hair was wet and slicked down, and her pussy lips were wide apart. Gloria could sep her red pussy slit as it plunged up and down over Mandy’s face.

David swung the whip through the air again and Mandy heaved, her dark hair jerking up, then falling back around her neck. For a split second her mouth came away from Alva’s cunt and she gave a scream of lust so pure and strong that Gloria put her hands over her ears.

“Oooaaagghhh,” Mandy yelled, and her voice echoed from the stone walls. “Oh fuck me, harder, please, harder, sir, aaaggghhh, oh yeahhhh!”

But Alva pulled Mandy’s head back to her cunt as she reached for something to send her into the final burning reaches of her come, and Mandy’s joke screamed through a gag of flesh as David landed the whip with terrible brutality. Both girls were out of their minds as they twisted together in the throes of orgasm.

“Oh yeahhhh,” Alva sighed as her came peaked and crested. She released Mandy’s face from her pussy, and Mandy lay there moaning as David gave her a last few lashings. Then he stopped, and Mandy gasped and her hands went round to massage her beaten ass.

“Oh thank you, sir, thank you,” she murmured shamelessly, her hands rubbing her sore flesh. “I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on, sir, I will.”

David just grinned again and threw the whip to the floor. “Well, it’s time far both of you to be good girls,” he said, and stood there, his legs apart, waiting.

Neither Mandy nor Alva hesitated. In a rush, they got off the platform and went over to where their master waited. Both of them sank to their knees in front of him, and they reached greedily for the front of his pants. In one motion, Alva slid his zip right down until his pants were open.

Mandy pulled the black leather wide open, and Alva reached in and pulled his rock-hard cock out.

Gloria gave another gasp of horror. This man whom she thought was so pure had two maids on their knees before him, playing with his hard prick. And it was big, so big, Gloria was almost thankful she had found this out before the wedding night when she would have to submit to him once to make the marriage legal. Just the thought of him ramming that ten inches of hard flesh into her young body made her gag with fear.

But Alva wasn’t going to take the cock in her cunt. In one motion, she slid her wide mouth over it and sucked on the tip as if it were the most delicious candy in the world.

“Oh, no!” Gloria gasped. The perversions were getting worse and worse. She stared in unbelieving horror as Mandy leaned in and almost forced Alva’s mouth out of the way so that she could get a piece of the cock. Mandy sucked at it, forcing it deep, into her mouth, while her fingers reached for David’s balls, lifting them up and rolling them in her willing hands while Alva ran her wet mouth down the remaining length of his cock.

“That’s nice, girls,” said David, letting them work him, staring down at them. “Open your tops, I want to feel those tits of yours.”

Both maids instantly opened the buttons at the neck of their dresses and let their wonderful tits emerge. Mandy sucked at David’s rigid prick while Alva pulled Mandy’s dress farther apart until her tits were rubbing up and down David’s legs with each heave of her mouth on his cock.

“Oh yes, girls,” said David with approval. He held their heads and moved them around his cock and balls as the willing little slaves did exactly as they were told. “You’re trained well.”

His hips thrust at Alva’s mouth and he sank his cock deep between her wide lips until his maid was gurgling.

“Now, Mandy,” he said, and Alva pulled away with a gasp of regret and let the blonde take his cock.

Mandy sucked and licked, and Gloria felt she was going to be sick. It was a perversion so awful she could hardly believe it was going on. She stared as David pulled Mandy’s head right onto his heaving cock and gave a yell of utter lust.

“Suck it,” he commanded. “Take the first shot and then share it. Right down your hot little throat, my little cunt, take it right down.”

Then he threw his head back and his cock pounded in and out of the maid’s mouth so fast Gloria could hardly follow it. David gave a sudden yell and his cock twitched and heaved. Mandy murmured, and her throat swallowed hard.

“Now!” David yelled, and Mandy pulled back. Gloria stared in disbelief as the white cam spurted from David’s cock and flashed through the air until it was gobbled up by Alva’s hot mouth.

Gloria couldn’t take her eyes from the disgusting sight. She looked on as the girls licked all the cum from David’s cock, taking all of it until the last drops had squeezed out. Then they licked the rest from each other’s face until they were clean. Then they put their arms around each other and hugged and kissed in an awful display of affection.

“That’s better,” said David, his cock still throbbing softly as it softened a little. “You can go to bed now. If I want anything, I’ll call.”

“Oh yes sir,” said the girls and got to their feet, fastening the necks of their blouses, Gloria had seen enough. She was going to confront David now. She turned from the window and gave another gasp, but this time, one of utter terror.

Standing in the doorway was Jim, his face set in a horrible smile. Beside him were two massive dogs that Gloria had seen playing on the lawn that afternoon. They were wolfhounds and they sat silently beside their trainer, their lips curled back, their white teeth showing. Gloria was instantly terrified.

“Well look at this,” said Jim. “I think we had better go downstairs, don’t you?”


“Well,” said David, leaning back in his chair and looking in amusement at Gloria as she stood on the cold flagstones by the door. “I see you took a little midnight stroll.”

“David,” said Gloria, trying to get a grip on herself. “What you just did was disgusting. I demand you get this man here to take me to the airport at once.”

She waved her arm at Jim as she stood behind her, the two dogs sitting silently at his feet. David chuckled and leaned back in the chair. He ran the whip through his hands.

“You don’t seem to understand, my dear,” he said quietly and with enormous menace. “You aren’t going anywhere. You’re going to stay and entertain us.”

Gloria gave a horrified gasp and turned to look at the two maids. They were standing beside David’s chair, huge grins on their faces. Alva was already running her eager fingers over the front of her dress, lifting it slowly up, showing more and more of her soft inner thighs.

“Don’t be a fool, David!” Gloria snapped, summoning all her courage. “I am simply not the perverted woman you think I am. I wouldn’t dream of doing — of doing those horrible things.” She shivered and pulled her gown tighter around her body. “I demand to be taken to the airport.”

David gave that horrible laugh again and stared at his blonde guest. There was no doubt that her fear was making her look even more beautiful and vulnerable. Her hair cascaded onto her shoulders and her blue eyes pleaded with him for mercy.

“Oh no, my dear,” he said softly. “You were made for this.”

He paused as Gloria gave a horrified gasp and hid her face in her hands.

“Oh you may not know it now, but I’m going to train you, train you to be the best sex slave in the world. And you’re going to love it, every moment of it.”

Gloria gave a scream of horror. Whatever dark prospect he had in store for her, it would drive her out of her mind. The perversions she had seen were so horrible she would die rather than join in any one of them!

“No!” she screamed. “No, I won’t do it, I won’t do any, of those things! Take me to the airport. I demand it, take me to the airport!”

David just laughed again and got easily to his feet. Gloria looked at him with new horror. This man who had been such a gentleman to her, from the moment he’d helped her, with the packages that she couldn’t hold, was now a monster she hardly recognized. His large, handsome face seemed to be leering at her now, and the close-cropped black beard she had once thought so attractive, now seemed positively demonic.

“Got that robe off her,” David said sharply and Gloria was grasped suddenly from behind by Jim. She yelled and struggled, but he had a grip of steel. He jerked her around and heaved the arms of her robe off her shoulders and down before she could move. She screamed and tried to hit him, but he leaned back with contemptuous ease and slapped her face.

Gloria couldn’t even scream, she was so surprised and shocked. She hung in his strong arms, stunned as he heaved her gown down her arms and off. Then he spun her around to face David again.

She stood in front of him and started to cry. The humiliation was too much to take. All she had gn was the tiny nightie that only just came below the crack of her pussy, and the neck was so low over her tits that almost half of them could be plainly seen. She tried to cover her tits and hold down the hem of the nightie at the same time.

“Take your hands away!” David snapped. “Oh no, stop it, you beast, stop it!” Gloria wept. Her flawless face was a picture of tenor as she looked at him.

“I said, take your hands away,” said David smoothly. “It will be very painful for you it you don’t.”

“Don’t you dare, you wouldn’t dare hit me!” Gloria spat, finding a desperate defiance from somewhere.

David grinned and nodded. Before Gloria knew what was happening, Jim had grabbed her once more and pulled her hands behind her back. In a blank tenor, she struggled, knowing that her little nightie was riding up, giving them all a great view of her white silk panties. Jim held her effortlessly and lifted her slightly off her feet, so that her high-heeled sandals only just touched the floor.

“Oh no!” she gasped, and pleaded as David came toward her. “Stop it!”

She sobbed as she watched him slowly reach his hand out and grasp the bow that held the two halves of her nightie together. Gently, he pulled on one of the lacy strings and slowly eased it out, drawing the loop through the knot.

“Stop it, you madman, you criminal!” Gloria screamed as she heaved around in Jim’s grip. “I’ll sue you, bring criminal charges, your see if I don’t!”

But nothing stopped the agonizingly slow undoing of the knot between Gloria’s tits. Suddenly, it came free in David’s fingers and he smiled at her, dropping the string. Then, with equal calm, he cased the two halves of her nightie away from her tits, exposing them for all to see.

“Oh no,” Gloria sobbed as her twin mounds of glorious tit-flesh surged free. She did indeed have a magnificent pair of tits. They matched her tiny figure perfectly, standing proud and pointing upward without the support of a bra. She felt her skin crawl as David reached out his hand and caressed them.

“Hell of a pair,” he commented. “Slit, everybody should have a go at these babies.” He ran his hand over the trembling flesh and took one of Gloria’s nipples between his fingers. “I bet you’d like to lick cum off these, wouldn’t you girls?”

“Oh yes, sir, yes!” Mandy and Alva chorused.

Gloria gave a sob of absolute disgust. They couldn’t use her pure body for these perversions, they couldn’t do it. She would see that they all spent the rest of their lives in jail!

Then things got more terrifying. David stepped back and Gloria stared as he raised his hand with the whip dangling from his fingers.

“I’m going to teach you your first lesson,” he said softly and the whip slashed forward.

Gloria screamed in pain. David was an expert marksman, and the whip cut across her tits, leaving a red stain where several strips had landed.

Gloria stared as his arm went back, and the whip slashed into her unprotected tits again. She screamed and struggled, but Jim just jostled her on the floor a little and then picked her up again. David whipped her, and managed to get the bulk of the leather around her already horribly painful nipples.

“One more,” said David calmly, and slashed the leather in again.

Gloria gave another scream of agony and fell to the floor as Jim let go of her arms. She lay there on the cold stone, hugging her throbbing tits.

“You beast!” she sobbed. “You utter beast!”

“Get me the number three,” David said to Mandy.

The dark-haired maid handed him something. It was another short-handled whip, but there was only one tail on it, of braided leather, with a single knot in the end.

“Get up!” David said, and the whip cracked menacingly through the air.

Sobbing, and still not really believing this nightmare was happening, Gloria scrambled to her feet. She stood in front of her tormentor, not daring to meet his eyes, staring down at the hard stone she stood on.

“Do up the neck of your nightie!” David snapped. “You look like a whore!”

Terrified at what he might do next, Gloria hurriedly tried to re-do her bow. Her fingers wouldn’t do as she told them and she struggled with the lace as the four of them looked on in amusement. Finally it was done, and she trembled as she wondered what was coming.

“Nice,” said David, walking around her and examining her as if she were for sale. “Now, walk across to that bench over there.”

Gloria would have refused, but the pain in her tits reminded her what would come if she did. Slowly, she did as she was told.

“Stop!” David snapped. “You couldn’t turn on a rapist walking like that. Now walk back as if you want to fuck everybody in the room.”

Gloria stifled a sob and clutched at her tits. “You know what happens.” David warned.

Gloria hurriedly took her hands away.

“Now walk!” he ordered.

Gloria did her best. She swayed her hips as she had seen women do on the movies, and walked back to face the grinning onlookers.

“Shit,” said David. “You sure got a lot to learn! Show her, Mandy.”

Mandy gave a huge grin and walked over to Gloria.

“Watch me, slut,” she said, and fucked her hips so that her dress rode up, showing the tops of her shapely thighs and the black panties covering her ass and pussy. She walked over to the bench, turned, and came back.

Gloria felt a new surge of horror. Mandy seemed to be demanding to get fucked.

“See?” said David. “Now prove you aren’t entirely useless by showing us your tits again, and making us want to get our hands on them.”

Gloria stared at him, wondering when this terrible night would end. The whip cracked and she hurriedly pulled the bow of her nightie apart and let the neck fall open.

“Fuck,” said David with a grin. “Pull your tits out, play with them! Come on, you little cunt!”

That was more than Gloria could take. “No!” she screamed. “No, I won’t do anything that perverted, I won’t!”

David shook his head. “I don’t think I’m going to fuck around with this one any more. The training can come later. Put her over the horse.”

Gloria tried to run. Two steps, and Jim had her by the arms and had swung them behind her back. Mandy and Alva also came to help, grinning devilishly as they pulled her over to a bench padded like a gymnasium horse. Gloria was flung down over it and held there. Struggling and kicking, she screamed at them to let her go, but Jim just laughed. His hand pressed firmly into the small of her back while Mandy and Alva grabbed one of her arms and pulled them down toward the floor. Then they lashed her wrists to the bottom of the legs with leather straps.

Gloria wept and screamed at the treatment, but she could feel Jim not only pressing down on her back, but his hips were against the soft cheeks of her ass, and she could feel something massive and hard in his pants, rubbing over her flesh. She moaned and felt as if she was going to be sick.

The two maids went behind her, took one of her legs each and opened them too, lashing them the horse legs as they had done her arms. All of them stepped back and admired their work.

Gloria presented a wonderful sight. Her body was pressing down on the leather top of the horse and her legs were spread so far they could see the outline of her pussy mound under the thin silk of her panties. Her helpless ass stuck high in front of them, and her feet couldn’t quite reach the floor as she struggled and pleaded with them to let her go.

“We must let you see it all,” said David pleasantly, and went to one of the several tall mirrors standing around in the den. With the help of Jim, he moved three of them so that Gloria could see her ass and legs as the two maids clung together and giggled at her plight.

With terrible fear clawing at her guts, Gloria screamed at David to let her go, but there was no conviction in her voice. She understood finally that she was his captive and that he was going to do to her whatever he liked.

“Well, look at that!” said David as he ran his terrible hands over her body, sending shivers of disgust into her throat. “Now, Jim here is a bit of an impatient bastard, and he really wants to get his cock up your cunt before we go any further. Greedy shit, but he’s a great chauffeur, so I like to keep him happy. You just let me know when you can’t wait to get fucked.”

“No, no, I won’t, ever, no!” Gloria shouted, but she should have been looking in the mirror. She only saw the whip as David was slashing it down on her unprotected ass.

With staring eyes, she saw it land against her soft flesh, beating a thick red line into it. Simultaneously, the pain erupted, flashing from her beaten ass and up into her straining body.

“Aaaggghh, oh God!” she screamed.

She saw the single curling line of the whip lashing in again and tensed for the blow, but it was infinitely worse than, she had imagined it could be. Sheer agony erupted from her ass, as the leather bit into it, leaving an other thick red line across her white, pure flesh.

Then Jim and Mandy walked in front of her, enjoying the sight of her pain-filled face. Mandy moaned with lust as Jim stood behind her, his hands running inside the neck of her uniform and pulling out her large round tits. Smiling he played with them as Mandy reached behind her head and held him, stretching her tits so he could feel all of them easily.

“You gonna fuck this bitch?” Mandy murmured to Jim as Gloria gave another scream of terror and pain.

“You bet,” said Jim, his hands rolling Mandy’s nipples hard until she groaned and her body heaved against him.

“Well, I think she should see what she’s gonna get, don’t you?” Mandy teased as she swayed and rolled against the chauffeur, her arms high behind his neck, clinging to him. Her ass rubbed against the front of his pants with unmistakable lust.

“Sure, baby,” said Jim easily, and Mandy slid her arms from around his neck and knelt in front of him.

In her sea of agony, Gloria saw Mandy unzip the front of Jim’s pants. The whip lashed her ass again, and the volcano of agony surged around her body once more and made her scream helplessly, her body rolling, striving to get away. But still she couldn’t really believe that this was all happening.

Mandy pulled Jim’s cock out of his pants as another terrible lashing sent Gloria heaving against the leather bonds, her body contorting in agony.

“Oh God, help me, oh no!” she screamed as she stared in disbelief at the monster emerging from Jim’s pants.

David was big enough, but this cock was easily a foot of solid flesh, and so thick, Mandy couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it.

“See?” said Mandy, running her hand slowly up and down his terrible fucker. “That’s what you’re going to get up your pussy, you lucky little cunt!”

She leaned in and kissed the swollen tip of it, running her tongue out and licking a drop of liquid from his piss slit. Gloria felt her throat rise with vomit. The idea of that thing pushing into her pussy was enough to make her faint. It would split her in two if he ever fucked her with it. She stared as Mandy ran her hand along the length again and licked at it, wetting the surface with her saliva.

“Ooooh, don’t you want it real bad?” Mandy crooned as she played with Jim’s cock.

Gloria screamed as more and more pain surged through her body. But she wasn’t going to give in. David could whip her to death, she didn’t care, she wouldn’t let Jim thrust that terrible weapon into her defenseless body.

“No!” she yelled. “No, never, no, aaaghhh, oh God, save me, please save me!”

David laughed and whipped the defenseless blonde harder. Her screams echoed from the stone walls and her body twisted in terrible agony as her ass went a deeper and deeper red. In front of her, Mandy still played with Jim’s cock and lightly sucked on it.

“You know what I’m going to do if you don’t beg to be fucked soon?” Mandy said softly. She moved her face closer to Gloria’s and whispered, her hand still running over the hard shaft of Jim’s cock. “I’m gonna suck him off and shoot all the cum over your pretty little face. And then we’ll whip you ’til we get it hard enough to fuck you.” She grinned nastily at Gloria. “And you know what? I love to watch little stuck-up whores like you get their asses whipped.”

Gloria hardly heard her, but she got the point all right. The agony in her body from the whip was rising steadily, and David was showing just how good he was at punishment. He kept the pain just below the point at which Gloria was going to faint. And each cut of the plaited leather raised the agony another notch in her writhing flesh. Gloria watched Mandy sucking Jim’s cock, still playing with it, but showing just how she could bring him off whenever she wanted.

And then something awful happened.

She didn’t know how it came over her, but as the white-hot agony in her body rose to another unbearable pitch, with the next beat of the whip, it crashed over into a strange spasm of release.

