Kristianna Meets the First Italian Boy

I was a little at a loss. I dated around some but quickly
lost interest in the high school antics and poor sexual performance of the
typical adolescent male. I began toying with different looks and started to
dress in what is sometimes described as ‘gothic’ style. When that got boring,
I moved on to the ‘punk’ look which allowed just about any type of dress and
hair color as long as it wasn’t ‘preppie’. I hung with the artsy kids from
school which included a rather diverse mix of backgrounds and preferences. Janna, a beautiful blonde girl who shared my love of prose, was my near
constant companion. We did just about everything together; sharing the same
college track class schedule, similar study hours, taste in clothing, party
favors. . . the list was limitless. Jan came from an odd background. Her
parents had divorced when she was three, and she’d bounced around different
homes with her mother until one day they visited her grandmother. Her mom
went to the store for smokes and never came back. ‘Grams’ wasn’t even on par
with my great-grandmother, but she wasn’t too nice either. Jan spent a lot of
time at my house. I had stopped dating for a while because the whole thing was just too weird.
I was always comparing some guy with Ryan and of course, what teenager could
measure up to that standard? It went along like that until one night when
Janna and I went to a party my friend Craig was having. I do need to explain
just a little about Craig. Six foot, four inches, of the most adorable man I
could think of. The only problem was, for me at least, that he was unsure of
his sexual orientation. So, no relationship other than friends for me where
he was concerned. Anyway, the party. A mixture of literary folk with art folk and music folk
for the fun of it all. A large contingent of the campus gay community had
shown up as well. When we walked into the house, there were all sorts of
couplings going on. Opposite sex matches, same sex matches, trios and
foursomes, it didn’t seem to matter to anyone really. Most were just making
out, testing the waters. I grabbed a wine cooler and headed for an empty spot
on the sectional. Janna followed with Craig in tow. “Tianna! Bitch, where have you been? I tried calling you and your mom says
you’re never home! How the hell was I supposed to invite you to the party if
I can’t talk to you?” Craig said in a rush. He sat down on my lap with a
giggle and I tried vainly to support his bulk to no avail. He toppled to the
side where he lounged comfortably on the couch with his legs thrown across
mine. “Craig, you know me, I’m out shopping. If you’d ‘really’ wanted to find me,
you’d have gone to the mall!” I said jokingly, since it was common knowledge I
hated to shop for anything. “Besides, I’m here aren’t I?” I leaned over,
pressing my body against his hard length and kissed his lips lightly. “Stop it Ti! Shane is here and he’ll see us,” Craig said, grabbing me in a
quick squeeze before reluctantly pushing me away. I sighed. “Shane is a jealous bitch who’s only interested in you as a trophy
Craig. I don’t mind that you’re gay this week, but please find someone who’ll
treat you with more respect than that asshole.” I sat up and lit a cigarette.
I exhaled the smoke from my nostrils in a parody of Puff the magic dragon.
Then, drawing hard on the filter, filled my lungs again in order to blow smoke
rings. (My latest trick that seemed to amuse.) “I know Ti, but he’s so good,” Craig replied as he got off the couch. “I’m good too Craig, how come you’ve never let me abuse you?” He laughed and called over his shoulder that he’d be back to take me up on my
offer later, “as soon as I answer the door”. I nodded dejectedly. “Right,” I mumbled. Janna had been quiet throughout the whole exchange and when he left, leaned
her head against me. We sat in companionable silence for a while, watching
people go by in search of another drink, another joint, another person. “Why is it I always seem to want the person I can’t have,” I complained to my
friend. “I don’t know,” Janna said after a long pause, “I have the same problem.” “Shut up! You do not, you can have anyone you want!” I protested as I reached
into my purse for my smokes. “You’re blonde, you’re pretty, you’re smart,
every guy’s dream.” “Maybe I don’t want a guy,” she said. The words hung there and I became
suddenly very conscious of her arm draped across my shoulders. “I love you
Tianna,” Janna spoke as her face moved close to mine. Her lips, shined with
the latest gloss pressed against my mouth which hung slightly open with shock.
