Kaley Cuoco Spreads The Joy

This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Kaley Cuoco or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share. Story Codes: Non-con, F/+M, Exhib Kaley Cuoco Spreads The Joy By Muhabba “Are you sure this won’t hurt?” Kaley asked worriedly. “It won’t hurt at all,” Dentist to the stars Kennith O’Brien reassured her, “I’ve been doing this for years. The gas will put you to sleep for a bit and when you wake up your husband will be here to take you home.” He hoped she didn’t notice him leering at her as he patted her firm, warm leg through her tight pants. He masturbated to Kaley Cuoco regularly as he watcher her on The Big Bang Theory. Her blonde hair, tan skin, curvy body, round ass, and he was pretty sure she had increased her breast size recently. Her new tits heaved up and down as she tried to control her panic. “I hope you don’t take this personally,” she said as she tried to control her breathing. “Not at all,” Kenneth said as he unconsciously rubbed Kaley’s leg. “Everybody gets nervous at the dentist’s office,” he said with a grin. Her body was amazing and made her plain jeans and white button-up blouse look like she was sewn in. He patted her knee before slowly placing the plastic gas mask over her mouth and nose. “Just breath normally and count back from ten. Kaley began counting and lasted until seven before falling unconscious. Kenneth removed the mask and hurriedly brought his equipment to his side. Leaning over the sexy starlet he cleaned her teeth as quickly as he could before the gas wore off. In a flurry he cleaned her teeth and then pushed the rolling table of equipment away, wanting plenty of room for himself. Normally a simple teeth cleaning didn’t require gas to put the patient under, in fact he had never done it before but there was no way he was going to pass this opportunity up. He ran his hands up from the slumbering Kaley’s sides to her spectacular chest, lightly squeezing her large tits as he giggled with childish glee. He deftly unbuttoned her blouse then opened it to reveal her bright purple bra containing her large, tan tits. Kenneth licked his suddenly dry lips as he slowly pulled Kaley’s cups down, revealing more and more of her golden flesh until her dark pink nipples were pointing straight at him. Pulling her bra cups the rest of the way down her squeezed both of her magnificent mounds before taking one of her ripe nipples into his mouth, sucking on the tiny little nub and licking it with his tongue. “Mur mits maste manmastic,” he mumbled around his face dull of tan tit as he licked, sucked, and squeezed Kaley’s breasts like udders. He switched breasts, never stopping from sucking hard at them, covering them with his saliva until they gleaned under the bright florescent dentist lights. He nuzzled his face between her large tits, motor-boating them and kneaded them like dough, enjoying the way they bulged between his fingers. Kenneth switched breasts again, licking every square inch of her golden flesh, tweaking Kaley’s nipples like dials as he hungrily assaulted her heavenly chest. He moaned in pleasure as he began rubbing his pants encased. cock against one of her limp hands, wondering how far he dared to go just as the intercom buzzed. Breaking away from Kaley’s exposed chest, Kenneth angrily jabbed at the intercom. “God damn it I’m busy,” he nearly shouted. “Um, it’s Janet,” Kenneth’s receptionist said, “You have a phone call.” Kenneth tried to reach Kaley’s breasts without breaking away from the intercom without success. “And I said I’m busy,” he hissed through clenched teeth. “It’s, ah… it’s your mother,” Janet said meekly, “She said it’s an emergency.” Kenneth rolled his eyes in frustration. “It’s just like high school,” he muttered. “I’m sorry, what was that?” Janet asked. “I’ll be right there,” Kenneth said before clicking the intercom off. He tried to straighten his erection before looking back at Kaley’s large, firm tits. They seemed to call to him. “Dammit, dammit, dammit,” he grumbled before fixing the sexy star’s bra and buttoning up her blouse. “I’ll be right back,” he whispered to them lovingly before leaving the room. As the door closed, Kaley moaned out as her eyes fluttered open. She looked around blearily and giggled out when she didn’t recognize where she was. She sat up and her head swooned causing her to laugh out. She had no idea what was so funny but the idea that she had no idea just seemed funnier to her as she slid out of her chair. She swayed on her feet momentarily before spotting the door and lurching over. Stubbing her toe on the dentist chair just seemed all the funnier to her and she laughed out loud as she left the strange room. In the hall Kaley heard a great deal of people talking and decided to follow the noise. She entered the lobby but didn’t recognize anybody so she just waved hi to everyone and left through the front doors. It was bright outside and full of people and she waved at all of them. Some waved back but most just walked by her on their way to where ever they were going, most with stern looks on their faces. Looking around at everybody, Kaley decided that since she was in a such a good, giddy mood that she should share it with everybody. Kaley looked around her at the number of people just wandering around and picked out the one she decided need the most help. It didn’t take her long to find a young man with shaggy hair, a wrinkled shirt, grubby pants, and a stern, unhappy look on his face. She walked boldly up to the young man and waved in his face, startling him to attention. “Hi, I’m Kaley,” she said excitedly. “Um, yeah. Hi,” the young man said as he tried to shoo her hand away from his face. “You look like your having a real downer of a day,” she offered sweetly with a fake pout. “Just tryin’ to get to work,” he responded, trying to walk around the blonde young