David stopped whipping her at once, and Gloria screamed, her body thrashing in the bonds, her breath coming desperately hard so that she could hardly see Mandy sucking Jim deep into her throat and working him over.

“Beg for it!” David snapped. “Beg to be fucked, you little cunt!”

“Oh God, oh God!” Gloria screamed, as terrible, desperate emotions welled up in her. Her body tore at the bonds in helpless rage as she tried to get free.

“Beg for it!” David commanded.

All Gloria could do was moan. The agony in her body was consuming her, and she didn’t even know what she could do to relieve it.

“Beg for it!” David repeated, and reinforced the message by laying the whips hard on Gloria’s beaten ass again.

That broke her. She hardly knew what she was doing as she yelled and heaved on the horse.

“Oh do what you want!” she screamed.

“Pardon?” David asked, whipping her again.

Gloria moaned and choked.

“Beg far it,” David insisted relentlessly. “Oh please, fuck me, please!” Gloria heard herself say. “Please fuck me!”

She collapsed on the leather horse in utter misery and defeat.


“Now, isn’t that better?” said David pleasantly to Gloria, letting the whip drop. “Now poor Jim can get his rocks off. She’s all yours, Jim.”

Mandy moaned and tried to hold onto Jim’s cock, but he pushed her away and she fell back onto the floor. “I’ll get you for that,” she hissed at Gloria, who could only sob and pray the ordeal would soon be over.

Jim stood inches from poor, bound Gloria’s face, his huge cock running close to her lips. “Would you believe,” he said slowly, “that after we’ve trained you properly, you’ll take all of this down your pretty little throat?”

Gloria moaned and closed her eyes. She really would rather die than even think of letting that monstrous thing into her mouth. Jim just grinned at her and walked around to her beaten ass.

David gave another of his evil chuckles and signaled to Alva. In her pain, Gloria hadn’t noticed her, sitting on a sofa, enjoying the spectacle. Instantly, Alva got up, smoothed her dress down, and walked over to where Gloria could see her.

Then Gloria felt Jim reach inside her panties. They had been no protection at all against the whip, but still she sobbed as she felt him get a grip on them and ease them away from her ass. Then, in one quick heave, he ripped them off, breaking the thin material and then ripping it until all of it was on the floor and Gloria’s ass was totally unprotected.

In front of her, Gloria saw David pull up a chair and sit down.

“Come on, girls,” he said. “The one who sucks me best gets fucked, while the other one has to lick us both.”

Mandy and Alva laughed and rushed over to him, opening his pants and pulling his rigid cock out. Greedily, they fought for it, pushing each other away so they could get it in their wicked little mouths.

“All right, girls,” said David. “Mandy first. You take your dress off Alva, give me a show, then she can do it.”

Gloria knew things were only going to get worse. She sobbed and closed her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Suddenly she felt a pressure at the delicate lips of her cunt. She cried out and tried to pull away, but there was nowhere to go. She knew it was Jim, and the sudden pain as he shoved his monster just past her pussy entrance had her screaming and heaving on the horse.

“Shit,” Jim muttered. “She’s dry as hell, gotta get this bitch lubricated.”

In front of Gloria’s terrified eyes, Alva started a striptease, sliding her dress up over her thighs, rolling her hips at David as Mandy sucked on his cock, her butterfly hands running up and down his fuckshaft, demanding he make her the best and fuck her.

Alva slowly eased her dress up and over her head, letting it slide down her arms to the floor. Proudly, she stood in front of David, showing him her tits as they rose above the top of the tiny slip that was all she was wearing. She moved her hands down and slid the hem up, letting him see the swell of her pussy inside her almost transparent briefs. David gave a grunt of satisfaction, and his hands roved over Mandy’s head as she faithfully sucked on his cock.

Then Gloria felt the renewed thrust of Jim’s huge fucker at her pussy entrance. Try as she might, she couldn’t stop him from invading her body. The size of his cock caused her to gasp and cry out at the pain that soared up into her chest. Not only did her ass still burn with the beating, but the force of his monster cockmeat in her cunt made it infinitely worse.

Jim thrust himself another inch into Gloria’s protesting cunt. She groaned as the pain got bad and the pressure forced her pussy walls to stretch until they throbbed in pain.

“Oh please, no! No!”

Gloria wept and moaned, her lovely face contorted in agony as Jim thrust his cock deeper into her open pussy-slit.

He just laughed at her and pushed harder. “Shit, I gotta get you trained better, lady, you gotta be ready for me.”

Gloria gave a scream as he heaved deeper. She thought she would die with the sudden agony that swept over her. Her tiny cunt was never meant to take such punishment, she would be killed by this monster fucking her to a pulp.

In front of her eyes, Alva had walked closer to David and was standing there, playing with her pussy, letting him see her fingers as they fucked up into her cunt. “My turn to suck,” she said softly.

David grinned and lifted Mandy’s head from his cock. “That’s right. You get to strip for me now.”

“She can’t give you as good a suck as I can,” Mandy challenged. She let Alva sink to her knees and take the rock-hard length of David’s cock in her mouth.

Jim gave another great heave and Gloria screamed as he rammed his cock almost to the balls inside her.

“Oh God, you’re killing me!” she sobbed as her pussy walls sent throbbing messages of pain into her body. The huge cock hurt almost as much as the whip as Jim slammed it to the hilt and rested there, his fuck weapon heaving inside her.

“Fuck me,” he said, “this is going to be the best bit of cunt in the world when it’s trained.” He slowly cased himself out and then rammed in again quickly.

Gloria sobbed and choked on the bench and tried once more to struggle free. It was hopeless. In front of her, Mandy was taking her dress off, sliding it down her body slowly, staring at David all the time.

“Oh, let me,” Mandy breathed. “I deserve to be fucked. I haven’t had it for days, please, sir, please!”

David laughed. “I don’t know, it’s hard to decide; however many times I try, I can’t tell who gives the better blow-job.” He forced Alva’s hot mouth deeper onto his cock and grinned. “Oh well,” he said, “we’ll just have to keep trying.”

Alva gurgled and sucked at him, taking him as deep as she could into her throat.

Jim started fucking Gloria, sliding his cock back slowly and then forcing it in fast and hard. Gloria couldn’t imagine how she could take this brutal invasion. The prick fucking her was thicker than her arm, and it rammed into her pussy relentlessly, banging to the top each time. The rasping friction sent her mad with pain as Jim showed no signs of stopping.

Mandy climbed onto David’s lap and tried to force his cock into her cunt. Gloria watched in horror as the man she had so recently hoped to marry now lifted the nympho maid up and let her sink his cock deep into her cunt.

“Oh yeahhhhh!” Mandy shouted, leaping up and down as the huge skewer fucked deep into her pussy. “Oh yeahhhhh, fuck me, oh, ram that cock in me, come on, sir, come on!”

Alva was furious. “You let her do that!” she screamed. “I deserve to be fucked. I suck better than her.” She leaped to her feet and tried to pull Mandy off David’s rigid prick.

David wasn’t standing for that. He grabbed Alva and pulled her face down to his. “Get down there and suck the two of us, or you’ll be over the bench like Gloria there, and I’ll whip your ass until you’ve sucked everybody here off. And you know how hard it’ll be to suck that little cunt off.”

He grinned at Alva and kissed her, his free hand playing with her tits. She tried to resist, but suddenly he pinched her nipples hard and she cried out, her body rolling as the brutal man squeezed her flesh and twisted on the hard buds. “Now get down there and suck the two of us,” he said softly.

Alva slid to the floor and crept between David’s legs, pushing Mandy’s stocking thighs higher and kissing her just above the paint where David’s cock thrust into her throbbing cunt. Mandy gave an extra groan of lust and took her hands from around David’s neck. She pulled her knees even farther up and spread her legs, opening her wet, slick pussy for Alva to lick and suck.

On the bench, Gloria stared at the dreadful scene being played out inches from her face. Jim rammed his cock into her harder and harder as he growled with lust and his massive cock seemed to grow harder and fatter by the second. Her tender pussy was burning with the pain of the rape. Her wrists and ankles were dreadfully sore from the puffing of the bonds, and she wept and tried to pretend it would all go away.

But it wouldn’t. In front of her, Alva sucked on Mandy’s clit and then ran her wicked little mouth down to David’s balls, licking at them and kissing every inch of his cockshaft she could reach. Mandy was going crazy, thrashing up and down as the combined force of the fuck she was getting and the fierce licking and sucking Alva was giving her clit sent her into a screaming orgasm. Alva squeezed David’s balls in her hot little hand, running her fingers over the soft skin of his ball sac while her lips returned to the wet slick flesh of Mandy’s pussy as it pounded up and down.

“Oooohhhh, shit!” Mandy called as the huge cock in her pussy rammed harder to the top and the first pulses of her come thundered out of her cunt walls and all over her body. “Ohhhh, fuck, oh shit, oh yes, sir, yes, I’m commmiiinnnnggg!”

She rolled in dreadful lust while David and Alva worked her over, sending her orgasm higher every second.

Gloria sobbed and struggled on the horse, but nothing stopped the relentless fucking Jim was giving her. Her wrists were hurting dreadfully from the leather bonds, and her arms ached. Each brutal fuck of the massive cock not only felt as if it was ripping her poor helpless pussy apart, but also forced her legs into the end of the horse, painfully banging and stretching them.

Jim grunted with lust and leaned down, putting his hands on either side of Gloria’s stretched body so that he could, lean in harder on her, force more of his cock into her cunt.

“Stilt,” he whispered, his mouth close to her ear, “I’m gonna fuck hell outa you, fuck you till you scream. Come on, you little whore, let’s hear you scream.”

He thrust his cock in even harder and his hands went round to Gloria’s tits. They were still sore from the lashing David had given them and Gloria couldn’t help herself. As he brutally twisted her nipples, she gave the scream he wanted, her head lolling as the agony spread like fire. Jim laughed and almost crushed one of her soft, perfect tits in his terrible hands.

“Oh please, please don’t do that, please!” she sobbed.

Jim laughed. “You know why I do this, you little stuck-up slit?”

“No, no, I don’t, no, but please…”

“Because,” he said, heaving her whale body upward with the force of his fucking, “it does great things to your cunt.” He laughed again. “Feel that?” he asked, pulling one of her nipples almost up to her tied arm.

All Gloria could do was scream and beg him to stop. Her pussy was an agonized mass of tortured flesh and still he rammed up into it.

Jim gave another of his terrible laughs. “Every time I do that,” he said, tearing at her nipples again, “your little cunt goes wild. It clamps down on my cock, and I like that, so I’m going to twist these little buds of yours tintil I’ve shot my load up there, so you’d better get used to it.”

Gloria gave another desperate scream and she gave herself up to whatever awful fate awaited her.

A few feet in front of her, Mandy was having the last of her come. She yelled and gurgled in delight as Alva sucked at her pussy, running her tongue over Mandy’s throbbing clit.

“Oooohhhh, I’m such a wicked little girl,” she gasped. “You have to punish me, really hard, sir, won’t you? Ooohhhh, yessss!”

David chuckled and lifted the little nympho off his cock, ignoring her moans and pleas for another fuck. “Now you suck Alva,” he said, “your punishment can wait ’til later.”

Alva didn’t need a second invitation. Gasping with lust, she climbed up onto David’s legs and rammed his huge cock into her desperate pussy. Her blonde hair tossed all over the place and she moaned as he sank himself into her to the balls.

“Your turn, cunt,” she snarled at Mandy and pulled her into her pussy, holding her head until Mandy was lapping and sucking at her cunt. Alva twitched and rolled, her body begging for as much of the cock as she could get. “Oh, come up my cunt, sir, please,” she begged David, and spread her legs, her pussy hair slicked down with a combination of Mandy’s saliva and her own flowing pussy juices.

“I’ll come where I want,” said David, reaching around and taking Alva’s warm round tits in his hands.

“Oh yes, sir, yes, but I love the feel of your cum in my cunt, please, and make Mandy lick it out, please, sir, please!” Alva’s body soared up and crashed down onto David’s cock at the very thought.

David grinned and his fingers played with Alva’s nipples, getting heavier groans of lust from his maid. “Getting above ourselves, my little whore,” he said menacingly. “You’ll pay for that.”

Alva gave a scream of lust and started to come, her pussy gushing juices into Mandy’s mouth. “Oh yes, sir, oh yes, whip my tits while she sucks it out, please, sir, please!”

Gloria was getting sicker and sicker at the whole terrible scene being played out in front of her staring eyes. She saw Alva heave and roll as the come broke over her and she gasped and groaned, her face a mask of lust, her legs spread wide, her thighs pulsing as her pussy rocked up and down on David.

He threw his head back, and Gloria knew he was going to come again. His hips thrust up off the chair and he moaned as his cock pulsed and the first of the cum rushed around in his balls, ready to pour out. Mandy helped it along, rubbing David’s throbbing balls, squeezing the white goo out of them. With one last yell. David’s cock pumped out into Alva’s hungry cunt.

Gloria sobbed as she felt Jim’s cock throb with the first of his come. All that horrible white stuff would come pouring out into her sweet and innocent little pussy and defile her whole body. And what was worse, her pussy was now wet and running, his cock must have ripped her delicate pussy walls right open.

“Oh, you beast,” she sobbed, “you’ve made me bleed. I’m bleeding!”

Jim gave another of his laughs and rammed his throbbing, coming cock right up into her pussy again.

“That’s not blood,” he snarled scornfully, “you finally got wet, you little cunt, you holier-than-us little cunt. You get wet, shit ass, you get wet just like every little whore in the world when she gets the crap fucked out of her.”

Gloria wept harder. Her body was betraying her, it was worse than the humiliation of being tied up and raped like this. No decent woman would get wet and want sex, that was just too awful to think about. She gave a moan of despair as she felt the first spurt of Jim’s cum into her cunt.

“Ohhhhh, yeahhhh!” he shouted, and his fingers pulled brutally at Gloria’s nipples, getting her cunt to spasm and clutch brutally at Gloria’s nipples, getting her cunt to spasm and clutch at his cock as it shot into her. His cum rolled out in streams, mashing into the walls of her cunt and squeezing out to soak into her blonde pussy hair.

In front of her, Alva was still coming and David shot load after load of white-hot cum into her cunt. Alva screamed at each pulse and her body twisted high on his cock, then slammed down greedily to fuck right to the entrance of her womb. At the peak of each heave, David’s cum shot out of her pussy entrance and Mandy’s sucking mouth licked and drank it down, moaning all the time.

“Oh yessss!” Mandy gasped, her fingers playing with her cunt as she sucked as hard as she could for her master’s cum. “Oh let me suck it all up, sir, please!”

David laughed through his come, and let the two of them fight for it. For a minute or more, Alva rode his cock, seeking all the pleasure she could get, while Mandy sucked them both and brought herself off again, running her stiff fingers up her twitching cunt.

Gloria felt Jim’s orgasm reach its peak and begin to fade. But there was still a vast pool of that awful cum to gush out, and she had to endure it as she watched Alva and Mandy slowly come down and slide into a contented heap at David’s feet. Jim spent all his cum in her and leaned slowly down, his cock throbbing slower and slower as the final gobs of cum oozed out and added their sticky mess to her cunt.

David sat in the chair and grinned at his captive. His cock was still hard, and Gloria knew it would be used on her again before the night was out. She stared at the gooey fuckshaft, still throbbing slightly, still disgustingly hard. So was Jim, and Gloria sobbed with relief as he finally pulled his cock out of her painfully raped cunt.

But then a strange thing happened. Her cunt felt empty as he pulled out. It throbbed and her cunt muscles clasped for something that wasn’t there. Gloria gasped and her hips rolled and her legs strained against the bonds. She couldn’t help it, her body was doing something awful. She clamped her teeth down on her lower lip, but even that pain wouldn’t take away the dreadful feeling she had. Despite herself, she moaned and Jim gave a laugh and spanked her ass hard. She yelled and groaned, hating everything, and particularly herself for showing this weakness.

Jim ignored her. He bent down and undid the leather bindings at her ankles and wrists. “There,” he said, “now just sit and watch. We’ve got two bad little girls to deal with, and then we’ll get back to you.”

He left her there on the floor. At least it was carpeted here. Gloria fell into a weeping heap, rubbing her ass and wrists and ankles from, the pain of the assault. She wanted desperately to get to a bathroom and wash the filthy cum out of her pussy. It was all over her cuntal hair as well, but she wasn’t going to degrade herself further by trying to clean it off without a shower. So she lay there, trying to cover her almost naked body and wondering what they were going to do to her next.


It wasn’t her they were concerned with now, it seemed. Jim strode over to where the two maids lay on the floor, cuddling and kissing each other. They giggled as he stood over them, his huge cock still out and more than hard enough to fuck them both.

“David says you were bad girls,” said Jim softly.

“Oh yes, yes, we were!” said Mandy breathlessly, spreading her legs and running her hands over her wet pussy. Alva moaned and ran her body along Mandy’s, rubbing her legs between Mandy’s tits.

“I think I know what we have to do to you,” said Jim hungrily. “And it’ll teach that little shit over there a lesson, too.”

Gloria stifled a sob, but Jim didn’t hear her. He walked over to a cupboard by the wall and pulled out an enormous dildo, fully a foot and half long, and shaped like a cockhead at both ends. He walked back to the two simpering maids, who were already caressing each other, their hands roving over each other’s tits and asses.

Jim tossed the dildo at them. “Bath of you,” he said and went back to the wall. There he examined the whips and other instruments, taking his time.

The two maids giggled at each other, and Mandy opened her legs and began to stuff the enormous imitation cock into her sopping wet cunt. It didn’t have to be rammed in very hard. With Alva assisting, it slid inch by each inch into Mandy’s wanton cunt until nearly a foot of it was inside and she could run it in and out, holding the second cock in her hand.

Despite hers elf, Gloria couldn’t stop watching the disgusting spectacle. It got worse as Alva slid round with endless little giggles and spread her own legs between Mandy’s. Now her own cunt was creeping up on the exposed end of the dildo, and there was no doubt what she was going to do. Gloria held her breath at the disgusting, horrible show. Alva put the tip of her end of the cock into her cunt and then slid up, taking her end in as easily as Mandy had taken hers.

“Arms up!” Jim commanded, and both the girls spread their hands high above their heads and pushed their wanton tits out toward him. Their legs pulled at the carpet on the floor, trying to force the dildo deeper into their cunts, and their backs arched, pushing their tits higher than ever.

For several moments, Jim stood over the two maids, watching them stare up at the birch rod, fascinated, their arms stretched as far as they could, leaving their tits open and waiting.