I was frozen, paralyzed really, until her tongue probed my mouth. “What the fuck are you doing!” I nearly shouted as I wrenched from her
embrace. “Are you drunk already Janna?” I regretted the severity of my words
immediately as her pretty face blotched with embarrassment and tears began to
stream down her cheeks. She struggled words, then said in a forlorn voice, “I love you so much Ti, I
thought maybe we could be more than just friends.” “Damn it! Oh, fucking hell and damnation! You’re my best friend Jan, I love
you too, but I’d never go to bed with you.” The tears streaked faster down her cheeks, making rivulets in her makeup.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered. I wanted to make her feel better so I gathered
her into my arms. “It’s okay,” I murmured as I stroked her hair, “How could you know I was a
committed heterosexual?” She sniffled a little a my self joke. “I love dick,
always have, always will. Of course, there is hope for us if you’ve got
something else to tell me, like, ‘Hey Ti, I’ve been meaning to confess that in
addition to loving you, I’m also a transvestite’. That could solve our
problems.” I trailed off as she giggled. “NO! I’m not a tranny,” Jan laughed a little as she pulled away. The tears
had stopped, but the sad look underlying the smile remained. “I’m not going to stop being your friend just because I don’t dig pussy you
know,” I said as I offered her a cigarette. “I hope this doesn’t change our
friendship.” “Not at all,” Jan replied as she leaned forward to dip the end of her
cigarette into the flame I held. We danced through the night with each other, just as we’d always done and when
she finally dropped me off around two in the morning, we hugged good-bye in
the same time honored fashion. The change didn’t become apparent until Monday
at school. Home room was never a place I enjoyed and I tried to avoid it if at all
possible. But Monday’s it was mandatory. When I arrived, Jan was already
there, sitting in her regular desk with her books occupying the one next to
her to save me a spot. I slid into the seat and handed her the books. One of
the football guys nudged his buddy and asked slyly if I’d enjoyed Craig’s
weekend bash. Never one to be rude, I replied with a smile that I had. “So you are a cunt-licker!” he said as his friends broke out laughing loudly.
I shook my head slightly. “Juvenile prick, you don’t even know what you’re talking about,” I countered,
angry that this was happening. “Lezzie!” “Fuck off, asshole,” I said low as I looked over at Janna. She was on the
verge of tears. “What? You live to torture people? You fucking made her
cry, I hope you’re happy.” “Oh look, lezzie cuntlicker Kristianna’s defending her little bitch,” he said
loudly. “Why don’t you shut the fuck up and sit the hell down Brandon?” The voice
from the back of the classroom said with force. I swiveled my head to see who
was defending us but Brandon blocked my view. “Come and make me asshole!” he shouted as he shoved his desk aside, crashing
it into mine and making Janna jump. What followed was so quick, I wasn’t sure it had even happened when it was
done, except that Brandon the jerk lay on the floor with a bloody nose and
gasping like a fish out of water. The defender, a slender young man with
gorgeous long dark brown hair smiled at me. He wasn’t even out of breath.
Karate, I decided in my mind. Mr. Dugan entered his classroom to the scene
and after figuring out who the combatants were, sent a bloody Brandon and my
not-a-hair-out-of-place defender off to the principal’s office to sort things
out. Janna disappeared between homeroom and first period. I looked for her but
didn’t find her until later that day. She wouldn’t talk to me. We split up
for the last class, gym, and when I went to meet her in the parking lot, she
was gone. “Looking for someone?” a male voice queried. I turned around and saw it was my defender from homeroom. “Hi,” I said, wondering what would happen next. “Did you get suspended for
kicking Brandon’s ass?” I blurted out. He smiled. “No. I told them I was defending two gorgeous girls from
disgusting verbal abuse when he attacked me. So, the physical beating he took
from me was really self-defense. All true and marvelously provable by all
witnesses except his little entourage.” “Oh.” I stared at him for a moment, watching the sun catch an errant auburn
highlight in his hair. “That’s good. Umm, thanks for what you did,” I said a
little awkwardly. “That’s okay. Do you want a ride home?” the still un-named conversant asked. “No, thanks though. I guess I’ll walk,” I said, thinking that I would head
over to Janna’s house and see if she was all right. “How about a cup of coffee over at Tower?” he persisted, “By the way, my
name’s Rick P. and last time I checked, I’m not a vampire so I don’t bite or
