Sex with Shruti, Kuman’s sex story

Hello friends my name is Kuman. This is my first ever sex story on this site.I belive masturbation by imagining rather than watching porn.

So to start the story.This story is about south indian hottest mikly milf Shruti hassan.I and shruti where school friends.I often used to vist her home.I was alone at my home so I called shruti for timepass.I came to shruti was also alone bored at home because all family members had gone for family function.She offered me to come to her home.I was very excited as you know shruti has became so soo hot.She has perfect lips , hips , her asss ,her big bounce boobs.I was very Eger to meet her.I got freshen up and left for shruti’s home.

I rang the door bell.Shruti came with her cute plus hottest smile to greet me.She was looking so hot.Shruti has wore hot tight sleeveless T-shirt and extra small shorts.Her sleeveless T-shirt was so tight that her 34b size Mellon’s where Eger to pop out.Her cleavage was completely visible.I want to feel her boobs .So i hugged her.Woow that boobs where awesome.I could completely feel her curves to my chest.We started talking to and fro.She was sitting so close that her while she was talking her mouth fresh fragrance was so pleasant to smell.I think she has used Mint mouth freshner.Her expressions , fragrance, deep milky cleavage was making me hornier.I was irresistible.So in mean while taking.I kissed shruti’s juicy lips. Her lips where literally awesome.So soft and juicy.I kissed her for 10 -15 seconds.Shruti was shocked.She doesn’t expect this from me.She was in award situation so she said I will make coffe for you and left in kitchen fastly.After kissing shruti’s juicy lips my dick was on fire.It was fully erect.He just now wanted shruti’s pussy.

So I decide to make shruti my slut.I moved in kitchen.Saw shruti making coffee.I went near her and apologize for kissing her.Shruti was fully red in shy.I stated praising her beauty.While talking i came behind shruti and touched her ass with my fully erect 9 inch long dick.I rubbed my dick all over her ass checks and same time moving my hands over her neck and back and also near her curvy waist.I was praising her lips ,her hairs.Shruti was also horny till now and moaning slowly ahh ahhhh because of my dick.I started kissing her neck then earlobes.Her hairs where smelling so awesome.My hands where now working on ber curvy ass check.And also pinching my dick near her ass hole.Shruti was also on fire.She bought her left hand near my dick.She was so expert that she unzip my pant and removed my long dick out completely.Shruti was moving my dick skin up and down slowly with her hot moans.Shruti was rubbing my cock with her hand and my hands were on her big boobs.Wow that boobs where really so big.I cupped her boobs with my hand from behind and started pressing it.After some time I made shruti hassan to turn around at my side.Make her sit on Kitchen table.She was now on height.I grabbed her waist and started kissing her.She was also kissing me.Her hands where on my checks.She managed to go more deeper.She was giving more and more juicy saliva of her divine mouth.Wow she was so tasty.Her divine saliva was tasty.I then started sucking her tongue.Mumhh Muhh all kind of sounds were all around Kitchen.Shruti started sucking my tongue.Wow the sex queen was sucking my tongue i was in heaven.This made my dick precum and that precum droplets fell on shruti hassan’s thighs.She came to know about it.Shruti used her Index finger and pick it up and sucked my precum from her thighs and from my dick to.The was so good to see.That view was enough to prove that shruti will do anything for me now.

Instant then I removed her T-shirt .Wow her damn boobs.They were looking so cute in her pink bra.I used my teeths to remove her bra strap.And made shruti’s boobs free.I hold her boobs and suck her nipples.Nipples where so tight and pink in colour.I bite them with my teeths.She was in heaven at that time. She was impressed and kissed me for that all over my face.She said I love you.I then smiled and said common show me your heavenly pussy.shruti replied it’s all yours.That made me more horny.I removed her short and sat on my knee.She was on just panty.I came close to her panty and smelled her pussy .Wowwwww what a smell.It was smelling fussy and sexy as well.I licked her panty near wet areas and found salty taste of her pussy.