Then Jim flicked the birch almost casually across Mandy’s heaving tits. She gave a scream and thrust her pussy harder at Alva, her whole body almost leaping off the floor. Twice more Jim lashed her, and three thin red lines crossed her heaving, throbbing mounds of titflesh.

Then he moved to Alva, sneering and waiting as the maids moaned and double-fucked each other, watching desperately for the whip. He raised it, held it up for unbearable seconds and brought it down across Alva’s wanton tits.

Her scream echoed from the walls and Gloria stared horrified as Jim started to whip them both, four of five strokes across one set of tits and then moving on to the other. The worst was that neither of them tried to get away. Neither of them even tried to bide from the terrible lashing they were getting. If anything they tried to get more of the ghastly thin rod as it whipped across their unprotected tits, leaving those thin red lines at each lashing.

In his chair, David casually played with his cock as he watched. Gloria saw that it was as hard ass rock again, and so was Jim’s. Each of them seemed to get harder and fatter with each whipping Jim gave the girls. Gloria almost gagged. In another minute, that could be her lying helplessly somewhere, her wonderful soft tits being tortured like that. She didn’t know what to do, the whole nightmare just kept on getting worse.

Then, as Jim laid another red line cross Mandy’s tits and she gave the first scream of a new come, Gloria realized that this was her chance. The four of them were so concentrated on the spectacle that they had forgotten her. Without thinking further, Gloria got to her knees and began to crawl towards the door.

There was the large sofa in her way, and she held her breath as she slowly crept along it and came around the cornet. Behind her, she heard the dreadful yells of lust as both Alva and Mandy came, twisting their hips together, thrusting their tits out, begging for more of the whip.

As Gloria came clear of the sofa, getting ready to run for the door, the two dogs raised their heads and let out bloodcurdling growls.

She almost fainted with the shock. She had forgotten all about the dogs. They seemed more menacing than ever as they raised to a crouch and regarded her with savage eyes. Gloria tried to crawl back behind the sofa, but one of the dogs barked and David turned in his chair. He took one look at Gloria and burst into laughter.

“Thought you could get away, did you, my little whore?” he said. “Well, we’ll have to teach you a few more things, won’t we?”

He jumped out of the chair and advanced on Gloria, his huge cock standing out from his body like the terrible weapon it was.

“Stop that, you three,” he called. “We have a runaway here.”

Jim stopped lashing Mandy’s tits and the two girls screamed and lunged at each other on the floor.

“Oh no!” Mandy screamed. “More, oh God, give me more, come on Jim, please!” She clutched at Alva and the two of them rolled on the floor, rubbing each other’s tits and kissing in a frenzy of lust.

“I said stop that!” David snapped. “You can get it all later. This one has to be dealt with first.”

Mandy and Alva moaned and pulled apart, the dildo falling onto the soft carpet.

“Where is she, the fuckin’ slut?” Alva demanded. “Fucking up my come, where is she?”

She grabbed one of the single-stranded leather whips from the wall and advanced on Gloria as she clung to the carpet and tried to pretend this was all a bad dream and she would wake up soon.

“You shit,” Alva screamed, and the whip crashed across Gloria’s almost-unprotected body.

Gloria screamed and huddled on the floor, rolling in a ball to save herself from the worst, or so she thought.

“Let me get at her,” Mandy demanded and strode in, one of the many-tailed leather whips in her hand. She took one look at Gloria and lashed her across the back of her shoulders. “You fuck me up like that again, whore, and I’ll whip the shit outta you. Understand?”

The whip stung across Gloria’s naked thighs, raising red welts on the smooth skin.

“Understand?” Mandy screamed.

“Please, please, I didn’t, please, aaaghhhh, oh God!” Gloria screwed as both the maids whipped her shivering body. Her flimsy nightgown was no protection at all, and, the whips seemed to cut through it as if it weren’t even there.

“Now, now girls,” said David tolerantly. “I can understand how you feel, but this is already of refinement, class, and we mustn’t treat her this way just because she stopped us in the middle of an orgasm, must we?”

The two maids stopped and stood over Gloria, panting with a mixture of unsatisfied lust and fury.

“We must show her how much we value her talents,” said David, taking the two maids in his arms and hugging them, “why didn’t we have her play us a piece of her favorite music? She has often told me how well she plays the piano.”

For same reason Gloria couldn’t understand, both Mandy and Alva started giggling. They stood on either side of David as he ran his hands over their whipped tits and they reached far his cock, rubbing it, playing with the hard fuckrod.

“Now get up, my dear,” said David softly. Gloria struggled to her feet, her head spinning with the terror the whole place had given her. David looked her over, and Jim came up behind her and slid the tiny nightie away from her tits so that they were exposed to the threesome standing there, looking her aver with grins of undisguised lust.

“Stop that,” said Gloria, pulling the nightie back over her luscious twin mounds. “You’ve done nothing but insult and degrade me since I came here, I demand to be taken down to the station, there must be a train, or I can charter a plane, that would be all right, and I promise not to say a word about what has gone on.”

David laughed and Mandy sank to her knees and slid his rampant cock into her hungry mouth and sucked on it, licking it as if it was a piece of candy.

“My dear,” he said, “you’re not going anywhere, you’re staying here to play with us, and to entertain us, now why don’t you go over to the piano and play us a piece of your favorite music? I think that would be a wonderful idea.”

Gloria glanced over to where the small but expensive upright piano stood by the wall and nearly fainted.

The piano stool looked like a normal one, but a massive dildo was sticking up from the center of the padded, leather surface.

“Oh no,” she sobbed and sank her face into her hands. “You wouldn’t make me do that! You wouldn’t!”

“Do what?” asked David’s innocently while Mandy and Alva giggled, and Jim gave a short laugh and leaned back against one of the benches.

“S-sit on th-that, that bench,” Gloria sobbed, the last of her bravado gone.

“Of course,” said David, and Mandy stifled her laughter by sliding his cock right into her throat. “All we want you to do is play us a little tune.”

He reached down and pulled Mandy’s hot little head up from his cock.

“Now, that’s naughty,” he said, “if you go on like that you’ll make me come, and I’ll be very irritated.”

Mandy grinned and moaned as she licked at his swollen cockhead. “Oh please,” she whispered.

“Now come on,” said David, “you know the rules on first-time piano players.” He turned back to Gloria. “Now go over there and play the piano!”

Gloria gave a low moan, but Jim cracked his whip and she knew there was no way out. She walked over to the bench and stared at the dildo, standing out like a rubber pillar. Jim walked in front of her and turned the bench so that it faced the piano.

“Sit!” he ordered.

Gloria stared in horror as David came up and stood on the other side of the bench. Both the men now had whips, and Gloria shivered as she looked at them. Reluctantly, she put one leg over the bench and straddled it, the rubber dildo touching the lips of her pussy.

“Now sit down, my dear,” said David gently. Gloria moaned again as she saw Mandy slide to her knees again and resume sucking David’s thrusting cock. Alva too, was kneeling, in front of Jim, and her sluttish mouth was working on his massive prickmeat. She gurgled as she sucked at his cocktip, running her hand up and down his cockshaft.

“Shit,” said David, and he lashed his whip out, landing it hard across Gloria’s shoulders.

Gloria screamed and her legs trembled, allowing the enormous imitation cock to sink almost an inch into her cunt. The huge rubber cockhead thrust at her soft cunt lips, spreading them for a deeper invasion.

“I said sit!” David rapped, and the whip lashed out again.

Gloria screamed at the pain as it exploded from her beaten back and shoulders, but there was worse to come. Jim eased Alva’s sucking mouth from his huge cock and walked up to where Gloria was struggling across the bench, her hands on the dildo as she tried to let more of it into her cunt. He reached in and tore her flimsy nightie away from her tits, exposing them once again to the lascivious gaze of Gloria’s tormentors.

“Put your hands on the bench behind your ass,” Jim ordered.

Gloria’s long blonde hair swung in a desperate circle as she obeyed. Her luscious, thrusting tits were now heaved upward as she struggled to get more of the dildo into her cunt.

“Sit,” Jim said, and he lashed out. Gloria’s body heaved in agony as the thin whip cut a line of red across her nipples and soft tit-flesh. She screamed and begged him for mercy, but David whipped her tits too, and the rolling thunder of the pain in her body echoed down her legs. As her legs gave way, the dildo sank farther into her cunt and she wept at the spreading agony from the invasion of her pussy.

“That’s good,” said David, and he whipped Gloria’s tits again.

Before she had time to scream Jim had lashed her too, and her body spasmed in pain as she sank onto the bench and the dreadful dildo sank to the hilt into her raped pussy. She could feel the cool leather on her asscheeks as the agony beating out of her tits drew uncontrollable screams of pain from her.

“Now play for us,” said David. “A simple tune, something nice.”

In a haze of pain that filled her head, Gloria had lost any sense of music she might have had. She reached out and touched the keys. She was aware that the two men were standing there, watching as the maids sucked gently on their cocks. But both of them had their whips ready, and Gloria was more than certain that they would use them. Almost furtively she ran her fingers over the keys and they played, but desperately out of key. The sound jangled round the room and David gave a yell of disgust.

“That’s awful,” he said, “can’t you play better than that?”

“But it’s the piano,” Gloria wept, the massive dildo in her cunt forcing its way up into her with each desperate movement she made.

“The fuck it is, I had that tuned only a week ago!” snapped David. “Put your arms behind you.”

Gloria broke down and wept. “Please, no,” she whispered, “please let me go.”

“I won’t tell you again,” said David, and slowly, Gloria slid her hands behind her back, exposing her wonderful tits again.

Almost casually, David lashed her across the nipples. Gloria yelled and her body contorted on the bench. With each lashing, the dildo worked over the inside of her cunt, sending strange feelings all over her.

“Now try and play properly,” said David. Again Gloria reached for the keys and another dreadful jangling broke out.

“Shit,” yelled David, “I’ll teach you if it’s the last thing I do! Hands back!”

The rush of agony was driving Gloria into tits of giddiness. She managed to hold the back of the bench as she stared in horror at the two men. David’s arm went back and the whip struck her tits, even as Jim raised his arm and the thin leather of his whip landed on her trembling flesh a second after David had whipped her. The scream she gave bounced off the walls and echoed across the room. She saw the men’s cocks leaping in the maids’ mouths as they sucked and played with them.

“Now play again,” said David, and Gloria almost fainted as she fell forward.

The clanging that broke out as her whipped tits hit the keyboard brought groans of annoyance from the two men, but she didn’t care. She lay panting on the cool ivory, the pain from her tits running down to the pulsing agony from the dildo in her cunt. A sea of swimming dots ran across her eyes and her body shook with the agony of her body.

“Well, fuck me,” said David, “this cunt never learns. Do her up right and maybe she can play for us tomorrow.”

Gloria managed a low scream as Jim grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back. Swiftly he tied them, first at the wrists and then at the elbows, dragging them together until Gloria gave another moan of pain. Then he took another length of rope and pulled it over the rope at her wrists and put it through the low cross piece on the bench. Then he pulled on it until Gloria’s arms were tense and taut, and her shoulders were hauled back, heaving her tits helplessly upward.

“Now we’re going to teach you to play the piano properly,” said David. His arm shot out and Gloria screamed pathetically as the leather cut into her already painful tits.

“Oh no,” she moaned, “oh please, I couldn’t help it, I — aaaghhhh!” She screamed as Jim whipped her tits in his turn. “The piano is out of tune, it’s not, aaaghhhh, ohhhh God, oh no, please!”

Her weeping tits rose and fell to the tune of the whip as they beat her, turn after turn. She slumped forward, but Jim reached out one of his massive hands and heaved her back by her long blonde hair, giving her a vicious, slashing cut of the whip to emphasize his point.

With her head pulled back, and her tits at the mercy of the two men and their whips, Gloria struggled and screamed, lunging up and down on the bench as the two maids laughed at her and sucked the men, playing with their cocks, running their hands up and down their cockshafts, rolling their balls around as they watched.

The spreading agony from the crimson lines all over her tits lunged down to her dildo-raped cunt and burned there, showering her in spurts of vicious spasms that she couldn’t explain. Her arms were sore, her tits burning with a pain so deep she thought she wouldn’t feel anything else, but still, the spreading sensation from the dildo, ramming harder into her cunt with each terrible, cut of the whip on her tits, was doing strange things to her. Each beating thrust the feeling higher, and it was sending Gloria into more and stranger fits of giddiness. Jim’s hand pulled her hair and she choked as the whips beat her soft flesh harder and harder. Her screams rang round the room and her twitching body was forcing the dildo harder and faster into her cunt as she felt the first splatter of something wet across her tits.

Jim laughed and let her turn her head until she could see Mandy, holding David’s cock in her hand as she directed streams of his cum onto Gloria’s red-streaked tits.

Her wicked little mouth licked at his cockshaft, but never close enough to interrupt the stream of white jism as it spurted from the slit in his cockhead and shot fully four feet to land on Gloria’s helplessly bound and held body.

“Shit, that’s good, Mandy!” David gasped as the expert young maid worked his cock, and his arm swept up to slash his whip into Gloria’s tits again, sending gobs of cum leaping out and onto the piano.

For several moments, he whipped Gloria and came, white goo running down her tits and getting mashed into her flesh and outward by the lashes of his whip.

“Ohhhh, fuck me,” David gasped as he held Mandy’s willing little head to his cock and let her suck up the last drops as they oozed out of him, “you deserve a reward for that, that was the best blow-job you’ve given me.”

“Oh, thank you, sir, thank you,” Mandy moaned as she licked slowly over her master’s still-rigid cockhead.

But Gloria wasn’t free yet. There was still Jim, holding her hair and lashing her tits with growing force. Gloria wept and screamed as the whipping went on and she saw Alva sucking Jim deeper and harder, rubbing his cockshaft for all she was worth.

“Oh yeahhh,” Jim moaned, and he pulled viciously on Gloria’s hair. “Oh yeeeaaahhhhh, oh fuck, ahhhh shit; like that honey, like that, I’m coming, I’m coming, ohhh yeahhhh, now, now!”

Alva pulled her mouth away from his cock just as the first jets of new cum leaped out of it. Gloria hardly had the strength to scream any more. As the jets of white goo landed on her tits and the whip lashed them away, splattering the seed all down her body and over the piano, she felt herself falling into a deep dark pit. She struggled to pull away, but the edge of the pit got closer and wider, and she screamed in terror as each lash of the whip sent her closer to the edge. The chasm yawned deeper as Jim’s cum spurts slowed and finally stopped.

Jim gave Gloria one last lash that sent her screaming, then he stopped. He let go of her hair and Gloria fell forward again, her arms bound, her body trembling as it came down. There was something awfully wrong and Gloria didn’t have the faintest idea what it was. Her body craved something, something it hadn’t got. Peace and softness, that had to be it, she told herself. All she needed was some time to be quiet and she would be all right.

But she wasn’t going to get it.

“Untie her and stand her up!” snapped David.


Gloria stood in front of her tormentors, weeping, her head down, staring at the floor.

“Oh yuk,” said Mandy, “look at her, all wet from that cum. Yuk!”

“Yeah,” said David, a big grin on his face, “How disgusting! Take her to the bathroom and make her get clean.”

Jim came forward and grabbed the sobbing woman. Gloria hardly reacted at all, she was so ashamed of what had gone on. She allowed herself to be taken across the floor, onto the higher, carpeted area, and then thrust through a door.

Inside, the light almost dazzled her. It was a luxurious bathroom, with shower, hot tub, sauna and several rails and benches she could not guess the use of. She shivered, although the room was beautifully warm, and looked at herself in the mirror.

Despite all she had been through, she looked stunningly beautiful. Her face was flushed from her tears and the perfect outlines of her mouth seemed to pout rather than protest at what she had been forced to do. Her jutting tits were streaked with the red lines of the whipping they had given her, but her nipples stood out proudly and she caressed them as she stared at her image that suddenly looked so different to her.

Slowly she turned and watched as her whipped ass came into view. It was red, all right — a mass of crimson, but the throbbing from it wasn’t as awful as she had expected it to be. She rubbed her cheeks and stared at the marks, remembering the pain. She broke into tears again and looked around for some escape. But there was only one door, and, she had been thrown in through that.

Then it opened and David stuck his head round.

“If we don’t hear the water running in ten seconds we shall think you disobeyed us,” he said, and slapped the thin birch rod in his hand.

Gloria almost rushed to the shower and turned it on. It was actually a great relief to get under the warm running water. It soothed her flesh and helped to wash off the last of the jism that stuck to her tits. She shuddered as she let the water wash her degradation away, and became frantic trying to wash all the goo from her pussy.

Scarcely had she taken a deep breath and leaned against the wall, trying to get her senses back, when David opened the door again.

“Now get out,” he said, “dry yourself, and then come in here.”

Gloria didn’t, need this reminder of the hostage she was. She got out and dried herself mechanically, scared again at what would come to her the moment she went back into the room.

Then Mandy and Alva came in, and stood giggling at the naked woman as she tried to cover herself.

“Silly little slut!” Mandy said. “Let’s get her out of here.”

The two girls grabbed Gloria and dragged her back into the room. At the sight of the place where she had been so cruelly beaten and raped, Gloria went into another fit of sobbing, made worse as Jim tore the towel from her body and left her standing in front of them, exposed to four sets of greedy eyes.

“Now you’re going to learn to suck cock, my little whore,” David said with a big grin.

“No!” Gloria screamed. “Never, never! I won’t do anything so disgusting, I won’t!” and she stared at David and burst into a desperate fit of hysterics.

“On your knees, bitch!” he snarled, and the whip cracked inches from Gloria’s terrified face.

“No!” she screamed. “Do what you like, I won’t do anything so disgusting.” She threw her head back and gave a long drawn-out yell in David’s smiling face.

His hand swept up and he slapped her viciously across her cheek, sending Gloria staggering, falling into Jim who just tossed her back to David.

“You learn so lovely,” David said softly. “But you’re cute, all that blonde hair and all, so I’ll give you one more chance. On your knees!”

“No!” Gloria screamed, out of her head with rage.

David laughed and lashed the whip across Gloria’s legs. She yelled and fell backwards and Jim jumped her, pulling her back to her feet by her long blonde hair.

“Oh shit, am I gonna teach you!” he said. His breath was ragged and his massive cock stood out from his balls like a tree trunk.