anything, unless you want me to,” he waggled his eyebrows for comedic
emphasis. I smiled. We were standing next to a beautifully redone aqua
‘Carmen’ with a vanity plate that read ‘1BDGHIA’. He reached over and opened
the passenger door with a flourish. How could I resist this handsome guy, with a great car, who had basically gone
to the mat for me earlier in the day? The ride to Tower Plaza took less than
five minutes and we were soon sitting outside with two double cafe mochas. I
learned that he was a transfer student from another HS not too far away and
had changed his schedule, which put him in Mr. Dugan’s room for the remainder
of the year. “What on earth made you decide to defend me to Brandon?” I asked as we sipped
our coffee. “You don’t know me from Adam’s cat! What he said could have been
true, well, not the way he said it, but you know what I mean.” “You’re right, I don’t know you. But I was at Craig’s party last weekend and
was on my way to ask you to dance when the whole thing with Janna happened. I
eavesdropped,” he finished, a little guiltily. I raised my cup to my lips and gulped at my drink. This fascinating, cute,
hair-better-than-mine (and that’s hard to do) guy was on his way to ask me to
dance? “Oh,” I said for the second time that day, wondering whether my entire
grasp of the English language had somehow been wiped from my memory by an
alien probe or something. “So, maybe I can still get that dance?” Rick asked hopefully. I nodded. Where was my mouth? Hell, where was my brain? Rick smiled and I
was just about totally lost, contemplating just where I’d like those lips.
The dance in question was at a party to be held at some guy’s house. Nick R.
I didn’t know him personally, but he played on the football team and girls
pretty much went wild for his stocky Italian-American good looks. Rick was
talking again. “Are you game Ti?” he used the very personal familiar nickname that most
people didn’t know. I started a little. “Did I say something wrong?” he
asked, quickly sensing something. “No Rick, it’s just that nobody’s called me that in a long time. It was kind
of a personal name. . .” I trailed off. “I won’t use it if you don’t want me to, I just, I don’t know why I called you
that,” he paused for a moment, “Yes I do. I wanted to call you something that
no one else calls you, something just I could use.” We sat in silence for
long moments as he examined my face. I wondered if he could see how hard my
heart was pounding in response to his words and his offer of intimacy. When
his hand reached across the table and rested on mine, I melted. “Of course you can call me ‘Ti, just don’t make obscene rhymes with it okay?” “Deal,” he said in that warm voice that made me ask myself just what he
sounded like when he came. Rick drove us off campus to lunch every day and insisted on paying. He even
took me along when he bought his new car stereo. We had a blast picking out
speakers and then sat and talked for the nearly three hours it took the guy to
install the system. I was introduced to his mother, father, older brother
from college who went to UOP, and his Nanna. She spoke very little English
and demanded that Rick translate everything I said into Italian. He managed
to make everything I said sound so rich. (I suppose it’s all in the
translation, but it sure did sound wonderful.) He kissed me politely on the
cheek each evening when he dropped me off at home. Friday night arrived quickly. After school I ducked out and went over to
Janna’s. She’d been nearly invisible for the week and hadn’t returned my
calls. I was worried about her and even though most of my time had been spent
with Rick, I still thought about her and missed her company. (It’s difficult
to find a trustworthy female friend! Heck, it’s difficult to find a
trustworthy friend of either sex.) She answered the door in a robe I didn’t
recognize. “Tianna, what are you doing here?” Janna asked, clutching the top of the
garment closed. “I’ve missed you this week, you’ve been pretty well absent from my life. What
gives?” I asked wondering why she hadn’t invited me in. “Umm, I figured you wouldn’t want to hang with me after that scene Monday, so
I found other things to do.” She was stalling. “Can I come in? I want to talk about this,” I asked as I moved towards the
door. “No! I mean, this isn’t a good time,” Jan said as she looked behind her.
Just then a female voice I recognized called from the back room. “Janna! Are you coming back? Who is it?” Then, imperiously, “Tell them to
go away!” I pushed past my friend and walked quickly to the den at the rear
of the house. There, to my shock and surprise, was Lauren the head varsity
cheerleader, completely naked slowly pushing a large dildo in and out of her
wet snatch. “Oh my god,” I said slowly, not quite willing to believe what I was seeing.
