Jen and the Gloryhole – Jen and her husband checkout the pot store in their new town

My wife and I are the types of people willing to try new things. We are each other’s first time, and since then, we have been willing to experiment with new things. I spent the first year of marriage in Iraq, where on a whim, she would buy porn DVDs and mags and send them to me. What really threw me off was that the movies were almost always opened. When I asked her about it, she said she had to make sure there wasn’t anything too freaky, and then tell me which scene I should watch first.

Fast forward twelve years, and she still has that same adventurous streak. While her years of trying new things applied mainly to toys, positions, and different types of kink, we had never tried anything involving other people. Sure we talked about it, but there was never any real follow through.

My wife Jen is about 5’3″, 120 pounds, with long wavy auburn hair, and 38DDD tits. On her frame, she looks as top heavy as Dolly Parton, but they are all hers. I am about 6’4″, 230 pounds. My body isn’t cut or ripped, but I am still in good shape. I am very broad, so despite the lack of abs, I carry my weight very well.

One night we were exploring the community around our newest Army base, and came across a porn store. Jen was feeling somewhat adventurous, and suggested we stop in. I had no issues, so we pulled in. The first thing that I saw was that not only did it have a huge collection of movies (with any possible fetish you could think of) they had an adult arcade.

“We should go in the arcade,” Jen ribbed. We had seen several of these in other stores but never used them.

Calling her bluff, I said “Sure, just let me see what we need to do.”

I found the sign that directed me to the clerk at the counter who ran the booths, and went up to her to ask about the arcade.

“May I help you?” she asked, with a sweet Dixie drawl.

“How much to use the arcade? My wife and I are interested.”

“Well, um, it’s not typically a couples thing,” she stammered. “They all have gloryholes,” she whispered hoarsely.

“What’s that?” Jen asked innocently.

“Well, that’s where there is a hole in the wall of the booth, and the man puts his dick through, and gets a blow job from a mystery girl on the other side,” the clerk explained.

“And how would a girl go about getting a job like this?” my wife inquired, making me look at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, they audition. We send a girl who is interested into the middle booth, and when a ‘customer’ goes in, we watch her performance. If she does good, we work her into the rotation.”

“Could I audition? With my husband watching? I know how much it would turn him on to watch me sick off another cock,” she volunteered.

“Well, um, if he’s ok with it,” she stammered looking to me to offer her an out.

Shrugging, I simply said that I was cool with it. Jen knew I’ve always wanted to see her perform on another guy, and here was her big chance.

“Well, I suppose the customer is right. Just know that since this is an audition, you only get 25% of the fee. Now let’s get you situated. By the way, I’m Roxanne, but y’all can call me Roxy.”

Roxy led us through the back room of the store and took us to the booth where the girls ‘work’. Inside the room, she gave us the rules of how the girl’s booth worked.

“Ok, so when the man comes in, he may make some small talk, and he might ask to touch you through the hole. If he does, it’s fine, but you have the right to say no. Keep in mind, he may tip if you let him get a handful of tit or finger your snatch. When you are ready for him, just put your hand through the hole and motion him with your finger. After he cums, and you are done, tap him on the tip, and he pulls out. If he doesn’t, just hit that buzzer on the wall, and our bouncer will escort him out.”

“Sounds pretty easy,” Jen said. “Can’t wait to work!”

Jen started stripping while she waited for the first man to get into his booth. “In case he wants anything to tip me for,” she said with a wink. After freeing her massive tits from her bra, she unbuttoned her jeans and started to peel them off. As she pushed her jeans and panties down, I couldn’t help but notice that they were wet.

“Excited?” I asked.

“Very,” she giggled after seeing her underwear.

On the other side of the wall, we heard the booth door close, and her audition was underway.

There wasn’t any small talk to speak of, but the man asked if he could feel her tits.

“Sure, baby. Whatever you want,” Jen told the man in her sexiest voice. Then she kneeled down and pushed one of her triple d’s to the hole. No sooner than she leaned forward, a large black hand reached through and started pawing at her massive globe. He squeezed her tit flesh, pinched and tweaked her nipple, eliciting true moans of pleasure from my wife. I was amazed at how into it she was getting! Then she twisted so that the guy on the other side of the wall could tease and pleasure her other tit.