“Over there,” said David, and Jim dragged Gloria across the carpet to another bench. This one was wider and had a frame all round it. With contemptuous ease, Jim flung Gloria on her back on the bench and held her with an arm in the pit of her stomach.

“Tie the shit’s arms!” he gasped as Gloria raked his thighs with her long fingernails. Mandy jumped in and seized Gloria’s right arm and pulled it out until Alva could get the new leather straps round Gloria’s wrists and tie them to the frame. Then they went to Gloria’s left arm and did the same thing. All the time, Gloria screamed and tossed on the bench, trying to kick her legs up enough to hit Jim in the face.

Then Alva got a hold of Gloria’s leg and pulled it back over her head until it was stretched on one side of Jim’s head as he leaned dawn and grinned at the helpless woman.

“Look at my cock,” he said slowly. “That’s what you’re going to have down your throat in a little while. You’re gonna suck, bitch, suck the cum right out of our cocks. Then we can show you what a good little slave you really are.”

Gloria moaned and gritted her teeth at this terrible threat. She wouldn’t let such a thing happen, she wouldn’t, no matter how hard they beat her.

Alva had Gloria’s other leg, and was puffing it back and spreading it to the other side of Jim’s shoulders until Gloria was pinned on her back, her legs spread on either side of her face.

“Now the beam,” said Jim, and Gloria gasped in renewed fear as she looked up for the first time and saw the long beam running horizontally above her face. They brought it lower, and Gloria could see the straps hanging from it. She moaned and tried to wiggle, but the two maids held her legs far too tightly.

The bar came down until it ran across her stretched legs. Then Alva and Mandy strapped her feet to the bar and it came lower, pressing her legs farther down until her body was painfully bent double and her ass rode up, making the perfect target.

Jim stepped away and so did the girls, all of them looking at the bound woman. Gloria screamed her defiance at them and struggled like mad to free herself.

“Hey, that ass sure moves,” Jim commented. David laughed. “Yeah, and watch how it’s going to move in a few moments.” He went up to Gloria and ran his hand over her still-red ass cheeks.

“Stop it,” Gloria moaned and she closed her eyes so she wouldn’t see the dreadful things he was doing.

David just chuckled and worked one of his fingers around the delicate crack of her cunt. “Oh, you’re going to suck cock, my little whore,” he said softly. “And please don’t give in too soon, I love whipping reluctant little shits like you, I mean, these two beg for it all the time, I need some new sport, so defy me all you want, and we can have a real good time.”

He laughed again, and Gloria sobbed and thrashed on the bench, her terror rising with each of his words.

She was more helpless than she had ever been.

The bonds on her anus pulled them out to their farthest limits. Jim was putting another strap round her waist and puffing it tight. She found she could still heave her ass upward, but the strap stopped her moving it to one side, or the other very far. Added to the straps holding her legs to the beam, and she was in a desperate plight indeed. She tried to lift the bar lying across her ankles. It would rise a little, but the sheer dead weight of it soon forced her legs back over to the painfully stretched position they were intended to be in.

“Okay, Jim,” said David, “your turn with the whip, she’s going to learn to suck me first. I’m sure the two girls will keep you happy. Just let me turn up the lights.”

Gloria moaned again as she saw what he meant. The lights came down outer and revealed her bound body perfectly in the mirror on the ceiling. In it, she could see her ass sticking right up, her legs spread wide and her tits open and vulnerable. She shuddered as she saw that Jim had picked up the thin birch, but she was still determined not to give in. In the mirror, she saw David come up to her and then his long thick cock was inches from her mouth and his hand caressed her hair.

“Just let me know when you want to suck my cock more than anything else in the world,” he said softly. “I hate to give you this pain,” he said with an evil chuckle, “but I have to make sure my little staves are well-trained. I can’t let them come to one of my panics of they’re going to make a fuss, can I?”

Gloria could see what was going to happen. She sobbed and gritted her teeth, determined that David wasn’t going to get his cock into her mouth. She saw Alva and Mandy go to their knees in front of Jim and caress his stiff prick shaft, running their wanton hands up and down it, kissing the tip and grinning at Gloria.

Then Jim raised the birch, and Gloria gave a low scream of terror as she watched the thin tip hover over her right nipple. She saw the tip rise and then slash down across her tit with terrible force.

Gloria lunged up to the bench and her yell rebounded from the walls. Jim raised the birch again and lashed the nipple, getting an even more desperate scream from his victim. Then Jim whipped her other tit and Gloria’s screams got louder and more desperate as the agony exploded from her flesh and went surging through her body like a tidal wave.

“Come on, you little whore,” David breathed and his cock jumped and twisted at her lips. “Suck it and it’ll all stop.” He pushed, but Gloria wouldn’t let the horrible thing into her mouth.

The whip landed again on her tit and she gave a gasp, her whole body contorting in the pain.

Volcanoes of agony burst from Gloria’s ass, and still David kept his cock at her mouth, waiting. Jim lashed across her tits again and the pain got worse and Gloria’s head rolled on the bench and she closed her eyes and hoped the horrible thing would go away.

But it wouldn’t. The whip landed again and again, and her tits and ass got ever more agonized as her captors looked on and grinned at her terrible helplessness.

As the pain rose, David’s cock looked more and more inviting. It wasn’t just that she knew she could let it slip past her lips and the pain would stop, it was that she actually wanted to suck it. She wanted to have that thick length throbbing in her mouth. She wanted to lick it, suck it and let all that hot cum burst over her tongue and lips.

She gave a terrible scream of defiance. It couldn’t be the real Gloria wanting that. It had to be some monster, brought to the surface in her by the ghastly pain she was going through. She stared at David’s cock. It was almost purple with the trapped blood swelling it, making the head stand out like a huge round ball, waiting to spend itself in her mouth.

Jim lashed her ass and tits with the birch, and Gloria screamed and twisted on the bench. She saw the two little maids sucking on his huge cock, but playing with it, not letting him shoot. At each pass of their experienced tongues, his cock got harder, and Gloria saw it heaving past the two pairs of lips driving at her body. The moment she gave in, he would fuck her some way or the other, and she wasn’t going to let him.

Gloria moaned and heaved as the birch sent pain stinging through her and she felt as if she were going to faint. Her tits and ass were an ocean of agony, and everything was getting blurred. She saw David’s cock at her mouth and suddenly realized her tongue had flicked out and caressed the tip of it, running lasciviously over the hard, purple surface.

She tried to stop herself, but the pain was climbing and she couldn’t do anything else. She licked at his cock, tasting the salty liquid playing around his ass-slit. Far from stopping the birch, Jim increased his efforts and lashed her ass in a fury of lust.

Then Gloria gave a deep, inhuman scream, her teeth opened and David slid his cock between her lips. She almost gagged, and tried to force it out. It wasn’t just that she knew what tortures would come if she did, she just couldn’t do it. His cock dominated her, forced its way into her mouth, and there was nothing she could do but suck it. With a moan of surrender, she let it slide deeper into her mouth and her tongue ran over it, licking out of control. Her groans surged past the huge gag in her mouth and filled the room. David leaned farther in and watched the blonde as her mouth grew wilder and her sucking lips formed a perfect circle around his prick shaft.

“Harder,” he instructed, and Jim whipped Gloria’s ass with a power that caused her to thrash about on the bench and suck with even more fury.

Gloria had forgotten about the whip. The pain that beat through her body was suddenly nothing more than a part of her. It surged up as she swallowed more and more of David’s cock, taking it between her virgin lips and licking the hard, smooth surface. Inch by inch, David thrust deeper, until his cockhead rested at the entrance to Gloria’s throat. There he chuckled and let it ride, back and forth, back and forth, slowly testing her throat muscles.

“Oh shit,” he said softly. “When you’re trained, you’re going to be the best, my little cocksucker, the best.”

He rammed himself deeper into her mouth. Gloria struggled to take him, but her throat wasn’t ready. She sucked and licked as well as she could, feeling him ramming harder and faster into her mouth, but still her throat stayed closed. Her desperate moans were almost inaudible now, and she didn’t even see the two maids as they sucked at Jim and drove him to the pitches of lust that sent the thin birch slashing into her ass.

David called to Jim for the whip, and Jim tossed it to him, leaning down and savoring the soft sucking he was getting from Alva and Mandy.

Gloria didn’t watch as David raised the terrible birch and sighted it right between her legs. Her mouth was full of his cock and her eyes were closed as she tried to please her terrible master, who was mouth fucking her, giving her no mercy at all.

Then David slashed the birch down, right across Gloria’s tender pussy crack. Even his cock in her mouth couldn’t muffle the scream she gave, and her body contorted in terrible pain. David raised the whip again and Gloria thrust up as the rod came down and landed across her clit fucking down into the crack of her ass.

Then it all blurred for. Gloria. David whipped her pussy and fucked her mouth, and she wouldn’t open her eyes to see what Alva and Mandy were doing to Jim. She was out of her mind, sucking as she was commanded to do and heaving as the agony grew worse and she felt the tide rising in her. She sobbed and struggled, but she was helpless. She was going to come. She was going to have an orgasm in this disgusting, degrading position! David’s huge cock slammed into her mouth and she didn’t care any more. It stretched her cheeks and she let her tongue work over the slick hard surface as it forced deeper and she was helpless to stop it.

Then David’s cock started to spasm, and Gloria knew what meant. He was about to shoot that white cum into her mouth and she was going to have to take it. For a moment the thought revolted her, but the pain was too high for her to hold anything in her mind.

The birch landed again, and Gloria sucked on the cock and abandoned herself to the evil feelings that over-whelmed her. David whipped the rod across her pussy to each frantic thrust of her hips and Gloria trial to scream, but there was no sound. She was coming. She was having another orgasm, the shame of it, bursting upon her with the first unbearable peak of the come.

David shot his first gob of red-hot cum and she swallowed, taking it all down, feeling his cock spurt and rise in her mouth, seeking for more. Another shot of white goo burst across her teeth and Gloria was mad with the climax of pain and lust as she tasted the salty fluid and David bawled his ecstasy and thrust deeper into her mouth, whipping her pussy as he did.

The cum poured into Gloria’s mouth, filling it and squeezing past her lips as she swallowed and sucked. David added more and more pain to her climax, and she realized for the first time what it would be to be a slave. Each slash of the birch sent her higher, each thrust of his cock added more to her lust and release. She was sucking and coming, letting the cum run over her lips and down his cock shaft as he rammed in and let the last shots ooze out. He pulled in and Gloria took him, licking the cum that had escaped back into her mouth and swallowing it. She kept on, sucking and licking until David was spent and he let the whip fall as he pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Gloria moaned and her ass heaved on the bench. She didn’t know what had come over her, but she was desperate, and she had to have something. She hardly noticed as Jim pulled away from Alva and Mandy and came over to her mouth.

“Now suck this, slut,” he said.

His massive prick meat slid into Gloria’s mouth. She took what she could of it and the feeling got worse.

Mandy was pulling at Jim. “That’s my cum,” she yelled, “I sucked your cock, I deserve it, come on, you bastard, come on!”

Jim threw her aside and rammed his prick shaft farther into Gloria’s mouth. He fucked in and out, and Gloria felt her come going higher with the forcing pressure of his cockmeat against her threat. He too, was coming, his massive cock throbbing as the cum surged around and shot down his tube and out into Gloria’s throat.

She moaned and let the new flood invade her. On and on, it went, shooting into her mouth, making her swallow as he took his pleasure and didn’t give a shit about her.

“Suck, you little cunt!” he yelled as he shot. Gloria did what she was told to do. She took his cum, sucking until it was all done and her tongue ran over a cleaned and softening cockhead. She tasted the last of the white goo and murmured with terrible satisfaction.

Jim leaned down and whispered to Gloria. “Just think what it will be like when you take all of me in your throat, won’t that be great?”

Gloria’s come was falling, receding from her, leaving the shame of what she had done as all she had left. Suddenly she was sobbing again, and her body struggled against the bar and leather restraints.

“You wanna leave her here, boss?” Jim called to David.

David looked at the bound woman. “No,” he said. “I’ve had enough for tonight. I just want to have some fun with my maids.” He put his arm around Mandy and caressed her tits. “Give her to the boys,” he said, “they deserve a good time.”

“But she hasn’t been ass-fucked yet,” said Jim.

David laughed. “Shit, let them do that, I’m sick of the little cunt tonight.”


Gloria sobbed and begged as Jim almost carded her up the stairs and along the corridor. It wasn’t just the brutal treatment she had received, there was also the desperate humiliation of being so rejected on top of that. David had finished with her for the night, and now he was going to fuck those two little maids. She was just being thrown away.

She was still weeping and begging as Jim opened a door and threw her in.

“Hey, wake up, guys,” he bellowed. “I brought you a present.”

Gloria sobbed and crouched against the wall, wondering what was going to happen. It was a big room with several doors leading from it. There were chairs and tables and a television set with a V.C.R. and stereo attachments. It looked like a recreation room.

One of the doors opened, and a tall man came out sleepily.

“Wake up, you stupid bastard,” said Jim, “look what I got for you.”

The man was waking up fast as he stared at the cowering blonde, holding her hands across her tits. All he wore were a pair of shorts and Gloria could see to her horror that the bulge in the front of them was already getting larger.

Mother door opened, and a wiry dark-haired man came out, pulling a robe around him. “Hey, hey,” he said as he saw Gloria. “The boss sure got some class ass tonight.”

Jim laughed, and one by one, three other doors opened and three more men came out. They were all young and beefy, and all had obviously been asleep. All wore only shorts or had put on a robe.

“Have a good time, boys,” said Jim. He turned to Gloria. “These are our gardeners and cooks,” he said. “So be nice to them, they work hard and don’t often get a set of tits like yours thrown their way. Just leave her in Room Sixteen when you’ve finished,” he said to the men, “and make sure she’s well tied up, we don’t want her getting away.”

He left, and Gloria stood there, staring at five pairs of lustful eyes.

“Well, slit,” said the small wiry man. “And to think I nearly jacked off tonight thinking about this broad. Get down here, baby!”

He pointed to his feet while he opened the front of his robe. Gloria gasped and tried to bide herself. Protectively, she held her hands over her tits and burst into fresh tears.

“Please don’t!” she moaned, all her strength and bravado gone.

“Here,” said the wiry man, and Gloria could see that his cock was out and waiting for her.

“No,” she breathed, and her tears flowed down her soft cheeks.

“Or go get my belt,” said the man.

Gloria choked and almost ran across the room to him and sank to her knees. She couldn’t take any more pain that night.

The man ran his hand over her head and slowly pushed her mouth to his cock. In a nightmare, Gloria allowed her lips to open and take the hard flesh in her mouth. Instinctively, she started to suck on it, feeling him getting harder as her tongue worked over the rippled undersurface.

“Hey, hey,” said the first man as he came over to look. “That looks like some great head you’re getting, Dan.”

“Yeah,” said Dan, forcing his cock deeper into Gloria’s soft mouth. “They musta trained her well up there. Suck it, you bitch,” he warned, “or you’ll wish you was back downstairs getting that ass of yours whipped.”

Gloria almost choked as his thick cock forced its way to the entrance of her throat, but she couldn’t let it get any further. Her fingers clasped around his cockshaft and she rubbed as hard as she could, hoping to make him come and get the horrible thing over.

“Slower, shit!” Dan snapped.

Gloria gasped and tried to slow her frantic movements down. She felt the pulse of his cock and timed her own movements to run to that. She was rewarded by a sigh of lust from the man as he spread his legs and let the naked blonde sick him.

“Hurry up, you fucker,” said another of the men amiably. “I can’t wait to fuck this little cunt.”

Dan chuckled and held Gloria by the head. “Don’t you worry, you all get to fuck the shit out of her any way you want, and as many times as you want. Suck it, bitch!” he commanded and slapped Gloria’s face, forcing his cock harder into her.

Gloria couldn’t even sob. The cock filled her mouth and hardly let her breathe, let alone think. More tears came, but there was a strange thrill mixed in with the agony. There was nothing she could do but surrender to all their animal lusts and anything that happened wasn’t her fault. At that thought the dreadful thrill rose higher, and she managed to take another inch of Dan’s cock into her mouth.

“Shit, man,” said another of the young men. “How about I put on the video, get us horny faster for another round?”

“Yeahhhh,” said a couple of the men together, and Gloria wondered exactly what was coming. Dan’s cock was jumping as it prepared to come and his hands tightened around her head forcing her harder against his thighs. Without accepting that she was actually doing it, Gloria reached up and took his soft ball sac in her hand.

Dan arched up and his cock throbbed is Gloria’s mouth as he came. “Ooohhh, fuck me!” he shouted. “Suck my come, little cocksucker, suck me all down, yeahhhh!”

His cum shout out over Gloria’s tongue and she swallowed as fast as she could, trying not to taste the terrible stuff. Dan held her head and slowly eased back on his cock until only the round, circumcised tip still rested inside her lips and she was forced to take the gooey semen over her front teeth and tongue.

“Ohhhhh, yeah,” Dan murmured in satisfaction as he watched the captive woman rub his cockshaft and take his cum between her lips, swallowing as he poured it all put into her mouth.

Gloria was forced to taste the cum now, and to her surprise it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. It was salty, that was true, but it tasted and smelled fresh, and that somehow was bearable. With her eyes closed, unable to look at the other men, standing round, waiting their turn at her, she sucked and licked all Dan’s cum until no more came out, and he let her head go with a moan of pleasure.

“Okay,” he said, “now — who wants her next?”

“Me!” said the two of the men together and Dan laughed.

“Put her over the table,” he said, “and both have her.”

The men didn’t wait any longer. Gloria was grabbed and forced face-down across a table. She screamed and struggled, but her hands were held, and one of the men had her firmly by the ass. They pushed her father onto the hard wooden surface until her head was over the far side and yet another cock was shoved at her mouth.

Gloria stared at it. A young cock, standing rigid in front of her face, the dark curly hair at its base giving off a strong odor of men. Tobacco mixed in with the sweat, and Gloria found her head spinning as the smell assaulted her delicate nose.

“Get on with it,” said the man impatiently, and Gloria obediently opened her mouth and let him fuck his way in. His cock was even thicker than Dan’s, but of course, it was nowhere near the size of Jim’s. So there was something Gloria had to be thankful for. She tried to get her hands free from the other men holding them, but they thought she was trying to get away, rather than give the man’s balls some caresses, and she was held, and forced to do it all with her mouth.

Then she felt the first thrust of another cock into her pussy. Then she wished she hadn’t struggled. Her ass erupted into new agony as a thick leather belt slapped across the already tortured ass cheeks.