Lauren pulled the plastic cock out of her cunt and raised it to her lip and
began swirling her tongue about the head, tasting her own juices. “I’m sorry Tianna, I tried to stop you from seeing this,” Janna said
miserably. “Maybe she wants to see what it is two girls do together Jan,” Lauren said
with a slight edge to her voice. “Come here and we’ll show her,” then to me,
“Sit down Tianna, learn a little.” It was as if my legs had a will of their own. I walked the few steps to a
recliner and sat down. Janna, my gorgeous friend of the blonde hair and
beautiful blue eyes looked at me once with almost pity before she shed her
robe and revealed a form that would put most actresses to shame. Lauren
moaned and drew Janna back down on the sofa in a kiss that left even me
breathless. I watched as they began to kiss and suck each others breasts and
nipples. My pussy thrilled in sympathy when Jan began to finger Lauren’s
exposed slit. I leaned forward a little and realized that my nipples were hard as the two
girls buried their faces simultaneously in the other’s pussy. Another dildo
appeared from somewhere and Lauren pressed it firmly against Janna’s tight
asshole. A spasm of desire shot through me and I ‘regained’ control of myself
and fled the house just as Jan’s cries of pleasure began to mount. I was basically running without aim and when I rounded the corner of the small
neighborhood, I just about collided with an aqua vehicle. If it hadn’t been
for the slow speed of the car and the driver’s awareness, I would have gone
over the hood. Rick slammed on the brakes and jumped from the car, grabbing
me tightly as I sobbed. “Ti, shhh, it’s all right. I’ve got you. What’s wrong?” he said all in
seemingly one sentence. “It’s, it’s, it’s. . .you wouldn’t believe it if I told you!” “I’d believe anything you told me,” Rick soothed as he brushed my hair back
from my face, “But, let’s get in the car and go get something to eat at my
house so I don’t get a ticket for blocking the road.” I noticed, for the
first time, that he’d stopped the car without pulling over and “Ghi” was still
running with the driver’s door open. I nodded. Back at his house, empty for the weekend since his parents had gone to ‘Frisco
for a meeting, I told him everything that had happened. I included how I
actually sat down as I’d been invited instead of running out the door and how
that had made me feel so strange. “Did it turn you on?” Rick asked, “I know it would have got me hot watching
two gorgeous girls go at it.” “I don’t do girls,” I stated with finality. “I didn’t say you did girls Ti, I just asked if it turned you on.” The reality was that yes, on some levels, the raw sexuality of the whole
thing, despite my distaste for ‘girl-fucking’, had really gotten me hot.
Since my relationship with Ryan had gone South the year before, I had not
dated seriously at all. The few encounters I managed to have were
unsatisfying. To say the least. Here, with Rick, slightly slender Italian
good looks, gorgeous smile and an inner strength that belied his nearly
eighteen years, I felt that maybe something was going right. “Come here,” he said, holding his arms out to me. I stepped obediently into
them and rested my head on his shoulder. “It’s okay. Whatever you feel is
okay. I just want you to know that you’re safe with me, that I care about you
and would do whatever you wanted, no matter what.” “Would you kiss me?” I asked, lifting my head up to look into his dark eyes. “That I can definitely do,” he smiled faintly as his lips touched mine softly.
The kiss quickly deepened into much more than a friendly peck. Our mouths
opened and our tongues caressed furiously. I felt his growing erection
through his jeans and wondered at it’s size. “Let me love you Ti,” Rick whispered in my ear as he kissed all around the
outer shell. When I nodded in assent, he sighed. The sound, distinctly male,
but filled with lust and longing sent a spasm of pleasure spiraling to my
belly. He lifted me with ease onto the butcher block counter in his parents
kitchen and began kissing my legs, slowly working his way up to my thighs,
pushing the pleated skirt that fell just above my knees up to expose my white
cotton panties. My legs spread of their own accord and this time I didn’t
mind. Rick continued to work his way up my thighs, kissing and licking until
I was moaning with anticipation. When his fingers touched my panties, already wet with my desire, I nearly
exploded. I lifted my ass and he hooked his fingers through the panties and
whisked them off, exposing my sex. I reached behind and unhooked the skirt
and he removed that as well. I leaned back a little and his head dipped low,
tasting me for the first time. His tongue easily found my engorged clitoris
and he lapped at me with abandon. I was quickly writhing, on the edge of
climax when he stood up and pulled me to him, kissing my mouth. I tasted the
peculiar salty/sweet tang of my own juice on his lips. “I’m sorry Ti, it’s been so long since I’ve been with anyone,” Rick said as he
fumbled with his jeans. “I don’t have any protection so if you’re not on the
pill, I’ll settle for a hand-job.” “I am on the pill,” I said as I stripped first my shirt, then his off. “Keeps
me regular,” I offered by way of explanation. “Otherwise. . . .” my words
left me as he pulled down his jeans and exposed the most beautiful cock I had
ever seen. Also the largest. Eight and a half inches of cock to be as
precise as I can. Thick. As I dropped to my knees to take him in my hand, I
discovered quickly that I need the other hand as well, to span his pulsing
meat. I leaned forward and lathed the huge mushroom head with my tongue, tasting the
pre-cum that adorned the tip like a huge pearl. The compelling voice that had
caught my attention nearly a week ago now deepened in a husky moan of pain and
pleasure that only served to heighten my own desire. I opened my mouth as
wide as possible and sucked the top of his massive organ. “Oh god!” Rick groaned as I continued to work my mouth down his shaft. My jaw
ached with the strain of trying to accommodate his cock, but I was determined
to get as far as I could. I managed another few inches till I had to stop.