“Can I feel that cunt?” he asked. Without saying a word, Jen stood up and spread her legs at the hole, and she was greeted by two large fingers that started exploring her hairless mound.

“Mmm… It feels so good when you rub my clit,” Jen moaned while this stranger rubber at her button.

“You’ll really like this then,” he said as he suddenly shoved two fingers into her pussy.

All Jen could do was moan as he started finger fucking her. As she started grinding her cunt onto his fingers she squealed as an orgasm rocked her body. I had to admit, watching my little white wife get finger fucked to an orgasm by those large black fingers was incredibly hot.

He pulled his fingers out of her now juicy box, and she dropped to her knees and used her fingers to signal him to bring on his cock. We both stared as nearly 11 inches of dark man meat came through the hole. Jen wasted no time wrapping her tiny hands around his massive shaft and start stroking him. She took a tentative lick up the underside of his tool, circling her tongue around the base of his glans, then flicked her tongue in the tip of his piss hole.

After she got her feel of the massive black dick, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Slowly she started bobbing her head back and forth, taking a little more of his dick in her mouth in each downward pass. Soon, she was taking half of his member, but couldn’t go all the way down, because his girth completely blocked her throat. But what she lacked in ability to swallow, she made up for in enthusiasm. She would take him till she gagged, and then start sucking hard and pull off his cock with a “pop”, then she would take her saliva and use it to lube the part of his cock that she was stroking. Soon his whole cock was dripping with drool.

“I got something special for you. Just make sure to let me know when you are gonna blow,” she instructed the mystery man. Then I couldn’t believe my eyes! She stood up and bent over away from the wall. She reached behind her and grabbed his massive cock, and then backed her dripping pussy onto it!

I was blown away! I thought she would just end up sucking the guy off and getting her little thrill, but here she was about to fuck some complete stranger! And I was so turned on that I whipped out my own 8 inch dick and started stroking it in the booth.

“God, you’re so big! How will I ever fit it in my little white pussy?” she moaned as she pushed more and more of his cock into her cunt. Slowly, she started rocking, working inch after inch into her pussy, moaning uncontrollably at his penetration. Soon, he ass was pressed against the wall as she worked all of his tool into her box.

“Baby, your pussy is so tight! How you like that big nigger dick in your little white cunt?”

“Fill me up! Give me your nigger cock!”

Soon, they were both thrusting at each other. I watched as they pulled apart to where his dick was barely seated in her, then she would slam back on him till she hit the wall.

“Ooh, just like that! Harder! Harder! Make my white pussy cum on your nigger dick!” Jen moaned. As she was nearing her climax, Roxy (who we had all but forgotten was watching the audition) came around her and got on her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth. This was incredible! Watching my wife get fucked by that massive cock, while getting my dick sucked by the girl from the front desk. And her cock sucking abilities were amazing! She would take my dick all the way down to the base, then stick her tongue out and lick at my ball sack before pulling off and lavishing attention to my swollen head.

“Uh… Gonna… Gonna… I’m cumming!” Jen screamed as her body went stuff on the massive cock in her.

That sent me over the edge, and I grabbed Roxy’s head and held my cock in her throat as I pumped my load down her throat.

“I’m about to cum,” the guy said, and Jen pulled off of his cock and dropped to her knees and started sucking at his big black head, rapidly stroking his shaft.

“Get ready, here comes that nigger cum,” he growled through the wall.

She pulled his dick out of her mouth just as he started spraying his load. Rope after rope of cum sprayed all over my wife’s face and tits. When he finished cumming, Jen dutifully sucked the remaining clunk from his deflating cock and made sure it was clean before giving him a light tap on the head of his prick. As he pulled his cock from the hole, Roxy leaned over and kicked the cum off Jen’s face and tits, swallowing the splooge after she collected it all in her mouth.

“That was one of the best auditions I have had the privilege to watch!” Roxy exclaimed. “If you want on the rotation, just let me know.” She pulled a business card for the store out of her pocket and then wrote her number on the back. “Or if you want to have some fun.”

As she walked out, Jen started to get dressed. “We have some stuff to talk about,” she told me with a wicked grin. “This would keep me busy whenever you are gone. And maybe I could get a camera and make some tapes.”

“That sounds like a good plan. Let Roxy know on the way out,” I told her.

Just then the door for the arcade opened and closed.

“Girl out front says your new, and love sucking cock.”