X-rated Daughter

Every year, thousands of persons are reported missing to the various law enforcement agencies across the country it has been recorded that over half these missing persons are between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, and approximately 80% of these are female juveniles.

What happens to them? Many are located or return to their homes after a brief absence, but there is a disproportionate percentage of these teenaged girls who are never seen or heard from again. Many a distraught parent has filed report after report, only to have them go unanswered. It is almost as though their once loving daughters have vanished from the face of the earth.

In X-RATED DAUGHTER we explore an avenue of disappearance that is incredible — and at the same time possible. The protagonist is a eighteen-year-old girl who is kidnapped from the doorstep of her home, then forced into committing sexual depravities beyond one’s wildest imagination. You will witness her anguish, her torment and, finally, her realization that life, for her, will never be the same. And as one reads, a question arises: How often has a tragedy of this type happened? How often will it occur in the future?


Gregor stood in the shadows and watched the girl as she crossed the street — just as he had for the past three nights. The streetlight at the corner cast the girl’s shadow before her as she drew near the entrance of the alley. Gregor licked his lips as he caught sight of her full, bouncing breasts and a twinge of excitement coursed through his body. Her long blonde hair was highlighted by the mercury-vapor lamp behind her as she skipped a step and her hair was swept to one side. Loosening the cork on the bottle of ether, Gregor tipped it to saturate the handkerchief as the sound of her steps drew closer.

Wendy Harris hummed lightly as she skipped the curb and headed for the alley that would take her to the back gate of her home, just a half block further. Her father had cautioned her against taking the short cut after dark, but she rarely worried once she was in sight of her home.

Shifting her books to her other arm, Wendy turned by the tall hedges and picked up her pace as she entered the dark alley. She did not see the man standing there and it was not until she felt the wet cloth clamped over her mouth that she realized she had been attacked.

Wendy dropped her books and struggled briefly as a strong arm wrapped about her waist and she inhaled a sickeningly sweet odor. Stars burst before her eyes and she experienced a sudden sinking sensation as her arms and legs seemed to be refusing to cooperate. As her knees sagged she wondered what was happening to her, but the wonder was a fleeting thing as the potent ether took effect. As it did, her last conscious thought was; I’m going to be late for supper again.

Gregor felt the girl’s body go slack. He held her to him tightly as she ceased to struggle, her breathing strained against the ether-soaked handkerchief. Slowly, he relaxed his hold and moved his hand — from her waist to her full young breast. He smiled inwardly as he felt its firmness and as he pressed his body against the soft swell of her ass, he knew that he had made an excellent choice this time.

Glancing about cautiously, Gregor removed the handkerchief from the girl’s face and stooped slightly to sweep her into his muscular arms. His right hand closed about her naked thigh as his left cupped her tit and he felt the old familiar thrill go through his body again. Smiling, he walked calmly towards his automobile, parked a short distance down the alley. Opening the door, he deposited the girl on the front seat, closed it quietly then glanced back toward the entrance of the alley. Quickly, he returned and picked up the girl’s books, stuffing them into a tall trashcan nearby.

As he started the engine of the car, he glanced to his right and smiled as he looked upon the unconscious girl’s serene features. He slipped the car into gear and pulled slowly from the alley, careful not to bring any undue attention to himself.

Five minutes later, he pulled onto the freeway and sped northward as the early evening traffic thinned. As he settled back in the seat, Gregor reached across the seat to touch the girl’s wrist — her pulse was strong and steady. Looking from the road to the unconscious girl, he felt his excitement rising and he could not resist touching her bare leg. Slowly, he played his fingertips over her smooth flesh, then he lifted the hem of her short skirt and licked his lips.

Moving his hand between her relaxed legs, he rubbed her panty-covered crotch. The softness of her pubic mat thrilled him as he stroked her pussy through the sheer material of her panties. His prick twitched as he encountered a familiar damp warmth and he swallowed drily. Pausing momentarily, Gregor pulled down the zipper of his pants to free his bulging cock.

Stroking himself obscenely, he felt his pulse pound heavily in his temples as he squirmed in the seat. He glanced again at the girl’s exposed crotch, then reached over to touch her warm flesh as his prick jerked and twitched. Moving his hand to her tit he thrilled at its softness; slowly, he lifted her sweater until the girl’s brassiere was exposed. He swallowed thickly as he attempted to unclasp the catch on her bra, but he could not manage it with a single hand.

Frustration raged in his mind as he fought the tight elastic band of her bra until finally, he took hold of it and ripped it loose. As the strap broke, the girl was pulled toward him and he had to prop her up again as his lust outweighed his common sense.

As the car swerved and the other driver honked loudly, Gregor restrained himself — it was only a short distance to the turn-off and he knew he could wait that long. Still, the sight of the unconscious girl with her clothing in dismay kept the lustful fire burning in his loins. He alternated from fondling her full, soft tits to running his fingers over her damp pussy as he tried to concentrate on his driving.

Then, he saw the turn-off ahead and he lifted his foot from the accelerator. As he turned off the freeway, Gregor glanced at the girl and realized she had been unconscious longer than he had expected. Easing onto the access road, he glanced from right to left, then turned onto the winding road that led to the mountain highway. Just a few more minutes, he told himself as he sped down the unlighted road.

As his headlights splashed the road, he saw the narrow cut to the right and he slowed his speed. Glancing into the rear-view mirror, he saw the road behind him was clear and he cut his lights as he pulled off the road. He followed the cut for about a hundred yards, shut off the engine and coasted to a halt in the piney growth. Excitedly, he turned in the seat and flipped on the dash lights to gaze at the unconscious form of the girl beside him.

Scooting closer, Gregor released the catch on the seat and the girl was lowered to a supine position with her feet still on the floor of the automobile. He looked at the girl and licked his lips again as he saw her partially exposed tits. Her legs spread slightly, revealing her panty-covered crotch. His prick throbbed hotly in his hand as he moved closer to the girl and leaned over to pull the torn brassiere free from her body.

He rolled her sweater up above her jutting young tits, then lowered his head to lick her nipples wetly. As he sucked one tit and then the other, he guided her left hand to his prick and wrapped it about his pulsing flesh. He thrilled as he felt her small hand encircle his throbbing cock and he wished suddenly that she was awake. Slowly, he moved his hand over her lower body, then beneath her skirt. Running his fingers over the swell of her belly, he finally inched his hand beneath the tight waistband of her panties.

He felt her tightly curled pubic hair and his fingers searched for that warm, wet opening he yearned to feel. Then, he found it and he slipped his middle finger into her clasping pussy as he sucked her tits hungrily. The dim light from the dash illuminated her supple young form as Gregor had his will with her defenseless body. His animalistic moans filled the car as he fingerfucked her wet pussy and licked her turgid young nipples.

Gregor stopped suddenly as his middle finger encountered a tight barrier deep within the girl’s clasping cunt and a new thrill went through him as he realized she was still a virgin. But beyond the physical thrill the discovery afforded him, there was another; he knew that Paul Land, his “employer”, would pay him a generous bonus for that flesh-barrier.

Removing his hand from her panties, Gregor pulled the girl onto the seat and removed her underpants. He spread her legs lewdly and gazed down at the beautiful blonde bush that covered her pussy. He changed his position and lay beside her, lowering his head between her widespread legs. The heady odor of her virgin pussy sent his senses soaring as he inhaled deeply. He spread the hair-fringed lips of her cunt with his fingers and flicked out his tongue to lick the soft inner lips. Reaching down, he bent her arm and wrapped her fingers about his throbbing prick again, then began jacking himself off with her hand as he sucked her virgin pussy.

Opening his mouth widely, Gregor tonguefucked the unconscious girl lavishly; the taste of her soft flesh caused his heart to beat wildly in his chest and he moaned loudly as he pumped her hand on his prick. Spreading her legs even wider, he licked downward until his tongue encountered the puckered ring of the girl’s asshole. Pushing strongly, he tasted the acrid flavor of her asshole and he felt his cock throbbing as his juices boiled in his aching balls. Breathing heavily, he returned his mouth to the girl’s cunt and attacked it with renewed fervor.

Wendy came to consciousness slowly. She was totally disoriented and she had no idea where she was or what was happening to her. It was as though she was having a dream as she slowly became aware of something soft, warm and wet between her legs. She moaned and tried to pull her hand away from whatever it was that gripped her so tightly — then she became aware of the thing in her hand!

A sudden fear and panic came to her as she felt her hand squeezed tighter and the movement increased. The feeling between her legs sent chills up her spine as she lifted her head slightly to find herself lying in someone’s car — then she saw him!

Gregor raised his face from the girl’s wet pussy and smiled as he saw her staring at him, wide-eyed. He let go of her hand, but she made no move to take her hand away from his throbbing prick. Then, very slowly, she turned her head and saw what it was that she held in her hand.

Wendy screamed.

Gregor sat up and slapped the hysterical girl as she screamed a second time and tried to cover her face with her hands. He pulled her into a sitting position and, as he took hold of her frail wrists, he laughed cruelly.

“Don’t be frightened, little pigeon… Gregor will not harm you! You are valuable property now… but I do want to play with you a bit before I deliver you to the… ah, property master!” And he laughed again.

Wendy shook her head as she tried to understand his words. Then, she looked down at her shamefully exposed breasts and she shivered as she realized she was nearly naked. The sudden realization that she was being raped caused her to shudder violently and she moved her head from side to side as the reality of the situation struck her full force.

“Noooo!” she cried as she tried to pull away from the man. But he was too strong for her and she whimpered as he forced her hands down to his pulsing penis.

“Come, little pigeon… take hold of Gregor’s cock… it won’t bite you!” and he chuckled as he forced her hands against his hot flesh.

Wendy grimaced as her fingers were spread, then wrapped about the great throbbing rod between the man’s legs. She could not believe it was happening to her and she whimpered again as he pulled her close to him.

Gregor wrapped one arm about the girl’s body and closed his mouth over hers. She struggled ineffectually against his greater strength; but her resistance only fired his lust. He bent her head backward and held her tightly as he forced his tongue into her mouth. Still the girl struggled against him as she tried to remove her hand from his prick and he kissed her wetly.

Wendy’s head swam from the after-effects of the ether and she fought back the nausea that rose in her throat as she tasted his vile tongue. She felt his penis twitch in her hand and the thought of him entering her body with it made her dizzy.

Pulling his mouth from hers, Gregor laughed again and told her, “You do not like Gregor’s kisses, eh? Well, perhaps I have something else for your mouth to do!”

Wendy experienced a new shock then, as his hand closed about the back of her head and began forcing it downward. She saw his pulsing penis in the dim light and suddenly she understood what he expected her to do. She cried out again and struggled with him, but to no avail. She felt the soft head of his penis brush her lips and she clamped her jaws shut in an effort to forestall the man from his evil intent. But he was not to be put off — his hand closed painfully about her cheeks and he squeezed until she relaxed and opened her mouth.

“Suck my prick, little pigeon… or I’ll stick it in your hot little asshole!” As he spoke, he moved his right hand to her naked ass and forced a finger into her tightly clenched anal opening.

Wendy cried out as his finger invaded her body and she felt a sharp pain. She didn’t know if he was serious, but from the feeling his finger caused, she wasn’t about to find out. His penis was so big it would surely kill her if he tried to stick it in her there!

“Please…” she choked out, “please don’t hurt me… I… I’ve never done anything like this, before!”

Gregor laughed again as the girl pleaded with him and squirmed uncomfortably as he wiggled his finger in her asshole. “Just suck my prick, little pigeon… put it in your mouth and suck it good!” and he forced her head downward again.

Wendy swallowed drily as she looked at his huge, pulsing cockshaft. It was nothing like the pictures she had seen in books and its size frightened her. The man was surely malformed, she thought. No man’s penis should be that big! Cautiously, she opened her mouth as he shoved her head down. Then, her lips touched it and a feeling of revulsion shot through her frightened young body.

Gregor moaned as the girl’s mouth opened to take in the head of his throbbing prick. He eased his finger out of her asshole to slip it forward into her wet cunt. He heard her gasp as he began fingerfucking her gently, then her mouth closed around the head of his huge cock.

“Yesssss…” he hissed softly as she used her mouth awkwardly on his prick. “Lick it… use your tongue… make it wet all over and take it into your mouth deeper!”

Wendy gagged and pulled her head up as she tried to swallow the sudden flow of saliva in her mouth. She was unable to catch it all and it dripped wetly from her lips and onto the throbbing flesh of his cock. She could feel his coarse pubic hair as he lifted his hips slightly, and suddenly she became aware of the odor of his body. She shuddered as a rush of revulsion overcame her, then she opened her mouth again in an attempt to please him. Licking out with her tongue, she tasted a faintly bitter fluid that seemed to be coming from the tiny shit in the plum-like head of his cock. Again, she swallowed and closed her mouth about his hot flesh as her hand moved instinctively up and down its length.

“That’s better… yessss!” he told her. “Lots of tongue… squeeze it hard… that’s it ughhhnnn.” And as the girl sucked his great prick, Gregor moved his finger in and out of her cunt and up into the wet folds of her pussy in search of her virginal clit. As he found it, he felt the girl squirm and she whimpered as he stimulated her young cunt.

Wendy felt a strange new sensation course through her body and suddenly she realized her fear was gone! The man was doing something new and strange to her and she felt her face flush hotly as she became aware of how good it felt! Frantically, she bobbed her head up and down on his penis and wondered how long she would have to do it — then, she recalled reading how a man ejaculated semen from his penis. It was all so clear now — the things she had not fully understood in her junior year biology class. It was all taking on form and order in her mind as the feeling between her legs grew more intense. Wendy squirmed as the man’s finger sent thrill after thrill through her young, inexperienced body.

Gregor felt his breath coming in short bunts as his prick jerked in the girl’s hot mouth. He knew she had never sucked a prick before and he was anxious to see her reaction when he shot his load of cum into her mouth. He wiggled his finger faster as he stroked her turgid clit and forced her head down further onto his prick. Her teeth scraped the sensitive head, but it was not painful and it simply amplified his feelings knowing his was the first prick in her hot, young mouth.

Wendy felt a sudden surge of warmth between her legs as her bean pounded heavily in her chest. She tried to understand what was happening to her body as she felt her legs stiffen involuntarily and her body being washed with a wave of sensation. She had never before experienced a feeling like that and it took her totally by surprise as she reached her first, orgasm. She whimpered and gasped for breath as she felt the man force her head down and her mouth was tilled with his hot, throbbing flesh.

Gregor felt the girl quivering beneath his experienced hand and he felt the urge to laugh. His own orgasm was so near, yet he wanted to hold back as long as he could. He heard her whimpering, then her body tensed and stiffened as the spasms shook her. Her virginal pussy seemed to clasp his stroking finger as he excited the pleasure but she hadn’t known existed.

Wendy felt the hot flesh in her hand and mouth expand suddenly as she washed it lavishly with her tongue. The feelings she was experiencing seemed to grow as his prick jerked spasmodically. Suddenly, Wendy became aware of the hot fluid pumping into her mouth; she gagged again and tried to pull away from the spurting thing, but the man held her tightly. She felt her mouth filled to overflowing as he held her head down and finally she was forced to swallow, or choke. The taste was not unpleasant, but her senses reeled as she drank his cum.

Gregor cried out deeply as his prick began to spurt in the girl’s mouth. He held her head down as his other hand squeezed the soft, warm flesh of her naked ass and he thought how good it would be to stick his prick in that tight virgin cunt of hers! But it would be far too costly and he knew it — Paul would pay a premium for this one!

As his prick jerked one last time and the final contraction passed, Gregor sighed deeply and released his hold on the girl’s blonde head. Her hair spilled forward, covering her face from view, and he brushed it aside as she choked again and swallowed the last of his sticky white cum. Her hand was tight on the base of his thick cock and he shuddered as she seemed to milk him gently.

Gregor rubbed his hand over the girl’s naked ass. She held her head still and his prick twitched in her mouth. “Enough, little pigeon… you will make an excellent cocksucker with just a little practice,” he told her and lifted her face.

Wendy felt his mouth on hers and she submitted as his soft tongue entered her mouth. The feeling of revulsion was gone and as his hand played over her full tits, she was filled with wonder at what she was feeling. Still, she was stunned and, as he lifted his face from hers, she realized she still had a firm hold on his prick.

Then, his wards found their way to her confused mind and she was struck again with the thought: My God, what’s going to happen to me?

Finally, Gregor pulled away from the girl and raised the seat. He laughed cruelly as he saw the girl glance to her right to find there was no door handle. “Just sit still, little pigeon,” he told her as he stuffed his wilted prick into his pants, then tossed her panties to her. “Just a short drive and you will meet your new family…”

Wendy felt a new fear go through her and she tried desperately to understand what was happening to her. Then, another fear came to her as she watched the man bind her wrists. She cried out once as he placed a blindfold over her eyes, but he paid her no mind.

Gregor glanced at the girl, then reached across to fondle her tits one last time before pulling down her sweater. He sighed deeply, turned the key in the ignition and put the car in reverse.


Wendy sat huddled in the corner of the seat as far away from the man as she could. The blindfold over her eyes frightened her, but the man’s last statement before leaving the secluded spot in the woods frightened her even more. His mention of her “new family” sent chills up her spine and she choked back her tears as she felt the car twist and turn through the night.

Gregor glanced over at the girl from time to time and he was tempted to pull over again so that he might enjoy her tender flesh one more time before turning her over to Paul — the man who would control her life for some time to come. He could not count the trips he had made to the isolated mountain retreat, nor could he recall all of the girls he had abducted over the past few years.

Wendy tried to sort out her feelings as they drove on in silence, but she could not. She tried to block things out of her mind — the things she had been forced to do — but that too, seemed an impossible task. Impossible, because of the feelings she had experienced during the depraved act the man had forced upon her. It was as though there had been some dark awakening deep within her, and when it had happened, she had done her best to deny what she was feeling — but the sensations had been too strong, too real to be denied.

Gregor looked ahead as the turn-off came into view, then he glanced at his watch in the dim light from the dash as he slowed the car. There would be ample time to return to the city for an evening’s adventure after he had been paid for his delivery, and he considered what he might do that would surpass the excitement of having the inexperienced young girl suck his prick.

As they turned off the main road and continued on a narrow, bumpy cinder road, Gregor reached across the seat and pulled the blindfold from the girl’s eyes. Wendy blinked as she looked out and saw the tall pines that shadowed the road; she had no idea where they were or how far they had driven and her tears welled again as she thought about home. Then, Wendy sat up as a large, well-lighted cabin came into view.

“Here we are, little pigeon,” he said and honked the horn once. “Your new family awaits you!”

Again, that surge of fear brought on by the thought of the unknown raced through her body as they drew up before the cabin.

It was not until the man had dragged her from the car and they were climbing the steps that she realized how large the dwelling actually was; it was two storied and the upper portion had a sun deck or balcony that completely encircled the portion of it that she could see. Wendy felt herself dragged up the steep steps and when they reached the top, the wide door was thrown open and a man stepped out.

“Well, it’s about time… we’ve been expecting you for over an hour!” the man said and cast a sidelong glance in Wendy’s direction.

“There was traffic…” Gregor lied and thrust the girl forward to stand in the light that came from the interior of the cabin.

“Well, well… what have we here?” the man questioned as he placed his hands on his hips and looked at Wendy with a warm smile on his face.

Wendy looked up apprehensively and found a handsome man staring back at her. He was nearly as tall as her own father and about the same age. His dark, curly hair had streaks of gray at the temples and he smiled to reveal a row of even, white teeth.

“And what’s your name, little lady?” he asked as he reached out to touch her flowing blonde hair.

“Wendy Harris,” Gregor answered for her and chuckled as he stepped forward and patted her on the ass. “And she’s a virgin!” he added.

The man lifted an eyebrow and smiled again as he asked her, “Is that true, Wendy. Are, you a virgin?”

Wendy felt her face burning and she moved away from Gregor’s hand as he continued to play with her supple ass cheeks. She dropped her eyes and nodded silently.

“Well, Gregor… looks like you’ve earned a bonus on this one. Come on in and Stella will pay you…” He winked. “Then I want to talk to you about a special order… if you know what I mean.”

Gregor laughed deeply and shoved Wendy ahead of him. They entered the cabin and Wendy was surprised at its modem decor. To the right was a large kitchen with a long table; directly before them was a larger room, comfortably furnished with the traditional stone fireplace along the left wall. As they entered, a tall red-haired woman came down the stairs.

Wendy looked at the woman as she descended the stain and approached them. She had short-cropped hair that haloed her face attractively and her body was slender — like that of a fashion model. Wendy cut her eyes away from the woman as she saw her breasts bounce invitingly beneath the light shirt she wore.

The woman stopped directly in front of Wendy and she took a long, appraising look as the man asked, “Well, what do, you think?”

“She looks like a real blonde…” the woman said huskily as she reached out to stroke Wendy’s head.

“And she’s a virgin!” Gregor supplied as Wendy cringed under the woman’s touch.

“Really?” the woman said as she cupped Wendy’s chin to raise her face.

Wendy felt her face burning under the woman’s gaze. She swallowed back her fear as the woman licked her lips, then leaned forward to kiss her full on the mouth. The act surprised Wendy more than it frightened her and she tried to pull away. But the woman’s hand was behind her head and she held her tightly as the two men looked on. As the woman’s tongue touched her lips, Wendy groaned; she felt her lips parted gently and, as the woman kissed her softly, she felt searching fingers lift the hem of her short skirt. She tensed then as the woman’s fingers slipped beneath the leg-band of her panties to tease the sensitive lips of her pussy. A small chill ran through her body as she felt her body probed, then stroked lovingly.

Finally, Stella lifted her mouth from the girl’s and smiled as she looked up. “She certainly is a virgin… a real live blonde virgin!” and they all laughed.

Wendy stumbled back a step as the woman removed her hand from between her legs and she stared at the three people in disbelief. Never in her life had she been subjected to such humiliation and her cheeks burned brightly as they all looked at her. Then, the man stepped forward, took her by the arm and led her away as the man called Gregor spoke to the woman.