The head of his cock filled my throat, but I couldn’t get past the last inch
and a half as it widened at the base. My lips were already stretched to
capacity. I swallowed hard as pre-cum and saliva trickled back into my
throat. The result milked more from his balls and allowed me to hear his
gorgeous voice moaning in pleasure. I began to slowly bob his thick cock in and out of my throat as he twined his
hands in my long hair. Each time I went down, I tried to engulf the entire
length, but found again and again that it just wouldn’t fit. Rick tried to
remain still while I sucked his huge rod, but I could tell it was getting more
difficult as the moments passed. “Enough! I can’t take anymore Ti!” Rick said low as he pulled me off of his
swollen member. He pulled me up and kissed me long and hard while maneuvering
me towards the kitchen table. Once there, he grasped my buttocks and lifted
me to sit at the edge. He kissed down my neck as his cock jumped against my
leg and I fumbled with the clasp of my bra. Finally my breasts swung free and
Rick nearly dove between them. He inhaled my fragrance as his fingers teased
at the nipples. First rolling them, then pinching them until I was just about
to beg. When his mouth closed on one, I wove my fingers through his gorgeous
hair and arched my back, pressing my breasts tight against his face. I was
beyond any words now and whimpering with the power of my need. “Are you sure you want this Ti?” Rick asked as he feathered kisses across the
bridge of my nose, his cock pressing delicately against my slick vaginal lips. “Yes!” I said decisively, pushing my hips forward. I leaned back a little and he placed his arms underneath my knees, spreading
me wide for his entry. The head of his cock grazed my clit before I reached
down and positioned it at my dripping opening. We both sighed as he began to
press slowly into my hot cunt. The feeling of expansion was exquisite. He
pushed further until his cock was captured willingly in my tightness. He
began to work his hips, thrusting the seven or so inches back and forth till I
was thrashing my head, delirious with pleasure. My orgasm was sudden and stunning. My whole body tensed and fairly hummed
with an energy that was emanating from his thrusting cock. When it broke I
began screaming his name and sobbing as the sensations pounded at me
relentlessly. It was as if I were being tossed on a volley of waves that
themselves came in waves, each succession more strong than the last. Rick stopped his motion long enough to wrap his arms about my torso and pull
me close for a kiss. When our tongues met he pushed the final thick inch and
a half into me. My eyes flew open at the extreme pleasure that was so intense
it bordered on pain and I saw him watching me. The lust etched on his face,
the desire to please was naked and apparent. It was enough to send me to the
edge of the universe on the waves of the tremendous final orgasm that ripped
through my body. My pussy clenched painfully around his cock and I thrust
once more against his hips before dissolving into tears and shrieks of
ecstasy. “Ahh god! I’ve fallen,” Rick moaned as his head fell back and his torso arched
into me that final time. I felt the head of his cock expand impossibly larger
before he exploded, pumping cum deep into damn near the center of my being. I
thought he would flood my very womb the sensation of being filled was so
intense. “Oh Kristianna,” he groaned. “Oh god, Ti! So good!” he sobbed as his cock
continued to twitch inside my now flooded snatch.