“Get the fuck out of her mouth for a moment,” said a voice and the cock pulled away. “Now you wanna be fucked, don’t you, little cunt?” the voice went on. “Don’t you?”

“Oh yes, yes, please, please do it to me!” Gloria babbled, her ass cringing from the pain she expected.

“Oh,” said the voice. “She doesn’t like dirty words, huh? Now say ‘fuck me’ nice and loud.” Gloria sobbed and tried to get her arms away from the other men, but she heard a swish and the pain shot out of her ass cheeks again. She screamed and her legs kicked.

“Say, ‘please, please fuck me’,” said the voice, and Gloria heard the swish again.

She almost passed out with the pain as the hard belt tortured her ass.

“Oh God,” she sobbed. There was, another swish and Gloria was going out of her mind. “P-please f-fuck me,” she whispered.

“What did you say?” the man demanded, and lashed the belt into her again.

“Please, please — fuck me,” Gloria wept.

“I can’t hear you,” said the voice, and the pain erupted through Gloria’s body again.

“Please fuck me, please,” she gasped, and tried to hide her head on the table top.

“Louder, you little cunt!” the voice commanded, and Gloria almost leapt off the table with the searing agony of the belt.

“Please fuck me!” she screamed, and collapsed in a boneless heap.

“One more time, so we can all her,” said the man, and the agony roared into Gloria’s helpless body.

“Please fuck me, please, please fuck me!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, and the man behind her chuckled and the cock at her mouth sank back in.

“That’s better,” he said, as his cock once more reached the entrance to Gloria’s cunt slit. He ran his fingers up and down the wet flesh. “She sure gets turned on with a good dose of the belt, maybe we should use it more.”

Gloria struggled to suck the cock that rammed into her mouth. She didn’t know or care about anything anymore. She was a heap of female flesh they could do as they liked to. She felt the man ram his cock into her cunt, sliding it up effortlessly until it reached the top of her fuck passage and his balls rested against her spread thighs. Then he started fucking her long strokes, ramming into her luscious young body, slamming her into the table with each stroke.

Gloria sucked and let them fuck her without any further sobbing or screams. She felt utterly drained, and hoped they would all have sated their lusts soon and let her sleep.

Then she became aware of the television that somebody had put on. It had to be a video tape because Gloria heard a woman’s voice moaning and then saying: “Oh God, I love it when you fuck me!” On one side of the man who was fucking her mouth, Gloria saw the flickering glow of the screen and heard the woman gasp and moan and then gurgle.

“Slit,” said the man, fucking Gloria’s cunt as he forced his way in and out, “this is the best bit of ass I’ve had in a long time.”

“Slit?” said one of the men holding Gloria’s hands. “You got to fuck Mandy only a couple of days ago. You can’t beat that piece of ass.”

“Wanna bet?” said the man in her cunt, and Gloria felt, another wave of that thrill of utter helplessness wash over her. “I bet you’ll say this cunt’s better.”

“You’re on,” said the other man, and Gloria felt the thrill heighten. They were going to use her as a fucking machine, test her to see if she was good enough. It was horrible, but at the same time the thrill surged and she almost found herself hoping she would prove to be better than Mandy.

“Oh, come all over my face!” the woman in the hidden video was moaning. Then she gasped and yelled: “Oh yes, oh yes, all of it, oh in my mouth, come on, oh, give me all that spunk, baby, ohhhhh!” And her voice sank to a low moan as she obviously sank her mouth onto a cock.

Gloria felt the cocks in her harden even more as the woman in the video sucked and moaned. There was more cum about to shoot into her mouth and she could feel the one in her cunt surging up and raping the last inches of her cunt passage as it throbbed and heaved.

“Ohhhh shit, I’m coming!” the man fucking her mouth yelled in glee, and the first of his white goo splashed into Gloria’s mouth. She swallowed and tried to suck it all down as fast as possible, but a strange excitement was rising in her, and she found her body heaving on the table as the other man rammed his fucker deep into her cunt and started to come himself. As she sucked the climaxing cock and licked at the cum as it rushed into her mouth, she felt the spurts of the other cock deep in her pussy and found her excitement rising to fever pitch.

She had come before that night, but this was different. It was almost as if the subjugation she had been forced into was making the rising feeling more intense. The more she felt humiliated, the harder the feeling beat its way up in her body.

Her muffled screams and her heaving body were still climbing as the two men finished coming and pulled out of her mouth and cunt. She groaned and heaved on the table, desperate for something she wouldn’t yet admit to.

She didn’t have to. Another cock was at the entrance to her pussy at once and heaved in without any further ceremony. Gloria gasped and moaned, but she wanted the cock, she needed it to bring her off. She struggled around on the table, puffing her hands that were still held.

“Oh, let go of me,” she sobbed, “I’ll do whatever you want. Please let go of me!”

For some reason they did that, and Gloria waited for the inevitable cock in her mouth. There were five men and she had the fourth now fucking her cunt. But it didn’t come. Instead, she had a view now of the video, and could see a woman in a nurse’s uniform, on her back on an operating table, being fucked by a doctor. As he rammed in and out of her willing cunt, she swung her legs up and drew him farther into her.

“Ohhhh yes!” she moaned, and her hips heaved up into the air as her uniform rode up to the waist. Then another nurse walked in and screamed at them.

“You fucker!” she yelled. “He’s mine and you’re fucking him.”

The nurse on the operating table grinned at the one who had just come in.

“Come on,” she said, “it’s not as if you’re an innocent, I saw you with Janet yesterday. Come on, let’s share.”

“No!” screamed the other nurse, a luscious, dark-haired beauty. “Hess mine, and I’m the only one who can fuck him.”

“Not now,” the doctor shouted, his body lunging down on the nurse, “I’m coming, oh fuck am I coming!”

“Oh, shoot it over my tits,” said the nurse as her legs reached higher in the air and she gasped and pulled the sides of her uniform aside to reveal a huge pair of ripe tits. “Then make her lick it all off, she’s being a right little shit!”

Gloria felt the cock in her cunt ramming in and out and swelling with each pass. She saw the three men who had already come, standing round the video, running their hands over their rapidly hardening cocks. There was going to be more rape for her that night and the dreadful thrill rose through her body. She watched as the doctor pulled his spurting cock out of the nurse and knelt, letting the cum shoot out over her luscious tits. She held them up to him as he yelled and came, and she rubbed the cum over her nipples and down to the firm flesh of her twin tit-globes.

Gloria moaned as the man fucking her got wilder and wilder, and his cock beat harder into her already fucked body. The desperate fatigue was falling away and her orgasm rose, fueled by the feeling of utter helplessness. She fought it, gritting her teeth, but it went on rising, exploding in her cunt and spreading out with each hard fuck thrust.

On the screen, she saw the dark-haired nurse rush over and try to stop the doctor as he shot over the other nurse’s tits. Instantly, he grabbed her and twisted her wrist until she arched backwards and almost fell into both of them.

“You’re getting to be a right little shit,” said the doctor. “You don’t own me, and you go around fucking everything you can get your cunt on. Now I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

“You bastard!” the blonde nurse spat, and struggled to get free.

“You’re going to lick the cum from Judy’s tits,” said the doctor. “And then you’re going to suck my cock hard again.”

“Not on your life!” yelled the blonde nurse. “I’m not going to lick your cum off anything, it goes in my cunt, and that’s all.”

The doctor swung himself off the operating table and the other nurse rolled off with him. Together, they seized the blonde nurse and threw her over the white padded surface. Ignoring her struggles, the other nurse tied her hands and the doctor lashed her ankles to the legs of the chair.

“You fucker!” yelled the nurse as the doctor walked slowly around to look at her.

Gloria felt the cock in her cunt go out of control. She moaned as the climbing lust built in her body, realizing she was going to have another orgasm. She wasn’t going to have it just because the man was fucking her. She was going to come harder than ever before because she was a helpless pawn of their lust, because she was watching another little slave tied up and made to satisfy the lusts of others. She tried to hide it from herself even now, but as the cock spurted the first of its cum, and the man yelled and rammed her into the table as he spent himself, Gloria’s orgasm burst out and she yelled and jerked upwards on the table.

“Oh no, no, no!” she screamed as her body twitched and rolled, and the force of her come seemed to rip her guts apart. She felt the white goo gushing into her cunt, and her muscles clenched and sucked at the cock, wanting more wanting to get fucked until she fainted. She let out a yell as her orgasm rose to a fever pitch, and she seemed to lose her wits as she felt her muscles suck the last of the cum from the cock still fucking her.

At last, Gloria fell across the table and gave an enormous sigh. She was filled with shame. She couldn’t let them think she had enjoyed any of it! She began to weep again.

On the video, she heard the doctor say, “Now lick the cum off Judy’s tits. And get on with it before it gets all encrusted.”

“Fuck off!” said the blonde nurse, straining at the bonds that held her over the operating table. Gloria stared at the sight. She could relate only too well to what the blonde was going through.

Suddenly, Gloria jumped up and swung around, lashing out at the young man who stood behind her. He had tried to put his cock into her asshole, and she wasn’t going to let him do anything that disgusting.

“Get away!” she screamed.

“I think this one needs some more training, too,” he said, and several of the men rushed over and flung Gloria back across the table.

Now she was struggling and desperate again. She had given them everything they wanted, and still they tried to do something so disgusting, no civilized person would think of it.

“Leave me alone!” she screamed. “You can have my-my vagina if you want, but not that, not that!”

There was another horrible laugh, and Dan walked in front of her face. His cock was hard again and she could see that he was going to have whatever fun he wanted with her.

“Now, now!” he said. “What did I tell you about dirty words? He can fuck your cunt if he likes, but not your ass.”

“Yes,” Gloria sobbed. “Yes, he can fuck my cunt if he likes, but not my ass.” She struggled and burst into tears again.

“Well,” said Dan, “the problem is that he wants to fuck your ass. After all, he hadn’t fucked you yet, while all the rest of us have. So I think you should be nice to him, don’t you?”

Gloria struggled, but two of the men held her down and she could see that their cocks were hard and ready to fuck her again the moment Dan gave the word. She looked at the screen. The doctor walked around the bound nurse and ran his hand over her white-stocking thighs.

“Lick the cum off Judy’s tits,” he said.

The bound nurse just struggled and yelled her defiance.

The doctor flipped her short dress up over her ass, exposing her G-string white panties and the suspender straps holding her stocking tops. Then he went over to a drawer and pulled out a thin metal rod. It was about four feet long and no more than a quarter of an inch in diameter. It looked like it had some perfectly normal medical purpose. He strolled back to the struggling nurse and held it in front of her face.

“Now lick the cum from Judy’s tits,” he said. The bound nurse struggled and told him to fuck off. The doctor grinned and walked behind her, watching as her ass waved around and she moaned.

Gloria knew what was coming, and she also knew what would come to her if she didn’t beg the man to fuck her ass. She would be whipped until she did, just like the nurse on the video. Suddenly, she didn’t care. She would fight them, make them whip whatever they wanted out of her. Nothing would be easy for them.

“You’re not going to fuck my ass!” she screamed.

All the men laughed at her, just as the doctor on the screen laughed at the nurse. He raised the thin metal rod in the air and lashed it down across the nurse’s unprotected ass.

The nurse and Gloria screamed at almost the same time. The thick leather belt had lashed into her ass, and she yelled and heaved as the pain shot all over her.

Gloria felt the agony rising in her body, and she could imagine what the nurse on the screen was going through. The nurse’s ass had two red lines across it and was about to get another one. The doctor whipped her and the belt crashed into Gloria’s unprotected flesh again.

The screams from the screen and Gloria’s desperate yells blended together as the two women struggled to escape with no luck at all.

“Lick it up,” said the doctor, and once more, against her will, the pain suddenly soared into a new dimension. It sent the messages of lust climbing in her body all by itself. She sobbed, and her ass rolled, waiting for another hard whipping as the nurse on the screen gave an unearthly yell and her tongue went out and licked over the other nurse’s offered nipple.

Gloria felt her screams growing out of control. Each lash of the belt sent her lust higher, and she knew that when she was spent, she wouldn’t be able to take it any longer and would have to beg the man to fuck her ass. Better to take it now, when she was so high she probably wouldn’t notice it, than wait and have all that extra pain.

“All right!” she yelled, her chest heaving, her soft tits rubbing hard against the table top. “You can do it!”

“Oh, come on, you little slut, he can do what?” asked Dan and the belt whipped her ass again.

“He can fuck my ass!” Gloria screamed, and felt a terrible shame that she had violated everything she believed in. But there was also that dreadful lust, that total abandonment. She was going to be ass-fucked, so she might as well enjoy it. She gave a sob of disgust. What was she thinking?

The cock rested at the puckered entrance to her shithole. She tensed and waited, her beaten ass split by the probing cock.

The cock rammed into Gloria’s ass. It only penetrated an inch or so, but it felt as if she was being ripped apart by the huge fucker. Gloria gasped and felt her ass muscles clench round the tip of the cock and try to keep it out. It was futile. He gave another heave, and made it in another inch or so. He had put some kind of cream on his cock so it would go in more easily, and Gloria realized she couldn’t do a thing to stop the rape.

The cock sank farther into Gloria’s ass. She struggled, but it went in deeper and then, with an enormous heave, the man sank himself to the balls inside her and grunted with pleasure.

“Now that’s a tight ass,” he said. “You should all have a go before we get rid of her.”

Again, Gloria felt a surge of terrible lust at the way they were treating her. To be a slave, a sex object, there only to satisfy their lusts, was something that had never entered her mind before that night. She didn’t want to believe in it herself. She still clung to the illusion that she was the well-brought-up women who would never do anything like this, but it was getting harder and harder to stick to.

The cock fucking Gloria’s ass went crazy. She heard the man yell as he rammed harder into her and the first pulses of hot fizz shot out of his cock and high into her ass. On the screen, the doctor was yelling too, and one nurse was holding the other nurse’s head to her pussy and screaming with release as she worked her pussy over the open mouth.

Gloria’s came exploded. At each shot of the cock in her ass, new ripples of orgasm beat through her body and made her gasp and scream helplessly. She saw the doctor pull his spurting cock out of the nurse and let his cum shoot over her ass and onto the G-string panties he had ripped aside to invade her.

The screams and yells of orgasm rolled round the room. Then Gloria moaned as the man pulled his cock from her ass and went to sit down and watch the screen without another word to her. She stared at him, his large rippling muscles relaxing as he wiped his cock on a towel and looked at the screen, where another film was starting.

Gloria hoped it would now be over, but she knew it wasn’t. Most of the men had their cocks hard again, and she would have to get fucked until they shot their loads inside her.

She was taken off the table and down to the circle of chairs that faced the video. There she was made to suck all of the men, crawling from one to the other as they watched the next film, a young girl being raped by a motorcycle gang. All of them came in her mouth and made her suck them hard again.

With the taste of cum in her mouth, Gloria moaned and let them commit the most terrible acts on her. She was forced to fuck one of them while another ones fucked her ass. Then she had to suck them and let them shoot their cum over her tits as they had seen in the video.

The films went on, and so did their lusts. One of them put his cock between her lovely tits and fucked them, making her take all his jizz over her face when he came. She lost count of how many times she was fucked. There was cum all over her body. It had splattered on her tits, was matted into her pussy hair, and streaked down her stomach and thighs. She was utterly exhausted. She could hardly hear their commands as she opened her legs and lay back to allow the last one of them to get an erection, to fuck her pussy.

He came, and all of them looked blearily at her. Then they took her and carried her to another room. It at least had a bed, and Gloria fell across it with a groan of relief. They took a pair of handcuffs and snapped her left hand to the bedpost. Then they left her. Gloria was asleep immediately.


Gloria woke to hear the door slam. She started and sat up in bed. In front of her stood Alva and Mandy, grinning all over their faces.

“Well, fuck me,” said Mandy, “the little cunt looks like she had the time of her life last night.”

Gloria groaned and tried to crawl back under the covers.

“She sure did,” agreed Alva. “Look at all that cum on her!” She pulled the covers back, exposing Gloria’s naked body.

Gloria screamed, but she couldn’t grab the covers back. It was true, her body was covered in dried cum, crusting her tits and right down her stomach to her pussy hair which was simply matted to her flesh and hard to the touch.

“What a shit!” said Mandy. “Gets all that cock and doesn’t let us in on it.” She ran her hand into the crack of Gloria’s ass and Gloria moaned and tried to squirm away.

She was only just remembering it all. The whipping, the endless cocks she had been forced to suck and fuck. The terrible ass-fuck she had endured. And now the two of them were back, and she was sure there was going to be more. She had to hang on somehow, not give in, to escape and bring these terrible people to justice.

“Get up, you slut!” snapped Alva, and Gloria struggled out of bed and stood in front of them. Ear some reason she couldn’t understand, she didn’t feel too bad. Her ass and tits ached from the whipping and her cunt and ass felt as if they had been split wide open, but the pain had a sensual part to it, something that drove deep into her and left her uncertain and afraid.

“Well, look at that,” said Mandy, walking around Gloria and staring. “She’s doin’ okay.”

Gloria shuddered as Mandy’s hands ran over her ass, working the still red and whipped flesh.

“She sure recovers fast,” said Mandy, “we might be able to make something out of her yet.” She went over to Alva. “What about it? We’ve got the whole day.”

Alva grinned. “Yeah, but let’s get that cum off her first.”

They took her to the bathroom. Alva turned the faucets on and the huge bath began to fill. Gloria looked in the mirror and was amazed at herself. Her body was almost white with the encrusted cum, but the whip marks from the night before were no more than a blushing red glow that made her look even more enticing. Her lovely face was flushed, and her lips seemed to be wider and fuller, as if they remembered the cocks that had been forced between them and rammed into her innocent throat. The curves of her tits and ass were as sensual as they had ever been, but there again, there seemed to be an added knowledge to them, as if they remembered the lust they had created in the men who had lined up to fuck her. It was all very disgusting to the young widow, and she didn’t want to think about it too much.

“Get in,” said Mandy.

Gloria obeyed without thinking, and the warmth flowed into her limbs, relaxing her and making her feel wonderfully sensual, as she had always done in hot water, but had always before let it drift into romantic dreams. Already those were almost gone. The reality was the cocks and the whips and the dreadful release they had all brought to her. But she couldn’t surrender to that, she mustn’t. She had to remain pure through all this and bring them all to the justice they deserved.