Paul walked the stunned teenager to the large leather sofa in the front of the fireplace. He gestured politely and smiled as Wendy sat down, then gazed into the low bank of coals before them. Sitting beside her, he reached out and took hold of her hand.

“Wendy…” he began as he squeezed her hand, “my name is Paul… Paul Land. You’re going to be living with Stella and I for a little while — and I want you to understand something clearly…” He paused as she glanced up at him, a look of apprehension on her lovely young face. “You will not be mistreated or harmed as long as you co-operate. There are several other people living here. Just like them, your status will depend on how well you cooperate. Do you understand?”

Wendy felt a chill go through her as she looked into the man’s eyes. She nodded slightly, then said, “I… I think so.”

“Fine,” he said and patted her hand. “When in doubt, ask. For the time being you will answer to no one but Stella and myself. I won’t allow you to be harmed… but there is one prime rule you must follow so long as you live here.”

“Rule?” she questioned.

He nodded and pulled her hand over his lap; he pressed it down over the outline of his prick as she tried to withdraw it. “One rule… you will never say ‘no’ to anything you are requested to do. Is that clear?” and he moved his hand away from hers.

Wendy sat dumbfounded as the man’s hand released her own to leave it over the growing bulge in his pants. She nodded as her face burned brightly.

“Fine… now pull down the zipper of my pants.”

“But… I… that is…” she stammered.

Paul shook his head and repeated the order. Wendy sobbed once and did as she was told. When she had pulled the tab all the way down, he told her, “Now take my prick out of my pants… gently.”

Wendy held her breath as she reached inside the man’s pants, through the opening in his shorts, and touched the wirey growth of pubic hair there. She swallowed thickly as she found his bulging prick and she wrapped her fingers around it. Finally, she worked it free of the confines of his clothing and she sat there, her eyes closed tightly as she felt it growing in her hand.

“There… that wasn’t so hard, was it?” he asked and lifted her face to his. He kissed her softly as his hand moved beneath her sweater to cup her warm tit.

Wendy felt her heart beating wildly as Paul fondled her tits; she felt her nipples responding as he rubbed his palm over them in small, sensuous circles. Tightening her grip on his prick, she began moving her fist up and down, thinking he wanted her to do the same thing as the other man. It was all so confusing, she thought, as she tasted his tongue and felt his flesh pulse heavily under her slow manipulation.

Finally, their lips parted and Paul smiled warmly at her as he remarked, “Hey… I think we’re gonna get along just fine,” and he hugged her as his hand cupped her tit fully. “Now go on down and kiss the head of my prick, honey,” he told her as he removed his hand from beneath her sweater and leaned back.

Wendy swallowed as she gazed down at the shaft of flesh in her small hand; it was larger than Gregor’s and she felt again that strange stirring in her stomach as his prick twitched in her hand. Slowly, she lowered her head and pursed her lips to kiss the velvet head. As she did, the smooth flesh jerked spasmodically and she felt his hand on the back of her head urging her down. She opened her mouth slightly and licked out with her tongue as she heard him moan.

“That’s the idea, Wendy… make it feel good. Use your tongue, baby… lick it like it was an ice-cream cone.”

Suddenly, Wendy found herself caught up in the act as a new excitement coursed through her body. It was both evil and somehow thrilling as she found herself doing the same thing that had caused her to cringe with fear with the other man. Now, it seemed almost natural to be doing what Paul wanted her to do and she licked around the swollen head of his prick, then took it into her mouth.

Paul shuddered once and groaned, then he lifted Wendy’s face from his lap. He kissed her again and his hand sought her full, warm tits as she stirred in his arms. His touch was so unlike Gregor’s, and though she knew what she was doing was wrong, she could not help but respond to his warmth.

“Well, looks like you two have struck up a fast friendship,” Stella remarked as she stood before them.

Wendy felt a sudden embarrassment as she looked up and found the woman smiling down at them. She swallowed drily as Paul gave her tit one last squeeze, then removed his hand from her body. She felt her own hand move from his prick as Paul spoke softly.

“Wendy’s gonna get along just fine… I’ve explained things to her and I believe she’ll be one of the family before we know it.”

At the mention of the word “family”, Wendy thought about her mother, father and her younger sister, Sandy. A sudden swell of emotion choked her and her eyes were clouded as she realized they had no idea of what had happened to her — what was happening to her. But as the tears streamed down her lovely face, she was thankful that they didn’t know — the shock of it would have been too much for them to bear, of this she was sure.

“Hey… what’s the matter?” Stella asked and kneeled before the weeping girl. She took hold of her hands as Paul stood up and shoved his prick back inside his pants.

Wendy raised her face slowly and saw the concern etched on the woman’s face. Then, she broke down completely. Stella took her into her arms and comforted her as Paul looked down and nodded approval.

“There, there, Wendy… it’s gonna be okay…” Stella told her softly. “This doesn’t have to be a bad experience for you.”

But Wendy knew better. She had been ruthlessly kidnapped and forced to do unspeakable things — now this woman was telling her it was going to be all right. She sobbed deeply as the old fear returned momentarily and she wondered again what was going to become of her. Would she ever be able to face her parents again — her sister? And the man had told her that she would be living with them. For how long? For what evil purpose? She shuddered at the thought of it all and cried until the tears were all gone, then she sobbed as Stella continued to hold her, rocking her gently back and forth.

“Look at it this way, Wendy,” Stella told her as she wiped her cheeks with her fingers, “You could still be with Gregor.”

A chill went through her as she considered that and her sobbing stopped. She sniffed as Stella held out her hand to her. “Come on… I’ll show you to your room. You can take a shower, change your clothes, then we’ll all have some supper and you can meet the rest of the family.”

Wendy stood up and glanced at Paul as he crossed the room to the long bar against the back wall. It was as though he had shut her off and she felt a strange separation as she followed Stella up the stairs.

Stella stopped before a door, smiled and opened it. Wendy peeked into the room apprehensively, half expecting a cell. But the room she found was quite attractive and comfortably furnished. There was a double bed; a dresser, a chair and a small bookcase. Against the right wall was a small writing desk with a lamp. Wendy drew her breath deeply and stepped inside.

Stella followed her into the room and opened another door; there was a bathroom complete with stall shower and the usual accompaniments. “You’ll be sharing the bath with Trudy… I’m sure you can work out a schedule that will be acceptable for both of you,” Stella told her, then smiled and reached out to touch the girl’s cheek. “Please, Wendy, don’t be frightened… no one is going to hurt you here.”

“But… but why am I here — how long must I stay?” she blurted out.

Stella shook her head. “Paul should have explained that we don’t allow questions, either. The purpose will be made clear for you soon enough, honey… now take off those clothes and I’ll get you something a little more fitting.”

Wendy felt the total helplessness of her situation settle over her. She fought the urge to cry again and pulled her sweater over her head. As she looked up, she found Stella staring at her well-formed breasts and a slow blush crept over her young body. She handed the sweater to the woman, then stepped out of her short skirt. Stella looked at her appraisingly as she stood there clad in only sandals and panties.

“Those too, Wendy…” the woman told her.

Blushing, Wendy pulled off her panties, unhooked her sandals and handed them over.

Stella took the things from her and stepped closer, a wistful look in her eyes. “We’re going to be good friends. Paul likes you and so do I,” she said as she reached out to touch the golden bush between Wendy’s legs.

Wendy gave a slight start as the woman’s fingers touched her pussy, but she did not move away. She watched in fascination as Stella smiled, lowered her head and kissed the nipple of her right tit. Again, that indescribable warmth spread through her body and she chilled slightly as Stella’s tongue licked around the sensitive flesh of her nipple.

“Go on, sugar… take a shower. I’ll have some things laid out for you when you’re finished,” she said and stroked the girl’s quivering belly with the flat of her hand.

She felt a thrill in her stomach as the woman caressed her gently, then kissed her lightly on the lips. She stood and watched Stella leave the room and as the door closed, Wendy heard the telltale sound of the lock being thrown. She knew without trying the door that she was locked in the room.

She fought back the tears that welled in her eyes and baked about the room. There were no windows and she found the closet empty, devoid of any clues as to who the last resident of the room might have been. Tiredly, she walked into the bath and looked at her naked form in the long mirror beside the stall shower. She felt suddenly ashamed standing there naked, and the feeling was amplified as she thought again of her parents. Somehow, she knew the anguish they were going through as a result of her disappearance.

Finally, she shut off the thoughts and stepped into the shower to turn it on. A heavy spray of warm water poured forth as she closed the door and she let it wash away her thoughts, resolving not to think of her family, but to concentrate on her own situation — whatever it might be.

She found a bar of soap in the dish and began to lather her body and felt the warm water relax her tense muscles. She was standing there soaking up the warmth when she heard the bathroom door open — then the lights went out.

Wendy experienced a moment of fear as she listened closely for some sound in the darkness. She was tempted to open the shower door, but as she debated, it opened and someone stepped into the stall with her. The person did not speak and Wendy found herself backed against the shower wall as she felt the person’s body brush hers in the darkness.

Standing there fighting the sudden fear that welled up in her throat, Wendy felt a hand on her arm. It moved downward until it found her hand, then the person lifted her hand and, to Wendy’s surprise, she felt the person kissing her open palm. Then, a soft tongue was teasing over her fingers and she felt them sucked into the person’s mouth one by one. She experienced a sensual thrill as the person licked and sucked her fingers, then she felt her hand lowered and placed over a soft mound of wet, warm flesh.

It was another girl! Wendy felt suddenly relieved to know the person in the shower with her was not of the opposite sex. She relaxed as the other girl moved her hand over her full tit and she felt the nipple stiffening under her touch.

“Pinch my nipple…” a soft voice told her.

Wendy obeyed and for a moment, she thought the intruder was Stella. But as she rolled the girl’s nipple between her thumb and finger, she realized it couldn’t be — Stella’s tits were much larger, and she was taller than the person she now faced in the darkness.

“Oh, that feels good… do both of them for me,” the girl asked.

Automatically, Wendy’s other hand raised and she found herself standing there playing with some unknown girl’s tits. Then, she felt the girl’s hands reach out to cup her tits. She thrilled at the soft touch and, as they stood there fondling each other, Wendy began to wonder what the other girl looked like. She was about the same height, she determined, but a little heavier perhaps, judging from the size of her breasts.

Then, the girl’s hands moved from Wendy’s tits to her waist and site felt herself being pulled to the girl. The first shock of her body pressing against the nakedness of another human being sent her head spinning. She felt her stomach, tits and thighs engulfed in the warmth of the other girl’s flesh and she shuddered as the girl’s arms went about her to cup the cheeks of her ass. Wendy released the girl’s tits as their bodies pressed closely together and she wrapped her arms about the girl. Hesitantly, she allowed her hands to go below the girl’s waist and suddenly she found herself holding onto the other girl’s ass cheeks in the same manner she was being held.

“I like you…” the girl said, then asked, “What’s your name?”

“Wendy… Wendy Harris,” she said. “What’s yours?”

The girl holding her giggled, “Trudy… and we’ve really gotta stop meeting like this!”

For the first time since her abduction, Wendy felt a ripple of laughter go through her body and she relaxed a bit more as the girl’s hands squeezed the soft, wet cheeks of her ass.

Then, there was a warm mouth on hers and Wendy gasped as the girl kissed her softly. She felt the girl’s tongue probed her mouth searchingly and a new thrill went through her body. Her senses were bombarded with sensual stimulation as she felt one of the girl’s hands move between their bodies. She tried to pull back as the girl began rubbing her lower belly and her fingertips encountered her wet pubic mound.

“Please…” Wendy begged. “Don’t… I mean, what if someone were to come in?”

The girl ran her hand between Wendy’s legs and as her finger slipped into her wet pussy, she questioned, “So what?”

Wendy swallowed thickly as she felt the sensations course through her body. She could not understand the sudden change that had come over her. Though her first impulse had been to make the girl stop, she realized she was actually enjoying the feelings. She drew her breath in sharply as the girl fondled the cheeks of her ass and slid her finger in and out of her cunt. And again, that indescribable feeling welled up in her body. Then, she winced as Trudy shoved her finger into her pussy too far and encountered her intact hymen.

“I don’t believe it!” Trudy exclaimed. “You’re a virgin!”

For some strange reason, Wendy wished that people would not make so much of the fact that she had never had sex with a man — the scene with Gregor not really counting. As Trudy probed again, more gently this time, she felt her body flush hotly in the darkness of the warm shower.

“How old are you, Wendy?” Trudy asked softly as she rubbed her body against hers again.

“Eight… eighteen.”

“Gawd!” the girl exclaimed, “I lost my cherry when I was twelve!”

Wendy was shocked. She swallowed thickly and asked, “You mean you let a boy do it to you when you were just twelve years old?”

“Heck no!” Trudy replied strongly. “I didn’t let anyone do anything… my old man came home drunk one night, boxed mom, around, then came and climbed in bed with me. I didn’t have anything to say about it!”

“Your own father did it to you?” Wendy asked in a shocked tone.

“I’ll say he did! After that, he’d bring home his friends and make me do it with them while he watched… and if I complained, he slapped the shit out of me. Believe me, I was glad to get away from him!”

“Wow!” Wendy exclaimed as she envisioned her father doing that to her.

“Hey… Paul and Stella are groovy people. You’re gonna like it here. We can do anything we want as long as we never say no,” Trudy said and hugged her close.

Wendy swallowed again and asked, “What’s it like, Trudy… I mean, when you do it with a man?”

Trudy sought her lips again as she eased her finger into Wendy’s cunt, then moved it upwards to tease her clit. As their lips parted, she said huskily, “It’s good if you want it to be… and if the man wants it to be. You’re gonna know soon yourself… you know that, don’t you?”

“I sort of figured that part out. But why did they kidnap me? I mean, when that man brought rue here, they inspected me like I was just a piece of merchandise.”

“Because that’s all we…” Trudy said, then fell silent as she stroked Wendy’s cunt lovingly.

Wendy was startled as she felt the girl remove her finger from her pussy and begin to rub her hips sexily. Trudy began kissing her throat, then her neck as Wendy stood there in the warm spray of the shower, her breath coming in short, sharp gasps. Then Trudy kissed lower on her body, sucking each of her nipples into her mouth until they were stiff. Wendy’s heart was pounding heavily in her chest as she felt Trudy nibbling her way down her belly to her navel. She tongued it deeply before she sank to her knees in the narrow confines of the shower stall.

As the girl kneeled before her, Wendy felt her hands take hold of her hips and pull her forward slightly. She gasped aloud as Trudy forced her legs apart and she felt something warm on her pussy. She reached down to find the girl’s head pressed between her legs and the fleeting memory of awakening to find Gregor sucking her pussy flashed in her mind’s eye.

“Oh, Trudy… Trudy…” she moaned as die girl licked her cunt expertly and ran her hands up the backs of her legs. Then Trudy’s tongue found that sensitive nub of flesh high in the folds of her pussy and Wendy felt the electric-like shock rush through her nervous system. She moaned as she took hold of the girl’s head to pull her face closer as the sensations grew.

“Ummmmn… good. You make it feel so good kissing it like that!” Wendy told her, and began rotating her hips in a tight circle.

Trudy abed her face momentarily and told her, “Tell me, Wendy… tell me what you like. Tell me what to do!”

The obscene words formed in her mind, but she could not bring herself to say them. Then Trudy’s tongue spread her cunt lips again and she gasped out, “Ughhhhhnnnn… yes! Suck me! Suck my pussy, Trudy… lick it… Oh, please make that feeling come to me again… lick me with your tongue… there at the top! Oh, yes… There! There! That’s it!” she sobbed wildly as Trudy found her clit again and licked it frantically.

Trudy sensed that Wendy was close to coming and she pulled her forward as she sucked her pussy. She had never eaten a virgin’s cunt before and the experience was exciting. Squeezing the cheeks of the girl’s ass, Trudy recalled the first time she had enjoyed getting her own pussy sucked and she shuddered lightly as she thought about it again.

Her father had come in drunk one evening with two of his friends. One of the men had come over to Trudy and played with her tits as her father talked to the other one. Her mother had sat quietly, afraid to say anything in protest as they talked. Then, the man had laid a fifty-dollar bill on the table and said loudly, “It’s all yours if you’ll let us watch your old lady eat the kid’s pussy!”

Trudy had chilled and her mother had turned white as the man propositioned her, father. He laughed loudly and picked up the money to stuff it into his pants pocket.

“Man, for fifty bucks, I’d make her suck off our bulldog!” and the other men laughed with him.

Trudy’s father had crossed the room and ordered her to remove her clothing. She did as she was told, a growin apprehension in her stomach, and she was forced to sit between the two men on the couch. She watched as her father returned to her mother and spoke to her in hushed tones.

“Hey, kid… ever get your pussy sucked by another woman?” the man on her right asked, as he guided her hand to his bulging prick.

Trudy shook her head silently as the man on the other side pulled out his prick and, forced her hand to take hold of it. Then, she sat there quietly as they ran their hands over her vibrant young body and took turns kissing her.

She heard her father speaking angrily to her mother and she saw him waving the money in her face. Finally, she dropped her head in submission and, stood up. She saw the looks on the men’s faces as her mother slowly unbuttoned the dress she was wearing. As she slipped out of it, she walked forward, wearing only panties and bra. Then Trudy saw her father step forward, rip the brassiere from her mother’s body and pull down her panties.

Trudy watched as her mother stumbled forward and one of the men reached out and grabbed her. He forced her to her knees as the other man lifted Trudy’s leg and laid it over his thigh.

“Come on, baby… give us a good show!” the man told her mother.

Trudy’s legs were spread widely as her mother kneeled before her, averting her eyes in shame. She reached out hesitantly and ran her hands over her daughter’s legs as she looked up with tears in her eyes and said, “I… I’m sorry, baby…” Then she lowered her head and began kissing Trudy’s smooth young thighs as the two men urged her on.

Trudy closed her eyes in revulsion as she felt her mother’s mouth move up her legs. She tried to shut out the obscene remarks the men were making as they forced her small hands up and down on their pulsing pricks, but she could not. Then she opened her eyes and saw her father standing nearby with his throbbing cock exposed, glaring lewdly at the spectacle before him. The feeling of revulsion passed for Trudy and she suddenly found herself writhing with pleasure as her mother tonguefucked her. She hunched forward as her mother’s hands slipped beneath her body and lifted her up slightly.

“Ohhhhh, yes, momma!” she cried. “Yesssss! Suck my pussy… lick my cunt! God yes, that feels soooo gooood!”

The two men were highly excited by the pretty teenager’s obscene words and one of them forced her to lean over to take the head of his prick into her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye, Trudy saw her father rip off his clothing and fall to his knees behind her mother. She cried out as he shoved his prick into her from behind and it wasn’t until her mother cried out again that Trudy realized her father was fucking her mother in the asshole!

But she was too caught up in the sex scene to eyen care as her mother resumed licking her pussy. She heard her moaning in both pain and pleasure as her husband raped her defenseless asshole with his rampaging cock.

Trudy gasped for breath as she felt herself cumming, and suddenly the prick in her mouth was shooting great gobs of cum down her throat. She swallowed to keep from choking as the man stiffened and cried out.

“Jesus… yes… suck it kid… Ughhhhhnnn… I’m cummin’… Oh, shit… she’s swallowin my cum!” and he arched his back as Trudy swallowed again and again.

The man on her left was twisting her around to force her head down over his prick as she continued jacking him off. But he was too near cumming and as her lips touched his throbbing cock, it erupted in her face. Hot, sticky cum splashed over her lips and chin and she fought to catch it in her mouth as her own orgasm washed over her writhing young body.

Trudy lay there for long moments, her head in the man’s lap as she licked her swollen prick and her mother continued to suck her pussy. She watched as her father grimaced and dug his fingers into her mother’s hips and the two of them climaxed together, then fell to the floor in a heap of naked flesh.

“Jesus!” the man beside her muttered as he looked down at Trudy, still licking his prick.

The rest of the night had been foggy. They had forced her to drink whiskey with them, but she recalled going down on her mother while she was forced to suck each of the men off. Then, her father had greased her virgin asshole and fucked her while the two men held her face down across a footstool and shoved their pricks into her mouth again…

The vision dissolved as Trudy heard Wendy cry out. The girl hunched forward as her body shuddered and she held tightly to Trudy’s head.

The orgasm broke like a heavy wave and Wendy felt her knees go weak as Trudy licked her lavishly. Trudy gasped too, the fingers of her right hand buried in her cunt. The two of them climaxed together in the darkness.

Finally, Trudy stood on weak legs and kissed Wendy softly. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked as she fondled the girl’s naked tits.

“Uh, huh! God… that feeling… I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Wendy told her.

“You mean you’ve never cum before? Wow… you are a cherry!” Then Trudy asked, “You mean you’ve never even fingerfucked yourself before?”

“N… no,” Wendy admitted.

Trudy stepped out of the shower long enough to turn on the light. When she returned, Wendy found a pretty, freckled-faced girl standing before her. She looked younger than Wendy had expected and she asked, “How old did you say you were, Trudy?”

The girl blushed slightly and reached for the soap. “I didn’t… but I’m eighteen in about four months.”

Wendy was amazed. She had felt the girl would at least be her own age, but she was a full year younger, for Wendy would be eighteen in just three months.

They finished showering in near silence, but as Trudy handed the soap to Wendy, she told her, “Always make sure you wash good between your legs — front and back. They want you to stay clean for them.”

“For them?” Wendy questioned.

“Uh-huh… you’ll see…” Trudy said mysteriously and stepped out of the shower.

Wendy finished and turned the water off. She heard Trudy leave the bathroom and she wondered at the girl’s words.


When Wendy returned to her “room”, she found a pair of cut-off jeans, a man’s white shirt and her own sandals. She slipped into the tight jeans and had to suck in her breath to fasten them. She winced as she drew up the zipper and caught her pubic hair in it. “Damn!” she swore, then reached for the shirt.