woman. Thinking as hard as she could through the gas, Kaley tried to think of the best way to help the young man cheer up. She didn’t have anything with her and couldn’t think of any jokes but she really wanted to help him before he walked away from her. Suddenly she thought of the last thing she had bought herself that had really cheered her up. In a flash she yanked open her blouse, her buttons popping off, before pulling down the cups of her bra to reveal her large firm tits. Suddenly the young man choked on air as his vision was filled with two, large globes of tan flesh topped with hard, bubblegum pink nipples. “There ya go, sweetie,” Kaley said as she gave him an affectionate pat on the head before closing her blouse over her chest, “Hope you have a better day now.” Kaley skipped off merrily as the young man stared after her in open mouthed shock. Skipping gaily down the busy sidewalk, Kaley continued waving at all the people. Even on such a nice day as today not everybody waved back but that was okay, not everybody was a cheerful of a person as her but when they looked sad or upset she’d open her blouse and let them see her chest. She was really happy with her new breasts and felt like it was her obligation to share her happiness with the world and she was glad to do it. The old man with a cane, breasts. The arguing couple outside of the the pizza place, breasts. The older couple sitting next to each other on the bench staring off in separate directions, breasts. The young kids yelling at their parents to buy them a toy, breasts. As far as she was concerned right now, her new breasts could bring joy to the whole world. Until she met the middle aged guy in the dingy, white T-shirt. “Sorry, Miss, but I don’t think you should be waving those in every direction,” the man said sternly. Holding her blouse wide open with both hands, Kaley looked down at her exposed tits and wiggled them slightly. “But don’t you think they look nice?” she asked with a pout. “Well, sure,” the man agreed, “But when you get to be my age, well, let’s just say I’ve seen my fair share of breasts.” Kaley gave her golden breasts another wiggle but pouted even harder when she didn’t get a reaction from the older man. She looked at him in confusion as she thrust her chest out at him and still didn’t get a reaction. “I’m sure this is just one of those ‘social experiments’ you see on YouTube where a fine young girl flashes her hooters at someone just to get a reaction,” he said, waving his arm around at what he was sure were several hidden cameras, “But I’ve got a bit of a full plate today and gotta get going. You and your breasts have a nice day now.” For a moment, Kaley was upset that her new breasts had let her down but a suddenly smile appeared on her face when she thought of else she could do to spread her good mood. “Would you like to feel them?” she chirped. The older man looked at Kaley’s smiling face, down to her still exposed tits, and then back up to her face, trying to gauge if she was serious or not. “Are you for real,” he asked suspiciously. “Sure,” Kaley said happily as she thrust her chest out towards the grumpy man, “Give ‘em a try.” The man raised his hands slowly, waiting for a punch line but when the young girl didn’t stop him he laid his hands lightly on her tits. She pushed herself against his hands, encouraging him and he responded by squeezing the firm orbs, running his thumbs around her already hard nipples. He licked his lips hungrily before looking back up at the girl’s face and smiling wide. “See, all better now,” Kaley said happily before pulling away and skipping on down the sidewalk. She held her shirt closed as she moved down the sidewalk, cheerfully greeting everyone she went by, opening her shirt to those that didn’t smile back at her, and letting a few touch her breasts if they looked like they needed it. She was happy to help out those in need and felt more proud of her breasts than ever before. As Kaley made her way down the busy sidewalk she came across a older man sitting on a park bench holding his face in his hands. “Oh dear,” she gasped in fear at the man’s sullen appearance before sitting down next to him. “Are you okay, sweetie?” she asked. The man lifted his face out of his hands and looked over at the beautiful young woman. “Oh, oh fine, sweetheart. Thanks for asking but it’s just some family stuff,” he said wearily. “Maybe this will help,” Kaley said as she opened her shirt to reveal her large, golden breasts. The older man looked over at the young girl, his eyes zeroing in on her tits, the sun gleaming off of her flesh. “Those are… Those are mighty fine,” he choked out before peering around for a camera. He’d seen hidden camera skits on the internet and began wondering where they were stashed. As the young girl patiently held her top open for him his eyes were drawn back to her chest. Her firm orbs resisted gravity and were topped with hard, pink nipples. “My wife used to have a pair like that,” he said offhandedly before turning away, “You better get back to wherever you’re going. And have fun with your little show.” Kaley looked down at her tits with dismay before turning back to the older man. She hadn’t received such a cold response to her breasts all day, they were supposed to make people as happy as she was. Refusing defeat, the young, medically addled star grabbed the older man’s wrists and yanked his hands over to her chest, placing her tits in his palms. “There. How’s that?” she asked cheerfully. Completely on automatic, the man gently squeezed the young girl’s full, heavy breasts. A thoughtful look crossed his face as he unconsciously teased her nipples with his thumbs before releasing the beautiful young girl. “Ain’t felt a pair like that in more than twenty years,” he said wistfully, “But you better get along with your show, I ain’t exactly in a jovial mood. Sorry, but