Mandy started washing her cum-encrusted body off. It was luxurious to lie there, being treated in this way, and Gloria almost surrendered totally to it. Eyes closed, she lay in the water, letting them wash her until she felt Mandy’s fingers running over her tits, and not just to wash them, either.

“Stop that!” she shouted, leaping up in the bath and sending the water washing over the side. “That’s disgusting, stop it!”

“Look at me, you little slit!” Mandy yelled as she tried to wipe the water that had splashed all over her uniform. “You’ll pay for that, cocksucker, you’ll pay for that.”

“Don’t do that to me,” Gloria shouted. “It’s perverted, it’s-it’s ugly, don’t do it!” She stared at the two maids, trying to make them stop. But they just laughed at her.

“You don’t learn real fast, do you cunt face?” said Alva. “You do whatever we tell you to do, or David gets real med, and when he gets real mad, well, you know what he does. Now, you’re gonna do what we say, or you’ll be in trouble.”

But Gloria wasn’t ready to listen. “You two get out of here and I’ll let you know when I’m ready for you!”

“Fuck me,” said Alva with a grin. “She wants more. Grab her!”

“Now don’t mark her,” Mandy warned, “he wants her for tomorrow night.”

“Oh, don’t worry, we’ll have a good time, and he’ll never know,” Alva chuckled, and she reached in and hauled Gloria over the side of the bath by her arm.

Gloria tried to struggle, but both the maids were bigger than she was, and stronger. “Leave me alone!” she screamed. “Haven’t you done enough to me? Let me go!”

But they heaved her over to the massage bench and flung her across it, face up. She screamed and tried to get away, but they had her and tied her arms, lashing them to her side of the massage bench. Then Mandy took her legs spreading them too, revealing her blonde pussy hair and the crack of her raped cunt. As Gloria screamed and yelled at them to stop, they lashed her ankles to the sides of the bench, and so she was helpless, spread-eagled on the hard wooden surface.

“I’ll get you!” she screamed. “I’ll make you pay for this, David won’t let you do these things to me!”

She struggled desperately against the ropes, remembering the humiliations of the night before when she had been tied up. The two maids burst into laughter.

“David won’t what?” chuckled Mandy. “Listen, slut, David will let us do what we like to you, as long as we deliver you to his party tomorrow night.”

She went to the closet and brought out something that made Gloria scream in horror. It was an enormous vibrator, some foot long and almost as thick as Jim’s cock.

“See this?” Mandy chuckled. “I’m gonna fuck you with it, won’t that be fun?”

Gloria wept and struggled on the massage bench. She saw Mandy switch the monstrous rubber thing on, heard the buzz as the tip began to tremble and rotate.

“See that?” said Mandy with another of her terrible giggles. She ran the tip close to Gloria’s face, letting her stare at the round head of the vibrator as it whirred and vibrated so fast it looked almost double its real size. “Think of all that up your little cunt. Think of how it’s gonna make you come ’til you can’t get off the bench when we untie you!”

She giggled again, and Gloria stared past the trembling head of the imitation cock and up into Mandy’s implacable eyes.

“Oh, please,” she whispered, “I’ve got a lot of money, I’ll pay you if you’ll just let me go, and I won’t say a word to anybody, honestly, please!”

She moaned as Mandy ran the tip of the vibrator over her swelling tits, letting it rest on her nipple.

“Let you go?” said Mandy, and both the girls laughed.

“I mean, look how David would punish us,” said Alva. Then she added reflectively, “Well, that might be fun actually.” She slipped her hand between Gloria’s spread thighs. “But we like the candy as well as the whipping, so we’re gonna train you good, cunt face, we’re gonna train you good.”

Gloria gave a low scream of terror as Alva slid her hand up and spread the lips of Gloria’s helpless pussy. “Oh, please,” Gloria moaned, but the two maids didn’t even answer her.

With a giggle, Mandy rolled the vibrator over to Gloria’s other tit, running it up until it played painfully over her nipple.

“Like that?” Mandy asked with a grin and Gloria moaned as she felt Alva slowly slides finger into her soft pussy.

Gloria had been so fucked the night before that her cunt walls felt as if they had been pounded to a jelly. Alva’s finger worked over them, sending messages of more pain up into Gloria’s body. She struggled on the table, trying to break the ropes, but she was held as tightly as she had ever been. The sensation of the vibrator on her tits sent her body contorting on the bench, thrashing around as far as the ropes would allow, while constant low moans of agony escaped her lips.

“I know what we’ll do,” said Mandy suddenly, “get the rest of the ropes.”

“Oh no,” Gloria wept.

Mandy leaned in and slapped her across the face hard. Almost blinded with tears, Gloria fell back on the bench, her face stinging and with no means of rubbing it to take the pain away.

Mandy took the vibrator and, ever so slowly, ran it down the lower slope of her tit and over the flat plane of her stomach, and on down, over her lower hefty and to the top of her blonde mound of pussy hair. Desperately Gloria tried to raise her head to look, but Mandy held the vibrator around the top of her pussy crack until Gloria gave up and fell back on the bench with a low moan.

Then she felt the vibrator move on down, into the crack of her cunt, onto her sensitive clit, rolling slowly there as Mandy looked down at her mockingly and played with, her, rubbing the vibrating head over the exquisitely sensitive bud of her clit. Gloria had never had anybody play with it like that, she would never have allowed it, and the shame burst over her, sending her into floods of fresh tears. To her horror, it wasn’t the only feeling she got. The vibrator was beginning to turn her on. She felt the insides of her thighs trembling as the sensations of sensuality rolled their way down, and her hips bucked helplessly up off the bench.

“Naughty,” said Mandy reprovingly, “we can’t have you coming yet, slut, can we?” She pulled the vibrator away.

Gloria screamed and her legs strained wider on the bench as she thrust up to get the vibrator back. She ran her tongue over her lips, unaware of how wanton she looked, tied up and begging for it.

“Look at the little shit?” said Alva, standing over Gloria’s head, lengths of rope in her hand.

Gloria moaned and stared at the rope. She wondered what they would do with it, how they would torture her.

She didn’t have long to wait. Mandy laughed and worked the vibrator into the crack of Gloria’s cunt. Alva made a loop in the rope and slid it over Gloria’s head and down around her neck. The knot didn’t slip, so there was no chance of Gloria strangling, but the fear of it the terrible sensations from her cunt were driving her crazy.

Mandy was running the head of the vibrator just inside the delicate lips of Gloria’s cunt, sliding it around, lubricating it with the copious flood of Gloria’s juices that were already flowing, despite herself. Then Alva pulled the rope tight, so that it bit into the back of Gloria’s neck and jerked her head up as Mandy slowly forced the monstrous rubber phallus into Gloria’s cunt.

“Come on,” said Alva, “I want my pussy sucked.”

“You impatient little shit,” said Mandy good naturedly, and she ran her hand up inside Alva’s skirt rubbing Alva’s pulsing little pussy with one hand as she continued to force the vibrator into Gloria.

Then Mandy gave one great heave and the vibrator was in Gloria’s cunt to the hilt. Only the end of it protruded from her throbbing pussy lips, and she gazed at them with frantic as her body trembled with the force of the vibrator mashing her cunt into a frenzy.

“Okay, Alva,” said Mandy, “now let’s get the rope.”

While Mandy pulled Gloria’s pussy wide apart and the bound woman moaned and begged them to stop, Alva pulled hard on the rope and slid it right down the center of the red, spread flesh. Then she walked around and pulled it brutally into the crack of Gloria’s ass, heaving on it until it bit hard into her clit, forced the vibrator harder into her throbbing cunt and rubbed its way over the puckered entrance to her ass hole. Then Alva ran it back up the table, under Gloria’s back, and lashed the free end to the cross piece of the massage table.

Gloria gave a groan and tried to struggle. Then she learned how diabolical the thing was. With each heave of her head or body, the rope would tighten and rub hard over her clit, while it rammed the vibrator in harder and wormed its way deeper into the crack of her ass.

She tried to lie still, to stop the awful thrill of it, but the vibrator was going full blast and she couldn’t, the excitement was spreading out from her cunt and her hips were beating up and down, whatever she did.

Then things got worse once more. Alva appeared at her head, stripping her damp panties down her legs and stepping out of them.

“You’re gonna give us both a suck off,” she said pleasantly, “and get to be first, ’cause I’m a good little maid, and Mandy was wicked last night after you went off to your orgy, so she has to wait.”

Gloria wanted to refuse, but she couldn’t stop Alva as the maid climbed onto the bench and slid her sopping wet cunt up over Gloria’s desperate face. She saw Alva’s spread thighs, saw her pussy lips as they throbbed with excitement and smelled that warm, damp smell of a woman in heat. The vibrator beat into Gloria’s cuntal walls, and the rope forced it deeper while it cut across her clit and she rubbed up and down across it, frantic, unaware of what she was doing.

“Suck it, cunt!” snapped Alva, and forced her pussy across Gloria’s mouth. “Suck it, or you’ll know about some new pain, you fuckmeat, suck it!”

She rubbed her wet clit over Gloria’s mouth, but Gloria wouldn’t lick or suck at it.

“Take her tits, Mandy,” Alva shouted, “take her tits and see if she sucks then!”

Gloria groaned, but the sound was muffled by the wet cunt forcing its way over her mouth. Her body was going berserk on the table and she was losing all sense of time or place as she felt Mandy’s hands on her tits. She thought she was going to get beaten again, but Mandy slowly worked her way up and then gently pulled at her nipples until they were standing up, the pink buds exposed.

Then Mandy gently put her thumb and forefinger around Gloria’s nipples, easing them up until her long nails held them, just the sharp edges holding the delicate flesh at the base where they sank into the areolas.

“Suck it,” Alva demanded, her throbbing cunt rolling over Gloria’s mouth.

Gloria screamed as Mandy suddenly tightened the grip of her nails and rolled her delicate nipples between them. The pain exploded through Gloria’s tits as the hard sharp line of Mandy’s nails dug into her nipples, biting deeper into the flesh until Gloria was sure they were bleeding and torn.

“Suck it!” Alva demanded, and the agony in Gloria’s body soared to its peak. The vibrator mashing its way into her cuntal walls and the rope rubbing over her flaming clit and ass, and the sharp, searing agony from her nipples, drove her into the most dreadful climax. She screamed and suddenly sucked Alva’s hungry pussy into her mouth, licking over her throbbing clit as she tried to capture even more of the hot, female pussy meat in her mouth.

But Mandy didn’t stop working her nails over Gloria’s nipples just because she’d started to suck Alva. Mandy kept the pressure on, rolling her tit-buds, stretching, pulling, forcing the painful flesh into new contortions as she watched Gloria heave and thrash on the bench, her screams and groans of lust beating their way out from the thrusting lips of Alva’s cunt.

Then Alva slowly worked her hips forward, so that Gloria was forced to suck deeper and deeper into the crack of her ass until her tongue was at the tight entrance to her shit hole. Gloria didn’t even seem to know what she was doing. Her tongue forced its way up into Alva’s ass, and the blonde maid gave a groan of pleasure and lifted her black dress for Mandy to see it all.

Mandy grinned and pressed her nails harder into Gloria’s nipples, feeling the bound woman’s body heave harder, tightening the rope that so viciously rubbed into her clit, mingling the pain and terrible, melting pleasure of it. Gloria sucked at Alva’s ass, licking up into her brown asshole, hearing Alva’s moans and squeals of lust while she ran her own hand down over her wet clit and rubbed it.

“Hurry up,” said Mandy, “not even this little shit can go on forever.”

Alva grinned and told Mandy to fuck off, but the combination of Gloria’s mouth licking and sucking at her ass, and the caresses she was giving her own clit, had already sent her over into her climax.

“Oh yeahhh, oh shit!” Alva screamed, her ass spasming on Gloria’s face while her hand blurred over her hot little clit and the lust burst out of her. “Oh, yeah, I’m commmmmiiinnnggg!” she screamed, and she rammed a finger up bite her pussy.

Gloria was hardly aware of Alva coming. Mandy continued the brutal work on her nipples, and the vibrator and rope sent her crashing higher into a seemingly limitless orgasm with each heave of her body. Alva’s body rammed down on her face and rolled until she was satisfied, and her body slowly reined.

But then Alva climbed off her face and Mandy stopped working her nipples. She stared wide-eyed in the sudden light, and she moaned and babbled incoherently as the orgasm twitched in her, trying to go higher when it couldn’t without the extra stimulation and pain of the cunt or ass at her mouth and the nails raking her nipples.

“Something you want, slut face? Look at you, pussy juice all over your face!” said Mandy mockingly as she slid her own panties down and laughed at Gloria.

“Mnnffff, oh, please, let me go, uugghhh!” Gloria choked and struggled on the bench.

“Oh no, cunt face,” said Alva, “we’re gonna give you what you want, some more pussy and ass to suck and I’m gonna work your nipples, fuckmeat!”

Gloria saw that Alva had a pair of vicious looking paper clips in her hand. They were the larger ones, strong enough for masses of paper, and Alva pulled them open in front of Gloria’s nose and let them snap shut.

Gloria almost vomited at the terrible sound of the springs snapping. Alva laughed and did it again.

“One of these days, you’re gonna admit it, cunt,” she said with a grin. “You don’t think David picked you out by chance, do you? Oh no, he knows the sluts that need pain and end up begging for it. Look at us, he knew, he knew what we wanted.” She grinned again as Gloria’s tears rolled down her face.

She couldn’t face the possibility that Alva might be right — that she, the pure Gloria, might end up begging for this kind of humiliation. She dung, to the idea that it was all a mistake, an aberration that would be over the moment she could escape from the awful place.

Then Mandy climbed up onto the bench. Gloria felt a surge of lust and was instantly ashamed of it. But the sight of Mandy’s hot little cunt, and the dark triangle of her pussy hair was doing it to Gloria, and she knew she would give it at once. Before Mandy had even had a chance to tell her, she was licking over her hot clit, tasting her pussy juices as they poured out and over her longing little mouth.

Mandy sighed and spread her thighs across Gloria’s face, forcing them down until Gloria had her wicked little tongue flicking up into her pussy hole and her lips had the flesh of her clit sucked close where she could enjoy it all.

Gloria had forgotten about the paper clips, but not for long. She didn’t see Alva stretch them out aver her nipples, but she knew the second Alva let one of them snap shut.

The jaws slammed tight around Gloria’s already painful flesh. Her scream echoed from the walls, and not even Mandy’s cunt could keep it in. The orgasm rolling in Gloria’s body shot and beat its way to a new level of intensity as the agony of her trapped nipple rang through her.

Then Alva let the other clip go, and Gloria went out of her mind. The agony exploded once more, and she heaved, pulling on the rope round her neck and forcing it over her clit while the vibrator slid back the inch it had worked its way out and rammed into the top of her cunt again. Her mouth sucked at Mandy with an intensity that sent Mandy into a flying orgasm almost instantly.

“Ohhhhh, fuck me, ohhh fuck, I wanna cock!” Mandy yelled as Gloria worked her frantic mouth over the hard flesh of her throbbing cunt. “Oh suck, suck you cunt, sack!”

She reached down and pulled on the rope between Gloria’s tits, forcing Gloria’s head up into her cunt, and also ramming the vibrator higher into Gloria’s cunt.

Gloria’s come burst and exploded with a power she thought would break her apart, but she was about to go even higher. Alva took the clips and pulled on them, stretching the flesh, pulling at Gloria’s agonized nipples, twisting the clips, hearing Gloria scream and watching her body heave at each touch. One of the clips came off, so Alva slammed it back on, while Gloria gave another heart-rending scream and almost bounced off the bench. It looked so good that Alva did it again, and kept on doing it.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” Mandy yelled as she rubbed her pussy over Gloria’s face, feeling the blonde captive suck her for all she was worth. Mandy pulled the neck of her uniform open and rubbed her tits, spreading her legs even farther as she came and came, exhausting the pressure of her sexual lust. “That’s better, fuck face, now you’re learning something, ohhhhhh yeahhhh!”

Mandy gave a final yell and her come peaked and subsided. She stayed where she was for a second, but Gloria was still sucking frantically at her cunt and Mandy didn’t want that right now, it was too much. She slid off Gloria and the two of them stared down at the bound woman as she continued her endless orgasm. Alva slammed the clip across her nipples again and it hardly registered any more. Gloria’s eyes were glazed as her body flowed on the bench as it came, pulsing like a hungry snake, taking in all the pain and pleasure there was.

“Shit,” said Mandy, “she’s worse than even Dave thought she was.”

“Yeah,” said Alva, “I hope he can handle what he’s doing here.”

“You think. I can’t handle it?” said David from behind them, and the two maids jumped and turned to face him. “Don’t stop, you’re doing fine.”

He walked forward slowly. He wore a loose robe and his cock stuck out of it, hard. Mandy licked her lips as she looked at it.

Gloria kept on coming as Alva worked the clips, and the rope and vibrator did their part. David looked down at her and grinned.

“Fuck, you were right,” he said, “she’s even more than I thought, mind you, it’ll take a while yet for her to admit it. Okay, Alva, do as I say, and Mandy, get here and suck me.”

Mandy sank to the floor and gratefully slid her hands over his hard cock meat, sinking her hot mouth onto the stiff shaft. She moaned and sucked, and David let her play as he examined Gloria, now screaming incoherently.

Then David produced a thin switch from the belt of his robe and held it over Gloria’s heaving tits. “Take the clips off when I tell you to,” he said, and Alva nodded and got ready.

David stood there for a while and Mandy sucked at him feeling his cock get harder and fatter in her mouth. He was waiting until he was coming to release Gloria from her terrible bandage of lust. Mandy sank his cock into her throat and let his cockhead beat in and out while she sucked and played with him. She heard him grunt with pleasure.

He took Mandy’s head and forced it farther onto him, watching Gloria all the time as she gasped and moaned, coming in endless screams.

“Take them off!” he ordered, and Alva pulled the clips from Gloria’s tits and she screamed and thrust her tits up, meeting the switch as David slashed it across her tits.

The first jet of David’s cum burst into Mandy’s mouth and she moaned with joy and swallowed it, licking and sucking as he lashed Gloria again, timing the stroke to strike her as she heaved off the bench. Gloria’s screams rose with each lashing, and her tits reddened, bouncing on her chest.

Then David lashed her harder, sending her up and up until, with the last powerful pulse of his cum into Mandy’s hot mouth, he beat across her nipples, sending the bound woman into a final ear-piercing scream of lust. Then Gloria fell into darkness, deep into the pit where there was only deep sleep.