She surveyed herself in the mirror and noticed that the cheeks of her ass more than filled the jeans. Turning, she saw in the mirror the well-defined outline of her pussy and a slight chill went through her as she realized how totally helpless she was. Wendy gave a start as Trudy knocked on the doorframe and peeked in smiling.

“I wore about the same thing the first night I got here,” Trudy remarked and entered the room.

Wendy looked at the short pleated skirt and the see-through blouse Trudy was wearing. The outlines of her nipples were plainly definable through the gossamer material and Wendy felt a twinge of envy as she glanced at the silver sandals on Trudy’s feet.

“Are… are those your clothes?” Wendy asked as Trudy sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at her.

“They are now — Stella bought them for me last week,” she laughed and lifted the hem of her short skirt to expose her naked pussy. “Forget about wearing panties and bra, though — they’re not allowed.”

Wendy’s face flushed as the girl exposed herself, then fell back on the bed and bounced up and down a bit. “Hey… this is a bitchin’ bed, mind if I share it with you sometime?”

Wendy looked at the lewd expression on the girl’s face and she was suddenly aware of what had passed between them in the shower. She shrugged. “Sure… why not? Better’n the shower!”

“Right on, Wendy!” Trudy said and laughed.

The sound of voices came to them from the hallway, then there was a key in the lock. Paul opened the door and stepped into the room. He smiled appraisingly at Wendy, then noticed Trudy on the bed.

“Hey, I’m glad you two’ve met. I’ve got big plans for both of you…”

Trudy bounced off the bed and Wendy looked on in surprise as the girl kissed Paul on the mouth, then ran her hand over the bulge in his crotch. “You better have big plans for us… we made it in the shower. I ate her pussy!”

“Hey, that’s neat!” Paul exclaimed and chuckled as he saw Wendy blushing heavily. “Look…” he said as he disengaged himself from Trudy’s arms and brushed her hand away from his bulging fly, “whatever you want to do here is okay — and that includes sex play of any kind.” He saw the doubting look on Wendy’s face and he reached out to touch her full tits.

“I mean that, Wendy. Any kind of sex play is okay with all of us. We want you to be completely free while you’re here with us — understand?”

Wendy felt his hand move from one breast to the other as she looked up and asked him, “How long will I have to stay here, Paul?”

He pinched her nipple playfully, then slapped her lightly on the ass. “Come on, Trudy and I will introduce you to the rest of the family… supper’s on the table.”

Wendy picked at her good nervously as the conversation around the table continued; it was almost entirely about sex and she had been forced to sit there and listen as Trudy gave a blow-by-blow description of the shower. Her face had burned brightly as the girl described each and every touch, it seemed, to the avid listeners. Raising her eyes from time to time, she found the others looking from Trudy to her and all were smiling.

Now, the conversation had left her and Paul was relating some earlier experience to them. Wendy glanced from face to face as she surveyed her new “family”. Beside her sat Trudy; on her right, Stella sat at the head of the table, with Paul sitting at the opposite end. Directly across from her sat a pretty young black girl — Ruby, who was about her age, only very small in stature. She was about the size of Wendy’s thirteen-year-old sister, with the exception of her small, but well-developed breasts. Beside her, a sullen girl of about eighteen picked at her food with less interest than Wendy was showing.

Wendy listened as Paul’s words were directed at this girl — Joni — and it was obvious that she was to be punished for something that had happened earlier in the day. Wendy felt a sudden sympathy for the girl as both Paul and Stella berated her.

Besides Paul, there were two other men at the table. Gino was a darkly handsome youth of about twenty. His black hair was cut in a Prince Valiant shag and his mouth seemed to smile continually. Yet Wendy chilled as she looked into his eyes, for there was something cold and foreboding about the boy she could not define. Next to Gino, a tall muscular black man named Buck shoveled food into his mouth like it was the first meal he had eaten in a week. But of all the people of her new family, Wendy felt the most comfortable about him. He had an easy, jovial manner that seemed to take the edge off her situation. Each time Buck would look up at her, he would smile and wink as if to say. It’s gonna be all right, little lady.

There were seven in all and Wendy made eight. As Stella nodded to Ruby and Joni, the plates were cleared from the table and the two girls served hot apple pie. Still, Wendy could not force herself to eat. Too much had happened for her body to respond to the normal need at that point in time, and she longed for the comfort of the small bed upstairs — alone.

Her mouth filled with pie, Ruby turned to Stella and asked, “If she’s a virgin… she can’t join the party tonight, can he, Stella?”

Smiling, Stella shook her head. “I don’t know… I think Paul has something special planned — just for her,” and as she spoke, Stella turned her gaze on Wendy. “But Wendy isn’t the only one who might miss out on the fun,” and she looked at Joni.

Joni looked up, the expression on her face one of surprise. She glanced at Paul; he shrugged and spoke softly, “You know the rules, Joni… you play, you pay.”

The girl’s expression turned to open hostility as she kicked back her chair and threw her napkin down. “Shit!” she swore and turned to storm from the room.

Paul stopped her with a single word. The girl turned slowly and faced him with her fists clenched. He smiled as he stood and walked to where she stood, her body shaking with rage. “Apologize to everyone, Joni…” he said softly.

“Fuck you in the ass!” she spat back, then turned to face those at the table, “Fuck all of you!” and she turned to run up the stairs as Wendy stared after her in awe.

Paul shrugged and returned to the table. As he picked up his fork, he glanced at Buck and told him, “Call Clarence a little later, will you?”

A chilled silence fell over the table as the others resumed eating. As Wendy reached for her glass of milk, she felt as though she had cotton in her mouth. She turned to Stella and asked, “May I get a glass of water, please?”

Stella smiled warmly and lay down her fork. “I’ll get it for you, honey. Sit still.”

She returned in a moment with a glass of orange juice and Wendy looked at it curiously. “Go ahead… lots of vitamins. Better than water for you.”

Wendy accepted the small glass and drained it in a single gulp. There was a faint metallic taste left in her mouth, but she thought no more about it as Stella sat down and began chatting with Ruby. Suddenly, Wendy felt a cold sweat break out on her body and the room swam before her eyes. She tried to speak out but the words seemed to stick in her throat. She looked about the table to find everyone staring at her. She felt Trudy’s hand on her arm and as all their voices seemed to run together, Wendy heard Paul speak above the others, “Looks like Wendy might like to lie down for a while.”

Then, there was the sound of chairs scraping the floor and Wendy was suddenly dizzy. Someone helped her to her feet and Trudy’s voice came to her from far off, “Hang in there, baby… it’ll go away in a few minutes. It never lasts long.”

Wendy wondered what the girl was talking about. She moved as though she were in a dream and she saw the others floating about her, all headed in the same direction. Then Wendy saw the fireplace and someone was helping her to sit on the couch. Her vision cleared momentarily and she saw the furniture had been arranged so that it sat in a half circle, facing the hearth. Pillows were heaped on the floor and Wendy felt suddenly relaxed as she looked up to find Stella standing before her in a flowing robe.

Then, Paul was pouring champagne and to Wendy’s surprise, everyone had removed their clothing and were wearing various types of robes.

Now when did they do that? she asked herself as Paul handed her a glass.

“Can you hold onto it?” he asked and smiled down at the confused girl.

“If she can’t, I can…” Stella said and sat down beside her. Wendy felt the woman’s arm go about her shoulder and suddenly she felt warm and secure. She sipped the bubbly wine and wrinkled her nose. The taste was not unpleasant, but it was strange to her. She took another sip and glanced at the others, who sat joking, laughing and drinking the champagne.

Finally, Wendy’s vision cleared completely and her head seemed to come back to her; she was left with a great warm feeling about her and as Paul’s hand closed about her own, she decided she was very comfortable — very comfortable indeed.

She heard Trudy ask Paul something, but she didn’t quite understand it. Then, Trudy set her glass aside and stood up. Wendy watched as the girl walked to where Buck sat in a deep chair. She gasped as the girl reached down and pulled open his robe and exposed his naked, brown body. Buck sat up and smiled as Trudy slipped her robe from her body and let it fail to the floor. Then, Trudy leaned forward and took hold of the man’s soft prick. She lowered her head and though Wendy could not see, she knew that Trudy had taken the man’s dark flesh into her mouth. Buck moaned loudly and stretched his legs out before him as Wendy raised her head, then folded into the chair with Buck.

Wendy looked around and found the others watching intently. Ruby had slipped out of her robe and had rolled to one side to watch as Gino reached around to take hold of her full young tits. The contrast of white and dark flesh excited Wendy and, as the pair on the floor looked up, Wendy returned her gaze to Buck and Trudy. Buck was kissing the girl sensuously as he ran his large hands over her white body and she manipulated his growing prick with both hands.

A sudden thrill went through Wendy’s body as she visualized herself sitting on the black man’s lap, playing with his prick while he fondled her body. Tearing her eyes away from the erotic scene, Wendy saw Gino lying naked with Ruby in his arms, her back to him. He was running his hands up and down her dark body and Wendy watched as he spread the tiny girl’s legs and began stroking her pussy. Wendy found herself drawn to look at the girl’s pubic area as Gino fingerfucked her — it was shaven clean! Looking down at her as she wriggled her smooth ass against Gino’s body, Wendy realized how young the girl looked.

Wendy swallowed thickly as she glanced to her left and found Paul sitting with his robe open and his prick standing out stiffly from his hairy crotch. When she glanced back to her right, she found Stella with her robe open fully. The woman’s majestic breasts jutted proudly and she was pinching her nipples as she watched Buck and Trudy. Again, Wendy found her eyes drawn to a woman’s body. She looked down at Stella’s crotch and saw a great curly mass of red pubic hair. The sight thrilled her somehow and she felt the urge to reach out and touch the woman there.

But she did not — her attention was drawn back to Buck and Trudy as the black man moaned loudly. Trudy was jacking him off slowly with both hands as she leaned back across the arm of the chair so he could lick the nipples of her titties. Wendy watched with fascination as the man licked out with his broad pink tongue, then sucked each of the girl’s tits into his wide mouth. She chilled as she saw Buck’s dark hand go between the girl’s legs, part the hair-fringed lips of her pussy and begin to stroke her gently.

On the floor, Gino had pulled Ruby’s face around and was kissing her passionately as he fingerfucked her and she writhed in his arms. Wendy swallowed thickly as she felt a hand on her leg and she found Stella looking at her warmly.

“Wild, isn’t it?” she breathed huskily as she leaned over and brushed Wendy’s lips with her own.

“Eat my pussy!” Trudy cried and Wendy turned to watch as the girl twisted around in the chair, then stood up facing Buck. His dark hands ran slowly up the backs of her legs; as she wiggled sensuously and pressed her body forward, his hands closed on the full cheeks of her ass.

With her legs spread widely, Wendy could see the man’s chin and mouth as he licked out with his broad, pink tongue. He lapped her cunt slowly as Trudy twisted her ass in tight circles and held tightly to his head. Wendy glanced at the black man’s huge prick as it jerked spasmodically in his lap. She wondered what it would feel like in her hands… in her…

Trudy whimpered as she ground her pussy into Buck’s sucking mouth. His hands massaged her ample ass as he tonguefucked her and licked her entire cuntal area while all watched.

Then, Ruby rolled away from Gino; he was left with a surprised expression on his face until he saw what she was going to do, then he smiled broadly. Wendy watched as the young black girl crawled on her hands and knees to the chair where Buck was eating Trudy’s pussy. Ruby kneeled between the man’s legs as she took hold of his throbbing cock to stuff it into her mouth.

Gino followed the tiny girl and fell down behind her, licking her exposed ass and cuntal area. Then, with his stiff prick in his hand, he raised up and took hold of Ruby’s legs to spread them a bit.

Wendy watched as the youth guided his prick between the girl’s legs and into the hairless flesh of her cunt. The girl whimpered a bit as Gino shoved forward and took hold of her hips, then she wiggled a little and his prick slid into her clasping cunt. It was the first time Wendy had ever witnessed the act of sexual intercourse — or fucking, she thought, as her own passions seemed to near the boiling point.

The hand on Wendy’s thigh moved a bit higher, but Stella did not look at her. The woman sat transfixed as she watched the multiple coupling directly across from them. Wendy was still giddy from whatever it was Stella had given her, but beyond the giddiness, she felt that unusual stirring in her vibrant young body. She squirmed uncomfortably on the couch as the tight-fitting jeans seemed to press into her own cunt. When she turned to Paul, she found the man smiling at her; he nodded slightly and Wendy followed his gaze to his pulsing prick. Again, Paul nodded his head and Wendy licked her lips as she reached out hesitantly to take hold of his hot flesh.

As her fingers curled about his throbbing cock, Wendy felt a shiver go through her body. She moved her hand slowly up and down the length of his massive rod and she could feel it pulse in her small hand.

“Do you like to play with my prick, Wendy?” Paul asked as her small hand closed about the plum-like head and squeezed it softly.

“I… I don’t know…” she stammered. “It-it feels good.”

“I know something she does like,” Stella offered and leaned over to unbutton the loose skirt Wendy was wearing. She stared down as her naked tits were revealed and her breath caught in her throat as Stella lowered her head and began sucking her nipples.

“Ohhhh, yes…” Wendy moaned and squeezed Paul’s prick tightly. The woman’s soft mouth on her sensitive nipples sent thrill after thrill through her young body and she squirmed helplessly between the two adults. She spread her legs then as she felt Stella’s hand moving upwards and she suddenly wished she was naked — like everyone else.

“Does that feel good, baby?” Stella asked as her hand rubbed the tight material over Wendy’s pussy.

“Yes, oh yes, Stella… it does… take off my jeans… let me be naked, too!” Wendy cried out in sudden passion.

Stella smiled, looked at Paul and saw him shake his head in a negative fashion. “Not tonight, Wendy…” Stella told her. “Tomorrow night, perhaps.”

Wendy felt the bottom drop out of her stomach; she was so keyed up that she felt like screaming and they weren’t even going to let her take off her clothes! Then, her attention was drawn to the sounds of sucking and fucking across the room.

As she tried to look, Stella lifted her face and kissed her fully on the mouth. As the woman’s tongue spread her lips, Wendy thrilled at its softness as it entered her mouth. She pulled wildly on Paul’s prick as the older woman kissed her sensuously and cupped her aching tits with both hands. Wendy felt her nipples stiffen as Stella’s tongue touched her own and she arched her body to the woman’s hands. Never in her life had she known such warmth and loving from another human being, and despite the fact she had been kidnapped, forced into sexual submission and drugged, she felt strangely content and safe as the two adults loved her body and sent chills up her spine.

“YESSSSS!” Trudy wailed. “Suck me, you black bastard! Make me cum… use your tongue… yes… oh, yes… God, I’m cumming… Oh… oh… oh… Ugggghhhhnnnn…” she moaned and her body stiffened as Buck tonguefucked her furiously, his large hands holding her ass tightly.

Buck stiffened then as Ruby took nearly the entire length of his great black prick into her throat. He let out a muffled cry as his legs shot out before him and began quivering.

Ruby felt her mouth filled with Buck’s hot cum. She swallowed again and again as his prick jerked and spurted its load into her sucking young mouth. Small dribbles of cum ran from the corners of her mouth as she tried to swallow his load, while behind her, Gino thrust again and again.

Raising her, tiny ass to the youth, Ruby let out a choked cry and arched her back. Gino’s fingers dug into her slender hips and his body stiffened as his prick erupted in her cunt. He too, cried out as his body thrust forward and he buried his prick in the black girl’s cunt. He felt it spurting hotly and, as it did, her cunt seemed to be milking him dry. Leaning forward, he slipped his arms around her tiny waist to cup her tits as she continued sucking on Buck’s prick.

Again, Stella’s hand on her tight crotch brought Wendy back to herself. She found her face lifted and Paul kissed her wetly as her hand moved up and down his throbbing prick. Stella rubbed the girl’s jean-covered pussy as she squirmed uncomfortably between them. She saw Wendy’s hand on Paul’s prick and she smiled inwardly as she realized the girl was doing what she wanted to do, not what she had been told to do.

Raising his face, Paul looked down at the beautiful blonde teenager and told her, “You do know how to kiss, Wendy…” then he stood up from the couch and slipped out of his robe as Stella continued playing with the girl’s crotch and tits.

He took hold of his prick and began rubbing it all over Wendy’s face as her arms went out to encircle his hairy legs. He thrilled at the touch of her soft, inexperienced hands as he rubbed the swollen head of his prick over her wet, sensuous mouth. Slowly, Wendy understood and she opened her lips to lick out with her tongue. The moment she touched his prick, Paul shuddered and placed both hands on her head.

“Yes, Wendy… use your tongue… suck me off… Jesus, that feels so good!” he told her.

Wendy opened wide and found her mouth filled with his hot flesh. She whimpered as Stella played with her aching tits and continued rubbing her throbbing pussy. Somehow, Wendy’s hands found their way to Paul’s heavy balls; he cupped them gently and marveled at their weight.

Paul looked down as the girl’s mouth ovaled about his prick obscenely. He shuddered again as her tongue washed over the sensitive underside and she tightened her mouth. Paul knew he could not hold off much longer — an inexperienced mouth on his prick always brought him off sooner than he would like to cum, but this time he did not fight it.

Wendy laved the man’s prick lovingly. With one hand around it’s thick base, she kissed, licked and sucked Paul’s throbbing prick as her other hand fondled his balls. She tried to go lower in order to get most of it into her mouth, but as the head nudged the back of her throat, she gagged slightly and had to pull off. As she did; her teeth scraped the head of his prick and he moaned loudly.

Paul gripped the girl’s head firmly and began moving his hips back and forth. Fucking her mouth in slow even strokes, he felt his juices rising and as, he looked down he saw Stella staring at the girl’s mouth excitedly.

Wendy sensed something different about the act as Paul took a tight hold on her head. She held on and tried not to choke as he thrust his bulging prick deep into her hot mouth. She felt the excess saliva gather in her mouth then spill over her lips tu run down her chin. Then, his prick seemed to swell suddenly and Wendy felt his body go rigid.

Paul cried out and clutched the girl’s head as his prick exploded in her hot, young mouth. He held on tightly as he felt his cum gush forth to be swallowed by the girl. He breathed brokenly as he looked down to see a small dribble of white cum ooze from the corner of her mouth as she continued sucking him.

Wendy felt her mouth filled with the thick mucus and for some reason strange to her, she felt proud that she had been able to do that for Paul. She swallowed to keep from choking as he trembled under her mouth and moaned. Again and again his prick spewed hot globs of cum over her tongue and she rolled it around the head of his spurting prick before she swallowed it.

Finally, the last weak spurt came forth and Wendy sensed he was finished. She licked the head of his prick clean, then looked up to find him smiling at her.

“That was fantastic…” he told her breathlessly, then leaned down to kiss her softly on her wet lips.

As Wendy looked about then, she found the other orgiasts looking on. Buck clapped and Gino and the girls followed suit as Wendy’s face burned brightly and she turned to Stella as the woman complained.

“Every one of you motherfuckers have made it… what about poor Stella?”

Without warning, both Trudy and Ruby left the men and pounced on Stella. Wendy watched as the three of them fell to the floor, writhing sensuously naked in a tangle of arms and legs. Trudy won the battle for Stella’s pussy and the woman gasped as the pretty teenager began lapping her cunt furiously. Ruby rolled atop the older woman and sat on her face as Trudy sucked her pussy and, the others looked on.

Wendy was numbed by the amount of sexual activity she had witnessed in just a few short hours and her body ached for release. But sitting beside Paul, she felt her eyelids grow heavy and as she fought sleep, she heard Stella cry out.

“Ohhhhih, yes! Eat my pussy… lick it… God, do my clit… Ughhhnn… yessss!”

Each time Wendy allowed her eyelids to close, she found it more difficult to open them. Paul’s arm was about her and the last thing she remembered before falling off to sleep was the feeling of his hand cupping her tit. It was a good feeling.

Paul looked on with interest as the two girls lavished attention on Stella’s body. His prick was still hard and, as he looked on, he knew it would not be long before he was joining in again. The exciting flesh of teenaged girls left him weak and helpless, and though they were his stock in trade, he knew that the trade was not his only reason for being involved as he was.

Both Buck and Gino sat back sipping on their champagne as Stella writhed beneath the two girls. Their eyes were glazed as they heard her call out time and time again. Their pricks jerked stiffly away from their bodies as they looked on and each of them knew it would not be long until they would be down on the floor with the girls.

Paul felt his heart beating wildly as Stella moaned and lifted her hips from the floor. Trudy had her head buried between the woman’s legs and the sounds of her slurping come to Paul over the other sounds in the room.

He looked down at Trudy’s uplifted young ass and he knew what he was going to next. Slowly, he began to manipulate his prick as his passion built.

Stella gasped for breath as Ruby ground her pussy into her mouth. She could taste Gino’s cum as it gushed from the black girl’s cunt, mixed with Ruby’s juices. She swallowed thickly as her hands found the nubile teenager’s small tits. She pinched the nipples erotically and wished somehow she could suck her tits and cunt at the same time.

Above her, Ruby writhed in passion. Her small dark body was shining with a light sheen of sweat as Stella brought forth yet another orgasm from the girl’s body. She stiffened and cried out as Stella’s hands dug into her dark flesh while she quivered erotically above her.

Paul moved off the couch as Ruby cried out and Stella threw her legs over, Trudy’s slender shoulders. He took hold of his stiff prick, spit on it, then moved between the girl’s legs as she continued to suck Stella’s pussy. He nudged her tight asshole with the bulbous head of his prick. As he did, Trudy raised her ass to him as though she knew exactly what he wanted.

Trudy shuddered as she felt Paul’s hands on her hips. She knew he loved to fuck her in the ass and she steeled her nerves for the pain of his entry. As his prick spread and stretched the muscles of her asshole, Trudy gasped for breath and her body stiffened momentarily. Biting her lip, she grimaced, her face buried against Stella’s hot, wet pussy. Then, the pain of entry passed and the girl felt her body filled with Paul’s great, throbbing cock. She sighed and wiggled her ass slightly, then licked out to find Stella’s clit again.