you have a good day.” Kaley looked at the man in stunned silence. Her breasts had been defeated. This hadn’t happened yet. Getting a determined look on her face she began looking around, refusing to let her tits be defeated like like this. “Come with me,” she said as she grabbed the man’s arm and yanked him off of the bench. “Wha?” the old man gasped as the young girl dragged him into a small ally. She shoved him against the wall and then dropped to her knees in front of him. He looked around and wondered how the hidden camera would see them before getting distracted by the girl opening and yanking down his pants. “Don’t worry, sir,” Kaley said as looked up at the man while yanking down his underpants and pulling out his soft prick, “Everything is going to be okay.” She quickly sucked the small piece of meat into her mouth, sucking hard on it and lashing it with her tongue. Looking around frantically, the older man still couldn’t see any hidden cameras but he decided that they don’t usually show this kind of thing on Youtube. As his cock hardened he decided that he may not know what was going on but her doubted it was a some sort of prank. He wound his fingers through the blonde’s silky hair and began fucking her warm, wet mouth as she used her talented tongue to quickly bring his cock to life. Never breaking eye contact with the man, Kaley made sure his dick was nice and hard before moving on. As he fucked her mouth, the tip of his prick hit the back of her throat as it slid over her moist tongue and she hummed around the length sliding in and out of her sucking mouth. His heavy balls slapped wetly against her chin as she bobbed her head back and forth in time with his thrusts and he groaned in pleasure above her. Pulling her mouth off of the old man’s cock, Kaley sat up on her knees with a small string of drool dripping from one corner of her sweetly smiling mouth. She pulled his hands away from her head and placed them on either side of her tan tits, making sure to place his cock in the warm valley of her cleavage. “Here you go, sir. I hope it helps,” she said cheerfully. “Uh, thanks?” the older man said as he took one last look around. When he saw no one else besides him and the girl he shrugged his shoulders and squeezed the young girl’s large tits around his cock. Her tan flesh oozed between his outstretched fingers as he began fucking her tits. He’d been married to his wife for over thirty years and hadn’t ever thought of cheating on her and technically still hadn’t, absolutely no thought had been part of what was happening now. A beautiful young girl had flashed her titties at him an then yanked him into an alley, what was he supposed to do. Technically she had assaulted him with her chest. Are you feeling better, sir?” Kaley asked hopefully as she simply sat on her knees and let the older man fuck her tits, her arms dangling by her sides. “Damn skippy,” the man grunted. The girl’s flesh felt like warm silk wrapped around his cock as he continued barreling in between her tits. He used his thumbs to toy with her nipples as he massaged her tits around his prick. He grunted in pleasure with each thrust, the tip of his dick bumping up ain’t the bottom of her chin, smearing it with his pre-cum. He figured she must be on drugs by the blank, glazed look in her eyes but didn’t really care. He could feel his balls boiling with the need to cum and tried to hold back for as long as he could. Throwing his head back and moaning in bliss, the man thrust his cock between the girl’s tits, squeezing them as hard as he could as his cock erupted from her golden cleavage. His white cum splattered against her tan skin from the tops of her tits to her graceful throat. He released his grips on her breasts and began smearing his spilled seed across her skin as she smiled cheerfully up at him. “Are you in a better mood, sir,” Kaley asked as she began tucking the older man’s spent cock back into his underwear and pants. “You bet your sweet titties I am,” the man gasped as he reclined on the wall to rest. “Heh. ‘Titties’,” Kaley giggled as she got up off of her knees, the older man’s cum dripping off of her tits. “Kaley! Oh my God, there you are!” a voice called out from the opening to the alley, grabbing Kaley and the man’s attention. “My boyfriend!” Kaley squealed excitedly before running down the alley with her arms outstretched to hug him, her tits jiggling wildly. “Kaley! Where have you been?” her boyfriend asked as he hugged his girlfriend, not realizing what was going to stain his shirt, “What happened?” At first the old man was worried about the sudden boyfriend kicking his ass but realized that with his cock safely back in his pants he could play this awkward meeting off. “So you’re her boyfriend, you say? Can I see some ID?” “I’m sorry, what?” Kaley’s boyfriend asked as Kaley began nuzzling his neck. “Well, it’s just that I find a topless young girl wanderin’ around an alley and all the sudden you show up…,” he started with an innocent shrug of his shoulders, “Kinda suspicious looking. Me personally, I was about to call for an ambulance.” “No, no. You’re right,” Kaley’s boyfriend agreed. He managed to push Kaley off at him so he could reach for his wallet, not noticing as Kaley began to sway out of the alley and back out to the street. “She was at the dentist. I guess the gas got to her,” he said by way of explanation for the strangeness situation. “I completely understand,” the older man said as he took the boyfriend’s ID and watched the beautiful young woman walk back out into the world, her unencumbered breasts swaying gently with each step she took until he lost sight of her as she turned the corner. He knew that the responsible thing would have been to stop her but, dammit, more people needed to feel the joy those fine breasts could bring. The End.
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