Gloria came around slowly. She was lying in a bed. She reached out and touched the pillow pure silk, and she murmured with contentment as she rubbed it. Luxury, that was what she was born to, luxury. Strange how her body ached with pain, a strong, sensuous pain that burned slowly out from her tits and ass.

She was suddenly wide awake, remembering vaguely how she had been tied on her back, shaking with orgasms as David whipped her and the maids worked her tits and she had to suck them off. How could she have done such a thing, how could she?

“So you are awake, slut?” said a voice, and Gloria swung around to see Jim standing by the side of the bed while at bis feet the two dogs stood and stared at her malevolently.

“What do you want?” Gloria asked, her voice trembling. She pulled the sheet up over her whipped tits, although there was part of her body that hadn’t been violated by the people in this house.

“David wants you, so get up!” snapped Jim, and one of the dogs growled.

Gloria choked, but she climbed out of the bed very quickly. She was still naked, and she stood on the rug while Jim looked her over.

“Shit,” he said, running his hands over her painful and red tits, “they said you couldn’t stop coming, you little whore!”

He twisted her nipples suddenly. Gloria gasped and gave a low moan. Her body trembled as his rough fingers slowly tortured her beaten flesh. But already to her utter disgust, her pussy was getting damp and the pulse of new excitement surged up in her.

“On your knees, cunt!” snapped Jim, and Gloria instantly sank to the floor, her whole body trembling. “Open my pants,” the terrible man went on, and the dogs stood by his legs, watching.

Gloria reached up and pulled down the zip of Jim’s pants. Her fingers reached in and she held the huge pole of his cock as it throbbed in her hand.

“Take it out, or do I have to teach you everything?” Jim ordered.

Gloria pulled the foot of solid cock meat out of his pants and stared at the huge swollen head ant beat slowly up and down, inches from her nose.

“So what the fuck do you do now, you stupid piece of shit?” Jim shouted.

Gloria gave a sob, and her heartbeat pounded in her chest as she leaned in and let his massive, purplish prickhead slip between her lovely lips. Gazing up at him for approval, she licked and sucked at it, sliding as much as she could into her mouth, although the thickness of the shaft filled her cheeks and the head blocked the back of her throat. Trying to please him, she worked the cock slowly in and out of her mouth while her fingers ran over his cockshaft and her other hand slid down and clutched lightly at his swinging balls. Jim gave a grunt of satisfaction and let her suck him.

“You know why David wants to see you?” Jim asked, watching as the blonde sucked at him.

Gloria murmured in sudden new fear and slid her mouth back up until her lips were just at the tip of his cockhead.

“No,” she whispered, all the time kissing and flicking her tongue out over his hot swollen cockflesh. She was learning how to please a man.

“Because there are a few things you haven’t learned yet,” said Jim softly and he gave a great chuckle. “David wants you to know them before he introduces you to his guests tomorrow night, we can’t have you improperly trained now, can we?”

The wave of mixed terror and lust swept over Gloria and she moaned and slid Jim’s cockhead between her lips. She bit gently down on it while her mouth heaved and worked on it in the terror of the mixed emotions.

“Oh, no, no, I must be properly trained,” she whispered, and tears suddenly flowed down her face as she sank his cock as far into her mouth as she could, feeling the monster throb in the back of her throat.

“Well,” said Jim, “swallow my cock.”

Gloria shuddered. It would be impossible to take all Jim’s cock in her mouth. It was too large, her lips would hardly fit around it. She would have to try, but he would see how impossible it was. Slowly she drank it in, inch by inch, until her throat muscles were straining and gagging and she had to pull back for air.

“Not bad,” said Jim. “Now do it again and hold it longer.”

He seemed so calm, as if this was just a part of the training she had to go through. If Gloria hadn’t felt the pulse and throb in his cock as she licked it, and heard, his slight gasp, she would have thought he had no emotions at all. She sank his cock again, and this time took even more of it, feeling it beating into her throat, thrusting her muscles wide apart.

“Not too bad,” said Jim, “now measure with your hand how much is still out.”

Gloria trembled as she raised her hand and placed it between her lips and the base of his cock. There was fully the width of her hand still out, three or four inches, and it made her realize how far she would have to go. That cock would have to run practically right into her stomach for her to take it all.

“Now, we’re gonna give you a hand,” said Jim, holding Gloria’s head on his throbbing fuckmeat. “We’re gonna lay you on your back and give you what you need in the way of, well, encouragement, to take it all in. You see, my little slut,” he went on, and Gloria trembled and her legs shook as he forced his prick in another fraction of an inch, “that way, your throat will be in a straight line, and you should have no trouble at all.”

He released her head and Gloria sank to the carpet, gasping for breath and trying not to gag.

“You don’t need to get dressed up,” said Jim. “This is just come as you are.”

He hauled her to her feet and dragged her out, naked as she was. Gloria didn’t dare resist, particularly with the dogs there, and she allowed herself to be taken back down to the room she had been so humiliated in the night before. David was there, sitting in a chair as Alva sucked him gently and Mandy crouched behind her, running her hands inside Alva’s panties and leaning in to lick at any bit of David’s cock that was free.

“Ah, my dear, come in,” said David, “I’m sorry about all this,” he went on in a voice that chilled Gloria to the bone, “but there are just a couple of things you have to learn. Come here.”

Gloria almost ran over to him, trembling and gazing at his hard eyes — the eyes of her master.

“Hands behind your back,” David snapped. Gloria instantly did it, thrusting her tits out as she knew he would demand. As he ran his hands over them, more softly than Jim had done. Gloria felt a surge of emotion rising again, and her legs shook with her rising desire.

“No,” said David suddenly, “that can come later. Put her on the bench.”

He almost threw Alva off his stiff cock and got up as Jim grabbed Gloria and hustled her over to the padded bench.

“Oh no, please, don’t tie me up, please!” Gloria cried, but it was no use. She wept as she was pushed down on her back, and straps were swung over her body above and below her tits. Then her legs were bent right back, over her head until they were almost at her ears and spread by the two girls. Finally, Jim lashed ropes around her ankles and fled the ropes to bolts in the floor.

“We’re leaving your hands free,” said David with a grin, “unless you misuse them, of course. Now let’s see how much of Jim’s cock you can take.”

Gloria struggled against the ropes, but there was more excitement building in her, and each pull of the leather across her body and the tug of the ropes sent quivers of lust over her. She stared, her head thrown back over the edge of the bench, her long blonde hair falling almost to the floor, as Jim came up and stood in front of her face. Mandy knelt and slid his cock out, giving it a fast suck before she let him advance on Gloria and slide it between her lips.

Inch by inch, the long fuckrod sank into Gloria’s mouth. Her lips stretched to take it and she moaned as the vast bulk filled her and she sucked at it, knowing that sooner, or later she was going to get all that thick white cream down her throat. The thought made her body thrust up against the straps and give a helpless moan of lust. Jim’s cock ran in and came to her throat, pushing in that inch or so, and then coming up against the resistance of her throat muscles. Jim held it there, working it slowly in and out, while Gloria reached up and back to hold his balls and run them slowly through her hands.

Her head was whirling with the emotions that tore through her. She was utterly ashamed that she should allow this to happen, and, even more, she was ashamed that she kept coming helplessly at the punishment they gave her. Perhaps she deserved it. Perhaps that was it, they punished her for being such a little whore. She couldn’t work it out, and moaned again, her body twisting on the bench.

“Not bad,” said David. “Now take more of it.”

Gloria gagged, and felt Jim push his cock at her throat muscles, but she had been right, it wouldn’t go any further.

“Hmmmm,” said David. “All right, so that’s where we have to start from.”

Gloria had a good idea of what he meant, and she tensed at the expectation. Jim slowly worked his fuckrod in and out of her lips, leaning in closer each time, forcing the reluctant knot of her throat muscles.

Then she heard the swish, and the terrible, wonderful pain burst out of her ass again. Her scream was muffled on Jim’s cockmeat and her body thrust up as the whip was drawn back. Gloria leapt higher and screamed even higher as the singe strand of leather slashed across her ass again. It sent the echoes of lust surging into her and her shame deepened as she realized her ass was up, begging for more of the pain, and her hands were tightening around Jim’s balls as she sucked at his cock.

“Shit,” Jim gasped. “This little whore sucks like a vacuum tube! Jesus, I’m — gonna come!”

He leaned in on the struggling Gloria, heaving his cock frantically into her mouth.

“Get it all in first, you stupid fucker!” David snapped. “Or we’ll have to do it all over again.”

“Jesus! Fuck!” Jim gasped. “I ain’t been sucked like this before!”

David lashed the whip harder and faster into the struggling widow. She responded by going crazy as she had done that morning, her mouth sucking frantically, and her hips leaping up to get as much of the hard leather as she could. Jim’s cock in her mouth was sinking farther in as the cum began to spurt out of his piss slit and into Gloria’s throat.

That was all she needed. With a moan of utter satisfaction, Gloria took the last inch of Jim’s twelve inches of spurting cock, and her tongue licked out and over his balls as she still ran her hot fingers over them. Thick wads of cum were pumping into her throat, and Gloria was almost disappointed that she couldn’t taste it, that gooey, salty taste she wanted so much.

Her ass was beating upward, lunging for the whip as it crashed down and fueled her orgasm. Jim’s cum filled her throat and backed up into her mouth, where she licked and ran it over her tongue, tasting it, swallowing as be pumped.

David whipped his slave as Jim shot more and more cum out and spots of it squeezed out of Gloria’s hot lips and ran down her cheeks and into her blonde hair. Her hands still worked Jim’s balls, demanding all the white jizz she could take, and her ass circled, still wanting more pain to spur her on. She wanted cocks in every fuck hole, filling her, spurting endless gobs of cum, just for her. On and on, she moaned and sucked as her climax burst out a new with each lash of the thin whip.

Jim bellowed as his hips ran out of control into her face, and his cock spurted its helpless jets of cum until there was nothing left but slow gobs of it, pushing out of his cock and into Gloria’s hot mouth.

David gave Gloria one last lash of the whip and Jim slowly eased his cock back until it was just at Gloria’s lips and she could lick and suck the last drops from it. She appeared to be delirious as she held the still-hard fuckrod and let her wanton lips rove over the cockhead, and her tongue slurp up the last drops of sperm.

“There now,” said David, “wasn’t that wonderful?”

Gloria wouldn’t answer. She just held Jim’s cock and licked it, her eyes closed, tears running out of them as she understood how easy it was to get her to betray herself. With the whip, they could send her into a world of depravity and lust where she would do anything for the satisfaction she desired.

“I said,” said David, “wasn’t that wonderful?”

“Oh please, no, don’t make me, please!” Gloria moaned, her body thrashing on the bench, her whipped ass beating up and down irregularly.

David leaned down over her, his hands cm her nipples, his voice cold and hard. “Listen up, shit, you’re gonna confess what a slut you are. Now, wasn’t that wonderful?”

Gloria moaned and twisted on the bench, her eyes glazed, her mouth working as her hands clutched for David’s cock.

“What the fuck’s wrong with the slut?” David demanded, and he twisted Gloria’s nipples, getting a high-pitched scream from his captive as her legs heaved against the ropes and she struggled violently.

David leaned in on Gloria, his mouth close to her ear.

“Confession is good for the soul,” he whispered.

Both his hands gently rolled Gloria’s nipples, softly, but with that dreadful threat behind them.

“Now, wasn’t that wonderful?” he asked, his mouth just forming the words at Gloria’s ear. “Answer me, slut, answer me, you little whore!”

Gloria struggled, her arms running over David’s thighs, reaching for his cock, her legs straining against the ropes. She found David’s rock-hard fuckrod and gripped it, sliding her hands along the thick, pole-like length. Whatever he did, however many times he came, he would still have his cock hard, and Gloria found herself moaning and panting at the realization that he could give her all the lust and satisfaction she wanted. Blindly, she tried to pull him to her mouth, but he stayed back, squeezing her nipples harder until she was spasming on the bench with another eruption of orgasm.

“Oh God!” she suddenly screamed. “Oh God, oh God, ohhhh!”

Her hands clasped David’s cock and her nipples trembled as he wrung them brutally between his fingers. David started to laugh, his merriment rising as he worked Gloria’s nipples into a frenzy.

“All right, my love,” he said with a grin. “You won’t confess it yet. But tomorrow night, you’ll beg, tomorrow night, you’ll confess it, even to yourself. Take her away,” he ordered.

Gloria screamed as the cruel stimulation was taken away. Her body shook and she pleaded, her words incoherent as Jim and the two maids untied her. But David just laughed.

“Too late, my little fuck face,” he said. “I keep telling you, you learn too slow, you’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow night now. Tie her hands, I don’t want her getting out of anything.”

As they carried her off, Gloria wept and moaned and her head fell forward as she struggled with the terrible conflict of emotions.


When she woke, Gloria was once again not sure where she was. The room was strange, and it had been dark when they hauled her in and chained her up. She gave a low moan, feeling the almost luxurious rippling of the pain lingering in her body. She had been stripped and spread-eagled on a hard bed, and a single blanket thrown over her. She was cold, and the pain in her arms echoed around in her upper body. They had been stretched out and pulled wide apart, and the leather wrist cuffs chafed at her delicate skin. Her legs were also spread, her ankles lashed to the two end posts.

She stared around, trying to make something out of the darkness. There was some light spreading through tiny cracks in the curtain, but she couldn’t see much from it. The walls were stone, and she could feel the terrible dampness, so she had to be in part of the cellar. The realization of where she was sent Gloria sobbing again.

Memories flooded back. She had been tied up, whipped, made to perform the most perverted sexual acts. It was disgusting, nothing to do with her, even if she had come. Even if she couldn’t stop coming sometimes, when they whipped her ass and fucked her and those great big cocks would spurt cum in her mouth and she’d have to suck it all down and lick them clean.

Gloria was panting on the bed, her body moving restlessly as she thought about it, of the whip slashing into her nipples, of Jim’s massive cock ramming into her throat as she sucked him all down and proved she could take all his wonderful, hard cock. Her body thrashed around, and she tried to pull her hands free to feel down and rub the terrible desire in her pussy. She wanted to finger-fuck herself, run two or more of them in and work her pussy until she came, but she couldn’t.

Her moans became stronger now as the incidents ran into her head without her thinking. That fir st time, tied up over the horse, watching Mandy suck Jim’s cock while David whipped her and made her beg for that terrible first fuck. How she had gone out of her mind with terror at the lash of the whip! Now she would come if they just showed her it and told her they were going to beat her.

She couldn’t even rub her trembling thighs together. Her body writhed in the most awful agony as her desire rose with each new memory and she couldn’t do anything about it. Her pussy was running with juices and her tits reached up, begging for a whip to lash across them and send her into that world of mixed agony and ecstasy she wanted too much.

The night before, when she had been thrown to the servants, and brutally raped for so long, perhaps if she concentrated on that she could make herself come. She recalled it all, the ass fuck, the succession of cocks in her mouth and the cum running down her chin. She wriggled and tried to pull her legs closer, but the bonds held them and her poor cunt just waved up and down, desperately seeking the satisfaction it couldn’t get.

The door opened and Mandy and Alva came in.

“Well,” said Alva, “the bitch is awake.”

Gloria groaned and looked at them as they came round the bed. In her desperate struggles, she had thrown the blanket off and her body was exposed to them both. The remains of Gloria’s modesty tried to get the blanket to hide at least her streaming cunt. But the two maids just giggled and grinned at her.

“Getting horny, fuck face?” Mandy chuckled and she bent down and ran one finger over the crack of Gloria’s cunt.

Gloria screamed and leapt on the bed, her mouth working as her hips tried to get more of the wonderful, thrilling finger.

“Too bad,” Alva chuckled, and she took one of Gloria’s nipples, still sore and beaten, and twisted it hard.

Gloria screamed again and twisted on the ropes. “Oh please, please, no! Please don’t do that please!”

“What you mean is, don’t do that unless we let you come,” said Alva with a grin twisting Gloria’s other nipple.

Gloria’s desperate gurgles echoed off the stone walls and she peered at the two maids in the semi-darkness. The stream of light from the open door didn’t seem to illuminate the bed very much.

“Well, that’s tough, ass-licker,” said Mandy. “‘Cause you ain’t comin’ until David says so, and that’ll be sometime tonight. But he didn’t say we couldn’t play with you.” She gave a low, nasty laugh. “So we’ll just keep you nice and hot all day and then you’ll be ready for tonight.”

Gloria gave another heaving moan and thrashed on the bed as she saw Mandy take something from the pocket of her uniform. She leaned in, over Gloria and showed the two small clamps to her. The teeth of the clamps were sharp, like tiny saw teeth, and the supports had a screw drive through them. Gloria didn’t have to be told now what they were for.

“Oh no,” she gasped as she watched Mandy take one of them and slide it close to her left nipple. She gasped and moaned as Mandy stroked her tit, urging the nipple to stand out until Gloria was groaning and begging with the new arousal, and her nipple was hard and firm against her still-red tit-flesh.

Mandy put the clamp round her throbbing tit bud and slowly tightened the screw. The teeth bit into Gloria’s nipple and she started to scream as the terrible tiny jaws closed into her flesh. She didn’t believe such a small object could cause so much pain.

“One more,” said Mandy conversationally, ignoring Gloria’s pleadings as she gave one last twist on the screw and the jaws of the clamp bit almost through the flesh of Gloria’s nipple. “Don’t want any blood around, now do we?” she asked cheerfully as Gloria twisted and moaned in pain. “Not before tonight at least. Now hold still while I put the other one in.”

“Oh no, ohhhh, ohhhh shit!” Gloria yelled. “You fucking bitches, you cunts, you, oohhhh, oh no!”

She moaned as the other clamp bit into her right nipple. Mandy twisted that one too, until it was tight enough to cause constant pain, but just short of biting into Gloria’s luscious flesh. She moaned as the two tiny jaws sent waves of pain running through her body.

“Now for the pussy,” said Alva, producing another pair of bigger, harder clamps.

“I don’t know,” said Mandy thoughtfully. “This little cunt’ll come if you put those on, look at her.”

Gloria swayed on the bed, her eyes closed as her tits heaved and thrust, and sweat ran between her swelling tit-globes and onto her stomach.

“Yeah,” said Alva. “She really is a whore, look at her. Oh well.” She put clamps back in her pocket. “We’ll get her good tonight.”