Paul looked down at his prick eased into the girl’s hot asshole. Trudy had the tightest ass he had ever fucked — and the amazing thing was, no matter how often she was fucked there, her asshole remained tight. Now, he pulled back slightly and watched in fascination as his prick came out of her pink asshole, pulling the soft flesh with it until he stopped. Thrusting forward with his hips, he drove his prick into the girl to the hilt, then reached beneath her to begin fingerfucking her with his tight hand.

Trudy groaned as Paul’s finger entered her cunt. She wished frantically for a prick there too, but bent forward as she was, she knew it would be impossible. She sucked and licked at the puffed lips of Stella’s pussy as the woman rolled wildly on the floor. This had to be one of the best scenes they’d ever had, she thought to herself as Paul’s prick slid in and out of her tight asshole.

Buck licked his lips as Ruby cried out, then rolled off of Stella’s face. He looked at the beautiful white woman as she lay gasping for breath, her legs still over Trudy’s shoulders. He moved out of the chair and kneeled beside the woman, his gigantic prick in his hand. “Suck me, Stella… suck my big black prick!” he told her and slipped his hand beneath her head.

“Yes!” she cried. “Let me suck you, Buck fill my mouth with your hot cum… God, let me taste you!”

Buck guided his throbbing prick to the woman’s mouth. His eyes glazed as she wet her lips, then ovaled her mouth to take in the head of it. Expertly, she swirled her tongue around the underside where she knew the sensation was the greatest. With one hand on the base of his thick, black prick and the other tin his hairy balls, Stella arched her head back and took every last inch into her mouth.

Buck shuddered as he looked down and saw his cock disappear into the white woman’s mouth. He could feel his long prick slide down her constricted throat and as she swallowed, it felt as though his prick was being pulled out by the roots.

“Arghhhhh… yessss… all the way, woman! Suck all of my prick! Take it down that tight throat of yours… Goddamn… suck me off!” Buck cried.

With her eyes glued to Paul and Trudy, Ruby leaned back against the chair and began fingerfucking herself. Seeing her, Gino moved over to sit on the edge of the cushion, his prick only inches from her face. Slowly, he began jacking himself off, his prick aimed at her pretty dark face.

Ruby licked her lips in obvious anticipation as the youth played with his prick and she fingerfucked herself so he could see. Then, both of them turned their attention back to the quartet on the floor.

Paul grimaced as he thrust his prick deeply into Trudy’s asshole and the girl cried out. Stella gasped for breath as she took the entire length of Buck’s prick into her throat again and the black man looked on in awe.

Paul felt himself cuming again and this time he wanted to hold off. Fucking the pretty teenager in the asshole was something he was not anxious to finish. He stroked her dripping cunt with his fingers as she writhed and shoved her ass back against him. Again and again, she wiggled and cried out and he knew she was if the midst of a multiple orgasm. As she stiffened again; her anal muscles seemed to contract and Paul felt his prick squeezed tightly as the spasms shook her sweating young body.

Pulling out until just the head of his prick remained, Paul shoved it in all the way and let out a muffled gasp as he erupted deep in her bowels. He shuddered strongly as she arched to him and screamed, her orgasm tearing the sound from her throat.

Trudy felt Paul’s prick explode in her ass and she sucked her breath as Stella’s legs fell limply from her shoulders. She looked up just as Stella’s cheeks ballooned out, filled with Buck’s hot cum.

Buck felt his muscles tighten as the white woman’s sucking mouth brought him off again. He filled her mouth to overflowing with his sticky white cum and, as she swallowed, he held onto her face.

Ruby moaned and rolled her head from side to side as she fingered her seething pussy. Wave after wave washed over her sweating body as Gino jacked off in her face. She gasped for breath then as she felt the first hot splash on her cheek and she turned her face to his spurting cock.

Gino thrilled as he watched his prick spew its load of hot cum all over the black girl’s face. She opened her mouth and caught a gob on her tongue as another splashed her nose, then her eye. Quivering, she finished herself off as Gino’s prick jerked spasmodically and the last thin drops of his cum dripped forth onto her lips.

The group lay in a deep stupor for what seemed an eternity. Finally, Paul disengaged himself from Trudy and his shrinking prick came out of her tight asshole with a tiny popping sound. He looked about and found Wendy sleeping soundly, curled up on the couch where he had left her. Glancing at the clock over the mantle, he knew that his night was just beginning — it wouldn’t be long before Clarence arrived.

Frank Harris hung up the telephone and glanced toward his wife, Shirley. He shook his head and her face went white as he told her, “No one’s seen her since she left the dress shop. The police have checked all the hospitals… nothing.”

Shirley Harris felt the knot in her stomach as she thought about her lovely young daughter. She choked back a sob is she recalled trying to talk Wendy out of taking the after-school job. But she had allowed it and now she was paying for her error in judgment. She looked toward her other daughter, Sandy, and suddenly her eyes filled with tears.

“Don’t worry, momma…” the pretty young teenager told her as she fought to control her own emotion. “Wendy can take care of herself.”

Frank crossed the room and kneeled before his distraught wife. “She’s all right, honey. We’ve no reason to worry yet…”

Shirley lifted her face and looked at the clock across the room: it was after midnight. “Haven’t we?” she asked and broke down completely.


It was well past two a.m. when Gino escorted Ruby and Trudy up the stairs. Buck looked down at Wendy’s sleeping figure and asked, “Want me to take her to her room?”

Paul heard the car on the drive and glanced at his watch. “No — leave her be… she might wake up,” he said, then took a blanket from a nearby chair and covered the sleeping girl. He turned to Stella and nodded, “You and Buck bring the little bitch down.”

The woman glanced apprehensively at Wendy, then turned for the stairs as Buck followed her. Paul went to the door of the cabin, threw the heavy bolt and swung the door wide. He found Clarence standing in the chill night air, a broad grin on his ugly face.

“Come on in before you freeze us all!” Paul told the short, muscular black man.

Clarence looked about as he walked into the large cabin and asked, “Which one is it? Ain’t that little black girl is it?”

Paul locked the door carefully and shook his head, “No. Her name’s Joni. She’s given us nothing but trouble since she’s been here. She tried to bribe Gino to take her to the highway this morning…” he shrugged.

Clarence followed Paul through the dimly lit main room of the lodge and Paul unlocked the door that led to the basement. “You can help me set things up. Buck and Stella will be bringing her down soon.”

The black man nodded and followed Paul down the steep stairs. Quickly, the two men set up a backdrop and assembled a rough barn scene; it was only two walls of imitation planking with a single stall and a pair of upright posts. Paul laid out burlap mats, then scattered handfuls of hay about to add to the appearance. As they completed the set, Paul gestured toward a large walk-in closet and told the man, “Just a pair of coveralls… that should do it.”

The man nodded and found the garment. As he changed clothes, he asked, “You just mail your film to New York and let them sell it?”

Paul smiled. Clarence was steadily pumping him for information — but it was no matter, there was nothing he could do without Paul’s contacts. “It’s a little more complicated than that,” he told him. “My brother processes the film I send, makes the masters in his own lab and does all the editing… then he makes copies and deals them directly to our wholesale distributor.”

Clarence smiled. “Must be doing pretty good, huh?”

“We don’t do poorly,” Paul remarked and turned as a loud noise came front the head of the stairs.

Stella and Buck appeared with Joni between them. The girl was blindfolded, but still she struggled.

“She’s a lively one,” Clarence remarked as he noticed the girl’s blouse half-torn off her body.

“She won’t be that way for long,” Paul said and picked up the thin sack dress he had chosen. He tossed it to Stella and told her, “Get her into that…” then he stood by smiling as Buck and the woman stripped the girl of her clothing and pulled the dress over her head.

“Please… please don’t hurt me!” Joni whimpered as she felt her clothing removed. She struggled ineffectually against Buck’s strong hands, then she felt herself thrust forward and someone else took a firm hold on her.

Clarence held the girl as Buck slipped into a pair of overalls and then joined him. The men looked to Paul as he prepared his equipment and Stella stood coolly aside, a look of interest on her face.

“Ready?” Buck asked as Paul turned on the lights and readied his camera.

“Yeah… let me get a shot of you bringing her into the set… Tie her between the posts.”

Joni felt her heart sinking as she was dragged across the floor, the men’s hands biting into the tender flesh of her arms. As she was stretched between the two posts of the stall, she cried out in terror as her wrists were bound tightly.

“Nooooo!” she wailed as the leather thongs bit into her wrists.

“Takeoff the blindfold!” Paul called out.

Buck grinned toward the camera, then swept away the blindfold. Joni blinked in horror as she was confronted by the bright lights and the two black men. She looked from one to the other, then to Paul.

“Please… please, Paul! I won’t make any more trouble… don’t let them hurt me!”

“Too late for that, sweetheart,” he told her and zoomed in for a close-up as the two men ran their hands over her body. She looked toward Stella as though she might help her, but the woman merely smiled and nodded.

“Okay…” Paul called out. “You two know the routine… anytime you’re ready.”

Upstairs, Wendy had stirred as she heard the commotion on the stairs. But she had merely rolled over and sighed deeply in exhaustion as the struggling Joni had been dragged down from her room. Then, she had sat bolt upright as the girl called out from the basement. As she realized where the sound was coming from, she slipped off the couch and made her way quietly to the doorway. She found the door open a crack and she pushed it in a bit further as Joni cried out again.

Wendy gasped as she saw Paul and Stella. Paul held a camera balanced professionally on his shoulder and adjusted the lens as the girl was tied between the upright posts of the stall. Wendy blinked as she saw the two black men dressed in overalls — she recognized Buck, but the second man was a stranger to her. Then she recalled Paul’s words to Buck at the supper table as Joni had made her defiant exit.

The cords about the girl’s wrists were pulled tight, then they were slacked off a bit as Wendy watched the men begin to run their hands over her body.

“Wha… what are you going to do to me?” Joni asked apprehensively as she glanced from one Negro to the other.

Clarence laughed cruelly, then told the frightened girl, “Well… first, we gonna teach you some manners, li’l white gal… then we gonna teach you some tricks!” and he laughed again.

Buck smiled broadly as he ran his large black hand over the length of her arm, then down to cup the cheeks of her ass. “And I’m gonna make you like it!” he told her as he pinched her ass.

Joni cried out as the man’s fingers pinched her tender flesh and she shrank from his touch. But tied as she was, she could not move away from him as he continued pinching her. Clarence reached out to take hold of the neck of her dress. Paul captured the scene on film as the man pulled down on the thin material until it stretched, then ripped apart.

At the head of the steep stairs, Wendy looked on wide-eyed as the dress was torn, revealing the girl’s naked body. Suddenly she understood the reason for the setting and the way the three were dressed.

It was supposed to depict a country rape scene — the white farmer’s daughter and two hired hands. And Paul was photographing it!

Wendy chilled as she realized fully the purpose of her kidnapping. She knew that Joni’s fate would eventually be her own and a certain panic welled up in her breast as she looked on — half in fear, half in fascination.

Buck reached down and took hold of the hem of the torn dress and ripped it, then pulled the useless garment from the shaking girl’s body. “Whooee!” He exclaimed and reached out to fondle the helpless girl’s tits as they jiggled provocatively.

“She is some fluffy li’l piece!” Clarence remarked as he ran his hands over her quivering belly and naked thighs.

Joni kept looking from one man to the other as they played with her body. She wore an expression of both fright and futility, for she knew there was nothing on earth that would save her from becoming an unwilling star in another of Paul’s pornographic movies. She whimpered as Buck took hold of her hair and pulled her face close to his.

“Suck my tongue, bitch!” he ordered thickly.

“Nooooo!” she wailed as the black man offered her his tongue.

Watching, Clarence ran his hand down her naked back and paused as he cupped her soft ass. Brutally, he forced the middle finger of his right hand into the girl’s asshole and lifted suddenly.

Joni screamed painfully as she was lifted to her tiptoes by the man’s probing finger. “Ohhhhh, God… Noooo!” she wailed as Buck licked about her mouth.

Clarence smiled sadistically as he ran his left hand from her belly to her thighs. Reaching between her legs, he plunged his middle finger into her cunt, then lifted her completely off the floor as she screamed again.

Buck pressed his mouth over hers and immediately, Joni took his thick tongue. She sucked it lavishly as the black man ran his hands over her quivering body while Clarence laughed.

Joni felt the pain subside as Clarence released her then; she made up her mind not to give either of them cause to hurt her again. She was frightened, for she knew she was completely at their mercy and if Paul wanted to make an example out of her, she would not resist. Pretending arousal, she kissed Buck passionately as his hands roamed over her milk-white body. Then, she felt his hands leave her and she knew he was in the process of removing his overalls.

At the head of the stairs, Wendy looked on in horror as the two black men removed their clothing. Her eyes were drawn to the crotch of the unknown man as he stepped out of his overalls and she stifled a small gasp that escaped her lips. She could not believe her eyes as the man turned and she saw his prick; it was still soft, but it appeared larger than either Paul’s or Buck’s when fully erect. It looked like a long, black sausage that hung from his hairy crotch and its thickness made her gasp again. It appeared to be the thickness of a man’s wrist and Wendy shuddered at the thought of what it would be like when it was erect.

Joni gasped for breath as Buck moved his body over hers. She felt his prick rising and she squirmed her hips around to capture its length between her legs. As she did, she became aware of the other man behind her. He slipped his arms about her to cup her full kits and as he did, he pressed his body to hers. Joni chilled as she felt his prick stiffen against the cheeks of her ass, and as it continued to grow, a slow wave of panic spread through her body.

Wendy watched as Joni tried to turn her head away from Buck’s mouth to look over her shoulder, but she could not. She let out a low whimper as Clarence took hold of his growing prick — and rubbed it upwards between her naked ass cheeks. His prick lay throbbing in the small of Joni’s back and the girl cried out as it continued to grow, reaching almost to her shoulder blades.

Laughing, Buck released the girl and pinched both of her nipples painfully. Clarence ducked under her arm to stand before her and her eyes widened as she saw the size of his prick.

“Oh, no! God, no!” she cried as she saw the monstrous thing standing out a good twelve inches from his body. She shook her head in disbelief as she begged, “Please… please! I won’t give you any more trouble!” and she turned her face toward Paul as he moved in for a close-up of Clarence’s huge cock.

Clarence moved forward to take hold of the girl’s slender waist as his prick nudged her quivering belly. He moved to her slowly and his prick bent upwards to lay between her shaking breasts. Joni looked down in horror as the man’s prick slid between her tits and touched her chin. She pulled her head back and looked down at the huge, pulsing head and she saw the slitted glans ooze a drop of thick, white fluid.

Joni screamed.

Clarence laughed as he hunched against the girl’s defenseless body and rubbed his great black staff between her tits. “Only female that ever took all of this prick was a Texas mule… think you can take it?” he asked sadistically.

“For God’s sake, you’ll kill me!” she cried.

Buck laughed and slapped her on the ass. Her body was driven forward against the other man and she cried out in surprise. “Maybe if you suck it for him, he won’t try to stick it in your pussy…” he suggested as Clarence took hold of his prick and rubbed the head of it against her cunt.

“I-I-I’ll try!” she said and fought back the tears.

Buck loosened her bonds and the girl sank to her knees.

Wendy was awestruck as Clarence stepped toward the girl holding his prick in both hands. She watched as Joni opened her mouth painfully wide in an attempt to stretch it around the man’s gigantic prick, but it was like trying to swallow an orange whole. Th girl gagged as her lips were stretched and the dripping black prick was shoved into her mouth.

“Ummmnn… that ain’t too bad…” Clarence moaned as he managed to work just the head of his throbbing prick into the girl’s mouth. He smiled then and nodded to Buck as he stood behind the girl, his own stiff prick throbbing hotly.

Buck lifted Joni’s ass up and took a tube of lubricant to squirt it into her asshole. The girl shivered but could not protest as Clarence reached out to take hold of her head. He shoved forward with his hips in an effort to get more of his prick into her mouth, but it was no use. The girl’s jaws were stretched to the limits of their endurance.

Paul moved in for a close-up as Buck spread tie cheek; of Joni’s ass and shoved his prick into her tightly clenched asshole. She let out a muffled scream as the man’s prick invaded her body and he held her tightly by the hips.

“Good… very good!” Paul muttered as he turned for a shot of the girl’s face; tears were pouring from her eyes as she writhed in pain between the two men’s pricks while they used her body cruelly.

Buck held the girl’s hips with both hands as he began a slow in-and-out movement with his throbbing cock. The scene was having a strange effect on Wendy as she watched from the stairs; she felt both frightened and aroused and as she stared at Buck’s prick sliding in and out of the girl’s stretched asshole, she unbuttoned her cut-offs and pulled them down. She fingered the puckered ring of her own anus, then she tried to force her finger in. She was met with pain and suddenly she knew what the girl in the basement was enduring. If her finger — as small as it was — caused her to wince in pain, what would a man’s prick do to her there?

Buck fucked the girl obscenely from behind as Joni tried in vain to suck the other man’s gigantic cock. She tried to move her tongue over the head, but she could not — her mouth was too completely filled to accomplish the task. Then, as he held her head in his hands, Clarence began a slow rhythmic motion with his hips; Joni felt his prick ease in and out of her mouth as the sound of his loud breathing came to her.

A sudden fear came to her, for Joni recalled the times she had sucked men’s pricks only to have them try to shove their entire length down her throat as they ejaculated. The thought of this man cumming and doing that to her sent fingers of fear racing down her spine.

“Suck it, bitch!” Clarence growled and held her head tightly. “I’m gonna cum… gonna cum in your mouth… Ughhhnnn… now… now, baby… NOWWWWW!” He gasped as his legs shook violently and his body stiffened in orgasm.

Joni felt his prick swell between her lips, then suddenly it was gushing into her mouth. The first hot glob of cum splashed against the back of her tongue and she gagged, unable to swallow as the man held her head tightly. A second burst followed and Joni squeezed shut her eyes as she felt her mouth filled with his vile cum. It oozed out of the corners of her mouth dripping from her chin as Buck panted behind her.

Joni struggled to free herself as Clarence quivered and his prick spurted again and again. She choked finally and as his cum bubbled from her mouth, she managed to pull her head back to gasp for air. The man’s gushing prick splashed her face with its sticky cum as he grabbed her hair in an effort to stuff it back in her mouth. But Joni had her jaws clamped shut and she whimpered lowly as his cum splashed her eyelids, her lips and dripped from her face.

“Bitch!” he cursed as she refused to open her mouth again and his contractions slowed. Finally, they ceased — altogether — then Buck climaxed behind her.

Joni cried out as the tall black man shoved his prick all the way into her asshole. She felt it explode deep in her bowels as his fingers dug into her defenseless body and he quivered against her.

“Uhhhhhnnnn!” Buck gasped as his prick erupted in the girl’s tight asshole. He slipped his hands beneath her arms to grab her tits as his body shuddered and his prick jerked spasmodically.

Joni quivered under the assault and her head sank forward as she felt his prick swell, jerk and shoot its load up her ass. Never before had she felt so completely used, but as Buck’s contractions passed, she realized her ordeal was over.

Wendy looked on and felt her own excitement rise as the man’s prick squirted cum all over the girl’s face. Never in her life had she expected to see anything so totally obscene, and she now realized she had a finger in her own pussy. Stroking it softly, she felt the sensations course through her body and she parted the hair-fringed lips to find her clit. She shuddered as she touched that sensitive nub of flesh and she swallowed thickly as she saw Buck pull his glistening black prick from the girl’s asshole. Then, she fingered herself furiously as Joni sank to her knees and her hair trailed on the floor.

But there was no respite for the girl in the basement. Buck stood suddenly and tightened her bonds and she was jerked roughly to her feet.

“Cut!” Paul called and the men looked toward him, “Give me a minute to reload and we’ll do the second sequence,” he said and went to a workbench across the basement.

Joni could not believe her ears. She saw Stella standing nearby, a cigarette held loosely in her fingers. As she looked at the woman, Stella walked forward and smiled.

“Honey… you’re going to wish you’d been a good girl.”

Joni looked at her and shook her head pitifully. “Oh, God, Stella… please… make them stop! I’ll do anything anyone tells me to do… I swear!”

“I know…” Stella replied, took a drag on her cigarette and moved away again as the two black men began fondling Joni’s body once more.

“All right…” Paul said softly as he approached with a new load of film in the camera, “Let’s do it…”

Wendy was deep in the throes of her own climax as Buck picked up the torn dress Joni had been wearing and wiped the sticky cum from her face. Wendy watched with dry mouth as the black man leaned down and began sucking on the girl’s titties again. As he did, she squeezed her own breast and shuddered a last time as Paul began filming the second sequence.

Clarence stood behind the girl rubbing his still stiff prick over the cheeks of her ass. She squirmed uncomfortably and cried out again as Buck pinched the nipple of one tit while he sucked the other.

“Oh, God… please, Paul… no more! I’ll be good, I promise!” she wailed.

Watching still, Wendy was fully aroused by the girl’s pleading voice and she recognized something in herself that she had not admitted until now — she was enjoying the scene below! It was as though she actually relished the thought of seeing someone hurt — so long as that someone was not her. She swallowed thickly, licked her dry lips and paused with her finger in her cunt. Her breath had become labored and heavy during her climax; as her heart pounded heavily she watched with new interest as the two black men rubbed their pricks over Joni’s body.

Paul nodded and moved in for a close-up of Clarence as he ran his large black hands over the girl’s quivering ass cheeks. He laughed as the girl tried to turn her head to see what he was about to do.

“Hope you loosened her up a bit, brother…” he told Buck and shoved his gigantic cock between her legs. Joni shuddered as she felt the man’s prick slide between the cheeks of her ass to protrude obscenely below her pussy.

“Nooooo!” Joni screamed as she looked down and found the huge thing sticking from between her legs.

“Let’s give her a double-fuck!” Buck exclaimed and moved in close to her.

“Lemme get mine started first!” Clarence said and spread the cheeks of the girl’s ass as he pulled back his prick. He took hold of his cock with one hand and guided it toward her already stretched asshole.

“God, no!” Joni screamed. “You’ll split me wide open!” She tried to pull forward, but the bond that held her wrists were taut and there was no escape from his thrusting prick.

She screamed again as Paul moved in to photograph her asshole. Clarence took hold of her quivering hips and forced the head of his huge cock into her protesting hole. Joni’s body stiffened, then shook in heavy spasms as the man thrust forward and more of his prick slid into her body. Her head rolled from side to side as the searing pain caused her to cry out again and again.

Finally, Clarence stopped and released his hold on her hips. He slipped his hands under her armpits and lifted her erect as Buck moved in and spread her legs widely. The look on her face was one of shock and pain as the second black man guided his throbbing prick into her hairy nest. She winced painfully as he entered her then her eyes grew wide as her feet left the floor and she found herself trapped between the two sweating black bodies.

Clarence moved his hands around to cup her tits as Buck slipped his arms about her waist to take hold of her wide-spread ass cheeks.

Joni whimpered and the sound carried to the top of the stairs where Wendy crouched, still fingerfucking herself wildly. She watched in fascination as the two black men began fucking the girl and in her mind, it was she who was trapped between their lusting bodies.

“Ohhhhhh… Pleaseeeee!” Joni cried as the men’s hands dug into her soft flesh, leaving red marks. She gasped as their thrusting picks slid in and out of her tortured body, fucking her obscenely.

Clarence eased more and more of his huge black prick into her tight asshole. He could feel her belly heaving as Buck slid his cock into her pussy to the hilt. Despite the fact he had just cum, Clarence knew her tight ass would bring him off again soon. Most girls would have passed out by now and he was looking forward to owning a girl who could take his entire prick up her ass.

“Ughhhnnn…” Joni gasped as both men slammed into her in unison and her feet dangled loosely, several inches above the floor. She sobbed deeply as the man behind her withdrew his prick slowly, then slammed into her again. She felt his heavy balls slap the backs of her legs as his coarse pubic hair rubbed against the cheeks of her ass. Suddenly, a thrill went through her body and was followed by a strange chilling sensation.

Joni sucked her breath as the pain subsided and she felt Buck’s mouth search for hers. She kissed him willingly, moaning softly as she began a slow rotating movement of her hips. Again, the sensations began to flood her body as her arousal grew.

“I don’t believe it!” Stella gasped and dropped her cigarette to step on it. She watched in total surprise as Joni began to writhe between the two men, sucking Buck’s tongue lavishly while she lifted her legs to wrap them about his waist.

“Ummmpffff!” Clarence gasped as the girl raised her legs and he felt his prick sink into her asshole to the hilt. “She… she’s likin’ it!” he exclaimed as she ground her ass back against his thrusting prick.

“Ohhh, God! You’re killing me!” Joni cried as Buck pulled his head back to find a look of rapture on the girl’s lust contorted face. “But don’t stop — Jesus, don’t stop! I can feel your pricks rubbing each other… it’s killing me but I love it!” she cried and threw her head back. “Fuck me! Fuck me you black bastards! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me… fuck me… FUCK MEEEE!”

Wendy looked on in disbelief as the girl screamed out in lust and the two men fucked her furiously. She writhed as her fingers brought about another orgasm and her body shook with emotion. She saw the looks on both Paul’s and Stella’s faces and she knew this was not what they had anticipated.

My God! she thought as she shuddered, withdrew her fingers from her cunt and licked them. What would it be like?

Buck sucked his breath as he felt himself cumming and the girl’s legs tightened about his waist. He felt her cunt muscles contracting and he knew she was in the depths of orgasm. Her eyes had rolled back in her head and she was panting hotly through her opened mouth. Then, he felt his prick jerk spasmodically and his legs shook as he began cumming. Again and again, his prick jerked to shoot its hot load deep inside the girl’s pussy as she writhed in his arms. He could feel the other man’s prick through the thin membrane and he knew that Clarence, too, was shooting his load deep in her asshole.

Joni screamed loudly as her body convulsed and her legs left Buck’s waist to quiver above the floor. She shuddered as the great spurts of cum shot from the jerking pricks inside her body, then she felt the hot sticky cum oozing from both her cunt and asshole to run down her thighs.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned and rolled her head from side to side as the men’s bodies pressed hers tightly. Their hands continued to paw her tits and ass as they gasped for breath and their pricks jerked wildly. Finally, the contractions passed and the three of them swayed together, each holding on to the other for support.

Paul continued filming as the men withdrew their shining pricks from Joni’s defeated body. As they pulled them out, the cum oozed forth to stain her legs and puddle at her feet. Finally, it was done and the girl sagged against her bonds as Stella shut off the bright lights.

“Well… she’s all yours,” Paul told Clarence as the man sat to one side, gasping for breath. “Hope your people enjoy the bitch. With an asshole like that, you should get a good price for her services!”

Clarence shook his head and looked toward Joni. “Man, with an asshole like that, I may just keep her for myself!”

Wendy backed into the darkness of the lodge and pulled up her cut-offs. She was both confused and exhausted as she made her way back to the couch and she wondered what lay in store for the girl, Joni.


Wendy lay feigning sleep as Clarence left with the girl, Jani. Her mind was afire with questions she dared not ask, but her imagination ran wild’as she listened to Paul and Stella discussing matters. Finally, Buck came up from the basement, bid the others good night and Wendy heard the cellar door padlocked.

“I’ll take Little Miss Muffet up and put her in bed now,” Paul said and switched off the light. “I’ll be with you in a little while.”

Stella glanced toward Wendy, smiled knowingly and climbed the stairs.

Paul threw back the blanket and gently lifted Wendy from the couch. He carried her up the stairs and, as he entered her room, he closed the door soundly with his foot.

Wendy kept up her pretense as she felt herself laid atop the covers of the bed. She was tempted to “wake up”, but as she debated she felt Paul’s hands unbuttoning the shirt she wore. Her heart pounded heavily as he lifted her, removed the garment, then unfastened the short cut-offs. As the pants were slipped down over her knees, Wendy chilled as a rush of cool air washed over her naked body; it was the first time she had ever been completely naked before a man. Her mind was a turmoil of both fright and excitement as she lay there helplessly. Paul looked down at the pretty blonde teenager. A soft light came to the room from the half-opened door of the bath and he smiled to himself as he removed his clothing. His prick was stiff and throbbing; the scene with Joni had renewed his own passion and though he had not planned it, he knew that he would find release with this gorgeous young girl.

Paul glanced at the golden nest of pubic hair between the girl’s legs and his heart skipped a beat. Not yet, he thought. He reached down to lift her limp arm. As he did, he placed her fingers around his pulsing cock and kneeled on the side of the bed. As her fingers curled about the girth of his prick, he reached down to rub the nipples of her tits.

Wendy felt his prick in her hand and she was confused — should she still pretend sleep or should she conveniently wake up? Her heart pounded heavily in her breast as Paul fondled her tits and began moving her hand up and down the length of his prick. She felt the saliva building in her throat and she was forced to swallow as his hand left her tits and moved to the flat plane of her belly.

Paul felt the girl’s body quiver hotly as he ran his hand over her soft flesh. He knew she was awake — and probably had been. But he wondered if she had heard, or possibly witnessed the scene between Joni and the two black men. Not that it mattered now, the little troublemaker was gone at last!

Paul cupped the girl’s pubic nest and he was not surprised to find it warm and wet. He felt her squirm a little and he smiled as he lay down beside her. Her hand still gripped his swollen prick as he stretched out, his body close to hers.

“Hey… if you’re awake, squeeze,” he whispered and kissed her lips softly.

Wendy thrilled to the warmth of his body next to hers. Its rough masculinity was a totally new experience for her and electric chills coursed over her as she felt his hairy thigh against her own. She responded by opening her mouth to his tongue and squeezing his prick gently. She was immediately aroused and the wonder of it left her breathless as Paul’s hand roamed at will over her soft young body.

“Ummnnn… you like that, don’t you?” Paul asked as their lips parted and he teased the hair-fringed lips of her cunt.

“I… I dunno…” she whispered back as his finger entered her wet pussy.

“I think you do, Wendy…” he replied and nibbled her earlobe.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned as his finger found that magic button and her hips moved sensuously.

Paul began kissing the girl’s neck as she squirmed under his experienced finger. Slowly, he kissed his way to her turgid nipples, licking and sucking them as her breath came in sharp bursts. More slowly, he kissed his way down her golden belly until he reached her mons. Withdrawing his finger, he spread her legs slightly, twisted on the bed and lowered his head to her awaiting cunt.

Wendy felt the man’s lips as he nibbled the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. She thought again about Gregor and his rough manner — but that seemed ages ago. Now, she sucked her breath and chilled as Paul spread the lips of her pussy and licked out with his tongue.

“Ughhhnnn… oh, Paul… Ohhhh…” she whimpered and raised her hips from the bed.

Paul smiled inwardly as the girl responded to his subtle manipulations. She was ready — but he would not deflower her for the sake of simple passion. He had far greater plans for her than that! Slowly, he began his oral stimulation of the girl’s clitoris as she writhed to the touch of his hands and mouth. He felt her stroking his aching prick and he knew it would take little to bring him off.

Wendy gasped for breath as she felt “that feeling” rising again in her loins. She knew that it was going to happen again and she knew too, she had no control over her own body. It was both frightening and confusing, for her knowledge of sex was extremely limited. She felt Paul’s prick pulsing in her hand and for some unknown reason, she felt the need to do something for him.

Opening her eyes, Wendy found the man’s prick just inches from her mouth. She rolled her head to one side and as he licked her pussy erotically, Wendy kissed the head of his throbbing cock.

Paul felt the girl’s lips on his prick and he thrilled to think this inexperienced virgin was licking his cock of her own accord. He renewed his attack on her tilt and as she arched to him, he slipped his hand beneath her supple ass cheeks to fondle her there. As he did, his finger encountered that puckered ring of flesh so near her cunt; it was wet with her juices and his saliva. Slowly, Paul worked his middle finger into the girl’s asshole and as he did, her body stiffened.

Wendy felt the intrusion of his finger and a moment of panic took her. Then, as she felt his finger stretch the muscle of her anus, she relaxed and a deep, warm feeling washed over her body. Opening her mouth, she took the head of his prick into her mouth and began to wash it lavishly with her tongue. She liked the taste and the feel of the velvety head as she squeezed it with her hand.

Paul knew he could not hold out long and he hated to waste a load in her mouth. He wanted to fuck this tender young girl, but he was torn between wanting that, and the fulfillment of his plans for her.

Without warning, Paul raised up, pulling his prick from Wendy’s mouth. He turned on the bed and rolled her to her left side. He lay very still for a long moment as the girl grew used to the feel of his body next to hers. He reached around to cup her tits and as he did, she pressed her ass against his loins.

Wendy thrilled at the man’s touch. She could feel his prick throbbing hotly against the backs of her thighs and somehow, she knew what was coming next.

“Try to relax, baby,” Paul whispered and kissed her neck. “It will hurt a little at first, but I’ll be gentle with you.”

Wendy went rigid, then relaxed as she felt Paul guide his prick between the cheeks of her ass. She sucked her breath as she felt him nudge her there, then she cried out as she felt a sharp pain.

“Easy… easy, baby,” he whispered and let his hand move over her supple hip to cup her dripping pussy. As his finger found her clit once more, he began a slow rhythm with his hips that worked his prick in deeper. He felt his throbbing cock as it passed the second ring of muscle and he thrilled at the thought his was the first prick to violate her asshole.

Wendy fought the desire to pull away from the man. But he was so very gentle with her and he had her aroused to the point where she didn’t really care — so long as he continued playing with her pussy. She whimpered, then, as the pain subsided, she began to move her body against his.

“Does that feel good, Wendy?” Paul asked and kissed her shoulder.

Wendy chilled as she felt the warmth of his body pressing against hers. She felt her body filled with his stiff prick and she knew then what Joni had experienced in the basement. She shuddered as Paul thrust forward gently and his prick entered her asshole.

“Yessssss!” she gasped. “Yesssss… good… feels good… Oh, God!” she cried and found his hand with hers. She held his hand against her cunt as she began to writhe sensuously and he began fucking her slowly in the ass. “Yesssss!”

Paul sucked his breath as the girl’s asshole clenched tightly and he felt his prick jerk. He eased his prick out until only the head remained, then he thrust forward slowly with his hips until the girl’s hot ass cheeks were pressed tightly against his belly.

“Ughhhnnn… God, you’re gonna make me cum!” she sobbed and ground her ass against his body. “I’m gonna cum! Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass… God, fuck me!” she wailed and her young body quivered as she squirmed in sensual pleasure against his hand.

“Yes! Oh, yes, baby!” he said huskily as his prick jerked in her tight asshole and his cum boiled forth. His hot cum spurted deeply into the girl’s asshole and he sobbed loudly as the girl writhed in his arms. One hand closed about her tit as the other fingerfucked her lewdly. He shivered in the throes of passion as he heard her cry out.

Wendy felt his prick jerk and gush its hot load into her body and she thrilled as her orgasm took her. Then, she felt his contractions pass and she sighed deeply as she moved her hand away from his. A sudden flood of shame overcame her as she realized she had actually enjoyed the obscene act and she could not help but wonder what her parents would think if they knew.

Suddenly, the door of the room opened and both Paul and Wendy looked toward the unexpected light from the hallway. “That’s one you owe me, Wendy…” Stella said without anger. “I had him all primed for a good fucking… now I’ll have to sleep with Gino or one of the girls!” But there was no malice in her voice and she smiled as she winked at Paul and told him, “Sleep tight, kiddies…” and closed the door tightly.

Paul sighed and lay with his arms about Wendy’s soft young body. Her hand had strayed to his leg and he felt her rubbing him gently as his hand waved up from her cunt to her belly.

“Sleep tight, little lady… I think I may just keep you for myself,” he said and kissed the nape of her neck.

“Paul…” she whispered softly. “Please don ever hurt me.”

He nuzzled her neck and said, “Go to sleep, Wendy… go to sleep.”

Wendy sighed deeply and closed her eyes. She felt warm and secure in the shelter of Paul’s arms despite the fact he was the man responsible for her plight. She knew somehow, that she had submitted far too easily to the entire situation and that bothered her. Just a few hours before, she had been an innocent young virgin. Now — though her virginity remained intact — she had experienced and seen more than she might have conjured up in her wildest imagination. She knew what lay in store for her, bait somehow that didn’t bother her as she felt Paul’s prick soften, then slip out of her asshole.

Again, she sighed and pressed her body against Paul’s warmth. Tomorrow, she decided, tomorrow I’ll try to run away!

And with that thought, she closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep of exhaustion.

Wendy’s dreams were scattered. She’d dreamed of being at home in her own bed. And in the dream her beloved father came to her. He climbed into bed with her and did the same thing Paul had done. But with him, she was not ashamed, and she snuggled to him as his hands caressed her body. Stella was in her dream too, but it was not actually Stella — it was her mother. Then, the dreams passed and she slept.

Wendy awoke slowly. Her first awareness was that she was not in her own room in her parents’ home. A chill went through her body as bits and pieces of memory came to her and she recalled snatches of the previous day’s experience. She squeezed her, eyes tightly shut and tried desperately to cut off the images that forced their way into her mind’s eye, but she could not. Too much had happened to her, too many things had changed. And as a sob welled up in her throat, she realized that she had changed.

Beneath the covers, a hand touched Wendy’s thigh and ran upwards to her hip. It lay there warmly and she choked back a sob as she turned to see who the person was.

“Thought you were gonna sleep all day,” Trudy remarked and smiled as Wendy looked at her.

Immediately, Wendy thought of her younger sister Sandy, and the many times they had awakened in the same bed to cuddle warmly. The tears welled up in her eyes and she shook her head slowly as Trudy reached out and gathered her into her arms. The dam of her emotions broke and Wendy cried openly as the girl held her and soothed her with words of solace.

“Let it out, Wendy. I know how you must be feeling. Just cry,” she told her and pressed the girl’s head to her shoulder.

Wendy allowed the girl to hold her close as she sobbed out her grief. She snuggled close to the warmth of Trudy’s body and their legs entwined as the tears streamed down her face onto Trudy’s naked breast.

Trudy smiled to herself as she comforted the shaken girl. The first morning was always the most difficult, she knew, and she recalled the morning the tiny black girl had awakened in tears when she found she was not in her own home. How differently she had felt! And Trudy recalled her own departure from her parent’s home…

Trudy had seen the man in the car on two occasions but she had paid him little mind. She was always being followed, it seemed, and always by a strange-looking man. That evening, she had returned home late and she found her father waiting for her with three of his friends.

“Just where the hell have you been, you little tramp?” he asked loudly as she closed the door and looked about the room.

Her mother was sitting in the kitchen, glass of beer in her hand. Trudy shrugged and told her father, “I went to a movie… I told mom I was going.”

“Yeah… well from now on, you let me know where the hell you’re goin’. Understand?”

Trudy looked at her father and a deep hate welled up in her chest. She clenched her teeth and replied, “Yes, father.”

Her father laughed and reached out and took hold of her arm. As he pulled her to him, he looked at the three men sitting on the couch. “This is one hot little piece, boys… and if the price is right, she’ll take all three of you on at once!”

Trudy chilled as she heard her father’s words. He had forced her to make it with two men before, but never three! She looked from one man to the other and saw the raw lust etched on their features — two of them were her father’s age and the third was a bit younger. She cringed as she thought of having sex with all of them at once, but she knew it would be of no use to plead with her father. The money she made them kept him in whiskey and paid most of their bills.

“Can she suck a prick?” the youngest one asked harshly. Trudy’s father laughed. “This little bitch can suck a prick like you’ve never seen!” he bragged. “She sucks pussy, pricks, assholes and anything else you might have around!”

The three men laughed in unison and one of the older ones gestured toward the kitchen, “You mean she’d suck your old lady’s snatch if you told her?”

“Listen… this kid knows what’s good for her. She’ll do anything I tell her… anything!”

The three men exchanged glances, then held a hurried conversation. The one who had spoken last stood up from the couch, drained the beer he was drinking and belched. He walked to where Trudy stood by her father and smiled down at her.

“Is that right, little lady… you’d suck your own momma’s snatch while we watched?”

Trudy swallowed thickly and glanced toward her mother in the other room. She nodded her head slowly and replied, “I’ll do anything he tells me to do… just like he said.”

The man reached out and cupped her chin in his hand. “Why?”

Somehow, Trudy sensed the man was more gentle than his appearance would lead one to believe. She found his eyes warm and searching as he looked down at her. Again she shrugged, “‘Cause he’ll beat the shit out of me if I don’t…” she said softly.

The man laughed loudly and turned to thee others. “Hear that? This sonofabitch has got her housebroke alright…” and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills.

Trudy’s father’s eyes bulged as he saw the size of the man’s roll. He wet his thick lips and cleared his throat as he sized the man up. When he had met them earlier at the bar, he had figured they were working stiffs just like most of the mm he brought home to fuck his wife and daughter, but the size of the man’s bankroll made him wonder.

The man stood with the money held loosely in his hand. “Good day at the races…” he remarked, then asked, “How much… and what’ll we get?”

Trudy’s father glanced toward the kitchen, then back to the man standing before him. He shrugged and tried to contain his excitement. “Ah… well, if you all want her… and if you want a little show to boot, its gonna cost you.”

“How much?” the man asked dilly.

“Ah… three… three bills,” he said apprehensively.

“And what kind of a ‘show’ will we get for that?” the man asked.

Again, he licked his lips and thought about the money. “Shit… anything you want. Shell eat her momma’s pussy… I’ll fuck her in the ass if you want me to!”

The man smiled and winked at his friends, “You mean you’d fuck your own kid?”

“Ain’t nothing new.” Trudy’s father replied as he eyed the money. He was suddenly nervous; the man was asking too many questions and he didn’t like his tone of voice.

Again, the man cupped the girl’s face in his hand and asked, “You let him fuck you, little girl?”

“Don’t have much choice,” she replied dully and found the man’s touch gentle.

“Done!” the man said and peeled off three bills. He thrust them into her father’s hand and said, “It damn sure better be a good show!”

Trudy’s father stuffed the money into, his pocket and took out his prick. He forced Trudy to take hold of it and he beckoned his wife. As she stood up from the table, she shrugged out of her housecoat and came into the shabby living room naked. The three men followed her with their eyes as she approached her daughter.

The three men watched as Trudy’s father forced her to kneel before her mother. The woman spread her legs lewdly and Trudy swallowed as she looked up and saw her mother’s wet cunt lips awaiting her kiss.

“Seen enough?” one of the men asked suddenly. “More than enough!” the other said and the two came off the couch swiftly. One grabbed Trudy’s mother and slapped a pair of handcuffs on her. Trudy’s father looked up astonished as one of them grabbed for him. He tipped over the chair he was sitting in and swung wildly at the man. His fist connected with his jaw and Trudy saw the other man lunge for him.

Suddenly she realized what was happening. The men were police officers and the whole thing was a setup just to arrest her parents. But she knew if that happened, she’d wind up in jail, too — at least juvenile hall! And Trudy wanted no part of that!

As the men struggled with her father, she bolted out of the living room, through the kitchen and was into their back yard before anyone had missed her. She heard a shout behind her as she ran for the darkness of the alley, but no one chased her. She pushed through the gate and stumbled as she bumped into a trash can. Then, a hand closed about her mouth and the sickeningly sweet odor of ether came to her. She didn’t even bother to struggle as she felt herself dragged to a car, shoved in roughly. Then she lost consciousness.

When she awakened, she found herself lying on the seat of an automobile and a man was sucking her pussy. She looked down and saw Gregor for the first time and she nearly laughed at his remark.

“Do not be frightened, little pigeon… Gregor is not going to hurt you…”

Trudy came back to the present as Wendy sniffed and stopped crying. This girl was different and Trudy realized she had come from a good home. Still, she had watched the girl’s face the night before when she had sat between Paul and Stella, and she had recognized the lust lurking there.