“Breakfast time,” said Mandy brightly, reaching down and putting a collar around Gloria’s neck. She attached a chain to it and pulled to make sure the collar was on right. Then they untied her legs and lashed them together, with a bar between them to stop Gloria rubbing her thighs together and gaining some relief that way. Then they untied her wrists and stood her up, tying them behind her back, lashing them at the wrists and elbows.

Completely naked, Gloria stood there, the pain running through her body from the clamps on her nipples. They didn’t let her dress at all, just led her out by the chain around her neck and down to the dining hall.

It was another exercise in humiliation for Gloria. She didn’t know when they would run into somebody, so every step was a torture. She had to swing each leg in a wide circle to move, because the bar prevented her closing them.

They rounded a corner and two of the men servants who had fucked her so brutally almost bumped into her.

“Hey, hey, hey!” said one of the men, looking at Gloria with undisguised lust. “How about we put that over the table and get ourselves a good fuck?”

“Sorry, boys,” Mandy replied. “She’s too fuckin’ hot — comes if you touch her, the horny little bitch. She’s quarantined until tonight.”

“Fuuucckk!” said the man, and they went on.

The whole of the day was like that for Gloria. She was made to eat breakfast in the dining room with one of the servants working at the other end of the room. All the time, Mandy and Alva were standing over her, watching her every move. They took her to the bathroom and made her take a shit without any privacy at all.

Then they made her suck them both off, reveling in Gloria’s helpless moans of lust as she tried to bring herself off and couldn’t. Mandy and Alva were experts at keeping her on the edge and never letting her go over. Occasionally they would twist the clamps on her nipples, just to get a scream and the begging from the helpless woman. But never did they let her come.

In the middle of the afternoon, when they had tired of all the games, they tied Gloria up again, this time to a hook in the basement wall, her arms high over her head and her legs spread as always by the bar holding them apart. There they left her for several hours and the tension in her body slowly became unbearable. The constant, rolling pain from her nipples spread all over her body and she hung there, moaning and writhing in agony.

When they came to get her, she was in tears and throbbing with terrible lust. There was a businesslike air about the two maids now. They took her down and hauled her off to the bathroom. There they made her take a shower and dried her, grinning at Gloria’s screams as they pulled the clamps off her nipples.

“Now, we have to make you look your best,” said Alva, and they made her dress in one of the most revealing costumes Gloria had ever seen.

It had a pair of red stockings that shone on her shapely thighs. Then there was an under-wired play set that just covered her tits and led to ruffles and laces down below her waist in folds of red and black. Finally there was a G-string panty and a pair of lacy gloves.

“I think they’ll like that,” said Mandy as she surveyed Gloria. “Get those shoes on and come with us!”

Gloria was in a seething haze of emotion. She was ashamed of how she had surrendered to the lust in this place. She was keyed up, her pussy flowing lust juices into the thin material of the G-string, and she wanted more, she wanted more pain and more of that dreadful sex. They had taken the bar from between her legs, and she could rub her thighs together now as she walked. That in turn urged the lust in her, and it rose, threatening to overflow and swamp her.

They led her back to the dining room, and Gloria gasped as she saw the party there. David had something like twenty guests sitting around in the final stages of a meal. David nodded, and all the servants left as Mandy and Alva pushed the moaning Gloria into the center of the room, where all the guests could see her.

Gloria stared down the length of the table. She could see the lust written in all their eyes, the men and the women. They were all between the ages of thirty and forty, she guessed, though a number of the women looked much younger than the men, and all the women were glamorous and sexy.

“Well, shit,” said one of the men, “you sure know how to pick them, Dave, how do you do it?”

David laughed and got out of his chair. “Practice, practice, practice,” he said easily and smiled at them as he walked up to where Gloria stood, her body shaking with terrible desire. “This is my newest slave. She hasn’t really been trained properly yet, but she shows a lot of promise and I think you will all enjoy her. Show us your tits, little girl.”

Gloria slowly raised her hands to the frilly neck of the play set. She could feel the concentration as ail of the guests stared. Her own body was trembling as she pulled slowly on the bow between her tits, easing it out as they watched. It came open, and Gloria spread the black and red lace and eased her tits out, feeling her sore nipples burst with desire as she cupped them.

“Hnnnmmm,” said David. “Not bad. Now go and show some of the people what nice tits you have.”

Trembling with helpless lust, Gloria slowly walked to the table. The whole group concentrated on her as her high-heels clicked on the floor and she caressed her heaving tits, gasping and moaning all the time.

“Don’t you dare come, you little shit,” David warned. “You come when I tell you, not before.”

Gloria moaned and stood in front of the first man at the table. Beside him, the woman was running her hands into the opening of his pants and playing with his swollen cock. She grinned at Gloria and slid the zip at the front of her dress down slowly, almost to her waist. The man reached up and took Gloria’s right nipple in his fingers and slowly twisted it.

“Shit,” he said slowly, “this is one hell of a piece of ass.” He brutally twisted Gloria’s tit, sending her moaning and falling backwards. “Stay still you cunt!” he ordered and hauled Gloria back uptight by her nipple, ignoring her scream of pain. “You’re right, David, she needs some more training.”

“That’s what I invited you here for,” said David with a laugh, and Gloria moaned and almost burst into tears.

The man twisting her nipple pulled her forward by it and almost slung her behind his back and onto the next man. He looked her over casually and told her to spread her legs.

Trembling with lust and fear, Gloria slowly spread her long legs and stood inches from his face as he looked at her. Beside him, a girl grinned and slid her dress up her thighs and ran her hot fingers into the leg of her white panties and caressed her pussy, looking at Gloria all the time.

“Honey,” said the woman throatily, “I’m gonna have such a good time with you!”

The man slowly slid his hand up the inside of Gloria’s thigh. He kneaded the white, soft flesh, and Gloria moaned again and her body twitched in the rising desire.

“Stand still, shit,” said the man sharply, and Gloria tried to stagger back upright.

“Slit,” the man said. “You gotta learn, cunt face. You do as you’re told, and that’s all. Now stand there!”

Gloria gave another helpless moan as she saw him take a pair of spring-loaded clamps from his pocket, the kind that you find in offices to bind paper together. He held them up and pulled the jaws open, right in front of Gloria’s staring eyes.

“Watch,” he said softly and let the springs go. The jaws clicked together with terrifying force and Gloria gave a gasp and almost came with the knowledge of the pain she was going to get.

He leaned in and held the clamps open above the soft flesh of Gloria’s inner thigh. She moaned and spread her legs, waiting, watching as the whole table was held spellbound.

Then he let one of the clamps go. It slammed shut into Gloria’s upper thigh and she screamed and jerked as the pain shot into her body. Then he let the other one go into her other thigh, and the whole table gave a gasp of appreciation as Gloria screamed and clutched at her tits, her legs trembling with the agony.

The man lifted the clamp and moved it slightly upward, letting it snap shut on more of Gloria’s helpless flesh. Then he pulled on them, stretching the red-streaked skin out from her thighs and letting it pull the clamps in again. Gloria screamed and heaved as he moved the clamps again, moving them always closer to her pussy lips. He pulled on them, stretching her flesh, moving the clamps, spreading the pain endlessly down her legs and up into her wet pussy.

“Could somebody help me?” the man asked as if asking for the time. “If somebody would hold this cunt’s arms and pull her back, I can get these just where I want them.”

Several of the men jumped up, but one of them was faster than the rest. He grabbed Gloria’s arms and pulled her elbows behind her back. Then he pulled her whole body towards him until she was off balance, leaning on him, her tits thrust almost vertically upwards.

Gloria moaned as the man pulled on the clamps again and the red-hot agony flowed over her thighs, and the rising lust in her body couldn’t be denied any more. She began to heave in the man’s arms, her body pulsing as she moaned and gasped.

“Take those panties off, Janie, will you?” the man asked, and the woman beside him giggled and got up.

As the man continued his slow torture of her thighs, Janie reached over and pulled the lace of Gloria’s G-string open so that the tiny, wet panties dropped away to the floor.

“Now spread her legs even more,” said the man softly, and Janie reached down and pushed Gloria’s thighs wider until she was almost doing the splits and was hanging on the man holding her arms.

“Now her pussy,” said the man.

Janie knelt between Gloria’s legs and reached up to the lips of her throbbing pussy. Gloria gave a groan of lust as she spread them, showing the deep red of her clit between. Gloria could only look up at the ceiling and moan, but she felt the clamps being taken off her inner thigh and she gasped as she realized what he was going to do.

Simultaneously, both clamps closed on Gloria’s pussy lips.

Her scream echoed around the room, and the orgasm she couldn’t help burst out of her at the agony of the hard metal pinching and squeezing her soft flesh.

“Fuck me,” said the man, puffing on the clamps. “The little whore disobeys you, David, doesn’t she? She fuckin’ comes when she wants, not when she’s told to. You’ll have to deal with that, and fast.”

Gloria screamed in rising lust as the man worked the clamps over her pussy lips, pushing them into the hard bud of her clit as the orgasm washed over her and she found herself heaving and thrusting in total abandon.

“What a shit,” said David as he watched Gloria coming. “Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn her. Put her over the table.”

Gloria screamed as she was taken by several pairs of hands and hustled to the head of the long wooden table.

“Ohhhhh yesssss,” she whispered, too ashamed yet to admit to the seething rush of desire that was welling up in her. The clamps were still biting into her pussy lips as they held her and made her watch as they cleared a space on the table.

Then they pushed her face down on the wooden surface. Each brutal push and heave sent the orgasm in her rushing higher, and her moans became obscene as she lay there while they spread her legs and lashed them to the legs of the table. Two of the women pulled on her arms, tying long ropes to them and leaning back, stretching Gloria’s arms until they hurt. Then she felt a thick strap being placed across her waist and tightened so that she was pinned and could only struggle in vain.

The orgasm burst in heavier and stronger pulses of lust as Gloria felt hands running over her stretched ass. Then came her moment of total surrender.

David walked to the side of the table where she could see him. In his hand was one of the long thin birches that hurt so agonizingly when he used them.

Gloria gave a scream of lust, and her lips worked as she stared at it. Her tongue slipped out and licked over them, as she watched her master.

He slid the cane over the hard surface of the table, closer and closer to Gloria’s face. Her moans were continuous now as she stared at the thin tip scraping the polished oak of the table. The tip came to rest just below her mouth, quivering there as David held it, waiting.

“Ohhh, ohhhh, shit!” Gloria moaned, staring at the thin birch.

“Kiss it,” said David softly, and Gloria lowered her mouth and kissed the thin tip of the birch. All around her, the room was utterly quiet as they concentrated on the scene: master and slave, recognizing each other. Gloria slowly licked out her tongue and wet the tip of the birch, kissing it, almost sucking it as if it were a cock.

“So what shall I do with this?” David asked softly, running the birch just less than an inch into Gloria’s willing mouth.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh yesssss,” Gloria moaned. She knew what she was going to beg for, and she wanted the moment to last forever. Frantically she kissed the birch, feeling the springy wood give under her tongue. “Oh please, please whip me with it! Please whip me with it, I was so bad, coming before you told me to, but I always do that, ohhhh, and I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, sir, you’ll have to punish me really hard, and I’ll try to learn, really I will, sir.”

Around her, the people gave a moan of lust. One of the women leaned over the table, flipping her skirt up until the man behind her could slip her panties down and ram his great hard cock into her.

“Now that’s a better little slave,” said David, “but you have a lot to prove yet, my little whore. You have a lot to prove.”

“Oh yes, oh yes, I will,” Gloria moaned. “Oh, please, sir, please, let me suck a cock, or I’ll suck a pussy, anything you say, but please, something, I want something so bad, please!”

She writhed, coming harder and faster with the knowledge that she had finally committed herself. She was a shameless whore, a slave, a nymphomaniac who would do anything to get sex — anything at all.

“Anybody want a blow-job?” David asked. “Shit, yeah!” said one of the men, and a group of them closed in on Gloria.

“Hold it,” said David pleasantly. “You’ll all get a chance. Now show the lady your cocks and she can choose.”

Gloria gave another moan of lust as she watched five of the men unzip their pants and pull their rock-hard cocks out. They were all big, all ready, and she couldn’t make up her mind, she wanted all of them at once.

“Ohhhhh God, I don’t care!” she screamed. “Oh please, I’ll suck them all off, whip me, whip me ’til I’ve sucked them all please, sir, please!” She groaned and almost collapsed across the table. David laughed. “Let her arms go for the moment, she can use those hands of hers when she sucks.”

They let go of the ropes holding Gloria’s arms. She pulled her hands back as David walked behind her and screamed with the anticipation of what was to come.

One of the men climbed onto the table, and Gloria took his hard cock and ran her soft lips over it. She felt him tremble at the skillful touch, and he slid it up into her mouth. Slowly, she let her wanton lips open and take his throbbing length in, sucking and licking at his swollen cockhead.

Then the birch whipped into her ass. With a scream of utter lust, Gloria swallowed the cock and let her throat muscles work on it. The birch landed again and she screamed, out of control, feeling her body beating up and down on the table as her ass peaked into the air, reaching for more of the whip. Pain seethed around her body and her mouth sank onto his cock, feeling the hard shaft thrust up at her as the man leaned back and fucked her face. She knew they were watching her get whipped. She could feel it as they stared and jumped at each hard stroke that cut into her soft ass cheeks and sent them jumping for more. She sucked at the cock, and suddenly it was heaving out of control and jets of cum were shooting into her hot mouth. She moaned at the wonderful salty taste, sucking at it, licking around his piss-silt as the hot jism flowed out of it.

David whipped her into an ecstasy she hadn’t even known the night before. Nothing except the cock in her mouth and the whip on her ass were real, and she wanted more of it, more of all of it.

She sucked at the spasming cock, demanding more from it, but whatever she did, the stream of white sperm slowed and finally stopped as the man groaned and spent his load. He climbed away, and Gloria gave another moan of dreadful satisfaction as another one was slid between her lips, filling her cheeks with its power.

She knew what she looked like, sucking at the cock, her ass beating for the birch, sending an agony of total lust through her each time the thin wood whipped her. But she didn’t care any more. She just wanted it all, and then she realized another wonderful thing.

She could control the men fucking her mouth. She could make them come if she wanted, and hold them up if she didn’t. She held the man’s shaft, looking up at him as he moaned and watched her ass getting whipped. Playfully, she licked at his cockhead, grinning as more and more uncontrollably lust burst over her and she was screaming constantly, waiting for the birch, then yelling as the agony shot out, carrying messages of lust all over her wanton body.

The man above her forced his cock into her mouth, groaning as he grabbed her blonde hair and forced her to suck him deep. Gloria didn’t mind, if only she could have cocks in her mouth all the time, she would have been utterly satisfied, but she knew what was going to happen.

The man gave a great yell and he too was shooting his load. Splattering white hot jism into her mouth as he thrust and watched her play with his prickshaft. Cum overflowed her lips as she licked at it, tasting as much as she could. It ran down onto her lacy gloves, staining the red satin. She hardly noticed, and didn’t care anyway. If she was really lucky, she would be punished for that, too.

Another cock rammed into her mouth and Gloria lost track of everything. She had no idea how many men had shot into her throat, but at some point she must have sucked the sixth one off, because the birch stopped lashing into her ass and she moaned, her ass still demanding, beating into the air.

She felt cream being spread over her flaming red ass cheeks. Fingers pushed it into her throbbing ass hole and she gave another moan of lust. One of the women climbed onto the table and spread her legs, ramming Gloria’s hot mouth onto her pussy. Gloria licked at it, feeling the cum on her cheeks rum into the demanding hard flesh of the woman’s clit.

A cock thrust at her asshole, and Gloria screamed as the rising lust enveloped her again. It thrust home and the ramming, stiff fuckmeat spread her ass walls and invaded her to the hilt. Fucking with ever-increasing speed, the man behind her yelled as his cock spasmed out of control.

“Ohhh shittt!” he shouted. “This cunt’s got the hottest ass! Oh shiittt, she has!”

Cum burst out into Gloria’s throbbing ass. Gloria bit hard on the woman’s clit as she sucked until she too was heaving and yelling as she came.

The cock left her ass and another one slid into her equally hot pussy, fucking her for all it was worth. The woman slid away, satisfied for the moment, and Gloria saw that it was David standing over her, leaning down close to her ear.

“Would you like to suck my cock too?” he whispered.

“Oh yesss, oh yess, please!” Gloria moaned, her tongue frantically licking at the cum still around her lips.

“Well, I might let you,” said David. “It’s almost a pity that you have to go home tomorrow, you haven’t proved to be too bad at all.”

Gloria screamed and sobbed as she realized what he was saying.

“Oh no!” she begged. “Oh no, don’t send me away, please don’t send me away! I’ll please you, really I will, anything you want me to do, anything!”

She groaned with terrible lust as another cock shot into her hot pussy. She could feel the cum running down her legs into her stocking tops, and it made her lunge all the harder to try and take David’s cock into her mouth.

But he wouldn’t let her. “So you don’t want to get away from here?” he asked, mockingly.

“Oh no, please, please, don’t send me away!” Gloria gasped, staring at his wonderful cock, so close, and yet impossible to get at. “I’ll be your slave, anything, but please let me stay, please!”

In a sea of utter desire, Gloria felt another cock slide into her ass. Then she moaned as she watched one of the young girls who had been at the table, drop to her knees and take David’s hot fucker into her open mouth, sucking at it, leering at Gloria as she got ass-fucked on the table.

“Well, now,” said David, leaning in closer once again. “If you can prove to me that you really are ready for all this, then, maybe I might consider it.”

Gloria gave a groan of satisfaction, staring at the young girl as she sucked the cock that should have been hers.

“And maybe,” said David, leaning in so that only Gloria could hear him, “I might go further than that. I might think about getting married. I need a woman who will show some class when I take her around, just for show, you understand, and yet who can give me all the sex I want, and will fuck everything I tell her to. Do you think you can fill that, my little whore?”

“Oh yes, oh yes!” Gloria gasped, the very suggestion of having all of this she wanted sending her into another spiraling come that wouldn’t stop.

“Well, we’ll see,” said David. “If you prove yourself tonight, then we’ll talk about it, but we should warn you that a lot of little whores like you thought they could take it, and they couldn’t. So think about it.”

Gloria didn’t need to think. She knew she could take it and, she knew that she wanted it all, every last depraved moment. She felt another cock shoot in her ass. David stepped back and there was a cock for her to suck. She closed her lips round it with a groan of satisfaction and sucked, sinking into the lust that would make her David’s wife and slave. It was almost too good to be true.