Now, all she wanted was to feel this inexperienced girl’s mouth on her cunt — and she would, or she’d die trying! She ran her hand from Wendy’s shoulder down to cup her full young breast. As she did, Wendy shivered and she felt the girl’s nipple stiffen slightly.

“I… I’m…” Wendy told her and sniffed again.

“Hey… that’s okay, I understand,” Trudy told her as her hand massaged her tits. Slowly, she moved her other hand from the small of the girl’s back down to rub the full swell of her asscheeks. Softly, she moved her palm flat over the girl’s quivering flesh and. Wendy responded by pressing forward with her supple young hips.

Without speaking, Trudy raised the girl’s face with her other hand and kissed her softly on the mouth.

Wendy thrilled at the touch of Trudy’s lips on hers. She opened her mouth slightly as the girl’s tongue probed and she felt a shiver run down her spine as their tongues touched.

Laying her back, Trudy hovered over the girl and kissed her passionately. She moved her hand from her hip to belly and massaged her soft flesh as Wendy returned her kiss. Slowly, Trudy let her hand stray to the girl’s thighs to run through the thick bush of blonde pubic hair. Her fingers eased downward as Wendy whimpered and began raising her hips to the searching fingers.

Wendy felt the stirring in her loins as the girl’s hand neared her pussy. She recalled Paul playing with her the night before and she chilled as Trudy’s finger parted the sensitive lips of her cunt to touch her gently.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned as their lips parted. Wendy looked down as Trudy lowered her head to her stiffening nipples. The girl’s mouth brought a new fire to her body as her lips sucked in the turgid flesh of her tits and her finger brought forth the juices from her pussy.

“God, but your body’s soft!” Trudy said in a low voice.

“So… so is yours,” Wendy stammered and swallowed thickly as the girl began to fingerfuck her. She opened her legs as Trudy cupped her pussy mound and she could not resist pushing back as the girl licked her tits wetly.

“Wendy… remember what I did for you in the shower last night?”

The scene flashed in Wendy’s head. She shivered as she envisioned the girl with her face upraised and her mouth sensuously licking and kissing her cunt. She shook her head up and down as Trudy awaited an answer.

“Would… would you do that for me now?” Trudy asked breathlessly.

Wendy chilled as the girl asked her to do that. “I… I don’t know, Trudy,” she replied and felt her face flush.

“Put your hand on my pussy,” Trudy urged her.

Slowly, Wendy touched Trudy’s warm flesh. She felt the girl raise her leg as she moved her fingertips over her belly. Then she encountered the tightly curled pubic hair above Trudy’s cunt. She felt a certain thrill as she moved her hand flatly over the girl’s mons. Then she felt the warm, moist lips of the girl’s pussy.

“Oh, yes!” Trudy gasped as she felt the girl’s inexperienced fingers brush the lips of her pussy. “Up high, Wendy… you know the spot… rub my clit!” And as she spoke, Trudy eased her finger into Wendy’s wet cunt.

Wendy swallowed apprehensively as she slipped her finger between the hair-fringed cunt lips of the girl’s pussy. She began a slow rubbing motion, just as Trudy was doing to her and she experienced a sudden thrill. The thought that she was giving as well as receiving somehow excited her as waves of sensuous pleasure washed over her young body.

“Yessss!” Trudy hissed through clenched teeth, then opened her mouth to close it over Wendy’s. The girls kissed passionately and shared tongues as their fingers moved erotically in and out of each other’s pussies.

Trudy’s breath came in short bursts as their mouths separated and she told Wendy, “God, baby… you gotta suck my cunt for me… you’re driving me wild!” Without thinking further, Wendy moved down Trudy’s body and kissed her way to the girl’s navel. She tongued the depression and felt her chin touch the place where her hand had just be n. She drew her breath in deeply as she squirmed and turned her body towards the foot of the bed. As she did, she inhaled both her own and Trudy’s heavy feminine odor. The fragrance stimulated her and she swallowed again as she nuzzled Trudy’s muff with her face.

Trudy sucked her breath sharply as Wendy spread her legs, then the girl’s mouth kissed her pouting pussy lips. She shivered as she reached out and pulled the girl’s hips to her face and she forced her head between Wendy’s legs to lap her cunt lavishly.

Wendy groaned and opened her mouth, sucking in the lips of the other girl’s cunt. She sucked, then licked out wetly with her tongue and the taste that came to her was exciting. She felt her own pussy being sucked and she thrilled as the other girl wrapped her arms about her body to hold her quivering asscheeks in both hands.

The girls were entranced in the act of sex as they lapped each other’s cunts and they did not hear the outer door of the bedroom open.

Gino stood in the doorway, his mouth agape as he saw the two girls writhing on the bed. The moment he saw the golden-haired Wendy with her mouth glued to Trudy’s cunt, he felt his prick twitch and grow hard. He pulled down the tipper of his pants, stepped into the room and closed the door softly.

Gasping for breath, Trudy looked up between the twin moons of Wendy’s ass and saw Gino standing at the foot of the bed. She groaned loudly as she saw his growing prick and she raised her hips to Wendy’s mouth. Drawing her knees up to expose her entire cuntal area, she gasped, “Stick it in! Fuck me… fuck me while she eats my pussy!”

Wendy was startled by the girl’s demand. She looked up in shock to find Gino standing at the foot of the bed, his throbbing prick held in his hand. She felt a rush of embarrassment as she looked into his eyes, but it passed as he licked his lips and smiled.

“Keep on sucking, baby… I’ll do the fucking!” he told her as he pulled off his shirt, then stepped out of his pants.

Wendy watched as Gino kneeled on the bed and scooted forward between Trudy’s legs. She could not take her eyes off of his pulsing prick as he held it near Trudy’s wet cunt. Raising her head to watch, Wendy saw the youth run his hands under the girl’s ass, then thrust forward with his hips. She watched in fascination as his prick slipped into Trudy’s cunt, ovaling the pink flesh of her inner pussy lips.

“Ughhhhhnnn! Yes! Fuck me, Gino let me feel your prick in my cunt!” Trudy cried out. Wendy watched as the youth withdrew his prick and shoved forward suddenly. Then, his hand was on the back of her head urging her down. “Go ahead, lick her clit, Wendy… eat her pussy while I fuck her!”

Wendy lowered her head and let her tongue flick out to run between the spread lips of the girl’s pussy. As she did, the tip of her tongue came in contact with Gino’s prick and she thrilled at the touch. She licked the girl’s cunt lavishly as Gino’s prick eased in and out and she felt Trudy’s tongue as it probed her velvet tunnel.

Slowly, Wendy began to writhe atop Trudy’s body. The girl’s sucking mouth and soft tongue drove her to new heights of ecstasy and she found her hand wrapped around Gino’s balls. Somehow, she had reached out and taken hold of them without realizing what she was doing. But as awareness came to her she moved her other hand to the base of his wet prick and stroked him obscenely as he continued to fuck Trudy.

“Ummm… yessss… squeeze my nuts, Wendy. Go on, jack me off, too. That feels fantastic!” Gino cried out.

Trudy felt herself cumming as Wendy teased her clit with a frantic tongue. She gasped as Gino stroked her cunt deeply with his pulsing prick and she fought for breath. She buried her face between Wendy’s legs and sucked her hotly as the room was filled with multiple groans and moans. Gino was the first to cry out. He took hold of Wendy’s head and shoved forward with his hips as he felt the first chilling spasm rack his body. He gasped for breath as his prick began to pump wildly in the depths of the girl’s cunt and she reacted by crying out with him.

Wendy shuddered as her orgasm washed over her. She gasped for breath as her head was shoved roughly into the other girl’s cunt. Gino withdrew his prick suddenly and shoved the spurting thing into her mouth. Wendy tasted his hot cum as it splashed against her tongue; as the surprise passed, she swallowed, only to find her mouth filled again with his sticky, hot cum.

Trudy sobbed as she felt Gino pull his prick out of her cunt. She felt his balls lying against the twitching lips of her pussy and as her sensations ebbed, she drew her breath deeply and sighed. She could feel Wendy’s mouth still sucking on Gino’s cock, for the girl’s chin was pressed tight against her own cunt. She ran her hands over Wendy’s quivering asscheeks and looked up as Gino opened his eyes and smiled down at her.

“Man… that was some kind of a quickie!” he exclaimed as he pulled his softening prick from Wendy’s mouth. As he did, he saw a small trickle of his cm ooze from the corner of her lips. Raising her face and leaning forward, he kissed the girl passionately, then told her, “Baby… you don’t do bad for a virgin… I can hardly wait to fuck you!”

Wendy chilled as the reality of the situation came back to her. And though her body was satiated, her mind was in sudden turmoil. These people were keeping her against her will and she was doing nothing to keep them from having their way with her!

“Come on, you two…” Gino said as he climbed off the bed and reached for his pants, “unless you wanna miss a damn good breakfast — that’s what Stella sent me up for in the first place!” Both Gino and Trudy laughed, but Wendy bit her lip as she felt the tears fill her eyes. She leaped off the bed and ran naked to the bath, slamming the door behind her.

Frank Harris opened his eyes and glanced at the clock on the nightstand. Beside him his wife slept fitfully; they had not gone to bed until nearly dawn, but when no reports came through about their missing daughter, they finally gave up and collapsed in near exhaustion.

Rolling to one side, Frank slipped his arm around his wife’s body. He stiffened as his hand came in contact with her soft, warm flesh and he realized the front of her nightgown had fallen open. He closed his hand over her firm breast and snuggled to her.

Slowly, Shirley Harris came awake. She was first aware of her husband’s hand on her tit, then she felt his prick twitch between the cheeks of her ass. Without thinking, she pulled up the hem of her nightgown and squirmed against his throbbing erection. She had spread her legs and reached between them to take hold of his prick when suddenly she remembered.

The pair returned as she thought about her missing daughter, but she tried to shut it out as her body responded to her husbands subtle manipulations. She moaned and choked back a sob as she guided the head of his prick into the warm nest of her pussy. She shoved back against him then and gasped as his hands moved over her body. Slowly, they began an even rhythm and soon they, were both panting in lust as he fucked her from behind.

“Oh, yes! God, yes, Frank! Fuck me! Uhhhnnn… all the way… stick it all the way in! Fuck meeeee!” Shirley cried as her husband hunched forward to bury his throbbing prick in her pussy.

Standing with her mouth open and her eyes wide, their youngest daughter, Sandy wore a look of extreme shock as she looked in on her parents. She had been up for over an hour and had just come up to tell them the police had called to report they still had no leads on the disappearance of Wendy.

Backing out of the room, the young girl closed the door quietly and pressed her back against the wall. How could they? she questioned. How could they be doing that when they don’t even know what’s happened to Wendy?

Her eyes filled with tears as she ran to the room she shared with her missing sister. She flung herself across the bed and burst out in tears as she cried aloud, “Wendy oh, Wendy! Where are you?”


For the next two days, Wendy found herself more of a guest and less of a captive. She and Trudy went for long walks in the woods, and though escape was foremost in her mind, she knew that in order to do so successfully, she would have to plan. Still, she was met with the dilemma of not knowing where she was — or which way to run. She had tried to establish a sense of direction whenever she would leave the lodge, but each time she became helplessly turned around.

Toward the evening of her third day in captivity, Wendy stood on the edge of the clearing and watched Buck chopping wood. When the black man had finished, he smiled, loaded up his arms, then looked toward the sky. “Them birds always seem to know where they’re going…” he remarked, then turned for the lodge with the wood for the fireplace.

Wendy looked up and saw a V-shaped flight of birds. They were heading into the sunset and she thought that strange. Then she realized birds only fly south in the fall. As she followed the tiny specks, her gaze fell on the far horizon and the mountain range. Turning slightly, she realized what had been so familiar about the shape of the mountain — she had seen it a thousand times from the window of her own bedroom!

A strange thrill of excitement coursed through Wendy’s body as she realized exactly where she was being held captive. It had to be near the edge of the National Game Preserve. She had been there twice on field trips and once on vacation with her family. All she would have to do is follow the dirt road to the main road — Pineridge couldn’t be over five miles beyond that! “Wendy! Hey… come on… time to eat!” Gino called from the wide veranda of the lodge.

Wendy glanced toward the road again, then turned and walked briskly to the lodge. She found the others already gathered and she nodded and smiled as she took her place beside Trudy.

Supper was quiet, but Wendy sensed something in the air. It was almost as if they were all awaiting something, something exciting. Finally, as the dishes were cleared, Stella got up from the table and went into the kitchen. She returned in a few moments and placed a glass of orange juice before Wendy.

Wendy looked at it, then at Stella. She recalled the first time the woman had brought her juice to drink and she chilled. “Do… do I have to?” she questioned.

Stella patted her cheek and smiled as she replied, “Time for you to earn your keep; little lady.”

Wendy swallowed thickly and looked about the table; the others were watching her intently with expectant looks on their faces.

“Go on, Wendy… it’s gonna be all right,” Trudy urged her and patted her knee.

Wendy steeled herself, then picked up the glass of juice to drain it. Almost immediately, she felt the effects of the drug. There was a numbness in her legs, then giddiness. Everyone’s voices got far off and she felt herself being helped to her feet again.

“All set up?” Paul asked Buck.

“Ready and waiting,” the black man replied.

“Are we gonna get to watch?” Ruby asked and looked toward Stella.

“Sure, why not… it ought to be fun for all of us,” she said and helped Trudy with Wendy.

Wendy was aware of hands helping her; she saw the main room of the lodge swim before her eyes, then there was an open door and a stairway. Her first thought was of Joni and the abuse she had endured at the hands of the two black men. She whimpered as she was helped down the stairs and confusion overcame her as she looked around for the barn scene. But it wasn’t there — in its place was a comfy little bedroom, with a bed, dresser and mirror and lacy curtains covering a real window to one side of the bed.

Wendy was unable to protest as she felt her jeans and shirt removed. She felt herself being dressed and she wondered about, that as Trudy fastened a brassiere about her body. Then, a pair of panties were slipped on her, followed by a cotton skirt and blouse.

Wendy was led to the mock bedroom and Stella helped her to sit on the side of the bed. “Just do what comes natural, and don’t be afraid. I’ll be right here.”

The words made little sense to Wendy as the drug coursed through her veins, but she managed a weak smile and took the magazine that Stella handed her. Then, bright floodlights came on and the other lights in the basement were dimmed.

“Pretend you’re all by yourself, Wendy,” Trudy called out from the shadows, “Take a peek at the book!”

Wendy shook her head to clear her vision and looked down at the magazine. She was shocked to find it was a pornographic publication, filled with glossy photos of men and women engaged in sex acts. She flipped a page and found a beautiful blonde woman tied across a huge bed. Hovering over her were two men. In the succeeding photos, the pair did everything imaginable to the helpless woman and Wendy found herself suddenly aroused. In her mind, she was the woman tied to the bed!

As she continued to turn the pages, Wendy felt her passions growing and she could not resist placing her hand beneath the magazine to touch her cunt mound. The instant her hand came in contact with her panty-covered crotch, fingers of excitement raced through her body. She wished she were truly alone — but somehow, that did not matter now.

From far off, she heard Trudy’s voice, “Go on… lift your dress… finger your pussy, Wendy. Look at the pictures and fingerfuck yourself.”

And as though in a dream, Wendy found herself doing that very thing. She lifted her skirt, pulled aside the crotch of her panties and began stroking her cunt. All the while, she looked at the filthy pictures of a woman sucking a man’s prick while another man fucked her in the ass.

Wendy’s breath was coming in short bursts and she knew that the beautiful feeling of orgasm was not far away. She licked her dry lips as she stretched her legs out stiffly and turned another page to find two young girls with an older man. One of them was sitting on his face as he sucked her cunt and the other squatted obscenely over his prick, shoving it into her tight pussy.

Wendy groaned as her finger found her clit and rubbed it sensuously. Then she was startled by a noise behind her. She turned and her expression registered horror as she saw someone climbing through the window. She thrust the magazine aside instinctively and caught her breath as she realized what was about to take place.

Before the startled girl could move off the bed, Gino grabbed her and threw her down. Wendy struggled ineffectually as she felt her wrists being bound, then she found herself tied to the bedpost with her hands above her head.

Gino hovered over the defenseless young girl and leered down at her as he quickly removed his clothing to display a gigantic hard-on. “Man you don’t know how I’ve looked forward to this!” he told her as he climbed onto the bed.

Wendy looked up in horror as Gino ripped the skirt from her body, then took hold of the waistband of the panties to draw them down slowly. As her blonde bush was exposed, Wendy saw Paul move in with his camera for a close-up. It was then that she realized the whole thing was being filmed!

Wendy screamed. Gino ripped open the thin blouse, she was wearing and broke the bra straps. As her full tits were released, Wendy gasped and tried to pull away as Gino fell atop her and began licking them. She writhed and cried out as the youth ran his hands over her quivering flesh and sucked the stiffening nipples of her tits. She tried desperately not to respond, but as soon as Gino’s hand cupped her cunt, she knew she was lost.

Wendy shut her eyes as Gino moved up the bed and took hold of her face with his hands. She felt him rubbing the head of his swollen prick over her lips, her eyes and her throat.

“Suck it bitch!” he commanded and squeezed her jaws painfully.

Wendy cried out and, as she did, she felt her mouth filled with his pulsing prick.

“Suck it! Use lotsa tongue!” Gino told her as he held her head tightly and forced more of his prick into the girl’s mouth.

Wendy gasped as the youth began an obscene fucking motion with his hips and his prick was shoved even deeper into her throat. She gagged and managed to pull off a bit, then she began using her tongue.

“That’s it, baby… suck it good… make it good and hard because I’m gonna stick it in that virgin pussy of yours real soon!”

Wendy chilled. She knew that she was about to lose her virginity, but suddenly it didn’t matter to her. She had engaged in so many acts of depravity over the past few days, nothing could possibly be worse. Licking out with her soft tongue, Wendy took more of Gino’s prick into her mouth and squirmed sensually as he reached down to stroke her pussy.

She found herself lifting her hips to the youth’s searching fingers, and as he found her clit, she moaned. She recalled the picture of the blonde woman in the magazine and she wondered how it would feel — actually feel — to have a man’s prick in her pussy. And the realization came to her then that she was looking forward to the ordeal!

“Oh, shit!” Gino gasped as he withdrew his prick from between Wendy’s glistening lips. “I can’t hold out much longer!”

“Fuck her then!” Paul called as he zoomed in for a shot of Gino’s prick.

Quickly, Gino forced open Wendy’s legs, then backed off so Paul could get a close-up of the hair-fringed lips and her golden bush. As he moved between her legs, Gino lowered his head and licked out with his tongue.

Wendy cried out in passion as Gino’s mouth sucked her pussy. She had not been expecting it and the sensations caused her to lift her body to his mouth and tongue.

Then, Gino moved up between the girl’s legs. He hooked his arms beneath her knees and lifted them as the head of his prick found the soft, wet warmth of her pussy. He felt her shudder and eased just the head of his prick into her velvet channel as Paul captured the act on film. Then, with a brutal thrust, Gino buried his prick in the young virgin’s cunt.

Wendy shrieked as she felt the wall of her virginity give and a sharp pain tear through her loins. But it did not last and as his mouth licked from her tits to her lips, Wendy began to groan and writhe beneath him. She could feel the warm trickle of blood as it oozed from her cunt to run down between the cheeks of her ass. But the thought that she had just lost her virginity was soon gone as she became aware of the pulsing flesh inside her body.

“Ohhhhh, Ginooooo!” she moaned and began to twist her body under his.

“Good, huh, baby?” he questioned as he withdrew his bulging prick to thrust deeply again.

“Ughhhhnnn!” she gasped as she felt herself filled with his throbbing prick. “Yessss! Fuck me… God, fuck me, Gino!”

Gino set up a steady rhythm as the girl began begging him. He pulled his prick out slowly, then buried it as she convulsed beneath him.

“Get ready to wind it up,” Paul ordered and moved in to the side of the bed. “Pull it out just before you cum and shoot all over her pussy!”

Gino grunted and began a rapid jackhammer movement of his hips. Wendy’s legs were bent back until they touched her tits and she felt as though the youth would tear her apart. She could feel his balls as they slapped her naked ass and she tried her best to match his thrusts with those of her own. But she could not catch the rhythm and she found herself simply bucking wildly as he fucked her mercilessly.

“Uhhhhhnnnn… cummin’… cummin’… God damn!” Gino swore as he stiffened and pulled back his hips. His prick popped out of Wendy’s body and he let her legs fall to the side as his prick jerked spasmodically in his hand.

Wendy felt the hot splashes of his cum on her pussy. She felt drenched as glob after glob shot onto her twitching cunt. She felt suddenly abandoned, for Gino had left her wanting. Her own orgasm was but a stroke away when he pulled his prick from her steaming cunt. Then frustration rose in her throat as she cried out and tore at the bonds that held her wrists. Twisting, she managed to tear her left hand free. Immediately, she plunged two fingers in her sopping cunt and continued where Gino’s prick had left off.

“Jesus! Get a load of that!” Gino cried out and Paul went in for a close-up as the deflowered virgin fingerfucked herself obscenely.

“Work out, Wendy!” Trudy called to her.

Wendy was oblivious of all else as her orgasm washed over her aching body. She writhed sensuously and gasped for breath, her head rolling from side to side as Paul photographed the pure lust etched there.

Wendy felt the sticky cum Gino had spewed onto her blonde bush and she shivered as she ran her fingers over her puffed pussy lips. She lifted her legs and shuddered then as the final wave washed over her and she stiffened.

“Cut!” Paul called out.

Gino climbed off the bed and wiped his prick on the torn skirt. He turned to Paul and questioned, “How’d it look?”

“Fantastic!” Paul told him and smiled at Stella. “Little Miss Muffet put on a show of her own… I wasn’t expecting that!”

Wendy heard the words from far off. She realized what had just happened to her — and she knew too, that it had been filmed. She wondered idly what Paul did with the films. She had heard about such things, but surely they would not show them in a theatre!

Then, Wendy felt her other hand being released. She was numb from the experience, but she allowed herself to be led upstairs and into the shower. Stella adjusted the water for her and smiled as she stepped in.

“You’ll find clean clothes on the bed, honey. We’ll be downstairs if you want to join us — if not, we’ll understand.” Then she closed the door of the stall shower and left Wendy’s mind was in a turmoil. She felt dirty all of a sudden and she realized that she had in no way resisted these people; she should have tried to escape the first night and simply taken her chances in the woods. Now, it was too late — she could never face her family after all that she had done, all that she had let them do to her!

The warm water relaxed her and as it did, she gathered her thoughts — and she knew what she was going to do. No one would know what had happened to her unless she told them! She could tell her parents about being abducted, but she would remain quiet about the things that had happened to her.

When she had showered and dried off, Wendy went into her room to find her clothing. She was disappointed to find a brief skirt and see-through blouse with her sandals — she would need something a bit warmer if she expected to make it through the woods to the road at night!

Dressing quickly, she slipped out of her room and into the empty hallway. She tiptoed to the head of the stairs and saw all the others gathered in front of the fireplace.

She backed away from the landing and found the door to Paul and Stella’s room. Inside, she located the closet and found a heavy shirt of Paul’s. From a hook on the back of the door, she took a pair of women’s slacks and pulled them on. They were a little large for her, but better than the brief skirt she wore.

The dresser yielded a pair of heavy socks which Wendy stuffed into her pocket. Looking about, she decided she had all, that she needed. Now, all she had to do was to get out of the lodge before anyone found out what she was up to. She pulled the heavy drapes away from the window and saw glass doors that led to a rear sundeck; her heart skipped a beat as she reached for the handle and found the doors unlocked.

As she stepped into the night, Wendy held her breath; there was a full moon and the air was chill and crisp. It would get much colder, she knew, but if she kept moving, she would be able to keep warm. She went quickly to the edge of the sundeck and looked down. There was a low, slanted roof just below and she recognized it to be the roof of the screened-in porch at the back of the dwelling.

Cautiously, the girl slipped over the rail and let herself down to the roof below. As her feet came in contact with the slanted roof, she let go of the railing. Then, a sudden sinking sensation filled her as she felt herself slipping. She clawed in an attempt to stop her downward slide, but it was no use — she felt the roof disappear from beneath her.

Wendy hit the ground with a thump. She saw stars and dared not move as her thoughts cleared. She moved one leg and then the other and when she found she had broken nothing, she stood up shakily and looked about. The back door of the cabin was closed and she could hear no sounds from the inside; carefully, she made her way around the corner and saw the dirt road in the pale moonlight. She walked slowly, keeping to the heavy forest growth to her left. When she had gone a good hundred yards from the lodge, she paused and looked back.

The dwelling cast a soft glow from its windows and Wendy knew that the others were too engrossed in what they were doing to miss her any time soon. She turned then and took off at a trot toward the road. When she came to it, she stopped momentarily to button up the too large-shirt and to slip the heavy woolen socks on her feet. They made her sandals a bit tight, but she felt more comfortable walking in them.

Again, she began to trot. She followed the winding dirt road for perhaps a mile, then she stopped to rest. She tried to recall how long the drive with Gregor had taken, but she could not. She remembered leaving the main road and driving onto a rougher road, but she had no idea if this was even the sa ne one they had taken.

When she had caught her breath, Wendy took off again. This time, she paced herself and jogged comfortably alongside the road. The moon gave her ample light and she knew no fear as she ran toward freedom. She was exhilarated and she knew she was going to be able to make good her escape — so long as they did not miss her too soon!

She had gone another mile when suddenly she heard a familiar sound somewhere behind her. It took a moment to register, but when it did, she acted quickly. She bolted from the road and into the thick scrub growth. Stopping, she caught her breath as a pair of headlights splashed the road; an automobile was approaching from the direction of the lodge.

She crouched and peered through the underbrush as the vehicle came closer and closer. As it reached the spot where she had left the road, it slowed and nearly stopped. For a moment, Wendy’s heart stopped, then it beat furiously in her young breast as the car sped up again and disappeared into the darkness.

She knew she would have to leave the road now — they had missed her and come looking for her! As she stood there, Wendy found herself on a small footpath that ran parallel to the road; she looked around, made her decision and struck off in the same direction.

Two hours later, Wendy was hopelessly lost. She had veered away from the road at some point, then the moon had become shadowed by clouds. She was panic-stricken as she realized she could not find the road and she debated whether or not to return along the path in an attempt to find it again. She was about to turn around to go back when she saw a soft glow off in the distance.

Approaching cautiously, Wendy came upon a small clearing. Two men sat before a low campfire. Nearby was parked a small truck with a camper. Wendy heaved a sigh of relief, stumbled into the clearing and called out.

“Well, well… what have we here?” the man nearest the fire remarked as he saw Wendy.

Wendy brushed her hair out of her face and felt a flood of relief go through her body as she looked about the small camp; she saw the carcasses of two deer hanging from a nearby tree and she realized the men were hunters.

She glanced from one man to the other as they both stood. “Can… you help me?” she asked in a tired voice, “I’m in trouble…”

The largest of the two men stepped forward took hold of Wendy’s wrist as his friend looked about apprehensively. “You sure are, sweetheart…” he told her in a sluned voice and Wendy caught the odor of whiskey on the man’s breath.

She chilled then as she realized these men were not simply hunters — they were poachers! And she knew too, they would be of little help to her!

“Please… let go of my arm, you’re hurting me!” she cried as the man pulled her to him.

Without speaking, the man called Fred took hold of Wendy’s shirt and ripped it open. “That look like a kid to you?” he questioned.

Wendy shrank from the men’s sight and attempted to cover herself. But the man’s grip was too firm and she found her arm twisted behind her as the man slipped the shin, from her, body. She saw the second man approaching and she cringed in fear as he licked his lips and leered at her.

“Man… she is some lovely piece!” he said thickly and reached out to cup her breast.

As the man’s hand closed on her tit, Wendy felt the other man’s hand at her waist. He pulled at the buttons and she felt a rush of cold air wash over her exposed body.

“Please…” she begged, “don’t hurt me. I won’t tell anyone I saw you here! Please… just help me to get to the highway!”

“Are you lost, little girl?” the man asked as he ran his hand to her belly and let it linger there.

“Yes… oh, please…” she begged as the other man slipped both his hands around her waist and cupped her tits.

“Well, Bobby, looks like we’ve got some company for the night — dropped right outta heaven!”

The man called Bobby looked down at Wendy’s golden bush of pubic hair and licked his lips. He looked at her nakedness and let out a groan as he fell to his knees.

Wendy could not believe this was happening to her. The man forced her legs apart roughly and before she could even cry out, he had his mouth on her pussy and was tonguing it wildly. She tried to twist away from the two men, but it was impossible. The man eating her pussy had a firm hold on her hips and the other was pressed against her quivering body holding tight to her tits.

“Oh, God… stop!” she cried as the man behind her nuzzled her neck roughly. She felt his growth of beard as it scraped her cheeks and she became aware of the other man’s beard on her tender inner thighs.

“Man, she’s a hot one!” Fred said as he tried to twist her head around. Finally, he managed and as his lips closed over her mouth he felt his prick growing against his leg.

Wendy gasped as she smelled the man’s whiskey breath. He forced his tongue into her mouth and Wendy gagged at its vileness. Then, as she felt him unzip his trousers and his throbbing cock sprang forth, she experienced a sinking feeling in her stomach. The man’s mouth on her cunt was sending delirious waves of sensual pleasure over her body and she knew she was beginning to respond to his rough caresses. She fought the feeling, but only momentarily as the other man took her hand and guided it to his pulsing prick.

“How’s that for size, baby?” he whispered in her ear as her fingers curled about his cock. “If it ain’t big enough, Bobby’s got one that’s a wee bit bigger!”

Wendy whimpered as the man’s prick twitched in her hand. She could not tight the feelings any longer and she found herself bunching forward to Bobby’s mouth as she squeezed the growing prick.

The man on his knees looked up as he felt the naked girl moving her hips to his mouth. He saw her head twisted around and his friend’s mouth glued to hers. Then, he saw that she had a firm hold on Fred’s prick. His mind reeled as he realized the girl wanted it as much as they wanted her and he renewed his attack on her golden-haired pussy.

“Jesus!” Fred gasped as he pulled his mouth from Wendy’s. “Let’s get inside the camper and get naked… this little bitch is hot enough to fuck us both!”

The three of them stumbled toward the open camper; Wendy allowed herself to be hoisted up and into the dark interior. She watched as the men tore off their clothing and dove in after her. Bobby got in first and swept her into his arms. As his mouth closed about hers and he guided her hand to his prick, Wendy felt her legs pried apart and Fred began licking her cunt.

“Ughhhhnnn… yesssssss… eat me! Eat my pussy!” she cried and Bobby fondled her tits and tried to force his tongue back into her mouth.

Rolling her head to one side, she told him, “Let me suck you… give me your prick!”

Bobby moved up and over the girl as his friend lapped her teenaged cunt. He took hold of his prick and guided it into her warm, wet mouth. As she took it, he shuddered and cursed loudly as she tongued him. “Jeeeee-sussss! She’s gonna suck it off!” and he took hold of her head as Wendy forced more and more of his throbbing flesh into her mouth.

Fred looked up and saw the girl sucking his friend’s prick. He swallowed thickly and moved between her legs, his prick held tightly in his hand.

Wendy felt the man nudge her wet cunt with the head of his prick. She arched to him and as she did, his prick slid into the tight sheath of her vagina.

“God almighty! This bitch is so tight, you’d think she was a virgin!” Fred exclaimed. He took hold of her full asscheeks and began thrusting forward then as Bobby panted over Wendy’s sucking mouth.

Wendy’s mind was a confusion of lust and passion as the two men used her body wantonly. She writhed in sensual pleasure as she felt her cunt filled with Fred’s prick and she sucked the plum-like head of the other man’s cock lavishly. Then, a picture flashed in her mind’s eye and she recalled Joni with both men fucking her at the same time.

Quickly, she pulled her mouth off of Bobby’s prick and told him, “Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me at the same time — both of you!”

Both men reacted quickly; Fred took hold of Wendy and rolled over, pulling her atop him. Bobby scooted down in the narrow confines of the camper and looked down at her beautiful asscheeks. He lowered his head and licked the girl wetly as Fred moved his hands to her hips. As Bobby’s tongue came in contact with the girl’s puckered asshole, she gasped and cried out again.

“Yesss, oh yes! There… stick it in… fuck me there… fuck me in the ass!”

Raising his face, Bobby scooted up between the couple’s wide spread legs and took hold of his throbbing prick. He rubbed the head over the girl’s asshole, then shoved forward slightly. She gasped loudly as the head of his cock was forced into her nether bole. Easing it in, he leaned forward to feel her full ass pressed tight against his belly.

Wendy’s head reeled. She could not believe the sensations she was experiencing as the two men fucked her in unison. What little pain she had felt soon passed and she found herself caught up in the wanton act with the two poachers. Raising up on her elbows, she looked down at the man’s lust-contorted face and told him, “Suck my titties… lick them… lick my nipples while you fuck me!”

Fred raised his head and caught one of the girl’s turgid nipples between his lips. He sucked her lavishly as she ground her pelvis to him and his prick slid in and out of her wet cunt. Fred felt himself cumming and there was nothing he could do about it. He wanted to hold off as long as he could, but the lovely girl’s tight pussy was driving him wild. He could feel his friend’s prick as it slid in and out of her asshole and the thought that both of them were fucking her at the same time made him dizzy with lust.

Bobby pounded forward with his hips as the girl’s asshole accepted the entire length of his cock. He felt her writhing beneath his body and, from the sounds she was making, he knew she was enjoying the act as much as he and Fred were. He heard Fred gasp then and cry out.

“Nooooo!” Wendy screamed. “Not yet!”

But Fred could not hold back. His prick erupted to spurt its hot load deep in the girl’s pussy as she writhed atop him, begging him not to cum. “Arghhhhhh… cummin’. Ohhhhh!” he sobbed as his contractions caused his body to stiffen beneath the sweating girl’s body. His prick gushed wildly and he could feel his sticky cum running down the sides of his prick to his balls and thighs.

Wendy felt the man explode inside her. She was not quite ready as his hot cum splashed in her pussy and she clenched her muscles tight as though that might stop the man. But she was too late. His cum filled her cunt, then dribbled out from around his twitching prick. As he stopped his thrusting motion, Wendy felt his prick softening and she was left with a feeling of intense frustration.

Bobby continued fucking the girl in the ass as his partner cried out, then went limp beneath them. He thrust deeply with his throbbing cock, for he realized his partner had not satisfied the girl. Rolling to his side, he pulled Wendy from atop Fred, holding firmly to her lush hips.

“Yesssss…” Wendy hissed as she felt herself pulled from the exhausted man. She felt Bobby’s hands move over her hips and she shuddered as her legs were spread and he began fingerfucking her. “Yessss, God yes! Make me cum… up high… there!” she gasped as his prick slid in and out of her tight asshole and his fingers found her clit.

Never in his life had Bobby experienced such a wild piece of ass. Had someone told him that just a few short hours before, the writhing, lusting teenager had been a virgin, he would not have believed them.

Wendy ground her ass against the man as he fucked her lewdly in the asshole. His finger was about to bring her off and she sobbed deeply. She saw Fred watching them and as she licked her lips, she noticed his wilted prick twitching again.

“Ummmmm… move up… let me suck you… cum in my mouth!” she told the bewildered man.

Slowly, he moved up and Wendy grabbed his wilted prick. As her warm lips wrapped about it and she teased it with her hot tongue, Fred swallowed thickly — it was growing again!

Wendy sucked the man’s prick lavishly as his friend ravished her asshole. She was lost to reality and all she could think about was the fact that she was enjoying what she was doing! She felt the man’s prick grow in her mouth and as it did, she pushed back with her hips to get every last bit of Bobby’s prick into her asshole.

“Ummmmmm… cumming… cumming…” she gasped as she felt the man behind her stiffen. He too cried out and dug his fingers into her cunt as he spasmed and shot his load of sticky hot cum into her asshole.

Fred could not believe it as he felt his own orgasm approaching. Not in ten years had he experienced two so close together and he grimaced as the girl’s hot, sucking mouth brought him to the brink.

Wendy shuddered heavily as the man’s prick spurted inside her. Her orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave and left her breathless. Just as it did, the prick in her mouth jerked wildly and she felt the man’s hands on her head as he cried out.

Wendy’s mouth was filled with his cum and she swallowed quickly to keep from losing a precious drop. She sucked the man dry as Bobby went limp behind her and his fingers fell still on her sopping cunt.

Slowly, the three of them regained their breath and their composure. Wendy was the first to move and she stumbled out of the camper and into the chill night air. As she stood shivering in the moonlight, she saw her torn clothing on the ground. Then she looked up and wondered: My God… what have I done… what have I become?

Frank Harris paced the floor nervously before the Chief’s desk. Finally, the man set the phone back in its cradle and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, Frank… still no word.”

“But it’s been nearly a week, Bill,” he said helplessly.

“I know,” the man said and sighed. He stood and came around the desk to comfort his friend. “Look… we’ve checked every possible lead and we’ve turned up nothing. I know this might be difficult to accept, but is there a chance that Wendy left of her own accord? You know… just took off?”

Frank Harris looked at the Chief. He shook his head slowly and replied, “No, Bill… there are some things that Wendy just wouldn’t do. Running off is one of them. I know my own daughter!”

The Chief of Police looked at his friend and he wandered: Do any of us ever know our children — before it’s too late?


It was near dawn when Wendy made up her mind what she was going to do. She had lain awake following a second session of sex with the two poachers and from the snatches of the conversation sift had heard, she knew they would be no aid to her.

“Hell, Fred, I hate to just go off and leave her here in the woods. What if something happens to her?”

“Tough luck… but she’ll be okay. It’s only about four miles to the highway. She’s bound to find her way when it’s light.”

Wendy waited until both the men were sound asleep, then she crept from the camper and into the night. She dressed quickly, grabbed one of the men’s jackets and struck off down the narrow, rutted road — obviously, the only way out of the woods for the men in their truck.

Dawn found Wendy sweating with anxiety. She had found the dirt road again and she knew the highway could not be far off. As she moved tiredly, she thought about what she might tell her parents that would explain nearly a week’s absence from home. Nothing, it seemed, sounded logical and she was faced with the fact that the truth was her only hope — the truth coupled with silence about what had actually happened to her.

The sun was peeking over the ridge of the mountains to the east when Wendy came in sight of highway twelve. She stumbled onto the asphalt surface and felt the tears well up in her eyes. She had made it! Now, all she had to do was to flag down a passing motorist and get to a telephone.

Looking up and down the highway in both directions, she decided it would be best to put as much distance as possible between herself and the road that led to the lodge. She struck out with long strides, glancing over her shoulder at every forest sound. She still couldn’t be sure that Paul, Buck or Gino weren’t searching for her.

She had gone just a short distance when she heard the whine of tires an the asphalt. Turning quickly, Wendy felt a sudden surge of fear, but it passed and her being was flooded with relief as she saw the large dome light on the car that was approaching. She waved her arms wildly and as the driver saw her, he cut his wheel and slowed the vehicle.

Wendy saw the decal on the door of the sedan and nearly burst into tears: PINERIDGE SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT. She was saved! She bolted for the open door as the man behind the wheel leaned across and opened it for her.

“Are you Wendy Harris?” the handsome young deputy asked as Wendy climbed in and folded on the seat.

“Yes… Oh, yes!” she exclaimed and threw her arms about the man’s neck.

“Hey… there, there… it’s okay now, Wendy. Damn! We’ve been looking for you all night long!”

Wendy chilled. The man’s words registered immediately and she knew that whoever had called the Sheriff’s Department did not have her well-being in mind.

“Will… will you take me home?” she asked as she sank back in the seat. “I live at five fourteen…”

“I know where you live, honey,” the deputy remarked. He patted her leg and slipped the car into gear.

Wendy’s stomach sank as the man executed a sharp U-turn and sped off in the direction they had just come.

“But… I don’t understand… the city’s the other direction! The people who kidnapped me live back this way!” she protested as the man lifted the microphone from the hook.

“Come on… no one’s kidnapped anybody,” he told her and pressed the button. “This is Eagle Four — Route Twelve. Come in, Elmer.”

The radio cracked: “Eagle Four — this is Elmer — whatcha got?”

“Runaway gal… call cousin Paul and tell him I’m bringing home the merchandise.”

“That’s a ten-four, Eagle Four…” There was a pause, then a chuckle as the dispatcher added, “Want me to hold up callin’ him for a bit, Cuz?”

The man behind the wheel looked at the horrified expression on Wendy’s face, then pressed the button: “That is a ten-four, Elmer… Eagle Four — out.”

As he hung the mike on its hook, the deputy glanced at Wendy and smiled, “What the hell — might as well make the most of the situation.”

Wendy felt absolutely lost. If the Sheriff’s Department was supplying protection to Paul and Stella, any and all hope of escape was gone. She felt despair well up in her chest as the deputy turned from the highway and onto the narrow, bumpy road she had first traveled with Gregor. She knew that she would be punished for having run off, and as she thought about that, the scene with the two black men and Joni came back to her. She shivered involuntarily as the highway fell further and further behind them.

Several miles up the road, Wendy cringed as the deputy pulled up beneath a stand of scrub pine, set the hand break and switched off the ignition.

“How’s it gonna be, Wendy… the easy way or are you gonna make me work for it?”

Wendy looked down at her hands folded in her lap. She sighed with resignation, then slowly began unbuttoning her shirt.

The deputy licked his lips as he saw the girl removing her shirt. The moment her glorious breasts came, into view, he sucked his breath, turned in the seat and reached out to touch them.

Wendy sat still as the mart played with her bare tits. She was determined not to respond to his caresses, but as he pulled her to him and closed his mouth over hers, she felt the first stirrings deep in her stomach.

The deputy slid his hand down her golden body and began unbuttoning her slacks. As his fingers came in contact with her blonde pubic bush, he lowered his head and began licking her nipples. He moved his head from one to the other as his searching fingers worked their way into her pants and finally the warmth of her pussy.

Wendy gasped as the man slid his finger into her cunt. She could not resist lifting her hips to allow him better access. As she did, she found her hand closing about the large bulge in his pants.

Raising his face, the man looked at the beautiful young girl and told her, “Know what I’d like, baby?” He raised up and freed his throbbing cock. “I’d like to cum all over those beautiful tits of yours!”

Wendy chilled at the thought. She had hold of his pulsing prick and the idea of him shooting his load of cum into her sensitive tits both thrilled and excited her. “I… I’d like that, too,” she told him breathlessly as she slipped out of her shirt and pants.

The deputy swallowed thickly as he looked at the girl’s naked body. Reaching out for her, he pulled Wendy down until she was lying on the seat, then he kneeled over her. “Suck it, Wendy! Suck my prick, then jack me off on your tits!”

Wendy took hold of the man’s prick and guided it to her mouth. As she took the plum-like head between her lips, she lowered her left hand to her cunt and began fingerfucking herself lewdly.

The deputy watched the girl’s lips oval obscenely as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. He felt her tongue playing along the sensitive, underside and he shuddered as she made a small mewing sound. He saw her fingerfucking herself and he muttered, “Suck it, you hot little bitch!”

And that’s exactly what she had become. Wendy regarded herself as lost — completely — and she submitted to animal-like desire as it set her body afire.

The deputy gasped and hunched forward as the girl’s mouth sucked him hotly. He could not believe her willingness and he cursed his own luck — it was too bad he had not found her last night; a night in the jail with her would have been worth Paul’s anger!

Wendy sucked and tongued the man wildly. Her cunt was seething and she longed to feel his prick inside her, but she realized all he wanted was quick sex. There was no time for her to enjoy the act with him. Still, she knew she would experience orgasm — her fingers assured her of that — and she arched her back as she fingerfucked her pussy frantically.

“Oh, Jesus… yes, babbbbyyyy!” the deputy moaned. “Suck it deep — God, I’m gonna cum… I’m cumming… cummmming!”

As his prick erupted in her mouth, Wendy fought to keep it there. But the deputy had other ideas; he pulled back suddenly and took hold of his spurting cock just as she reached orgasm. The distended head of his prick shot glob after gob of hot, sticky cum onto the girl’s tits and the car was filled with the sounds of their mutual passion.

“Yessssss!” Wendy hissed. “My titties… cum on my titties!”

“Oh, shit… I’m cummin’ on your tits!” he gasped.

Wendy looked down as the globs of white mucus splashed over her quivering flesh. The man’s prick gushed and gushed and it was as though he had been saving his cum just for her.

Finally, the man sighed deeply. He looked down at the girl’s cum-smeared tits and smiled. He lowered his head then and began licking his cum from her nipples. As he did, Wendy continued stroking her pussy. The sensation of his tongue lapping up the sticky cum sent electric chills through her body and she soon found herself on the brink of another orgasm.

“Ughhhhnnn… yes, God yes… that feels so good… lick them clean… lick all the cum off my tits… Oh, yessss!” she gasped and arched again as her fingers brought forth still another wave of pleasure to her lusting young body.

Finally, the deputy raised himself from the girl’s writhing body. He stuffed his shrinking prick into his trousers and pulled her up into a sitting position. He sat behind the wheel, lit a cigarette and said gruffly, “Get your clothes on — we ain’t got all day!”

Wendy was crushed. She had expected a kiss at the very least, but the man’s manner turned her off completely. She pulled on her clothes quickly, then slumped in the corner of the seat as the man started the engine.

“And you better keep your mouth shut to Paul… unless you want me telling him what you said about him and Stella!”

Wendy shook her head and replied, “I haven’t said anything!”

The deputy smiled, “Who do you think he’ll believe?”

The remainder of the trip was made in silence and Wendy felt apprehension building as they drew near the cabin. Both Paul and Stella were waiting on the veranda as the car pulled up and stopped, but the reception was nothing like she had expected.

Stella opened the car door and threw her arms around Wendy and told her, “Baby! We’ve been so worried something had happened to you!”

Paul sighed deeply and helped her from the car, “Yes, thank God you’re okay, sweetheart!” Then he turned to the deputy and told him, “Thanks for your help, Cuz… Hope it wasn’t too much trouble for you.”

The deputy touched his brow and smiled, “No trouble at all — I’ll tell Uncle Jake everything’s in order. He was kinda worried when you called last night.”

“Fine — tell him to come on up over the weekend. We’ll do some casting and drink a little beer.”

The deputy cut his eyes to Wendy standing in the shelter of Stella’s arm. “That invitation good for me too? I mean, after all — I’ve barely gotten to know the young lady.”

Paul laughed, “Sure — come on up. Wendy will be gad to get to know you and Uncle Jake!”

Wendy was numb as the couple led her into the lodge and the sheriffs car turned around in the clearing. As they got inside, Paul turned to Stella and told her, “I’ll take Wendy upstairs — we’ll have our little talk now.”

As Paul closed the bedroom door and Wendy collapsed on the side of the bed, he lit a cigarette and looked down at her. “That was damn foolish, you know… you could have gotten lost, out in those woods.”

Wendy felt emotion well up in her chest; she simply nodded, for Paul’s caring tone was hardly what she had expected.

“Okay, both Stella and I know why you took off — it’s no big thing,” he smiled. “We’re not even angry with you, Wendy.”

Wendy sniffed and looked up. “You… you’re not?”

He shook his head and sat beside her on the bed. As he pulled her to him, the girl broke down and sobbed deeply. He comforted her until her tears had stopped, then he told her, “You can’t go back, sweetheart… how do you think your folks would feel if they knew everything you’ve done?” He paused, then continued, “It’s a lot kinder just to let them wonder right now. Soon, perhaps, you can write them a letter and I’ll have it mailed from New York — you can invent some story that will ease their worry… okay?”

Wendy looked up at the man. She knew he was right — the eighteen-year-old girl who had been gone from home less than a week was — gone forever. In her place was a lusting young female with too many new desires to be fulfilled. She nodded her head slowly, then told Paul, “I… I won’t run off again, Paul — I promise. Please don’t call Clarence… please!”

Paul hugged her and laughed. “No chance… I told you I was gonna keep you for myself… I wouldn’t be surprised if Stella and I decided to adopt you and just move you into our room!”

Wendy felt her body filled with emotion — this man was sincere in what he was saying and nothing would negate that. She felt suddenly warm and secure in his arms. Lifting her face to his, she smiled weakly and whispered, “Kiss me, Paul… just kiss me and hold me.”

Paul smiled. He kissed the pretty blonde teenager and as their tongues met, he knew he had won another convert. And he almost chuckled out loud as he felt her hand groping for his prick as they shared a kiss.

Pulling away, Paul told her, “You get to bed, young lady. There’ll be time enough for that after you’ve rested!”

A week passed, and then a month. Wendy was moved into the master bedroom with Paul and Stella. At first, she felt the envy of Trudy and Ruby, but that too, passed and the family seemed complete. Several times a week, the group would meet in the basement and Paul would shoot one of his movies to be mailed off to New York. Wendy had no idea how much money Paul made from the enterprise, but they all seemed comfortable enough.

Then, an exciting thing happened. Gregor phoned one night to inform Paul that he had filled that “special order”. A surge of excitement went through the lodge as the family awaited the arrival of its newest member. Trudy, Ruby and Wendy engaged in open speculation as to what the “special order” might be.

Paul and Stella laughed but refused to let them know, and finally Gino cast his guess, “I’ll bet Gregor’s bringing a pair of twins… that’d make a damn good movie!”

The others laughed, but Paul remained silent and glanced at Buck, who winked back and smiled as they tried to outguess each other.

It was nearly dark when they heard Gregor’s car pull up outside. Paul raised an eyebrow — it wasn’t like Gregor to operate in broad daylight, but he knew that the man knew his business well.

As they all, crowded to the door to see the new arrival, Paul warned them, “The new guest will only be staying the night. So stay on guard, no one is to use another person’s name… everyone understand?”

The girls exchanged curious glances and Buck whispered something to Gino. Paul threw open the door and stepped onto the veranda. Wendy’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the man open the passenger’s door and reach in for the person there.

“Jesus!” Gino muttered as the person was pulled struggling from the car.

Trudy squeezed Wendy’s hand and both of them looked at Ruby as the girl blinked and said, “Wow… a nun… a real live nun!”

“Sister Susan…” Gregor said and bowed as he displayed the struggling woman. Her hands were bound behind her and she wore both gag and blindfold; Paul looked upon her appraisingly and smiled as he saw the firm mold of her breasts beneath the dark habit she was wearing.

Paul nodded and told the others in a low voice, “Everyone downstairs — you’re all going to get in on this one!”

Immediately, the girls turned and walked quickly to the cellar door. Buck was standing there grinning and he patted Wendy on the ass as she passed. “This is gonna be a hot one, little lady!”

Wendy felt excitement in her stomach as they went down the steep steps to the basement. Gino turned on the lights and they all gasped as they saw the set Buck had erected. It looked like a medieval torture chamber complete with stone walls and a mock rack.

Stella helped the girls into their costumes, then took charge of the struggling woman and watched as Buck dressed in tight black pants and a hood to match. He oiled his thick black chest and arms and completed the costume with wide bronze bracelets that fit about his biceps.

Wendy surveyed her own costume. It was simple but appropriate, with a long flowing skirt opened to the waist and a laced bodice that displayed her firm young breasts. Both Ruby and Trudy were dressed in similar costumes and they watched as Gino dressed almost identical to Buck, donned a hood, then handed each of the girls a narrow black mask to wear.

They watched with anticipation as the struggling nun was dragged onto the set by Buck and Gino.

Her arms were freed momentarily, then they locked her wrists in crude iron rings attached to the wall over her head.

Buck removed the gag and stood back as both Stella and Paul donned masks. “Leave the blindfold on her for now,” Paul called out and picked up his camera. He nodded to Stella and she flipped the light switch that controlled the bright floods above the mock dungeon.

“Wha… what’s happening to me? Who are you people? What are you going to do?” the nun cried out as she was left to stand against the cold wall, her hands secured over her head.

Buck and Gino took up a position on each side of her and stood with their arms crossed on their chests as Stella spoke to Wendy.

“You go on first, baby. Pretend like your father is Lord and Master of the whole world. This woman is your enemy and he has just captured her for your pleasure. Do you understand?”

Wendy felt the excitement in her vibrant young body — the idea of being able to do anything to a person against their will in flamed her lust. She licked her lips and nodded. “I think so…” she said and moved onto the stage as Paul began filming the episode.

Wendy liked the feeling of semi-exposure that the costume afforded her — somehow, it was awfully sexy to be almost naked, but not quite. She walked slowly to where the nun stood chained to the wall. She looked at Gino on her left, then to Buck on her right. It was then she noticed that the front of the men’s tight trousers had a narrow slash in the crotch; she could see both of their pricks and she knew if they got hard, they would pop out the front of the trousers.

She looked at the nun and felt her heart pounding with excitement. She took another step forward and placed her hand on the woman’s hip. Immediately, the nun shrank back and Wendy laughed. Reaching out with her other hand, she lifted the hem of the nun’s habit and held it high to expose her legs. The nun was wearing thigh-length stockings and bloomers that closed about her thighs in tight cuffs.

Wendy licked her lips and fell to her knees before the woman. She pulled down the bloomers slowly as Paul zoomed in over her shoulder for a close-up. As the woman’s pubic bush was exposed, Wendy gasped — it was a bright, flaming red! She yanked down the nun’s bloomers slowly as Paul zoomed in over her shoulder for a close-up. As the woman’s pubic bush was exposed, Wendy gasped — it was a bright, flaming red! She yanked down the nun’s bloomers and ripped them off her feet. Casting them aside, she held up the nun’s habit and began kissing her naked thighs and belly. As she did, the nun whimpered and cried out.

“Oh, please… not that… God, don’t let this happen to me!” and she wailed as Wendy parted her legs and kissed her on the pussy.

As she drew her head back, she saw both Gino and Buck watching her. Their pricks were standing out stiffly from the crotch of their tight pants. Wendy looked at them, dropped the hem of the habit, and told them, “Tear her habit open!”

Buck took hold of the stiff collar, ripped it off, then ripped the habit to the waist. Her full, ripe breasts were exposed; enclosed in a formless bra. Gino took hold of the straps and broke them and the nun’s tits flopped free from the constraints of the brassiere.

The nun screamed as she felt her clothing being ripped off of her. She shrank back as Wendy reached out and cupped her tits as Buck ripped the woman’s habit all the way to the seam and pulled it open to expose her nakedness.

Wendy lifted her own dress and leaned forward. As she did, she crushed the woman’s tits in her hands and forced her mouth over hers. As the nun struggled to avoid Wendy’s searching tongue, Gino swept her torn habit aside and cupped her asscheek. The nun let out a muffled scream and Buck slipped his huge black prick between Wendy’s body and the nun’s.

Stepping back, Wendy told them, “Take her dawn… tie her to the bench!” and she pointed to the long, padded bench nearby.

Quickly, the men obeyed and stripped the torn habit from the nun’s body. She was dragged struggling to the bench, thrown onto her back and Buck tied her hands to the bench over her head. She still wore her black-and-white headpiece and her thigh-length stockings.

Wendy bent over the frightened woman, kissed her fully on the mouth, then removed the blindfold after getting a nod from Paul. The nun looked about her in obvious fright. Wendy smiled sadistically and ordered Buck to sit between the woman’s legs.

The nun gasped as Buck sat at the foot of the bench, took hold of her legs to throw them over his, then scooted forward. His great black prick lay throbbing on her stomach, his balls resting against her quivering pussy. He smiled at Wendy as she spoke to Gino.

“Rub your prick all over her face!”

Gino grinned lewdly and stepped over the woman, standing straddle-legged over her chest. He lowered himself down slowly until his balls dragged over her tits, then he moved forward. He rubbed the head of his prick all over her tightly clenched lips, then moved it slowly over her eyes and cheeks.

Whimpering, she opened her eyes as she felt Wendy kneel beside her and run her hand over her tits, her stomach. “Either open your eyes and your mouth,” she paused and ran her hand lower to take hold of Buck’s pulsing prick, “or I’ll tell him to stick this prick in your pussy!” As she spoke, she rubbed the head of Buck’s prick against the moist lips of the nun’s pussy.

“Please… oh, please! Don’t do that! I’ll do anything you say only don’t let him… don’t let him…”

“Say it!” Wendy cried and pressed the head of his prick into the wet warmth of the woman’s outer pussy lips. “Say fuck!”

“F… fu… fuck… don’t let him fu… fuck me!” she gasped, her head thrown back.

Wendy smiled and began jacking the black man off, rubbing the sensitive head of his prick up and down between the lips of the nun’s cunt. She knew what kind of sensations that caused, for she sensed her body stiffening.

“Suck his prick!” Wendy commanded and looked over Gino’s muscular thigh to his prick, laying against the woman’s throat. “Put it in your mouth and suck him off!” she nearly shouted and grabbed the man’s cock and rubbed it against her mouth.

“I will… I will!” the nun cried and looked up in fear as Gino held his cock out for her to take.

Slowly, she opened her lips and gently touched the head of Gino’s throbbing prick. She closed her eyes as her small, pink tongue came into view and she licked him tentatively. Much to their surprise, the nun opened her mouth wide and closed it about the head of his prick. Gino groaned and reached down to take hold of her head. Slowly, he fed more of his prick into the nun’s mouth and writhed as she tongued him wildly.

“Jesus!” Gino exclaimed, “This bitch has sucked a prick before!”

Moving her head back, Wendy continued jerking off the black man and arousing the nun at the same time. She licked the woman’s nipples until they became stiff, then began sucking them alternately. As her head moved back and forth from one tit to the other, her finger had worked its way into the nun’s cunt and she was frigging her wildly.

“Oh, shit!” Gino exclaimed, “I… I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in her mouth!”

“No!” Wendy told him as she jacked the black prick furiously. “Shoot all over her face!”

“Ughhhnnn…” Buck groaned, “I’m cumming too… gonna cum, Missy… where do you want me to shoot it?”

“All over her belly!” Wendy cried and leaned back to watch as Gino pulled his spurting prick out of the nun’s sucking mouth. She watched in fascination as the gobs of cum hit the nun’s lips, her tongue, her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Just then, Buck cried out and hunched forward. Wendy felt his prick jerk in his hand and she looked to see the long stringy gobs of cum splashing the nun’s naked belly, then fall to her flaming red pussy hair.

“Uhhhnnn…” the nun gasped as Wendy continued fingerfucking her, “Oh… Oh, ohhhhhhh!” and she arched her back as Wendy brought her to a sudden orgasm.

Wendy stopped the moment she realized the nun was making it. She turned and found Paul focused on the nun’s face and he nodded his approval to Wendy. Wendy motioned the two men off the woman, then beckoned to Trudy and Ruby.

As the two girls joined her breathlessly, Wendy smiled her sadistic smile and asked Trudy, “Ever think you’d get a chance to suck a nun’s pussy?”

Trudy shuddered. Wendy had changed so much it was difficult to believe she was the same person. Then, her friend’s words registered and she licked her lips as she looked down at the nun’s legs, spread wide by the bench; her feet were flat on the floor and her knees bent.

The nun looked on in surprise as Trudy sat on the bench, threw open her skirt and began stroking her pussy. She leaned forward and lowered her head to kiss the inner parts of the woman’s thighs. The nun whimpered, then she gasped as Trudy moved tip with her head and kissed her red-haired pussy.

Wendy looked at Ruby and smiled. She moved to the girl and slowly undressed her as the nun looked on. As she removed her bodice, she lowered her head and sucked the tiny nipples of the black girl’s tits. She dropped the skirt and fingered Ruby’s pussy obscenely.

“Sit on her face!” she ordered the black girl.

The nun screamed, but her sounds were muffled as Ruby sprang over her, facing Trudy, and sat on her face.

“Lick her pussy, you bitch!” Wendy ordered the nun, “or I’ll have nigger Jim stick that big black prick up your white ass!”

The nun sobbed, then opened her mouth. A look of rapture crossed Ruby’s dark features as she felt the woman’s tongue teasing her pussy, and her mouth sucked in the pouting lips. She ground her hips in a circular motion and reached down to fondle the woman’s tits as Trudy licked her entire cuntal area with the flat of her tongue.

“Get a load of that!” Paul exclaimed as he moved in for a close-up of the nun’s tongue in Ruby’s pink-lipped pussy. Her wiry pubic hair shone dully like oiled wire and the woman’s tongue spread the girl’s pussy lips, the pink inner lips were exposed to Paul’s lens.

Backing off, he filmed Wendy as she removed Trudy’s clothing. As she finished, Trudy got up on the bench and kneeled between the nun’s thighs. She presented her ass to Wendy as she leaned over and licked her between the asscheeks.

Then, Wendy ripped off her own clothing and moved over the nun’s hands; they were bound palm upward above her head. Wendy sat down on them and squirmed as she told the nun, “Fingerfuck me… play with my pussy… play with my cunt while you eat pussy and get your pussy eaten!”

The nun’s fingers buried themselves in Wendy’s golden bush and she writhed atop her hands, a look of ecstasy on her face. She licked her lips as she looked to her left and saw Buck standing there, his prick a throbbing staff again. She motioned to him and as the nun fingerfucked her, she took hold of the man’s thick black prick and began licking its entire length.

Gino looked on in dismay as the others sucked and licked each other. Then he looked at Trudy’s upturned ass and he moved forward and kneeled behind her on the bench. She wriggled her ass as she felt his prick slide between her legs and nudge her sopping pussy. She took her fingers out of her cunt and guided his prick in as she licked and sucked the nun’s cunt.

“Wow… this’ll make us a fortune!” Stella said thickly, and swallowed as she looked on in fascination at the orgy.

“Wendy did it…” Paul said softly as he moved around to capture the entire scene on film. “She gets star billing on this one!”

Wendy writhed on the nun’s fingers as the woman played with her clit expertly and shoved one finger up her ass. She stroked Buck’s glistening black cock and sucked half its length into her obscenely ovaled mouth. Buck reached around and began playing with Ruby’s tits as she ground her pussy down on the nun’s sucking mouth. She pinched the nun’s tits and cried out as she looked down to find Trudy lapping the woman’s cunt lavishly.

Trudy gasped aloud as Gino thrust forward with his hips and buried his prick in her steaming pussy. The youth leaned forward, wrapped his arms about her body and was fondling her lush tits as he fucked her obscenely from behind.

Buck cried out and took hold of Wendy’s head as his prick jerked wildly in her mouth. Quickly, the girl pulled her head back and opened her mouth widely to catch his hot spurts of cum on her tongue. As she did, Buck’s thumb became entangled with the snap of the mask she wore and it was swept off her face. No one noticed but Paul and he kept right on filming as the black man’s prick spurted its hot load onto Wendy’s tongue and lips. He focused on the long dripping wad as it ran from the corner of her mouth down her cheek.

The others cried out and spasmed almost simultaneously. The nun arched and let out a muffled scream as Trudy’s tongue, brought her to orgasm. Ruby wailed and shuddered as she pressed her seething cunt down on the nun’s mouth. Wendy sobbed as she felt Gino’s prick explode in her pussy and she pressed her ass back against his tight belly.

Paul captured the multiple orgasms on film and as the last jerk and spasmodic quiver passed, he sighed deeply, lifted his finger from the mechanism and said, weakly, “Cut… for Christ’s sake, cut!”

Stella was highly aroused and she turned to Paul as he shook his head. “Suppose we could get Buck to film a sequence while we balled her?”

Paul laughed and began taking off his clothes. “Why not — just as long as we get Wendy in on the act — she’s the greatest starlet we’ve ever had!” And the most willing, he thought.

Wendy looked up as she moved off the nun’s sopping fingers. She smiled broadly at Paul’s remark and she knew a certain pride. What she did, she did well… and none had ever complimented her on that before. Well, she thought, if you want some real kinky stuff, I’ll give it to you — after all, I learned it all from you!

Frank Harris stood in the foyer of the lodge; he looked about and saw all of his lodge brothers laughing and joking and getting ready for the evening’s festivities. These events turned him off, but he dared not let anyone else know his true feelings. He had gone through quite an ordeal in order to get himself a sponsor to the Brotherhood the year before. He certainly did not want to take a chance of falling short of his brothers’ expectations simply because he found something a little distasteful.

“Come on, Frank!” a friend called out. “Grab another drink… it’s time for the fun to begin!”

Frank smiled and waved, then walked to the bar where he had the bartender pour him a double. His thoughts were a bit scattered, for it was the first lodge meeting he had been to since his daughter’s disappearance three months before. He knew that the “fun” would only last for a short time perhaps an hour — then maybe he could find a quiet poker game to take his mind off matters.

Frank followed the others from the foyer into the main lodge room. He found his seat beside his sponsor and as he sipped his drink, he smiled and sighed deeply.

“Hey… this ought to be a hot one tonight, Frank. Finance committee spent a bundle on it. It’s a one of its kind… and hot out of a camera, I understand.”

Frank nodded and held his breath until the lights had been dimmed. These things were a bore to him, but he tolerated them for the sake of appearances. Oh, well, he thought, maybe this will take my mind off Wendy.

Frank Harris sat back comfortably and sipped his drink as a title flashed on he screen: MISTRESS W. AND HER SLAVES. How dull, he thought as the opening shot showed a nun being dragged into what was obviously a fake dungeon. No imagination, he concluded and sighed again as a girl with flowing blonde hair walked forward, her back to the camera, and placed her hand on the nun’s hip.

Frank Harris leaned forward then as the camera caught a profile of the young girl — the young girl wearing a black mask.

He chilled as he recognized his daughter.

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